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Friday 5/28/10 is all about…

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052810famHey everyone! We have a great show tonight! For your improve enjoyment we have… John, Jon, Adam, Daniel, Ken, and YOU!!!

F. A. M. – Our F.A.M. tonight is… Adam P. Just saw AFI, Works for cell company, likes Moulin Rouge, guy at work has catchphrase “Hey, that’s kinda cool”, got in a lot of trouble as a kid, movie of his life would be What if “he jumped”, likes to quote Gladiator

Lines from a FAM – “I’ll teach you how to put a condom on a pickle, Mom would say what if he jumped, what kind of doctor says during a birth… our coverage extends to Puerto Rico. It’s like… I will have my vengeance… in this life or the next, his final words were ‘I don’t really like Nike’, I’m sorry it just help that I’m… I got nothing, can I come out of the closet now.

Story, Story, Die – Pistol whip you with my squishy balls, so when they rolled across the floor that was when I learned I had… CAAAAANCEEEEER, and then I wondered why my mother had balls in the first place, and I rode that horse with my cancer balls, when you mix astronomic with orgasms you get orgastronomics.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses – Can’t find parking, no clean socks, and dog got skunked – I was driving in reverse… then I was swimming, I turned into a werewolf, I apparently gave birth and it smelled horrible.

Freeze Tag – Let’s burry Billy, why is your mother here, you’re the tin man… and I’m the rubber band man, where does grandma keep coming from, we’re British Petroleum… we have lots of boobs.

Hoedown – Cat in a tree – I just get out my bb gun and shot it in its one eye, can’t climb the ladder cause I’m to darn fat


Grand Theft Auto – taken over by… Puerto Rico, Muppets, Russians, Martians, teens with cantaloupe filled with vodka, women screaming loudly, angry bees, nuns.

Press Conference – Ted Bundy, won the lottery, on an iceberg – I could eat you up… you’re so cute, sometimes good things happen to bad people, I’m in solitary so I’m happy to get any shoulder or even an elbow. Round 2 – dentist found cure for baldness at Wal-Mart – I got it but I’m gonna take another question, when you invented the product did someone greet you at the door.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – The more negative food you eat makes for a positive body, put all the fat kids on Hawaii then take all the food off Hawaii and they will either eat each other or swim to food which will make them thin.

Pillars – Hamsters’ birthday party – I went to the jello fight and punched a nun, that’s a 12 year old hamster… that’s older then my left foot, are you eating the hamster, we gotta stop taking amnesia girl, hamster hacky-sack, this is harder then thongs, back when I was three… before my foot was born. Round 2 – teen drug addicts – I’m seeing Robocop on the ceiling, hammers and fonzerelli, you owe me like a forensic scientist, if you gimmy the bull it will get me a lot of Tang

Hoedown – Lego – I told my kid….. I don’t know what rhymes with foot

And Scene!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor notes from a doctor.

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052610famSo get this… it’s a Wednesday, right, and it’s so damn hot that no one wore any shoes or hair on their dome pieces.  The end.  Also, that means BYOI at the Spot right here on Thayer Street.  Home sweet home.  Our team of characters tonight is Daniel Van Pudding, Jon Van Pudding, Beth Van Pudding, and Jimmy Van Pudding.  Warning: may contain had-to-be-there moments (HTBT).

I respect the Spot.  Do you RESPECT the Spot?

Convenience is the word of the night.

Tonight we learn Hector’s evil tendencies eventually translate into later creepiness.  Also, that endowing your scene partner and creating a relationship is important.

We had a snowball fight…. had to be there.

Renee Smith is our spectacular FAM tonight.

Summer Gang (The Scorpions), “Watch where you’re running train,” pick up line is “I have a twin,” trouble making twin madness gets her called Liz, mostly lawnshops, misses curfews, Robin Hood BBC series, best quote from Robin Hood is a wink…  loves CASHNOW as long as numbers are before it, huge Eminem fan (and it’s been broughten), Renee’s words of wisdom:  “Get day jobs.”

