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BYOI – Awkward Lab Experiences

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We had a really fun show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Candice, Amy, Daniel, Jonathan, Emily and Ally. Our FAM was Taeya! She’s a middle school student, and likes science. She’s a fan of reading and her comic relief friends. Taeya came to the show with her mom and little brother! FAM Typewriter showed us a great adventure! Seahorses were trying to escape the science lab, while a goldfish witnessed a budding romance.

Tableau started off the show, with the NASA Control Room (Candice was Houston, who was sick of problems, and Daniel let us know that Major Tom was only a Captain), Block Island, and Walmart. Audience members Karen and Noah were great additions! Say It Again started off with a new stage show by a strange family. Up next was Chainsaw, with  a fairy dust collector at the Bronx Zoo with socks.

Alphabet was fun, with squirrels (my favorite!), a llama getting an x-ray, a “bagel-aria” and the cast trying to not disturb Candice. Five o’clock!! This was followed by Rope! An iguana was getting pet on the head, Amy learned ASL, and Ally ate too many bananas. Emily and audience member Ethan told the story of the fight between newspapers and the internet, with Amy and audience member Carolyn miming it out. Finally, the cast ended up serenading everyone at the end of the show with Do Run!

And scene!

BYOI – Breath Of Life

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We had a fun Youth Collective show with Carolyn, Steven, Ethan and Rob on a rainy evening. Our FAM was Julie! She’s a respiratory therapist, and would like to revisit Bulgaria and eat some cheese schatzel. Julie loves Wonder Woman and her invisible jet, and is a super proud mom.

Sit, Stand and Lie Down had a very sanitized conveyor belt at the mac & cheese factory, while Popeye gave a pilot a brownie in Jamaica in Timmy In the Well. Quick Scenes had cheese on the wall, a ride in Wonder Woman’s jet. Up next was Revolver, where grandma foiled plans for world domination. The show ended with Debate Club, where we learned dragons sleep better on the floor.

And scene!

BYOI – Cold Cold Rockabye

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Our 9pm Not-So-Family Friendly Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured Ally, Ian, Erich, David, Emily and auditioner Audrey. Our FAM was Erin, who is a nanny for 6 children. She enjoys DC Comics and quilting. She is a fan of Harley Quinn but didn’t care for the new movie version. Her boyfriend Tom is a “geekly” goober. We started off the evening with a FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine. The quilt was soft, Grampy fell and couldn’t get up, the well was dry, and Erich needed assistance but it was short by a sheet. Action Figures got dressed while doing the Macarena and they were so excited! Peanut allergy attacks were frightening and Ally told David it was all for the birds.

Short Cutz was an adventure in fishing. The sea creatures could smell the toes, the market had the basket and the basket was in the market. Rehearsal was in the hole, and it was a tricky operation. During Madam Zelda, Emily had to guess that Erich Is going to have a seal baby, get fired for singing Ice Ice Baby, and his hands will become baked potatoes. Our Movie Critics reviewed the Sci-Fi classic, Trogs. The thunder army in the town of Eden took the flies that were meant for lunch. Famous Last Words brought us Taco Tuesday and Good, Bad and Ugly brought us speed quilting, elder care tips and advice on choosing a restaurant for a date. We capped the show off with a Busta Rap all about our FAM Erin!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – All We are Saying is Give Armadillos a Chance

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Our 7pm Family Friendly Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts was a blast! On cast were Erich, Ally, Emily, Ian, David and auditioner Audrey. Our FAM was Tom B., who works for a photography company and enjoys playing Xbox Games like Destiny. He enjoys Marvel films, especially The Avengers and Spider Man.

We kicked off the evening with a FAM Sing It! Ian learned to pirouette with his massive calves, and he was a natural according to Ally. Sit, Stand and Lie Down featured shorter superheroes, sketching costumes and sewing capes while our young hero tested his strength. After that, we played a round of Revolver. The angels winged it during a halo shortage, the airplane needed key maintenance, flamingo conventions commenced and The Jolly Green Giant forgot his lines. During Timmy in the Well, Ian had to guess that Ronald McDonald fell into quicksand in England.

