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BYOI – Teenage Mutant Ninja Drew

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Hi everyone!  Krissy here with tonight’s show recap!


Chris was on door tonight, and I was joined on stage by John, Daniel, Drew, and occasionally Paul from the audience for a very hilarious but sad evening – Drew’s last show 🙁  Which means he of course was our FAM!  We learned about Drew’s life as a part time scuba diver, part time teacher, and part time sound and video guy (FYI… one of these is a lie).  We also learned about his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that if he could have a castle in Ireland with a secret room, he would choose a room with a pool and a giant slide.

Next up was FAM pillar, where John, Daniel, and I took an interesting vacation to Prudence Island.

After that we jumped into our volunteer games, and had some AWESOME audience participation!  Thank you to BYOI alums Mike and Stephanie and audience members David, Mike, and Candice for getting so involved – you guys were a riot!  And thanks Kerri for taking some great photos 🙂

In Serious Scene, we heard a lot of voices that liked to shout out lists of chores from offstage, and diagnosed everyone with schizophrenia.

Revolver was up next, and we saw what happens when you let kids play the kazoo and let mom play with your ninja turtles.

I was a fitness instructor and Mike was cat woman in New born, and we had a very tough time guessing the name of our baby, Gray Makeup.



Meanwhile was up next, featuring war bunkers, visits to the hospital cafeteria, and LOTS of cats.  Meow!

Ninjas were at Guitar center in action figures, which ended with an epic battle.

“Coffee… would you like a cup… of it?” was the crowd’s favorite line in lines from a cup, which featured some Drew-centric lines, including several lines of simply the word “Drew!”  Hoorah!

Typewriter featured writers Drew and Mike telling a story about the Count, who was locked away in jail, but was able to escape with the help of ladder and money vendors.  Hooray!


We ended the show with  do run, which was “Drew run” tonight, and sang a song about the one and only Drew.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show!

We will miss you Drew!!

And scene!

BYOI – Is that how you pronounce escalator?

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meganfamHi everyone, Krissy here with Sunday’s show recap.  The cast tonight included me, Daniel, Erich, Joe, and auditoners Josh and Christine. Chris was on the door. Megan was tonight’s FAM, a student who likes Harry Potter, ballet, spending time with her family and her overweight rabbit named Toby.

Growing and Shrinking machine was our FAM game, where the audience saw scenes about dropping anvils off bridges, rabbit weight watchers, and giant turtles. Christine warmed the audience up with some arm and leg shaking, and then it was onto Helping Hands! Auditioners Alex and Ethan joined Dan and I on stage and we did a silly scene about cleaning the toilet with thumb tacs, toothpaste, and brooms. Meanwhile revealed scenes about dangerous buttons, coffee machines, fall out boy performing at fall out shelters, and the rabbit DMV.

Christine threw a party in Party Quirks, with Joe as an arcade, Ethan as 40 year old Elmo, and Erich as Homer writing the odyssey. Back in my day had some great one liners. (We didn’t have Miley Cyrus- we had Hannah Montana, we didn’t have Arbor Day – we had acorn day, we didn’t have Bill Cosby – no pudding pops, sweaters).

Audience member Ken joined Christine for Say It Again, where there were many problems with Kindles and ipads…. Especially when holding 10 at a time. The next round was a scene with Dan and Ethan, and their grandmother who lived in a tree. Daniel, Josh, auditioner Dave and I competed in Highlander, where we learned that if you break into a mall after hours, you must be sure to befriend the security guards for free foods. I ended up beating out the boys and performing the scene alone. Hoorah!

Lines from a Cup had scenes about school vacations, Sphinx, and Egypt University. The last game of the night was Six Pack, with Erich and Christine as competing ice skaters despite Erich only having one skate, Joe and Josh discussed pants, and Dan and I were a son and mother with an addiction to eating everything from fig newtons to sparkles.

It was a great show this past Sunday! Thank you to everyone who joined us in the audience. Come back next week to see our next round of auditioners!

And scene!

BYOI – “I’m going to the Eiffel Tower!”

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timmyFAMHi everyone!  Krissy here with tonight’s blog post about our show Friday at Theatre 82.  Onto the recap!

Daniel opened with Respect, shortly joined by Coburn, Ryan and myself.  We met our FAM, Timmy, who works in Boston at a Hostel.  For $50 and a valid state ID you can spend a night there!  Timmy recently traveled to NY, and would love the chance to go to Chile.

