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Beth Hicks has Veggie Face at Improv Fest Jam! – 6/28/09

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Beth Hick represented at the Providence Improv Fest Jam!

Quick Hits from Beth:

  • “Who gave you a medical licence?”
  • “Ohhh, your never going to get dental!”
  • “I have like five new fears now!”

And the coup de grace line of the afternoon from Beth… “Oh that, he is just listening to NPR.”

Awesome job by BethHicks representing BYOI with style, class and talent!  Awesome characters and great scene work!  Make sure you come to a show and congratulate her on a job well done! 

And that ends our coverage of the 2009 Providence Improv Fest.  We have a show this Wednesday at 9pm, but no show Friday because of the Fourth.  Don’t forget the auditions coming up on July 13th and 20th for WOMEN ONLY!!! 

…And Scene!

Friday Night’s Recap – 6/26/09

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On our third night of back to back shows, BYOI still had it!  We started off with our intros and our inspiring minds:

  1. One day marriages end badly.
  2. Don’t try to sell a lawn mower to the guy you stole it from.
  3. Crop circles are really made by high wallabies.
  4. Buzz Aldrin is now Dr. Rendezvous, Hip Hop Master.

Thanks go out to our volunteers for the night: Cam, Jackie, Ian and Peter. Here are our lessons learned for the night:

  • A moon-walking wallaby has nothing on a Amy Winehouse kangaroo.
  • Rapunzel’s baby was Fed Exed!
  • Don’t give John sharp objects in a scene, he just ends up cutting Jimmy.
  • A Dentist, in a Meadow with a Bop It = A Strong Man in Kinkos with a bow and arrow, but a DJ in a Jam Factory with a Space Catapult = ! in a ? with a Por Que?
  • If you give a camel water, it pisses it off!
  • Shoe tying can be violating!!!
  • Don’t touch Unions stuff.
  • What the 5th dentist does not recommend.
  • and that four men do not belong in Beth’s boudoir.

Best laugh for the night go to Jimmy: “My mom gave us all nick names… mine was Honey Smacks!”

Come see Beth Hicks perform in the Improv Fest Jam, Sunday at 3:00pm at Pershable Theatre!

Providence Improv Fest – 6/25 Show Recap

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Ben's HeadSo last night was the Providence Improv Fest show for Bring Your Own Improv!  It was a packed house and there was a lot of press about it.  Check out the news article in the Providence Journal about us.

We started the show off noticing one very important thing… Ben is very tall, and the ceiling… well, not so tall.  After Wednesday night’s fun with Ben banging his head, you can imagine he was a little nervous.  He could have been a load bearing support.

The show began with a stunning crowd warm up by Ben, a special “What Are You Doing?” intro by the cast and an official intro by our fearless leader.

The first game of the night was Revolver, here is what we learned:

  • When you teach juggling, it is better to actually have balls.
  • Hug your favorite giant spoon!
  • Sponges are a euphemism for your relationship with a soft side and a rough side… Beth was the rough side.

Next was Chainsaw.  Since we had some of our regulars to our twice a week show and they were there to support us, we decided to bring some of them up in this fun game to thank them.  Former cast member Beth Czerny and regular audience member John Knight.  The result – The Tooth Fairy, at the Zoo with a Blender – Became A Child Care Worker, in the Wild West with Wine.  We are so good at communicating! 😛

Finally, we ended the night with a rousing case of the new hit game – Freeze It Again!  Here is what we learned:

  • Switching poles does not work.
  • Purses that look like vomit are bad.
  • You gotta put down the Monkey.
  • If you spray paint your wife red, she is not a communist.
  • Never bring a short sword to a fencing match.
  • And shooting someone in a duel ends a scene!

And that was the end of our awesome show!  If you missed it then come see tonight’s regularly scheduled show at 11pm.  Or come see Beth Hicks perform at the PIF Fest Jam at 3:00pm on Sunday at Perishable Theatre!

Notes from Ben Bunyan, mythical (b)logger, and his big blue (m)ox(y)

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Hello, Blogosphere!

Long time, no see.  How you been?

I got your show notes here but I’m keeping them brief cause some of us have to rest up for the Providence Improv Fest tomorrow.  That’s right.  We have a special performance tomorrow, technically tonight, at the PIF and we’d love your support!  I’ve put details below.

But I digress.  Big thanks to whomever took notes tonight.  It was an excellent show overall.

What Are You Doing?

  • You tell a story about a naked man stealing French fries, and suddenly everyone wants everyone to take there everypants.  (There was a lot of implied nudity)
  • And then Jon licked Beth.


