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BYOI – Tumbleweed Tumbleweed

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Our 9pm Not-So-Family-Friendly show featured Emily, Barbara, Erich, Daniel, Amy and Krissy. Our FAM was Jim, who is celebrating his Birthday and would love to go to Disney and eat Gregg’s Death By Chocolate Cake. We started the show with FAM Greatest Hits. We sang a blues song about leaving Rhode Island, a country song about mouse theme parks, and a ballad about a photography “exhibition.”

Fortunately/Unfortunately brought us out to the pub with Jim who rolled a 20 and got a double with diamond teeth and a lot of understanding. Centerpiece revolved around the number 8, the verdict, sushi and wish. The pizza would be ready in 8 minutes, coming across a crime scene was a shock, Sue had an impossible choice and the Wishbone Ranch was made with real bones. Newborn had Daniel and our audience volunteer guess that they are John Oliver and a plate spinner and they gave birth to a sand dollar.

Remake took place in an originally themed restaurant with a morbid menu. We remade Death By Chocolate as a western and an Anime.  Post-It brought us dunce dental hygienists, bartender tricorders and Siberian living quarters. Sit, Stand, Lie Down was next, and then we sang a song for our FAM Jim!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Everyone Loves Piaya!

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FAM2 011013What a great time at our second show of the night at the Warwick Museum of Art! We had the same cast as the first show: Meredith, Daniel, Alex and Josh. This show’s FAM was Carol, who is an electrical engineer who doesn’t do the Electric Slide. She loves trivia, singing and cooking–especially piaya. Thanks Carol for making me google that to get the correct spelling…I learned something tonight! Alex and Carol hosted FAM Greatest Hits after the interview, as they introducted the album of Carol’s life. Meredith sang a country song about how Horseneck Beach is better than Oakland Beach since it can afford sand, while Daniel sang a ballad about a golden retriever. The entire group sang a classic rock turned pop song about “General Hospital” but Josh was the most creative, singing a rousing punk rock song about piaya!

After the BYOI Pledge, it was time for Fortunately/Unfortunately. Josh and audience member Mike told the story of actors Meredith, Daniel and audience member Julian. They had pennies to do laundry, went swimming with holes in their bathing suits and dried off like the wet dogs they may have been. In Meanwhile, audience members David and Mike helped out where Spain got in the way of a French takeover of Portugal. The cast went to visit Gru’s castle and a banana factory, which had lots of coconuts that Alex mixed by hand. In Marriage Counselor, Daniel had the hard job of figuring out what Alex and Mike needed help with. Alex had OCD regarding nail clippings, which was unfortunate for him, since Mike literally kept biting his toenails. Their joint problem was that they would burst into flames if they looked at each other, so they couldn’t really have quality time together.

Remake started off about an engineer. The cast was helped by Mike and David in the horror, German noir and Disney musical versions. Trolley Stop was a hit with audience members Cathy, Julian, David and Mike playing. We met spitting nerds, discreet British ladies, Spanish soap stars and celebrity chefs, among other characters. Daniel was the inquisitive child for Because I Said So, which featured audience members Marcus, David and Cathy. We learned that babies come from a magical land, that seduction is icy when it’s cold out, the sun likes the South because there’s more land, and people are crazy because they’re married. There was also a lesson about how to prevent chafing, but that’s for another time. The game ended when Daniel asked why no one could spell piaya.

In Typewriter, Meredith and Cathy wrote the story of a young, saucy lady named Maeve who demolishes buildings. Unfortunately, Josh came along and wanted to demolish the demolition company, but it ended up okay since it turned into the greatest love of all time. That is, until Daniel showed up as an old man who did yoga, to start a love triangle! The night ended with Curtain Call, with the cast singing about trivia, magic, lollipops in hair, and of course, piaya!

And scene!

BYOI – Handmade Philosophers

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BYOI put on a great show while surrounded by Joomchi art at the Warwick Museum of Art. Joe was the host and after explaining RESPECT, he was joined by Stephanie, Paul, Daniel, Coburn and Jessica.

Our FAM was Adam, who is a marketing student. He hopes to open a recording studio someday. He loves music and would like to visit Italy. Adam wasn’t sure about how to describe his mom, so Coburn did it for him; all nice things, of course.

Adam was the helper in FAM Pillar. The cast went surfing in Europe to find the meaning of life, Stephanie hated philosophy and Plato was made out of Playdoh.

Coburn warmed up the audience by having them do a lively wave.

In Angels and Demons, Joe and audience member Mark were the respective storytellers. Jessica and Drew mimed out the story, with occasional help from Paul. The scene took place at the International Pancake Festival. Unfortunately, poisonous ants were in the syrup, but a dedicated EMT brought antidotes. The pair ended up fighting but then combined forces to make a golden pancake, which earned them a spot in heaven.