FAM Sing It started off the night, and the cast sang about cats who liked Coburn best.  Growing & Shrinking Machine was our next game, and we saw scenes including Ryan the master artist, Spanish bullfights taking place in France, and an interesting art class.

timmyFAM2Then Coburn and I traveled to Chile in Action Figures, where I portrayed a mother trying to teach her young child Spanish… in a club.  Pollo!  Si!  No?  Something like that.

Mister Miyagi and Jason Statham had a baby in New Born.  Their lovely new baby was named Gross Domestic Product, which is a lot harder to guess than you’d think…

Next the audience heard the Famous Last Words of the iphone (lots of wiggling), Europeans (“adios!”), sofas (“that’s my kidney stop looking for change”), and music and culture (“ladies and gentlemen, Justin Beiber!”).

After intermission we encountered talking cats and dogs in Highlander, none of which went home with a pet seeking owner.  Actually, and tackled the music industry in Alphabet.

Six Pack’s three scenes involved dreams, employment in the 1940s, and buying a type writer for $50.

Spelling Bee was our final game of the night, and further proved that our cast isn’t the greatest spellers.  And scene!

BYOI – The Stephen King Show – Now in Braille!

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Joe, Coburn, Meredith, Evan, and I were the cast for our first May show at Theatre 82!  We started the night with a game of Movie Critics, where Joe and Evan commented on a movie involving Liberace dance battles and mad cow disease (or is it rabies?).

Next up we waited for the Trolley, and saw some interesting characters including drill sergeants, the elderly, penguins, and hyper teenagers.

In Good Cop, Bad Cop I had to guess that I didn’t clean the bathroom in Kennedy Plaza.  My accomplice?  Bruno Mars.

Next up was Alphabet.  Chris joined the cast for some interesting scenes about the twilight zone and cooking.  A few of us were even able to make it all the way through the alphabet.  Hurrah!

Serious Scene was far from serious as our cast told the story of a pregnant woman trapped in dry cleaners.  There was a lot of firing.

In Story, Story, Die audience member Paul joined the cast, and the hilarious tale of Stephen King was told.  Somehow Evan and Meredith wound up discussing a televised version of his stories, told entirely in Braille.  Dot dot dot…

Next up was Meanwhile, followed by a Hoedown about dentists.  Delightful.

And Scene!

BYOI – The Leo Show!

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Hi everyone, Krissy here with tonight’s recap!  Coburn, Corey, Daniel, Drew, Ryan and I were the cast tonight at the Warwick Museum of Art, with Chris manning the door.  And what a great show we had!

Tonight’s FAM was Leo, who is three years old.  He wants to be a fire breathing dragon when he grows up… or a fire fighter.  But let’s be serious, dragons rule.  Leo enjoys the show dinosaur train, likes macaroni and cheese, getting hugs from his mom, and listening to stories told by his dad.  Speaking of his dad – Leo’s dad is BYOI’s own Corey, and after coming up on stage a few times, it is apparent that even at a young age Leo has inherited some of Corey’s improv genes! 🙂

For FAM centerpiece, Corey was our centerpiece!  Daniel was a fire breathing dragon named Glorthax and Coburn was a fire fighter who was ready for battle.  Even though he lost an arm, he never stopped fighting!  Referee Corey set plenty of rules to keep the two in line.  Daniel and Ryan were on board a dinosaur train, and gave Corey a very hard time for losing his ticket to Boston.  Ryan and I were the lucky recipients of chef Corey’s great macaroni and cheese recipe… until we realized it was from a box.  In the fourth scene, Coburn and I listened to stories about hippopotamuses from our father, Corey.

Trolley Stop was up next, where we saw westerners, dragons, dogs, high end people, and the French waiting for the train.  FAM Leo joined the cast on stage, and did a perfect impression of a fire breathing dragon dog!

Sports Announcer was narrated by Drew and Ryan, with myself and audience member Chris miming a very competitive laundry competition.  The competition became complicated when Chris cut the power to my washing machine, but I retaliated by throwing ink in his laundry.  Field reporter Coburn interviewed the athletes and I was deemed the winner.

The cast and Leo lined up for World’s Worst, where we heard about the world’s worst elephants, museums (like the museum of belly button lint and the museum of potential energy… maybe), shoes (crocs!), and worst game show host.