Two Headed Monster brought us secrets from the man under water, open windows and meow hammers. In Quick Scenes, cinnamon ratios were corrected, the Spice Girls’ Reunion was a hit, and Mr. Potato had a close encounter.  Follow that Action turtles were sloth hares and puppy kisses saved the day, the doctor couldn’t turn the turtle over without a little roll.

We ended the show with Debate Club, Ally forgot the words of The Little Drummer Boy, Armadillo rescues didn’t take drummers into account, including Xbox Rock Band drummers. The recital was poorly attended and Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Let Me Beam You Up, Baby

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It’s 9pm on our 9th Birthday at the Warwick Center for the Arts and it’s time for our not-so-family-friendly show! On cast were Daniel, Ally, Emily, Jonathan, Josh and Candice.

Our FAM was Kate, who is a property detective who survived her workday. She loves Little Rhody Raspberry soft serve ice cream. She really likes the TV show, Sherlock. We kicked off the show with a Welcome song for Kate! Try That on for Size was next, during which Candice dried her glove, we took a bathroom break, played Hungry Hungry Hippos, and smelled what the Rock was cooking. Our Pillars brought us a scene full of ripped paper and chairs. We beamed up to the Titanic and the picnic, drew planks of wood and the wife got framed. Chainsaw began with a lumberjack in a restaurant in outer space with a record player, and it ended with an archaeologist at the bar from Star Wars with that record player!

Short Cutz supplied Fairy Godmothers with rotten pumpkins, spirit fingers, and a Benedict Cucumber Patch. Debate Club had our cast and volunteers arguing the finer points of  Benedict Cumberbatch, the difference between Jim Carrey and Jim Morrison, the smell of arid, and the Irish potato famine. Candice conquered the competition in a Highlander, which featured the struggles of protein acquisitions in a vegetarian restaurant, noodle counting adventures, and sick burns.

We wrapped the show up with a song for our FAM Kate!

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – Uranium Chainsaws

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It’s 7 PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and we are celebrating our 9th birthday at our Youth Collective show. On cast were Candice, Daniel, Josh, Emily, Jonathan and Ally! Our FAM was Jessi, who works at Dunkin Donuts and is going into 11th grade. She likes to sing and enjoys obscure musicals like Be More Chill. If she could write a musical it would be about teenagers in the 1800’s. If she could travel anywhere it would be The Village of Hogsmeade.

We kicked off the show by playing FAM Greatest Hits. We were introduced to such classic hits as “The Um Blues”, “Happy Meal”,  “Shut up I’m Trying to Sleep” and “What the Heck am I Doing With My Life?” Following that was Freeze Tag. Horror space Alamo brought us tissue cascade knots and Rat snacks. Jimmy won’t throw the ball, hopscotch is for hands, Stuckman was a stuck man, and the dentist made a house call. In our game of Alphabet, the robots were coming, spider baseball, and Iguanas invaded.

Chainsaw was next! Professional Barber Statue in the Boston Omni Movie Theater with a Turtle became a young Irish Jack upon the Titanic in Hawaii with saggy pants. Sing It brought us free coffee, eBay sales with Grandma, and the other chainsaw. In Because I Said So, we answered such questions as  “Why are eyes in my face?” “Why is sewing so cool?” and “What makes the world go around?” Action Figures had twister fires, once we found Jill and the hot coals were ready. Extinguishers were hard to find! We wrapped up the show with a song for our FAM Jessi!

And Scene!!

BYOI -*It’s Unsanitary!*

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It’s 6PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts. Our Youth Collective cast was Carolyn, Matthew, Ethan and Rob; our FAM was Caley, who is celebrating her birthday at our 9th Birthday show! She has a pet fish and likes Dr. Who.

