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BYOI – Kerri B’s B-Day!

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Hey Internet!

Joe here with another BYOI show recap!  Our April 26th show was even more awesome than usual due to an extra special birthday: our very own Kerri!  Those of you who are regulars will recognize her as our hardworking door person and she chose to spend her cake day with us.  During our interview with Kerri we learned about her dream job (newscaster), her current job (receptionist for a therapist office), and what she likes to do for fun (attending gay bingo and board game nights with her friends and co-workers).

We used these answers and more for a FAM-themed game of Sing it Again.  We learned what does and doesn’t sell on eBay and the desirability of radioactive Hello Kitty cellphones.

Krissy then warmed up the audience with some charms practice inspired by our FAM’s love of a certain literary boy wizard.  Once we had the audience under our spell, we could proceed to a game of Highlander where Coburn tried to pull Paul and Drew away from their Beatles album collection long enough to find his train ticket before cab driver Ian left him behind (though Ian didn’t seem to mind as long as the meter kept running).  In the end, winner Paul had to fill in all the roles.

Drew then hosted a game of Tableau.  We saw receptionist ninjas, a more bizarre than usual version of Cats, and some interesting sporting events while tailgating.  After indulging our need for living art, we moved on to a game of Chainsaw.  We were strangely close with our guesses of exterminators and robot cats, but it turned out we were supposed to be conveying bee morticians, furbies, and bowling alleys.  I fail to see the problem.  To finish out the first part of our show, we played a game of Six Pack.  Ian and myself got the suggestion of Rock-em Sock-em Robots, Drew and audience member Chris were truck drivers who couldn’t decide who was working for who, and Paul and Krissy were trying to enjoy their Groupon vacation.  By the time we were done, all of us were getting married by a cat minister.  Or a minister who was a cat.  It wasn’t totally clear, but Mr. Mittens was there for us in the end.

After intermission, we played a game of Say it Again where crazy watch salespeople sold different brands depending upon what accent they used.  My favorite was the werewolf(?) who sold me a cupcake watch.  Next, we competed in a game of Spelling Bee, hosted by Ian.  While it wasn’t clear which competitor won, the audience definitely did as we stumbled our way through pachyderm and lycanthropy.

Long story short, we then played Short Cuts where we learned that stoner ninja school is dangerous, Krissy has high standards for Play Dough cooking, Paul has higher standards still for Play Dough cooking show hosts, and that improv scenes should always end by picking noses.  Of course, that’s debatable, so we put it before our panel of experts in Debate Club.  Hilarity ensued as we debated bingo and somehow ended up debating the merits of salsa.  Chris proved victorious on that point.

With those points settled, the only thing left to do was end on a song.  Kerri picked our topic, which started with preventing the pursuit of amorous intents and somehow turned into the worst first date ever where one party ended up locked in a room and forgotten until morning.  Clearly we have issues.

Oh well, we love you anyway Kerri.  Happy birthday from all of us at BYOI!  And thanks to everyone who came out to Theater 82 to celebrate with us.  And scene!

BYOI – Will You Sign This Zac Efron?

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BYOI was back in action on May 19th for a special show at the Warwick Museum of Art (WMOA).  The Kentish Artillery Armory building, which is home toWMOA, was turning 100 years old and the museum invited us to help celebrate!  We kicked things in off in grand style by meeting our FAM, Maeve.  Maeve was participating in Family Day and had just finished getting her face painted as a tiger.  She enjoys Art and Math in school and was selected to the cheerleading team!  We also found out that she was a big fan of Zac Efron.  I wonder if that is going to come up….

Now that we learned a little about Maeve, we decided to show her a day in her life.  Mostly this involved harassing Zac Efron for his autograph and offering to paint his picture.  Maeve’s best friends tried to convince her to join them for cheerleading practice, but when they saw Zac, that plan was swiftly abandoned!