The night ended with Ho Down, where the cast sang about macaroni and cheese – Ryan brought up the famous Cheesasaurus Rex, and Leo helped Corey wrap up the final verse!

And Scene!

BYOI – Why pants?

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Krissy, Coburn, Erin, and Stephanie joined Schneider Electric at Cucina Twist in Wakefield for an end of the year celebration and team building.

Krissy introduced the group, and then brought up the FAM, Ronda. In her interview the audience learned that she has two sons, Steven and Brandon that love sports, went zip lining (upside-down!) with the company’s CEO, and that lots of coffee is her secret to her bubbly personality.

After the interview, Krissy, Stephanie, and Erin played FAM Day in the Life, where we saw a typical day of Ronda at home and in the office, complete with French accents and overachieving employees.

Next, Krissy warmed up the audience by having them say a boring statement with a smile, reinforcing the lesson that when talking to customers on the phone, smiling while talking will improve the mood of the person on the other end.

Try that on for Size was up next, and the cast was joined by 4 volunteers – Jay, Amanda, Tom, and Chris D. Everyone learned to re-imagine the same everyday tasks in a new light, and how to change your approach without changing what you are doing.

Coburn was late to work in Excuses, Excuses, and volunteer Adam played his demanding boss. It’s always important to work in a team, and Stephanie, Jen, and Brennan helped Coburn out by miming his three reasons for being late: his car broke down, his cat threw up, and he accidently put on his son’s underwear instead of his own. Unfortunately, that last one was based on a true experience…

Audience member Garrett joined Krissy and Coburn for Catch Phrase. Garrett was very inquisitive, asking “Why pants?” as often as possible, while Coburn was obsessed with what other coworkers were wearing, “Did you see what she’s wearing?”. The scene took place in an office, and reiterated the lesson that changing inflection and tone can make things sound different, and to be aware of how you are saying things when you speak.

Story, Story, Done followed, with Karin, James, Joe, and Tom jumping in. They told the story of an elephant with syrup and pancakes on his feet, data centers, and mice. It didn’t make sense, but it was very entertaining. Everyone was eliminated and assumed a position of defeat, until Krissy was the last one standing. The key to any good relationship is listening, and in this game everyone had to make sure to listen intently in order to pick up the story where someone left off.

Adam, Ronda, Chris D, and Chris C. were brave enough to jump in for a game of Alphabet!  In this game everyone worked hard to maintain conversations while using sequential letters in the alphabet. By listening and responding they had scenes about softball, fencing, and tape dispensers.  Adam and Ronda were particularly talented at this game and impressed the group with their improv skills!

Check out a video of the game on YouTube here: Alphabet!

In Say it Again, Karin and Brennan joined Erin and Coburn for a scene at the water cooler. They discussed television shows, sports, and a few other great topics, and had to change what they said whenever Stephanie dinged a bell.

The cast concluded by singing Do Run about Ronda.

Thank you so much to Schneider Electric for having us. We had a great time performing for you, bringing everyone up on stage, and learning about “nurturing”!

And Scene!

BYOI – 300th FAM!

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Despite the dark and stormy weather, we had a good turnout for our Sunday show.  Erich went over RESPECT, and then Paul, Daniel, Evan and I joined him on stage.  Our 300th FAM was David, one of our regular audience members.  He works as a home helping aid, and likes helping people.  His girlfriend, Kate is another regular BYOI goer, and he described her as bright, supportive, and fun.  David also enjoys board games.  In addition to a BYOI drinking glass, he will also get in free for all of our shows this summer!  Woo hoo!

Our first game was FAM Greatest Hits, and the cast sang songs about Honey Dew vs. Dunkin Donuts, Kate, and “dot dot dash dash one zero zero one one dot dot dash.”  Our final song was a group number about playing board games, but not for Evan since he got locked outside in the snow.

Next I warmed the audience up with some combat blocking and shielding inspired by the movie 300 in honor of our 300th FAM.

Sit, Stand, Lie Down was next on the lineup, and audience and cast member John joined us on stage for a scene about Chinese food at the mall.  Deliveries were made to a bench 4 feet away, a roach was discovered on the floor, and there was a lot of medical procedures conducted.

Daniel was a contestant on the Dating Game, and had to guess that Paul was Batman, Erich was a popcorn kernel exploding, and I was a broom.

Grand Theft Auto was next, with the cast plus John and Jess.  Our theme was “spy related” and car overtakers included James Bond impersonators, dark wing duck, spy vs spy, giant fake bug spies, blindfolds, the terrible kid actors from spy kids, and Scooby Doo.

