BYOI – SOY-onara!

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We finished the night off strong with Audrey, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Daniel and Amy! Our FAM was Lisa who is a retail shoe manager. She told us about a highend running shoe. She’s into hunting deer and reading, and would like to visit Australia someday. The cast then serenaded Lisa in FAM Do Run!

Follow That Action had Ian encounter a some bears in the woods while searching for the Witch Tree. Catch Phrase took us to Central Falls, where the guys were honest and had to leave. Marriage Counselor had Josh and audience member Jacob having trouble. Ian had to figure out that Josh kept leaving the toilet seat up, Jacob couldn’t stop farting in bed, and together, they were addicted to methane.

Questions had cheesy jokes, a locker filled with tacks, and everyone messed with Jonathan’s love for Star Wars. Famous Last Words was next, with the endings for agents, cell phones, tofu, and Jedi. Serious Scene needed eucalyptus pills for koalas with a very personal problem. Debate Club had the cast arguing about Steven King, pronunciation, Australia, and cute, cuddly things.

And scene!

BYOI – Moo Beans End

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We had a great family friendly show with Jonathan, Daniel, Josh, Amy, Ian and Audrey! Our FAM was Stacey, who is an elementary reading teacher. She loves teaching “The Velveteen Rabbit” and enjoys doing yoga while paddleboarding. In FAM Typewriter, scared rabbits went on an adventure to find a smart carrot. Along the way they met a slow-witted fox, a farmer with an herb garden, and we learned if you want knowledge, you just have to make it up.

Action Figures had Jonathan and Audrey going paddleboard yoga-ing with the help of audience members Paul and Karen. It was hard to find the paddleboards without coffee and the bright sun in their eyes. Pillars had Amy and Ian learning to be fairy godmothers. Things were good, and horrible, and great. Madame Zelda was a blast as we watched Josh try to figure out Amy’s fortune. She was going to win a car in Shaw’s Monopoly, appear on “Madame Secretary” and become Oprah’s stunt double.

Alphabet was next, where a Kindle was totally cool, it was taking forever to publish the book that would educate everyone, and the pharoah was in the library. Debate Club taught us about cereal villians and cereal heroes, puncuation or lackthereof, and controlling aardvarks. The Quickest Minute had Amy, Jonathan and audience member Paul doing increasingly frantic versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. Say It Again was fun for Ian on the bell. The game introduced us to Arnold Palmer, sugar and caffeine were the same.

And scene!

BYOI – Throwing The Square

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The Youth Collective show was fun with Carolyn, Gussy, Jeffrey and Carlena! Our FAM was Rachel, who likes tennis, science, and frozen lemonade.

What Are You Doing had the kids teaching a cat to meow, searching for the ant farm, playing with a unicorn, and studying English. Good Cop, Bad Cop had Carolyn as the criminal. She committed the horrendous crime of eating strawberry ice cream in the desert with an astronaut. Busta Rap had raps about talks with dad, the color blue, and a cat.

Two Headed Monster had the indecisive monster learning about the benefits of yoga, and how it needed to stop complaining. Highlander took place at a surprisingly dramatic auction. Carlena ended up performing the whole scene alone in the end, and she did a great job!

And scene!

BYOI – Are you trying to preposition me?

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Our Late Night Improv Comedy Show at 9pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts starred Amy, Jonathan, Emily, Ian, David and Josh. Our FAM was Nate, a musician who also works with animals. He came to the show with his girlfriend Meg. His favorite band is Tame Impala, his dream vacation spot is Peru, and he used to go to San Diego Llama parades as a child.

We kicked off the show with an Irish Ditty about our FAM. Action Figures was next. David and Jonathan set up the music festival. The amps were on the right, we forgot how walking works and played air guitar backward. During Typewriter, Joshua wrote a story about the Impalas, a band who squashed the Beatles. The herd was heard, the hula was popped and a fight broke out with spears made of unicorn horns. For Madam Zelda, Amy had to guess that David was going to lose his wallet, be abducted by aliens from his garage and his hair was going to grow back uncontrollably.

We played Pillars! It was a wildlife, at the stakeout. French fries were as good as gold, someone should teach the button and safety pins muffler the noise. White picket fences pomegranate to quicksand! During Debate Club our cast and volunteers debated the merits of owning dogs, playing with dolls, Chicago style hot dogs, and fractionize is not a word. The Quickest Minute featured The Lord of The Rings. You shall not pass, Mr. Frodo. We ended the show with a Curtain Call.

And Scene!!!

BYOI- Use the other eye!

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It is 7pm at The Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Family Friendly Improv Comedy Show with Amy, Josh, Jonathan, David, Ian and Emily. Our FAM was Gary the snowplow driver. He came here with his wife Stacey and his daughter, youth collective member Carlina. He is a Pats fan who likes to buy things at auctions. We started the show with a game of Sing It! Josh was plowing the fields in the snow but two dollars didn’t buy a jacket. Jonathan could have used the truck but it didn’t buy coffee. Our next game was What are You Doing? In case you wondered, we were solving plumbing problems, surfing the internet, applying makeup, fishing, dancing and painting a masterpiece, and staging Clash of the Titans the musical. Meanwhile, during our next game, glass tire patches were crunchy, special resting spots were utilized, Fred stood in front of the air conditioner, and Emily picked “C” on the True/False exam. Interrogation Lineup had our cast and volunteers guessing that they painted mustaches on animal crackers on a carousel with Taylor Swift.

