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A BYOI (Wednesday before) Halloween!

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And being actors, we couldn’t resist the chance to dress ridiculously. Seriously, no one knows who the cast actually was tonight, they were that thorough. Rumored to be in attendance were Ken ‘El Frijole Frio’ B, Disco Barbie Beth, Baby Dan W, Jimmy Travolta, and John Cougar Melonsmasher, but don’t hold us to that.

Yes And … multitasking ROCKS.

IM … Zombies,  Global Python Systems, and fun with cryo. Woo.

EC … brought to you with much holiday enthusiasm (or, one could say an extra spark) … Fart jokes, cheers and innuendo. Hey! It really IS the BYOI cast!

TCSM … a gory take on this house favorite! Who knew slinkys were so universally dangerous? Must be why they went plastic … And personally, I never would have guessed the hippie was the most astute.

PQ … butt jokes brought to you by Baby Dan’s (ongoing) onsie wardrobe malfunction. Otherwise, there was a game here, and it was funny, and Clue may have been referenced. It was awesome.

And after a quick pumpkin-carving break:

PO … (it’s been an awesome show so far)

FT … 1) Bringing back the poultry dowry, The Neverending Story (again? still?), and Hippie Bones. Woo. 2) For the record, no, that’s not what ‘mouth to mouth resuscitation’ means. Ever. And 3) BYOI is proud to present the first EVER Human Rorschach Test.    PS: the hot ref IS full of sheet.

R … MORE butt-flap jokes. Cross breeding is good for nature. Cockapoopoos, Shihzberns and Sporkies, what is this world coming to? Hey Mikey, I think he … uh, he’s high?

FLW … First rule of FLW? You all belong to Disco Barbie Beth. Second rule of … anyway, moving on. A frightful (adorable?)  amount of puns were enjoyed by all. Especially Jimmy T. And a whole lot of ‘too soons’. What a treat. Too bad you’ll have to wait ’till next year to get this spooky-themed awesomeness, trick’s on you.

Get it? Haha? No? Well, come on by for our show next Wednesday (remember, no Friday show this week!). Less costuming, but all the same Funnyhaha!

October 21- A Show That’s What

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Well hey there campers. This is your counselor Beth. If you weren’t at the show on Wednesday, you missed a lot of laughs. Luckily, Twitter was there. And I decided to spend some time with him…it! I mean it. Every crazy moment and hilarious one-liner made it up (except when I was laughing too hard to write.) Below are the highlights from beginning to end.

Adam, Jon, Ben, Jimmy and John. Good lineup tonight. And guess what? Good audience too.

Lesson! Object work that doesn’t get referenced directly in the scene. Adam is channeling Arnold S. Ben is an extra from Fargo.

Inspiring…an Austrian mom who called her son over 40 times a day.What? That doesn’t sound so bad. Kids in the woods. Playing football. See a deer. And the deer decides to play! Kid gets tackled. Deer gets pummeled. Awww. Who changes the words to Humpty Dumpty? The BBC does, that’s who.

Hot seat, what? Jon’s explaining it and not open to the idea of a beanbag chair.

Placenta collection? GROSS.

Polenta collection! AWESOME.

Adam wins the first round. Woo!

Ben wins! He made it happen with a Kennedy joke.

Chainsaw y’all. Occupation, Location and Object. All in mime and gibberish. Bring. It. On.

Occupation: D.J. Location: Pumpkin Patch Object: Surfboard

Let’s see how they did. Adam: D.J. Woo! Cheese sculpting factory. What? A ski. Close!

No one got surfboard!!!

2nd Round: A terrorist in a public swimming pool with a swing became an exterminator in a pool with a ladder on top of a sit and spin.

Ghost Hunter, Rain Forest and Flip-Flops

Ohhhh. Jon was a lip gloss.

Jimmy’s hosting. Adam, Dan W., and Kevin are gonna make his party the best ever. And the most insane. Literally. Kevin’s a serial killer. Hoo boy, and Dan’s David Letterman and Adam is a camel toe. Or just camel toe. Which is a different animal entirely.

Aw jeez, eh! Jimmy’s a Canadian AND he just got a round of applause.

Ben as Paul Schaffer. Wonderful. “One hump or two? One hump or two?”

Jimmy doesn’t remember inviting a serial killer? How does someone forget that?

Not surprisingly, the camel toe stands alone. And Jimmy’s got it! Two great games of Party Quirks.

FREEZE Freeze Tag that is:

Bambi has a boss. And he’s from the ’30s! Where did the Jedi come from?

The whales have beached themselves. How sad. Don’t kill them! They’re not deer.

Jimmy found love in an insane asylum. Strait jacket and all.