Lines from the FAM: Nightshift at McDonalds is a strange occurance when you hire an outside specialist, especially when their ideas involve twins.  Restraining order from your job? UHoh!  They run the streets at summer during the day.  Apparently McDonalds gives loans?  Almost like earning money.  THREE WAY TWIN CLIMAX!  Hot sauce!

Story, story, die:  This will be s story about humpty dumpty STAYED on the wall.  Chapter one, Where are the Kings Horses?  Humpty rolled thinking about rolling or falling due to afternoon Oprah.  JG Wentworth visit and food poisoning fraud will get him cash now like a Kung Fu movie.  Insides of eggs do hurt because of the layers.  Sad, sad egg of pain.  Like horses and men, life is hard to put back together.  Chapter 2, The First Time I got Laid(Horror).  Benedict threesome in Hawaii.  With Deviled Spam, real ham, devil ham.  Hawaii is not smart playing with eggs and skirts.  Chapter 3, The End of Recession…  Chapter 4, Sneezin’ Blood ain’t Cool.  DDL is egg shaped, pay people in eggs to make a giant omelet to save a kingdom.  Chapter 5,  Choking on Steak, the final chapter(Romance), Naughty, nasty egg sex puns.  Egg choking on steak, whoa.  Humpty falls anyway. (Had to be there)

Excuses, excuses:  Tonights Excuses are chased by lightening, pet rodent ate phone, and overslept.  Tarantula factory.  Make fun of the boss, no, don’t you’ll get fired (had to be there).   Oh, Vincent, so late.  Coma>Good Dream.  Kite flying is for weekends, Vincent.  Crushing squirrels with books.  Tonights OTHER excuses are my butt fell off, saw a metal band and chased by zombies, all extremely viable.  Damnit, Suzy!  Butt surgery?  Really?!  Ohhhhh, due to the butt falling off, acceptable.  Suzy, stay away from the metal bands and graveyards.

Questions:  Dinggas.  You don’t like my life size version of the titanic?  Are there any icebergs in Rhode Island?  Did I look cuter as a pageant contestant?  Did I lick a stamp with LSD?  Have you seen my Lady GaGa thong?  THIS IS MY POKER FACE (had to be there).  Do we have chemistry?  Can y’all pass me the butter?  Did you want to banjo-off?  Didn’t you have a childhood?  Do you believe movies actually tell the truth?  Did you just say “go down”? LoLzzZZzz.  hehe.

Hoedown (no working women were harmed in the playing of this game):  On Robin Hood.  Stealing mechanics, dancing mechanics, Lil’ John mechanics, actor mechanics…  Hired by Mel Broooooooooks!

Intermission mission.  Ok, enough of that.

Grand Theft Auto:  Sasquatch steal, picture steals souls/car, invisible people prod, flying orangatangs spitting mud meddle, the cast of RENT rents, hippers hip check, whole bunch of 007’s swoon, backseat drivers backseat drive, bruce willis impersonators … impersonate, stunt men stuntin’, rabid moles ravage, cartoon characters rule, that womans tomatoes taunt.  All of these steal cars(HTBT[had to be there]).

Press Confrence:  Don Quixote popped childrens balloons on the sun.  Totes glamo!  Being full of gas admits you into reality twice.  It was hard being in the show, if he was in it, which he wasn’t.  “If riding a giant hippo makes you an ass then thats what I do.”  Sometimes you see a windmill, sometimes you think you’re entering the seventh dimension of hell.  Guffaw!  Some people like laughter, he likes hearing children cry.  That’s hot.  (HTBT)

