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Lucky 30th of June Blog

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063110famHey there and welcome to the Blog for this last day of June. Our cast tonight included John, Jimmy, Beth, Oscar, Adam, Ben and Jon.

John got the show off on the right running foot by running out onto the stage and shouting out the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Spot.

Then Ben jumps onto the stage to warm us all up by having the entire audience yell out their name, their favorite movie, then their favorite Greek food. Soon followed by having the audience stand up and become architecture and then after a 5 second count-down, they imploded! Great warm-up Ben!!!

Beth and Jon interviewed our F.A.M. of the night, Haley,  whom is from Michigan. She is in town on a summer study program at Brown. Her mom’s sister is the ‘craziest member of her family” because she is a herbalist, and her crazy mom calls her crazy to, so therefore “if crazy calls crazy crazy then it must be crazy”. Her dad is an Iron Men. Her little 8yr old sister, Taylor, loves to play soccer and create nick-names for people. She would love to have the ability to teleport.

The entire cast jumped onto the stage. Guess what time it is? That’s right, It’s a Day In The Life Of… Haley! Oscar is the the grandfather, Adam played as her dad, Jon played her dad, Ben played Taylor, John played as her crazy aunt.

Story, Story, Die – The Last Grapefruit. An audience member was the 1st to die due to landslide. Ben and John both die at the same time due to jousting. Soon followed by Oscar, i hate internal combustion. Next is another audience member because she was smothered in ash from a erupting volcano. Lastly Jon dies due to a mass invasion of gremlins.

Good Cop, Bad Cop – John was a bad boy, he put the noodle over the speaker with David Hasselhof in a church confessional. Oscar and a new audience member play as the cops. John seems lost, so Ben steps over to help him out with “Your poodles over the leaker.”

Slogans – Hasbro “We might not have any chicks, but we has bro.” / NY System Wieners “Now with 15% more arm hair.” / B.P. “We make chocolate covered penguins.” / McDonald’s “Fighting the war on obesity since we caused it.” Roman Empire “Our Gods will nail your Gods to a tree.”

Six Pack – Ben and an audience member have “crashed the car”. Beth and another audience member have “people”. Jon and Adam have “lawyer”. team 1 steps up and created a scene about being rear ended. team 3 claps in and Adam got something on his pants so Jon trades pants with but forgot to wear underwear. team 2 claps in and beth gets to watch the audience member use dental floss and super glue his fingers together.

Beasty Rap – I got a friend and his name is Nick. I come from down south and they call me a Hick. i pick my booger and give it a Flick. / I got a friend and his name is Sam. Look at all this water behind the Dam.


Adam and Oscar use the suggestion of “Duck” to create a scene about trying to attract local animals using wine and hot dogs. Oscar comes up with a better plan, wear a pumpkin helmet while sitting on a magic carpet all created in the scene using the improv lesson Yes And That’s How It’s Done!

Try That On For Size – I’m jumping rope. I’m on a trampoline. / I’m stretching it out. I’m punching two tall guys. / I’m button-mashing in Mortal Kombat. This floor is really unstable. I’m a crazy ninja.

Short Cutz – Oscar and Ben give each other high-fives, but that is not allowed in Hell. Jimmy taps Ben out to play as Satan to ask Oscar why he was giving away high-fives. WIPE! Adam runs an elevator in a day spa and gets a massage from Oscar and a manicure from Jimmy while Beth complains about paying $500 for the day and receives nothing yet.

Shop Keeper – Jon runs a tight store, but he keeps selling defective products. Seems Ben and two audience members have bought a razor sharp plunger, a show-tune singing Furby, and grass skirt that is flame-retardant but somehow self combusts.

Beasty Rap – I don’t like a knife, i don’t like a FORK! It’s not a spoon it’s a SPORK! The other white meat, it’s called PORK! / I love to eat almond JOY! It’s my new bouncing BOY! / I don’t like pie, cause I like CAKE! My favorite kinda chicken is shake and BAKE! Ohh my gosh for goodness SAKE! My baby is crying so I give it a SHAKE!


Crazy Friday BYOI Show

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062510famOur F.A.M. tonight was Dena, who lives in Providence and is a senor in high school. Her favorite thing about HS is that she can see all her friends. Her best friend is Daniel, and they have known each other since freshman year. If she could have any super power, she would want to be able to change her form.

