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BYOI – Cold Cold Rockabye

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Our 9pm Not-So-Family Friendly Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured Ally, Ian, Erich, David, Emily and auditioner Audrey. Our FAM was Erin, who is a nanny for 6 children. She enjoys DC Comics and quilting. She is a fan of Harley Quinn but didn’t care for the new movie version. Her boyfriend Tom is a “geekly” goober. We started off the evening with a FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine. The quilt was soft, Grampy fell and couldn’t get up, the well was dry, and Erich needed assistance but it was short by a sheet. Action Figures got dressed while doing the Macarena and they were so excited! Peanut allergy attacks were frightening and Ally told David it was all for the birds.

Short Cutz was an adventure in fishing. The sea creatures could smell the toes, the market had the basket and the basket was in the market. Rehearsal was in the hole, and it was a tricky operation. During Madam Zelda, Emily had to guess that Erich Is going to have a seal baby, get fired for singing Ice Ice Baby, and his hands will become baked potatoes. Our Movie Critics reviewed the Sci-Fi classic, Trogs. The thunder army in the town of Eden took the flies that were meant for lunch. Famous Last Words brought us Taco Tuesday and Good, Bad and Ugly brought us speed quilting, elder care tips and advice on choosing a restaurant for a date. We capped the show off with a Busta Rap all about our FAM Erin!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – All We are Saying is Give Armadillos a Chance

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Our 7pm Family Friendly Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts was a blast! On cast were Erich, Ally, Emily, Ian, David and auditioner Audrey. Our FAM was Tom B., who works for a photography company and enjoys playing Xbox Games like Destiny. He enjoys Marvel films, especially The Avengers and Spider Man.

We kicked off the evening with a FAM Sing It! Ian learned to pirouette with his massive calves, and he was a natural according to Ally. Sit, Stand and Lie Down featured shorter superheroes, sketching costumes and sewing capes while our young hero tested his strength. After that, we played a round of Revolver. The angels winged it during a halo shortage, the airplane needed key maintenance, flamingo conventions commenced and The Jolly Green Giant forgot his lines. During Timmy in the Well, Ian had to guess that Ronald McDonald fell into quicksand in England.

Two Headed Monster brought us secrets from the man under water, open windows and meow hammers. In Quick Scenes, cinnamon ratios were corrected, the Spice Girls’ Reunion was a hit, and Mr. Potato had a close encounter.  Follow that Action turtles were sloth hares and puppy kisses saved the day, the doctor couldn’t turn the turtle over without a little roll.

We ended the show with Debate Club, Ally forgot the words of The Little Drummer Boy, Armadillo rescues didn’t take drummers into account, including Xbox Rock Band drummers. The recital was poorly attended and Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Let Me Beam You Up, Baby

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It’s 9pm on our 9th Birthday at the Warwick Center for the Arts and it’s time for our not-so-family-friendly show! On cast were Daniel, Ally, Emily, Jonathan, Josh and Candice.

Our FAM was Kate, who is a property detective who survived her workday. She loves Little Rhody Raspberry soft serve ice cream. She really likes the TV show, Sherlock. We kicked off the show with a Welcome song for Kate! Try That on for Size was next, during which Candice dried her glove, we took a bathroom break, played Hungry Hungry Hippos, and smelled what the Rock was cooking. Our Pillars brought us a scene full of ripped paper and chairs. We beamed up to the Titanic and the picnic, drew planks of wood and the wife got framed. Chainsaw began with a lumberjack in a restaurant in outer space with a record player, and it ended with an archaeologist at the bar from Star Wars with that record player!

Short Cutz supplied Fairy Godmothers with rotten pumpkins, spirit fingers, and a Benedict Cucumber Patch. Debate Club had our cast and volunteers arguing the finer points of  Benedict Cumberbatch, the difference between Jim Carrey and Jim Morrison, the smell of arid, and the Irish potato famine. Candice conquered the competition in a Highlander, which featured the struggles of protein acquisitions in a vegetarian restaurant, noodle counting adventures, and sick burns.

We wrapped the show up with a song for our FAM Kate!

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – Uranium Chainsaws

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It’s 7 PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and we are celebrating our 9th birthday at our Youth Collective show. On cast were Candice, Daniel, Josh, Emily, Jonathan and Ally! Our FAM was Jessi, who works at Dunkin Donuts and is going into 11th grade. She likes to sing and enjoys obscure musicals like Be More Chill. If she could write a musical it would be about teenagers in the 1800’s. If she could travel anywhere it would be The Village of Hogsmeade.