Remake consisted of a scene with poorly acting Kristen Stuart playing Snow White and Dwarfs demanding a new trailer.  Next it was remade into an action film with aliens in outer space.  A foreign film version followed, with some interesting Irish, French, and Mexican accents from the Dwarf.  The final version was a musical!

After intermission, Evan and I gave a lesson on String Theory… or at least what we thought it was!  Today’s Yes and was about being an expert on any subject, even if you are not.

Quick Scenes followed, with some quick scenes about Marilyn Monroe (“happy birthday, Mr. Janitor”), Clint Eastwood, Queen Elizabeth (“gin and tonic, no tea please”),  the fourth of July, and Hannukah.

Erich was today’s shop owner of the Everything Emporium, and had to help Daniel find a polka dotted segway, Jen find a pony with a mechanical engine, and Paul wanted a plunger with wings.  Daniel referenced Poland for polish music, and needed a “transition” word to help him out.  Jen was celebrating her 10th birthday, and didn’t need a dog – she wanted something adorable and fast, but not a lightening pony.  Paul’s item was guessed in under a minute.

In the Good, the Bad, the Ugly advice was given by Erich, Kate, and Jeanette.  Advice was given about information sharing, eating chocolate, bathing your pet, and showing love when you are older.  Some of the bad and ugly advice included sharing information people don’t want anyone to know, substituting chocolate for every meal, taking your pet to a car wash, and to give in to Alzheimer’s and just forget the person you love.

John and Andrea joined Evan and I for Revolver.  Scenes included dying from toothpaste, Evan loving windows more than Andrea, a spouse who loves round numbers so much she needs 8 of everything (8 toes, 8 rings, and 8 kids, and even 8 divorces), and a family pizza shop.  Craziness ensured with all of the rotating, and I ended up marrying Papa Gino.

Our last game of the evening was Curtain Call, and the cast sang songs about red tape, forgotten pillows, laundry, socks, ripped jeans, vitamins, cucumbers, and getting married on a boat.

Daniel wrapped up the show with some information about our summer promotions.  This summer, bring a friend who has never been to BYOI, and you get in for free!

Check out our Facebook page this summer for more information and deals!

And Scene!

BYOI – Chocolate Bunnies and Unicorns

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The rain luckily held off for a while for a special birthday party attended by Daniel, Ryan, Evan, and myself!  The birthday boy, Robbie, was our featured audience member.  During our FAM interview we learned that he has just turned 11 and enjoys wrestling with his two younger brothers (Robbie always wins), watching shows like Adventure Time and Annoying Orange, playing Minecraft, and squirt guns.

After the interview, the cast played Sing It, and any time Robbie (or anyone else!) yelled “Sing It”, the cast burst into song.  Evan and Ryan sang about wearing cookies on their feet and Daniel chimed in about fig newtons (are they cookies?!).

Next up was Pillars, where Ryan and I were joined by Robbie and one of his brothers.  The scene focused around my new house, conveniently located in a Denny’s bathroom, with plenty of unicorn decorations­.

Next up the cast and Robbie and his two brothers played What Are You Doing? where we rode donkeys, shot watermelon from a sling shot, and played mine craft.

After Ryan theatrically danced across the street, we played the fastest game of Timmy in the Well ever.  Within minutes Ryan was able to determine that the annoying orange was shot on the Titanic.  Bravo!

Ryan was the owner of Waffle Waffle Waffle World in Catch Phrase, and Robbie and I were his employees.  I was limited to asking people for money and saying “please fire me,” while   Robbie could only speak about unicorns and question how many crayons were in a box.  Things got a little out of hand with making unicorn waffles in the park, but Ryan assured us things would be okay for the family business.

Robbie and his brother joined the cast again for a game of Short Cutz, which included scenes about unicorns purchasing new beds, why dragons are a salesperson’s worst nightmare, a magical fish that grants wishes, a talking fishing net, and a store for all kinds of lures.

Do Run was the last game of the day, and the cast sang a quick song about Robbie.  Thank you again for inviting us to be involved in your birthday party!  We had a lot of fun and hope you did too! 🙂

And Scene!

BYOI – Out of this World!

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MarianIt was a packed show on Sunday at the Warwick Museum of Art!  Daniel, John, Erich, and I were in the cast, and after RESPECT we began our interview with Marian, our FAM for the night.