Day In The Life Of… – Jimmy plays as Dena, Daniel as her mother, and Jon as her father. Beth starts a new scene playing as Jimmy’s best friend, and they are “tired and lazy” and lay around and do nothing. Ben delivers the sushi, and makes a deal with the lazy people for free sushi. The deal s that he has to act out a movie and use “puppet salmon” as the co-actors.

Timmy In The Well – It’s a really good thing that Daniel has 3 great dogs to tell him about this terrible problem. Jon and two audience members had to tell Daniel that Jeff Dunham has pissed off President Obama, while under an umbrella.

2nd Round – This time Ben and two more audience members are dogs that belong to Beth, and they just found some some more terrible news. It seems that Donkey Kong lost his bike, last time her knew where it was was the Small World ride at Epcot.

Questions – Jimmy and Ben start this game off using the audience suggestion, “traveling the world”. DING! Ben steps out and an audience member steps in using “Bro-mance”. DING! Jimmy steps our and Daniel steps up and the two use “spider pets” as their subject. DING! This time Beth makes a call and lets a second audience member join in to help keep the scene moving along. DING! Beth clears the stage and Jimmy, Beth and Jon step up to play a scene using “Silliness”. DING! DING! DING!

Say It Again – Jimmy and an audience member play a scene using the suggestion “power point”. “I just can’t get past that last Bowser level.” DING! “I just look for the mushrooms, it’s all I ever do.” DING! “I don’t knowhow to play video games.”

2nd Round – Beth, Ben and another audience member play this scene out using “bad drivers”. “You both are going down.” DING! “You both are prolly gonna beat me.”

Irish Drinking Song – Jon, Jimmy and two audience members step up to sing us all a great tune all about “sad clowns”.


Beth and Jimmy showed us how to work a scene and continue building on top of everything that each other threw at one another. And that’s something we like to call Yes And That’s How It’s Done.

What Are You Doing? – Trying on underwear that is 3x too small. / Finally going to catch the Ice Cream man. / Jump rope-ing through a field of daisy’s.

The Dating Game – Ben needs a new date for the Saturday Shin-dig Dance, and his choices are Daniel, Jimmy and an audience member who stepped up to play this great game. Daniel is afraid of innuendo, our audience member lamp with a flickering bulb, Jimmy is constantly getting taller.  “You don’t know how to screw a bulb properly”.  “That’s what she said!!!…”

Center Piece – Jon is the center of attention and Beth, Jimmy and two audience members revolve around the world of Jon. Beth has football, audience member #1 has “the demise of Myspace, Jimmy has “a lack of knowledge”, and #2 has “cheerleading try-outs”.

Back In My Day – We didn’t have McDonald’s, we ate regular food and were still able to walk 3 miles.

Irish Drinking Song – Daniel, Jon, Ben and Jimmy sang us all a great song all about “No more beaver feaver.”


BYOI Double Down Wednesday –

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062310famHey there, and welcome to the blog for the great improv show, B.Y.O.I.! Tonight is a very special double show night, yes that’s correct… Double Show. Tonight is part of the Improv Fest, and our aspect of that festivel was scheduled at the exact same time as our regular show.

Daniel got the show started off on the right foot with R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Spot. Half our cast tonight included Daniel, Ben, Jon, Adam and Oscar.

Jon warmed the audience off by first telling them that his wife thinks his cat looks like Hitler

Our F.A.M. tonight was Tara-ara, and is from Atkinsen. She likes to hang out with friends, however they all went away for college. She doesn’t do much  during the Summer, but her favorite part of winter is to be a part of the Ski-Team, and her favorite favorite is the “Swallom”. Her job is be Molly the Mouse, the Critter.

The cast played “A Day in the Life of…” Tara-ara, and Ben played as the main character, Jon as her best frienemy, Adam as her new best friend. Pitch forks, ice cream, towns going on diets.

Timmy in the Well – Poor Christopher Walkin got in trouble in Macy’s department store, for you see… he has run out of bacon.

Questions – Great scene work by Daniel and an audience member all about tools. Soon followed another great scene by Adam and another audience member having a scene about walkie talkies. Jon and another audience member gave some great questions. Then 3 audience members showed a funny but short scene about treehouses. Ben stepped in to help make this scene greater.

Say it Again – Oscar, Adam and an audience member played this one through as brothers using Popsicle as their subject. “Now you’re using your noggin’.” DING! “Now you’re sing your lower back.”

2nd Round – Daniel, Ben and an audience member step up to show us a scene all about creepy TV shows. “The effects were negated by the antidote.” DING! “The effect was negated by the fact that it was Kool-Aid.”

