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BYOI – The Water Polo Wave

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Our FAM was Kelly! She likes improv, going to the gym alone to enjoy the peace and quiet. Swim aerobics are fun, but being around the lady who pawns her kids off on everyone is not. FAMily Reunion had Kelly coming in from gardening and dealing with her family. Free food for all of them!

Sit, Stand, and…Climb the Ladder/Wave Your Arms In Front Of You/Act Like a Squirrel started off the show! David and Emily were joined by audience member Jim. The home gym wasn’t dusted properly, but it was easy for working out! Say It Again had Tim, Ian and audience member Paul as cheerleaders getting ready to cheer for water polo. They were great at standing there and insulting the team! Excuses, Excuses was next, where Emily was late for work. She overslept, waited on a late trainer at the gym, and presided over a jaguar’s funeral.

Last Line, First Line had heavy lifting. Look at these waters! We’ll go to Cleveland and die there. Because I Said So was next, where we found out why people use protection, why there are different languages, and why there are green people. Because clowns! Fortunately/Unfortunately followed this, where Pinocchio was adopted by an oak tree and lifted off the ground by dental floss pieces. The night ended with Do Run, as the cast recapped the show in song.

And scene!

BYOI – The Marshmallow Room

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BYOI started off June great family friendly show with Ian, Amy, David, Daniel, Tim and Emily! Our FAM was Andrew! He’s a college student who doesn’t drive, so he does a lot of nothing in West Greenwich. He likes to visit Narragansett Beach and is going to school for art. He explained this box/wall thing that sounded really complicated, but pretty cool. FAM Typewriter had the story of the inner machinations of Andrew’s mind. We met the captain of the chess club, the ripped dude, and the binge watcher. They met up at the fair to get doughboys, learned about inertia, and ended in the locker.

Serious Scene stacked marshmallows all the way to the ceiling–taller than Amy!–but they had to be chewed to be the most effective. Catch Phrase was fun as Daniel and David were joined by audience member Moses. The parent was getting frustrated, but thankfully everything tasted better with chocolate sauce. Press Conference had Amy as Tom Brady, who was very proud to announce that he had caught every Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Revolver had the worst police academy and Legos were everywhere. Next up was Famous Last Words! We learned about the lasts words of artists, the beach, a Muppet, and bread pudding. From there, we played Follow That Action. The incinerator was inspected, no kids were in the chocolate river, and world hunger was solved. The show ended with Sing It! Sleeping was a productive way to save on groceries, a son was clingy, and it was okay to be a lumberjack!

And scene!

BYOI – The New Class

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The newest Youth Collective class had their first show wint Jeffrey, Gussy, Aidan, Shae, Matthew, and Abby! Our FAM was Adam, who had a fun shark hat! He’s a funeral director and proud dad. He’s a fan of cake and koala bear control.

The Quickest Minute had Gussy and Aidan acting out a shortened version of Jack and the Beanstalk, with questionable giants. Pavlovian Response had lots of carrots everywhere!

Debate Club taught us about what is flammable, why you want to keep your hand, how to eat with your feet, and how everything is factual in “X-Men.” Alphabet had a bad day at the zoo, and Say It Again had Shae and Gussy playing with ants.

And scene!

BYOI – Let’s Do The Show In Black & White

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We had a very special birthday to celebrate during our late night show! Josh, Emily, Daniel, Barbara, Ian and Alan were joined occasionally by David and BYOI alumni Ally and Candice. Our FAM was Daniel! He just turned 40, and has been working hard on BYOI for almost 10 years now. He told us about the huge toy train set his dad built him when he was younger, and it sounded amazing! FAM Sing It had Daniel forcing the rest of the cast to sing a bunch of times as they did scenes about doing things the hard way.

Quickest Minute had Ian, Josh and Candice, where the farmer’s wife surprised everyone by killing everyone. Mick! John! Blargh! The Dating Game was next, where Barbara was Belgium, Alan was Daniel’s dog Jack, and audience member Rose played malicious tweezers. Lines From a Cup was a blast, as the cast quoted Daniel isms and broke the birthday boy a few times.

