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8/21 Show Recap

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I can now update this blog from my phone.


It’s really hard to type all this out on my phone! Seriously, call the wah-mbulance, cause these thumbs are aching already.


We had a really great show this past Friday.


It was so good, nobody took notes, but…


I love haiku! So I’ll piece on together a synopsis. But be warned…


I only write haiku that involves guilt and positive reviews of my height. Such as:

You should see a show.
I mean, gosh, would it kill you?
The tall guy is hot.

And that’s as much synopsis as you’ll be getting. You’re welcome. I can tell you this though, free of guilt: if you missed Friday night, you missed one hell of a musical intermission. Put succinctly:

Marq Twain is the shit.
Wish you could’ve seen them, right?
The tall guy is hot.

Visit Marq Twain here. Seriously, they were fantastic.

We are off this week, but come on back next week for more improv and haiku height hilarity. See you soon!

Wednesday, August 19th: of T-shirt Guns and Blow Darts

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Last night’s show was great for many reasons, not least of which because of all the auditioners who showed up to play. Thanks guys for coming out! And thank you to the non-auditioning audience members who laughed a lot and made the night grand.

Tonight’s festivities began with a “Yes, and…That’s How It’s Done” about mirroring. And once again, Adam and Ben proved that they are funny even when teaching a lesson. Jimmy gave us some stories for Inspiring Minds about leisure. Oh, btw, if anyone knows where I can get a dumpster, that would be swell. I’ll invite you to swim in the pool when it’s done.

We warmed up the audience and ourselves with a fantastic game of What Are You Doing? Cam thinks that modern weapons include a light saber. Methinks someone has seen Star Wars one too many times. The game ended with Jimmy proclaiming that, “This video game is awesome!” And yes, the video game was awesome.

Adam ran Alphabet, and people were creating scenes and impressing even a wordy chick like me. Though, Adam, I have to protest. X-mas starts with an X. Not E. Don’t ding that bell! And the winner for the most creative sentence starting with X goes to Ken. “Xenon gas is seeping through the court!” Ken and I almost got through the alphabet in 60 seconds, but sadly a momentary miscommunication prevented us from triumphing.

Our last game of the first half, Shopkeeper, was a lesson in literalism and not overthinking. Adam as the shopkeeper managed to figure out the Dan had a firehose that shot fire, “My wife is pissed!”, Cam got stuck with a shot glass that actually shot people, “Half of my fraternity brothers are dead! , and Jimmy was returning a colander made of cheese, “I thought it was American, but it’s Swiss made!”

After a moment to catch a breath (not outside. Apparently the weather is stuck between sauna and surface of the sun.), the second half opened with a kinetic and fast-paced game of freeze. The t-shirt gun from What Are Your Doing? reappeared and the Inspiring Minds’ story about the blow darts provided fodder for several scenes.

We played two rounds of Movie Critics. Ben and Ken (okay, that’s adorable) were Steve and Tony hosting Boom! That’s a Movie. Jimmy and Joe played a football player and his adoring Shoelace Townie. Ben and Ken, excuse me, Steve and Tony had my favorite one-two punch of the scene. Ben: Did anyone else recognize Sean Penn in all that prosthetic makeup?” Ken: “I thought it was Brian Bosworth.”

Adam and Cam criticized…I mean created a movie for Ray and me called “Fatten Up.” And a better or more confusing spaghetti western has never been seen. Besides dealing with modern technology in the old west, we didn’t even get to eat spaghetti. We were stuck with penne. Ray got the line of the game with his, “We’ve been here in peace!” and we did come in peace!

Blank Walks into a Bar, and everyone laughs. The night ended with a line-up of funny jokes and puns and groaners. Come and see the show, and you can be part of the fun. You won’t regret it.

Wednesday, Aug. 12

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If you were at the show, this is a recap of the hilarity that ensued. If you weren’t, why the hell not? Wait, wait, come back. What I meant to say is, if you weren’t at the show, I don’t like you very much. Oh, I kid. Come to The Spot. You won’t be disappointed. Now on with the show.

The intro and the first game, What Are You Doing, rocked. Ben and I demonstrated object work with a box of mangoes and some spiders, and Jimmy inspired our minds. And what did we do? We took a census in a kangaroo pouch. Apparently a lot of guys name Joey live there.

Now Titles. Hmm. How to say this. Titles is not a game for the weak at heart. It’s a challenge. And though I hate to say there’s a winner in an improv game, Jackie wins by a mile simply by helping to create scenes while pulling the most fantastic titles out of the air. Everyone who came up and that includes the cast gets a pat on the back for having fun and making everyone laugh during the game.

Ah, yes. The Dating Game. Where else will you see Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon, a man with a foot fetish, and a nymphomaniac vying for my affection? Or better yet, a genie, Carmen Electra, and a man melting into a puddle who can’t wait to be Jimmy’s date?

The second half started with freeze tag where Jimmy got some wings, “I had a red bull!” Ben and Jimmy played lines from a hat with some fantastic audience members and Blank Walks Into a Bar ended the night strong and funny. Cause walking into a bar always leads to a laugh. As long as you don’t end up with a concussion.

Anniversary Show was a Blast Off!!!

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So BYOI enters into it’s second year with this show and it was a Blast (Off)! – or an electric chair if your Beth Hicks. (Come on, I was humming Major Tom!)  Thanks to our audience volunteers for the night Courtney and Mel!

So what did we learn last night?

  • Ben did not learn a lot at home.
  • John is a vampire.
  • Everyone understands the nightmare that was High School Gym.
  • An Astronaut in a gymnasium with a tractor = Suicide in a gymnasium with a Harley.
  • A human canon ball in the park with a spork = A tandem sky diver in a petting zoo with a cheese grater.
  • Adam should say “No, No, No to Rehab.”
  • The Monkey’s song at intermission = Sing-a-long!
  • You can only light a scale model of the Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower up once.
  • And Jon pole vaulting makes him feel like an Olive!

Thanks to everyone who came out!  And here is to a successful second year!!!

Open Auditions for BYOI!

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Bring Your Own Improv will be holding OPEN auditions for all on Monday August 10th and August 17th at 7:00pm at The Spot on Thayer, 286 Thayer St. Providence, RI.

Auditioners are encouraged to come to one or both of the auditions. Please bring water and wear comfortable clothing. Any auditioners who attend will get into the rest of August’s shows for FREE! Potential auditioners are also encouraged to come check the show out on there own to see what we are about.

If you want to audition, please contact BYOI through our website with your name, email address and cell phone number, so we know you will be in attendance and we have an idea of how many people to expect. Thank you.

BYOI accepted to the Boston Improv Festival!!!

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Bring Your Own Improv has been official selected to the Boston Improv Festival.  It is a great honor and we are really excited!

We will be performing on Sunday, September 13th 2009 at 8:30pm at the Improv Boston Mainstage.  Make sure to mark it in your calanders and come see the show!

BYOI’s 1 Year Anniversary Show!

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This Wednesday August 5th is BYOI’s One Year Anniversary Show!!!  Come out and help us party like it’s 2008!