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BYOI – Big Ball Big Net Ball

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We started Friday off with an energetic “GOOD MORNING!!” from Stony Lane School in North Kingstown! Our cast today was Emily, Meredith, and Barbara. Our FAM, Mr. Leedahl, loves the school’s turkey and gravy, he would make a sport out of a ball as big as a very large pumpkin, and over the summer he likes to mow his lawn, drink lemonade, and play baseball with his son. We opened the show with FAM Pillars, where we saw a tourist taking a picture of a dinosaur on Neptune in front of little Neptonians, only to find out that the dinosaur needed its toe nails painted first.

Next was What Are You Doing, where we swam with whales, hung a flag, and tap danced. After that was Two Headed Monster, and we learned that in the Tag Olympics, players use their knees instead of their feet. In Quickest Minute, Moana couldn’t get to the ocean and the boat suggested using water to beat the volcano. Finally, Action Figures showed us a gripping rendition of Big Ball Big Net Ball where Barbara won with a finishing throw.

And scene!

BYOI – I’m Gary, Indiana (Paul’s Last Show)

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FAM2 032114We’re back for the second show of the night at the Warwick Museum of Art. This was a special show, because it was Paul’s last show with us, so he was joined by Daniel, Alex and Candice. Since Paul was leaving us, he was the FAM! Paul works in computer network security and in his free time, he produces a webshow called “NewsUndies.” He loves road trips and kayaking or just hanging out with his wonderful girlfriend, Kim, and while he gave “Jaws” a thumbs up, the same couldn’t be said for “Star Trek 5.” Paul’s been with BYOI for almost 3 years and is so dedicated that even when he broke a rib during a show, he kept performing. The cast then sang the FAM Welcome Song to Paul, which was fun when part of the song was him singing to himself.

The first game on the agenda was Trolley Stop, which had sharks, texters and sad Paul fans. Revolver had the cast with audience member Mary. We went sand kayaking in Texas to get scorpion pizza, Pegasus went on a journey with other consellations and Paul tried to come up with a fake identity. Gordon played Highlander with Candice, Daniel and Alex, where a cook was practicing with imaginary food and pans, while a chicken laid eggs directly in a pan. Alex ended up being the audience favorite with each round.

Good Cop/Bad Cop had Paul interrogated by Alex and Daniel, where he finally confessed to the heinous crime of letting his dog stick it head out of the car window at Home Depot with Ronald McDonald. In Lines From a Cup, we had enough lines for two rounds! In round 1, Paul and Candice were joined by audience member Justin. The hat could go, but not the mama. They had all the Nintendo accessories and would put peanut butter on everything. In round 2, Alex and Daniel were joined by audience member Mary. They gave Rocky Balboa a pep talk so he could knock you out like evolution! Thanks to everyone for the fun lines and the Paul-isms we had scattered throughout the game!

Meanwhile had bad hip dancing at the preschool dance club, and table 7 was hungry!! Luckily, there was a good dinner place to go to: GeorgeGregAlbert’s. The final game of the night was Sing It! Instead of giving the bell to our FAM Paul, we gave it to his girlfriend, Kim! There was no exit from Dell, the number 7 kept trying to escape, Bill Gates was a man with a plan and there was much admiration of Alex’s behind.

Paul, we love you and we’ll miss you!

And scene!

FAM w/cast 032114

BYOI – Honest Ashley

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FAM1 032114BYOI once again had a great night at the Warwick Museum of Art! Tonight, we had Paul, Alex, Daniel, David and Candice on stage for the family friendly first show of the night. Ashley was the FAM, and she’s a waitress at Paragon. Her boyfriend, Hector, described her as honest, which is always a good thing! Ashley loves to dance, especially to R&B and hip hop music, and wants to visit Spain someday. Also, next week is her birthday, so happy early birthday! In FAM Typewriter, Ashley helped write the story of her life. It started in a messy dorm room at RIC during finals week. The door got lost in the messiness and suddenly Ashley’s roommate popped up after being trapped. The finals week moved to the 1920’s somehow, and then moved to the 1960’s so it could be “Mad Men” style. The decision was made to go to Spain and a chip in the wall opened up into a club.