Marian is a recent graduate from Clark University with a passion for Chinese culture, movies, and science fiction.  She is going to China this fall to continue her education, and if she had to choose another country to visit, she would pick Japan.  The audience learned about the Cultural Revolution in China, contemporary literature, and aliens before we jumped into our first game – FAM Centerpiece.

This first game centered (har har har) around the FAM with Krissy, Daniel, and John rotating with each scene.  Apparently Ming vases are only worth $40,000 according to John and Marian was Daniel’s mom even though Daniel raised her growing up.  Krissy and Daniel were at a college Sci-Fi party where Daniel inexplicably kept growing arms and loved sweet potato chips.  Krissy and John were at home with Marian watching the Land Before Time 27 (starring Tootsie 35) and Mrs. Doubtfire 4.

Our next game was Pillars.  Daniel and Erich were on a canoe trip with a massive bird which was hungry for cookies and butterballs (unfortunately, this butterball didn’t taste so good….) But luckily the bird was wearing a mitten, not a glove so it couldn’t poke Erich and Daniel’s eyes out.  The two tried using different foods for paddles before realizing the only way they could get back to shore was to use the lava from a volcano, which might cause the lake to become a trash dump.

Timmy in the Well is always a fun game when I am lucky enough to be the guesser.  Gandhi was in trouble, but due to some misunderstandings peace be with you, Ash Wednesday, twinkle twinkle little star, and captain America were all guesses that led to my revelation of Gandhi 8 minutes later.  What was Gandhi doing you ask?  Well I thought he was driving without a license, dead, in a car, had to pee, or was on a racetrack, but in reality his GPS stopped working.  The final clue was guessed the quickest – he was in a pool!

Foiled again is a great new games with superheroes and super villains.  Some of the matchups this week were octopus man vs. running to nearest exit girl, slow motion girl vs. cannon man, Mary Poppins vs. car man, polka dot panda vs. man who speaks foreign languages when walking backwards, and the best match up of the night – skeleton man vs. super cat, which was really just two misfits who needed to go back to the pet store and biology class.

Highlander was the most exhausting game of the night.  Erich demanded green cards for all 4 scenes, E.T. was scared, and John hid under a couch, but found a quarter!  And in the end, Erich was left to play all four characters, and a lottery card and Chuckie Cheese Card were the only valid cards to come out of this game.

Back from intermission, chainsaw was a complete success! No… it never is…  The occupation of mechanic was turned into jewelry thief, spy, and burglar.  The location of roller skating rink was somehow misinterpreted for ice skating rink (so easy!).  What started as a flag pole ended with John trying to set fireworks off underneath audience member Julie.

Questions followed, where audience member Chris owned an orange field and John didn’t like that as he only knew about apples.  Next the cast was at a cookout, and audience member Andrea didn’t know how to cook burgers and I didn’t know how to cook at all.  Nobody could stump John on until the end of the game where he was putting up a Craigslist ad for a camping trip.

Slogans was up next, with some memorable slogans for aliens (*insert Chewbacca noise here*), English teachers (“They dun learn us well” and “When you fail at being a writer!”), deodorant (“It’s the pits!”), groundhog day (“Seriously it’s the same thing every year… seriously it’s the same thing every year”).

Serious Scene found our cast along with audience members Chris, Andrea, and Marian building sculptures out of deodorant.  It wasn’t very serious.

Our final game of the night was Sing It, where our cast sang about alien conventions, Jarred the Subway guy, Wendy’s, and a man-eating baconator.

And Scene!

BYOI – Happy Birthday Kerri! Love, Snape

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Tonight’s show was a very special birthday show for Kerri! For those of you who don’t know Kerri, she runs the door for our BYOI shows faithfully every weekend! (Except tonight – thanks Chris!) And if you don’t know her, you should get to know her because she’s awesome.

After the cast and audience trekked up a few flights of stairs, host Daniel began the night by going over RESPECT. He was shortly joined and outnumbered by an entire cast of ladies – Anthea, Erin, and myself. If you want to see more lady comedy, be sure to check out our Ladies Night show this summer when our final female cast member, Stephanie, returns from London!

