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Friday 1/29/10 is all about Deb!!!

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012909famTonight for your improv/comedy needs we have supplied you with the following cast members…

Daniel, John, Jimmy, Adam, Oscar, and Jon

YES AND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE – Superhero super power of forcefields… ‘we can’t be apart all the time… but duct tape did not work.’

F.A.M. – Tonight for our F. A. M. we have Deb. And what do we know about Deb? Came with a group that plays games, likes to play Encore, Tony… not here tonight… has every button buttoned up, Taunton… known for Silver and getting out of Taunton, wants to go to London, plays Go-Fish, doesn’t screw around, doesn’t play clue, has a cat Susie

WARM UP – John warms up the audience by sending a breeze of ‘whoosh‘ across the room and back again

FREEZE TAG – Master your monster drank all the rum, I punch you in the face then we talk about it.. but not too much, London calling, it’s on a tilt… does it make him an anglofile

ALPHABET – Jimmy and Adam start the scene and begin movie through it rather smoothly until Adam decides to make up his own Q word. Dan jumps in and jumps out just as fast. An audience member fills in and helps to create a great new scene with Xylophones and Zebras only to be replaced by Jon who messed up if first line. Go Jimmy for still hanging in there! Another audience member jumped in and helped jimmy. Jimmy and Daniel rode around on invisible Segway’s

INTERROGATION LINEUP – Grave robbing, Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus, The Jersey Shore – I just want to know why they were fuzzy, Oscar is told to turn to the right and keeps going, you calling me a tranny, We need to figure out where – cause we’re stupid and we’re cops, I’m just surprised he spoke English that time.

GREATEST HITS – album is about pumpernickel – ‘that’s how you slice it’ ; It must be the yeast… pumpernickel is a disease – ‘Vomit that bread, you yeast, my baby’ ; I got damn yeasty baby blues – ‘Pump, pump, pumpernickel ; I put it in the toaster.. and it’s burnt… what the hizzel’ – Hokey Pokey Bread ; ‘how can you be out of stock and by the way who killed you and he said Deb’


MEDICAL EXCUSES – finger nails and opposite day. wife slap when look at girls, wear sunglasses. bald cat and evil villainy. can’t stop eating, lose weight. doctor, I need help, I think I’m a doctor, I can’t figure out how to get out of Taunton… There’s only one road

CHAINSAW – Occupation Sandwich specialist, Location aquairium, Object lamb – it became sandwich maker, aquarium, lamb – Taco-mater, aquarium, sheep – drive through, fish tank, flying monkey – operator, zoo, shoe – sex phone operator, old folks home, chimp – telemarketer, fan cleaning department, monkey

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY – pooping in the sink – install garbage disposal, get chimp to throw poop, duct tape the paper to the bowl

MOVIE CRITIQUES – Bob the gardener has fungus and gophers in his garden. meet Chilly and Willy. Dan is a Kennedy who may die soon so he better hurry up. Speech-one-pump-kun. gotta love single farmer’s daughterless farmers. step-zucchini? don’t shave the lamb’s privates cause it’s my mom, and I don’t wanna see that.

Leprechaun hunting for deer called Deer at the end of the rainbow – I can tell it’s raining cause there’s a hole in me hat… and no hair on me head, I’m Scottish, It’s a Doe… a female deer, they ate the deer and brought the baby deer to witness

AND SCENE! We had a great crowd tonight and a lot of fun! Don’t forget that we are now just ONE week away from The Other 9 to 5 Show! I’ll be there and I hope you are too!!!

First Blog: Kenbo Part 2

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Hey y’all! It’s your old pal Castmember Ken, here with tonight’s blog. I have never blogged before. Be prepared for some rookie mistakes, like subjects tossed about without predicates, non-linear plot points and gross overuse of the ellipsis…woops.

Tonight, we have drawn some political ire because of our decision to pre-empt the State of the Union address, but we are plowing on! Tonight’s cast: Jon A., John R., Beth, and the Gold Dust Twins of Leicester, Adam & Dan. Daniel Lee White, our fearless producer, whom I refer to as DLW because we’re so tight, is also in the house.

Cool crowd tonight so far…a couple of dates.  Hope this show gets someone laid!

Table scene: Dan is inappro regarding his marriage to Beth! It was all about stage presence. Face forward, speak loudly and clearly and Yes And’ing…the holy trinity of stage presence.

012710famTonight’s FAM(Featured Audience Member) is: Danielle!

