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Adam is like Blognasty

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You know how it is, if you weren’t there… it’s just not fair. But let me expose you to some epic snippets…

We played:
What Are You Doing
Marriage Council Endowment
Freeze Tag
Famous Last Words

Audience member Jackie gives away all of Victoria’s Secrets.

Audience member Dan assures Jon A that it’s “just teacups”.

Beth Hicks comes out and exposes T-Cups.

Weasel Stomping Day calls for too many questions.

Jimmy cries a river over his sloppy eating husband while fighting to be the winner of American Idol.

John Ring loves his bowling bowl…. no matter what Freeze Tag has to say.

Door girl soliciting sex or Beth Hicks all night.

Audience member MIke Amaral has sex change after many years of bro-friendship.

Jon A sends Lance Armstrong to the moon. Yeah, Lance. The Jon proceeds to hit a golf ball off of a bear, TWICE.

Adam Michael Kennedy The First (except for that jerk who plays for the Oakland A’s)

Auditions Part1

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Thanks to Elise {poses with hands behind head} and Jackie {brings arms in front of self and then up into the air}.  I really enjoyed working with you two last night.

I can’t wait to go up in another Whirly-Bird with Elise.

And I apologize to Jackie for ruining her Curds and Whey both as a waiter and as a spider.

So until my next LAN party, I bid the Silent Movie Star Jackie and the Blue Loving Elise adu.

July 10th All Ages Show was a King of Good Lines!

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So our last 8pm all ages show was a collection of hilarious lines.  Here are the highlights of the best:

John R :

  • I am trying to hide my child, but my wife keeps finding it.
  • Am I the only spare tire in here?


  • Participation is still participating.
  • X=McIM going to kill you.
  • What is bloody hand print equal to?

Jon A:

  • Bessey you have been eating a lot of quarters. – Assist by John R. “Cash Cow!”
  • What’s furry and smells?
  • I’m so attracted to you but you make me so itchy.
  • and finally Jon just jumping barrels, leaping pits with vines, picking up pellets and all with one life left.


  • Is this your first time being kidnapped?
  • What was your last ransom?
  • and the Three Amigos with old Beth and audience member.

John Knight:

  • Does this mean I can have this table?
  • I am beginning to think bacon is a bad choice.  How about bacon bits?

A good night had by all, but alas, it is the end of our trial of the 8pm Friday show.  Maybe we will bring it back someday if we get another request for it.  Nice job by the cast and audience members combined.

Well Hello Audience – Beth Show Recap – 6/8/09

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Hey, you know that scene in Ten Things I Hate About You where the nerd has the party expecting ten of his friends to show up and instead the entire high school crashes the fun? That was Wednesday night’s show yo! We started with a few people and ended up with a full house. Thanks to all who showed up and to those who participated. And here’s hoping you get into Brown if you so choose, young scholars! And if you don’t, Penn is just as good. No matter what your mother says.

The night started with some RESPECT and some introductions. Which seemed superfluous after an entrance to the worst but most enthusiastic rendition of Do-Re-Me ever sung. Adam told us about turtles and naked dentist visits and Ben and I gave a Yes, And…That’s How It’s Done lesson on descriptiveness. On to the games!

What Are You Doing?

Apparently Jimmy likes to snort crack in the road, Adam likes to fly naked, and I was a hapless reporter who pissed off the teleprompter. And there’s a cold front in Southern Massachusetts that is sleeping with your boyfriend.


Ben asked the audience to help him judge, and they did an admirable job. The bell was fair but swift when needed. A young man named Alex SCHOOLED us tonight by playing questions longer than anyone else and being funny while doing it. We went from a dorm to an island and finished at a dorm on an island. I was RA of all of them.

Movie Critics

In the first round of MC, not one but two young women rocked it onstage with John and Adam. John and Rachel played Mother/Son movie critics and Adam and Brianna were actors in an action comedy that featured ants and some karate. A great one-two punch came from Adam and Rachel:

“Let’s not use protection and screw with love on Wikipedia.”

Rachel to John
“That’s when I covered your eyes.”

And Rachel also gave John a confidence boost.

“You’ve been reading up on your pop culture, I am so proud of you.”

In the second round of MC, Jimmy played out what was possibly the longest death scene on record, and Jon A’s excellent Cheech and Chong  joke fell flat, since most of the audience was too young to know who they are.

The second half, oh the second half. You had to be there to truly appreciate it, but let’s just say John Ring needs to study his crappy directors. Michael Bay. It’s Michael Bay, John. Dude’s a gazillionaire with zero talent and a penchant for blowing things up.

Thanks for reading, and if you want more hilarity and hijinks step away from the computer and come to a show already!


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I leave today for a trip of epic proportions. I am returning to where I got my start in improv comedy. I am flying out to Milwaukee to see the ComedySportz World Championship and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the ComedySportz organization. CSz started in Milwaukee in 1984 in the back of a small restaurant, and they are represented by 21 teams worldwide and are still growing.


