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BYOI – Dragons on the Merry-go-Round

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2014-03-31 09 44 56The weather was howling for the BYOI group tonight! It was an all star cast combining the first class with the second and the audience was full of energy and ready to rock. Kathy, the FAM tonight was new to the stage though not to BYOI. She works at Burger King as a manager in training and isn’t too thrilled with the online training. She’s following the story of Loulou in General Hospital who we’ll say is having trouble with friends… If she had to go save the universe, the one thing she wouldn’t be able to do without is her husband Mike, because he’s smaht.

Dylan, Rob, Allie and Emily started the show tonight portraying an episode of General Hospital, as two elderly grand parents and two grandchildren. With each end scene the cast became smaller, leaving Emily to portray all four parts and try to keep the lines the same.

Maddie, Lexi and Stasya followed up their performance with Titanic in exactly 60 seconds. Then 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5 seconds… With Daniel providing movie critic style tips as they went and Lexi finishing each scene as Rose throwing the star of the ocean into the sea with a tear and sigh.

Kathy’s favorite musical, The Phantom of the Opera was explored next in Fortunately/Unfortunately as miraculouly the phantom lived at the end of the original and moved on with his life. Maddie and Lexi played the narrators of the tragic tale of a one legged phantom, Emily, in need of a musical organ transplant, in love with a doctor, Mary, who didn’t love her back. There were chases, betrayals, regrown limbs and love at the end.

Dylan was then brought up on charges of stealing the kings crown from the international space station with the help of John Travolta. Except he didn’t know this. Our brave police officers, Allie and Kristen, did a great job leading their witness to not only confess, but implicate his partner.

In four corners Emily ate Wonka’s dinner chewing gum and embraced the blueberry while we learned that plugging in the ethernet cable in the middle of the monitor doesn’t work out too well according to Rose. The real dragons put in Allie’s merry go round reduced the amusement to ash. And puppies painted blue while kittens are painted pink just makes them cute all over.

In their last skit our junior comedians were bowling for bananas on a deserted island somewhere near Kathy’s vacation spot, Jamaica. The cost was five dollars to bowl and even the queen had to pay.

And Scene!

BYOI – Health Insurance?

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2014-03-12 08 04 22This Sunday’s youth BYOI show found Alexi, Alison, Dylan, Emily, and Maddie exploring the life and likes of our FAM Susan, a health insurance worker who values gratitude and family, enjoys watching Bones and wishes to view the beauty that is Alaska. And explore they did with the expert guidance of Josh!

During our first game, Say It Again, Emily and Alexi started the group off on the topic of bothering people from Susan’s interview. Each time the bell rang they quickly thought of different topics to “repeat”.  As the bell rang out the audience was taken from traveling to Brazil to find dogs to adopt, a sandy beach with ducttape sandals and ducttape coats for the dogs.

In What Are You Doing, our team acted out the last action described while providing a new one for their curious partner. Alison and Dylan started us off with a trip to the Amazon to search for parents and we ended with contemplating the meaning of life. What better exemplifies the meaning of life than driving around with family being provided words by two innocent bystanders in Pillars.

For Sports Commentators we had assistance from the audience as Mike our FAM from last week got up on stage to assist Josh in broadcasting the latest in sports entertainment with BYOI’s dressing biatholon! Emily and Maddie competed to be the best dressed in an “emperor’s new clothes” style, layering on invisible boots, shirts, hats and jewelry. Maddie the “Canadian” won the event!

Alphabet led us through the underground crime ring led by zebras and lepricans to keep their pots of gold safe as the team navigated through the alphabet. Several of the cast made it through A-Z without a mishap. After exploring the Alphabet Alexi, Alison, Dylan, Emily, and Maddie spelled and defined words from the audience in Spelling Bee.

BYOI Youth saved the best for last with the Dating Game. Maddie was able to pick from three contestants to go out on a date. Emily was a very convincing car air freshener, Alsion a sharp witted pencil and Alexi a very sweet stutter that won the hearts of the audience and the dating game.

And Scene!

