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July 30th 2010 is all about Taylor!!!

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073010famWelcome to our last show of July! We have an AWESOME show for your improv enjoyment tonight! We have Daniel, Adam, Beth,Jimmy, Ken, and Oscar!

F. A. M. – Taylor! – Is in a theater group, they had their final performance today. Says the breathing excersizes are so boring that she fell asleep during it once. Woke up at 5am but can’t remember if she actually went to sleep last night. Had to coat herself in purple body paint for her performance. Grandma was a drama teacher, who said that she liked how a costar’s hair framed her face… thanks Grandma. Her performance was about ‘tribal mummies’.

F. A. M. Day in the Life – Pancakes… AHHHhhh, I wanted to butter your muffin, I can’t believe you’re here… I love you daughter, thanks Grandma, THEY HAVE PANCAKES, but then my hair won’t frame my face and my Grandma’s gonna be mad, why did we dye that glue purple?, More purple, *Adam ended the game with an awesome rap about unicorns*

Questions – Have you been listening to wikipedia for directions again, The spaceship… how did you do it *ding*, Are these hotdogs Kosher, Why are you pretending you’re Jewish, Isn’t Jewish a religion?, Can I still have your shirt, Are my hands on fire, will you go see a therapist with me?

Good Cop / Bad Cop – Who? – William Shakespear – What? – eating gum from under desks – Where? – Dunk Tank – Was it a freshie or was it old and crusty, How come you dressed so funny… with a tutu around your neck, here’s a quill… does that make you feel better?

Meanwhile – Do not place the soldering iron on your hand, it’s the ski ambulance, some goose hooked me up with some awesome stuff, ha ha ha too slow, can I snort it?, don’t worry about this giant hat… there’s nothing recording under it, this is Gay communist camp, Daddy I found your walnut

Irish Drinking Song – A song about being adopted by a unicorn – I loved it and was laughing so hard I couldn’t even get any quotes for the blog!


Rope – “What did you do to my guitar?” “I’m serving it up to your father right now for cheating on me.” / “I finally got my drivers license.” “I finally got my hoola-hooping license.” / “Where’s fluffy?” “There, there, and there.”

Eight Pack – Oscar and an audience member have “Sponge”. Adam and another audience member have “Name”. Jimmy and Callback Bryan have “Raven”. Beth and yet another audience member have “Sushi”. So we learned that Jimmy makes a great mascot couch, Oscar gets OCD about washing his hands when a sponge gets involved, Adam makes a bad date because he breaks things and forgets his date’s name, and sushi sandwiches makes Beth want to throw up when thinking about it.

Famous Last Words – Evil Kinevel – “I think I can, I think I can.” “Just one more short bus.” / Mummy – “Ummmhh hhummmp ummmmm.” “Hey that’s not toilet paper.” / Smart Cars – “Two plus two is five!” / Rain – “Swear to God, if I turn into men!” / Mickey Mouse – “Oooooo cheese.”

Pavlovian Response – Daniel slaps the floor whenever he hears a pronoun, an audience member has to do “Spirit Fingers” and make a whirly sound when she hears the word “And”, and Ken has to break dance when someone turns their back to him. Ken took on the role of the Ring Leader in this crazy toaster circus, meanwhile Daniel took it upon himself to become Bobo, while out audience member stayed mostly quiet but became Bobo’s master in the long run.

Say It Again – Adam, Oscar, and a returning audience member step up to play this hilarious game. Using a “stuffed snowman” as their prompt for this scene. First time ever we got to see a “DING!” to change someone’s accent, went from hillbilly, to Mexican, to ending on a nut-case, nice job Oscar. “Yes!” “DING!” “No!” “DING!” “I wanna kiss you.”

Irish Drinking Song – All six cast members stepped up to sing this one all about “window washers”. Peeping tom’s, not wearing pants, learning to tie shoes, and still showing his @$$ were just some of the things that popped out there.

Don’t forget about our 2 year show on this upcoming Wednesday, Aug 4th!


BYOI – July 28th of 2010

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072810famHello there and welcome once again to this blog for the great BYOI show. Our cast tonight’s cast included Daniel, Oscar, Jon, Ben, Adam and Jimmy.