In Alphabet, the cast was joined by Gordon and audience member Leah. The library didn’t have a polycentric trigonometry book in, boxed goat meat was delivered because of the increasing price of ice and they ate heavy yoga mat tortillas. Also, an important question was asked: Why can’t we be in Kansas?! In The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, audience members Hector, Catie and Mariah gave different pieces of advice about how to deal with smelly shoes, how to survive standardized testing and how to deal with shipping costs. One of them may have mentioned grenades as an option. Remake had the cast plus audience member Annakiya redoing the story of Pocahontas. They started with a western where Pocahontas’ dad challenged John Smith to a duel and Pocahontas couldn’t sing so her father gave her away. It was then redone as a pirate adventure, where Scottish kings had wretched giggle disease. Finally, it was redone as a horror, where conversations were had over chainsaws and Pocahontas wanted to open a casino.

Centerpiece was next, with Paul as the center, doing scenes with Alex, Daniel, David and Catie. We learned that Casey Kasem is too old for Alex, and there was confusion about what type of kale there was. Was it Portuguese? Or Australian? Or Brazilian? It ended up being all of them to make an international soup. World’s Worst featured the worst time period, boyfriend, seafood (aka chicken!) and dancer. Follow That Action started off with an ironic hipster waiter refusing everything. He stapled a customer to the bar, stole chairs from the fancy McDonald’s and poor Ashley got soup to the face. David was late to work in Excuses, Excuses. He had good reasons though, thanks to his helpful coworkers Candice, Paul and Mariah. His day started off sad because his cat was run over, but then his wife had a baby, and he witness an alien deerbra landing in the yard. The night ended with Serious Scene, with help once again from Mariah and Leah. The scene centered around a drooly lost puppy, who couldn’t be replaced by a thirsty tricycle puppy.

And scene!

FAM w/cast 032114

BYOI – Groundhog Valentine’s Day

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FAM2 021414…And we’re back, for the second Valentine’s Day show at the Warwick Museum of Art. Once again we had Daniel, Paul, Alex, Josh and David on stage to entertain everyone. The show’s FAM was Kenny, who was at the show with his coworkers. He loves salsa dancing and his worst date ever was a blind date. Alex had fun when he grabbed Kenny’s phone during the interview. In FAM Centerpiece, which strangely enough was the same FAM game we played when Kenny was FAM last year, everyone just needed to get along. Dueling twins were reluctant to fight, diapers were changed and the guys were victims of bad salsa.

Lines From a Cup was a bunch of fun with help from audience member Jean. Paul was the worst cable guy ever and wanted to charge $450k to move cables, on top of making Josh and Jean take a week off from work to wait for him. We found out that Daniel Boone was a man who waited 12 hours for the bathroom and a marriage proposal had some hiccups because squirrels were distracting. Alex and audience member Rose told a story in Fortunately/Unfortunately. Gladys had a garden full of weeds and paid off the cops before she visited her husband in jail. Literate children later helped out with overpopulation. In Timmy In the Well, Daniel needed help from his faithful canine companions, Josh, David and Paul. They explained that Miley Cyrus was drowning in Jello at the Sochi Olympics.

We then  moved onto Debate Club, with the help of Rose. They debated a variety of topics, like why blind dates are bad, feeling faces shows that unsymmetrical faces are horrendous and who’s creepiest in the land of social media. The answer is Tom from Myspace. He’s always the creepiest. Josh and Alex sang during the Troubadours, while Paul, Daniel, David & Jean acted out. It started off as a journey to find friends in the rain and somehow ended with Daniel and David twerking against Paul’s legs. I promise, it wasn’t that scary–you can see the visual proof at the end of this post. Alphabet featured the cast and Rose, where grandma found date online. Xylophones were ugly, Lemony Snicket skipped previews and there was confusion about how “zebra” is actually pronounced.

In Sit, Stand & Lie Down, Josh, David and Paul were dancers on break from taking care of their kids. A penny bought meat pie & they considered a career change. Finally, the night ended in song with Curtain Call.

And scene!

Troubadours 021414

BYOI – Overly Attached Friends (Krissy and Erich’s Last Show)

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FAM 121513The final show of 2013 took place at the Warwick Museum of Art with Krissy, Erich and Josh. It also happened to be the last show of Krissy and Erich, so Daniel and Corey stopped in for some of the games! In a surprise twist, we had the first ever dual FAM interview, where the FAMs interviewed each other! Krissy and Erich both auditioned and were cast together about 2 and a half years ago. They both recently bought houses and had other big life changes: Erich has a 15 month old daughter, while Krissy has two furbabies in the form of a Dalmatian and a Shepherd mix. Erich’s wife, Renee, was at the show, while Krissy’s parents, brother, (Doctor) Daryl, and her fiancee, Chris came to send her off. Erich loves the game Chainsaw, while Krissy loves Fortunately/Unfortunately, which used to be called Angels & Demons. Erich loves softball, video games and D&D in his free time and joked about how Krissy doesn’t know about anything pre-1990, which we all know makes guessing games fun and is one of the reasons we love her!

