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BYOI – Where the Benny’s Used to Be!

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We’re back to celebrate our 10th birthday! Daniel, Erich, Ian, Emily, Josh and Jonathan were once again joined by special guests Kennedy and Meredith. We had special guests in the audience as well: our first door person, Tom, and our very first audience member, Mary!

Our FAM was Daniel! Surprise! Every current and former cast member at the show asked him a question.

FAM Growing and Shrinking started off the show with dialect class, really big shoes, and so much stuff on nails. Sit, Stand and Narcolepsy was a blast! Josh and Emily were joined by Ethan, where there was a rare Jar Jar and invisible glass. Dust was for everyone in Centerpiece. We also had a creepy clown, shared cheese balls, and Erich enjoyed being Erich. Up next was my favorite game, Chainsaw! We had an embalmer where Benny’s used to be with a hot weiner. Along the way it turned into a beligerent traffic cop at Mr. Miyagi’s studio with a typewriter.

Construction Callout had everyone making things like a helicopter, unicorn, plane and turtle! From there, we jumped to Debate Club! We learned that Daniel doesn’t think, Meredith was disturbed by hot things, and wives and moms were in the audience. Serious Scene took place at the Diagon Alley Home Depot, and it took years to master a wand. The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where the cast was joined by current cast members David, Alan, Audrey and Tim, as well as alumni Paul and Candice.

With this, the blog is done. Thank you to everyone who has read, and I’d like to offer a super special thank you to everyone who came to celebrate. We enjoyed so much cake! Be sure to follow our social media for show recaps in the future.

And scene!

BYOI – Blowing Out the Candles!

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We celebrated our TENTH birthday at the family friendly show with Daniel, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Erich, and Emily. Special visitors Meredith and Kennedy also were on the cast!

Our FAM was Beth! She loves traveling, especially to Vermont. She came to the show with her kids, and would like to save the world with comedy. FAM Welcome Song started off the show, with the cast singing to Beth!

Action Figures started off the night, with a special appearance from our former cast member, Paul!! We only had frozen meatballs; oh no!! Remake showed us the story of Goldilocks. We needed the property to meet certain standards, then it turned scary with invisible paint and a dark closet.

Pavlovian Response became Pavlovian Pillow Fight when our cast were given pillows and triggers to make them hit others with a pillow, such as moving thier heads, sitting, or using the letter R. Catch Phrase was fun! The bathroom was nowhere to be found, and groceries were needed. Greatest Hits featured such as “Put that Down and Give Me What’s in my Goodie Bag”, “Oops I Dropped my Birthday Cheesecake”,  “I Cannot Blow Out the Candles” and “Musical Chairs”.

Follow That Action celebrated a birthday with cake and a trampoline! There was a surprise marriage, a blank check, and a visit to Cabo. Finally, our FAM Beth had fun making the cast sing during Sing It!

And scene!

BYOI – The Secrets Of Everlasting Absorption

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The late night show was a great way to end the night with Amy, Tim, Erich, Josh, Audrey and Alan. Our FAM was Josh! He makes tampons, and the cast had a blast with puns. He came to the show with his fiancee Ashley, and he is the proud dad of 2 kids. FAM Day In the Life had a demon child, a riddle, and fun at work.

Follow That Action started off the night, where whistles could be thrown, there was a snowball in August, and a girl was cold and female dog-like. Last Line, First Line had ze wine, and shopping websites were confusing. Good Cop, Bad Cop was fun! Tim ate expired food at a water treatment facility with Edgar Allen Poe.

Revolver had a couple who was lost, the clouds needed to keep water, and defective donuts had holes in them. Post It was next, with doctor+professional turf field supervisor, beach+ACI, escape artist+spatula, and phlebotomist+middle of the sun, among other crazy combinations. Sit, Stand and Lie Down followed this, with a frantic game plan. Finally, the cast sang a recap of the show during Curtain Call.

And scene!

