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BYOI – Where the Benny’s Used to Be!

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We’re back to celebrate our 10th birthday! Daniel, Erich, Ian, Emily, Josh and Jonathan were once again joined by special guests Kennedy and Meredith. We had special guests in the audience as well: our first door person, Tom, and our very first audience member, Mary!

Our FAM was Daniel! Surprise! Every current and former cast member at the show asked him a question.

FAM Growing and Shrinking started off the show with dialect class, really big shoes, and so much stuff on nails. Sit, Stand and Narcolepsy was a blast! Josh and Emily were joined by Ethan, where there was a rare Jar Jar and invisible glass. Dust was for everyone in Centerpiece. We also had a creepy clown, shared cheese balls, and Erich enjoyed being Erich. Up next was my favorite game, Chainsaw! We had an embalmer where Benny’s used to be with a hot weiner. Along the way it turned into a beligerent traffic cop at Mr. Miyagi’s studio with a typewriter.

Construction Callout had everyone making things like a helicopter, unicorn, plane and turtle! From there, we jumped to Debate Club! We learned that Daniel doesn’t think, Meredith was disturbed by hot things, and wives and moms were in the audience. Serious Scene took place at the Diagon Alley Home Depot, and it took years to master a wand. The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where the cast was joined by current cast members David, Alan, Audrey and Tim, as well as alumni Paul and Candice.

With this, the blog is done. Thank you to everyone who has read, and I’d like to offer a super special thank you to everyone who came to celebrate. We enjoyed so much cake! Be sure to follow our social media for show recaps in the future.

And scene!

BYOI – Blowing Out the Candles!

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We celebrated our TENTH birthday at the family friendly show with Daniel, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, Erich, and Emily. Special visitors Meredith and Kennedy also were on the cast!

Our FAM was Beth! She loves traveling, especially to Vermont. She came to the show with her kids, and would like to save the world with comedy. FAM Welcome Song started off the show, with the cast singing to Beth!

Action Figures started off the night, with a special appearance from our former cast member, Paul!! We only had frozen meatballs; oh no!! Remake showed us the story of Goldilocks. We needed the property to meet certain standards, then it turned scary with invisible paint and a dark closet.

Pavlovian Response became Pavlovian Pillow Fight when our cast were given pillows and triggers to make them hit others with a pillow, such as moving thier heads, sitting, or using the letter R. Catch Phrase was fun! The bathroom was nowhere to be found, and groceries were needed. Greatest Hits featured such as “Put that Down and Give Me What’s in my Goodie Bag”, “Oops I Dropped my Birthday Cheesecake”,  “I Cannot Blow Out the Candles” and “Musical Chairs”.

Follow That Action celebrated a birthday with cake and a trampoline! There was a surprise marriage, a blank check, and a visit to Cabo. Finally, our FAM Beth had fun making the cast sing during Sing It!

And scene!

BYOI – The Sunflower Connection

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Another fun show was had with Krissy, Amy, Audrey, Erich, Daniel and Barbara during our late night show! Our FAM was Fritzi, who turned 44 today!! She’s a 5th grade teacher who is currently designing a camp. Fritzi likes gardening, and she’s the mom of two wonderful daughters, Shae and Aidan. She has a few people who bug her, like those who gossip or are miserable. FAMily Reunion had Fritzi at work where there was a child in the desk, the papers were being shredded for no reason, and staying out in the sun made you have to do paperwork.

What Are You Doing had a bunch of random things like making a souffle, searching for Mars on a telescope, undressing mole rats, and grading fifth grade. Centerpiece had sunflowers, the quadriatic cupid letters, and brownies in every cupboard. Everything Emporium had all of the things in Amy’s store! Erich was looking for a pencil that can only write in cursive, Krissy needed a gold coin that would turn her into a time traveler, and audience member Paul needed a worm with hiccups.

Questions was crazy, where rights were read, time with the therapist, questionable pills, and a newborn’s existential crisis. Famous Last Words followed this, with the end times of a dog, Marty McFly, Napoleon, and bleach. Next up was Quickest Minute, as Daniel, Barbara and a very brave audience member did increasingly frantic versions of Rapunzel. It was a blast! The night ended with Sing It! Princess Aidan stole a cow to become queen. However, the cow wanted to be queen instead!