While waiting at the Trolley Stop, the cast encountered a fire walker, a door to door religious guy, a pessimist and someone claiming the trolley stop for France.

Pavlovian Response was next, with Daniel as Pavlov. He had the fun job of yelling, “My eyes are up here!” when someone looked down. The dog was the star at a family recording studio, where Drew cleaned his glasses if a hand was raised. He had the easy triggered response, because poor Stephanie had to pay attention for the word “and” so she could do a deep squat.

Joe, Coburn and Evan had fun in Sit, Stand and Lie Down. They were service clowns debating what their next form of transportation should be. Evan’s Pinto and Joe’s Prius weren’t cutting it anymore.

After the break, Paul and Coburn taught everyone how to quickly establish a scene in Yes And.

Next up was Say It Again, with Jessica as the mighty bell ringer. In round one, Evan couldn’t compete in a race after getting bit by a tarantula in “World of Warcraft” and Stephanie was trying her best. In round two, Daniel was the recipient of an email scam and convinced Paul to mail 8 cents and a stamp to an Arabian knight.

Jessica had to guess what happened in Timmy In the Well. Daniel, Coburn and audience member Ashby barked their way through to let her know that Tinkerbell made toast in an elevator.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly had Joe, Evan and audience member Katie giving out advice. We all learned how to start a fire–get kindling; how to get rid of spam–invite Monty Python over for dinner or replace it with Twinkies; and laptop ownership–blow on it like a Nintendo cartridge or chase your brother with it like it’s Pac Man. The rest of the cast hilariously acted out the advice.

Short Cutz had the cast joined by audience members Andrea and Ashby. It started with elves organizing a union. Unfortunately for them, Santa just encouraged them to go strike in the -20 degree weather. Later, a pair went fishing and caught Paul, Evan was a horrible therapist charging his patients to get advice from them, and a bazooka was added to “West Side Story.” There was a new Broadway musical reality show that left everyone confused, and a song named “There Are Things I’d Rather Be Doing” was written.

The final game of the night was Guidance Counselor. Paul was the lucky counselor, with Coburn on keyboard. Joe came in as an opera singer who didn’t understand spanish, Jessica was sick from Burger King food and Stephanie and Daniel were upset with their sleepy dog.

And scene!

BYOI – Sluuuurrrrrrrp!

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The final round of audition callbacks took place at the Warwick Museum of Art. Stephanie, Joe, Paul and Daniel were joined by auditioners Drew and Jessica. Erich, Evan and auditioner Corey also stopped in to play a few games.

The FAM was Dennis, who is a writer. If that doesn’t work, he’d like to be an actor. This led to many jokes by the cast about being a starving artist. Dennis gets to travel for his job, so he can write about great things like white water rafting and ziplining in Georgia. On the flip side, it also leads to getting attacked by mosquitoes in Mississippi.

Stephanie had to give advice–in song–in FAM Guidance Counselor, while Jessica played guitar. Drew had family problems and was told to throw his sister out the window, Paul was sad about a bad family road trip, and Daniel was Drew’s sister who didn’t appreciate getting thrown out the window.

Drew then warmed everyone up by taking them to a football game.

Remake brought us the classic film noir masterpiece, “Curse of the Soggy Sneakers” starring Paul and Daniel. Next, Joe and Jessica remade it as a spaghetti western, before Stephanie and Daniel remade it again as a Disney cartoon.

A new game called Trolley Stop was introduced, and this game may be a hit. It has to do with matching the actions of someone while waiting for a trolley. Paul freaked out about the Mars lander, Stephanie was a nagging mother and Joe was Forrest Gump.

Drew had a stressful first day as the Marrriage Counselor. He had to help Stephanie, who was an obsessive slurper, and Corey, who was allergic to passion fruit. The couple was very heated because they were too broke to buy a submarine.

The last game before the break was Revolver. Drew and Jessica were joined by Erich and audience member Ray. Drew was freaked out about his upcoming test…in kindergarten, while he and Erich were dead and unsure about what to do. Jessica ran away because her big brother told her to, and Ray was upset about going rafting.

Joe and Stephanie watched each other’s actions for clues in Yes And.

In Questions, audience members Paul and Mathias were brave enough to join in. Kids were lost, a bad mother-in-law made an appearance, and there was panic over heartburn.

Jessica had guests over for Party Quirks. She hosted Joe, whose pants were too tight; Daniel, who was getting frisbees to the face; and Erich, who tangoed because of pineapples.

In the line game Slogans, the cast was joined by Evan and audience members, Mathias, Carolyn and Zephyr. We learned about the slogans for gravedigging (“Free watch!”), embalmers (“Are you feeling drained?”), and other things, such as Fenway Park, writers, airport, and the Olympics.