(Big thanks to whomever took notes for this first round–I heart quotes!)

  • Cam:  I’d given you a Baby Ruth.
  • Ben:  It was melted.  And besides, I might be tall, but look at the profile.  Toothpick.  Nothing.
  • Ben:  Finish line is over here, darling.
  • Steph:  Didn’t I tell you I can’t run?  That’s why I’m on the bus.
  • Steph:  Hey!  A Skip-It!
  • Jon:  You know how much that thing cost me, and now you’re gonna skip it?
  • Jon:  (recaps pretty much the entirety of Dumb & Dumber)
  • Cam:  You’re way too much like Jim Carrey.
  • Ben:  If I was a bus, I’d be gone right now.
  • Jon:  I had to shave a cat.  In front of people!
  • Jon:  So are we gonna do this?
  • Cam:  I am never gonna make out with you.
  • Ben:  Those hippies are aggressive.
  • Cam:  Well, they have Mel Gibson with them.
  • Ben:  I thought he didn’t like hipp–oh no, wait, that’s Jewish people.
  • Ben:  You know what’s funny about buses in Czechoslovakia?  They suck! . . . Wait, you’re the coach now?
  • Then we played it again, but the notes get scarcer here:  Jimmy kvetched.  Dan glittered.  John Ring sassed.  And Beth got cold Sunday comic feet.  And I think Jon licked Beth . . . again.

Dating Game

  • Turns out:  Jon likes all things vertical, Beth Hick is LiLo, and Cam thinks he can move things with his mind.  But he can’t move Suzanne’s heart.  She went with L.L.  Hooray, audience bachelorettes!  Excellent game.
  • Also of note:  Jimmy is a total narcissist, Steph plays a mean Queen of Hearts and I am a historically accurate JFK.  I honestly can’t remember who bachelor Dan picked.  I blame the chowda’.


  • I’m gonna try to post a video here.  I can’t say I am very proud of this moment, but I also can’t disagree with the comedy.  Hope you enjoy: 

Freeze It Again

  • Jimmy was a prop.
  • Jon tried to lick Beth . . . yet again.  Rule of three, baby!  Comedy platinum.

So that was the short and the long of it.  Details for our Providence Improv Fest performance can be found here.  We are performing with Skypunch at Local 121’s Speakeasy at 8pm.  Now, I am getting down on my knees to beg you to join us; it’s gonna be wicked fun!  And now my knees are hurting and I am a tired.  So I bid you good show and . . .

Good night!


Friday, June 19 or A Night of Hilarity and Ridiculousness

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First and foremost, thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night for our show. Marcus and his birthday party of fantastic friends, Jimmy’s parents, and our regulars one and all. In addition to Marcus, John Knight and our own Adam Kennedy celebrated birthdays over the weekend. And I’d like to wish all the dads in and at the show a Happy Father’s Day. Hey, Dad, I love ya!

The show started at 11, and the energy was high. Jimmy gave us an Inspiring Minds filled with art stories and Don’t Dig Your Own Grave taught the oh so important lesson of “Yes, and…” Now on to the games!

What Are Your Doing?

I could say more, but Adam had the line and game ender of the night.

Adam: (While miming a serious roller skate beat-down given to a treadmill.) I was the original form of exercise!


If you’ve never played, imagine a storyteller on speed. A stop watch and some imagination make this scene game a roller coaster that won’t make you pukey.

Best lines of the game:

Jon A: You are on fire way too early!

Marcus: Go stage left!

                Buttercup doesn’t do threesomes.

John R: I’m so sick of this cabin.

               This is a whole different thing…we need to go back to the other one.

Jason: It’s tranquil.


No this game does not involve a firearm. Four people, four scenes, four times the awesome.

Best lines of the game:

Beth H: The last letter in crap is puh.

                Who gets a building as a pet?

               International House of Pregnant

Steph: The boy you stood up cried last night.

Adam: He said thanks for standing me up. Those were happy tears.

              On Tuesday, I’m going to be shot.

Bruce: Just in case the guy misses, I have another guy.

Jimmy: This is a strange baseball team.

              I feel like smoking a pipe.

John R: Is he wearing pants?

              Somebody laid on the anthill and killed all our cousins.

Jon A: No, this is the stuff that’s gonna make you feel better about pinching me with a big needle.

On Friday P also stood for Previously On and Post-It. From there, it was on to Chainsaw where the illustrious Beth Czerny returned to the stage and proved that no one does gibberish like she. We also got to witness the best physical comedy of the night. And what was that you ask? John Knight killing Jimmy with ever increasing weights on a barbell and Jimmy dying without any hesitation and a realism that suggested this wasn’t the first time someone overloaded him at the gym. Well played, gentlemen. Also, Dan may or may not know how to walk a space dog. Hey, Ben? Why does it always come back to space?

