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Friday is Beth Czerny’s Last Show!!!

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Come fly away with us Beth!On Friday May 29th, BYOI will be saying good-bye to cast member Beth Czerny. She has been accepted to Columbia University and must leave us. So in a combination Good-bye / Congratulations / Happy Birthday (Yes, it is her birthday too!) show for Beth, we will not let her go out quietly, we want her to go out of Rhode Island with a bang! So come out Friday night at 11:00pm to The Spot on Thayer and celebrate Beth Czerny! The woman, the movie reference, the legend! Be you friend or fan of hers, all are invited. We hope to see everyone there!

BYOI wins the Bitch Magazine contest!!!

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BYOI has won the Bitch Magazine Contest!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this awesome video!!!

Demuestre los Puntos Culminantes de Chico 5/20

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Festival de la Salchicha!

Who needs chicks?  I believe we gents had a fantastic show last night!  Go Carlos! Go Sanchez! Go Lupe! Go John’s not-so-spanish name! And a thank you to all of you from me, Chico!

What Are You Doing? – Taquitos? No no no, ta-cat-os

Alphabet – Go Team Hamster Ball Side of Stage!  We backwards alphabetted like no other, or at least we backwards alphabetted like not the giant head shaped suckers in coffee mug side of the stage.  Go Ben! Go Mel! Go John!

Party Quirks – Thasnk goodness Jon A was around to host the Tupperware party while his wife was in labor…we had a great time with our guests Alien in Human Body (Dan), Balloon Animal Artisan (Joe), and Smart Sarah Palin (John K)

Freeze Tag! – I am personally thankful for the 5 second rule!

Chainsaw –

4 Person {John R, John K, Me, and Cam}: Blacksmith, Opening of a volcano, Cutting Board –> Blacksmith! Woot!, Carnival, ???

5 Person {Jon A, Dan, Jason, Ben, New Guy}: Member of a Boy Band, Super Mario Land, Stanley Cup –> Rock Star, ???,Hockey Skate

6 PERSON WHAT?!? {Cam, Mike, Mel, John B, Me, Joe}: Therapist, Zoo, ??? –> Masseuse, Pac Man World, Oatmeal

World’s Worst: Props to my Siamese Twin Ben! Hermanos!  Lots of input for Things you don’t want to hear from God and Bad Answering Machine Messages

Again, great show everybody…now we have a week off so I try to drown my sorrows in blogging 🙁


Jimmy’s Show Highlights 5/6

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I was very pleased with last night’s show.  We all had a lot of energy and performed well, even when Mel was the only one watching because the entire audience was volunteering!

– Say It Again with Jason went very well, we had a good foundation for a scene, a lot of movement around the semi-C, and we even changed locations where we finished off the scene with the assist from John…Good work Jason and John

– I’m glad we did the impromptu game substitution with Genres. Jon and I had a lot of fun with that one, complete with Silent Movie style callbacks!

– Special thanks to anyone that used me as a prop during freeze tag and didn’t bash my head on the ground {*cough*John*cough*} But really I had fun with that, and for those of you worried about my health, my head is fine, John did not harm any Jimmys in the making of this show

Congrats all to a very good Wednesday night show