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BYOI -*It’s Unsanitary!*

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It’s 6PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts. Our Youth Collective cast was Carolyn, Matthew, Ethan and Rob; our FAM was Caley, who is celebrating her birthday at our 9th Birthday show! She has a pet fish and likes Dr. Who.

We played FAM Quickest Minute first, with a rendition of The Little Mermaid. Lobsters were inconvenienced, and poses were varied, and Ariel sang with a fork. During Press Conference, Carolyn had to guess that she was Angelina Jolie and that she invented the rocket powered pogo stick. Post-it was awash with spaghetti Broadway stars, sunscreen cups, lifeguard caps, orange pans, and kiddie pools at the mall.

Sing It was a musical masterpiece with a giant vat of tar that was heavy, the repairman that ate a cow, a broken vat on the floor and a broken floor in the vat. We continued the vocal escapades with a round of Busta Rap. Carolyn won and finished off the show with a rap about our FAM Caley!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Three Pancakes and Dana’s Broken Car

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Tonight’s late night show was very lively, with Emily, Jonathan, Amy, Ian and Daniel! Our FAM was Rose, who is 17 today!! She’s one of our youth collective members, and she works as a secretary at a law office when she’s not at school. She’s starting college in the fall and loves ballroom dancing, fencing with sabers and Bob Ross. She came to the show with her mom and sister. In honor of Rose’s birthday, the cast played Rose’s favorite game, FAM Fortunately/Unfortunately! Ian and Amy told the story of Rose and her date with zombie Bob Rose, while Emily and Rose acted it out. They shared a love of shoes and happy litte toe fungus, which made Rose rich!

Trolley Stop started off with clumsy kids and Rose’s sister, Dana, as characters meeting on the bench. Lines From a Cup had Jonathan and Amy joined by audience member Jim. They ate beautiful donuts and custard and ran out of…something. There is no Dana, only Zul! This fun game was followed by Press Conference, where Ian was slightly stumped for the first time ever. He was Shakespearean Edgar Allen Poe, who had invented Coolidge Logs.

Typewriter had Jonathan and Rose telling the story of a late night trip to Ihop, where Rose had a French accent and Dana had a Texan accent. Grass was on the late menu, the the euphemism button and cliche keys were used frequently. Up next was Spelling Bee, where the cast and a few audience members spelled assorted words, like law (where the rules don’t apply unless you’re getting arrested), saber, reckless, curried chicken, and Rose (child that grew slightly sarcastic beautifully unfortunate). Things had to get serious after that, with Serious Scene! We needed to know the acceptable level of infidelity, an addiction to painting reared its ugly head. The night ended with Debate Club! We had a sister challenge, no one was lying down, clear euphemisms and the ladies took down the patriarchy.

And scene!

BYOI – Battling For Breadsticks

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We had a full house for our family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! It was a great show with Candice, Emily, Jonathan, David, Ally and Ian, as they made everyone laugh a bunch. Our FAM was Austyn! She’s a local nurse who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. She loves hanging out with her siblings and going to the gym. Her favorite birthday present was the dog she received for her 18th birthday. FAM Say It Again had nuggets needed luggage and tried to cross the road on a trip to Philadelphia.

Try That On For Size started off the fun with typing on teeth, hiding from explosions and shameful dabbing. Last Line, First Line went to London and made up crazy tea combinations. Ally had to figure out Emily’s fortune in Madame Zelda, with the help of spirits David, Candice and audience member Carolyn. She figured out Emily would dig a grave, adopt a hippopotamus, and get jumped on by someone & sent to space.

Revolver had thundersnow tornadoes, a first date to the car dealership and spinning in all directions. Story, Story Die told the story of hungry dingoes and distracting babies. We went with puppies to the chocolate shop, and visiting all the scary dogs. In the end, the babies and the puppies lived happily ever after thanks to the Snoop Shuffle. Up next was Helping Hands! Alan and an audience member helped out Jonathan and Ian while they boxed and threw javellins. The show ended with Busta Rap! The final three were Candice, Ally and Carolyn, but ultimately Ally won the battle.

And scene!

BYOI – It’s Not 9pm!

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Snow stopped, so we were able to play some games at our family friendly show! Daniel, Jonathan, Candice, David and Emily were on stage making everyone laugh. Our FAM was Julius! Today is his birthday, and he had chocolate cake and opened presents. His favorite present was a set of Wizard of Oz Pez dispensers. Last Halloween, he was ALL of the Oz characters, and I think I speak for everyone in saying we need to see a picture of that amazing costume. Julius wants to be an artist who draws trains when he grows up. FAM Remake had Julius moving out at 5 years old because of unsatisfactory grilled cheese. The chocolate version had a train-chocolate-train painting, and the Disney princess version had Jackson Pollack and squirrels.