Questions showed us a divorce lawyer visiting his therapist, and popcorn was in deep space. But was it buttered? World’s Worst was next, with the worst lawyer, director, Mordor, curtain, and FAM. Action Figures had Daniel and Ian building a model train and maybe needing a chiropractor after it. The show ended with Curtain Call, with the current and former cast members singing together. Happy birthday, Daniel!

And scene!

BYOI – Cows Everywhere

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Family Friendly show was fun with Emily, Daniel, Barbara, Ian, Josh, and Alan! Our FAM was Ally! She just finished her first year at Harvard, and she recently visited Nebraska. She had a super nice, yet strange roommate. Ally kept stealing plates from the school cafeteria, but she thankfully brought them back in the end. FAM Remake brought us to Ally’s dorm room with all of the plates. The first remake was a documentary version with a long kitchen, while the buddy cop version showed us a day at Ally’s CVS job in Boston.

Highlander started off the night, with cleaner dirt underneath dirtier dirt. Ian and Matthew were eliminated first, while Emily and Josh battled to see who would be the only one. In the end, it was Josh. Typewriter had Daniel and audience member Rose telling a nefarious story. We had a bad tree costume of a green shirt, a stick and a whisk. The tree and the small dog weren’t remembered. The axe was guarded, the fridge was only a few feet tall, and the dog and cow ran away together. Next up, Alan was hosting a party in Party Quirks. Barbara thought she was a monkey, Daniel kept ducking, and Rose was the Quaker Oats quaker.

Everyone hated prosciutto in Pillars, and a live shark inside was not the best idea. Along the way, the good citizen ran reluctantly through the streets to give everyone oxygen, and Emily gave her voice. Busta Rap had an epic battle between Ian and Ally, with Ian besting her in the end. What Are You Doing had its players conducting interviews, lion grooming, boiling couscous, and eating shedded dog fur. Irish Ditty ended the show, with cast singing all about Ally.

And scene!

BYOI – Follow That Droid!

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We finished off Star Wars Day with our late night show! Krissy, Daniel, Jonathan, Josh, Ian and Tim were once again on hand to make everyone laugh. Our FAM was Jodie!  She’s not a Star Wars fan, and came to the show with her friend Joseph. If she had a superpower, she’d like to move things with her mind. FAM Remake had our FAM as a space pilot, before the scene was redone as a western, and finally as a samurai film.

Tableau was a fun start, with a boat in salt water and a bank robberty. Lines From a Cup had a family visiting penguins, but all of the lines were “Star Wars” quotes. Up next was Pavlovian Response, at the diviest of dive bars. It had lots of screaming, charging, and beer.

Revolver showed us the beginning of a new children’s show, the beginning of life, and the end of a relationship. World’s Worst had the worst blue cow, common core math, and shoe ties. We followed that game with Follow That Action, where the interns observed, and everyone followed that droid! Finally, the night ended with Debate Club. We debated where to build giant space death machines, Jersey vs. Virginia, getting rid of matter, and Krissy’s toys.

May the Fourth be with you! And scene!

BYOI – Kyber Crystal Milk

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Happy Star Wars Day! We had a fun themed night with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Our FAM was Saki! He doesn’t like Jabba the Hut, and hopes to not lose his hand in a light saber fight since he couldn’t hold onto railings. He loves Porgs and “The Empire Strikes Back” the most! FAM Greatest Hits had the cast singing about Yoda, Darth Vader, and the Empire.

Action Figures started off the show with Jonathan and Daniel trashing Mos Eisley. Stop in the name of Lucas! Freeze Tag had really tanning on Alderaan, toasty Anakin, and “Cooking With Porg.” Up next was Chainsaw! We started off with a tuscan raider at Vader’s gift shop with a pear cutting fork. It went way off track, with a shoe salesman or Porg hunter on the “Project Runway” or “Saturday Night Fever” sets with a Thanksgiving stuffed Porg.