I took my first improv workshop in the fall of 2007 under the amazing guidance of Alan Guszkowski. I learned the basics of performing improv {Yes And; Stage Presence; Stage Voice etc}.


I also learned some of the basic CSz games {Blind Line aka Lines from a Hat, Countdown aka 60-30-10, Freeze etc}. The workshop was great and that’s when I learned that I loved being on stage, and I love performing improv. I learned a lot in the workshop, but I think my improv repertoire had the most benefit from the free shows. With the workshop I got free entry to all of the CSz shows. Each week, on top of my three hours of workshop, I went to four shows and occasionally saw the RecLeague shows. For the little time I had in Milwaukee, I spent a large portion of it in the ComedySportz arena living and learning the improv life.

I was sad to have to leave Milwaukee and leave ComedySportz behind, but after two years I am making my return for what is sure to be a weekend of laughter, learning, and lots of fun. On my return I hope to have plenty of stories to tell and games, tips, and tricks to share.

Now that I have spilled mine, why don’t you spill yours? Where did you get your start with the improv world, performing or audiencing? What are some of your favorite first moments of improv? Who is the teacher/improviser that you learned the most from or owe the greatest thanks?

See you guys in a week!

Jimmy “Time-Zone Traveler” Sorel

Jimmy Wants To Know

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America and Canada both celebrated birthdays last week; so this week I want to know, what are some of the best or worst birthdays you have had?  Tell me a story…did you get to go play lazertag?  Did you get so drunk you can’t remember anything…except lazertag? Or did you have a horrible time and cry at your party…while playing lazertag?

Tell me anything, even if it doesn’t relate to lazertag

Please comment and let me know because…Jimmy Wants To Know

Painted Freaks

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You know what doesn’t make me laugh? Clowns.

And for the record CIRCUS, I would really enjoy it if in between the amazing trapeze artists and super cute lions you wouldn’t bring out a car full of my childhood fear. Thanks.

Canadian Highlights 7/1/09

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Aww geez eh?  Good Day!  Beauty show last night!  Thanks to all you hosers that came out to the very special Wednesday night show, and for all of you knobs that stayed home…Take off eh?…And most important thanks of all goes to all you hoseheads that came up and volunteered with us and made our Canada Day show that much more special.


What Are you Doing…eh?

Jason nearly takes down Ben with his new stage voice {nice work Jason}


Dan called John “Honey” and it seemed way too realistic…perhaps you two hoseheads need a room or a vacation from each other

Ben is the new cop on the beat and rose to the ranks of Sergeant in a matter of two days…probably because he stole the only cop car and left Jon with the cop tricycle

60 seconds is not enough time Jon and I to deliver the alphabet, so Dan and John had to show us how to do things…how many sentences can we  start with expletives?

Good Cop/Bad Cop…eh?

Ben went from the ranks of Sergeant to no good criminal in a matter of minutes, Bert and Ernie {John Ring and John Knight} got a confession out of that no good hosehead.  Who would have thought that Ben was capable of killing Pandas with his breath, I was wondering why Regis Philbin was hanging around Sesame Street

On the brighter side of things, Jon A got what he deserved for stealing a horse from a mountee, that’s why we don’t hang out with Miss Piggy at The Dump.  Thanks to Adam and Friend whose name escapes me for taking him down

Freeze Tag…eh? {It’s not nearly cold enough to be freeze}

Water slide operators really should be more careful

A pile of sticks and barley just “barley” missed their chance to represent the wonderful land of Canada

Helping Hands…eh?

Don’t pick up hitchhiking pirates, they have nothing to provide to a running ship and they try to fight you with poultry

Divorce hearings are somewhat biased when the soon to be ex-bride is seeing both the baliff and the judge…and Ben will inevitably be slapped

World’s Worst…eh?

Senior Citizens love to pull pranks too

Ben being slapped pre-empted his Gerbil Entry show ending joke, so there is balance in the world

Thanks again to all the hosers, knobs, and hoseheads who were at The Spot…our very special Canada Day/Pre-Independence Day show went off with a bang

Beauty Show All!

Jimmy Wants To Know

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Hey everybody,

Fireworks will soon be in the air, and I am thinking about some of my great Independence Days of the past.

So, let me know about some of your Independence Days of the past.  What is your favorite thing to do on July 4th?  Do you usually travel?  Do you have any great/funny/comically sad/inspirational stories?

I generally like to spend my 4th in New Hampshire with my family sitting back and relaxing with the small fireworks set off by families around the lake, and either on the 3rd or the 4th there is a huge bonfire.  There is a small island in the lake that gets covered with pallets and wood and whatnot and all the boats of the lake drive out and sit on the lake to enjoy the fire…family, friends, food, laughs, and a big-ass fire, that’s why i enjoy my independence.


Please leave a comment telling me anything that the upcoming holiday makes you think of; because when fireworks are flying…Jimmy Wants To Know