Krissy was the pillar for FAM Pillar, where the basketball was too soft, which reminded Erich of when he baked grandma in a cake…which is like souflee with steering wheel. Remind me to not eat anything Erich has made! In Helping Hands, audience members Chris, Zola and Delia jumped in. Josh regretted being Erich’s hands when it meant they had to sit down to be Santa Claus granting wishes. Krissy and Chris played the elf, whose cousin Tommy stole the toys! Unfortunately, the banana phone was thrown away and the diabetic Santa really wanted cookies. In Revolver, Krissy and Erich were joined by Corey and audience member Matt, while Josh controlled the directions. Matt kept getting Erich Bratz dolls for Christmas until he decided to dress as one while Corey couldn’t find the movie version of “A Tale of Two Cities” anywhere, because his teacher was mean and wanted him to read. Meanwhile, Krissy forgot that her dad lived in her childhood home and went to sell him Girl Scout cookies. In her other scene, she wanted the walls painted black, but Matt could only get spray paint. It ended up being Corey’s house, with him still living there, and Matt decided that burning the house would be cheaper than painting it since charred walls would then be black.

Timmy In the Well was next, with Krissy guessing. Josh and audience members Kate and Delia were the dogs who helped bark out that Will Smith was choking on beef jerky at Woodstock. This was followed by Erich’s favorite game, Chainsaw! The cast, along with Corey and audience members Kate, Dave and Delia had to mime about an actress at a carnival with a shoe. The players thought it was an opera singer or music teacher at a circus or carosel with a snowsuit, cranberry bogging shoes or boots, so they were just a bit off.

Krissy’s favorite game, Fortunately/Unfortunately, was next, with Erich and Zola telling the story, with Krissy and Matt acting out the story. Dogs escaped into a swamp of kind crocodiles and had swimming lessons and got dentures as gifts. They went to Walmart to return them, but could only get store credit and the greeter followed them out the door. In Trolley Stop, the cast, as well as Chris, Zola and Delia were leprechauns, kung fu actors, chickens and McDonald’s employees. Next up was Alphabet, with help from Daniel, Chris, Zola and Delia. Corey gleefully took charge of the bell so he could ding people out. A crystal ball told a dubious Krissy that she was going to break her arm, super close friends were surgicially detached, and Krissy was a nursing student who was okay with letting someone bleed out while she flirted. Unfortunately, on her date, she kept getting replaced by younger people.

The final game of the night was Say It Again, with Erich’s wife, Renee, on bell. Corey, Matt, Zola and Delia also jumped in to help out on stage. In the first scene, Krissy and Erich were ghosts who could no longer pet dogs, but they could watch tv! Zola could see them, while Corey was oblivious, so the ghosts decided to have fun playing with hair. Matt ended up being turned into the neighbor’s dog, but he couldn’t bite the ghosts. In the second scene, Josh radiated awesomeness but really needed to start wearing pants…or even better, a skirt and tights! That started off suggestions to completely redo Josh so he can be a captain..with pretty hair!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in 2013! Don’t forget to come see us on Friday nights for our family friendly shows at 7pm and more adult oriented shows at 9pm at the Warwick Museum of Art! Our Sundays will now be for the BYOI Youth Collaborative. Check out the website for more details. Krissy and Erich, we love you dearly and will miss you! Come visit us often!

And scene!!

Dual FAM Interview  Helping Hands  Chainsaw

BYOI – Wok ‘N Bowl (Other 9-5 Show)

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Have you caught up on your sleep yet? The 4th Annual Other 9-5 Show took place at the Warwick Museum of Art this year! The brave cast members who played during our marathon show were Daniel, Joe, Ryan, Coburn and Nate. Stephanie, Drew, Krissy and auditioners Jana and Meredith also popped in to help out for some of the show.

Speaking of Jana, she was the FAM! As the special show’s FAM, she went home with a super soft BYOI Snuggie. When she’s not auditioning for BYOI, Jana is a student at RIC. Her worst day would involve Dunkin’ Donuts running out of chocolate butternut munchkins, not finding parking at school, and missing her best friend, Mary. She wants to visit China some day to find the best Chinese food…or does she?