We played FAM Quickest Minute first, with a rendition of The Little Mermaid. Lobsters were inconvenienced, and poses were varied, and Ariel sang with a fork. During Press Conference, Carolyn had to guess that she was Angelina Jolie and that she invented the rocket powered pogo stick. Post-it was awash with spaghetti Broadway stars, sunscreen cups, lifeguard caps, orange pans, and kiddie pools at the mall.

Sing It was a musical masterpiece with a giant vat of tar that was heavy, the repairman that ate a cow, a broken vat on the floor and a broken floor in the vat. We continued the vocal escapades with a round of Busta Rap. Carolyn won and finished off the show with a rap about our FAM Caley!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – A Ton of Swords

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Thanks for joining us for the last show of July with Amy, Erich, Jonathan, Daniel, David and Emily! Our late night show’s FAM was Brock, who is s a deputy sheriff. He came to the show with his mom, Sharon, or as Jonathan calls her, Brock’s Mom. He likes the ren faire, collects Disney paraphenalia, and hated “Toy Story 2.” After the interview, the cast was inspired to serenade Brock in FAM Do Run.

The show started off with What Are You Doing, with monkey tickling, stray dog adopting (plus his 7 siblings), and tiny pogo stick jumping. Say It Again took place at the ren faire, where a cod piece needed to be used for carving, and Amy loved dinging Daniel’s lines out. Up next, Emily committed a crime in Good Cop, Bad Cop. She was caught blowing bubbles at Rocky Point with Scrooge McDuck. (Woo-oooo-oo!)

Lines From a Cup had a cranky fast food worker who needed to be more professional. We followed this with Busta Rap, where Amy won with a rap about puns! Fortunately/Unfortunately had audience members Kate and Maddie telling a story of finding religion on an adventure through New Orleans. The night ended with a great game of Sing It! It started off with a strange request for a kiss and a “sword” touching the back of Daniel’s head, before jumping to the Number 4 and taking a moped ride to Duckburg.

And scene!

BYOI – The Legendary Saunderstown

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We went into the end of July strong at our family friendly show with Erich, Emily, Daniel, Amy, David and Jonathan! Our FAM was Rebecca! She came to the show with a group of theatrical family and friends. She’s a former math and science middle school teacher, but upgraded to a stay at home mom of 4. She likes everyone, except Mary and her negative energy. She enjoys hanging out with her husband relaxing on the porch. FAM Day In the Life had Rebecca hanging out with her family and the negative Mary.

Action Figures started off the night with a bad dog in bad dog training school and no Windex. Remake started off with a chicken problem in Saunderstown, but Amy wasn’t happy and had them redo it as a sci-fi action film. Finally, we redid the film as a birdy telenovella. In Press Conference, Beyonce invented a personality transplant machine.

Sing It had a great scene in song, with someone who wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and we learned that it’s important to not only go to college, but don’t be jerk. Post It had crazy combinations, like Canada+dental hygienist, construction manager+vet, Universal Studios+bagel factory, North Pole+top of an electric pole. The Quickest Minute redid the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and the cast finally ended the show in a song recap in Curtain Call.

And scene!

BYOI – Going to the Cah Show

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The BYOI Youth Collective had a great show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! The cast included Rose, Ethan, Steven, Aidan, Maddie and in her final show before moving away, Gabriella! Our FAM was Tony, who is a retired tax accountant. He used to like travelling to the South for work, and is visiting from North Carolina. Tony has been golfing for 19 years, and enjoys bringing his antique cars to nursing homes.

What Are You Doing was creative, with golf ball birth, the Macarena, joining a “cah” club, and making friends with an armadillo. Pavlovian Response had 3 of our ladies climbing the job ladder at Papa Gino’s. It lead to lots of laying down, honking and raised arms. Next up, an Easy Bake Oven, teddy bear, and psych teacher were some of the visitors in Blank Walks Into a Bar.

Short Cutz was fun with chinchilla hide and seek, except he didn’t want to be found because he was getting a bath with water. Along the way, we met the unfortunate chinchilla’s family and visited Aruba. The show ended with Busta Rap! The guys were eliminated first, as the ladies slowly being elimated, with Rose winning.

And scene!