Happy birthday, Fritzi!

And scene!

BYOI – Tyrannosaurus Oedipus Rex

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Our Late Night Comedy Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts was a Birthday Blast for our FAM Marcia, with Erich, Ian, Tim, Emily and Daniel on the cast. Marcia works in medical billing, enjoys strawberry cheesecake, would love to go to Vegas and someday might like to have a pet pit bull. Sing It featured whispering mammals, cheesecake and trying really hard to get excited. Trolley Stop introduced such characters as smoking gentlemen, detectives following trails, catty co-workers and paranoid future prisoners. Two-Headed Monster helped Harry find his wand. Daniel was Madam Zelda and he had to guess that Emily would get in a car accident this week, will swim with a shark and have a baby, and will wear two left shoes. Movie Critics was all about “Pit of Bulls”, a Sci-Fi film about lovers scorned and their lively adventures. Debate Club caused all kinds of arguments about honesty, cheesecake, inner peace, and A Christmas Story. Growing and Shrinking Machine had Hawaiian Beaches, works of art, exercise, dancing digit boogies and sensitive cookies. We ended the show with Highlander!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – That’s Just My Face…

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Our 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts and we had a great show! On cast were Erich, Audrey, Emily, Daniel, Amy and Alan. Our FAM was Zachary who is celebrating his 12th birthday. He loves math, and if he had any superpower he would be super fast. His favorite animal would be a zebra platypus hybrid. We began the game with a FAMily reunion. The birthday party was awesome but there was no zoo. There was chocolate cake, which dad thought was excessive, and the science teacher crashed the bash!

Sit, Stand and Lie Down brought us to a fishing boat in Maine. The fish were flying, the moon was a sight to behold, and the deck was slick. Centerpiece had our volunteers and cast rotating through scenes inspired by the words lakehouse, wood, Robin Hood and zebras. Friar Tuck was not impressed by the size of Little John until he got some perspective, the lions found the hiding zebra, the man with the chainsaw was not wearing a mask, and the woodpeckers were bored so they got helmets for their headache. For Timmy In the Well, Amy had to guess that Beyonce got hit by a ham in the freezer.

Say it Again brought us to Florida, where Grandma and Grandpa brought Missy to Sea World but she wanted to go to Arkansas. The basketballs on the walker were why grandpa was dribbling. Slogans introduced brilliant advertising for Oreos, cabbage, socks, sand and sardines. Fortunately/Unfortunately was next! Zachary helped his teacher with math during science class. We capped it off with a Busta Rap!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Let’s Do The Show In Black & White

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We had a very special birthday to celebrate during our late night show! Josh, Emily, Daniel, Barbara, Ian and Alan were joined occasionally by David and BYOI alumni Ally and Candice. Our FAM was Daniel! He just turned 40, and has been working hard on BYOI for almost 10 years now. He told us about the huge toy train set his dad built him when he was younger, and it sounded amazing! FAM Sing It had Daniel forcing the rest of the cast to sing a bunch of times as they did scenes about doing things the hard way.

Quickest Minute had Ian, Josh and Candice, where the farmer’s wife surprised everyone by killing everyone. Mick! John! Blargh! The Dating Game was next, where Barbara was Belgium, Alan was Daniel’s dog Jack, and audience member Rose played malicious tweezers. Lines From a Cup was a blast, as the cast quoted Daniel isms and broke the birthday boy a few times.

Questions showed us a divorce lawyer visiting his therapist, and popcorn was in deep space. But was it buttered? World’s Worst was next, with the worst lawyer, director, Mordor, curtain, and FAM. Action Figures had Daniel and Ian building a model train and maybe needing a chiropractor after it. The show ended with Curtain Call, with the current and former cast members singing together. Happy birthday, Daniel!

And scene!

BYOI – Tumbleweed Tumbleweed

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Our 9pm Not-So-Family-Friendly show featured Emily, Barbara, Erich, Daniel, Amy and Krissy. Our FAM was Jim, who is celebrating his Birthday and would love to go to Disney and eat Gregg’s Death By Chocolate Cake. We started the show with FAM Greatest Hits. We sang a blues song about leaving Rhode Island, a country song about mouse theme parks, and a ballad about a photography “exhibition.”