BYOI – Cruisin’

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We had a fun family friendly show tonight with Erich, Audrey, Amy, Josh, Alan and Tim. Our FAM was Marianne! She’s a retired receptionist who keeps busy with her 6 grandkids and going on cruises. She loves reading thrillers, and she happens to be Erich’s mom. FAM Sing It had a bright sunny day, the doors were unlocked, the Parallel Parking Mastermind showed up, and twirls were what Tim liked a lot.

Action Figures had Erich and Audrey paralyzed by fear as they tried to catch butterflies. They tasted like butter. From there, Centerpiece had Amy in the middle with kids for sale, frivulous feather purchases, and good dogs. Next up was Interrogation Lineup, where the food was served cold at Sydney Opera House with Wile E. Coyote. Oh no!

Remake had a curse breaker who then had to do it again with superhero groundhogs, before redoing it at the retirement home. Story, Story, Die followed that up, with the story of Elise the Cow. She moved to an unmarked country, and loved to make different kinds of cheese with vikings. She got her Blizzard for free in the Caribbean, and the coconuts opened up. The end! We then played Serious Scene, with avocados, enough of Taco Bell, and no appreciation for chihuauas.

The show ended with Say It Again! Zombies had a makeup tent, and rehearsed for a Michael Jackson musical.

And scene!

BYOI – I Don’t Know How to Hula Hoop

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Happy Friday the 13th!! Spending the late night show laughing with Daniel, Jonathan, Josh, Emily, Ian and David was a blast. Our FAM was Liz! She’s a baker who is currently getting over an injury. She likes Celtic Magic, New York cheesecake, and her kitties, Ghost, CJ, Kitty Meatface, and Kevin Costner. The cast then serenaded Liz in FAM Welcome Song!

Action Figures started off the night with David and Josh auditioning for Riverdance and teaching us that pants pockets are in pants.  Guidance Counselor was very musical. Daniel was a ghost who was turning solid, our FAM Liz was dealing with puberty, and Jonathan was turning to clay. Excuses, Excuses had David late for work, but he didn’t know why! He ended up burning his breakfast, but then a tree fell on the roof of his house, before he ended up finding himself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Remake was a bunch of fun, with a three person version of “Labrynth” redone as a Western, 80s workout, and silent film. It was hilarious! Greatest Hits had songs about a beanbag chair, hot vinyl on legs, ottomans and empires, amd toxic waste. Emily deserves a medal! Serious Scene followed that great game, as the cast did a serious scene about Liz’s work injury. The night ended with an epic battle about dumpster cats in Busta Rap.  In the end, Emily was the master!

And scene!


BYOI – The Sunflower Connection

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Another fun show was had with Krissy, Amy, Audrey, Erich, Daniel and Barbara during our late night show! Our FAM was Fritzi, who turned 44 today!! She’s a 5th grade teacher who is currently designing a camp. Fritzi likes gardening, and she’s the mom of two wonderful daughters, Shae and Aidan. She has a few people who bug her, like those who gossip or are miserable. FAMily Reunion had Fritzi at work where there was a child in the desk, the papers were being shredded for no reason, and staying out in the sun made you have to do paperwork.

What Are You Doing had a bunch of random things like making a souffle, searching for Mars on a telescope, undressing mole rats, and grading fifth grade. Centerpiece had sunflowers, the quadriatic cupid letters, and brownies in every cupboard. Everything Emporium had all of the things in Amy’s store! Erich was looking for a pencil that can only write in cursive, Krissy needed a gold coin that would turn her into a time traveler, and audience member Paul needed a worm with hiccups.

Questions was crazy, where rights were read, time with the therapist, questionable pills, and a newborn’s existential crisis. Famous Last Words followed this, with the end times of a dog, Marty McFly, Napoleon, and bleach. Next up was Quickest Minute, as Daniel, Barbara and a very brave audience member did increasingly frantic versions of Rapunzel. It was a blast! The night ended with Sing It! Princess Aidan stole a cow to become queen. However, the cow wanted to be queen instead!

Happy birthday, Fritzi!

And scene!