Coburn started warming up the audience before the insanity began with Trolley Stop. Late night jazz djs, spies, old men and valley girls met during their travels.

C is for caffeine, which was something we all needed throughout the night, which led to Alphabet. Stephanie, Jana and audience member Brigid brought a female presence to the game. It was really hard to choose from a 2 item menu, cashiers got fired and Hansel & Gretel needed a permit to build a candy house.

Daniel hosted a sleepover for Party Quirks, with his friends Ryan, Joe and audience member Jasper. Ryan was Hugh Jackman, Joe had a third thumb and Jasper sneezed anytime he heard the word “banana.”

In Growing and Shrinking Machine, Coburn just HAD TO push the button, a kindergarten teacher stole money, pulling involved screaming loud and the participants of the Last Supper were hungry.

After the first break, Helping Hands featured Nate and Ryan being helped by Stephanie and Jasper. There was an angry dance, judging and the Rubix cube was split.

Then it was onto Good Cop/Bad Cop, where Joe committed a heinous crime. Daniel and Brigid were able to get him to admit that he had thrown his cell phone in the toilet in a laundromat in Antarctica with the help of Lance Armstrong.

Debate Club helped answer the popular question: Why is Laffy Taffy named Laffy Taffy? The answer involved twin daughters, metric broom closets in 1976, Coburn’s age, Joe’s hatred of hoodies and undefinable fashion everywhere.

Next up was Follow That Action, with Drew, Krissy and audience member Mike. Joe and Ryan were the perfect couple eating organic popcorn, we learned what a schilling is, we rode the bus to Providence Place and a form needed to be filled out to use a cell phone on the bus.

Krissy and audience members Michael and Brigid jumped in for Sing It, with FAM Jana on the bell. A pop quiz meltdown led to the hard choice: right or left soda! Nate asked if someone needed to be said to him–in song, of course. Two classmates fell in love, until Ryan swooped in. Later, neighbors were feuding about property lines and a sinkhole. Krissy rapped about the sinkhole being on someone else’s property, Nate couldn’t go back 9 steps and Brigid declared all of the land hers and wanted everyone off her property.

After that, we needed a second break, before jumping into Excuses, Excuses (To Not Go To Bed). Nate was the child, explaining to Daniel that he couldn’t go to sleep because “Seinfeld” was on. Not only that, but he had to do his taxes like a responsible person. Finally, he couldn’t go to bed because there was a crib monster.

Daniel, Joe and Jasper were zoo animals who wanted to see New York in the Quickest Bedtime Story. They performed 60, 30 and 10 second normal versions of their story, before performing bonus 10 second stories as foreign horror and Shakespearean style, and a 5 second romance.

In Six Pack, a cranky bunny wanted an elevator in a magician’s hat, a roller derby was taking over professional wrestling and we learned about Jabooty, Wisconsin.

Late Night Facebook was next, which is a special game only played during our annual overnight show. The cast acted out scenes based on Facebook statuses on our newsfeeds. Krissy’s friend wanted that stupid bunny suit off, Ryan quit because he felt old, Coburn didn’t celebrate Halloween–or Jewish Halloween, and the Pope celebrated his first day of retirement. How? By lounging on the couch with pizza and a “Teen Mom” marathon. Obviously.

The last game before the third break was Greatest Hits. Joe and Jana hosted National Geographic’s infomercial about zebra songs with help from singers Daniel, Ryan, Nate and Michael. Featured tracks were the BNL-esque “The Zebra Walked Through the Water,” David Bowie’s epic masterpiece “The Zebra Who Thought He Was a Unicorn,” and the doowop classic “Chocolate Dipped Zebra.”

It’s not a proper sleepover without a Ouija board, so Coburn and Ryan played Madame MASH. Spirits Daniel, Nate and audience member Susie revealed Coburn’s future: he was going to marry a pineapple, work as a barhop at Sonic and drive a Gremlin.

Apples to Apples featured Chevy Chase, the X-Men, termites and a 3-legged race before moving onto the next game, Ultimate Controller. This game is a variation of Wax Museum, and the cast played two rounds. The first one involved drinking and the second was about faxing to China–why couldn’t they just use the internet?