Jimmy warmed us all up by having groups of the audience scream out lots of random things, i.e. favorite movie, number, friend. Wow this audience is hopping tonight.

Our FAM tonight was Rebecca, and she’s from New York. She’s a student and her favorite breakfast is bacon with a side of bacon. She has many friends, so many that she can’t be put on the spot to name them all. She plays lacross, ski, but prefers snowboarding on a mountain.

Day in the Life of Rebecca – Jimmy starts as Rebecca and uses Adam, as her Closet Butler, to help dress her in her new bacon outfit. Great quote there Adam, “Make sure you poop before noon or else that bacon can get backed up.” Ben then steps in as his “Robo-Locker”, as Daniel plays the angry friend that throws things. And Oscar steps in as the great Science teacher and Jon as the lacross coach.

Questions – Few audience members step up and try to play against Daniel, and he just leaves them stumped into only saying statements. Jon steps up and gives it a great run, but fudges his words just enough. Jimmy steps into play and gives Dan a run for his ?’s, then Dan dings himself out for starting a question with a statement. Jimmy, Oscar and an audience member step up to play as a 3-some, but flop quickly, to then turn around and play with a 4-some of all guys about kissing each other two lines in, “DING!”, then starting just a 3 guy all cast play out, and yells “FREEZE!” calls the next two ladies in the line to come and play.

Good Cop, Bad Cop – Oscar was a bad boy, shame on him for forgetting what it was, where it was, and who he did this with. Ben and callback Adam are here to help him try and remember that he wore miss-matched socks, in an airplane bathroom, with Snuffleupagus. “It’s a double felony.” “A ‘delony’.” Oscar must be some kinda of guessing god, he cleared all three facts of his horrendious crime.

Meanwhile – Oscar and Jimmy start the scene yelling at each other. Jon, callback Mike, and an audience member act out a scene inside a comic book. Daniel and Adam create a crazy scene at Walmart, quickly switched to Jon, Oscar and Jimmy playing with drugs.  Ben, Daniel, callback Cam, and an audience member working at a factory. Adam, Jon, and Jimmy play out a scene at a bank, and it appears Jimmy is about to rob the bank. “Cut to the place where they put fudge into boxes.” To quote Oscar, “So basically we’re fudge packers.”

Irish Drinking Song – Adam, CB Adam, Jon and Jimmy sang us a song all about unicorns.


Jimmy and Adam start the second half off with a quick lesson using “hampster ball” as the suggestion. They walked around the stage, and pretended to chase little fuzzy animals which the lesson they were extending to the audience was to use the stage by walking around and using fake props.

Rope – “Alaska is sinking!” “That’s why I’m fixing it.” / “I’m gonna clean your windows.” “Ohh thank God cause I can’t see sh*t.” / “It’s raining cats and dogs out there.” “Yeah and it looks soo good in my hair though.”

Eight Pack – Daniel and CB Ali have “painting studio”, Ben and an audience member have “older brother”, Adam and CB Cam have “Jewish Holidays”, Jon and former FAM Evan have “Rabbit”.

Famous Last Words of… – Bacon – “Just cremate me and put me on everything.” / A Mountain – “Move me, I dare ya.” “On my tombstone I want it to say ‘Ever rest.’ ” / New York – “I just wish that people knew I was also a state.”

Pavlovian Response – Dan is Pavlo, Jimmy and CB Marina have tweeks. Every time someone asks a question, Marina has to laugh. For Jimmy, every time someone says the word “The”, he acts like a dinosaur. And finally when someone smiles, Daniel has to dance the Macarina.

Irish Drinking Song – Daniel, Oscar, Ben and Adam sing a great song about Dinosaurs.

Just a heads up, next Wednesday, Aug 4th, will be the two year mark for this great improv troupe, so mark your calendars. Also please note that this show will be “All Ages” so we ask that no alcohol be brought to that sh0w; however, food, other types of drinks, and friends are always welcome to be brought.