Alphabet showed us the effects of climate change on planets where the tundra turned into the desert, while Krissy and audience member Abby were surrounded by At-Ats but didn’t know what they were. Because I Said So had Krissy learn all about “Star Wars,” before we ended with Highlander at the Porg cafe with different colored milks. Let’s get wild with Darth Josh!

And scene!

BYOI – Puppyfishbrain

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We had another great show with Amy, Jonathan, Josh, Emily, David and Audrey! Our FAM was Danue–I mean, Renee! She loves karaoke, painting and writing young adult fiction. FAM Reunion had Renee in Vegas with her cats at a dog communicator show. Along the way, her evil twin and the villain in her story showed up, and the cats were not amused.

Helping Hands had Jonathan and David frantically setting up for a party, but there was a fire along the way. They tried to grill meat, but it was difficult with a very small spatula. Movie Critics showed us the French film, “Le Giraffe,” which was about Geoffrey the Giraffe after the demise of Toys ‘R Us. Poppy joined him at the zoo, and a volcano erupted at the end. Next up was Timmy In the Well, where Amy had to figure out that Mr. Rogers had a flat tire in Hawaii.

Two Headed Monster had the monster at a bar, but the drinks were too fruity and not stiff enough. Audrey was a tough bartender, and demanded payment only in song. From there, we jumped over to Spelling Bee! There were some dubious definitions of words like ball, pencil, whizzbang, garbage, and hippopotamus. Try That On For Size had everyone doing weird things like checking a hippo’s temperature, milking an angry cow, and fistbumping all the people. The night ended with Say It Again, where Kevin Costner the cat was a really picky eater, Mr. Kittymeatface loved almost everyone, and we saw some amazing direction for the weirdest movie ever.

And scene!

BYOI – Agressive Knitting

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We had a fun family friendly show with Audrey, Amy, David, Emily, Josh and Jonathan. Our FAM was Marguerite! She’s a retired nurse who loves word search puzzles and knitting. She’d like to visit Rome to see the Pope, and she came to the show with the fantastic Cheryl and David. FAM Typewriter showed us the introduction of Marguerite and Roland, lots of scarves, a knitted bandage, and a trip with the kids.

Growing and Shrinking had stolen cheesy puffs, an iffy friendship, things covered in goo, and prize tickets. Sing It had the police at the scene of aggravated knitting. It was a ton of fun! Next up, Jonathan was Mickey Mouse, who discovered instant teleportation in Press Conference.

Meanwhile had a hungry bull who couldn’t run people over or eat them, and really expensive hummus. From there, we went over to Slogans. The cast and a few brave audience members came up with one liners for turtles, swords, immersion blenders, and photo therapy. Trolley Stop then introduced us to members of the USS Enterprise, snake hunters, combative chickens, and snakes. The show ended with Do Run, as the cast sang about our FAM!

And scene!

BYOI – Saxophones of Anger

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What a fun night for our late night show witn Audrey, Jonathan, Krissy, David, Tim, and Daniel! Our FAM was Shannon, who is a college student. She wants to grow up to play with animals and not eat them. Shannon does improv and acapella at Wheaton College, where she met our own Audrey! FAM Last Line, First Line had the Eiffel Tower being supported, clown camp, and zombies!

The show started off with Good, Bad, and Ugly. We learned out to stay hydrated…or not, what to do with spaghetti (protip: don’t thow it at mom), and how to perform improv. Lines From a Cup was a blast! Daniel and Jonathan were joined by a brave audience member. They were on a commune farm with a Wookie, and Audrey approved of that message. Next up was Pavlovian Response, with a hamster on a train. There was lots of face touching, pulse taking, and pushups. Sorry, Tim!

Say It Again had Krissy rooming with David and audience member Paul. The guys had weird pizza habits, and the lease said no cows. Rope spaghetti between fingers, building climbing, bad ratings, and a souffle for one. Tableau followed this, with scenes at Wheaton College, France, and the zoo. The final game of the night was Highlander! David, Tim, Audrey and Jonathan were playing kids playing with blocks. Duplos were trash, windows weren’t green, and the code said everything needed to be three bricks tall.

And scene!