Poor Nate had a horrible time in the Best Video Game Pitch Ever. His coworkers Joe and Jasper were trying to help him pitch a video game about Matt Lauer and his special ability to turn into a tiger while fighting King Koopa. Fortunately for Ryan and his coworkers Coburn and Chris, his pitch about Qbert and his flying toothbrush against Napoleon was easier to guess.

The last game before everyone was locked in was Construction Call Out, which is an audience favorite with special shows. This was proven when the cast was joined by Krissy, Chris, Susie, Michael, Mike, Jasper and Brigid on stage. Some of the fun things they had to become were hula hoops, a man in a hoodie, squirrels, cute little girls and BYOI’s Coburn. In the three rounds played, Coburn, Nate and Ryan ended up as the victors.

Here’s when things started getting crazy. The doors were locked and some of the audience went home to sleep. Sit, Stand, Narcolepsy started off with Ryan, Nate and Jasper. They mentioned something about post existential nonlinear teaching and a student became a teacher. Daniel, Joe and Brigid followed that by throwing cookie batter out the window and opting for popcorn.

It was only fitting for Michael and Susie to join in for Because I Said So, as they tried to appease a curious Ryan. Daniel and Joe seemed to be the best parents–or at least, the best liars–as they explained that the pattern of a rainbow comes from self absorbed graphic designers, computers hoarding gold, and Italians who can’t build anything straight. We also learned about the meaning of life (be fat and sassy), why George isn’t home (Mario Kart skills) and why bananas are yellow (Louie Anderson).

Michael and his three kids jumped in the line for Story, Story, Go to Sleep. The story featured chihuahuas, chupacabra drinks, Justin Bieber’s tourbus, a new “Golden Girls” movie with Kirstie Alley and Russel Brand, and the confusing exploits of Willie Nelson and Bea Arthur. Oh yeah, and Penelope Cruz. And Bea Arthur #3 and #7. And Bea Arthur #47.  Also, Iranian King-child Cameron Diaz. What? After 1am, things don’t have to make sense.

Audience member Kate pulled Do Run from one of the Grab Bags, so Joe started off the song about Ralph, who went south to go to the store.

Pavlovian Pillow Fight was next, with lots of pillows to the face and stomach! A Spanish uncle came to visit to give away riches, many Johnsons were in the room, and someone won a mail order bride from Turkmenistan, but she was sadly already married.

A break was needed after everyone was pummeled with pillows before starting off the next hour. Ryan and Brigid bickered while collaborating for Dream Typewriter, where the Dark Knight wouldn’t let anyone pass and nails were painted a pretty hot pink color.

It was then Susie’s turn to pull from the Grab Bag, and she won a bumper sticker and a round of Questions! The guys prepped for a spelling test and there were secret secrets.

From there, Joe and Jasper were the storytellers for Good Dream/Bad Dream. Aladdin was planning on beating Jafar, but both had sidekicks. They wanted to go to Wally World and everything turned to hate.

In the next Grab Bag, audience member Dave pulled out Famous Last Words. Kate and Brigid jumped on stage to help out. We learned that Beethoven was wigging out, blenders curse at the Slap Chop and the spork’s nemesis is the spife.

The longest game of the night was the 27 minute long Dream Centerpiece Countdown. It featured Nate as the centerpiece, while Joe, Coburn, Ryan and a very brave Jasper helped out in his scenes. This game featured bonding through gardening, bug bigotry, Ryan as the ultimate lumberjack, a dance, Nate marrying a 67 year old, gorgeous back shingles, boot camp for sandwich artists, California Cauliflower, and a Korean tour bus of bingo players. It was insane.

After another break, we started the home stretch with Timmy In the Well. Ryan guessed that Johnny Depp was pulled over by Ronald McDonald in the driveway.

In Horror Movie Genre Jump, the guys and Jasper were the werewolves of Death Mountain. It was remade as a silent film, a romance, an afterschool special, a “Sesame Street” episode, a sci-fi, a kids bop video, an anime, a buddy cop film and finally, a Disney musical. This final hour was called the “Oh God Why Are We Still Here” block for a reason.

In the Good, Bad and Ugly, myself, Kate and Brigid gave the good, bad and ugly advice. Our advice ranged from use an alarm clock to Coburn is a terrible husband to spout random poetry. 4am advice is the best!

Susie decided she wanted someone new, and went on the Dating Game. She had to pick between Daniel, who was afraid of the letter “A,” Coburn the alligator, and Ryan as Stephen Tyler. Ryan and Susie made a connection and we all wish them the best.

