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BYOI – Talk To The Whisk

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We had a great late night show with Ally, Jonathan, David, Emily and Barbara at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Ben! He’s a math teacher, and he likes helping the anxious students learn to like math. He loves his girlfriend Tori and playing D&D on Sundays. FAM Day In the Life had Ben’s eggs given to the bad student and food was used to solve math.

Highlander had a partially musical Robin Hood, and Emily ended up perorming and singing alone in the end! Centerpiece had Jonathan in the middle, with rogue Mario Kart and all the sausage dishes. Timmy In the Well had Cher in trouble at the Hollywood sign, where she lost her wigs! Oh no!

Short Cutz started off with a teacher with a cholesterol problem, the hospital had a rash of deaths due to chicken breath, and there was a toll on the Yellow Brick Road. Spelling Bee had the cast and a few audience members spelling and defining words like kid, crepe and purple. Sit, Stand and Lie down and Ally, Emily and audience member Hosea really wanting bagels, but they drank too much chicken broth the night before. Brunch sisters ended up betrayed in the end! Say It Again ended the night, with Emily singing, chicken in the dorm, and grill marks.

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BYOI – Mary’s Wonderful Life

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We had a great family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Barbara, Ally, Jonathan, David, Emily and Josh! Our FAM was Mary! She’s in the 5th grade and likes literature class. In her free time, she likes reading and horses, and used to have pet rats. FAM Typewriter followed Mary and her best friend Ava through recess and a very cultured day travelling all the way to Connecticut, before travelling through Rhode Island.

The Quickest Minute had Josh, Barbara and audience member Rob performing increasingly frenzied versions of “Cinderella”. Pillars had Ally channeling her inner beast, and tons of carrots came out and dentistry was the way. Interrogation Lineup brought in a bunch of criminals for questioning. Thankfully, we figured out the mystery of who threw rocks down the slide at Walmart with Britney Spears. It was a group effort between David, Jonathan and Ally!

Alphabet had pizzaz, a class delinquent, and overwhelming customers. This was followed by Back In My Day, before Netflix, spoons, or zoos. Follow That Action had the search for lunch money and an expensive whistle. Finally, we played Sing It! It took place at the happiest place on the teacup ride! French fries and tetanus shots for all!

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BYOI – Must Hate Easter

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The kids had a great Youth Collective show with Aidan, Juan, Emie, Rose and Luke! Our FAM was Myah! She’s an 8th grader and loves drawing. She’s into romance books, horror and Halloween. FAM Highlander was fun, with lots of money made and Easter being ruined. After that, it was time for Luke to be arrested for cleaning his ears in front of the TV with Hulk at Walmart in Good Cop, Bad Cop!

World’s Worst had really bad dog food testers, dinosaur hunters, and nail clippers. Typewriter told the story of New Year’s Eve with cotton candy on top. I had one footed dancing, great sales, and a mayor! The show ended with Wii Volleyball training interrupted by no internet and new shoes.

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BYOI – Dreams Of Dogicorns and Ice Cream

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We had a super fun time at Providence Improv Fest’s family friendly block. Thanks so much to Elderberry Jam for being amazing and getting the audience in a great mood beforehand. Our special show at 95 Empire had Daniel, David, Ian, Barbara, Erich, Jonathan and Audrey making everyone laugh. The FAM for the show was Cailin, who is in the 6th grade. She gave a great FAM interview, where she impressed the cast with her love of math and oreo ice cream, and where she also invented a dog/unicorn hybrid. In FAM Greatest Hits, Daniel sang the “Tiny Unicorn” which went up the charts to tin foil, according to Jonathan. After that, Ian sang a poppy tune about math and ice cream.

Try That On For Size started off the participation part, with stair licking, running through the woods, and trying to miss school by making a mark on your forehead. Chainsaw followed that, with the cast and 2 brave audience members trying to make it down the line with a door to door ice cream salesman at a carousel with a pencil. The game went off track a few times, and ended up incorrectly with a dog sitter or a bratty little brother in an apple orchard, rodeo or mansion with a cheeseburger or jar of peanut butter. It was fun to watch!