After a quick introduction to BYOI, Ryan warmed the audience up by taking them on a journey from birth to 100 years old; sort of like Benjamin Button, but in the right order.  Then we played a little bit of Tableau which included scenes in an art studio!  One of our audience members showed  a penchant for playing plants and we met a persistent pigeon! Pleasing!

Next we moved on to the Growing and Shrinking machine, which featured more brave audience members whom Ryan and Erich included in our scenes.  I’m pretty sure Zac Efron showed up again in this one.  He really likes having his portrait taken!

Ian then got a chance to play a waiter in a game of Catch Phrase.  Our audience member taught us a new way to play by just using both players catchphrases.  I think we may need to keep that one. In any case, it was the best time I’ve spent in a French restaurant.

Timmy in the Well found Erich, myself, and an audience member desperately trying to tell Ryan that Lil Wayne was tying his shoes in a supermarket.  Ryan figured out Bruce Wayne suspiciously fast (fighting crime at night again, Ryan?) but we had some trouble with the little part.  Apparently Ryan’s dogs need to learn that not all shoe problems are emergencies.

Having successfully handled Lil Wayne’s problems, we decided to move on and Follow that Action!  In the course of this game, we learned that the magical unicorn option for cell phones costs extra, High School Musical 12 is going to happen any day now, and Zac Efron could be anybody!  But his sister is actually Lil Wayne.

Exhausted and confused, we finished up with a rousing chorus of Do Run that featured a guy named Bob.  And possibly Zac Efron.

Thanks to the Warwick Museum of Art for inviting us to perform on a beautiful day in May.  Happy 100th to the Armory and many happy returns!

And scene!

BYOI – Cold Medicine and a Beer Chaser

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BYOI was back in action tonight for a crazy show at 95 Empire Street.  First up we met our FAM for the evening, Rachel.  Rachel works in tech support for a local business.  She has lived in several states, her favorite being Ohio.   Her favorite movie is Little Nicky; her favorite part is everything.  Apparently, she also enjoys large cups of beer and needed some cold medicine to be able to be with us tonight.

After our interview, Rachel helped Daniel out with a game of FAM Typewriter.  We joined Rachel and a friend at the movies eating popcorn and drinking beer from extremely large cups, but decided that what we really needed to do was go to CVS to find cold medicine.  There we met Homeless Steve who was eventually convinced to trade more medicine in exchange for a lease on a house, but only if it had a new kitchen.  We also learned that Homeless Steve enjoyed sleeping on toilet paper in the back of the store.   Fortunately, Steve was able to bunk in Rachel’s shower, which was already being sublet by another tenant.   Believe it or not, it only gets stranger from here.

After a quick warmup from Erich, where we all made animal noises (what sound does a giraffe make?)  we played a game of Quick Scenes which included astrophysics, boobs, and other things.   From there we moved on to Follow that Action which went from yarmulkes to what goes on to pants pockets with a set of rosary beads up to heaven where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are prepping for a party.  Turns out Jesus just orders bread and wine from the local package store, whose delivery men are beset by the foibles of numerous biblical figures.

Now that we’ve secured our place in the hereafter, the only logical thing to do was celebrate with a game of party quirks.  Erich had his hands full trying to guess that Evan needed babies, Ryan was made of noodles, and I needed curtain hangers.   We ended the first half with remake, where we put together a brand new Hollywood film, 22 Jump Street, about the cops who lived next door to the ones at number 21.  As if that wasn’t scary enough, we remade it as a horror movie and an anti-drug film.

After the intermission, we learned a quick lesson in calling back references in previous scenes with Yes and That’s How It’s Done.  Then we moved on to our brand new game, Foiled Again!  Our cavalcade of costumed heroes vied with a variety of villainous fiends.  Krissy joined us as we met the French Connection, Carpet-Matches-the-Drapes Man, and the Toe Tapper.   I think this game might be a keeper!

No time to dwell on that now; we’ve got to go shopping at the Everything Emporium.   Evan had to help us find a bracelet made of snakes, a drunken elephant, and a belt that can scratch any itch.  Quite a shopping list!  I hope Medusa will be pleased with my selection!

