BYOI – Knowledge is Power

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Here’s a recap in case you missed our 9pm late-night show at the Warwick Center for the Arts! On cast were Emily, Josh, Erich, Amy, Daniel and Candice.  And our FAM was Chris, who works with medical supplies and solutions like saline. He went to Disney, and it was closed for a hurricane. We played FAM Sing It, and Chris’ sister J controlled the bell. We romped through the rainforest, encountered a snake, communicated with a tour guide, and brought peaches to America.

Try That on for Size let our audience volunteers play along while performing such feats as reluctant Olympic diving, thumb wrestling, finding colorful birds and amateur dentistry. Next up was Meanwhile. Astronauts had an accident, beverages were enjoyed, and helmet safety was encouraged. The handling of hardware was carefully calculated. Very carefully. In our game of Timmy in the Well, Erich had to guess that Johnny Depp had his mustache shaved by a Sloth in Brownsville, Texas. We played Alphabet after that, and things got Goofy. With sound effects!!! Yoda wasn’t there, and Daniel rocked that lighting. Our cast treated us to a tale about the circus in Story, Story, Die. Reynaldo the strong man lifted the long and tall buffalo and juggled them like peanuts.

We capped off the evening by singing a Do Run for our FAM Chris!

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – These Hedgehogs Ain’t Gonna Raise Themselves

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We had a blast at our home stage at the Warwick Center for the Arts with our 7pm Family Friendly Show! On cast were Emily, Daniel, Erich, Amy, Josh and Candice. Our FAM was Gabriella, one of our youth collective members who likes drinking juice from a juice bar and eats spherical food. She’s going into 10th grade and is learning to be a trapeze artist.

We sang a song all about her when we opened the show with a FAM Do Run. Next up was Sports Commentator, where we saw the World Championship of Competitive Airport Layovers. Our competitors read newspapers, found pennies on the ground, ate Cinnabon, and desperately searched for ways to charge their electronic devices. Lines From a Cup showed us Josh will be sassy if he wants to, even if Emily leaves her faucet running. Mean Girls didn’t make the cut, hedgehogs were pre-planted and side-rules measured portals with only two in the box.

Madam Zelda, portrayed by cast member Candice,  successfully predicted that Josh is going to roll his ankles this week, is going to get an outer-space mohawk boyfriend and is going to lose 17 goats while gambling. During Pillars, the cow got shoes when he ate the souffle that smelled like pergola. We cantankerously swam in oceans of English while up in Wyoming. Fiestas commences when we got sassy and water bottles were in the tacos.

Blank Walks Into a Bar debuted some spaghetti that was “pasta” it’s prime, a mortician who wanted a cold one, and a sardine who just got canned. Our round of Fortunately/Unfortunately involved a seamster stitching a camouflage costume to avoid being upstaged by the choreography of a dancing bull.

We wrapped up the show with an Irish Ditty for our FAM Gabriella!

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – All the Best Walls Don’t Have Windows

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It’s 6pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Youth Collective show! On cast were Rowan, Matthew, Carolyn, Emmie and Hetta. Our FAM was Myah, whose favorite thing about school is the teachers. In her free time, she likes to make slime.

FAM Day in the Life featured friend figurines who were much cooler, pencil slime and broken heaters. Sit, Stand and Lie Down followed, with teleportation to upside-down virtual reality and fantastic walls.

Interrogation Line-Up had our students having to guess that one of them was guilty of having a snowball fight in Africa with Lady Gaga. Turned out it was Carolyn all along!!! Because I Said So featured answers to such important questions like “Why is slime purple?” “Why don’t teachers have laser eyes?” and  “Why is life a circle?”

Last Line, First Line taught us that maps are needed even if chainsaws are involved and spells need to be pronounced properly in order to work. We wrapped up the show with a game of Highlander. There were no blue cards, shuffle juggle Uno championship, and Maya always wins.

And Scene!!!!!

BYOI – “Ready, Set, Rock!” (Part 2)

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We’re back at Norton Middle School in Massachusetts for an awesome afternoon show! We had two shows for 350 students each, and needless to say that’s a lot to fit into one blog! The second show featured Emily, Ally, Barbara, and Erich. The FAMs were two 7th graders named Meg and Mack. Meg runs long distance, Mack is going to New Hampshire for the summer and likes to hang out with her friends, and they both went to Six Flags together. We opened the show with Pillars, where Ally and Emily had a date at Six Flags with a cupcake roller coaster, frozen pizza, and goalie earrings.