Pillars:   Glacier Vacacier(get it?).  Texting from surrogate wife creates issues.  All kinds of men give the same “You’re the Queen of England” excuse.  The Queen of England does not have your pleasure machine.  Things fall together like orange juice and tubes.   Your letter shall say  “Hymen.”  Peter the great is ready to end this troubling cold war before it turns platonic.  “If only forever were ‘tomorrow’.”  TAKE TWO:   Dude, he got him with everything, getting got.  Customers are like lambs to the slaughter.  Shag carpet filled cars keep SCUBA divers drivers.  Six goat power car.  Car for six goats, goats for jelly fish, jellyfish for a shoe.  The boss was right about being wary of porn stars, lock’em up!  Puh.  PUH!  Backdoor fiasco was unconventional and costly.  Had to be there… in my mind.  TAKE THREE:  Hello, Schwartz.  English accent is contagious like the boomerang language.  Clean that rusty trombone with a danish, yes, a rusty trombone.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:  Ear wax problems are best solved by either going to an over paid doctor, using a damn plunger,  gathering small animals to harvest the wax due to an economic downturn.  Time travel is best solved by just simply reading H.G. Wells, watching the Wizard of Oz, taking sleeping pills and going for a job.  To breed sea monkeys(sea men, yup)  just read  the instructions on a packet, don’t because you never know where they’ve been, spin these sea people in a centrifuge and make them happy.  If you’re afraid of your spouse you must write down pros and cons and be honest(good but lame), set traps on the way to bed so they know there’s about to be some shit, put the spouse on dating website to pass them off.  Here’s how to tie your shoes, uhm, velcro, shoot the rabbit after it goes in the hole and mangle that bastards ears, screw laces go get some velcro!  Let us solve world peace by holding hands and singing or getting on NASAs ass to go to a happier world ooooorrrr  lighting a match.

Double Hoedown (working women WERE in fact attacked to make this game possible.  Humpty dumpty hoedown.  Tall wall horse attack.  Ovaries need alcohol too.  It’s your chance to do the dance, the humpty hump! Ladies, please don’t show it.  Your ovaries, I mean.

OK, like I said, you had to be there.  So, this was Dance Pantz, Pumba, Danimal, Danny Baggy Pantz, Oscar Van Pudding saying give it hard but feel strange.

…And Scene!!!

What is your favorite BYOI game?

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So we have been at this for a while, playing games, having you on stage and having a grand old time!  We try to give you a nice diverse collection of games that we play so that there is something for everyone.  But I got curious and wrote this blog post and now I want to hear from you, our awesome fans!

What is your favorite game you like to get on stage and play with us?

Or if you just watch, what is your favorite game to see played?

Just comment on this blog and we will be reading your answers and taking in some of your input!  If you’re not firmilliar with our games list, you can find it here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday 5/21/10 is all about… Katie

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052110famTonight we have John, Adam, Jon, Beth, Oscar, and Ken… and YOU!

Yes And That’s How It’s Done – Peanut Butter Cell Phone?!?!

F. A. M. – Our FAM tonight is  Katie! She is from East Greenwich RI, it’s filled with a lot of rich folk, knows the police force really too well, recently took a road trip to Vermont, friends with an airhead, Works for Psychological Center, ‘Jane’ often gives her a hard time at work and really hates school, tries to offer rewards for good behavior with clients, tries to visit with family after a bad day.

Movie Critics (FAM) – ‘well I really don’t find anything as interesting as myself’, poop burns well, did you get the snow leopard fillets, it smells like WalMart, she sure was harry, IT’S GOT A BEARD!, I love The Backstreet Boys, Die on your own time, did you just throw monkey poop at me?, two of your students are on the roof trying to fly, you remind me of a pimple I once knew, You’re rich… you know better, I HAVE BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS!

Alphabet – Zoloft… my parents named me Zoloft, forgive me I’m off the name…. MEDS!