The night ended with some Freeze It Again. This game requires concentration, daring, and audience member trust.

Once again, thanks for being a fabulous audience, and to those who weren’t there to enjoy the fun, what are you waiting for? Join us at The Spot and get your laugh on.

Adam Does It Bloggy Style – Highlights – 6/17

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Highlights from show on Wednesday, June 17th:

Twas the dawn of a new decade.

“Don’t Dig Your Own Grave” shocked the audience and the world. The new spin has everyone anxiously waiting on the tops of their seats to find out what is next in the positive Improv Instructional Expedition. “Yes And” was the main focus on this night. A good example of the transformation procedure took place right before out very eyes…

“When are we going to go swimming?…..No! I mean…Yes, AND..I LOVE swimming and do it all the time, yeah” -Jon A

What are You Doing?

Everyone successfully executed exactly what they weren’t supposed to be doing. I hope that makes sense. Oh yeah, and Robot Robin Williams ruins movies, or something. I was lost. References tend to either go over my head or under my balls.


Jimmy claimed I was behind on my Shoe-House payments as I was “Old Woman Who Lives in a Reebok”. After expressing I wanted to upgrade to a Nike… we compromised with an Ug (Not sure how you spell those things). Literally seconds later, he proceeded to crack my eggs and not care, which I lay in my basement and have my husband sit on them until the children hatch. Epic.


John Ring stabbing suckas with his swiss army knife/phone/watch. He was silently stabbing victims all willy nilly including Jimmy, Jon A, and himself throughout 2 separate rotating scenes.

Daniel and John Ring had the World’s Worst picnic featuring activities such as bad mitten with a real birdie that flew away.

John Knight played my father in a scene where I was 13 and wanted him to be in my life. Being the Professional Baseball big-shot that he was, he offered to sign a rookie card of himself for my birthday. What a sweetie.

Stand, Sit, Lie Down

Jimmy, Myself, and John Knight were at the beach. John Knight played “Private Ryan”, the Professional tanner and distributor of untested poisonous sun tan lotion. We spent a bunch of random time dicking around on a beach and not knowing what the hell was going on…. much like the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. It was a secret endurance test that John Ring and Daniel White had set up in order to watch us squirm, as they sat and twiddled their fingers in an evil fashion.


Jon A invented a location where you just yell, flail your arms around, and utter various sounds that make you appear to be confused about you exact whereabouts. I summed it up with “Being special, is a location”. Chainsaw is a beautiful thing.

Freeze It Again (temporary title for latest modification)

Ahh yes, the beginning of a new era. It was our first run at this game. Like anything, it had it’s kinks that needed to be worked out… but I think we got it. I would give more details than the following…. but I would rather urge you to come see for yourself.

Koolaid Man Jon A breaks through walls and knocks over little Jimmy and breaks his legs.

Don’t hang out with posers. They just stand around all day and do various poses.



Bring Your Own Convo

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Hey everybody…I don’t know what is going on in this picture, please help me out.

Download the picture, add some text, and post a link to your picture in the comments section.

Jimmy Wants To Know

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Hey everybody,

Games are a great thing and we at BYOI play a lot of them.  But I want to know…

What is your favorite improv game?  It can be a game we play or one we don’t

I love Freeze and 60-30-10 {or, as I learned it from ComedySportz Milwaukee, Countdown, where the only difference is starting at 2minutes, then 1minute, 30seconds, 15seconds, and 7.5seconds}

So please leave your comments because…Jimmy Wants To Know!

Special Thanks 6/5

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I just wanted to say thanks to Sky Punch for coming to support us Friday night.  I look forward to performing with you guys at the Providence Improv Fest.

Sky Punch:

Improv Fest:

Auditions for BYOI

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Bring Your Own Improv will be holding auditions on Monday July 13th and July 20th at 7:00pm at The Spot on Thayer, 286 Thayer St. Providence, RI. Our cast member Beth Czerny has left for Columbia University and she will be missed. To help balance out the group and keep our cast dynamic, we will only be auditioning for female cast members.

Auditioners are encouraged to come to one or both of the auditions. Please bring water and wear comfortable clothing. Any auditioners who attend will get into the Friday July 24th show at 11:00pm for free. Potential auditioners are also encouraged to come check the show out on there own to see what we are about.

If you want to audition, please contact BYOI through our website with your name, email address and cell phone number, so we know you will be in attendance and we have an idea of how many people to expect. Thank you.