Irish Drinking Song – Adam, Daniel, Jon and an audience member sang a song all about blue berry pie.


Adam and Ben showed us how to evolve a scene using cinnamon as their audience picked subject, and slowly turning a scene.

What are you Doing? – Sucking Goats / Whipping Boys / Whitening Breath / Washing Balloons / Micro Compromising / Making Koolash, with a “C” / Microwaving Chlorine / Fudging Uncles / Farting Unicorns

Dating Game – Daniel is a factoid guy, an audience member is a unicorn, and Jon is Irrelevant Man the superhero.

NEW GAME – Center Piece – Adam plays a the center of all attention, Oscar, Ken and 2 audience members rotate around him and play out different scenes each. Oscar has “Slashing”, Ken has “College”, audience member #1 has “Critter”, and #2 has “Irish Girl”.

Back In My Day – We didn’t have Popsicles, we had respect and called them Fudgesicles.

Irish Drinking Song – Adam, Daniel, Jon and Ben sang a song all about the number one.


Possibly Impossibly Fantastic

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It’s heee-rrreeee. That’s right. The Providence Improv Fest is back and in its 7th year. To celebrate, the festival is featuring the best and brightest of improv from Providence and across the country. Tonight, BYOI performed in the 2nd line-up with The Bit Players and Trinity Zoo.

John opened the show and picked out the lovely Elizabeth to be our FAM. Elizabeth was with her bff and does not like someone with initials that rhyme with Z.K. Your secret is safe with us, Liz. She dreamed of being a singer and loves hockey both now and when she was a kid. Oooh, and if she could sing any song in the world, it’d be Happy Birthday…in the style of Marilyn Monroe. Rowr.

Sing it, Liz!

So it begins. The first game? Try That on for Size. With the help of our volunteer, Kevin, we made dirty jokes, clean jokes, almost jokes, and ridiculous jokes. All while trying it on for size.

Sports Commentator, what? Our volunteer, John, competed with Jimmy to be THE champion toast maker. And when playing fair didn’t work, the men stabbed, strangled, and finally electrocuted one another in an all out battle for supremacy. John and Ken sat at the “Sports Desk” and kept the action moving with their commentary and shock at the brutality. The brutality!

What game keeps a woman sniffing every time she hears the word I, another woman chicken-tap dancing at the sound of the word guacamole, and a man scratching his beard when the word tango is said…in a scene about tango classes? Pavlovian Response! John was Pavlov scratching away, Beth sniffed like a fiend, and our lovely volunteer danced her heart out.

We ended the night with a good ol’ fashioned Irish Drinking Song about mandolins. And it was delightful.

6/18/10 is all about Christy

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061810famHey folks and welcome to another fantastic BYOI show… Tonight we have Daniel, Jon, Jimmy, Beth, Oscar, and Ken.

F. A. M. tonight is Christy who is from Waterford CT but has a thick southern accent…, Works for a chiropractor, is passionate about education, wants to be a cop, favorite class is Domestic Terrorism, was assaulted by an elderly man at work, doesn’t really relax, favorite cop movie is Kindergarten Cop, hates her sister for putting her name in the cup.

Remake – I should shave… No the older guys love that stuff, your back is messed up… where did my underwear go? remade into mockumentary, what he didn’t know was that I had taken a meat bath earlier that day

Chainsaw – Elderly Chiropractor, Wave Pool, and a Noodle turned into Chiropractor, Slip N’ Slide, and a Fork.

2nd Round – Neurosurgeon, Pine Forest, and Zambonie turned into Prostitute, Workout Gym, and a Bowling Ball.

Hot Seat – I like that skirt youre wearing, you found my traveling bed pan, lets watch sister act 2, I want you now, its infected

Party Quirks – Patrick Swayze, girl with chicken wing arms, and afraid of shoe laces – wanna see my high kick? you need some exposure therapy, you got angry after you died

Oscar and Jon step up create a scene all about “Mom’s House” and each throws out something completely crazy and the take those things and add to them to make this crazy scene make sense and work. And that’s something we like to call, Yes and That’s how it’s Done.

**** intermission****

Parallel Universe – Chuckie Cheese, Target (pronounced in French), and the Circus athlete 3 topics for this game. Daniel and Jon start off in C.C.with Daniel in a ball pit looking for hi Dad’s, Jon, underware. FREEZE! the only way you can become a man is if you walk the high wire while I choke you and knee you in the b***s, chucky cheese.. how did you even get that in… it’s heroin, circus – juggle and taunt the lions – Target – I’m a little teapot.