Corey, as well as audience members Andrea and Kimberly, played Follow That Action with the cast. It started with an allergy to peanuts, passion fruit and trout, and jumped from there. While someone was fishing, the fish compared their catch and release injuries. Stephanie and Joe couldn’t go out because of her slurping. Finally, Corey was working on his third day as a therapist, second day as a divorce lawyer and first day as a masseuse, with aspirations of becoming a physical therapist the next day.

The final game was Curtain Call, which featured short songs about cats, Shakespeare, slurping, string theory and Erich’s pregnant wife.

Thanks to all of our auditioners and everyone who came out to support them. Watch for an announcement soon where we’ll introduce our new castmates.

And scene!

BYOI – Popular With the Ladies

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The Warwick Museum of Art was the place to be tonight! Daniel, Ryan, John, Joe and the night’s host, Paul, had the job of making everyone laugh, and they definitely succeeded.

First off, they had to pick a FAM. Steve, aka Snailton, was the lucky guy. He came to the show with his wife, Lisa, their church family, and Jenn. Steve’s a RIPTA driver, which means dealing with the public is a blessing and a curse. He’s patient and organized and loves Lisa’s Spanish cooking.

John started off FAMsaw, where Ryan chastised Joe–in mime–for his tardiness. The guys all figured out fireman, but were a little lost with the circus and magic eraser.

Next, Ryan warmed up the audience by taking them out for fine dining at a snooty restaurant.

Audience member Colby was a welcome addition to Curses, Foiled Again! Some of the superheroes and villains introduced were Meows Like a Cat With Every Word Man, Man Woman Man, Car Alarm Man and Captain Headbutt.

Catch Phrase was fun as we witnessed the first day on the job at an ice cream parlor. Paul’s feet were tired and he really wanted to go home, while audience member Stacia was sure she could do the job, but only if Daniel stopped talking to her.

Daniel had to interview suspects in Interrogation Lineup. Audience member Tom witnessed Sacajawea swatting a fly in an operating room. Luckily, justice prevailed.

Joe directed Serious Scene and had to fire his cast fairly frequently. The guys were on a camping trip to forget an estranged wife. The salad went bad so they went moose hunting with paintball guns.

After the break, John and Ryan taught a lesson in mirroring in Yes And.

Helping Hands was next. Joe helped Ryan and audience member Tammy helped Stacia. The pairs were on a first date at a dog park. Ryan’s dog was crazy, but Stacia’s was crazier and gave Ryan rabies.

Paul, Daniel and Joe were the helpful dogs in Timmy in the Well. They had to explain to John that the Octomom was stuck in a house of mirrors where all of the mirrors were breaking.

In the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Jenn and FAM Steve joined Joe in giving us all advice. I just need to point out that finding something to bond over with your mother-in-law is good. Hiding from her or putting bleach in her face cream are not good.

John and Joe played an elderly pair making brownies in Lines From a Cup, where we learned brownies aren’t chocolate if they’re not brown. Interesting. Next, Ryan and Paul had to save a stolen bus from the local children’s hospital.

The last game of the night was Guidance Counselor. With Paul on guitar, Ryan was the helpful counselor and helped Joe learn how to slow down in hallways. Next, he talked Daniel through his mom’s great cooking and its subsequent weight gain. Finally, John was just too popular with the ladies, and is was interfering with his committed relationship. He was told to unleash his inner geek and watch “Doctor Who” and the ladies would go away.

Thanks again to our new friends who participated in the games with our cast. Check us out this Thursday at 7pm at the New School of Music in Cambridge, this Friday at 11pm for our adult show at 95 Empire in Providence, and as always, at the beautiful Warwick Museum of Art every Sunday at 6pm.

And scene!

BYOI – 100 Times the Dude!

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091510famTONIGHT was ONE BIG SHOW!  Big because tonight we bestowed the honor of the 100th FAM member.  That’s means we’ve hauled 100 random audience members up onstage, mined them for 1000s of facts, and used those facts to inspires 10,000 jokes.  In short (and nothing is short tonight), we would be nowhere without our precious FAM!

So who will the lucky lady be?  Well, it’s actually a dude.  And his name is Keith D.  And that D, I’m almost certain, stands for “Duuude.”  Because this guy is kind of the shit–which is fortunate for us, because Keith has a say in every single one of our games tonight.  And he gets a gift bag.  And he gets free admission to all future home shows.  See what you get when you get to be the FAM centenarian!?

And what a show it was!  We opened with a new take on Party Quirks, where we staged a surprise party for Keith, who had to guess which cast members were playing which of his friends.  Turns out he knows how to call out a big purple dinosaur when he sees one.

Then there was the World’s Worst, featuring the World’s Worst video game (which I misquoted this on Twitter, so here it is rectified):  “Mama, wait.  I’m one more Valium away from having Zsa Zsa slap a cop.”   So good, Randy!