Many things then walked into a bar, including Little Nicky, Ohio, Sean Connery, and the Bible.  Many puns were made and groans expressed!  But we bravely moved on to a game of Six Pack, where I tried to repair my Robot Soccer rival Daniel,  Evan and Ryan encountered problems with their ceiling fan in Zambia, and Erich and Paul tried to fly their Sopwith Camel  out of mine.  Hopefully they checked the bathroom before embarking!

After all that wackiness, we finished up strong with a game of Curtain Call.  We sung about animals, astrophysics, the ever-popular silence, and vomiting which ultimately led us back to drinking beer from big cups!

Thanks to our great audience for coming out tonight!  Looking forward to our Mother’s Day show to finish out the weekend!

And scene!

BYOI – Krissy’s Evil Twin

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It all started innocuously enough.  Daniel, Oscar, Evan, Erich, myself, and Krissy had all gathered at 95 Empire Street for our Friday night show.  We selected our FAM, Nick and got to know him a little better.  Nick serves as an engineer aboard a submarine and wears snazzy shoes.  When not out on patrol, he likes ballroom dancing with Stacy and Margo and hanging with his ginger buddy Will.  Nick was very lucky to be our FAM this evening since he was the winner of two tickets to an improv show at the VMA with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood.

Nick’s life served as the inspiration for our first game, the elusive Sing-a-Scene.  Oscar and Daniel provided the music and lyrics as we explored Nick’s love of dance while appreciating Stacy’s moves.  Margo couldn’t be left out however, as she abandoned her wheelchair to get on the floor.  We ended up with Nick swinging his lanyard in the air and dancing like he just didn’t care.

After our FAM game, Krissy warmed up the audience with a butterfly hunt.  Krissy informed us that we all sucked at butterfly hunting (which was our first clue), but we succeeded in eventually snagging one.

Next, we hosted a lively game of Grand Theft Auto where elbows, flying bat people and superheroes all took turns stealing our car.

In Catch Phrase, Evan led a secret mission to a remote desert island.  Unfortunately, audience member Kate had to question all of his orders and Krissy wasn’t willing to go.  She also seemed interested in having everyone lose their shirts (which was our second clue).

Next, we decided to host a party.  Oscar’s guests included a beluga whale, Ozzy Osborne, and a very strange person who seemed to spend most of the time on the floor.  Eventually we figured out that he was a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit.  Nasty.

Our last game before intermission was Alphabet.  I nearly made it through the alphabet after eliminating a few players, but got hung up on the letter X when Evan as my coach told me to get ready to start my training.  We got our last clue when Krissy came on for the letter F and said a word that can’t be repeated for our family-friendly readers.  Needless to say, we could only conclude that we had performing all along with Krissy’s evil twin!

After the intermission, Erich and Evan gave us insight into their family dynamic as two brothers on opposite sides of the law.  Their established relationship was our lesson for Yes And That’s How It’s Done.

After training up the audience we were ready for a game of quick scenes.  Our cast came up with several interesting scenes including some truly horrifying scenes regarding monthly cycles.  Ask your mother.  Or Krissy.  (The horror! The horror!).

In Excuses, Excuses, Oscar was the boss at some kind of popsicle factory that apparently abides by the 5 second rule.  Our audience member was able to successfully guess that she was late because of a protest, a herd of stampeding elephants, and having to take care of her husband who was slowly becoming younger and younger.  Sadly, her helpful co-workers Erich and Evan were fired in her place.

In World’s Worst, we tackled blenders, math teachers, dentists and more.  No one could compete with our former FAM Chris, who got the last one-liner of the night.  Unfortunately, I was too scarred from Alphabet to remember it.

Six Pack required a diagram and a play-by-play commentator.  Daniel and Evan were dealing with their grief over their dead wife/mother/sister(?) while grilling squirrels.  Oscar and Nick were obsessed with koalas.  Krissy and audience member Samson were on an embarrassing first date involving farting.  And koalas.  And obsessed waiter ex-boyfriends.  And hillbillies.  It all seemed to blend together into a single scene with lots of clapping.  And koalas.

