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Snow Hurricanes – SHOW CANCELLED

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Well, the weather is bad enough that there is no improv tonight. ::Le-Sigh::

Shows are canceled due to the storm, local power outages, high winds and that we want you all to stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday! 🙂

BYOI – Lake Tuna

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It’s Barbara, Alan, Emily and Myself out in Chepachet, RI for Gary’s 50th birthday party! Gary loves to plow snow, hit up auctions and has a great love to go out on the lake with his daughter. We began the night with a game of FAM Pillar where Gary brought fresh tuna to the lake for his daughter to catch.

Next, in Alphabet, we saw lactose intolerant mythical creatures. Then in Good Cop, Bad Cop, Barbara used the not-a-restroom on the 9th hole of a golf course with Buggs Bunny. Then in Action Figures, Alan got a scalpel in his head and my patient was heavily knocked out. Because I Said So allowed me to learn that I was adopted, Dad is in a well-built dog house and Gary’s friends know him well. Finally, we sang the night away with Curtain Call. Thanks to Gary and his friends and family for having us out!

And scene!

BYOI’s 2018 Annual Auditions

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BYOI is looking for new talent to round out our cast. We will be having auditions Friday, January 12th & Friday January 19th at 5:00pm.

Bring Your Own Improv is an established improv show that has performed over 1000 shows all across New England. We are a short form improv show (similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway) that takes it a step above the rest and welcomes audience members up on stage to perform with us.

This audition will be held Friday, January 12th & Friday January 19th at 5:00pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts at 3259 Post Road in Warwick, RI. Make sure to be on time and dress to move.

We are looking for a few performers who can commit to the following:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Can pass a Rhode Island Background Check
  • Works well with children
  • Be silly when needed
  • Commit to two Friday nights per month
  • Have reliable transportation and arrive to things on time
  • Can be available during the week, during the day for school shows
  • Brings no drama or ego

Please email us at to let us know you will be attending.


BYOI – The Hawaiian Taco

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Here we are at the 9pm tonight with Amy, Jonathan, Emily and Jonathan with our FAM Matt! Matt is a student at URI who is majoring in engineering, likes island food and loves a good macadamia nut cookie. In our first game of FAM Remake Matt was really into making flat waves and masticating tacos.

So we move on to Tableau where Glad became generic and Target has too many people in the isles. In Movie Critics, we learned that the French don’t care about switching bodies and pleasing fathers. Then in Good Cop, Bad Cop, Amy unsound proofed the soundproof room at the Ice Cream Parlor with Bob Ross. We have Catch Phrase where the art cannot be sharpened because it is s%#t!  In Busta Rap Jim finished up rhyming with him. Next in What Are You Doing we had caffeinated dinner and difficult oral surgery. And finally in Debate Club where good cookies are made with Aquanet.

And scene!

BYOI – Bodies, Not Candy!

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BYOI is once again at the Rhode Island Theatre Conference and having a blast. We are here with Erich, Barbara, Emily, Myself and our 1001st FAM Abram from Cumberland High School. Abram likes Legally Blonde the Musical, works at Domino’s and likes toffee. We started off with Sing It at his job where fairy fluor dust in the eyes can make anyone like that pizza.

Next up was Pillars where a Mom and her son were scared the house owner might through more Sugar Daddies at them. Timmy in the Well had Morgan Freeman, slipping in the desert and Freeze Tag had witches luring kids into traps with candy. Debate Club taught us that Trunks are for bodies and that there is no flour in pizza. Finally, in Highlander, I was forced to deal with my bleach blonde hair.

Thanks once again to RITEC for having us.

And scene!

BYOI – Secret Mall Sauce

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And we are back for a second show with Erich, Emily, Barbara and myself here at the Warwick Mall! Our FAM for the second show was Logan, who was here to pick up a late birthday present and who wanted to own his own mall. We started off with Pillars where the mayo had been left out for a few days and the salsa was made fresh!