BYOI Auditions

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We had a great set of auditioners yesterday and there were a lot of laughs… even though Adam told us not to because he just had surgery on his abs.  After a long deliberation, we have made our decision and we would like to offer our congratulations to Mike, Derek, Marina, Cameron, Bryan, Ali, Adam and Randy.  They have all been offered a chance at callbacks.  They will be performing with us August 6th to the 18th.  Check our show schedule to see who will be performing when.  Then come and cheer on your favorite!  See you at the show!

BYOI – July 23, 2010

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072310famHey there and welcome another wonderful BYOI show! We have tonight Daniel, Jon, Beth, and Jimmy.

Daniel walks the audience through R. E. S. P. E. C. T. and lets just say the audience is LIVELY tonight!

Jimmy warms up the audience by getting us into a bicycle race. Up hills… down hills… Jon is down!!! MEDIC!!! I think this may be the first time the sound of feet on our floor was actually louder then the base from the club downstairs.

F. A. M. – A. J. – Brother Max described as Justin Bieber, in high school, accidentally punched Max in the face when just pretending to hit each other, his worst enemy was his English teacher Mrs. P who told him his essay sucked.

F. A. M. Remake- Jimmy and Jon end up talking at the same time “no no no I’m not annoying at all”, then Daniel walks in… “did you just get her number? You got to ‘get with that”, REMAKE as a Thriller-Musical, Jimmy and Beth play Teacher and Student singing about the teacher stalking the student. “Don’t punch me in the face”, “did ya get it did ya get it did ya get it did ya get it” REMAKE as History and Rainbows, Beth and Jon are the teacher/student and Beth is sporting an Irish accent and searching for a pot of gold. “Excuse me for one second I have to put some coins in my unicorn. It’s parked in a no fly zone”

Fortunately/Unfortunately – Golf course turned into sugar – allergic to sugar – shots to fix reaction – allergic to shots – Went to heaven and had dance contests – left legs on earth – played scrabble instead – all they got was vowels.

Freeze tag – “You both can’t be the Statue of Liberty”, Rock Paper Scissors championship begin, I’m gonna put the steamer right here to get the wrinkles out of my Taffeta, You got me my own Broadway performer, Lance it’s just a testicle, you can get back on the bike. Who’s meatball is this?”, Ok Bert and Ernie you’ve been getting calls about some inappropriate calls on Sesame Street… ‘it’s not easy being gay’, Batman calling Superman… ” Well I can only go up about 30 feet with this claw… I need him for the higher stuff”, You misunderstood the meaning of the game of Craps… thought it was Craps followed by Sorry. “I’ve got your gun! Give her the gun back.. that’s dangerous”, Charlie Brown needs new friends.

Hoedown – Biology – Frog autopsy turns to French cuisine, I don’t like biology.. who cares about any single cell.


Beth and Jimmy start the second half off with the suggestion “Cooking” to teach a lesson “Mirroring”. They did a scene  about competitive cooking.

Hot Seat – “I’m having a terrible humping day.” / “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” / “$5 sucky sucky?” / “Is that your mother?” / “I just farted.”

2nd round – “Wanna be my Facebook friend?” / “It’s my turn to play WOW at Best Buy.”

Excuses Excuses – Jimmy was late for work again, but this time his excuses were hit the snooze button too many times, a line at Starbucks, and even saved babies from a burning building. It’s a good thing he’s got great co-workers, Beth and two audience members to help him out, but his boss is a real dick, and lost the “W” on his keyboard.

_____ Walks Into A Bar – Street Walker – ” … turns to Luke and says ‘I can’t measure up to you Sky Walker.’ ” / Drill – ” … says to the bartender, ‘I just wants a bit.’ ” / Mail Man – ” … stays in the bar for about 8 hours drinking then says, ‘rain, sleet or snow no problem, but we never said anything about alcohol.’ ” / Cell Phone – ” … says to the bartender, ‘drinks here are great, but service really sucks.’ ” – ” … says to the bartender, ‘Hey can you beer me now?’ ”

Type Writer – Blue Berry Pie Man and the Cobbler’s Assistant was the title of this great story told by Daniel and a new audience member. Jimmy played as the C.A. and had O.C.D.. A returning audience member played as B.B.P.M. and is not the Stool Man, but with Beth as Rumpelstiltskin. Some how we ended up hearing some gansta-rap about planting orange trees and the third one’s shoes were untied. Popping out of no-where was Jon, as The Great Jimmynot to solve all their problems. BBPM then died, followed by Jimmynot, then the C.A.. To end this crazy great story, everyone who died came back to life and started a musical in a Hoedown style.