Shopkeeper – Sarah Palin that shoots wolves, invisable bouncy ball, The Slap Chop that slaps back – I wish Nicole Ritchie had run for office instead of this wackadoo, That’s what she said

Beasty-Rap – Hat – rat, fat, sat, shat, that, mat, pat – Car – bar, spar, tar – Bet – – Jim – rims, limb – Bob – slob, knob, cob, job – Jason – Mason – Joey – homie, Zoe, bowie, Chloe – Chris – bris, bliss, p**s, miss, hiss, kiss, dis, list


Try that on for size – I’m throwing healthcare reform at America, I’m cleaning Ben Afleck’s trailer, I’m wacking moles, I’m beating smelly hippies, I’m sewing a kidney back into a Brazilian, I’m hugging a teddy bear, I’m starting a really sexy lawnmower, I’m stuffing a turkey in reverse

Post-It’s – Stand-Up Comic & Short Shorts. Cave & Women… “You’re mine now Pretty”, Stewardess & tub of cream cheese… “just the way I like it”

Short Cuts – Cheese-it’s – I thought you said Jesus, these Eucharists are delicious, So you’re telling me Jesus is a cracker, their Pal-Mal’s they are delicious, I did not lose my job… cream cheese never loses it’s job, here comes another gremlin, NAAAAK, Welcome to Hawaii… this is how we do it around here, who let Jim Carey in here, you’re gonna show me you’re munchkin, i haven’t decided yet

Slogans – K-Y Jelly – cause PB has nuts, it works in ears too – Vermont – we have things, no you can’t hear me now – Maple Syrup – what fat people bleed, East Greenwich – get out, F/U Barrington – traffic – what we wish some people would run into, Steve Winwood had to start somewhere – Children – never sleep well again, can’t live with ’em can’t return them to Russia – Tweezers – Pluck U – Barbie – Providing children with self esteem issues since 1951, cause math is hard – Board Games – Natures video games, cause computers is hard – Police – we love clubbin’, Dunkin Donuts would just like to say Thank You

Beasty-Rap-Rotation – Glam – Lamb, ham, mam, wham, Sam, quam, damn, slam, yam, cam

AND SCENE!!!!!!!!!!

Rocking and Rolling on This 5/19/10 BYOI Blog

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051910famHello there, and welcome to the Blog for the great B.Y.O.I. show. Our cast tonight included Oscar Van Pudding, Beth,  Adam, Jon, Ben, and John.

Oscar and Beth showed us how to make a scene work using “Conceptual”.

Ben warmed the audience up by having us all shout out our names & favorite board games. Then split the audience up into 2 groups… high and low pitches signing his favorite sogn lyrics.

Dan was our F.A.M. tonight. He’s from Dartmouth MA, he’s a student studying to be an English Major. His favorite place to go Adam H’s place, one of our newest fans whom has been becoming more familiar coming to enjoy this show.

Movie Critics – Scenes based on Dan’s life narrated by Beth and Dan himself. Adam playing the trumpet, while Jon’s eating a bowl of cereal, then John comes to lick his feet. Just then, Mom and Dad (Oscar and Ben) bust in to find out what is happening. Jimmy gets locked into the bathroom while Jon looks through all his old photo albums. Then to change things up, everyone changed roles, and the world gets topsy turvy.

Alphabet – Jon and Ben start this game off with “R”. Ben starts off, showing the audience what not to do, as Adam *DING*’s him for saying “Yo” first. After a quick laugh, they restart for real and show off a great scene. Beth and a new audience member jump in and try to show the boys up, but Beth gets the *DING* and another audience member step in to give it a go. After a great run, Adam goes *DING*, then  says “Something happened.” and the audience starts laughing and clapping, and the 1st audience member stays in the stage, nice and strong. Jimmy steps in for the challange and plays out a great scene with this new audience member. But *DING* she has to step aside to allow another new audience member to step in and play with Jimmy, and they throw some letters around. Jon and another new audience member start a new scene about “riding turtles”. They give it a great run, but Jon slips up *DING**DING**DING*!

Shop Keeper  – Oscar runs a tight store, however he sold some weird stuff to Adam, Jon and a fan audience member. Adam has an electric fork. Jon bought a sea captain who is afraid of water. And the audience member has marshmellow fluff made out of peanut butter. Shame on Oscar for saying that everyone with a wooden leg is a pirate.

Sit, Stand, Lay Down – James, last week’s F.A.M. jumps in with John and Ben to have some fun with a “Trident”. John breaks his glass nose, and Ben takes a trident to the foot.

