BYOI – Ffff-lease!

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We had a great family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Daniel, Erich, Barbara and Audrey were joined by a special guest: Krissy! Our FAM was Leslee, who came to the show with her husband and some church friends. She is an eye technician who likes running, playing cards and cooking. Someday she’ll visit Australia! FAM Greatest Hits had Audrey singing a pop song about running, Daniel singing about the Parkers, and Krissy sang about cookies and Keith. The final song had our trio singing about a trip to Australia in a very peppy song!

Remake had leather goggles and accidental professions of love. Letters to Santa needed to be translated, and presents were delivered! Pillars had spoons adorning windows, people having to climb rocks to get food in Australia, and the sloths flossed. Up next Chainsaw, with a salsa dancer at the beach with a robot. In typical Chainsaw fashion, it went way off the rails with a driller or fortune teller at an underwater ballet with a chinchilla or chick.

Alphabet had an overwhelming amount of zebras, a kid who wouldn’t go to sleep, and sisters were competitive in the mirror. Slogans gave us one liners for nutritionists, marching, cowboy, and the Patriots. Follow That Action had everything! Blood, yetis attempting a cell phone, and helicopter pizza delivery. The show ended with Debate Club! All plants mattered, we could all be holograms, cats could be lots of things, and a pointless pencil could erase!

And scene!

BYOI – Faster than a Speeding Beano

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Our late night show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured Daniel, Josh, Barbara, Erich, Alan and David. Our FAM was Amanda. She is a cashier at a small grocery store and is finishing high school. She came with Anna and Delaney, and chocolate cake is her favorite dessert. If she had a superpower, she would be super speedy like the Flash.

Greatest Hits brought us such classic hits as “The Flash” and “Tom’s Market”. What are You Doing required our cast and volunteers to anger giants, hunt for leprechauns, make pancakes, and stop a helicopter. During First Line, Last line, the queen’s longevity was affected by six-inch heels. Josh was blinded by the beauty, and nobody wanted to let go. Chainsaw turned a helpful clown in Hawaii with Drano into a clown car driver at a rave with a cat. Alphabet introduced Bacon covered cakes and boats by the shore. The first date had stringy zebra yeti.

Slogans pitched us surgeons, crockpots, cashiers and Drano. Serious Scene had us panning for gold in California. It was a crapshoot at best. Our final game was Debate Club, where we argued the merits of chocolate.

And Scene!!!

BYOI – And it’s Stringy, Too!

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It was a dark and stormy night for our 7pm Family Friendly show featured Daniel, David, Alan, Josh, Barbara and Erich. Our Fam was Luke, who is studying film and loves dinosaurs and chocolate. He would like to buy a penguin or Michael Jackson’s Thriller on vinyl.

We started off the evening with a song about Luke! Daniel and Josh were Action Figures. The lion lost his mane, Daniel had an electric experience, and Josh got ahead of the game.

During “Meanwhile”, Larry the penguin posed as a person to eat all the fish heads. New and bright waters contained all the happy penguins whose SAG contracts were violated, so they went on strike. Timmy in the Well had David guessing that Lassie got lost in space. During Typewriter, Daniel wrote a story called Da Francis Da, a dark and stormy night brought Da to the grocery store, where he bonded with his newfound love over potato chips. Francis was defrosted mysteriously and the produce had a horrifying sale on birthday kale. Rope featured voguing cats, clearing traffic, using English degrees and catching frogs. Quickest minute had nuclear waste causing mutating genius stegasaurs who learned how to knock on doors. We wrapped up the show with another song!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Audrey’s Mom

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Welcome back to the late night show with Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Erich, Audrey, and Daniel!Our FAM was Liz! She’s a product designer of wacky home goods & toys, and children’s illustrator. She likes to volunteer at the theater and collects things like rubber headed puppets. The cast serenaded Liz, now only referred to as Audrey’s Mom in FAM Do Run.

Try That On For Size had kid claiming, tough kites, back hair brushing, and dice throwing. Meanwhile had an awkward wedding, inaccurate accents, and a desserted bar–with desserts, get it? Timmy In the Well had Daniel trying to figure out that Thomas Edison’s spaceship wouldn’t start under a sink at a carnival.

Two Headed Monster had an affordable steal from the Netherlands! It was an aluminum bucket welded by penguins. Rope was next, with fried Cheetos, heavy cereal, skating, and strange golfing. The Quickest Minute taught us the difference between a dam and a dike, depending on where you were. The remakes became more and more frantic, as they were 30, 15 and 5 seconds long. The night ended with Curtain Call, as the cast recapped the show in song.

And scene!

BYOI – Borrowed Chinese Food

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We’re back to start off season 11 of Bring Your Improv  with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Erich and Audrey!

Our FAM was Jessica, who is celebrating her 17th birthday! She enjoyed Chinese food for her birthday, and works at the state’s favorite place, Dunkin’ Donuts. She loves reading Harry Potter and Stephen King books, and would be an avid gamer if she could find the motivation to turn on her PS4. She came to the show with her friends, who she described as hyper, geeky and adorable. FAM Day In the Life had a Hamilton-themed musical Harry Potter, lazy texting, and adorable friends.

What Are You Doing started off the show! We met people who were having their destiny for dinner, practicing Wingardium Leviosa, and make cake and pie! Lines From a Cup had a cat with a light and a dark side, everything was made of stars, and Jonathan’s tongue had a lot of bacteria. Up next was Press Conference, where Erich was Father Time, and he earned the gold medal in snowboarding.

Sing It had Stephen King on Broadway! There were dragons, but they weren’t for petting. Only the nice people could stand. Quick Scenes was fun, with a rock instead of chalk, Jedi training with silent Yoda, and a princess in Tupperware. This was followed by Highlander! The game took place where a kid could lift himself up, and oil made the floor slippery. In the end, it came down to Jonathan and audience member Carolyn, with Carolyn eliminated. The show ended with Busta Rap! The cast and audience members rapped along with cat, snow, singing, and hippopotamus. Jonathan beat Ian in the end!