Hoedown – Auto Biography – “I need help, I have a nice honey, but she doesn’t like me, unless I have lots of money.”

****AND SCENE!!!****

Marina! I just met a girl (42 times) named Marina…

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T-Shirt! T-Shirt! T-Shirt!

Ben here.  Listen, people.  I want to talk you about a little thing called loyalty.  What does loyalty mean to you?  I don’t care.  To me, loyalty means braving the odds, even when the odds are very odd.

Marina (@cyanpostit on Twitter <<—plugged!) is the epitome of loyalty.  She has been to our show 42+ times.  She has had her paper-thin card punched… 42 times!  And because of this… because of this strong, sincere loyalty… she got a T-shirt.

AWESOME, RIGHT!!!???  Because she was the very first to fill her card, she also got the privilege of returning to our show for free for the rest of her life, but it’s a Hanes Beefy T-shirt with a double-stitched collar.  I know!  That’s stinking quality!

In all sincerity, I just want to add that Marina has been such a amazing addition to our audience.  She’s got one of those viral/vicious/victorious laughs that could fill a room even on our worst nights.  She’s looked out for us, helped us without being asked, and I think she embodies the best kind of participation we could ever hope for.  Cheers to you, Marina!

And as for show notes, well shoot, it has been a long night of live-tweeting.  And I don’t really want to dilute this tribute to cyan Post-it notes.  Head over to BYOI on the Twitter and re-live the show in reverse chronological order.  I promise, it will be worth your while.

Great round of auditions tonight!

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A great round of auditions tonight!  Great and funny moments from Paula, Adam, Ray, Mike, Randy, Ali, Derek and Michael.  They will be at the shows this week showing off their skills, so make sure to come out and root them on!

If you were looking to audition, make sure to come out next Monday at 5pm.  Details are listed below on the blog!

Thanks and see everyone soon!

Friday, July 16 is all about Rich

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071610famHey all you improv groupies out there.  Thanks for tuning in to BYOI’s blog.  Tonight’s cool show this muggy night stars John, Adam, Ken, Oscar and Daniel.

F.A.M. – Our FAM tonight is Rich.  He is an investment consultant, who invests other peoples’ money.  For fun he does judo.   His friend thinks she’s a sparkling vampire.  On a desert island he would need his droid (the phone, not a robot).  His dream job would be to be an action star like Chuck Norris.  His friends call him awesome and indescribable.  Rich hates his boss, Andy, because he’s a jerk.  His favorite person is his girlfriend and he loves her smile.

FAMily dinner – Oscar is playing Rich, Ken is his girlfriend, John is Andy, and Adam is an assortment of other friends.  “I’m not your girlfriend, I’m your girlfriend’s sister, which is almost the same thing!”  “Doesn’t she look like Arnol Schwarzenegger when she cries?”  “Hasta la vista baby!”  “Want some potatoes in that martini?”

Chainsaw – Zoologist in Legoland with a shower rod turned into an animal euthanasia tech in a lego factory with a shower bar, a pound worker in a factory with parallel bars, a dog trainer in a stenographer’s office with a gym, fisherman in an office with weights, and finally a sport fisherman with no clue where he was with a curling bar.

Lines From a Hat – “How can you not know what a masoginist is?  It’s a person who delivers really long messages.”  “have you noticed my testosterone level has gone up as we’ve been talking?”  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times and I hope you never call me again.”

Greatest Hits – It’s an album all about speeding!  “These songs are about going a little bit faster in life.”  “Speed over me but not my freedom”  “We’re all bears because we care all about you…”  “When you see a frog what do you think of?”  “Ribbity?”  “I was thinking…hip-hop!”  “Woman…cause I can’t deal with girls anymore…not since 1984 and the restraining order…”


Yes…and That’s How It’s Done – Dan and Oscar did a scene.  Oscar had to turn down the music so the cops wouldn’t come and take his stash…of comic books.

