BYOI – Retiring the Blog – August 2018

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The BYOI Blog has had a long 10-year life with thousands of posts recapping some of our favorite moments. Thanks to its many contributors and commenters. However, it is time to lay the blog to rest as we move all of our news and show recaps over to social media.

We finished off our last post celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary Show and that landed us at our 1,100th FAM. It just seems like a good way to end the blog.

Enjoy the posts while you can as we will be taking down the blog soon as we begin work on a new Bring Your Own Improv site.

You can find all of our recaps, news and fun posts on our social media:

Love to all of you and all of our BYOI Featured Audience Members!

BYOI – Where the Benny’s Used to Be!

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We’re back to celebrate our 10th birthday! Daniel, Erich, Ian, Emily, Josh and Jonathan were once again joined by special guests Kennedy and Meredith. We had special guests in the audience as well: our first door person, Tom, and our very first audience member, Mary!

Our FAM was Daniel! Surprise! Every current and former cast member at the show asked him a question.

FAM Growing and Shrinking started off the show with dialect class, really big shoes, and so much stuff on nails. Sit, Stand and Narcolepsy was a blast! Josh and Emily were joined by Ethan, where there was a rare Jar Jar and invisible glass. Dust was for everyone in Centerpiece. We also had a creepy clown, shared cheese balls, and Erich enjoyed being Erich. Up next was my favorite game, Chainsaw! We had an embalmer where Benny’s used to be with a hot weiner. Along the way it turned into a beligerent traffic cop at Mr. Miyagi’s studio with a typewriter.

Construction Callout had everyone making things like a helicopter, unicorn, plane and turtle! From there, we jumped to Debate Club! We learned that Daniel doesn’t think, Meredith was disturbed by hot things, and wives and moms were in the audience. Serious Scene took place at the Diagon Alley Home Depot, and it took years to master a wand. The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where the cast was joined by current cast members David, Alan, Audrey and Tim, as well as alumni Paul and Candice.

With this, the blog is done. Thank you to everyone who has read, and I’d like to offer a super special thank you to everyone who came to celebrate. We enjoyed so much cake! Be sure to follow our social media for show recaps in the future.

And scene!

BYOI – Blowing Out the Candles!

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We celebrated our TENTH birthday at the family friendly show with Daniel, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Erich, and Emily. Special visitors Meredith and Kennedy also were on the cast!

Our FAM was Beth! She loves traveling, especially to Vermont. She came to the show with her kids, and would like to save the world with comedy. FAM Welcome Song started off the show, with the cast singing to Beth!

Action Figures started off the night, with a special appearance from our former cast member, Paul!! We only had frozen meatballs; oh no!! Remake showed us the story of Goldilocks. We needed the property to meet certain standards, then it turned scary with invisible paint and a dark closet.

Pavlovian Response became Pavlovian Pillow Fight when our cast were given pillows and triggers to make them hit others with a pillow, such as moving thier heads, sitting, or using the letter R. Catch Phrase was fun! The bathroom was nowhere to be found, and groceries were needed. Greatest Hits featured such as “Put that Down and Give Me What’s in my Goodie Bag”, “Oops I Dropped my Birthday Cheesecake”,  “I Cannot Blow Out the Candles” and “Musical Chairs”.

Follow That Action celebrated a birthday with cake and a trampoline! There was a surprise marriage, a blank check, and a visit to Cabo. Finally, our FAM Beth had fun making the cast sing during Sing It!

And scene!

BYOI – I Used to Be Hefty but Now I’m Glad!