He’s not a real pencil, He’s a school mascot! You can’t sharpen him.

Revolver- Rotate Right!

Disappointment, smoking pot, dreams, and Santa Claus.

Kevin and Jon are dueling Santa Clauses. Santa Claui? What’s the plural? Wait, there is no plural. D’oh.

Ray: So, how hot does this have to get before I can smoke it? Ben: Well, basically when it’s on fire.

Famous Last Words hosted by Jon. Cannot wait. And I don’t have to, because it’s being played right now.

Fairy: Oh no, I see an iceberg ahead. Captain, turn me, turn me!

Dustin Hoffman as Rain Man: I should really drop character, I’m about to die.

Amelia Earhart: Okay, publicity stunt, here I go.

Tony the Tiger: Did you see my new tiger carpet? It’s greaaaat.

FEMA: Yeah, Mr. Dumpty, I think you’re screwed.

Great night, everyone! Good to see familiar faces (hello Marina and Lauren!) and some new people too.

Hope to see everyone at our Halloween show. Dress up and party down costume style, yo!

Show Recap 10/16 – Bring Your Own Tweet

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Friday Night’s show was a great way to end the week and get the weekend started.

I was working the door that night and decided to take our BYOI Twitter profile for a ride.  Did you know we are on that Twitter dealie thing? We are trying this out, hopefully we are interesting enough to keep you fine folks coming back.  Check us out here:

I managed to Live Tweet the whole show.  I am going to put up some of my highlights, but if you are looking for more, check out our Twitter page andsee how much you missed.

– Our cast arrives with Beth leading the way…followed by Ken, Adam, and Dan

-Yes And…Adam teaches us about “Finding The Game of the Scene”…

{Inspiring Minds} -1) Superbaby 2) Jon and Kate – (Jon-$185k)  3) Balloon Boy

-# Two new people! Scene 2: U – Hobo…Beth forgot the letter ‘Y’!!!! Take that word nerd!!

-Dan has left the room, let’s see who his possible date will be…Beth {lady ga ga}, Daniel {afraid of his pinky}, Cam {giant left foot}

-Daniel just said the fourth ghost in Pac-Mac was “Pinky”…correct me if I am wrong, isn’t the forth one Clyde? Pinky is the second one

-Adam wants some dates now…Audience 1: Repeats questions back Ken: Al Pacino Audience 2: Horn in forehead

-Audience 2 just took first place in the laugh of the night contest with his answer to games he likes “Ring Toss”

-Hot dog guns. PooperScooper Guy. Airport Security {way too many security guards}. Teaching Adam about Al Pacino {Nominee for laugh of night}

-Scene 1 features Jason Statham and Judi Dench {Laugh Nominee}. Rooftop Dance Number. JS is very Michael Jacksonesque. JD used to be a man?

{World’s Worst} -Pilot – Who lands in rivers? Amelia. Balloon Boy…Annnnnd Scene!11:58 PM Oct 16th from web

-Had a good night with you folks. Hope you enjoyed it too. Until next time….

So we have one more to settle and that is laugh of the night…

{Drum Roll}

This Award is going to have to go to the almost painful efforts to teach Adam who Al Pacino was using clever hints.  The man doesn’t know his pop-culture, but he still makes us laugh.

Thanks for reading, if you want more of this recap, check out our Twitter page at

10.14 – Countdown to (the) Halloween (show), BYOI style.

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… 14 days, if you’re counting along with our (overly?) eager cast. ‘Cause, really, what’s funnier than pumpkins? We are.

Yes, and … Italian’s don’t buy pizza sauce.

IM … Ben Clarendon Lad Mibbs* the News! Woo.

HS … Libs, blorch and semaphore. Oh my!

A … The Curse of the Never Ending Alphabet! Brought to you by: Vodka, Plantains and Kudzu. But not together. ‘Cause, eew.

DRGS … I think the first part of this game was really overshadowed by Jon’s efforts in proving the structural stability of his stool. But there were, like, penguins or something?


FT … So we’ve reached the game where players were too aghast at the action to actually call freeze. Perpetual human hula hoop. And, it wouldn’t be Freeze Tag without everyone’s favorite prop … Jimmy! Today, demonstrating the dangers of answering Lraigs Cist* adds from improvers.

MC … Rocking the joys of Public Access. We all know it, we all love it. But we can’t all carry a scene with the vocal stylings of Posie Rerez*. That’s what the pros are for. The rest of this game was probably a little too edgy to relate on the interwebs. Edgy and neverending. That’ll teach you to miss a Wednesday show. Next week, people!