Tableau showed us pictures of Disney World, the barn and a restaurant. Up next was First Line, Last Line! It’s Six Pack under a new name. Daniel and Jonathan had portals on the ship, David and Carolyn had a Captainless cereal, and Emily and Karen were a little verklempt. Candice followed this by committing a horrible crime in Good Cop, Bad Cop. She ate too many hot weiners in the Hundred Acre Woods with Alexander Hamilton.

Catch Phrase took place while David was setting up for the prom with Candice, our FAM and his mom! The kids needed to be treated better and David had to answer a ton of questions. Slogans was next, with one liners for trampolines, lip gloss, blueberries and typists. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly gave us advice about what to do when you’re bored, like bringing things with you; how to help with dry skin, by having an alligator lick it. The show ended with Lines From a Cu! Daniel was an all-star, and Candice wanted to buy smashed peanuts and buttery goo.

And scene!

BYOI- Fortunately, Cthulu had a Girlfriend

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It’s our FAM Shane’s Birthday at BYOI’s Sold Out Family Friendly Show! Shane is reading H.P. Lovecraft, likes to camp, and loves waterslides. We started off with a FAM Six Pack, where cows were cats, and subs were regulated except for the screen door, and they earned the cool hat while legos come out of Daniel’s nose. In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Cthulu took a walk by the pond with ducks who liked gouda with stale bread except when they are allergic. Short Cutz followed that, featuring an ice cream shop, moms who take driving classes, cheating on an algebra exam, the perspective of an African fly, and lunch room shenanigans. Amy’s Everything Emporium sold Ian a Barbie Car with a spoon for a hood ornament, our audience volunteer bought a toilet that makes noises like a zebra, and Emily wanted a 1967 detective horse. Typewriter had our audience members volunteering a bunch digging for buried treasure with pirates and Orangoutangs. The ship crashed, and they tricked the the other pirates, and found a treasure containing a trophy, a tablet, and a picture of a man dabbing. Quick Scenes featured camping, food and forest fires, bathrooms, Disney, and Grandma. Sit, Stand and Lie Down had our cast and an audience volunteer struggling to maintain the proper positions as they swabbed the deck. We finished up by singing a Happy Birthday Irish Ditty to our FAM Shane.

And Scene!

BYOI – That Is Not a Prime Number

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imageThanks for coming to join us at the Warwick Center For the Arts tonight! We had a bunch of fun with Candice, Josh, Daniel, Jonathan, David and Amy. Our FAM was Noah, who is turing 14 today! He came down to the show with his mom, and we’re so excited they decided to spend his birthday with us. Noah is in the 4th grade in Mansfield, and he wants to be an actor when he’s older. He loves history, video games and watching television. In FAM Growing and Shrinking, kids stook where they wanted in the cafeteria, a birthday party was ruined and things were scary.

Trolley Stop had dudes, moms, and duck laters. Our beloved friend Alan was a special surpise appearance in Movie Critics, with a dog getting refund for a visit in birthday cake. Pitbulls were misunderstood and the finale happened in Maine. A crime followed this, in Interrogation Lineup. Daniel was the one who played Pokemon Go at the bowling alley with Crush the turtle.

Two Headed Monster had our FAM Noarh playing in a scene with slimy, orange macaroni and cheese. Quick Scenes needed fifteen to tango and it was sad in China in 1776 since New Year’s was so far away. Helping Hands was fun with rock soccer in Montana, and the show ended up with Do Run, and the cast sang about the birth of our nation.

Happy, happy birthday to Noah!

And scene!

BYOI – Beavers With Whiskers

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imageWe’re back for our late night all ladies show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Once again, Kennedy, Candice, Amy and Emily were joined by auditioners Ally and Sarah. Our FAM Christie is a college student and librarian. She enjoys seeing movies and came to the show with her friends Kristen and Gwen, who are both crazy. She’s not the biggest fan of shelving books, so everyone be nice at the library and put stuff back! Happy birthday to Christie! FAM Day In the Life had fish, tuna fish and discriminated against fish!

Try That On For Size had Candice trying to figure out the Dewey Decimal System, Kennedy doing the Bend & Snap and audience member Jim sword fighting two people once. Freeze Tag had pizza hidden in the card catalog at the library, sauce on the rare books and random swearing at kids on the fields. Next up, Ally hosted friend at Party Quirks. She invited Candice the psychotic broom, Kennedy AKA Kim Kardashian, and an audience member, who was allergic to little.