BYOI – I Love Fried Donuts

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2014-02-26 07.16.38-1A big shout out to Alexia, Madeline, Emily and Allison, our junior comedians on stage for Sunday Night! Daniel, their fearless leader directed our evening as the girls led our audience through the life and experiences of our FAM Mike. The girl’s initial movie debue of Mike’s life in Fiyeel showed us that twice fried donuts aren’t that bad… Our audience learned in the Korean and Sci-Fi remake of Mike’s like that frying or twice frying lettus, falafel and even the Mona Lisa make for tasty treats.

Next the girls struck a pose in Sitting, standing, laying down. Three people are awaiting trial, two defendants and one cranky court official. “Judge is killing me these days,” complains the official. To which the convict replies, “He may end up killing all of us.” Later on police brutality in the waiting rooms takes a twist as the court official confesses and says, “Cuff me,
I’m done with this.”

In trolly stop a critical problem arose when the girls realized there was no more Advil. And we learned in Lines from a Cup that it is not ok to run out on a pizza tab when is made with quality filet mingon. And if you have an idea, it may involve Emily kicking herself…

We also learned in Timmy and the Well that Lassie must have been telepathic as it is very hard to communicate through barks, whimpers and yips. Emily did her best as Alexia, Madeline and Allison communicated as Lassie did. After many attempts and some doggie sign language, though she was tired and distraught over their lack of connection, Emily was able to guess that Martin Luther cheated on his driving test while at the beach.

Daniel had fun with the team in Say It Again where the girls started with fried beans and through a series of bell rings ended with “You know what I think? I’m going to dig myself into a hole.”

In true Terminator fashion, the girls entered into the great debate on why they were not crazy where the audience discovered that snakes have invisible feet, trees are a government conspiracy and no one can do a better impression of Emily than Emily.

And scene!

BYOI – New Girl and Mashed Taters

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20140209_184904Thank you everyone for participating in BYOI’s first Sunday show for 2014 at the Warwick Museum of Art! Dylan, Ally, Madeline, Alexia and Emily were led by Daniel in the exploration of what interested our FAM, Kristen. During her interview Kristen shared that she worked in the HR department for her company, her love of Greece for its blue water, that she enjoys watching New Girl, and that chicken and Jim’s mashed potatoes were the last two things she ate.

Ally, Madeline, Alexis and Emily led off the night with “helping hands” peeling potatoes for the army. It wasn’t their dream job but the army doesn’t look kindly on wasting money on spilt toothpaste. Every one had a blast with Trolley Stop, eating carrots and head banging to classical music among other things taking turns influencing the character waiting for the trolley.

Daniel introduced the crowd to the Pavlovian Response where Dylan new the giggle and OMG triggers for his partners.  All three of them led the audience through a beautiful day in the park for a picnic where potato salad was fed to the ants after a tragic spill because as Dylan pointed out, “the serious problem in this country is that ants are malnourished.”

The theme of spilt potatoes was carried into the next scene where a classic silent film was played out and remade in different genres through the ages. What started as a silent film about Jim’s mashed potatoes acted out with hand puppets, was then a thrilling horror movie with Jim the bowl of mashed potatoes tragically fell to the floor horrifying his sister. But the horror movie was not good enough and the producers chose to send Jim’s mashed potatoes back to their home planet in the final sci-fi remake.

Maddie played centerpiece in a ring around the scene game where all the comedians played in two different scenes all of which she had to remember. From no breaks due to company policy, staring wide eyed at the blue water, and studying for clown academy, our audience learned valuable lessons. Lessons like buying all your clown gear will not make you funny.

Daniel then sat in as the “kid” for Because I Said So. With the help of the audience Daniel asked our comedians the really tough questions like, why can’t I stay up and why are fish so big? The answer being because they ate their vegetables. And the truth every child knows, they have to do the dishes so that their parents don’t have to.

And Scene!

BYOI – Please Turn on The Heat

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The weather was cold but the laughs were hot this Sunday at the Warwick Museum of Art. Our FAM for the night was Caitlin, a medical secretary who loves chicken parm and Bing Crosby, but hates someone named “Schwenny Lartz.”

Our first game of the night was a FAM-centric version of “Try That on for Size,” which had Ryan and Evan making chicken parm sandwiches and answering Zen riddles, while Paul had no idea how to use his GPS and Ed was a little tea cup.