Beasty Rap – A couple of new and familiar face jump up to play. I got a friend and her name is LIZ! Comes in the form of cheese WIZ! Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. before that MS.! My best friend is a GOAT! It’s that time of the month, I feel kinda BLOAT! I got a dog and his name is RYE! Look at the plane, it’s up in the SKY!


NEW GAME! Try That On For Size – I’m fly-fishing! I’m reeling in fairies! / I’mplaying ping-pong! I’m doing two dokey shows at once! / I’m painting a picture! I’m the worlds worse traffic cop!

Post-It – New and returning faces jumped up to make this game great. Hotdog maker in a wiffle-ball field. “But you put the hotdog in places I don’t want to talk about.” / Bubble & Part-time Hussler. “Can I come into your bubble?” “You come here often?”

Short Cuts – John creates a new line to say at the end of a fortune from fortune cookie, “Like your wife.”

Slogans – Trumpets, because sometimes you just feel horny. Well water, because we ran out of juice. Sun block, for when you are out of lotion, but you still have tissues. Lucky Charms, don’t get punched in em.

Finally to end the note on a high note, it’s the return of the great BEASTY RAP! Happy B-Day to Beth, and congrats to all the graduates from the local colleges. Hope to see you Friday @ 11pm, or next Wednesday @ 9pm.


Friday 5/14/10 is all about Rose

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051410famHey and welcome to another installment of the BYOI blog. Tonight we have John, Jon, Adam, Ben, Jimmy, Oscar, and Beth.

F.A.M. – Rose… Chipped her tooth on Thursday, After class her and ‘Smash’ went to the package store… wait it was Wednesday… not Thursday… doesn’t remember what happened but her friends remember something about a dance party. Came tonight with a group of about 15 friends.

A Day in the Life – SMASH!!!, it is Thu-Wednesday, it is Professor Teacher Man, Is this my apartment? There’s a bunch of liquor…. it must be my apartment, I got a tattoo… it says BYOI Rules

Marriage Counselor – John has to guess what is wrong with our couple, She hates hair and he can’t remember her name, but together they are competitive boxers with an upcoming match. ‘my little pumpkin… honey… baby fart….’, I went through a huge package of disposable razors YESTERDAY, wait… was that a hint or you just throwing that out there?, so what we have right now…. is a migrane

Daniel’s Birthday game – which was 4 scenes all of which Daniel had to participate in… very funny and ended with everyone kicking Daniel…

Space Jump – Carry to bed – I’m pretty sure I’m gonna chip a tooth, Why did you bring a real sword you *&^*^ you’re gonna get suspended, and it’s a boy….. with a beard, I’M VEGAN!!!!, What is she talking about?!?! Shut her up, you tazed a tree… I didn’t think you could do that, you’ve always wanted to break us up

Fortunately/unfortunately – Fortunately she had Rosetta stone on her iPod, unfortunately it was the actual Rosetta stone

Greatest Hits – Telepathy – I’m Blue can’t you tell… done in an opera style… “what is this James Taylor sheeet?”, Inside of your Taco (The Taco of your Mind) – It is a soft taco… not the hard, I wish I could tell my manager I’m GAY, Why the hell am I still in a boy band… I’m pushing 40


Doctors & Excuses – “Doctor, you gotta help me! I’m lactating and I’m a dude” / “Well, find some hungry babies and do some good in the world.”, *clap clap clap*/ I see you have the clap

Sports Commentator – International Bingo Tournament – our competitors started with the first number called daubing each others cards and each other, Steve Steverson seemed to have an affinity for the letter S, Janice takes all of Steverson’s sea cucumbers and smashes them, Steverson calls BINGO but Janice wins cause he used her card.

Say it Again – Barney seemed to make it onto Sesame Street and Oscar got stabbed in the back after eating peanuts which he was allergic to… Round 2 – We had to close the pool down due to lice, I shave my unibrow every day, The gorilla pool boy just flung some poo… Round 3 – Team Barbecue – I can get this little hot-dog in your girlfriends mouth, She bounces the watermelon back to Adam and it smashes on his face

Back in my Day – Liquor – we didn’t have liquor… shhhh it was prohibition – Teeth – we didn’t have teeth… so what did I chip – Law – we didn’t have law, we just had Order – Friends – We didn’t have friends… but we had benefits – Dancing – We didn’t have Dancing… Dan just played guitar.