BYOI – I Know The Alphabet

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We had a super fun family friendly show with Audrey, Krissy, Barbara, Daniel, Erich and Amy!  Our FAM was Zoe! She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She’s reading a book about a princess superhero, likes playing Zingo with her sister Eliza, and going to the beach. If Zoe had superpowers, she said she’d like to have super vision, which she would use for evil. FAM Typewriter told the story of Princess Zoe and her Pusheen party.

Try That On For Size had eye makeup in the worst way, sausage making, and apparently not dinging Erich out! Pillars was next, with shirt buttons, shirt tie, and multi-tees, but not just tees. Excuses, Excuses was next, where Erich’s bus had a flat tire before he was attacked by a purple duck. If that wasn’t crazy enough, a meteorite fell to Earth and turned the season to autumn!

Alphabet had Cat Girl and her laser pointer, and we learned that you should always have treats on hand in order to summon Dog Boy. Audrey and Krissy lost their flower shop to someone with a cape, which didn’t amuse them at all. Up next was Slogans, with groaners about Chicago, the park, bread knives, toasters, and princesses. Highlander had our FAM Zoe helping out, where she was the valedictorian of the second grade! She’s gonna be a teacher someday! No cheating allowed! The show ended with Finale Song, with the cast singing a recap of the show.

And scene!

BYOI – How To You Like Being Polka?

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We had another great show tonight with Amy, Barbara, Emily, David, Daniel and Tim! Our FAM was Aidan, who just graduated from our Youth Collective. She wants to go to Disneyworld someday, and she loved telling embarrassing stories of her sister, and of the time when Daniel embarrassed her in class.  We’ve loved watching her grow up! Aiden and David hosted FAM Typewriter, which had a story of crazy dogs and their cones of shame.

Try That On For Size had a new arm, stress, and a velcro hat. Alphabet needed soul, had a terrible boyfriend, and Paul was lost. Next up, Amy was the therapist in Marriage Counselor. Tim believed he was a unicorn, Daniel was allergic to Fresca, and together, they hated their children Hansel & Gretel.

Pillars had a sock who just wanted to be supportive, the watermelon had problems, and finger meant so much. From there, we jumped to Famous Last Words, with the parting words of Jennifer Lopez, Minnesota, shoes, and Xanax. Highlander had Amy, David, Tim and Aidan’s mom Fritzi doing a frantic “Wizard of Oz” with Tim winning the game. The night ended with Irish Ditty!

And scene!

BYOI – A Whole New Coconut

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We had a great family friendly show with David, Tim, Emily, Amy, Daniel and Barbara to start off the holiday weekend. Our FAM was Abby! She’s part of our Youth Collective and is homeschooled. She loves that the order of classes changes, and in her free time she likes reading fiction books.

FAM Sing It! started off the show, with tasty cake made of random flavors. Trolley Stop had detectives, kitties, and Elmer Fudds. Meanwhile had al dente marshmallows, but they weren’t chewy enough. Books came from the Times, and the words in the trees were just syllables. Everything Emporium was up next, with Tim trying to sell strange things. Daniel needed his grandmother’s diaries on an old computer, Amy needed a perplexed sword, and Barbara needed a llama with anteater parts.

Two Headed Monster had a monster who ate books whole; especially the sequels! We followed that with Rope with rowing homeschoolers and only a few ropes. Growing and Shrinking had difficult family photos and flea circus intermission. The show ended in song with Do Run!

And scene!

BYOI – Ziggy the Dog’s Adventures

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Welcome to the final Youth Collective show before summer break! We had a great show with Gussy, Abby, Matthew, Shae and Aidan. Our FAM was Amy! She loves the color magenta because it brings life to things. She came to the show with her daugthers, who wanted to see their friend in the cast. The family has a cool dog and an unknown number of goldfish!

The night started off with Tableau. We saw the dog’s ball thrown in the yard, the crumpled napkin at a restaurant, and the mess in Shae’s room. Next up was Chainsaw! We started with a baker in the desert with a butterfly net, and ended with a short order cook with an iron.

Sing It followed that fun game, where the dog made it up and down the slide. Thankfully, he had health insurance and ended up just fine. Debate Club ended the show, with the cast debating sisterhood. We learned about laziness, debt, and nocturnal teens.

And scene!