Then we moved on to Trolley Stop where we had chickens, kittens and howling wolfs. Next up was Highlander where Emily was a very picky cat and made everyone agree that they needed a dog. Busta Rap had Barbara winning once again and freeze tag had Erich’s daughter up in the air. In Action Figures, Erich and I struggled to hit Target with a bow and arrow and sing it had us building the perfect racing uniform.

Thanks again for having us Warwick Mall!

And scene!

BYOI – Snotty Mummy

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BYOI is at the Warwick Mall today for our first of two shows! We are here with Erich, Emily, Barbara and myself and our FAM David! David has a brother, wants a pretzel and will be Scream for Halloween. For our first game, Pillars, I was tied up in a yoga pretzel and had the comfort of my Teddy Bear Bill.

Next up was Trolley Stop where we visited Seekank and zombies needed condiments with their brains. Highlander found me unwinding a Mummy to blow my nose and attacking a vampire with a bat. Barbara won Busta Rap and then we had a fashion killing robot and a third-grade marriage proposal. Action Figures saw a Trick or Treat go wrong and we finished with Sing It at the “Desert” shop with ice cream and sand.

One more show coming up at 3pm. See you then!

And scene!

BYOI – 200 Over Par

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Finishing the night with our Late Night show with our cast Erich, Meredith, Josh, Emily, Audrey and Ian. We also have our FAM Dan, who plays a lot of Destiny 2 on PlayStation, wants to be in business and run the Honey Nut Cheerios ad company and replace the Bee with a Bear. In our first game, Growing & Shrinking Machine, we had big fish, little fish and way over par!

Next up in Serious Scene, miniature golf took on a whole new meaning. Then in Guidance Counselor Meredith helped with parental divorce, concussions and helped fix the Septic System Plumbing at McDonald’s.  Now it’s the Dating Game where Erich had to guess between a pair of gloves, Justin Beber and Plymouth Rock. Then in Two-Headed Monster, we found the bean… but we need more! Next up is World’s Worst, with a pocket knife that was just pockets, pizza topped with beans, and screwdriver from Ikea. Moving on to Tableau where The Less Than Chocolate Factory, A wet Plymouth Rock and A Galaxy not so far away. Finally in Sing It, we saw the Coffee Beans as a snack at Target.

And scene!

BYOI – Earn a Badge

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Good evening and here we are at BYOI’s Family Friendly Show where we have Erich, Josh, Meredith, Emily, Audrey and Ian. Our FAM tonight is Jamie, who is a contractor, hates Atlantic City and thinks his entourage is awesome! For our first game, Sing It, the house has no roof and the house may be made out of bread.

So we are off with Sit, Stand & Lie Down Ariel can’t go hiking and the witch thinks she is OK. Then in Remake, we learned that we should always pack a plastic bag and a package of Gummy Bears. Next up in Marriage Counselor, Emily keep stealing the little socks from the shoe department, our fun regular Paul, likes turning into a pickle and together they keep taking Gorillas from the Zoo. From there we have Centerpiece where Josh was on an Atlantic City Tour, was an island inhabitant, was allergic to fairy dust and really hates Poke’mon kids. Next in Busta Rap, Ian had to finish the rap with Jamie! Moving to Freeze Tag where Josh had trouble churning butter, lots of testing items and you are only allowed to go to school if you are dying. Finally, we finished with Curtain Call and sung to all of our audience members.

And scene!

BYOI – Mary Wants Lamb

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Good evening and welcome to BYOI’s Youth Collective show recap! Tonight, we have Rob, Carolyn, Jeffery, Jeff, Matthew and Ethan and our FAM tonight, Kevin! Kevin is an operations manager who fixes problems and loves the Walking Dead. So in our first game, Fortunately, Unfortunately, Mary’s lamb just wanted food… And so did Mary.

Next up was Madam Zelda where had to guess that her customer went to a casino, someone will throw a pickle and then find a magic wand. Then in Because I Said So, you can be born before your parents and you dry up if you don’t get enough sleep. We are on to Questions where we should not put toys in the sink and the customer is always right. Then finally in Busta Rap Carolyn got to wrap all by themselves at the end!

And scene!