-From Smithfield! (Half Greenville, Half Esmond)

-Has not heard of the Animal Cage! (Jon A. is also from Smithfield)

-Had puppies – Cody Cuddles and Buddy Bumpkins! (not birthed)

-Has a hayfever allergy…but, is unsure if she’s ever been to a farm. (She’s hiding something)

-Rocky Point ride fav: The Rollercoaster

-For fun she goes to improv shows and amusement parks

-Is ashamed of nothing!

-She is an actress and former child gymnast.

-Her favorite thing to eat is Pizza, esp. Pepperoni and Black Olives.  Papa John’s is her favorite joint.

Time for a warm up with Johnny Ringo: Pass the Sound! Everyone’s getting in on the act. These people are doing an awesome Joey Lawrence impression, one woh at a time. Then they all puked. Which was my general reaction to Joey Lawrence when he was a part of my life.

Freeze Tag, hosted by Oscar Van P. aka Dan Wood:  Hayfever is our opening inspiration. Digeridoo Idol – Sh*t gets brutal. Dan the Friendly Martian. Adam as a 6 yr old sure does swear a lot. Was that even the right tense for that sentence? Rocky Point, a place people from Worcester have never heard of before apparently. John Ring has a huge Harpoon. Robotic Arm Pissing Contests rule. Beth is unfit for adoption because of her budding alcoholism. Dan plays with erection sets, which makes a lot of sense. Jon A. is selling Bad Brains(not the punk band).

Alphabet, hosted by Ringo John Starr: Jon A. and Wood-man to start, starting with E, and an input of gymnast. They start by criticizing critics, hypocrites!!! Dan is such a vixen, he makes Jon forget the alphabet sometimes. That is hot!!! Dan and Jon go out back to back under the gavel of John Ring the Hanging Judge! It’s getting ugly. Adam and Beth start anew. Adam’s family has invented everything…ever. They make it around the Cape of Good Horn and end this round. Cody Cuddles is the input for Dan and our pal Ray T. starring Ray as Cody Cuddles. DLW is rubbing some beard up on some Cody, it’s choice. Ray has outlasted 2 castmembers, Cuddles indeed.

Interrogation Line Up with Officer Adam Kennedy: Danielle has joined the cast to be a lineup participant, as Ray was wrong by society. The gets: Going to the Gym, with  Garfield at a Hot Dog Stand. * DLW is a little slow, luckily he has Dan Wood to help him confess he was on the Treads at the Sports Club. Beth is dismissed before she can speak, but, is then called back into the room.  Jon A. is a lazy boy, how could he have gone to the gym??? Once again Mr. Wood has gotten the get, and names Garfield as his accomplice. Beth names the Street Meat as the locale and confesses to her crime!

Song Time with Dan and Jon hosting, and Ray joining the cast, Ready to Rock!

Song 1: Leaky Aquarium* Ray bares his soul about lost fish. Adam resurrects fish.

Song 2: Life in the Trunk of your Car, Period(While having your period)* Sounds like a Fiona Apple title, butt, it is the blues. Beth, the only lady on stage, appropriately steps up. She’s gettin’ all political with it. She hates those filibusters.

Song 3: How Many Fish Must a Man Swim Past*Adam and Ray enjoy nonsense when Fish are involved. How many rocks do fit in The Titanic???

Song 4: 50s Xmas Songs about Religious Intolerance anyone? Yes, please. Ramen Noodles make the change in the world that we want to become. Festivus Kwanzaa Menorahs are the Majora!!!

As Wormser and Lamar said in Revenge of the Nerds, “Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.”

We’re back! I may play this half of the show due to the somewhat shy crowd and the fact that, like sex, I can’t just watch without wanting to join in, so, mind the gaps!

Medical Excuses with Dr. Dan Wood. New Game! People giving the doctor an outrageous condition, and the doctor responding with an even more outrageous treatment. Dan Wood’s ass is dropping apples.  John Ring is NOT, I repeat, NOT a gymnast. Adam’s 4skin is frozen to his 3skin, ouch! Jon A. can’t stop puking up kittens, but, that is ok!

Chainsaw Time! Adam is hosting, as always Occupation, Location, Object! I am going to play this time!

So a grave digger in a coffee shop with a child, in a very dirty way, became a grave digger in a coffee shop with a coin operated real doll.

Well, this blog has been a blast. I finally popped my blog cherry!

Thanks, Ken! Now back to the games. What’s that you say? You want to see a game based on a Clint Eastwood movie? Well then, you’re in luck. It’s time for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Advice givers, take it away.

John, Ray and Jon are bringing it!

Issue: How can she get her dog to lose weight?