Two Headed Monster brought us to the hospital for testing. Amy had buttercream running through her veins and a serious donut craving, but her brows were on fleek. What a salty cookie! Busta Rap was next, with phat rhymes about fun, shade, cake and our FAM Gary. Highlander had Horseback Curling perfection. The jockey was ready, the shoes were checked and we think she’s good! We capped off the show with a song for our FAM

And Scene!!!

BYOI – I am Becoming A Dog!

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It is 6pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for the students in our Youth Collective to shine! On cast were Juan, Carolyn and Carlena. Our FAM was Karen, who likes hampsters, pigeons and horses, has been to France and is learning a lot about Improv.

We started the show by playing Try That on for Size. We had jumping inflatable birds, dancing and swimming while pounding tables, and reading while closing containers and separating things. Good Cop, Bad Cop made Juan have to guess that he stole food from the library with Clifford the Big Red Dog. Because I Said So placed the youth as Emily’s parents answering such questions as “Why do people speak French?”, “Why do taste buds light up?” And “Why do monsters like to scare people?”

Short Cutz started with English History with a French Accent, brought us to scary camel highway rides, the camel DMV, and used camel salesmen. Charlotte the camel blocked the intersection, the salesman had anger issues and Carolyn just wanted him to stop a minute! We ended the show with Say it Again. Fluffusy the pidgeon hampster was discovered at the local dump and almost rescued by lazy students.

And Scene!!

Snow Hurricanes – SHOW CANCELLED

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Well, the weather is bad enough that there is no improv tonight. ::Le-Sigh::

Shows are canceled due to the storm, local power outages, high winds and that we want you all to stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday! 🙂

BYOI – Know Your Hamlet

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We had another fun late night show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Daniel, Amy, Josh, Ian and David. Our FAM was Megan! She cleans houses and loves Shakespeare. She tries to take her cat for a walk, and came to the show with her friend Sydni. In FAM Day In the Life, the cat was better than the highstrung dog, Megan was late for Shakespeare class, and the phone kept ringing.

The first game of the night was What Are You Doing, with the theater in a bathtub, elephant trunks, beehive removal, and the age old question: theater or theatre? Sing It followed this, with songs about a gurney for two and a distracting lady. Interrogation Lineup had the horrible crime of a bad hair cut in Far Far Away with King Claudius.

Meanwhile needed all children to be infected with unicorns, coffee was fatal, and Jerry and Jerry needed a ride. Blank Walks Into a Bar had bad puns about razors, keyboards, and brooms. We then jumped to Growing and Shrinking, with conjoined twins, things wobbled to and fro, and Shakespeare was miscast. The night ended with Busta Rap! The battle came down to Josh and audience member Maddie, with Josh as the victor.

And scene!

BYOI – Quiet But Not

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We had a fun night with David, Daniel, Ian, Josh and Amy at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Owen, who’s in the 4th grade! He likes lunch, soccer and hanging out with his friends. In FAM Remake, Owen’s Meme and Pepe left the cousins at home and brought just him to Disney World. He needed to see Mickey in Cleveland, wasn’t tall enough for the roller coaster, and enjoyed the day by himself. The first remake brought Owen to Antarctica, where he helped a penguin pick up snowballs. Finally, he was brought to school during lunch, where he was only tall enough for bread.

The first game of the show was Try That On For Size, they chowed down on popcorn, decided to become one with the Earth, and waited in line. Lines From a Cup took place at a bakery competition, where Joan’s brownies made everyone skinny. Next up was Good Cop, Bad Cop, where Daniel was caught paying attcntion to his homework in Hawaii with Barney the Dinosaur.

Short Cuts was next, where it was faster to make airplanes without wings, everyone learned to do the Limbo, and chinchillas were able to become invisible! Amy was then the child in Because I Said So, where we learned about chinchillas, calcium, and chicken! From there, we moved on to Helping Hands, where we learned the rules of soccer, and the guys had a sword fight with their fingers. The final game was Say It Again! The family trip to Hawaii had no coffee, TV was complicated, and everything would be faster by jumping.

And scene!

BYOI – You Need To Warmup!

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  1. The Youth Collective had a fun show tonight with Rose, Gussy, Jeffrey, Sydni and Aidan! Our FAM was Sarah! She teaches Spanish and English, and likes summer.

Trolley Stop had spies, karate masters, and robots! In the Dating Game, Aiden was looking for love and had to choose between sushi, the Bahamas and Justin Bieber. We then went back in time with Back In My Day, where we didn’t have lakes, Death Valley, or plumbers.

Growing and Shrinking then had a fat dog, a warm up, and pumpkins. The kids then sang about a visit to the diner in Irish Ditty.

And scene!