Krissy gave us all a much-needed warm up that had us all making farm animal noises, and then it was on to Alphabet. Audience member Kevin joined Paul in a scene based on Medical Secretaries, Evan hated Xenophobia, and Ed and Ryan argued about ComicCon.

Angels & Demons had Krissy and Kevin telling a tale about Joe and audience member Caroline, who had trouble with a claw machine . Joe got stuck in the machine, but thankfully he was bald, so he was okay.

Ryan and Kevin were having problems with their marriage and decided to get some help from Paul in Marriage Counselor. Ryan couldn’t stop making animal balloons, but Kevin hated the noises balloons make. Paul helped them resolve their differences, and got them over their crippling helium addictions.

The first half wrapped up with Sit, Stand & Lie Down, where Evan, Ed, and Caroline were having issues with their hygiene. Caroline lost one of her teeth, but luckily found one on the floor.

After the intermission, Krissy and Paul showed us how to stick with an emotion in Yes And, and then it was time for Catch Phrase. Evan attempted to train Krissy and audience member Joe for their new jobs at Walmart, but Krissy kept pointing out that things were facing the wrong way, while Joe had been scarred by his experiences in Warwick.

Next up was Excuses, Excuses, which had audience member Joe showing up late to work. With the help of Joe, Ed, and Caroline, he was able to come up with some great excuses involving sugar, showers, and an unfortunate volcano.

Everyone lined up for Back in My Day, when we didn’t have Windex (“There was nothing to stop us from streaking”), Toothpaste (“Then we left England”), Water (“The earth was 75% candy”), and Cats (“It only rained dogs”).

Freeze Tag was up next, and chaos broke out. Caroline was a pony while Ryan had trouble with a tall pool table. There was a protest by the 1% of people who are Superheroes, Caroline picked up a cheap used brain, poisoned apples were consumed, and ocarinas were played. There was a monkey auction and some hot dog doctors, then the escaped mental patients showed up.

Our final game of the night was Beastie Rap, which was won based on the clearly superior rap skills displayed by Team Westside.

Annnnnnnnnd scene!

BYOI – After Dark

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The lights were off but the fun was on in Warwick this Sunday, as Ryan, Paul, Evan, Krissy, and Ed put on a show with the power out at the Warwick Museum of Art.

Our FAM for this show was Andrew, a young man who enjoys sports, Jim Carrey movies, and playing guitar. Andrew is in college, pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, and hopes to travel to Europe.

The first game we played was Six Pack, where Krissy & Evan tried to ‘git some tar on a roof, Ryan and our FAM attended a meeting of the Jim Carrey Appreciation Society, and Paul & Ed talked smack about Andrew’s girlfriend.

After Paul warmed us all up by playing his famous Audience Theramin, we moved on to Grand Theft Auto. Cars were taken over by Dirty Wisconsins, Dark Wing Duck, Dancing Walrusses, and Dumbwaiters.

Andrew joined us again to play a quick game of Typewriter, where we told the story of his life, titled “Two Way Street.” It involved Andrew and his friend Twitchy Steve, who went to a 7-11 and then to London, where they met Big Ben. Unfortunately, Big Ben was infested with mice, and was also a wizard. Fortunately, they all had a birthday party.

Ryan played the role of Madame Zelda, having to guess that our audience member would be 1) Taken in the rapture, 2) Electrocuted, and 3) Win a million dollars, but only if they had exactly one Slushie per day for the rest of their life. Madame Zelda had some difficulty with the first item on our list, guessing that our audience member would be involved in thunder, or lightning, or rain, or angels, or moose in the sky, or praying, or a car accident, or singing, or explosions, or rapping, or killing Tupac, or crashing stocks, or discovering Atlantis.

After the lights came back on, we played Alphabet in a mansion “queerly” full of bathrooms. Krissy & Evan argued about hot dogs at Fenway, and Ed tried to give himself an X-Ray. We ended the first half of the game in “the middle of nowhere,” where Ed asked “Gary, why are we in Iowa?”