Good: The dog needs to run 45 laps a day…wait, maybe more. Powerade and a Monster Energy drink, and that dog will be all set. And dead.

Bad: Head down to the Chinese resta…wait a minute. That’s not nice.

Ugly: Apparently, the answer is to let the dog get sexy times. Wha?

Issue: The Democratic Party is punked. Help!

Good: Don’t vote. Thanks, Civics teacher!

Bad: Take drastic action. Camp out in their front yard and make rude gestures.

Ugly: Take a hammer. Beat yourself in the head with it. Then, run as a Democrat, and you’ll get elected. Problem solved!

Issue: Looking for an apartment for June…the month of June, you silly.

Good: Craigslist. Missed connections. Boom. Apartment.

Bad: Follow people home. But only if they look cool. Be nice when you follow them into their apartment.

Ugly: Rent yourself!

It was so nice, we’re doing it twice. Daniel, Marina, and Adam. Bring it, y’all.

Issue: Need a place to go for SPring Break

Good: Charter a plane and go to haiti to rebuild.

Bad: Take your parents’ cc and go to Florida and get wasted!

Ugly: Take a strait jacket, wrap it around yourself, lock yourself in a phone booth, drop it in the water, then get yourself out of it. Set a new record.

Issue: How do I get my 3-year old son to stop wiping poo on the seat?

Good: Go to a store and buy finger paints. Let him be creative in his room.

Bad: Stop letting him in the bathroom while you s(&*.

Ugly: Take a s&^*, smear it on the house, and then what’s he gonna s&^ on? Nothing!

Issue: How do I stop getting harrassed by the man?

Good: Stop grabbing the dude’s junk!

Bad: Harass him back!

Ugly: You take the man, wrap him in a strait jacket, put him in a cell booth and drop him 55km in water and cover him in sh%&!

And the final game was movie critics!  It was the tertiary!  You should have been here!

And Scene!

BYOI – Friday 1/22/10

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012210famHey and welcome to another installment of the BYOI blog!

Tonight we have Daniel, John, Jimmy, Beth, and Adam

Yes and That’s how it’s done – What I forgot to tell you, You bring Joey… I bring my manicurist.

FAM!!! our F.A.M. tonight is Matt and What do we need to know about Matt? Needs to tell the world that he has a cat, likes to be mysterious, if from just outside Manchester, plays basketball but doesn’t watch it, goes to Rhode Island College, British people enunciate, soft spot for interpretive dance and ballet, cat’s name is Nietzche, would buy a small car and an apartment if he won the lottery.

Warm up – Feast of St. Vincent… room wide eating contest!

Meanwhile – You made this? Yep. What do you call it? Hand and Foot, He was a spring donor so we need to take his parts, I think I just farted a crime, it likes it when you shut up and eat it, I got winner, turn duck into swan

Story, story, die – Xena and Bob are buying a five pound bag of jelly beans, most jelly beans look like rabbit turds to dogs, extract the juices of life, the other white spy, syrup extracted from Mrs. Butterworth’s teet, baaaaah

Press conference – Bob the Builder got pregnant… My first question is Can you build it?, are you afraid of getting gacked at the Kids Choice Awards, ‘I’m glad this makes since to you guys’, like i’ve seen this ever but I am Bob the Builder, I am glad to be the second man in the world to be pregnant.

Beastie Rap – Jon gets the WHOLE room in hysterics being a bit dirty, my computer doesn’t have enough RAMMY.

INTERMISSION…. and we’re back…. did you miss us?

What are you doing – terribly mysterious, “you got your ship all over my iceburg, fishing for compliments, landing in America, air trafficking migrating birds “Turn duck into swan”

The Quickest Minute – I’m so angry don’t do that, quick jump over me, there’s a horses head in the bed, pretend it’s spaghetti sauce… Jelly Bean factory has too many goats, I understand you’re from Canada, get the grass and arsnic, Oh my God… poison it!… Avitar…. wow these graphics are great, I can make him hit the door guy and it’s his off night but he still knows where to go, Toastie!!!

Back in my day – Hooligans – we didn’t have hooligans we had whippersnappers, basketball – Shaq was a rapper, economics – numbers are the devil, doctor – you just died, cats – Alf ate them all

Pavlovian Response – Jessi has to say ‘zzzzzzzzz’ every time someone moves across the stage, Adam has to stomp his foot and yell fire when anyone makes eye contact, and John has to bark like a dog anytime someone asks a question. Tarzan “fire” needs to stop scaring me. who sent you the invites “woof”,


BYOI – 01/20/10

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012010famHey there, and welcome to Tom’s blog for the January 20th 2010 B.Y.O.I. show! Tonight was a great show, our cast line up was the slick Adam, fabulous Beth, great John, enthusiastic Jon, peppy Jimmy, and punctual Daniel. We want to give a quick shout out to Dan, aka Oscar Van Pudding, “Hope you get well soon!” Tons of laughs and great ideas from such a great audience helped make this show amazing.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – As usual, Daniel still cannot seem to remember how to spell that word, but always seems to end with great style.