WW … A Picasso For Change. Ipicac shots. And by the end of tonights show, I’m pretty sure we’re all confident in our understanding of the political leanings of the cast. Just sayin’.

*Names have been (very slightly) changed to avoid violation of copyright infringement laws. Because we’re professionals, people.

BYOI – 10/09/09 – Dan & Ken’s First Friday Night!

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     Yes and, it was Friday night at The Spot and the seats were filling up with potential improv bringers. John Ring belted the starting RESPECT with a power that I have never seen before to the funkiest music. Adam Kennedy, Ken Breeze, Ben Clarendon, Dan Woods, and of course John Ring rocked the stage tonight. Buttons flew as Dan ripped open his shirt to reveal his new BYOI shirt!

     Dan inspired us with; the National Undertakers Association recently helped support the newest National Healthcare Plan, an escaped mental patient broke into the United Nation, worked his way to the podium, and gave a 90 minute speech to everyone and Hillary Clinton asked where is Kanye West when you need him?, and finally, former President Bush has been recorded at least six different times saying that not only was he surprized that he was elected to President, but he was elected twice!

     Hot-Seat, a fairly new game is played by trying to get the person out of the chair so you can sit it in. Fricken hilarious game! “There is a huge mass of naked gay men running after you!” “Again?” / “Are you here for the genital piercing?” “Why yes, yes I am.” “Good, right through that door.”

     Sports Caster: “Did he just do that?” “Can we see a replay on that?” … “I can’t believe he did that, and there he goes with the ‘two-hand-motion’!” / “It’s going to take a lot of bourbin and baby-wipes to get over this one.”

     Shop Keeper is a simple game, three customers with defective products take turn complaining, and the shop keeper has to figure out what the product is. Tonight we have a record player that only plays backwards, “Well, here as Sass we only carry record players that play backwards” “Yeah, that explains why I wanted to kill my parents while listening to The Beatles” An umbrella that rains on the inside, “Are you saying my umbrella is not sassy enough for you?” “Sure it’s saassy, if i feel like taking a shower in broad daylight!” And finally a ladder that you can’t stand on the top step, “Alright, so you got this ladder, and you can only get up six feet, however, you want to go up eight feet. You see, here at Sass we sell twelve million types of the same thing, we just put zebra stripes on some of them” “All I want is to get to the top!”

     Revolver. “It kind of seems a little out dated and non-cultured, why don’t we update it” “I think we need a faster beat, let me grab this smaller hammer.” “Workin’ on the track, showing my plumber’s crack!” “”/ “It’s okay Timmy, we didn’t start the fire”

World’s Worst;      Doctor “Okay, Nurse… Weegie Board, stat!”,  Symptom of Ressession “It’s not shrinkage, it’s ressession”, Date “Hi! I’m Brad, and this is my parole officer, Tom” / “So… you like horses? NEXT!!!!”, Made for TV Product “Just insert $10, and three orphans pop out. See it’s great” / “Just paint your skin any color to just fit right in with your cultural surroundings.” / “Can’t shit where you sleep? Well now you can!” Use for Cheese “chesssk… Houston… Engaging the Cheese Shield… chesssk” / Space Program “T minus 10… 17… 4… 8 …” / “Stacey… your 17 miles above the Earth, … I’m dumping you!”, Pick up Line “Two words baby, Truck Nuts” / “What has two dicks and a thumb, or wait, shit!” / “That was easy.”, Movie Sequel “Shindler’s List Two: Electric Bugaloo” / “Who put these mother-f***ing terrorist on this mother-f***ing plane?!?”

10/08 – Show Recap and the case of Organic Beer!

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It’s Wednesday. So improv happened. It was funny. If you missed it, make it up to the crew by coming next week. To summarize in a tantalizingly vague way:

Featuring: Ken B., Jon A., Jimmy S., Beth H., and John R., with our audience Mike, Mel and Marina, and our Guests of Mystery with the organic beer. You bring beer, we like you. End of story.

Yes, and … no ass itching in a museum. Please. It does so alarm the docents.

Inspiring Minds: Falling on mountains, reading to dogs, and homeless American Girls. You’ll never be bored again.

(NEW GAME) Hot Seat: Basically, this game is 101 ways to elicit a scream. The groans are bonus. Made of awesome. Award for most dangerous game, and with this troupe, that’s saying something.

Sports Caster: A heartfelt tale of love, hardship and triumph, as only the DanAdiaZilians can tell it. And the Super Tongue Technique that his mother used … that’s the kind of quality material you’re missing.

Shop Keeper: Racist lawn equipment? Flaming iguanas? And that’s not what they usually mean by ‘dog sled’ … what will these crazy kids think of yet? Who knows. It comes from the audience. Which would be you, if you show up next week. Cool, right?