Grand Theft Auto – Mimes…Army ants…Eighteenth century impressionists…squirrels drinking beer…really large mimes that are midgets…flaming heterosexuals…

Dating Game – Oscar is looking for a hot date.  Unfortunately, his only choices are a xenophobe, a proctologist stripper and someone with a tail.  “What would my name be if I was an ice cream? Are you saying you want to lick me?”

Back in My Day – Tall people… “We just all wore really big hats”…Hurricanes…Weinermobile…Woodstock…”We didn’t have woodstock and Snoopy was very lonely”…”If you wanted to make a wood soup you had to do it from scratch”

Space Jump – “I’m pretty sure he wrote ‘Hot Dog’ for his name on every paper.”  “I will cry blood!”  “I forget to breathe”  “He said that’s cool…wait, that totally takes away the dramatic effect.”

Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 – A little ska tune we like to call “Muscle Pizza” and one last song about how much work sucks.


Joe! Joe! Joe!

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Our second show in Newport was all about friends and family. People came in groups, and those groups were having a good time encouraging each other on stage and off.

We started the night off with a little FAM action. Joe came up and answered some questions about his favorite things. No, not raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Those are my favorite things. Joe loves basketball, peanut butter, and math. And his friends aren’t afraid to talk about him. Luckily, they only had good things to say about him.


Once we sang a song about the fabulous Joe, the show began with a short and snappy Short Cutz. The best intro of the night goes to Jon for an elaborate description of Alphabet that made the game sound so exciting that we sought to live up to. And we did! With help from the audience and some fantastic suggestions. Then it was time for some lying to the boss in Excuses, Excuses. And there was. Lying that is.

Does anyone not like Six-Pack? No? I didn’t think so! With help from Frank of The Bit Players, three scenes of increasing silliness and fun led the audience from a wedding gone wrong to Guatemala to a strange servant/employer relationship. Then whoosh! In the time machine we went for Back in my Day. We finished up the first half with Guacamole and four fantastic volunteers who helped us create a classroom that was taken over by Joe! our FAM.

Intermission. I’m sure stuff happened to people, but we were keeping our energy up and in the zone. We opened the first half with an energetic game of What are you Doing? Did I hear a bell? Hello, Dr. Pavlov. Welcome to the game we play that you inspired. Your game changing experiments with dogs led to a scene about farting and ear plugging. Progress. It’s on the menu.

Following Pavlov, the show kept it kicking. After a round of Rap Now! that took place in the saddest book store in the world, the audience got to find out what happens when an eternal optimist and an unrelenting pessimist meet in Fortunately/Unfortunately. We closed the night with Catchphrase and a rousing round of FAMily Parody sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s Piano Man.

It was our second week in Newport, and we’re having a great time at The Firehouse Theatre. Thanks, Jack and Donna!!

And thanks to Joe, his friends, and all the wonderful audience members who watched and played with us.

FAM and Friends!

Super Crowd of this June 14th Show

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071410famHey there and welcome to the blog for the great B.Y.O.I. show. Our cast tonight included John, Ben, Jimmy, Beth, Adam and Oscar.

John got the show off with a bang squeezing his way through the crowd tonight to make his way to the Semi-Circle to give us all the good ‘ole housekeeping stuff.

Our F.A.M. tonight was Ali P. Her sister’s name is Laura, but she doesn’t know any “dudes”. Her friends are really cool, and always comes to the show with a nice little crowd. One of her friends, Liz, loves to sing karaoke. Ali is a receptionist for a Real Estate agent, and she doesn’t really hang out with anyone she works with.

Family Dinner – Ben comes out and starts this out by stating that ‘there are no dudes allowed’ Oscar plays as Ali’s aunt. Ben lines up some shots and claims, “Alright, we’re all gonna have to do some shots, or one person doing six.” Beth demonstrates how a “girl-throw” is done, and smacks John in th face.