Yes & That’s How It’s Done – Very interesting scene involving flamable Star Wars sheets, it always seems to work no matter what the scene is, I wonder why.

F.A.M. – Our FAM tonight was a new BYOI’er, Beth. She doesn’t belong to any clubs, wants to be a wedding planner, from New Jersey, loves the color pink. She also is an early bird whom is Irish, and would classify herself as the cereal Kix because she’s, “Mother approved!”

Warm Up – Jon warmed up the audience with a great train/wave game. Thanks Daniel for the random thing that pops in your head, “Things that start with the letter ‘D’!”

Meanwhile – Adam hosted this game that started off talking about buying tickets to see Pink. Meanwhile at the salon, Beth and Jon came across a problem because he only had steak knives instead of scissors. Meanwhile wishing to come to America, Adam is allowed, however John is not. Meanwhile in Spanish class, Beth was late to class with a pass and no one really knows how to speak spanish. Meanwhile at the gum factory, Jimmy’s jaw hurts and he’s losing his teeth while Adam has swallowed moth balls. Meanwhile at his Grandma’s house, Beth wants a drink from the fridge while no one gets a seat for Grandma. Meanwhile at the gym, Daniel and Jon got their excercise while Adam complained. Meanwhile at the plastic surgeon, Beth got some great work done by Dr. Jon before helping Jimmy figure out what needed fixing. Meanwhile at the tatoo parlor, Daniel’s giving out free tatoos to John so others can tell which side is his front, and Adam’s got huge boobs. Meanwhile at the mall, Jimmy doesn’t want to pay for a massage so he steals Beth’s free pass. Meanwhile at the edge of town, Jimmy and John are ballet style refusing to cross the town line while Daniel’s trying to convince them that it’s alright to cross. Now if this scene makes sense to you, you may need to seek help. No one could ever guess where this scene was going, yet everything always fell into place.

Story, Story, Die – We had Cosmo magazine, meets Steven Spielburg, meets fantasy, meets island, meets Spin magazine. Jon died a fantasy death of being on fire while sinking in a pit. Adam died a island pirate scorpian death. John died of talked himself Cosmo style.  And Jimmy DJ’d himself to the floor. Beth was the hero of this ‘movie’ and was the last woman standing.

Press Conference – Beth was Kristen Wigg who just saved the bay being interviewed by Jimmy, Daniel, and a great audience member Marina. 2nd round Jimmy is Jack Skeleton who just got a skin graft being interviewed by Adam, Beth, and Jon. Both rounds were full of great inside questions that the audience caught onto really quick. With their heads boucing off the walls trying to decifer these clues that were coming in from all directions.

Beasty Rap – Great new game, Beth, Adam, and Jon vs Jimmy, John, and Daniel in a hilarious version of the name rhyme game.  Pam to lamb, George to engourge, John to pom-poms. Yet I think team BAJ ended with the most team rhymes in the end.


What Are You Doing? – Picking four leaf clovers in the desert / breaking everything with my rubber dracula / great game with lots of laughs from the audience. So much going on that wasn’t going on it all blurred into many great rotations of the many great ideas of the BYOI cast.

The Quickest Minute – Jimmy and Jon slammed out “Beauty and the Beast” in a minute. Shame on Beast Jon blew out Candle-Stick’s flame. “Pots and pans and the pots and pans.” “My Porn! “Wow they power crunched it out in 30 secs. Dude, 10 secs how did they do pull it off? I don’t know how, all I know is they did, and it was great.

2nd round, Adam and Jimmy are BFF’s at the waterslide. Jimmy wants to go down first so he can save Adam’s life. 30 seconds piece of cake for these pros, so easy, they even did it in FIVE SECONDS!!! You guys rock!

3rd round was a little backwards, Beth is lost in New York while homeless Jon pukes all over the place all in 10 seconds. Within 30 seconds Jimmy and Adam help Jon drink his free shots. Time for the minute scene puke, puke, puke!

