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BYOI – Underwater Meercats

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Here we are at the Izzy Room tonight with Audrey, Alan, and myself. Our Fam tonight was Dante and his grandmother Cathy. He loves giraffes and strawberry ice cream.  Cathy’s favorite book to read is the Bible and she loves monkeys. We started with Fam Sing It. A trip to the zoo led to underwater meercats and the fact that they were far happier in a water tank than in a hole in the ground. Action Figures had Alan and Audrey making and fixing shoes in a cobbler’s shop. Alan was arrested for stealing strawberry’s from a farm in Las Vegas with the help of Elmo during Good Cop/Bad Cop. All of the cast along with several volunteers took part in Questions, Only starting at a pizza shop. We closed with Try that on for size with a number of volunteers helping the cast trip the lawn among other tasks.
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BYOI – Bodies, Not Candy!

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BYOI is once again at the Rhode Island Theatre Conference and having a blast. We are here with Erich, Barbara, Emily, Myself and our 1001st FAM Abram from Cumberland High School. Abram likes Legally Blonde the Musical, works at Domino’s and likes toffee. We started off with Sing It at his job where fairy fluor dust in the eyes can make anyone like that pizza.

Next up was Pillars where a Mom and her son were scared the house owner might through more Sugar Daddies at them. Timmy in the Well had Morgan Freeman, slipping in the desert and Freeze Tag had witches luring kids into traps with candy. Debate Club taught us that Trunks are for bodies and that there is no flour in pizza. Finally, in Highlander, I was forced to deal with my bleach blonde hair.

Thanks once again to RITEC for having us.

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BYOI – Secret Mall Sauce

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And we are back for a second show with Erich, Emily, Barbara and myself here at the Warwick Mall! Our FAM for the second show was Logan, who was here to pick up a late birthday present and who wanted to own his own mall. We started off with Pillars where the mayo had been left out for a few days and the salsa was made fresh!

Then we moved on to Trolley Stop where we had chickens, kittens and howling wolfs. Next up was Highlander where Emily was a very picky cat and made everyone agree that they needed a dog. Busta Rap had Barbara winning once again and freeze tag had Erich’s daughter up in the air. In Action Figures, Erich and I struggled to hit Target with a bow and arrow and sing it had us building the perfect racing uniform.

Thanks again for having us Warwick Mall!

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BYOI – Snotty Mummy

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BYOI is at the Warwick Mall today for our first of two shows! We are here with Erich, Emily, Barbara and myself and our FAM David! David has a brother, wants a pretzel and will be Scream for Halloween. For our first game, Pillars, I was tied up in a yoga pretzel and had the comfort of my Teddy Bear Bill.

Next up was Trolley Stop where we visited Seekank and zombies needed condiments with their brains. Highlander found me unwinding a Mummy to blow my nose and attacking a vampire with a bat. Barbara won Busta Rap and then we had a fashion killing robot and a third-grade marriage proposal. Action Figures saw a Trick or Treat go wrong and we finished with Sing It at the “Desert” shop with ice cream and sand.

One more show coming up at 3pm. See you then!

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BYOI – Dreams Of Dogicorns and Ice Cream

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We had a super fun time at Providence Improv Fest’s family friendly block. Thanks so much to Elderberry Jam for being amazing and getting the audience in a great mood beforehand. Our special show at 95 Empire had Daniel, David, Ian, Barbara, Erich, Jonathan and Audrey making everyone laugh. The FAM for the show was Cailin, who is in the 6th grade. She gave a great FAM interview, where she impressed the cast with her love of math and oreo ice cream, and where she also invented a dog/unicorn hybrid. In FAM Greatest Hits, Daniel sang the “Tiny Unicorn” which went up the charts to tin foil, according to Jonathan. After that, Ian sang a poppy tune about math and ice cream.

Try That On For Size started off the participation part, with stair licking, running through the woods, and trying to miss school by making a mark on your forehead. Chainsaw followed that, with the cast and 2 brave audience members trying to make it down the line with a door to door ice cream salesman at a carousel with a pencil. The game went off track a few times, and ended up incorrectly with a dog sitter or a bratty little brother in an apple orchard, rodeo or mansion with a cheeseburger or jar of peanut butter. It was fun to watch!

Up next, we had the craziest Action Figures I’ve ever seen in my years of blogging the shows. Daniel and Erich were moved around by 2 audience members as they played a game of hopscotch. It went exactly how you would picture Action Figures hopscotch, with twisting, odd movements, and Erich on the ground. The last game of the show was Curtain Call, with Barbara and Jonathan on guitar. The cast did a recap of the show in song, and we learned that playing hopscotch may have been better with butterscotch.

Thanks again to our great openers, Elderberry Jam, and thanks to Providence Improv Fest for having us! We can’t wait until next year!

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BYOI – Mopping in Circles

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It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so that means that BYOI is back in the Izzy Room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital with Jonathan, Candice, and Audrey. Joining them is our FAM Infinity. Infinity is in kindergarten and loves Barbie and Tinkerbell.