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Our 9pm Family Friendly show was a blast with a cast of Daniel, Tim, Amy, Audrey, David and our FAM Angela. We kicked the show off with a Do Run all about our FAM. Fortunately, Unfortunately was all about Ariel and the small fish woman. Boston tea and fish market macaroni smelled rotten but were hard to understand through the water. Lines From a Cup was a day in the life of the expecting pepperoni surgeons who stop, drop and roll. Interrogation Line Up had our cast have to guess and confess that they committed the crime of loitering while eating mac and cheese in a muffin at Chuck E Cheese’s with Nikolai Tesla who holds an Elmo Doll. We played Say it Again next: Oranges were in icy bran muffins but it didn’t hold water. Quick Scenes brought us Lizzy McGuire, Trash, pizza every day and Santa’s Lying Cookies. Sports Commentator covered the Remote Battery Changing Olympics where the AAA’s were switched with the AA’s and use 9volt battery testing kit. Carol Ann got trapped in the TV but everyone was a winner!

We ended the evening with an epic argument in Debate Club!

…And Scene!!!

BYOI – Mountain Dew is Caffeinated with Pig Latin

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It is 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts and we had great fun at our Family Friendly Improv Comedy Show! On cast were Tim, Amy, Emily, David and Audrey. Our FAM was Ashley, who is a talented musician who plays Flute in high school band while in middle school. If she had all the money in the world, she would like to visit the Grand Canyon. FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine featured all things Ashley. We joined an instrument wielding child, a lip gloss swap, a Grande Canyon, still life apples, phone thieves and the mind of Douglas. Our FAM joined us for a game of Sit, Stand and Lie Down where Kerrygold Butter was at the end of the Rainbow!  Two-Headed monster was all about an experience in second-grade science class where we tested liquids and described them. Madam Zelda (Emily) had to guess that Daniel is going to have Banana and Strawberry pancakes tomorrow. Next year there is going to be a snowstorm in the summer, and an 8 legged shark will fight and be beaten by a mouse.

Revolver had scenes about Elementary School Science, Chair, Tying Your Shoes and Matching Socks. Sherlock Holmes had a tin of water, tube socks went to prom, the chair and parents were stolen and the fishing was not going well. Worlds’ Worst introduced the worst gymnasts, psychiatrists and shoe salesfolk. Follow That Action had bad mittens of goose feather at the medieval joust horse challenge sale.  We wrapped up the show with a game of Sing It for our FAM.

…And Scene!!!

BYOI – Alien Babies are not Rice

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Here we are again at Brown University for a second time this month at the STEM camp! Tonight’s cast was Jonathan, Tim, Emily, David and Myself and we had FAM’s Mia and Ty. They are both counselors at the camp, enjoy their jobs, miss home cooked meals and were recently discussing alien babies.

Our first game of Pillars found that Emily thought she ate her co-worker’s lunch, but discovered she had actually eaten samples of the experiments. Try That On for Size looking towards the sky and eating spaghetti. Two-Headed Monster discovered that wearing goggles can be difficult and painful, while in Timmy in the Well, we discovered that Tin-Tin had been bitten by a Shark, in an aquarium, in his house. The Quickest Minute gave us a rather generic Annie and Action Figures almost gave us letters to home. Then in Debate Club, the war waged on between cat and dog owners.

After a brief intermission, Remake taught us how not to make empanadas, Trolley Stop had a great raptor costume, and Centerpiece found new ways to shorten Pinocchio’s nose. Chainsaw took a Dancing Engineer at Buckingham Palace with a high heel shoe and turned it into a ballerina in a NASA lab with a sock. And finally, in Highlander, we saw all of Cinderella performed by Tim.

Thanks for having us again this year Brown!

And scene!

BYOI – The Secrets Of Everlasting Absorption

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The late night show was a great way to end the night with Amy, Tim, Erich, Josh, Audrey and Alan. Our FAM was Josh! He makes tampons, and the cast had a blast with puns. He came to the show with his fiancee Ashley, and he is the proud dad of 2 kids. FAM Day In the Life had a demon child, a riddle, and fun at work.

Follow That Action started off the night, where whistles could be thrown, there was a snowball in August, and a girl was cold and female dog-like. Last Line, First Line had ze wine, and shopping websites were confusing. Good Cop, Bad Cop was fun! Tim ate expired food at a water treatment facility with Edgar Allen Poe.