Finally, for our last game of the night, we played Sing It run by Oscar on the guitar.  We met a trio of brothers of differing heights, attended a funeral for Chuck E. Cheese, and went on the world’s longest and creepiest elevator ride.  Although Erich, Evan, and I were singing the blues, Daniel was really the one who should have since he was in danger of being molested.  My reputation may never recover.

Thanks to our great audience for coming out tonight and congratulations to our new friend Nick, who will soon be experiencing an improv show almost as good as ours. 😉

And scene!

BYOI – S.E.E.E.D.’s of Development

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Joe here with a recap of our very special Friday night show.  We were honored to be asked to perform for the Social Enterprise Ecosystem and Economic Development’s (SEEED) meeting here in Providence.

After a great introduction from our hostess Kim, we were introduced to our FAM, Melanie.  Melanie is a student of life and social entrepreneur who has her day divided up into very precise fractional segments.  For our first game, Paul and Krissy acted out a day in Melanie’s life.  Krissy, as Melanie, lamented to her friend that she needed to learn how to live life and decided to do by following the examples of passers-by, played by yours truly.  Deciding that wasn’t fulfilling enough, Paul and “Melanie” decided what they needed to do was start up a socially conscious enterprise.  Apparently this involved stealing my recycled-paper towel water filter technology to clean up the Providence riverfront.  Unfortunately, we found out that there was no water in the river to clean.  Oh well, guess we can play frisbee for a sixth of a day!

After a quick warm-up from Krissy where we all got in touch with our inner animals, we played a game of  Try that on for Size.  Paul and I went head-to-head, mano-a-mano, for the prize of dis-associative action champion.  Sadly, I lost my belt due to Paul’s timely employment of celebrities doing unlikely things.

Speaking of unlikely things, Disney designed to re-make the Lion King again, but I guess the 3-D version blew the budget, so they had to do it Quickest Minute style.  Paul and Krissy were uncanny as lions and zebras in turn and we found out that the plot of the Lion King actually compresses to 10 seconds pretty well!  I can hear the studio calling now… or perhaps their law firm!

In Catch Phrase, the three of were the newest Harlem Globetrotters, having just passed the auditions.  Paul invented a new euphemism for sinking a free throws, “Going to the bathroom”, while Krissy wanted an orange (basketball) and wondered why it took me so long to get her one.  But all the balls are red, white, and blue!

In Good Cop/Bad Cop.  We learned that Paul and Queen Elizabeth have a penchant for filching other people’s poultry and enjoying it in a coffee bar in Amsterdam.  Or was it Copenhagen?

Finally, we got our FAM to sit in a special chair high above us to make us Sing It, Short Cutz style!  We started off tip-toeing through radioactive tulips, but fortunately we had our haz-mat suits.  After divesting ourselves of those, Krissy convinced Paul, through the power of rap, that the solution to his problems was robbing a bank.  After filling out the proper forms for me, I counted out the contents of my drawer for Paul as we sang a FAM-commanded finale!

Thanks again to the S.E.E.E.D. conference, our hostess Kim, and our FAM Melanie for fantastic evening and good food!

And scene!

BYOI – Huntington’s Disease Society of America Show

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BYOI was privileged to be asked to be perform for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America on tonight.  Evan, Erich, Paul, Krissy, and myself attended and had a great time entertaining the members at their pre-conference dinner.

Our FAM for the evening was Lisa, despite our insistence on calling her Sherrie.  Lisa is an account manager who spends her days handling complaints.  When she isn’t fixing other people’s problems she enjoys golfing and going to karaoke bars even though she doesn’t sing.
Lisa’s  answers provided us the inspiration for a game of Highlander.  Krissy played a karaoke singer who was so bad that it killed me, while Evan and Paul desperately tried to find another song for her to sing, which ended up being a duet. Paul was the lucky winner and had to act out all the parts.