Paul and Evan showed us all how “Yes, and” works, while waiting for a bus south of the border, followed by a round of “Angels & Demons.” Ed and Krissy told the tale of two men (played by Ryan and Evan) who went to buy some fireworks, then moved to New York, where they were unemployed, and arrested, and paroled to South Dakota, where they realized that sheep and fireworks do not mix, and attempted to put out the fire with a fire hose full of gasoline.

Pavolvian Response had Ed, Paul, and Evan attending a Three Stooges Convention, where they wanted to see “less Moes, not mo’ Moes,” and it was decided that “even if you’re hitchhiking across the country, you never eat at an Arby’s.”

Everyone participated in Slogans, where we suggested slogans for Soap (“For washing your face! Avoid eyes”), Deodorant (“How to shower, the Irish way”), Staplers (“Why you go to Staples”), Weddings (“Where the bridesmaids aren’t interested”), Art Exhibits (“A great place to see Improv”, “Where you go to think ‘I can do that!'”, “Have a goodentime at the Guggenheim!”), Class Reunions (“Guess who got fat?”, “Where you can see all the bullets you dodged”), Metallica (“Friendly guys, playing angry music”), and Bob Marley (“Poster now available at Spencer Gifts”).

Shortcuts had Ryan, Ed and Evan sniffing markers and visiting the school nurse. Oscar joined us and showed us his first day at the DMV, where he found it more efficient to stamp faces. Ed and Evan stacked babies until the cops showed up (“You kickin’ babies on my watch?”). Krissy was a dangerous girlfriend on the loose. Everyone proposed to each other, and Ryan had two idiot brothers and one in an a cappella group.

Finally, we wrapped things up by singing a round of Do Run about our audience member Dan.

And scene!

BYOI – Acoustic Collections: the Bike Unplugged

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This Sunday’s show featured Joe, Stephanie, Daniel, Erin and Tyler. Our Featured Audience Member of the night was Sam, a guitar playing eight grader, who likes to ride his bike to his friends house. If he had a band it would be called “Acoustic Collections”. His favorite movie is James Bond and if he had any super power he would fly.

In the first game, the cast acted out an average day in the life of Sam, which includes riding his bike to his friends house, and forming a band called “Acoustic Collections: the Bike Unplugged”. In Excuses, Excuses, Dan had to explain to his boss why he was late for work. On his way in his car wouldn’t start, he spilled something on his shirt and had to buy a new one, and finally his wife was hit by a meteor. The next game was Quick Scenes, then Sit, Stand or Lie Down, in which Tyler and an audience member refuse to help Erin who was hit by a car.

In Catchphrase, Erin was only able to say “Get off my lawn”, and “Where did you hide the money?” Our audience member could only say “Are you Lying to me?” and “I can fly”. Then, in the next round, Stephanie could only say “Why did you do that?” and “The oven’s on”. An audience member could only say “Where’s Nick’s house?” and “Cowabunga, Dude”.

After the break we played Meanwhile, which featured a woman who used unhinged dentures as a dietary system, and Gordon Ramscey’s new show. The next game was Party Quirks, featuring a guest who had a fear of vomiting, Newt Gingrich and a samurai sword, who were all attending a Harry Potter party.

In Story, Story, Die, the cast told the story of Rascal, a cat, who ate mice, but then had an epiphany and decided to form a mouse symphony instead. Next was Revolver. The last game of the night was Greatest Hits, featuring an audience member who was celebrating her birthday, with the greatest songs of James Bond.

And Scene!

BYOI – Kill the Sunshine!

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This Sundays show featured Stephanie, Erin and Daniel. The Featured Audience Member of the night was Dee Dee, a retired social worker and mother of five. In her spare time she likes to line dance, and play with her rescued bunny, Oreo. She doesn’t despise anyone but still can’t get used to Lady GaGa.

The first game was Try That on For Size, which included line dancing, baseball and a cougar. The next game was Freeze Tag with scenes involving toothpaste fairies that appear when you leave the cap off, the world as an appetizer and a man trying to propose with a ring in a chicken salad sandwich.

