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BYOI – Copious Amounts of Lint

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Tonight is our Late Night show with the cast of Erich, Jonathan, Tim, Alan, Barbara, and Daniel. Our FAM tonight is Rose, who has just graduated out of our Youth Collective classes — Congratulations, Rose!  She’s been coming to our shows since Valentine’s Day 2014 after seeing us at First Night Providence.  Her first ever volunteer was for Fortunately/Unfortunately and she mimed.   The most embarrassing thing Rose’s sister, Dana has done to her convinced her she was adopted. Her favorite improv scene was one in which she was a narcoleptic bus driver. Her favorite restaurant is any cute little French restaurant that serves macarons and also the Olive Garden.  After graduating college, Rose wants to do marketing for the Tour de France.

Rose enthusiastically helped our cast with a round of Fortunately/ Unfortunately in which Jonathan and Erich mimed Rose, unfortunately, countered Daniel’s fortunate tale of Rose meeting her boyfriend at the Renaissance Faire.  It was a tale involving fencing, karate, and hogging the space on stage.

Our audience volunteers helped our cast form Tableaus of Renaissance Faires, the Muppets, college, and a fashion show. Next up was Pillars, in which our audience volunteers helped Daniel and Erich perform a scene about a couple of mimes on their break.  Apparently even when on break, mimes remain silent. It was time for the crowd favorite, Chainsaw.  Rose, Fritzi, and Aidan helped our cast inadvertently transform a jousting knight, Stonehenge, and a sponge bowling ball into a crime scene murder detective, a food truck that has its own chickens, and a weird elevator. We then moved on to the classic elimination scene game of Alphabet which started with a scene about adoption, progressed into the battle of the cereal characters (clearly how Battle Creek, MI got its name).  Jonathan and Erich made it through an entire cycle, and our newest cast member Tim, was hazed when Daniel made him do a scene as a ventriloquist, leaving his dummies to lament the woes of being a puppet. Our cast and a few volunteers then moved on to give examples of the World’s Worst examples of shirts, bus drivers, and a giant. The round-robin disassociation game of What Are You Doing was next.  Our cast and audience volunteers tossed a sheep, learned how to fly a plane blindfolded, brushed the teeth of a cat, tried to get additional breadsticks at Olive Garden. Our cast and Rose finished the show with Debate Club as they argued the fine points of high fashion.

And scene!

BYOI – Dueling Schwarzeneggers & Territorial Pigeons

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IMG_0714It was a bitterly cold evening, but BYOI was happy to be spending it in the auditorium of Park View Middle School at a fundraiser show for their PTO. Our cast was Amy, David, Cyn and Candice, and our FAM for the evening was a notably thrilled student, Yadira! Yadira enjoys gym class, enjoys doing crazy stuff with her friends, and would love to own a pet that’s 1/2 bunny and 1/2 cat.

Our first game for the evening was Pillars, in which our cast relied on FAM Yadira to fill in the blanks for their scene – a 1/2 bunny, 1/2 cat, little bit dead baby seal that was auditioning for American Idol. Next up was Two-Headed Monster, with David and an audience volunteer as the monster in the market to buy Tupperware from Amy, whose open container policy was to hoard all of the lids piled by color in reverse alphabetical order. Of course, the monster needed a blue one from the bottom of the heap. We continued the show with Timmy In the Well in which Cyn’s dogs (Candice, Amy, and an audience volunteer) helped her guess that Princes Fiona lost her tools on a cruise ship. A round of Trolley Stop followed which featured our cast and a few audience volunteers creating many over-the-top characters including dueling Schwarzeneggers and territorial pigeons. There can be only one remaining in a Highlander competition, and ours featured Cyn, David, Amy, and FAM Yadira in gym class. After three elimination rounds, only Cyn was left to teach weight training, play kickball, and give a little sass in class. Action Figures was up next with two audience volunteers coming up to move David and Candice through a river rafting adventure. You won’t see that at REI! What was a more appropriate way to end an evening at a Middle School than with a good old-fashioned Spelling Bee? Ok, ours may have been a little unorthodox, but our lineup of spelling champions had no difficulty with words like impeach and whistle.