Greatest HIT – Raping about mirrors – The entire cast raps out a great song and it was hysterical! Oh my God.. What the F***… it’s another John Ring….


05/11/2010 – James is Da Man, but Marcus scares us!

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051210famHey there and welcome to this Blog for the great show, B.Y.O.I.! Our cast tonight included Daniel, Oscar Van Pudding, Jon, Adam, Jimmy and Beth.

Daniel started the show off with his fantastic speech, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Spot.

Adam and Jimmy deminstrated how to work together in a scene and feed off each other so the scene could progress positively by taking a bath together.

Beth warmed us up by having the audience pretend they were in love with Justin Beaver.  Gotta love the 1 thru 10 scale system. Great audience tonight and they were definitely warmed up.

Our F.A.M. tonight was James. He’s from Hadden Heights, New Jersey and best way he can describe it… “a lot of drugs.” He currently is attending JWU, studying Hospitality, and he had 3 room-mates, but 1 got thrown out, leaving Eric & Marcus. Almost got busted by the cops on Cinco de Mayo for drinking in public, he tossed the beer into a bush, then when to cop drove away, he went back for the beer, because he hates alcohol abuse.

DAY IN THE LIFE – All cast version of a day in the life of James. “Philly is for cheese-steaks and cream cheese, and thats it!” Adam’s driving the bus, and hits John, the homeless Mexican.

MARRIAGE COUNCLER – Jon and an audience member have a problem, they don’t like touching each other, however they still try. The audience likes to climb ladders at all times. Jon suffers from ‘narco-sleepy’. Thank goodness that Oscar is such a great councler to help these guys out.

2nd Round – Beth and an audience member have a problem, they want to have a baby, but don’t know how it works. The audience member can’t stop dancing, and Beth is obsessed with math. Jimmy makes a great nerdy councilor. “The algebra of our relationship is X + Y = Love. No wait, isn’t it Y + Y = Love.”

SPACE JUMP – Dan can’t get his jousting pole in the hole. Adam wants to take advantage of the blind guy. Adam’s not getting enough of some umm humm.

GREATEST HITS – Oscar and an audience member showed us the newest greatest CD coming out all about the beach. Adam, Beth, Daniel and a returning audience member rocked out some great tunes. I Lost my Bathing Suit Top While Crashing in the Waves, a great country tune sung by Beth. I Love Frisbees Part 1, a great motown song sung by Daniel. Help Me Lifeguard I’m Drowning, a great emo song rocked by Adam. Totally Left My Sun-Bathing Suit at Home, a great rap song sung by the whole line up.


MEDICAL EXCUSES – “I’m from the H Double D.” “Clearly you like letters, so you need to go to Sesame Street, and have sex with Cookie Monster.”

SPORTS COMMENTATORS –  Beth and an audience member are telling us all about the new Olympic sport, painting the nails. Jon and another audience member duelled it out. Jon gets high sniffing the polish, and to add to the effect, starts drinking. The audience member starts with his thumb, making sure the get a nice even coat. Not to be beaten, Jon just dips all his finger tips in the vat to speed up the process. Oscar ran in to interview the contenders.

2ndRound – This time Adam and James, our F.A.M., showed us the new sport, Accounting. Jimmy and an audience member deminstrated how not to do it right. Jimmy starts with the sharpening of his pencils, and the audience member breaks one in half. Jimmy gets fed up with all the violence, and decides to knock him out with his folding chair. Punches, kicks, andface hits with type writters shaped cynder-blocks made this competition hilarious. Daniel steps in to interview these competitors.

SAY IT AGAIN – Beth controlls “The Power”, and loves to abuse it. Oscar & an audience member made a scene all about dance class. I have a bazooka. *DING* This is a baby whale. *DING* I evented something.