Next, we played What are You Doing?, where the cast interacted with many animals, including walking dragons, licking llamas, and eating ant-covered ice cream cones.

Ed had his work cut out for him in Catch Phrase where he had to train two new security guards for his mall.  Paul is very intent on getting coffee and telling people to shut up.  Evan continually tried to propose marriage and told people to get lost.  When the new guards got their segways, mayhem ensued.

Next, we played Timmy in the Well.  Krissy’s faithful dogs helped her rescue General Patton ( or was it Robert Pattinson?) from the DMV where he was passing the time smoking questionable items.

After the smoke cleared, we played a game of Slogans where we were joined by an  audience member who had a remarkable gift for buttoning up various topics.

This led to a game of meanwhile where security guards when crashing off the stage on their segways and leeches were sent to a Chinese hospital.  You might have had to be there to make sense of it all, but even then I’m not sure you could.

Finally, we closed out the night by singing a version of Do Run to our FAM, Lisa.  We tried to fit in all we could from her interview, including trying to find her a date.

We had a wonderful time entertaining the members of the society and hope they enjoyed the show as well.

And scene!

BYOI – Welcome to the Moon!

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Greetings traveler and welcome to the show recap for June 10th!  Our FAM this evening was Alycia, who had no idea what she was getting into.  Alycia works in a mentoring program with kids.  She’s driven across the country several times, narrowly avoiding hitting buffalo and black bears with her car in Yellowstone National Park.  Her Dad is good at everything he tries.  She has a good friend Allie that she doesn’t get to see a lot.  She doesn’t really dislike many people except for Dave, who isn’t very nice.  After a nice chat with Alycia, we escort her to a Party where everyone is displaying strange Quirks.  Actually, they aren’t so strange; they are all the people in her life!  Except for that weird guy who is howling at the moon!

Having put together a smashing party, we decide to try our hand at living art with tableau.  We learn what Super Mario likes on his pizza (1-Up mushrooms!), that Daniel has really good abs while playing human Tetris, and that NASA missed discovering life on Mars not only because the Martians hid behind us but also because we were supposed to be going to the Moon in the first place.

There’s no hiding our behavior in Pavlovian Response.  Stephanie, a brave audience member, and I are trying to get a nice lasagna on the table, but I keep rubbing my belly and patting my head in anticipation, while Stephanie cries every time someone touches their face.  Good thing our audience member is keeping us sane by quacking like a duck whenever someone puts their hands in their pockets!

Now that we’ve gotten over our various tics, we can play a refreshing game of Six Pack.  We learn how comfortable radioactive custom-printed snuggies can be and Mike climbs some talking mountains.

Having scaled the peaks we are able to play a rousing game of Highlander in the bingo hall.  Our caller has no idea how to spell bingo but the prizes are all handmade, so that’s nice.  Although the point of the game is to select our favorite performer to act out the entire scene, tonight the actual point seems to be to try and kill our winner Stephanie as she tries to act out two completely independent conversations!

Since Stephanie clearly needed a rest, it was time to bring on our special guest, performance artist Darik Santos.  His piece involved a very short, loud nap that really needs to be experienced rather than described.  That reminds me: time to schedule that sleep apnea appointment.

Now that we’ve had a quick break, it’s time to brush up on our improv techniques with a quick lesson in That’s How It’s Done.  Mike and I are playing a spirited game of Wii when Erin enters with a plate of delicious cookies.  She then proceeds to school me in Wii Boxing and leaves me to my shame while she goes off to cook dinner.  In the process, we learn a valuable lesson on how a third person can enter and build on a scene and then make an appropriate departure.

This comes in handy with a game of Short Cutz where, among other things, we really need to get rid of our questionable anesthesiologist before he gets the machine over 140!  I think Stephanie should look for a new surgeon.

Next we play a light-hearted game of Pillars where Daniel and one of our audience members star in our own horror movie playing a creepy couple in woods who are going to keep all of Erin’s stuff.  Good thing she has a shiny button as a bribe!  I think this is exactly what Leonard Stern had in mind when he created Mad Libs.