Thank you to the Park View Middle School PTO for hosting us, thank you to our wonderfully engaged audience, and thank you to our incredibly enthusiastic FAM, Yadira!



BYOI – Siri Is Seen

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IMG_0541BYOI was back with the honor of performing another show at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s Izzy Foundation Center! Our cast for the evening was Amy, Cyn, James, and Josh with an enthusiastic audience and our FAM, Abril! Abril is in the 7th grade and she is 99 44/100% sure her favorite class is math (yay!). She loves movies like Home Alone and Frozen, and hopes to someday harness the power of magic to be able to make wishes come true. We let her test drive this magical power as our FAM Pillar as her word choices turned our scene of finding a magic book with a chapter for magic that taught James how to conjure up his own reader, a fine upstanding citizen named Cookie.

In Questions, we learned that not only is it incredibly difficult to do scenes speaking only in questions, but that the reward for painting an entire room green using only a toothbrush could only be a trip to the movies!

Cyn, James, and our fabulous audience volunteer were the incredibly helpful dogs for a round of Timmy in the Well. Without their assistance, Amy never would have been able to discover that Abraham Lincoln didn’t clean his room at Walt Disney World!

Josh and Cyn were then charged with the task of constructing a trap to catch a burglar using only their wits and the Helping Hands of James and our audience volunteer. Not even MacGyver could have built such a contraption based on a foundation of an erector set and pizza!

Our Two-Headed Monster for the evening was formed by Josh and FAM Abril. It made for a very harrowing dance audition for Amy, who thought it was going to be all about the Hokey Pokey, but it turned out to be a performance for our monster — master choreographer, Madame Veuxleux (pronounced OK) .

There could be only one in our final game of the evening — a round of Highlander — and from our valiant competitors Amy, James, Josh, and FAM Abril, Amy ended up running the final gauntlet! A trip to the Apple Store to purchase a new iPhone 6 turned into a sneak preview of the new iPhone 7 prototype which is no longer a portable smartphone, but an actual physical manifestation of Siri. Hopefully the frequent resets, incredibly short battery life, and glitches of mass distortion are fixed before it’s time for the official release.

Thank you to the Izzy Foundation for inviting us to entertain every month! We love it!

And Scene!

BYOI – Pirates of the Scandinavian: Curse of the Bork Pearl

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IMAG0309Once again, we were privileged to perform our monthly show at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s Izzy Center. Our cast for the evening was Amy, Cyn, James, and Josh with several families and our FAM Kylie! Kylie enjoys watching movies like the Goonies, likes cats, and wishes she had the superpower ability to fly. Consequently, we gave her the superpower of changing our dialogue in Say It Again in which we learned what happens when the improper use of pixie dust can make a person shrink instead of fly.

In Remake, Josh directed us in a movie originally about a nice hot summer, which then morphed into an action movie with a complex plot to steal the sun. Cyn was the shopkeeper of our Everything Emporium in which Josh was looking to buy an invisible book, James sought the Italian caramel creams like he used to get at home, and FAM Kylie needed a green treasure chest.
There could be only one in our round of Highlander, and from our valiant competitors Amy, Josh, James, and audience friend Erin, Josh ended up running the final gauntlet! A precious boxing ring was stolen from Sly Stallone’s sports agent, who gained a new client in a runner so speedy that she never appeared to leave the stage as she circumnavigated the globe on foot!

Our final game of the evening had Josh, Amy, and Cyn running through the Alphabet in a Scene that began with Swedish pirates who of course put gravy on their flapjacks, but then morphed into a crazy cat lady dealing with a particularly obnoxious tabby who insisted on moving into her already overcrowded house.

Thank you to the Izzy Foundation for inviting us to entertain every month! We love it!

And scene!