2nd Round – Adam, Jon & James rocked this scene out, all about braiding each others hair. “I’m gonna make you look like a horse right now. *DING* I’m gonna make you look like a whore right now. *DING* I’m gonna make you look like Justin Beaver’s mother right now.” “He front flips into the audience. *DING* He jumps into a hang-glider and crashes into a bunch of bitches.”

BACK IN MY DAY… – Snooze buttons, we just had big black guys named Marcus who woke us up. Computer blenders, we had technology that makes sense. Justin Beaver, we had a joke that we forgot when we stepped up here.

THE GREATEST HIT! – to end the night, the entire cast came out to show off with the newest of the new CD’s on the market, IPad Maddness.

Saying goodbye to all our fans from JWU going on summer break, and looking forward to you all coming back in September! Thanks for coming and showing your continued support of our favorite way to spend 2 nights a week!

Look for us in the upcoming Providence Improv Fest June 23rd through 27th.


Friday 5/7/10 Is about Tim

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050710famWelcome to a wonderfully funny show, and for your improve enjoyment we have John, Jon, Jimmy, Beth, Daniel, and Ben!

F. A. M. – Tim found out about our show by walking past the sign… From Southern Maryland, works to help with flood recovery, never been to RI before and thinks it’s awesome, staying on Brown campus, has stayed in abandoned school, likes video games and music, friend Victor has a quiet intensity, encourages everyone to volunteer and give back.

SIX PACK – quietly intense – give back – and iPod enemy, I’ve been taking copious notes on you all day, The rabbit went down the hole… Shania Twain go down the hole… crap go down the hole, SANDWICHES!!!, I can destroy you just by thinking about your destruction, CHEESE SLICES!!!, just found the first iPad that won’t go down the hole, you haven’t met my condiment gun, get my iPod out of the toilet

CHAINSAW – Extreme Juggler, Shipyard, and Boomerang became Snake charmer, snake wrangler and animal jubgler – train engine, train station, and boat depot – Didgeri-bong and boomerang. ROUND 2 – Pilot, bowling alley, box of tissues became… Deep sea diver, astronaut, David Bowie – MacArther Park, Field of dandelions, David Bowie acid trip – Bowling ball and mind trip of David Bowl-ey

DATING GAME – No teeth, thinks she’s on Farmville, and collects toenails – Would be in the museum of agriculture, take off your shoes, that man should have a straw, did you get my sculpture… it looks like a pink cow, what do you hate about #1… SHOES and SOCKS, he’s one now, contestant #… THAT GUY, ‘i’m a lonely black sheep and you found me’

MEANWHILE – here we have a size 13 triple B, Cover your left eye and tell me if I’m hot, EEEEEE-OOOOOOO

HOEDOWN – Ameri-core – But man this really sucks cause I’m waist deep in mud, But what I really want to save is some time for a girl.


WHAT ARE YOU DOING? – This is going to be the best Star Trek convention ever, No toilet of mine speaks like that, I’m making lemon-aid into lemons, Art’s very beautiful… Just like David, I’m cleaning up the entire oil spill in the gulf with a straw and a dixi-cup

60-30-10 – Always a funny game, and very quick and tonight was no exception… Subject was Time Flies and the best line was actually a confusion about whether the timer said Time or Flies.

PAVLOVIAN RESPONSE – Every time the audience drinks Jimmy has to stop drop and roll, Ben has to do the “Jimmy” YEA!!! when a question is asked, and our volunteer has to bark like a dog when ever someone moves their hands. Watching Jimmy roll around on the floor was just hysterical along with the yea’s and barking made for a well liqueured audience and a lot of sore ribs

WORLDS WORST – Books – wish they had one about sparkling vampires – Stock person – Looks like we only got 10 of those in this week – paper towel – This paper towel is made of poison ivy – lingerie store –  – Garbage man – it sorts the recycling or it gets the hose – yo-yo – from the makers of yo-yo… what up

IRISH DRINKING SONG – Video games – The song they came up with was hysterical and aparently Beth is a Nun…

AND SCENE!!!!!!!