Chain Saw – Lifeguard, Space Beach, Spatula were the ideas. John started the game off knowing, and Jimmy was the first to come and play. John dies and an audience member comes rushing out to replace him. The audience member did a very animated job of spreading the message to Adam, who seemed to pick it up with ease.  Adam’s interpretation was a little different than those we had seen and the last audience member seemed to enjoy watching him pantomime and try to figure it out. Her guess: the occupation was an army/hunterperson, the location a roller coaster, and the object a potato chip. Jimmy figures out #1, but came up with Space Pool for #2, and a jack-o-lantern for #3.

round 2 – Dough Nut Maker, Saloon, Swiss Army Knife. Ben started of this game and Beth came prancing out to play. She seemed to figure things out pretty quickly and killed off Ben with the greatest of ease. Soon a returning audience member came jogging out as a replacement. Beth did a great job conveing #1 & #2, however #3 seem to have her @ a loss of mime, so she was killed off. Oscar jumped outta know where and really made the audience almost die of laughter by not following orders, but still following along. Oscar is one nasty killer. Another returning audience member stolled her way to the semi-circle. She was in good spirits, and played along side Oscar and made the audience laugh like crazy, but in the end, killed Oscar off. So in the end French Waiter, Pistol Duel, Wrist Watch was what was conveyed. Beth got #1,  #2, and after a helpful idea, got #3.

Lines From A Cup – John, Adam and an audience member stepped up to play this through. Adam plays Dad, John and the AM play as his kids. John has some great lines, like an A.D.D. kid with no meds.

Greatest Hits – There is a new CD coming out this summer, Hot Chocolate. Country Western – Dont Forget The Marshmellows Ben & Adam. Folk – Wow That Was Hot – Beth. Alternative – Stick The Spoon In And Stir It – Beth & Ben. Hip Hop – Swiss Miss – The Big Jerks.


Grand Theft Auto – blabber mouths  with an S, Bionic Streaks, Busty Strippers. Junior Monkeys, Jihonie Minstrols, Juggling Mothers, Jacked-Up Midgits. Keggers on Acid, Killing Apples.

Dating Game – Oscar needs a new date, his choices are Jimmy is afraid of beards, an audience member as a G.I. Joe, and Ben as John Gosslin.

Back In My Day – We didn’t have… Receptionists –  “So I had to go in the bathroom and sexually harass myself.” / Laptops – “We had receptionists.” / Karaoke – “We got drunk and sang our own damn songs.” / Kick Ball – “If you didn’t like a guy, you punched him in the face.”

Space Jump – Oscar starts off finding a dildo, Jimmy jumps in and they are lost in a cave, followed by Ben playing as


Moses. An audience member makes the four 4x combined twins, then another taking year book pictures, and another using a human grass cutters. John waits to see where it can go, but then claps in to make Oscar need a wheel-chair.

another audience member steps up to make dog fighting, but Beth takes the cake with “There are nine of you here, but only 8 roses.”

Greatest Hits – Carnivore is the subject of this new of the newest CD. Folk – Don’t Eat That Meat, Skeet Skeet – Beth, Jimmy, John & Adam.

AND SCENE!!! with a standing ovation no less!

Auditions for BYOI – Monday July 19th & 26th 2010 at 5:00pm

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BYOI will be holding auditions on Monday July 19th & 26th at 5:00pm at The Spot on Thayer (286 Thayer St. Providence, RI)  Auditioners are expected to be on time, wear comfortable clothing they can move in and are encouraged to bring water and something to write with.  You may come to one or both nights to audition, although the more we see of you, the better.

Bring Your Own Improv is looking to increase and diversify our cast.  We are looking for improvisers that offer something different than the talent we already have.  The commitment is to two performances a week plus outside shows.  We will not only be looking for good improv skills, but how you work with the team and how you can elevate someone else’s performance.

That last part is particularly important, because in our show, it is not just important to look good yourself, but can you support an audience member as a good scene partner and make them look good.  In BYOI you must be willing to drop your ego and help raise the scene and your partner as a team.

We look forward to this year auditioners and what they can bring to the group.

Thank you,

Daniel Lee White – Owner/Producer & John Ring – Artistic Director