Story story die – blackened bananas… blackened like my soul, I stand for freedom and potassium, to see the justice your honor, which turns me on, and justices name is, veronica, stan lee has murdered me

Meanwhile – at google earth, at the tang factory, at jerasic park, at literal land, at the optometrist… what color is the Llama… 6

Worlds worst – domestic terrorist – police officer – chiropractor – actor – president – organ doner

Guacamole – a song about waking up in a strangers house which turned to self mutilation, murder and ended with high fives to all.

Sweet 16th of June Blog

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061610famHello and welcome to the sweet 16th of June blog for the great B.Y.O.I. show. Had a great night filled with tons of laughter and even a few tears from laughing too hard. Our cast tonight included Daniel, Oscar, Adam, Jimmy, Jon, and Ben.

Daniel started the show off on the right foot with his R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Spot, Adam and Oscar showed us how to work a scene with a partner by adding to whatever your partner gives you to make a scene great. And that’s what we call Yes And That’s How It’s Done.

Followed by Ben warming up the entire audience by causing different things to catch fire, like Adam, then tossing them in the air. When they hit the ground, the entire audience was to “explode”.

Our F.A.M. tonight was Jenny B. She works at a fitness desk at the Jewish Community Center, and her least favorite thing about her job is the “angry members”.  She loves her cat “Baba Ganoush”.

Daniel and Jon start the first game of the night off by working in a full body service center. Oscar and Ben step in to replace them to do the exact same scene only with a Sci-Fi twist. Ben makes a great robot. Oscar stays in, and Adam steps in to replace Ben to, once again, repeat the scene, but this time with a German twist. Thanks to Oscar for the 1st great quote of the night, “Das Starch.”

Chain Saw – Oscar started off knowing the occupation of Police Officer, location of Dunkin’ Donuts, and the object was a Rubber Chicken. Jimmy steps out 1st and is immediately arrested, but, the ‘never breaking character’ that Jimmy is couldn’t clap until Oscar unhandcuffed his hands. Then whil drinking a coffee and eating donuts, Jimmy knocks it out of Oscar’s hands, and then gets arrested again, leaving him unable to clap once again. Our next player is an audience member, and Jimmy the cop uses a taizzer on him, and kills him, leaving him on the floor dead, and Jimmy wasn’t even done showing him everything. Thank goodness Jimmy knows C.P.R. or we might have been here a while. So in the end it all turned out to become a Mercenary, at a Soda Shop, with a chicken.

Hot Seat – “Hunny… I’m preggo.” / “Quick, the light’s yellow!” / “Port-a-Potty Cologne.” / “Hey man, I need you to get outta that chair because I want to sit there.”

Party Quirks – Ben, Oscar, and an returning FAM, Randy, step up to play this game. Ben is a koala bear who is allergic to chocolate. Oscar is Kramer playing the Incredible Hulk. Randy is a yoyo Yoda. Jimmy throws the best sleep over parties. Great clue Ben, “One fuzzy and gray looking for one bearded and . Oscar walks in “Smash”. Randy steps in and tells Jimmy, “Round the world this one is called.” and “Walk the dog this one is called.” Jimmy gets lost trying to figure out Oscar, so Daniel steps in to play as a Superman Jerry Seinfeld.

*New Game* Guacamoley – Oscar and Adam sing to Jimmy, Ben, and a new audience member all about job interviews. Pink slips, Yamakas, forks, knives, and dinner time was what made the audience almost die from all the laughter.


Parallel Universe – Jon and Ben are in a Box factory, Adam and an audience member are at a Hello Kitty Theme Park, Oscar and another audience member are at a Mall Food Court.

Story, Story, Die – Jimmy, Jon, Ben, and 4 audience members step up to tell the story of “Grandma and the Pirates”. Ben dies via Battle-Ship. An audience member dies via grenade launcher. Another died via Rubric Cube, soon followed by liquorish whip. Final show down between Jimmy and Jon. Jon gets hung by his own tie, leaving Jimmy to do a Dance-Party-Monkey victory dance.

Meanwhile – Adam and Jimmy start the scene off by being model employees at a factory. Oscar, Ben and an audience member show us what happens at a ‘factory-off’. “Meanwhile at the emergency room with that guy”. Jon works at the complaint department, Adam cuts Jimmy in line, causing Jimmy to have another complaint. Meanwhile at the obviously stereo-typical factory.