The Moon makes another appearance tonight when it, and others, Walk into a Bar.  We also continue our campaign to kill Stephanie by impugning drunken Shakespeare at every turn!

Clearly, this has gotten serious, so it is time for  a Serious Scene.  Our cast  and audience members bravely take on the job of spear carriers in a haunted castle where the ghosts are out to get us.  We also learn that nepotism also exists in the afterlife as family members get the best haunting jobs on the first and second floors.

After all the hilarity, there’s nothing to do but take our Curtain Call, where I try to kill all our cast members by singing an octave too high.  Who knew improv could be so dangerous?

Thanks again to our special guest Darik Santos, Perishable Theater, and to our terrific audience who climbed all the stairs and braved the heat to be with us!

And scene!

BYOI @ The Firehouse Theater – The Three C’s

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Hi all!  Joe here with a recap of tonight’s show at the Firehouse Theater. Our show was brought to you by the letters A, C, and the number three!  Our FAM for the evening was Kim, who has way more energy than us.  She works three jobs and still has time for her spontaneous, funny, crazy husband Greg who is in the Coast Guard.  Unfortunately he couldn’t be here, but she brought her girlfriend Maddie who brings all those those qualities (except the crazy).  If Kim could have any superpower, she would like to read minds so she could scare people.

As it turns out, our friends At the Bar are big fans of Kim and spent the night talking about her.  We learned that Kim and Greg just spontaneously decided to get married without knowing each other.  Before Kim got married, she had 37 jobs but had to cut back to 34.  She still found time to cure cancer using the scar from her golden brown onion ring wedding band.  Kim is also such a talented real estate agent that she sold an Eskimo an igloo in Miami and then resold the igloo to him as a swimming pool when it melted.  Trust me, it makes more sense if you’ve been drinking Narragansett all night.

After leaving the bar we spent the night in the drunk tank with Good Cop, Bad Cop.  Tyler and an audience member grilled Stephanie about committing Grand Theft Auto in Neverland.  Those Goodfellas Dan and Joe, along with our cousin Vinny, helped to identify that Pesci accomplice who helped her out.  Too bad he wasn’t Danny DeVito, we could have handled him!

Inspired by our brush with fame, we attempted to stage a remake of the classic mystery/drama, Christine Grey.  With cats. In Lithuania.  Good thing we bought Rosetta Stone so we could translate from Lithuanian to English!

In Say it Again (in English) we learned that Tyler’s pants can hold fake rice, pails of water, maps, and a wholesale store.  Unfortunately, the rent is too high for a family three, but might be okay for four.

With the rent due, we tried to earn a little cash by coming up with some Slogans.  We came up with some winning slogans for beer, fire extinguishers, ketchup, and the letter A.  We also learned that Dan can be inspired to new heights with a swift kick in the pants… 3 Times!

Since we were afraid of our audience member Kristin’s feet, we showed her whatever she wanted in Short Cuts.  Our FAM gave us the three c’s: cars, coffee pots, and computers.  The Jolly Green Giant breaks strikes and learns not to belittle others in their houses,  Stephanie wants to see music pirates on the high seas,  and we all celebrate Dan’s new baby with some Narraganset light.

Clearly, we all have issues, so we are off to see the Guidance Councilor.  Our councilor, Tyler, has seen too much Glee, so he has us all sing about our problems.  I learn how to get people to accept my pregnancy, Dan is going to sue all the fat kids on his bus, and Stephanie rocks out her frustrations with bad teachers (except for English teachers, we love you!).

Thanks to the Bit Players and the Firehouse Theater for inviting us down to play and to our terrific audience for coming out to see us!

And Scene!

BYOI Sunday! – Happy Mother’s Day!

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Hey all!  Joe on the blog to bring you the wacky hijinks from our Mother’s Day show featuring Daniel, Ryan, Tyler, and Stephanie. We are surrounded by china so we are making our jokes delicately.