Up next, we had the craziest Action Figures I’ve ever seen in my years of blogging the shows. Daniel and Erich were moved around by 2 audience members as they played a game of hopscotch. It went exactly how you would picture Action Figures hopscotch, with twisting, odd movements, and Erich on the ground. The last game of the show was Curtain Call, with Barbara and Jonathan on guitar. The cast did a recap of the show in song, and we learned that playing hopscotch may have been better with butterscotch.

Thanks again to our great openers, Elderberry Jam, and thanks to Providence Improv Fest for having us! We can’t wait until next year!

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BYOI – You Shrank My Bulldog!

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The final show of the night was another blast with Amy, Ian, Daniel, Audrey, Emily and Jonathan. Our FAM was Dani! She loves Harry Potter and Doctor Who, and would make a strange casting choice for the next Doctor. FAM Greatest Hits sang songs about the Queen, grilled chicken and stuff.

The show started off with Good, Bad & Ugly, where 3 brave gentlemen gave varied advice about dealing with neighbors who leave their trash around and how to make your French friends happy. Alphabet had a miniscule teacup chihuahua, missing certification,  and paddle smacking with sticks. Pavlovian Response at the nursing home was next, with lots of bacon donuts, touching of bums, and excited exclamations. Amy had a blast!

Revolver had Ian and Audrey joined on stage by 2 audience volunteers, with a hidden stash of four leaf clovers, someone stuck in a pipe for 3 weeks, and a crazy night at the local Chelo’s. Rope had greasy cake, fun with the selfie stick, and penguins who kick! The Quickest Minute had a surprisingly innocent witch in the story of Hansel & Gretel, and the show ended with greatest hits of the show with Highlander. It was magically vicious! In the end, Audrey had to perfom all 4 scenes. Yay new girl!

And scene!

BYOI – The Unlucky Hockey Stick

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We had an awesome family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Daniel, Emily, Amy, Jonathan, Ian, and in her first show as an official cast member, Audrey! Our FAM was Sean, who was celebrating his birthday with us, all the way from Pennsylvania! He’s in the 6th grade, where he loves math. He likes playing ice hockey and playing with his English bulldog named Dublin. FAM Remake took place in the middle school cafeteria with diverted crusts, genetically modified jam, and math.

What Are You Doing started off the show, as we coaxed a baby hermit crab out of its shell, shaved for the first time, reeled in a giant squid and developed a sugar allergy. Last Line, First Line had Jonathan as the sock-er, but he was super picky about socks. The geometry convention had all the shapes, and two heads were better than one. Ian was late for work in Excuses, Excuses. First, he couldn’t wake up without True Love’s kiss, then the bus driver was locked in the house with a zebra, and finally, a comet hit his house.

Two Headed Monster had Audrey and our FAM Sean making a bulldog statue with Ian, before we jumped over to Story, Story, Die! The cast was joined by a few audience volunteers, where they told the story of the rainbow unicorn who played hockey. Thankfully, they beat the secret Russian pegasus team! Growing and Shrinking Machine had a dog standing up on one leg for treats, Spin the Bottle For the New Coach, and a sad proposal from a literal gold digger. The show ended with Irish Ditty!

And scene!

BYOI – Fancy Kangaroos

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It’s Friday, people! What a great night for improv. The Youth Collective started off the night with Emmie, Rose, Juan, Rowan and Luke. Our FAM was Joe! He works in the Provost’s Office at Brown University. He likes spending time with his family, traveling, and playing in his band. One day he’d like to visit Norway, because he thinks Norwegians seem funny.

Try That On For Size started off the show with crazy things like toe sign language and Emmie’s boneless arms. Rose was the shopkeeper in Everything Emporium, where she was selling musical ladders to Juan, mile long test tubes to Luke, and British vikings to Rowan. Spelling Bee had the kids spelling words like truck, Joe, basement, and polymer. The show ended with Highlander, as the kids toured Australia, mate!