Guidance Counselor had Jonathan on guitar while Sarah gave advice. Emily needed to learn how to add, Ally had a sausagey shepherd’s pie in her lunchbox, and a very brave audience member was stuffed in the locker. Because I Said So followed this, because why not follow up high school with toddlers? We learned that ice cream comes from excited cows, aliens visit for the spray paint fumes, and acting school was only for waiters. Growing and Shrinking had Ian trying to fix the worst conga line ever, Amy getting robbed at the Olympics and Ally had negative 15 SPF to get all the rays. The final game of the night was Debate Club! They debated about the pros and cons of death, food poisoning and we met the first Candice birther conspiracy theorist! At the end, we had to give kudos to Kennedy since it was her last show before leaving to go to college. Go be awesome, Kennedy!

And scene!

BYOI – Pi(e) That Goes On Forever

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imageHaaaaaaappy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy bithday to BYOI, happy birthday to us! Thanks for coming back to join us during our birthday celebration night! We all had a blast at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Alan, Candice, Jonathan, Meredith, Daniel, Kennedy and special guest, Erich!

Our FAM was Shakira! She’s a real estate title examiner and came to the show with our regular, Kate. She loves classical violin but doesn’t like Jersey. She gave us great suggestions for her game, FAM Growing & Shrinking (& Growing & Shrinking)! A bunch of scenes with rotating characters going on the Polar Bear Plunge, eating fish and visiting Jersey!

Sit, Stand and Running Man (instead of Lie Down) had Alan and Daniel joined on stage by audience member Jim. They had a really interesting way of smashing grapes, or potatoes, as they went to visit the wonderful wizard of Idaho. Six Pack was next, where Jonathan wasn’t impressed with Legos because he had to take them out of the box, Meredith and her friend ate all the cheesecake, and Candice & Kennedy couldn’t find good Pokemon. Chainsaw was a blast! We had a politician stripper at the farmer’s market with a frizbee. Not a truck driver at church with a hacky sack or baseball.

Our FAM Shakira had great timing with the bell with Sing It! as she had the cast singing about murder, oh my gawd and making your butt your best friend. Blank Walks Into A Bar had a lasagna (or not, since it doesn’t have legs), a rubber duck factory and quinoa at the bar. Action Figures had Candice and Erich cleaning up toys while blind, which help from 2 ladies from the audience. The ended the show with Finale Song, which was about the fun and perils of drinking.

And scene!

BYOI – The Italian Zebra Wolf

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imageThanks for coming back to our late night show at the Warwick Museum of Art! This show featured Meredith, Kennedy, Emily, Jonathan and Amy. Our FAM Ryan was celebrating his 30th birthday! He’s a personal trainer, where helping people is the best and worst part of his day. He came to the show with his expectant wife, family and friends. In FAM Greatest Hits, Amy sang the reggae song, “Puppies No More,” while Kennedy and Emily sang the ballad, “Magnetic Love.”

Try That On For Size started off the night, with audience members Kristen and Jim jumping on stage with our friend Erich. Some featured actions were trying to shake hands with Captain Hook, going fly fishing and washing windows the long way. Pillars had audience members Jon and Paul giving Meredith, Emily and Jonathan words. They fungused everything and franked! Aaah chicklet! Everythig Emporium had Emily looking for a reusable q-tip, Amy needing a TARDIS that stays put & Erich wanting a garden hoe that tells time. Thankfully, Kennedy had all of them!

The Two Headed Monster was played by Jonathan and our FAM’s wife! They did a scene with Emily where they looked for the X that marked the spot. Slogans had some great lines like: Paperclips, for when you want to put pieces of paper together without the commitment; Astronauts, for when the government wants to get rid of you; and Slinky, look, there’s stairs! Serious Scene had great participation, as the cast and audience members went hunting in the woods. They found a wild Taylor Lautner! Do Run ended a great night, with the cast singing about Ryan and his friends.

Happy birthday Ryan!

And scene!

BYOI – Bronze the Family

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imageGood evening and welcome to BYOI’s youth collective show with Jillian, Charolotte, Rose, Ally, Rachel and Gabby. We also have our birthday girl FAM, Chandra, who loves very fresh strawberry short cake, think she is her own best co-worker and would put her whole family in the museum. In the FAM game of Growing & Shrinking Machine we learned that dairy products do not belong in Bora-Bora and abs are great in the office.

In Freeze Tag, asperagus will not last in a lunch box for the summer, detention is for learning and it is clear that Gabby was just lying. In the Dating Game there was a potato masher, Target and everytime Rachel hears the word “no” she has to kick her leg. Finally in Greatest Hits, we had songs about uncomfortable babysitters who gives the kids away, the scared toaster that wasn’t good enough, and cats in boots.

And scene!