Fortunately/Unfortunately brought us out to the pub with Jim who rolled a 20 and got a double with diamond teeth and a lot of understanding. Centerpiece revolved around the number 8, the verdict, sushi and wish. The pizza would be ready in 8 minutes, coming across a crime scene was a shock, Sue had an impossible choice and the Wishbone Ranch was made with real bones. Newborn had Daniel and our audience volunteer guess that they are John Oliver and a plate spinner and they gave birth to a sand dollar.

Remake took place in an originally themed restaurant with a morbid menu. We remade Death By Chocolate as a western and an Anime.  Post-It brought us dunce dental hygienists, bartender tricorders and Siberian living quarters. Sit, Stand, Lie Down was next, and then we sang a song for our FAM Jim!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Lake Tuna

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It’s Barbara, Alan, Emily and Myself out in Chepachet, RI for Gary’s 50th birthday party! Gary loves to plow snow, hit up auctions and has a great love to go out on the lake with his daughter. We began the night with a game of FAM Pillar where Gary brought fresh tuna to the lake for his daughter to catch.

Next, in Alphabet, we saw lactose intolerant mythical creatures. Then in Good Cop, Bad Cop, Barbara used the not-a-restroom on the 9th hole of a golf course with Buggs Bunny. Then in Action Figures, Alan got a scalpel in his head and my patient was heavily knocked out. Because I Said So allowed me to learn that I was adopted, Dad is in a well-built dog house and Gary’s friends know him well. Finally, we sang the night away with Curtain Call. Thanks to Gary and his friends and family for having us out!

And scene!

BYOI – Oh, Spare me, Gus!

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Our Late Night Comedy Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts starred Alan, Josh, Ian, Jonathan, David, and guest starred Krissy. Our FAM was Jen, who is celebrating her birthday with us! She likes chocolate and Italian food. Last year she had a go-carting party, and she would like to visit Australia and visit kangaroos. We saluted our FAM with a special edition of First Line, Last Line. A pop-up map and bricks kept the teenagers off the lawn But it attracted all the other teenagers. Sports Commentator brought us the Kitty Litter Box Changing Championships with Bob and Sven. During Remake, Tinkerbell gave Wendy Pixie Dust but she was a double agent. It was remade as a Man-Vs-Nature Survival How, a Musical Horror and a Kung-Fu Soap Opera.

At the Everything Emporium, Krissy had to guess that her customers wanted a Go-Kart that cooks hot dogs, an asparagus night light and ravioli that makes your hands flail wildly. Centerpiece had cast member Ian in the center of revolving scenes about pilots, adding by threes, flat-Earthers and baby in the corner. Story Story Die brought us the story of a universe of Chocolate with candied chocolate people. The alligator plotted, the doughboy wore a strange cap, and the kit kat bar was a master weapon. Follow that Action brought us to the Australian Outback, and we wrapped up the show with a song for our FAM Jen!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Borrowed Chinese Food

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We’re back to start off season 11 of Bring Your Improv  with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Erich and Audrey!

Our FAM was Jessica, who is celebrating her 17th birthday! She enjoyed Chinese food for her birthday, and works at the state’s favorite place, Dunkin’ Donuts. She loves reading Harry Potter and Stephen King books, and would be an avid gamer if she could find the motivation to turn on her PS4. She came to the show with her friends, who she described as hyper, geeky and adorable. FAM Day In the Life had a Hamilton-themed musical Harry Potter, lazy texting, and adorable friends.

What Are You Doing started off the show! We met people who were having their destiny for dinner, practicing Wingardium Leviosa, and make cake and pie! Lines From a Cup had a cat with a light and a dark side, everything was made of stars, and Jonathan’s tongue had a lot of bacteria. Up next was Press Conference, where Erich was Father Time, and he earned the gold medal in snowboarding.

Sing It had Stephen King on Broadway! There were dragons, but they weren’t for petting. Only the nice people could stand. Quick Scenes was fun, with a rock instead of chalk, Jedi training with silent Yoda, and a princess in Tupperware. This was followed by Highlander! The game took place where a kid could lift himself up, and oil made the floor slippery. In the end, it came down to Jonathan and audience member Carolyn, with Carolyn eliminated. The show ended with Busta Rap! The cast and audience members rapped along with cat, snow, singing, and hippopotamus. Jonathan beat Ian in the end!

And scene!