We kicked off the show by playing FAM Greatest Hits. We were introduced to such classic hits as “The Um Blues”, “Happy Meal”,  “Shut up I’m Trying to Sleep” and “What the Heck am I Doing With My Life?” Following that was Freeze Tag. Horror space Alamo brought us tissue cascade knots and Rat snacks. Jimmy won’t throw the ball, hopscotch is for hands, Stuckman was a stuck man, and the dentist made a house call. In our game of Alphabet, the robots were coming, spider baseball, and Iguanas invaded.

Chainsaw was next! Professional Barber Statue in the Boston Omni Movie Theater with a Turtle became a young Irish Jack upon the Titanic in Hawaii with saggy pants. Sing It brought us free coffee, eBay sales with Grandma, and the other chainsaw. In Because I Said So, we answered such questions as  “Why are eyes in my face?” “Why is sewing so cool?” and “What makes the world go around?” Action Figures had twister fires, once we found Jill and the hot coals were ready. Extinguishers were hard to find! We wrapped up the show with a song for our FAM Jessi!

And Scene!!

BYOI -*It’s Unsanitary!*

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It’s 6PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts. Our Youth Collective cast was Carolyn, Matthew, Ethan and Rob; our FAM was Caley, who is celebrating her birthday at our 9th Birthday show! She has a pet fish and likes Dr. Who.

We played FAM Quickest Minute first, with a rendition of The Little Mermaid. Lobsters were inconvenienced, and poses were varied, and Ariel sang with a fork. During Press Conference, Carolyn had to guess that she was Angelina Jolie and that she invented the rocket powered pogo stick. Post-it was awash with spaghetti Broadway stars, sunscreen cups, lifeguard caps, orange pans, and kiddie pools at the mall.

Sing It was a musical masterpiece with a giant vat of tar that was heavy, the repairman that ate a cow, a broken vat on the floor and a broken floor in the vat. We continued the vocal escapades with a round of Busta Rap. Carolyn won and finished off the show with a rap about our FAM Caley!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Family Barbecue

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It’s 9PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts. Our not-so-family friendly show featured Daniel, Ally, Emily, Ian, Josh and our FAM was Paul, who is in the Army and stationed in Rhode Island. He enjoys playing golf and camping with his grandkids. If he had all the money in the world he would spend it on family, friends and charity.

Our first game was Day in the Life. The wife slept in, the grandkids swam in the dirt instead of kite hunting, and Paul was charitable. Try that on for Size brought us armed eggs, Oldsmobiles, outdated pop songs and hula skateboards. Revolver featured breathless stair climbers, cleaning the bathroom, some grilling tips and a bad baby mitten kitten. In Excuses, Excuses Emily had to guess that she was late for work because she was socializing in the car, trying on clothes and waiting for a delivery. Last Line, First Line was a blast! 3-D volcanos didn’t soothe the animal lover while seventeen people failed to enjoy the film, at least the ones from this district. Blank Walks into a Bar had trees branching out, matches striking, and the princess was in another castle. Follow that Action took place at a campground. First Aid badges had to be earned, in Spanish. Snapchat rollers made S’mores, and the horror film didn’t go as planned. We wrapped up with a round of Say it Again!

And Scene!!!


BYOI – Cha Cha Real Smooth

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It’s 7PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts and our Family Friendly show featured Daniel, Emily, Ally, Josh and Ian. Our FAM was Michael, who owns a restaurant and used to juggle on an 8-foot unicycle. If money were no object, he would buy a bigger restaurant and hire some skilled chefs. He knows cast member Ally, and he makes her salads with Lowfat Dressing and taught her to ride a bike.

Our FAM joined in a game of Movie Critics. The film was Birth of a Monster, about his son. The newborn rampaged and ate all the Chicken Parmesan, the ex-wife had no filter, Susan tamed the beast and toddler Ally should have taken the bike. What are you Doing featured expansion, wood sculptures, juggling, brushing a snake and the discipline of errant giants. We followed that with a game of Questions. Lying liars lied. Gossip spread. The jewelry was inadequate and the milkshake was specific. Pavlovian response had Emily mooing when she heard ‘The”, Josh doing a jumping Jack anytime anyone crossed their arms and Daniel scratching his face with a shoe anytime someone sat down. Short Cutz brought a lost Penguin to the Lollipop Guild with Santa, there was a thirty-day weight limit at the bank, and Josh got lost in a store. Again.