Our first game of the night was Remake, which found Jonathan and Audrey exploring what happens when Tinkerbell gets fed up with Peter Pan constantly shaking her for fairy dust. What Are You Doing examined breakfasts on Mars, interstellar travel plans, and hiccuping lady bugs. Infinity joined us for Pillers and led Candice and Audrey in an interesting new addition to the Chucky Cheese Ball pit…mops and pictures of balls. Trolley Stop found dogs, being afraid of the dark, and glacial pacing. We closed the show with a rousing game of Sing it, and learned all about the eating habits of the hybrid Polar Monkey and it’s love for frozen banana pizzas.

It was a great night full of much-needed laughter for everyone.

And scene!

BYOI – Wiley Zebraroo

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We took a trip to Roger Williams Zoo for an honor roll reward party! Emily, Barbara, and Candice got to meet our awesome FAM, Robin! Robin wants to see the pyramids in Egypt, she’s been to Switzerland, she loves taking selfies in her free time, and if she could mix two animals she would take a zebra and kangaroo to make the zebraroo. We started off the show with FAM Pillars, where we saw Barbara and Emily taking selfies in a trampoline park.

Next up was Trolley Stop and there were squabbling chickens, perms that didn’t set, and grocery shoppers racing each other. In Two Headed Monster, we mined for chocolate in Egypt and found out that Egypt is known for its slimy chocolate. After that was Good Cop, Bad Cop and we learned that Barbara was washing dishes in a bathroom on the moon with Barney. In Freeze Tag there was bubblegum that made teeth invisible and changed flavor, heavy apples were picked, and the little teapot kept missing the teacup. Candice and Emily were our Action Figures, and they couldn’t catch the zebraroo to give it a bath, so they spun their arms in circles to get its attention. Lastly we played Spelling Bee, and we discovered that both “Mississippi” and “Phoenix” have a zero in them.

Thank you to Roger Williams Zoo for letting us use the space and thank you to Bay Village Apartments for letting us hang out with you!

And scene!

BYOI – Oar the Old Man!

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On this wonderful Tuesday night, BYOI is at Brown University again for another STEM camp performance! It is Jonathan, Emily, Amy, David and Myself with our FAM for the night, Jake! Jake wants to be a Space Pirate and is concerned about the new obsession of tall socks with shorts. So to start things off in a game of Pillars, one body sock seemed to ruin everything for these Space Pirates.

Next, in What Are You Doing, we saw Vacuuming Dogs and Upside Down Sunglasses. Two Headed Monster brought on cute puppies and their owner’s big ears. Timmy in the Well had Alexander Hamilton digging a hole in Narnia. We then moved to Highlander, where the “Old Guy” had to do the rowing scene all by himself even though he had been eliminated in the first round. Action Figures showed us that is is hard to feed the monkeys and Debate Club taught us that STEM is used to get E-Coli into Chipotle through tall socks.

Thanks for having us Brown University!

And scene!

BYOI – Did you cut your hair?

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Once again we find ourselves at Brown University for their teen STEM summer program. Joining the students are Jonathan, David, Emily, Ally and Josh. Our FAM for the evening is Tycho. Tycho is a counselor for the students and loved breakfast, especially coffee (my kind of person).
Our first game was Pillars with Tycho acting as our pillar. Jonathan and David were at the gym discussing the finer points of spray tans, aloe, and ghost pepper ointments. Next up was Trolley Stop with slippery surfaces, tweens on cell phones, and chickens falling from the sky. Two Headed Monster saw that campfires burn monsters. Emily wowed us all in Timmy in the Well by guessing that Martha Stewart was built into a wall…but not just ANY wall…The Great Wall of China! Highlander saw David win with a rousing rendition of Cinderella. Action Figures involved yoga, exercise, undying love for brooms all while ignoring customers at Starbucks. We closed the night out with a show-stopping version of Curtain Call!

A great time was had by all…we can’t wait to go back later this summer.


BYOI – “Ready, Set, Rock!” (Part 2)

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We’re back at Norton Middle School in Massachusetts for an awesome afternoon show! We had two shows for 350 students each, and needless to say that’s a lot to fit into one blog! The second show featured Emily, Ally, Barbara, and Erich. The FAMs were two 7th graders named Meg and Mack. Meg runs long distance, Mack is going to New Hampshire for the summer and likes to hang out with her friends, and they both went to Six Flags together. We opened the show with Pillars, where Ally and Emily had a date at Six Flags with a cupcake roller coaster, frozen pizza, and goalie earrings.

In Trolley Stop, we saw gorillas, zombies, and babies. Next in Two Headed Monster, Emily and the Monster were coaches on a baseball team who were rooting for both teams wearing reddish socks. Timmy in the Well was after that, and Barbara discovered that Mario got hit by a shelf in an auditorium. Ally won Highlander, where we found out that having brown hair was not allowed and three legged races start on “rock.”

In Action Figures, Erich forgot the stakes to pitch his and Ally’s tent, and the sleeping bag was not minty pine fresh. Lastly in Curtain Call, we sang about how hard math is, the fairy on the plane to California, and Ally’s knick knacks.

Thank you Norton Middle School, we had an amazing time as usual! And scene!