Famous Last Words – Circus Clown “We can fit one more in this car, I’m sure of it.” / Tattoo Artist “He’ll never find this one!” / Breakfast Cereal “I guess these aren’t lucky charms” “I’m lactoise intolerant” / Doctor “Dammit Jim, I got the Vulcan Clap now” / Farmer “God, I swear I’m gonna quit Farmville”

Pavlovian Response – 1st round was by far the funniest scene ever. Because it was so funny the audience, myself included, just could not stop laughing. Due to all the laughter, Adam had to grab a noodle and smack anyone inside the circle, meanwhile Daniel had to keep grabbing his crotch everytime 2 hand came into contact with each other. John had they best one… whenever the word ‘is’ was spoken he had to dance.

2nd round was just as hilarious. Jimmy kept hugging people who couldn’t start their sentences with real words while Jon spent half of the scene sitting on the floor whenever someone would place their hands on their hips. Now what made this scene so great was Beth had to sing whenever Jimmy would hug someone, and yell a warcry when Jon would sit onthe floor. Total confusion, and totally insane comedy all across the board.

And there we have it. Although words can never truely discribe such a tremendously hilarious event as a Bring Your Own Improv show, you really need to experience this for yourself. Don’t forget about our “Other 9-5 Show”, Friday, Febuary 5th starting at 9pm and ending at 5 in the morning. best part is after the show breakfast in included! There’s nothing like a free breakfast to end a magical night.


Friday 1/15/10… is all about John Bell!

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011510famWelcome to another fantastic edition of BYOI! We have a great show tonight!

Tonight we have Daniel, Adam, Beth, Oscar, Jimmy, and Ken.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Daniel walks us though the ‘rules’ for the show and for The Spot… “OH MY GOD, you don’t know your names?”

YES AND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE – Adam and Beth teach us how to develop a scene by stealing cookies from the cookie jar. Great job Beth for trying to steal those cookies while doing Weight Watchers!

F.A.M – Featured Audience Member is John Bell – Worked with Beth, likes to walk, knows things, coffee makes him wake up, likes tech, would make ‘whoopie’ with fem-bot, don’t ask him to ring your bell, would compete for drinking world record, wanted to be older when he grew up… or an astronaut, wisdom for younger generation… don’t eat yellow snow

WARM UP – Round of nouns starting with P then adjectives starting with B “what’s an adjective”

SIX PACK – Adam and Beth are old… but Adam is aging in reverse, Daniel and Ken are playing with a Sexbot, Jimmy and Dan are celebrating Guinnes Day. “I’m not going to fit in there”, “but when you go to bars, people turn into Asian women”, “I’m 16 again, I’m ready to go out with boys”, “it sucks… I like being a guy”

QUESTIONS – With Beth rocking the ‘Bell of Doom’, Ken get dung out on his first line. Dan and Adam had a great scene taking things away from each other.  Adam just loves asking questions that really don’t make sense. Dan seems to love squirrels. Beth decides to spice things up by adding a a third person. ‘why are you always jealous of us?’ ‘we’ll always be there for you… DARN’ *ding*, ‘didn’t she say that she would always be there?’

PARTY QUIRKS – Beth has to guess that Daniel has E. D., Ken is Godzilla, and Jimmy, well, something to do with a can. Beth looks nervous about her party and needs to use her inhalator, ‘careful if you harm me it’s hard for me to get back to normal’, ‘ummm yea, that would be what we call inappropriate’, ‘Hey what’s up…. Not me’, ‘My grandma died from erectile dysfunction’.

PILLARS – Dan and Adam are inspired by The Mona Lisa… my grandson brought me a bag of “turn the light on”, he got me a bag of “soccer balls”, ‘big hair and Asian man”, gotta drink water out of “balloons”, crazy dance called “the pirate shuffle” – Jimmy and our FAM are inspired by Starry Night… I could expand my mind with ‘pumpkins’, ‘Rollerblades’ all though the winter, take a seat… I need to get you some ‘flying monkeys’ named ‘Bob’ who said ‘hi’, they are doing the ritualistic dance of ‘whonew whonew’ from the tribe of  ‘lady ga-ga’, oh my god he just threw ‘an Italian hand gesture’.


WHAT ARE YOU DOING? – Acting loud / apple licking / dinosaurs peeing / dragging possums / digging pot-holes / dying pleasantly / dipping people / drinking pigeons / destroying perfection / delivering pizza / monkey snorting / moping slowly / making sandwiches / missing street signs / traveling chatterly / terrible cool-aid / talking chit / trash canning / trivial circumstances / team choosing / titty clapping / tickling cavemen / tipping cows / tying cats / tackling children / tooting corn

MARRIAGE COUNSELOR – Ken has to guess that Jimmy thinks he is in a B movie and Ron is covered in spiders and they are afraid of technology. Right from the start Ron is twitching and brushing things off of him, “he’s spinning a web of lies”, ‘darn freaks‘, Ken kinda messed up and thought that he was done before he guessed that they were afraid of technology.