Worlds Worse – Hornet or Bee… *Swoosh*Dammit, and I didn’t even catch 1 whore. Priest… In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Sh*t Balls! Baker… Listen Candlestick maker, why does it just have to be us? Profession Chess Player… King me!

Hoe Down – Bobba-Ka-Douche is the subject of the song. Cats, Basketball, Knees, and even pooping on your shoes. WOW!


Friday 6/11/2010

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061110famTonight we have a FANTASTIC show for you! For all your improv enjoyment we have Daniel, Ben, Jon, and YOU, our fabulously funny audience!

F.A.M. – Javier, from Puerto Rico, likes beer and Black Label, likes salsa music and rock when drinking, likes basketball, plays point guard, friends say he is funny, comes from a big family, has bigger/younger brothers

Fortunately/Unfortunately – Jon on vacation in PR, hotel in the street, can’t handle hot foods, became an internet sensation.

Questions – It seems as though no one can get past the third question… are you Mensa?, Is blood white?, any fish biting tonight?, do you like oil?, are you using really big words? Are they really from Ireland? Do they drink a lot? Is this my island? Didn’t Donald Trump buy it already?  / Is an onion a fruit? Are we gonna need a bigger bowl? Do they make bigger bowls?

Marriage councilor – Thinks he is ironman, can’t get enough pancakes, and they can’t be seen in daylight – you’re like a walking machine, Jon hover/flies to the fridge, you know you like the smell when you wake up but after a while it’s too much, ohhhh it’s pancakes…., vampires… yes no… crap

Freeze Tag – If you keep rubbing your head like that, you won’t have any hair left. FREEZE! That’s right folks, forget the Chia-Pet, we now have Chia-Hair! FREEZE! That is a bouncing baby octopus. Ohh I just thought he had extra testicles. They are pronounced tentacles. FREEZE! Does that mean Free Willy will jump over a flaming Michael Jackson? FREEZE! Aren’t you the Absorbent Ventriloquist Jazz Band Trio?

Irish Drinking Song – hey that’s one really hot skunk, I can’t believe he went there, at least it wasn’t about shaved parts


Wait Right Here – I’m the Prozac you’ve been waiting for. Do you want some sugar pills? DAMN YOU PLACEBO!

Sit stand lie down – Asparagus – really spare us Guss, it’s about being cooked into a delicious dish, hold on I will FedEx it and it will be here in 3 to 4 weeks, I wanna be cooked now, she said she was gonna be delicious, I cook everything with spit.. it makes it juicy, it’s better then your cooking, he can’t eat… he’s stuffed

Worlds Worst – Firefighter ’cause I’m flaiming’, Tooth Fairy ‘OH it’s under the pillow’, Surgeon ‘usually they buzz when I take the wrong thing out’ Dance Trend – basketball player – bear trap ‘who puts a trap at a gay club’ violinist – Driver ‘must drive SUV on Ambien’

Timmy in the Well – He got Michael Jackson quickly… took about 3 min to get Lost the NBA finals, ‘sound like short?’ Oh if you said Providence Place Mall I would have been there… so Michael Jackson lost the NBA finals at the mall

Irish Drinking song again – when did we get to this point in the song… I don’t know what to do…

****AND SCENE****

We hope you had a great time at the show… I know I did and we will see you next time at BYOI!

Lucky #9 in June

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060910fam1Hello there, and once again welcome to the blog for the great audience participation improv show, B.Y.O.I. Our cast tonight included Daniel, Adam, Oscar Van Pudding, Beth and Jimmy.

Daniel got the show started with a bang shooting out the R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  The Spot.

Jimmy and Beth showed us how to work a scene by using “Disco” as a suggestion. Making sure to focus on work with, and add to what someone else gives you. And that’s what we call, “Yes and That’s How It’s Done!”

Jon warmed up the audience by having them stand up. Upon pointing to a section of the audience they had to make their favorite noise, then make their favorite move. Then to add to the craziness, both at the same time.

Our F.A.M. tonight was Evan S. The most important person in his life was his mother because if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be here with us tonight.  He owns a masonry business, and his favorite employee is Scott, yet Bob is his lest favorite.

Evan helped us with our 1st game of the night Family Dinner. Beth played as his mother, Jon as his father. Jimmy as Scott, Daniel as Bob. And Adam played as the good and bad hands.