In Trolley Stop, we saw gorillas, zombies, and babies. Next in Two Headed Monster, Emily and the Monster were coaches on a baseball team who were rooting for both teams wearing reddish socks. Timmy in the Well was after that, and Barbara discovered that Mario got hit by a shelf in an auditorium. Ally won Highlander, where we found out that having brown hair was not allowed and three legged races start on “rock.”

In Action Figures, Erich forgot the stakes to pitch his and Ally’s tent, and the sleeping bag was not minty pine fresh. Lastly in Curtain Call, we sang about how hard math is, the fairy on the plane to California, and Ally’s knick knacks.

Thank you Norton Middle School, we had an amazing time as usual! And scene!

BYOI – Diamond in the Rough Trade (Part 1)

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We’re back at Norton Middle School in Massachusetts for an awesome afternoon show! We had two shows for 350 students each, and needless to say that’s a lot to fit into one blog! The first show featured Emily, Ally, Barbara, and Erich. The FAM was an 8th grader named Charlie. Charlie was cast as “the Magic Book Seller” in the school’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast,  he has 2 dogs named Nala and Simba, and he is going to Colorado over the summer. We opened the show with Pillars, where Emily and Ally worked at Chuck E Cheese and planned to sell all the left over pizza at Walmart after making it into a giant toad.

In Trolley Stop, we saw confused elderly people and some very angry chickens. Next in Two Headed Monster, Erich was the Peanut Butter King showing the monster his kingdom, and ended with making sunshine sandwiches. Timmy in the Well was after that, and Barbara discovered that Kate Upton was playing Minecraft in a Taco Bell. Ally won Highlander, which had bats scaring people in a large mine, and Barbara traded the diamond she found for a ribbon and a penny.

In Action Figures, Ally and Erich had to clean their dog who had been sprayed by a skunk. Lastly in Curtain Call, we sang about how gross socks with sandals are in New Hampshire, how we couldn’t see Spongebob’s pineapple under the ocean, and that Ally’s dad was sweaty.

Thank you Norton Middle School, we had an amazing time as usual! And scene!

BYOI – Three Pancakes and Dana’s Broken Car

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Tonight’s late night show was very lively, with Emily, Jonathan, Amy, Ian and Daniel! Our FAM was Rose, who is 17 today!! She’s one of our youth collective members, and she works as a secretary at a law office when she’s not at school. She’s starting college in the fall and loves ballroom dancing, fencing with sabers and Bob Ross. She came to the show with her mom and sister. In honor of Rose’s birthday, the cast played Rose’s favorite game, FAM Fortunately/Unfortunately! Ian and Amy told the story of Rose and her date with zombie Bob Rose, while Emily and Rose acted it out. They shared a love of shoes and happy litte toe fungus, which made Rose rich!

Trolley Stop started off with clumsy kids and Rose’s sister, Dana, as characters meeting on the bench. Lines From a Cup had Jonathan and Amy joined by audience member Jim. They ate beautiful donuts and custard and ran out of…something. There is no Dana, only Zul! This fun game was followed by Press Conference, where Ian was slightly stumped for the first time ever. He was Shakespearean Edgar Allen Poe, who had invented Coolidge Logs.

Typewriter had Jonathan and Rose telling the story of a late night trip to Ihop, where Rose had a French accent and Dana had a Texan accent. Grass was on the late menu, the the euphemism button and cliche keys were used frequently. Up next was Spelling Bee, where the cast and a few audience members spelled assorted words, like law (where the rules don’t apply unless you’re getting arrested), saber, reckless, curried chicken, and Rose (child that grew slightly sarcastic beautifully unfortunate). Things had to get serious after that, with Serious Scene! We needed to know the acceptable level of infidelity, an addiction to painting reared its ugly head. The night ended with Debate Club! We had a sister challenge, no one was lying down, clear euphemisms and the ladies took down the patriarchy.

And scene!

BYOI – Jumping Afer Sticks

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The family friendly show was very lively with Amy, Daniel, Ian, Emily and Jonathan at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Marie! She’s a preschool teacher who is very happy about summer vacation! She likes doing yoga with the kids but isn’t a fan of certain vain people. FAM Day In the Life brought us through Marie’s day as she got her son and his friends off to school, before going to preschool to deal with kids and dramatic teachers.

Sit, Stand and Lie Down had Daniel, Amy and Jonathan trying to learn makeup and how to be high maintenance. Last Line, First Line had two brave audience members on stage. They needed water in the desert, were excited about finding Justin Bieber, and no one really liked Robbie anyway. Next up was Interrogation Lineup, where Ian and Emily were guilty of cracking their knuckles on a log flume with the Tazmanian Devil.