CONFUCIUS SAYS IN BED – doctor / astronaut / shoe / Gary Coleman ‘just cause your short and brown doesn’t mean you can’t get down’ / Lady Ga-Ga /

REVOLVER – Adam and Cam – underwear, Ray and Adam – Summer, Ray and Jimmy – iPhone, Jimmy and Cam – bathe… It’s Thursday. no it’s Tuesday. I’M LATE, I’m one of the nurses… I’m sorry I’m not a woman, I have SPF all over my shorts, I thought if I put it in the wash it would melt and Downy would happen, I have an antenna that extends, I got you this cape, some of this killed hot dog man?, it was one of my apps, rotate right ‘I don’t want to go back to that’, I have fruit of the womb

FREEZE TAG – Hot cat! / You just drank from your sister! / Now I’m just a white horse, with a bleeding forehead. / It takes so long to roll these dice cause they each have 13,000 sides. / “I did not want the anvil, I just love those Looney Tunes.” “Acme Rocket!” “I really don’t want to know where that is going” / I’m a tree / I’m a building


Don’t forget that Friday Feb. 5th is our Other 9 to 5 show… that’s 9pm to 5am!

BYOI Blog – 1/13/10

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011310famWelcome to the recap from another arousing night of B.Y.O.I. Tonight was so full of laughs that my sides are killing me. We had plenty of regular BYOI’ers that helped us out tonight, as well as a few new faces. Don’t forget to bring a friend! Daniel, Jon, Beth, John, Adam, and Jimmy rocked this show to it’s core! Even though Beth left early, we still love her. 🙂

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – Daniel flew out the letters tonight, with or without music, it didn’t matter, he was awesome!

Yes And, That’s How It’s Done! – A crazy scene brought out by our “scene-masters” John and Adam. I never understand how they can make something so random make so much sense. Naked pictures of your mother on a digital camara… Wow!

F.A.M. – It would be my pleasure to introduce our newest addition to the FAM, Lauren, whom we learned a good amount about. Seems she’s pro-cow and she’s pro-life, but hates haircuts from her mother.

Warm-Up – Thanks goes out to good ‘ole Jon for warming us up with those crazy antics. If I wasn’t writing this I’d pull the “Peter from Family Guy gag”, ‘and…, and…, and…’

Six Pack – Jon, Adam, Beth & John stepped up to the plate for this one. Weird haircuts, trips to Disney World, and failure to tip, all different, yet all intertwinded. First time this has ever happened, double claps to get into a scene, yet somehow forgot the line. Thanks Jon for getting us back on track

Questions – Spelling Bee to Zoo, many questions, and a few statements DING! Gotta love when even our casts members lose themselves in their ability to asks questions, it reminds us that it’s alright to have a brain fart every now and then.

Party Quirks – Wow, Beth was stripping due to everything she owns growing wings. Good friend Joe W. was too good as Bill Clinton, as John figured it out right off the bat. And a new BYOI’er was a great toaster. Great job John figuring it all out and wrapping this strange party up.

Pillars / Helping Hands – Adam and Dan, working at the carnival.While Dan makes paper, Adam is dipping apples. Little did they know they both had the same professor for Hide and Go Seek.


What Are You Doing? – Picking my nose with a telephone. / making tacos with my feet. / I’m weighing King Kong’s balls.

Marriage Counciler – Thank goodness Jimmy is here to help this crazy couple, seems Adam likes to eat raw meat, and Dan is Lindsay Lohan. Apparently Adam likes to leave his socks all over the bed. Wow long game, Jimmy was lost

Confucius Says In Bed – New game, lots of jokes with tons of laughs. DEPARTMENT STORE: “If the line is longer than 8 people, we will open a new register, IN BED!!!” “Everything you’ve always wanted now 20% off, IN BED!!!”

Sit, Stand, and Lay Down – Bad Jimmy for burning ants at the park. Good job Ray for stealing those ants from Jimmy, but I don’t believe eating them to keep them from him was such a smart move. Jon, such a team leader directing this scene and keeping it flowing.

Freeze Tag – “I’m deaf, can I fight him?” Ultimate Blind Fighters!!!

And Scene!!!