Revolver had a couple who was lost, the clouds needed to keep water, and defective donuts had holes in them. Post It was next, with doctor+professional turf field supervisor, beach+ACI, escape artist+spatula, and phlebotomist+middle of the sun, among other crazy combinations. Sit, Stand and Lie Down followed this, with a frantic game plan. Finally, the cast sang a recap of the show during Curtain Call.

And scene!

BYOI – Cruisin’

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We had a fun family friendly show tonight with Erich, Audrey, Amy, Josh, Alan and Tim. Our FAM was Marianne! She’s a retired receptionist who keeps busy with her 6 grandkids and going on cruises. She loves reading thrillers, and she happens to be Erich’s mom. FAM Sing It had a bright sunny day, the doors were unlocked, the Parallel Parking Mastermind showed up, and twirls were what Tim liked a lot.

Action Figures had Erich and Audrey paralyzed by fear as they tried to catch butterflies. They tasted like butter. From there, Centerpiece had Amy in the middle with kids for sale, frivulous feather purchases, and good dogs. Next up was Interrogation Lineup, where the food was served cold at Sydney Opera House with Wile E. Coyote. Oh no!

Remake had a curse breaker who then had to do it again with superhero groundhogs, before redoing it at the retirement home. Story, Story, Die followed that up, with the story of Elise the Cow. She moved to an unmarked country, and loved to make different kinds of cheese with vikings. She got her Blizzard for free in the Caribbean, and the coconuts opened up. The end! We then played Serious Scene, with avocados, enough of Taco Bell, and no appreciation for chihuauas.

The show ended with Say It Again! Zombies had a makeup tent, and rehearsed for a Michael Jackson musical.

And scene!

BYOI – Semi Annual Quarterly Report

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It’s our second of three Monday night shows and this time we were at a local corporate event working with the companies H.R. department. We did a two-hour workshop followed by a show! Our FAM for the show was Elliana who is an intern, loves doing the quarterly narrative and loves her career choice. We began with Remake where we saw the “Disney” musical about the Twelve Dwarfs in the Muchkin HR Department.

Trolley Stop saw ballerinas a dancing and selfies at the right angle. Two-Headed Monster taught us that a career as a waiter can be difficult when setting up the glasses and silverware. Chainsaw had a Wellness Dude in the Galapagos Islands with a Drum become a Grave Digger in a dance hall with a baseball bat. Debate Club agreed that there should be a Semi-Annual Quarterly Report and Action Figures ALMOST got us into the Gym. Finally, one of the audience members, Kaylie won a Highlander that saved a young man from the ice pool.

Thanks so much for having us!

And scene!

BYOI – I Don’t Know How to Hula Hoop

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Happy Friday the 13th!! Spending the late night show laughing with Daniel, Jonathan, Josh, Emily, Ian and David was a blast. Our FAM was Liz! She’s a baker who is currently getting over an injury. She likes Celtic Magic, New York cheesecake, and her kitties, Ghost, CJ, Kitty Meatface, and Kevin Costner. The cast then serenaded Liz in FAM Welcome Song!

Action Figures started off the night with David and Josh auditioning for Riverdance and teaching us that pants pockets are in pants.  Guidance Counselor was very musical. Daniel was a ghost who was turning solid, our FAM Liz was dealing with puberty, and Jonathan was turning to clay. Excuses, Excuses had David late for work, but he didn’t know why! He ended up burning his breakfast, but then a tree fell on the roof of his house, before he ended up finding himself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Remake was a bunch of fun, with a three person version of “Labrynth” redone as a Western, 80s workout, and silent film. It was hilarious! Greatest Hits had songs about a beanbag chair, hot vinyl on legs, ottomans and empires, amd toxic waste. Emily deserves a medal! Serious Scene followed that great game, as the cast did a serious scene about Liz’s work injury. The night ended with an epic battle about dumpster cats in Busta Rap.  In the end, Emily was the master!

And scene!