Our FAM today is Francisco. He’s trying to do things for Mother’s Day.  He goes to school in Lincoln where his favorite subject is gym. Alex is his best friend.  They like to play sports, especially football and bowling.  Francisco also likes WWE but he has to give it up.  When his family hang out they like to watch TV and play games. Mom named his dog Rocky.  He also apparently attends a school of really fast superheroes!

For our first game of FAM Short Cutz we visit superhero high school where Stephanie is the only non-powered student and Mentoc the RA is cheating by using a jet pack.  Daniel and Tyler  invent a new sport, Football Wrestling! Unfortunately, our new sport is keeping us from attending a party. Then we take a quick trip to the bowling alley where we need a refresher on the rules.  Stephanie wants more pizza and extra arms. We’ve also learned that you can only have one friend.

Next we take a trip to the Marriage Counselor where Daniel is slowly turning into a cookbook and Stephanie is very afraid of milk.  They also don’t want to touch each other.  “If I understand correctly, your wife is not willing to hatch”.  “My life is easily mixed as needed.”  “You broke three arms last week” “I want to talk about this extra arm” “I recommend 2 cc’s of Gordon Ramsay” “I suggest a milk substitute, like soda” “45 minutes and he only told us what we already know!’

Next we explore the world of art with Tableau.  The game where $800 falls from the sky and encourages people to kick expensive artwork.

After avoiding damaging any art, we are off to play Questions at a baseball field, and then into the desert (dessert?).  Then we travel to the White House where the president seems a little confused.  Finally we hide in a bathroom.  “Do you think they will find us in here?” “No”.

After escaping from the bathroom we head off to the movies!  Tonight we review “The Purple Dolphin”, a movie about a family who is separated by the titular dolphin, played by Ryan.  “Hey Flipper, you are going to look great on my wall!”.  “The squid has eight reasons for you to be afraid!” “Of all my prisoners, this one looks like she can keep a secret.” The Purple Dolphin is a secret Flipper fan with all the episodes on the DVR. At last the dolphin is defeated by sensory overload and the family make their escape.

For “Yes and …” we learned that questions are okay in improv as long as they provide information for our scene partners.  Also, Ligers gotta growl!

After our zoology and improv lesson we visit the grocery store to play Lines from a Hat.  Stephanie and Kevin lament the fact that they aren’t getting promoted to cashier while Dan the manager is busy laying fresh concrete in the aisles.  Also, desert horseback riding is not a resume builder.

Neither is arriving late to work, which I discover while trying to make Excuses, Excuses to my boss Stephanie while Ryan and our audience members try to keep me out of trouble.  Although I felt sure that I was late because my hair was on fire, it turns out I just slept late and got stuck in traffic.  Personally, I blame the scented candles.

With a firing avoided,we get to work in the advertising biz with a game of Slogans.  In the process we get some catchy advertising for: mothers from Ashley, math from Ryan and Daniel, and find out that the fish store is a great place to get tanked.

Having sold ourselves out we move on to Short Cutz.  The Real Boy manufacturing company takes its job so seriously that their managers make house calls to recall their toys, but apparently need Real Boy Manager Recall Specialists to handle their managers. The afterlife is now outsourcing above and below.  Tyler the cosmic pizza boy delivers in 30 light-years or less. Finally, our FAM Francisco shows us how parking enforcement works at superhero high school while Ashley the Ice Queen freezes Daniel’s legs off. Good thing he can grow them back in 30 years!

Finally, Tyler introduces us to his latest Greatest Hits compilation album “Songs about Cameras”.  Ryan gets the blues, Daniel gets in touch with his inner Simon (or Garfunkel), Stephanie and Daniel show Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow how it’s done with their pop duet, and the whole cast stick it to the man with a punk rock number. We also find out that Francisco got his hosting gig because we left the door open.

Thanks to our wonderful audience for joining us tonight and thanks to our mothers for putting up with our craziness all these years.  Love you Mom!

And scene!