60, 30, 10 – Returning audience member and Daniel showed us the movie Fight Club in 60 seconds. That went well, however now they have to do the same scene in only 30 seconds, but somehow have to involve the suggestion “Fear”. Great job, but now can they do it in 10 seconds?

2nd round – Little Boy Blue was the suggested theme for Jimmy and an audience member. They end up having a ‘Horn-Off lasting 60 seconds. Then an earthquake hits, yet they still have to do their scene, but in only 30 seconds. How do they do it, and in only 10 seconds? You got to see it to believe it.

3rd round – Oscar, Beth and Evan jump in to show us Jon’s newest creation, “The Grinch who Stole the Princess Bride”. 60 seconds may not sound like a long time, but with these great scene masters at work with our FAM, they really lay it all out on the table to establish the scene. 30 seconds on the clock, and they have to re-do it again, and play as the A-Team. 10 seconds  to go, can they do it again while playing tennis? Come watch to find out.

Marriage Counselor – Oscar and an audience member are in a relationship, but they have a problem, and they have their own personal problems as well. Thank goodness that Jon is such a great counselor to help figure this all out. Oscar is addicted to bacon, and the audience member believes he’s a giraffe, and they are sown together at the hip.

Freeze – The Little Mermaid suggestion turned in Daniel eating Beth’s goldfish, Fluffy. Oscar plays Operation with Jimmy using Jon body.

Irish Drinking Song – Jimmy, Beth, Oscar and an audience member sing a song about shiney cowboy.  Ohh idy idy  idy  idy  idy  idy  iy!


Wait Right Here – NEW GAME! “Hi I represent Tojan Condoms.” “Wait right here…” “MAGNUMS!!!” / “I am Super-Creeper!” “Wait right here because I don’t know what to do about that” “I like candles.”

Six Pack – Jimmy and an audience member is a psyke detox, Beth and Jon are a staircase, Oscar and another audience member have fried eggs.

I Like My Coffee – like I like my… college, over priced / dark and steamy. I Like My lamp like I like my blind dates … bright and shady. I Like My tents like I like my pickles easy to make a dick joke.

Timmy In The Well – Colonel Mustard was in a plane crash in the underground railroad. Jimmy, Adam and an audience member have to act as Lassie’ s to tell Daniel.

2nd Round – Charlie Brown won a baseball game at the Opera. Good thing Oscar has his three mutts, Daniel, Jon and an audience member to tell him what he’s been missing.

Another Irish Drinking Song – all about texting, thank you Evan.


BYOI now has a FAM at Beacon!

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060810famBring Your Own Improv did a private show at Beacon Charter High School in Woonsocket tonight and man was it a whoot!

Our FAM of the night was Kenisha.  Her family enjoys wish the new year in to puberty, she loves giving energy to lounge lizards, her friend Sarah is sadistic and her friend Raymond is flamboyant, and she thinks Mr. Rock is sexy!

We quickly start off with a day in Kenisha’s life.  Where Grandma is pissed off, her little sister is into her make up and Mr. Rock shows up with a whole cup of sexy!

The rest of the show involves a quick realization that the  alphabet is harder than it looks, shooting dishes and moths is fun and that no really Mr. Rock can make any situation sexy.  Then in Timmy in the Well, it was Mr. Rock had created a bad science experiment in a test tube.  I am starting to think thet Mr. Rock was the featured audience member and he wasn’t even there!  And we finished off the whole show with an amazing song about Love and Lava!

And Scene!

BYOI @ The Fire House in Newport – 6/5/10

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060510famTonight we were at The Fire House Theater in Newport helping out our friends the Bit Players.  Tonight’s cast was John, Ben, Beth, Daniel & Jimmy.

We started off with our FAM Jackie who witnessed a crime.  Ekk!  After a interrogation Line Up of  the cast, we discovered that Beth and Jimmy had stolen T-Shirts with Brad Pitt at The Marble House.  Soon after that we interviewed Jackie and found out that she was on vacation from Florida, that she is a nurse, her husband likes money and that she hate medical admins.

And so the games began: In Six Pack we learned 90 year old women could still be Nurses. In questions we learned that only Beth knows how to ask them.  In Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, we learned that the only excuse a mansion tour guide will take for being late is if there was a moose in your back yard, you had male PMS and your dog ate your keys.  We then had a little Meanwhile, Try That on For Size, Pavlovian Response, Back in My Day, Revolver and finish the whole thing up with Hoedown.

Thanks to the Firehouse and the Audience for a great show!

…And Scene!