And then they made like a kit kat …

Freeze Tag: Bringing you the first annual Ultimate Wedgie Championship, Swiffer Curling, Presidential Fitness Testing, Chinese Arm Trap, and stay tuned for what happens when BYOI tries their hands at a hybridization of Rollerderby and America’s Got Talent.

Revolver: Ebay the Board Game. It’s only a matter of time. And you haven’t lived until you’ve flirted with a eunuch box.

Worlds Worst: Creationism, Pedophilia, Truth in Journalism, Anthropomorphism, Cadavers, Politics and Spelling Bees. Seriously, folks, we’ve got it all, and we can make it all funny.

So come on down, and enjoy the show. Seriously. We won’t have a show without you.

BYOI – 10/02/09 – Show Recap

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As always, if you don’t get the jokes… you weren’t here, so we will see you next time, won’t we (hint hint nudge nudge)

Yes and That’s How it’s Done – Country Music is THE DEVIL

Inquiring Minds – 104th anniversary of the first flight of the Wright Brothers, Funds revoked from a strip club.

What Are You Doing? – I’ve got the munchies and I don’t know why, Making Babies, defriending NATO, Ordering McDonalds in French, “plaster of Paris Hilton”, “Could someone let me out”, My logic is dizzying, Wishing your carrier was over, “Hail”

The Quickest Minute – Empire state building… via Serendipity, Snow White… from the apple and mirror?!?!, Twister… Cow, Willow… baby, goat, and neither one has seen the movie.

Marriage counselor – Ewok, and narcissist can only communicate with each other using sock puppets.”I get all a-flutter”
Convinced he is the tin man and thinks is on the price is right… who collects can openers “Worst game of Plinko”

Intermission… And We’re Back!!

FREEZE TAG – “Blind mime riding a horse”, “It’s just Tang”, “You should try the magic 69 ball”, “what do you know about love, you’re a carnie”, “Ted Williams went black and won’t go back”, “Would you mind not putting on my toga”, “this Wii boyfriend is so cool”, “toothpick fairy”, Kool-aid”, “Hey, hey, hey… it feels good”, “but you could run away”, “I don’t like being tickled”, “forever-ever”, “I got a banana”

Remake – Horror… Victoria Secret…. Fire, ‘Thumbs, thongs, crayons, and dead bodies’

Walks into a bar – The Color Green, FDR, Pixar Studios, Soccer Player, Father Time, Wizard of Oz, Marie Curie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, guitar player, Hugh Jackman and/or Wolverine, Shoe Salesman, GPS, U. S. Army,


BYOI’s – Laurelin’s Recap 9/30/09

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Fall is in the air. Baby it’s cold outside, but we’re generating plenty of heat up at The Spot. You know, with all that hot air and stuff. And nothing banishes that fall chill like some crazy haha and the opportunity to enjoy it with your favorite Oktoberfest…

And so, on this chilly eve of October, BYOI brings you, in cryptic notations:

Yes and … brought to you by the KGB.

IM …Corporate espionage, talk about your Eye Tooth, and WTF, Wisconsin. Seriously.

WAYD? … Arm and f*ckmyeye! … I shouldn’t have worn pants … If you need him, my cat does sideburns … and who does understand algebra these days, anyway?

TQM … “I’m a flag!” “Touch Steve!” … Fat Albert does the Three Little Pigs in a house made of Styx … Give me the gun, I’m Richard Dreyfus. … “One and two and one and two and Exorcizing!”

MCE … It’s just harder with all the letters …


FT: “Now, you guys know it’s racist to put a capital T on someone’s front lawn!” … “I’m in the WTF!” … “It was the best earthquake ever! Definitely a 7.8” “Sweet! I’m usually a 6!” … “If I’m not actually dead yet, should you be outlining me?” … “Guys, can I put this moose in there for irony?” … “Tell Tinkerbell to lay off the ‘roids and calm down now!” … And, really, synchronized depression? Sign me up! …”I just wanted to tell everyone about my last hair experiences!”

R: “Those 140 characters will be in Sacramento in 4 days … Olde West Pony Express Twitter.” … “I can’t count … it’s the dark ages” (I wish it was that easy to forget the bubonic plague) … “Oh my god, you layer!” … And, really, bulimic Pats fans? … And, of course it ends with abortion. Way to go.

BWIAB: Seriously, way too many bad puns to relate. Let’s just say, this isn’t one to miss. Remember that for next time. And, that’s right, it ended on: Pedaphor. Boo-yah.

And … a big, surprise birthday to Ray. See the things you miss? Next week … Bring Your Own Mulled Cider! No, really. Please?