Thanks to our FAM Tim, our fabulous audience, and our ever funny cast we had a fantastic show!!! Can’t wait to see every one next time!

BYOI @ JWU Press Conference!

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050610famBring Your Own Improv today was invited to a Johnson & Wales press conference where Daniel, John, Adam and Dan got to show off what BYOI is all about.  After a brief session where we talked about who we are and what we do, we broke into some improv.  In Pillars Adam and Dan worked through there break up.  Then in Freeze Tag with some great audience members, we found some junk in the trunk, put Adam up on a poll and learned that drunk old men get picked up easier then women.   Then questions from the audience…

And Scene!

BYOI Blog 5/5/10

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050510famHey there, and welcome to the blog for the great improv show, BYOI on good ole Cinco de Mayo! Tonight was a fun night filled with lots of laughs, and even a few tears from laughing so hard. Our cast line up included, but wasn’t limited to Ben, Jon, Daniel, John, Adam, and Oscar Van Pudding.

Daniel started the show with a bang spitting out the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Spot speech.

Astronaut was the theme for Jimmy, Adam, and John. Poor Adam has two left feet, and therefore can’t get off the launch pad. The lesson was all about sharing scene.

Jon got the party jumping by warming us all up with random Mexican noises. Gotta love Jon!

Ben and Oscar helped each other to introduce our F.A.M. tonight, Katie with a heart above the I. She is from Foxboro, MA. She has great spirit, she likes the color yellow, and was the school mascot, a Warrior. She has been friends with her best friend, Courtney, for seven years. Nice question Oscar, “Do you mind if i ask what your hobby is?” “Go for it.” “What are your hobbies?”

SIX PACK – All cast tribute to Katie, Jimmy & Adam – Event planning. Squash the Beef day fell on today. Jon & John – 10 things i hate about you. John makes a list of everything he hates about Jon. Ben and Oscar – This. Oscar wants to spread cow pies on Ben’s “this”

CHAINSAW – Dentist, and a plunger were figured out, however Noah’s Ark  some how got turned into a giant tanker filling up with water thanks to Oscar starting the game, with later help from Daniel, Adam, and an audience member.

2nd Round – Bartender was figure out, however a pharmacy and a jock-strap got turned into a morgue and a belt. John starting the game, with later help from an audience member, Ben, Jon, and Jimmy.

DATING GAME – Jimmy needs a date, and whom is trying to be the take home prize is John, as Kit from Knight Rider, Jon, whom laughs after everything he says, and an audience member, whom is slowly being covered by ants. Tonight’s winner who gets to walk away with Jimmy was Ant boy, congrats.

MEANWHILE – Daniel’s got stuck spirit fingers, and goes to Dr. Oscar for some meds to help. Meanwhile at Dr. Mario! Great job creating a human tetrus!

HOEDOWN – John, Adam, Oscar, and Beth popping out from the audience sang all about The Bearded Lady.


WHAT ARE YOU DOING? – Drawing hair on people who are bald, no offense / “Yo soy hombre!” “Man, I’m so hombre”

60, 30, 10 – Ben and an audience member showed us the new movie, “Can I Phone a Room-mate?” The audience member got lost, and Ben had to save the day.

2nd Round – Jimmy, Oscar, and an audience member showed us the new play, Revenge of the Carpenters. Nails make Oscar cry, but staples shut him up.

PAVLOVIAN RESPONSE – Every time someone puts a hand on a hip, John has to cluck like a chicken. Whenever someone turns their back to Daniel, he has to pull his sunglasses off. And finally when someone says “and’ he has to rub his thighs.

2nd Round –  An audience member has to become a cheerleader every time someone blinks. If someone says a name, he has to faint. Should someone make a hand gesture to Oscar, he has to purpose to them.

WORLD’S WORSE – Volunteer… “When do I get paid?”

MEXICAN HAT DANCE – Adam, Ben, Jimmy, and an audience member rocked out a song about movie.