And scene!

BYOI – The GOAT (Candice’s Last Show)

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We sadly said farewell to our own Candice during our 9pm show. The night was full of Candice-isms, friends, laughter and love. Candice was joined on stage by Josh, Ian, Daniel, Emily and Jonathan. Surprise, surprise, our FAM was Candice!! She told us stories of her favorite times on stage, explained her aunt’s great apple crisp, geeked out over the prospect of a cheetah/goat combo, and then joined in with FAM Welcome Song.Tableau had the movie theater, an airplane, New Jersey” Next up was Guidance Counselor, where Emily missed her smile, our old friend Alex started selling bad stuff to kids, and Jonathan needed a new nose.

After that bit, we started off with Tableau at the movie theater, an airplane, and New Jersey. We then moved on to giving advice in Guidance Counselor! Emily missed her smile, our old friend Alex started selling bad stuff to kids, and Jonathan needed a new nose. Next up, Candice was looking for love in The Dating Game! Josh was curry, Ian was maple syrup, and Erich was a goat cheetah! Who will she choose?!

The following game was a modified version of a fan favorite, Lines From a Cup; it was Lines From a Cookie! We met a wise goat, aliens looked for intelligent life, and Jonathan ate like a muppet. Thank you so much to Candice’s friends and family, as well as our wonderful audience regulars who gave us some great lines to bake into fortune cookies. The cast then showed off their smarts in Spelling Bee, with words like puck, Canada, arena and Saskatchewan. One of the aforementioned cookies made an appearance in Action Figures, and Candice was nice enough to share with Daniel. The show ended with Curtain Call, featuring the night’s cast, as well as Barbara, Erich, David, Cyn, Kennedy, Alan and Alex. Thanks to all who came out to bid adieu to our favorite Canadian, and also thank you to everyone who brought goods or donated funds for her group’s relief trip to Texas! Candice, you’re one of the kindest souls any of us have met, and we love you.

And scene!


BYOI – The Bread Years

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Part 1 of our Farewell Candice night was such a fun show with Daniel, Josh, Emily, Jonathan, Ian and Candice. Our former cast members Alan and Kennedy even popped in!

Our FAM was Felice, who makes all the bread! She came to the show with her son, who she described as a fabulous musician. When Felice was little, she wanted to be an abstract artist, which is the coolest answer I’ve heard to that question. FAM Greatest Hits had Candice singing a pop tune about lovely Luke, Daniel sang the lively “Knead My Bread,” and Emily sang about the igloo. The infomercial game ended up with a song about a dog lost in a sea of squirrels!

The show started off with Trolley Stop, where we encountered moose, writers, jumpy passengers, and a whole flock of chickens. Alphabet made it all about the 13 year old, before jumping to cowboys and verily, we moved onto Pavlovian Response and the Kitty and Goat Festival. Candice ran around a ton, and the jury is out on if it was because of the festival or because she had to in the game.

Sing It! Was a blast with the loved and hated Phyllis! Because I Said So with a late David Tennant, death or taxes, cheap education, and scary purple! Freeze Tag was next, with an armed goat, a demanding cat, many definitions of 2 feet, and Sir Porks-A-Lot the pig. The show ended with Highlander! Josh, Emily, Daniel and Candice made their own version of the “Lion King” and Candice had to perform alone in the end.

And scene!

BYOI – Wassa-matta-with-yoo?

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Happy September! We started off the month with a new Youth Collective group with Aidan, Luke, Emmie, Juan, Maddie and Rowan. Our FAM was Duane! He works in health care, where he has interesting coworkers. His daughter is in the Youth Collective. We started off visiting the Trolley Stop, with IHOP’s biggest fan, guuuurl! While there, we also met Southern belles and Monkeys! In the Dating Game, Aidan found love with a Stegosaurus.

Next up was Slogans, with drivers and penguins. Catch Phrase had red tomatoes and no touching! Debate Club had the kids arguing about Duane’s worst coworker, and everyone complained about talking too much while talking too much.

And scene!