The night had a frantic end with Highlander. Daniel was smart enough to host so he wouldn’t get stuck performing alone, and he threw Joe, Ryan, Coburn and Nate to the wolves. The scene featured rim shots on the drums, even when the drums and sticks were thrown off stage and everything was duct taped down. Joe and Coburn were the first to go, and the night ended in a first–a Highlander tie! Nate and Ryan worked perfectly together and split the final scene in half.

After 8 hours, we all went downstairs to eat some yummy breakfast. Then everyone went home and slept for a week.

The end.

I mean, AND SCENE!

BYOI – Grecian Football

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We had a spirited crowd with a bunch of audience participation at the Warwick Museum of Art for our family friendly show! Drew started off explaining the rules of RESPECT, before being joined onstage by Joe, Ryan, Paul, Krissy and Stephanie.

The night’s FAM was Amelia! She’s in the second grade and loves everything and everyone, especially gym. She plays on a competitive soccer team and is now reading chapter books. She loves Shirley Temple’s film, “Heidi” and would love to be a kindergarten teacher and visit tropical Hawaii someday.

First up, Amelia was the center for FAM Centerpiece. Ryan and Drew were upset with her being so giggly and unruly at the movie theater, while Drew and Paul were in awe of her as the girl who as everything. Joe needed advice on how to impress Paul with soccer tricks, while Paul and Ryan taught us that Spock likes gym and wants to live long and party.

Warmup was fun with Stephanie telling a story about her time at the sports complex.

The first full game of the night was Say It Again. Stephanie had fun with the bell making people change what they wanted. Drew got permission from audience member Brianna to go outside and play in the snow make cookies build a fort make a lemonade stand do something. Unfortunately, he left his snowpants in Krissy’s room, so they decided to rip them in half and share them. Later, Ryan and audience member Will found a mint condition 1984 Cabbage Patch Kid to go with his Battlestar Galactica toothpick town collection. Ryan stepped on the toothpicks and hurt his foot, while Will made art deco pasta towers.

In Rope, brave audience members Samson, Delia and FAM Amelia decided to play with the cast. They played soccer, went to a nose hair pulling convention and ate marshmallows.

Krissy had been a bad girl. She committed a crime and needed to be interviewed by Paul and audience member Bill in Good Cop/Bad Cop. It turns out, Krissy made pizza in a gym with Nicola Tesla.

We had a lesson on knocking out the fourth wall and the rules of improv in Movie Critics. Here, Paul and Delia talked about the new film, “La Cucaracha: Dawn of the Roach,” which of course is a love story. The rest of the cast filled in the scenes with the help of audience member Zola. The film started off with Steve the roach (played by Ryan) out in the daylight. He met gorgeous Gloria (played by Stephanie) and impressed her with his inflatable lasagna. Later, Steve stayed with Gloria and her roommate, after his house flooded. He brought along his book club friends, who decided to earn their keep by catching mice. Near the end, roaches Joe and Krissy were in the greenhouse and met Drew the cat. Drew was hungry since he couldn’t eat quiche and wanted to eat Joe instead. Fortunately, Joe and Krissy started hissing and acting like cats and it scared Drew away.

In Yes And, Joe and Stephanie taught a lesson in how to know each other in every scene.

After the break was Pillars. In round one, audience members Chris and Matt gave words while Joe and Will moved Dumbo into the It’s A Small World ride. In round two, Stephanie and Brianna camped out at Dunkin Donuts the night before free donut day, but ran into issues.

Ryan hosted a keen party in Party Quirks. He of course had fun guests, including Joe, who was afraid of Gremlins, Paul, who wanted to leave and go to Alaska, and Delia, who was a detective.

Matt, Chris and Zola gave advice in the Good, Bad and Ugly. We learned that you should look if you lose your favorite toy, or you can make your brother find it. Alternatively, you can also yell at your parents for possibly throwing it away. We also learned other things, like what to do at recess, what to do if you have a big test and how to act at the library. All good topics!

The night ended with Busta Rap, with Stephanie beating everyone as the master of rhymes!

And scene!

Bring Your Own Convo

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Hey everybody…I don’t know what is going on in this picture, please help me out.

Download the picture, add some text, and post a link to your picture in the comments section.

New Sketch Video

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BYOI has entered a new contest for Bitch Magazine!  Below is our video entry. Check it out!

Also check out the photos from the shoot in our media section!