In the Dating Game, Daniel had to pick between Kathy Griffin, a bottle of Dawn, and a woman who says a word really loud whenever it starts with a vowel. In the end Daniel chose contestant number three, and would just buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Next was the game Typewriter, in which Erin and an audience member rewrote the movie Armageddon into a novel.  In this version the main character is a gas station attendant who is hired by NASA to change the numbers on the countdown clock. In the climax of the novel the main character marries the astronaut, who is in love with the asteroid. In the end the main character sacrifices himself and stays on the asteroid, which is headed for Pluto. The game Pillars involved a crazy hotel check-in.

After the break we played Serious Scene, which revolved around a kid getting his first car. The next game was Marriage Counselor, in which Daniel and an audience member visit Erin, to discuss their problems. The audience member has an obsession with garlic and Daniel is allergic to everything. As a couple they have a problem with no one doing the dishes. In Famous Last Words of Willy Wonka “what do you mean I have Diabetes” and “Can we have them put a down button in this elevator?” The next game was Questions. The last game of the night was Sing It.

And Scene!

BYOI – The Button Wood Secretary

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In this Sunday’s show, featuring Daniel, Tyler, Stephanie, Ryan, and Erin, things got started off with a ride on a rollercoaster. Our Featured Audience Member was Viv, a retired high school secretary, who is now the secretary for an organization. In her spare time she goes line dancing and her favorite movie is Dog Day Afternoon. If she could invent anything she would invent a hearing aid that actually worked.

In 125-531 Tyler being elected Mayor of the town of Stockholm, the cast line dancing and Daniel and Ryan unable to hear.

Next was Say It Again, in which Daniel, Tyler and Ryan were fighting over stomped wheat, Erin imitated a valociraptor and Daniel took Erin as his “tale-less wife”.

In interrogation line up the cast had to guess the details of their arrests. After a very quick round of guessing they found out that they had been arrested for chewing gum, with their teacher from school, at the White House.

In the Quickest Minute the cast successfully acted out the entire show of Chicago in 60 seconds, then 30, and then 10.

The game Meanwhile featured a cheerleader trying to be a lawyer, who’s client was so annoyed with the cheering that she confessed.

After the break the cast played Tableau, which took place in the bayou, also featured a solid gold dancer bought for entertainment, and a tableau about Stephanie.

The next game was Chainsaw. In which the location was the Taj Mahal, the occupation was a window washer and the object was a dead fish.

In the game Back in my day the we didn’t have secretaries we just didnt answer the phone, also were didn’t have pyramids so our diets were completely off. Back in my day we didn’t have garbagemen and Providence looked about the same.

Next was the game Excuses, in which Ryan had to give three excuses as to why he was late. On his way into work he got a flat tire, his wife was mad at him, and dog knocked the nightstand over and his false teeth fell off.

In the last game of the night the cast had to sing everytime our FAM, Viv, rang the bell.

BYOI and the Story of Cheez It!

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This Sundays show featured Daniel, Stephanie, Tyler, Joe, and Ryan. The night’s Featured Audience Member was Karen, a home school teacher. She told us about her wonderful family and some of the other parents she works with, including one who defriended her on facebook.

In the first game the cast acted out what the average dinner with our Featured Audiences Member’s family would be.
Next was the game Quick Scenes, in which one aspect of the previous scene is the topic for the next. Excuses, Excuses was the next game. In this scene Tyler and Ryan acted out the excuses for Stephanie as she tried to explain why she was late to work to Joe. On her way in she apparently first was in traffic because of construction, then read the GPS wrong and finally cows were crossing the road to get to the ice cream shop. In Story, Story, Die, the story was about a pony named Cheez It who needs to mow the lawn but discovered he couldn’t because the lawn is made of cheese whiz. In the next chapter Cheez It goes to school and in the last chapter we learn that Cheez It has a gambling problem.

After the intermission, we played Grand Theft Auto in which the moped was taken over by loud antelopes, kangaroo lemons, and a killer astronaut. Next was the Alphabet game, then Press Conference in which Joe was George Carlin who was giving a conference about tying your shoes. Finally, the last game of the night was a hoedown about girly cars.

Remeber, no show for the 4th of July weekend, we will see you back on July 8th!

And Scene!