Friday Jan 8, 2010 is all about Jessi

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010809famGood evening and welcome to the first FRIDAY BYOI show of the 2010 season!

We have a great show for y’all tonight!

Tonight  we have Daniel, Jon, Ken, Adam, and,  Dan Oscar!

Yes and that’s how it’s done – Tonight we learn how to accept and add on to a scene – Dad I hope you don’t mind but I used your new router to carve my initials into my own @ss.

Who is our FAM for tonight? It’s Jessi Torres and what do we know about Jessi? Unpredictable, from South-Eastern CT, doesn’t gamble, yarn vice, knitter, geocache, not a thief, Husband is Eddie, Equal Balanced relationship, right now Eddie is playing WOW…

Warm Up – Adam makes us all play a game of guess who. Does this person have boobies? No….

Freeze Tag – Adam and Ken start us off with YARN that water is a little eddy so we named you Eddie, This @ss has been worked on and is younger then the rest of me, Cause he is a American Indian dog… he likes maze… call it maze, I’m just here to bury my kitty, it’s used now, Over the mountains and in the jungle… there was a lot of jungle, You know we’re a family of paladins, You see what happens when you introduce him to musicals at a young age, peanut… it’s peanut… it’s good, Smurffette did a Bobbit, was it the knit or the purl… I need to use the rest room, take that for water supply… ahhh it’s baby powder, what’s his problem… I think he’s turning Japanese, spin cycle.. that’s impressive, sushi with a side of labido, we just milk the gland under here, there’s Dr. Cohen up there

Alphabet – Ahhh those guys put cool sh*t out, I wanna put cool sh*t out too, why can’t we just wrap me in lights and let me stand in the yard, you’re right you are festive, Oscar messed up first but it wasn’t caught when he said U to mean you then Adam got dinged out for V, your’s truly,  got dinged out for using Can’t for K… I’m a dummy,

Good cop, bad cop – Oscar is the criminal who woke up with Luke Skywalker in Atlantis, maybe we should ‘lay-a’ you down, have some Folders… it’s the best part, now Jed only has one eye… Lucky Oscar didn’t catch on when Ken actually said Woke Up before Oscar guessed it.

Greatest hits – This is a new game, with Oscar playing guitar and the cast/audience sings songs in turn based on suggestions – Religion – but not as good as wearing two hoods, don’t sweat me… I won’t I’m wearing deodorant – Help – help me I am being acosted by a man, that is so frickin gay – Blue birds have the blues – god will forgive me eventually, I didn’t mean to sleep with that grizzly, just wanna suck t*tties till the day we die – Angel but not anymore – you thought I said will you grab my b@lls, even when I was little… the same thing happened

Intermission – – – – – And we’re back!

What are you doing? – I’m making a cobblestone stairway to heaven, I’m playing World of Texas Holdem.. what happens if I have two spades?…. start digging.

Chainsaw – Jon has to communicate with no words that he is a Porn Star in a dumpster and his weapon is socks… it became nudest, bathroom, shoe then nudest, kitchen, ugg boot then porn star, bathroom, peg leg, chip n dale dancer, bathroom, prostetic leg then stripper, bathroom, axe then private dancer, petting zoo, and baseball bat

Back in my day – Treasure Hunter, Online Gambeling, Dance Dance Revolution, burritos, key chains, Matchbox Cars, money, sports, art, socks

Space jump – Boardwalk to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Tied up Bill to Mountain Dew to Dance Routine to Americans in a glass box to Cereal made from nuts and bolts to Gay mass wedding

Revolver – Would you like a jello pudding pop, silence, you are hanging on by a fred astair, your mother talked back to me and I drowned her in the pudding, silence, nothing Mom-dad, what do I pay you for… going online, what would the child taste like in the pudding with my tears, I happen to be an Elf level 10… more like an alcoholic level ten, let’s go get married b*tch….

So that was our show for today and since it is officially after midnight and the 9th, let’s give a big shout out to our Associate Producer, Tom, and wish him a very Happy Birthday!!!


BYOI – 1st Show of Season 3

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010610famWelcome to the blog of our 1st show of our 3rd season. New games, and new energy is busting out from the seams.

Daniel still hasn’t learned how to spell, but he still fights his way through it with style.

Yes and, That’s How It’s Done!
Adam and Ken created a very creative, and strangely agreeable scene that somehow worked with itself. Sweetness!

Featured Audience Member (F.A.M.)
Thank you Ray D. for becoming part of our FAM. We really learned a lot of strange, cool, and funny things about you. Thanks for being here, and thanks for helping us out!