Greatest Hits featured the lead singer of The Jumping Mangos, beginning with the song “Trampolines”, the Bassist went to the Barbershop due to coughing from a mango allergy, and the ballad of the seeds filled Ally’s nutritional needs. Highlander had fried burger buns, a lack of gloves, four patties and DING! Order UP!

We ended the show with a great Busta Rap all about our FAM!


And Scene!!!

BYOI – Got Your Nose with the Oven Mitts

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It’s 6PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Youth Collective show. On cast were Steven, Juan, Maddie, Ethan, Gabriella, Aidan and Rose. Our FAM was Jonathan, a student and artist whose favorite work was a self-portrait he painted. If he could travel anywhere, he would go to Fiji and if he had any car, it would be a Tesla Model X.

We kicked the show off with a round of “Try that on for Size”. Basketball players sprinkled magic, portraits and pets. Party Quirks had Aidan having to guess that Steven said Oink Oink whenever someone put their hands on their hips, Ethan was Scooby Do, and Juan was allergic to oranges. Famous Last Words followed, The Statue of Liberty’s Arm was tired, the firefighter was more of a dog person, and Rose got the Sphinx’s nose.

Growing and Shrinking Machine started with Nikolai Tesla’s laboratory, brought us to castle building and a lost expedition, searching the sky for superheroes, worshiping Wonder Woman, interviewing a firefighter who rescued a puppy, and a culprit who stole the oven mitts, then around and back again to Tesla. Our final game was Sing It! The dress code didn’t count when pineapples were involved, judging judgers judged, and getting in trouble was bad!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Knowledge is Power

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Here’s a recap in case you missed our 9pm late-night show at the Warwick Center for the Arts! On cast were Emily, Josh, Erich, Amy, Daniel and Candice.  And our FAM was Chris, who works with medical supplies and solutions like saline. He went to Disney, and it was closed for a hurricane. We played FAM Sing It, and Chris’ sister J controlled the bell. We romped through the rainforest, encountered a snake, communicated with a tour guide, and brought peaches to America.

Try That on for Size let our audience volunteers play along while performing such feats as reluctant Olympic diving, thumb wrestling, finding colorful birds and amateur dentistry. Next up was Meanwhile. Astronauts had an accident, beverages were enjoyed, and helmet safety was encouraged. The handling of hardware was carefully calculated. Very carefully. In our game of Timmy in the Well, Erich had to guess that Johnny Depp had his mustache shaved by a Sloth in Brownsville, Texas. We played Alphabet after that, and things got Goofy. With sound effects!!! Yoda wasn’t there, and Daniel rocked that lighting. Our cast treated us to a tale about the circus in Story, Story, Die. Reynaldo the strong man lifted the long and tall buffalo and juggled them like peanuts.

We capped off the evening by singing a Do Run for our FAM Chris!

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – These Hedgehogs Ain’t Gonna Raise Themselves

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We had a blast at our home stage at the Warwick Center for the Arts with our 7pm Family Friendly Show! On cast were Emily, Daniel, Erich, Amy, Josh and Candice. Our FAM was Gabriella, one of our youth collective members who likes drinking juice from a juice bar and eats spherical food. She’s going into 10th grade and is learning to be a trapeze artist.

We sang a song all about her when we opened the show with a FAM Do Run. Next up was Sports Commentator, where we saw the World Championship of Competitive Airport Layovers. Our competitors read newspapers, found pennies on the ground, ate Cinnabon, and desperately searched for ways to charge their electronic devices. Lines From a Cup showed us Josh will be sassy if he wants to, even if Emily leaves her faucet running. Mean Girls didn’t make the cut, hedgehogs were pre-planted and side-rules measured portals with only two in the box.

Madam Zelda, portrayed by cast member Candice,  successfully predicted that Josh is going to roll his ankles this week, is going to get an outer-space mohawk boyfriend and is going to lose 17 goats while gambling. During Pillars, the cow got shoes when he ate the souffle that smelled like pergola. We cantankerously swam in oceans of English while up in Wyoming. Fiestas commences when we got sassy and water bottles were in the tacos.

Blank Walks Into a Bar debuted some spaghetti that was “pasta” it’s prime, a mortician who wanted a cold one, and a sardine who just got canned. Our round of Fortunately/Unfortunately involved a seamster stitching a camouflage costume to avoid being upstaged by the choreography of a dancing bull.

We wrapped up the show with an Irish Ditty for our FAM Gabriella!

And Scene!!!!