And scene!

BYOI – Tangled Up in Pandas

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It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so that means that BYOI is back in the Izzy Room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital with Jonathan, Audrey, Alan and a full house of people, including our FAM, Jazlene. Jazlene is 8, loves Tangled, swimming at the beach, and pandas.

Our first game of the night was Remake, which found Barbara, Jonathan, and Audrey remaking Tangled and featured talking animals. Sit, Stand & Lie Down saw Jonathan, Alan, and Audrey trying to stay cool at the beach. Press Conference featured Barbara as Diana Ross who invented a massive flying toaster. Catch Phrase was at a panda conservation conference and may have gotten twisted as Alan was obsessed with steaks.  Try That On For Size kept our cast busy and was an audience favorite. We closed the show with Do Run with our cast thrilled that we were able to find a word to rhyme with Jazlene!

It was a great night full of much-needed laughter for everyone.

And scene!

BYOI – Austin City Limits!

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It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so that means that BYOI is back in the Izzy Room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital with Jonathan, Audrey, Barbara and David. Joining them is our FAM Austin. Austin is 6 and far smarter than most of our cast.

Our first game of the night was Pillars, which found Barbara and Audrey as rollerblading velociraptors. David and Jonathan were unfortunate T-Rex’s who couldn’t lace up their rollerblades with their ridiculously short arms. Quickest Minute saw Jonathan and Audrey repeatedly slap themselves as they recreated Home Alone. Party Quirks saw David host a party with his guests, SpongeBob, woman who does jumping jacks when someone pours her a drink, and indecisive person. Alphabet proved that Audrey knows her ABC’s better than the three old people combined. Trolly Stop saw surfer dudes, old people, and many animals. We closed the show with a good old fashioned rap battle! Austin thinks that nobody won, but that the audience definitely lost!

It was a great night full of much-needed laughter for everyone.

And scene!

BYOI’s 2018 Annual Auditions

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BYOI is looking for new talent to round out our cast. We will be having auditions Friday, January 12th & Friday January 19th at 5:00pm.

Bring Your Own Improv is an established improv show that has performed over 1000 shows all across New England. We are a short form improv show (similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway) that takes it a step above the rest and welcomes audience members up on stage to perform with us.

This audition will be held Friday, January 12th & Friday January 19th at 5:00pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts at 3259 Post Road in Warwick, RI. Make sure to be on time and dress to move.

We are looking for a few performers who can commit to the following:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Can pass a Rhode Island Background Check
  • Works well with children
  • Be silly when needed
  • Commit to two Friday nights per month
  • Have reliable transportation and arrive to things on time
  • Can be available during the week, during the day for school shows
  • Brings no drama or ego

Please email us at to let us know you will be attending.


BYOI – Gilda Reincarnated (Ally’s Last Show!)

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We ended our 10th season with a high energy show with Daniel, Erich, Emily, Alan, Ally, Audrey, and occasional appearances by David! Since it was her last show, our FAM was Ally! She’s loving her time at Harvard, and runs during her free time. Ally loves her parents and her brother, Chris, and lasted a whole day playing basketball. FAM Day in the Life took place at a track meet, with the bad coach, Ally’s family and best friend, and hopes of meeting Kristin Wiig.

Daniel and Emily fought about a new boyfriend and needed a epipen in Helping Hands. The Quickest Minute had a black and white version of “Miracle On 34th Street” with took place in Providence on 42nd St, starring Christopher Walken. Chainsaw then had a window washing electrician at Harvard with a seesaw, but it somehow turned into a martial arts expert at a pizza place or wake with a stationary bike.

Lines From a Cup had pancakes, an annoying daughter, a bridge blocking marathon, and a college student was a gluten filled GMO. Busta Rap was a blast, with Ally almost making it to the end, before being bested by Erich. We then jumped over to Follow That Action, with rogue crustaceans, one celled organisms, and Ursula the Sea Witch. The season ended with Ally’s favorite game, Debate Club! Feminism, Ghostbusters, and killing Erich’s childhood.

And scene!

BYOI – Yeah, Brah!

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We had a great family friendly show to close out our 10th season with Ally, Erich, Alan, Emily, Daniel and Audrey! Our FAM was Paula, who is a Dean of Residential Life at a boarding school. She loves her family, skiing in Colorado, and cheese! FAM Sing It had smelly, heavy cheese at the gym, and the only two students in the school were expelled. We learned that pizza is just a delivery system to bring cheese to your mouth!

Trolley Stop had the kings of everything, sleepy cuddlers, puppy movers, and an elevator. Catch Phrase had Emily stressing how delicious was, while audience member Jessi just wanted to make cookies. Daniel had his hands full with them, as they introduced sponsors and requested a dog-car. Erich then had friends over in Party Quirks! Ally was a creme brule whoopie pie, Audrey was obsessed with Quidditch, and auidence member Paul had just climed a mountain.

Questions asked when Erich was small, there was a tunnel to the present box, audience member Ari had the biggest cat bed, and Alan and Ally wondered if we were all just turtles. Because I Said So was next, with cherries in the garden, dangerous spikes, monkeys and bananas, and there was a Audrey dropped some science knowledge. Erich was going pretty strong, until he had an epic rapid fire battle with Ally! We followed that up with Action Figures, where Alan and Emily attempted to decorate the house for Christimas while communicating through walkie-talkie. The game ended with Debate Club, with students, non-students, old Erich, everything vs. anything, young Emily, invisible Gatorade, scared Alan, and the clearance rack.

And scene!