Freeze Tag
Jimmy starts it off with respect to Dan. “Get the fork out!” thanks Daniel. Newest birthday party game, “Pin the nose on the human”. Thanks to Jon for breaking up the crazy immigrant hiding spots; pants, shoes, … armpits? I’d be afraid where else one could hide, lol.

Tacks… Adam and Jon started the game with Ken rocking the bell. Dan had to jump in to help Adam followed shortly by Beth. Lost in his own words Jon dung himself out to allow our FAM, Ray D, to step in to play around and finish up the round with Beth. Great job everybody!

Good Cop, Bad Cop
Poor Dan got himself arrested for some silly things again with some silly people, in the silliest of locations. And to make matters worse, he can’t remember any of it. However to help him remember both Jimmy and Ken are here. This is what Dan gets for listening to one of Nirvana’s first albums backwards and stealing people’s socks, and having his way with them. I mean seriously, why would he ever find one of the largest and most colorful vehicle, only to bleach other people’s clothes in it?

Greatest Hits – NEW GAME
This is the first new game of the night, and the season. But don’t worry, more will come. It starts off with the audience helping us out with a topic. That topic becomes the title of our new album that our cast sings of all original songs using titles that are given to them by a volunteer audience member. A great big THANKS goes out to Dan for bringing that sweet acoustic guitar to help this game soar. Ken, Jimmy, Beth, and Adam made these songs come out so smooth that I wish I was recording. HOT DAMN!!! That F*ing ROCKED!!!


What Are You Doing?
Nice Adam, Jimmy is “Kicking @$$ and taking names” “Here is my driver’s license, please don’t kick my @$$.” “Do you have a donkey?” / Leave it to Daniel to be, “Testing if flagpoles are frozen… with his tongue” / “Thinking of a number between 1 and…” “Pie?”

Haven’t seen this game in a long time, one of my all time favorites. Beth starts with being a ninja, in a toll booth, using bubble wrap. I wonder how it will turn our. Our FAM seemed to get the occupation well, as well as the location, but I’m not so sure about the object. Daniel I think got some of it mixed up, but that’s what makes this game great. Dan on the other hand, being a 3rd man in the chain might had gotten some really mixed signals. Going with what he thought, relayed those to Jimmy and had the audience dying of laughter. I can only imagine how Jon will take Jimmy’s take on all of this. Wow this violent version of the old-fashion game “Telephone” is amazing! How does this turn out? Bubble wrap = Dance Dance Revolution?

Back In My Day – NEW GAME
Another new game. It’s a line game where cast and audience members line up… and give lines. “Back in my day, we didn’t have…” High School, we had Low School, and we had to crawl to get in. / Teddy Ruxpin, if we wanted a talking bear, we’d shove a midget into a grizzly!

Space Jump – NEW GAME
Another BYOI new creation, kinda crazy fun, everything from hippo’s and preggo’s to Beth’s strange dreams. So much “grew” into the scenes, and nothing but laughter as the scenes “shrunk”.

What a great night, just like old times. But with new flavor! And to remind all of you BYOI’ers out there, Feb. 5th is our “Other 9 to 5” show, breakfast will be included with this crazy great event, Don’t miss it! AND SCENE!!!

BYOI Announces: The Other 9 to 5 Show!

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byoi9to5smallOn February 5th 2010, Bring Your Own Improv will be having their new show, “The Other 9 to 5, A PJ Party!”

Entrance to the show begins at 9pm on Friday night and the show will continue till 5am! That is 8 full hours of Improv & Music. And Breakfast is included!!! All of this for only $15!

So here are the main details:

  • Cost is $15
  • Breakfast is included in the price. (See Details Below)
  • Doors open at 9pm.
  • Doors close at 2am for a lock in.
  • The event is BYOB.
  • Marq Twain will be performing a 1/2 hour set.
  • Bring your PJ’s, a pillow and a blanket if you like. Sleeping bags are also welcome for a closer seat to the stage.
  • A ton of improv games will be played.

Breakfast will be served between 5 and 5:30am at Louis’s on Brook St. Your ticket price includes your choices of:
1. 2 Eggs, Toast, Hash browns and Coffee.
2. Pancakes & Coffee. <– Some of the best pancakes I have ever had!

Additional items may be purchased at breakfast at your own cost.

Please note from 2am to 5am will be a lock in. Due to Providence city rules, no one may come in or out during that time. Please be aware. Other than a medical emergency, there are no exceptions to this rule.

So come out and join us for a endurance race of improv! This promises to be a show like no other! And this time, we are providing the coffee in the morning!

Come play with us!