Movie Critics was great after solving the crime, where Jonathan and Wink talked about the latest summer blockbuster. It was complete with seconds’ worth of special effects that cost millions, bacon and the question for the ages: What came first? Chicken or Pig? Because I Said So explained yoga on a boat, centrifugal force, time vacations and tiny hands.

The cast visited the Wonka factory in Follow That Action, where we again learned about centrifugal force, romance was stolen–or was it?–because spelling and grammar make a difference, and hopes and dreams were crushed. I promise it was fun! The show ended with Highlander! Marie had a problem, and her coworker had a hair out of place. Oh no! Along the way, Marie decided to be a fabulous squirrel/wombat/moose who was able to control kids. In the end, Emily had to perform all for 4 scenes.

And scene!

BYOI – Elephino?

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We had a great Youth Collective show on a rainy Friday night with Rowan, Hetta, Matthew and Emmie! Our FAM was Adam! He’s a funeral director who loves board games and being a dad. He’d like to take a cruise around the world someday. He described his family as phenomenal, amazing and exciting. FAM Revolver had lights everywhere, a daughter wanted to be bring and strong, and a phone was made from a toothbrush.

Action Figures had Emmie and Matthew setting sail, where they kept dropping the lights. It was enough to make Hetta want to commit a crime in Good Cop, Bad Cop! She plugged a hole with bubblegum in the library with Hellboy. Thankfully, Rowan and Matthew were able to get her confess.

Next up, we went back in time for Back In My Day, where we didn’t have elephants, phones, or dental floss. The show ended with Spelling Bee, where the kids had varied success with words and definitions.

And scene!

BYOI – Just So Hard to Crack

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The late night show was a great time with Erich, Ally, Daniel, Amy, Emily and Barbara! Our FAM was Jessica! She came to the show with Michelle from Portsmouth. She works at a pizza place, and her favorite kind is buffaque. She’s the mom to Taki and Saki and loves coffee. She’d like to visit Australia and doesn’t like those snooty South Dartmouthians. FAM Say It Again had Jessica visiting her sister at a pizza place in Alabama, where they have gross coffee with extra beet juice and slurping goop.

The show started off with Tableau, where Amy was a precious snowflake, Erich as a puddle of Christmas snow and Daniel as the guy who should have looked where he was going and Alan as the spot on the floor. Last Line, First Line fed lemons to Biscuit, a poison dart frog with darts, and hard to crack coconuts. Pavlovian Response had Emily, Barbara and audience member Kate on a rude yet encouraging trip to the Sydney Zoo.

Sing It had Daniel and Emily spending the day in Portsmouth. They sang about how they were named, talented tongues and the wood splinter in her. Ally jumped in to sing with Emily about cleaning the boat’s railing. Slogans followed this, with Peter Pan, Antarctica, kangaroo (like southern deer), and decaf. This was followed by Quickest Minute, where Erich, Ally and Kate performed super fast renditions of “The Goonies” for us. The cast ended the night serenading Jessica in Curtain Call.

And scene!

BYOI – The Scientist

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We had a great show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Emily, Ally, Daniel, Barbara, Amy and Erich! Our FAM was Jeremy! He’s going into the second grade, majoring in recess. He had a really cool trip to “Seussical” with his class and got Mommy flowers for Mother’s Day. He’s looking forward to a trip to Six Flags this summer and wants to invent fire resistant potion to go into lava. FAM Revolver had whipped cream on diet cheat days and penalty flags everywhere.

Serious Scene started off the show with the cast trying to garden chipmunks while using oxygen instead of helium. The game ended with a fun squirtgun showdown. Guidance Counselor had Amy looking for advice for her attachment to Dr. Seuss characters. Emily needed help with stepping one at a time, and Ally was going to college, where she was going to miss her mommy. In Good Cop/Bad Cop, Erich was guilty of clicking his nails in the Garden of Eden with Chuck-E-Cheese.

Meanwhile taught a valuable lesson about friendship before we jumped over to Back In My Day. Back then, we didn’t have airplanes, recess or Six Flags (so Amy didn’t have to worry about the height requirement). Actions Figures was next, with audience members MJ and Adam moving Amy and Daniel. They were trying to fight a fire, but didn’t want to look and declared a thumb war. The show ended with Finale Song, with the cast recapping the show in song.

And scene!