The show jumped right into our FAM interview and low and behold Kerri’s name was strangely in the cup more than once… looks like the audience wanted to see her on stage! After an intensive interview, we learned that Kerri’s middle name is Danielle, she is called an evil bill collector on a daily basis (along with other insults we won’t get into….), and she is a big fan of Christmas. We also learned she loves Dr. Who and Harry Potter – and is a big enough fan to have the vanity license plate HRYPTR. In an interesting twist, we learned that if Kerri could go any “when” in time, she would choose the 80s because of the music. Daniel reminded her that she could simply have bought an 80s CD instead, but that wouldn’t be as fun, would it?

“Love Snape” was the audience suggestion for our first game, Highlander. After Daniel entered doing his best physical Snape impression, I felt inspired by the 80s and sang a rendition of the B52’s “Love Shack” as “Love Snape, baby love Snape!” Daniel then became Professor Snape teaching a class about the 80s. Erin and Anthea entered as confused students, and soon weapons, drugs, and bell bottoms found their way into the scene. In a twist of fate Daniel was voted off first, and the three ladies were left to complete the scene, this time with more pelvic thrusting and references to going commando. Anthea and Krissy were voted off next, leaving Erin to complete the scene alone. From this point on the “Snape dance” became a reoccurring action throughout the rest of the night.

I warmed the audience up by having them sing happy birthday to Kerri while doing their best Snape impression.

Next we played Pavlovian Response. Daniel played Pavlov, and had to do a “Snape dance” whenever someone put their hands on their hips. Erin had to bark whenever anyone took a step, and audience member Beth had to do jumping jacks whenever someone stuttered or said umm. The scene took place in a doctor’s office, but none of them could read the name of the doctor they were waiting for. But they did move around a lot!

Tableau found our cast and audience member Kate posing as a birthday (complete with questionable adult presents), hungry babies (including a scary adult gerber baby), Christmas (with Santa getting stuck in the chimney) and the 80s (with Madonna and Kerri confused as to why she chose the 80s after all). It was a good time.

Revolver was after that in the lineup, with Erin, Anthea, myself, and audience member Beth playing. After a bit of a confusing start I wound up as a bill collector who had glued their hands to their head while Anthea convinced me that it would interfere with my job. Other scenes included Beth receiving an interesting present from her mother (it was a vase, I swear!) and the country of London calling the United States for a chat… if only the US could understand her thick accent. The fourth scene was “mundane” and about corn muffins and other delicious things.

Timmy in the Well was our next game, where I had to guess that Mr. Ed was abducted by aliens in a casino. After listing off Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Canada, the rail road, and countless other locations, I finally realized what the term broader meant and came to the conclusion of “casino”. Horses don’t belong in casinos!

After a brief intermission, Daniel and I gave a lesson on how silence is not always a bad thing in a scene involving the “Snape dance”, fun house mirrors, and whomping willows.

Pillars was next, and audience member Mitchell and Kerri volunteered to be pillars. Erin, Anthea, and myself were three sisters having a soufflé themed Thanksgiving dinner. I invited our mom to the event on facebook, but Anthea realized our mom didn’t have facebook since her default photo was just a cartoon character. We discussed curtains, Bark the next door neighbor’s dog, freshly baked aluminum platters, and our dad’s squirrel hunting escapades in Furry, Nebraska. It was an interesting family holiday.

One of Kerri’s favorite games, Chainsaw, started with an occupation: firefighter, location: hell, and object: litter box, but wound up turning into astronauts, the opera, Disney movies, skunks, and puking babies along the way.

Worlds Worst consisted of secret service agents, garbage men, cobblers, and bill collectors (“I’ve come to eat your babies”). Foot fetishes and Mr. Ed also made their way into the lineup.

Meanwhile began in a heated discussion about the height of heels that strippers should be allowed to wear. Other animal related scenes included Sarah McLachlan narrating animal planet (complete with Daniel’s new rendition of “I Will Remember You”) and the life of a violent Indian tiger that could not get a green card and went to jail. Next our cast brought us to family dinner in Furry, Nebraska where squirrels not only can talk, but can also hallucinate after eating the wrong kind of mushrooms. Next the religious association of America vowed to take down Nebraska, Poseidon missed out on striking down earthlings because he missed the invite on facebook, and the little mermaid ended in a very dark twist.

The final game of the night was Do Run, where our cast sang about Dr. Who, traveling in time, and whether David Tennent is hot… or not?… wait what?!

A very happy birthday again to Kerri, thank you so much for all you do for BYOI! And a special thank you to Anthea for the delicious cupcakes!

And Scene!