Then onwards through Freeze (with Keith calling “freeze!”), Pillars (with Keith calling out random prompts) and Sing It! (with Keith prompting the songs).  See the theme here!?  And to Keith’s credit, he did a pretty FAMtastic job overall.  Rimshot.

Back from intermission, and we’re asking the eternal question What Are You Doing? Popular options include: knotting doughnuts, knighting devils, and koala dunking.

Then to an Eight Pack inspired by crazy pillows, Lips McGee, “whooooa!” and bad influences.  The result?  “First order of business, Lips McGee.  I’m going to need you to jump over this ring of fire”  “Better be safe on the other side.”  “I put crazy amounts of pillows on the other side.”   “Whaaaat!?”

Oscar Van Pudding cameoed in the next game:  a rousing round of Questions.  Randy was a mean taskmaster.  And he was a pretty good game host too.  Bah ZING!  Oh, and Chuck Norris showed up.  Clearly, you missed out if you weren’t there.

A special version of Highlander is up next, called FAMlander, in which a kerosene flamethrower threatened our players. Movie props, velociraptors, ray guns, oh my! “I’ve got a lot of nerdy references!”

Last but not least: Beastie Rap! AKA: an excuse for a white guys to rap.  Right, Mike D?  I assume he’s nodding.

That’s about it, folks!  Thanks for tagging along.  You can catch more details from the show (and follow us!) on Twitter.

And since I’m feeling generous, here’s the entire show in one minute.  Good night!

BYOI in a Minute

Notes from Ben Bunyan, mythical (b)logger, and his big blue (m)ox(y)

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Hello, Blogosphere!

Long time, no see.  How you been?

I got your show notes here but I’m keeping them brief cause some of us have to rest up for the Providence Improv Fest tomorrow.  That’s right.  We have a special performance tomorrow, technically tonight, at the PIF and we’d love your support!  I’ve put details below.

But I digress.  Big thanks to whomever took notes tonight.  It was an excellent show overall.

What Are You Doing?

  • You tell a story about a naked man stealing French fries, and suddenly everyone wants everyone to take there everypants.  (There was a lot of implied nudity)
  • And then Jon licked Beth.


(Big thanks to whomever took notes for this first round–I heart quotes!)

  • Cam:  I’d given you a Baby Ruth.
  • Ben:  It was melted.  And besides, I might be tall, but look at the profile.  Toothpick.  Nothing.
  • Ben:  Finish line is over here, darling.
  • Steph:  Didn’t I tell you I can’t run?  That’s why I’m on the bus.
  • Steph:  Hey!  A Skip-It!
  • Jon:  You know how much that thing cost me, and now you’re gonna skip it?
  • Jon:  (recaps pretty much the entirety of Dumb & Dumber)
  • Cam:  You’re way too much like Jim Carrey.
  • Ben:  If I was a bus, I’d be gone right now.
  • Jon:  I had to shave a cat.  In front of people!
  • Jon:  So are we gonna do this?
  • Cam:  I am never gonna make out with you.
  • Ben:  Those hippies are aggressive.
  • Cam:  Well, they have Mel Gibson with them.
  • Ben:  I thought he didn’t like hipp–oh no, wait, that’s Jewish people.
  • Ben:  You know what’s funny about buses in Czechoslovakia?  They suck! . . . Wait, you’re the coach now?
  • Then we played it again, but the notes get scarcer here:  Jimmy kvetched.  Dan glittered.  John Ring sassed.  And Beth got cold Sunday comic feet.  And I think Jon licked Beth . . . again.

Dating Game

  • Turns out:  Jon likes all things vertical, Beth Hick is LiLo, and Cam thinks he can move things with his mind.  But he can’t move Suzanne’s heart.  She went with L.L.  Hooray, audience bachelorettes!  Excellent game.
  • Also of note:  Jimmy is a total narcissist, Steph plays a mean Queen of Hearts and I am a historically accurate JFK.  I honestly can’t remember who bachelor Dan picked.  I blame the chowda’.


  • I’m gonna try to post a video here.  I can’t say I am very proud of this moment, but I also can’t disagree with the comedy.  Hope you enjoy: 

Freeze It Again

  • Jimmy was a prop.
  • Jon tried to lick Beth . . . yet again.  Rule of three, baby!  Comedy platinum.

So that was the short and the long of it.  Details for our Providence Improv Fest performance can be found here.  We are performing with Skypunch at Local 121’s Speakeasy at 8pm.  Now, I am getting down on my knees to beg you to join us; it’s gonna be wicked fun!  And now my knees are hurting and I am a tired.  So I bid you good show and . . .

Good night!


BYOI wins the Bitch Magazine contest!!!

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BYOI has won the Bitch Magazine Contest!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this awesome video!!!

New Sketch Video

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BYOI has entered a new contest for Bitch Magazine!  Below is our video entry. Check it out!

Also check out the photos from the shoot in our media section!