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Friday 8/27/10 MORE PUDDING!!!

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082710famWelcome to a special BYOI! Tonight is Oscar Van Puddings’ last show for a while. How long that while lasts… no one knows. Tonight in addition to Oscar we have John, Adam, Jimmy, Mike, and Beth.

F. A. M. – Kelley – This is her last BYOI show cause she is moving to TX, her most profound moment to date is buying her strappy wedge shoes, Fell out of her friend Tillys’ car in NY, Tilly painted her face and part of her back, “more pudding”, going to school for library science, she is going to be so strict that she will bring a knife to work to make sure folk follow the library rules, has always wanted to date herself, leaves us with the advice of ‘Don’t eat yellow snow… or brown snow for that matter’

FAMily Six Pack – Buying shoes, Face Painting, library – You made me look like a chick… yea but you’re hot, if you wanna check out some fun go ahead and check out some fun, “MORE PUDDING”, where did you get these… next door, they smell like heaven, I was wondering why I woke up with boobs, you’re both named Alfrid E. Neuman?, I’m gonna paint her face to look like a man, you can’t paint Chuck Noris’ face on anybody, I’m a man I can do my own thing.

Questions – ‘Potato Skins’ – why must you talk about things I don’t understand, “Why isn’t there more Pudding”, How many guys are walking around with plastic fangs, why is she always here in our trailer, what makes you think I’m selling something other then rides, aren’t all vegans crazy, have you tried the holy water, “MORE PUDDING” Who wants Ice Cream.

Press Conference – Marry Poppins – Blew up the moon – did you do this cause of your lactose intolerance?, did you get the idea from a Martian named Marvin by chance, was it full when you did it, Was this Disney sanctioned.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Pudding – Why do men suck? – in their genes, haven’t had enough to drink, inharently they are Hoovers, ‘we’ don’t just suck… we suck the best – Get brother to move out – Act like treating them well, make a trail of MCR and Monster going out and once he is out… lock the door, put him in trash compactor, tell dad he is making your life a living hell – how to get pig and sheep puppets to stop fighting – see a shrink, eat lamb chops and baccon in front of them, create dictatorship to dominte them, toss them in dryer – how to potty train my son – ask any other parrent since they have done it already, don’t change him for a while, put on a leash and treat like a dog, deficate in his room.

Gaucamole – Bees on my wall – ‘grab something from this bucket on my head’, Cinderella said this doen’t fit, this is frogger for toads, put it on your sandwich or your tushie, everyone starting smoking gaucamole.


Yes and that’s how it’s done – Kawanza – MORE PUDDING – I’m a mongrul… is there a holiday for me, it’s a hand print of a chinese dog… lession… there can always be more Pudding

Catch Phrase – How much is this and More Pudding – I’ve been in five lines already, am I addopted – Unicycle – How much is this… 2.50… more pudding, .. am I adopted… how much… I’ve been in 5 lines already… more pudding… who wants ice cream.
Round 2 – do I have scrooples, i swear I have a reciept – that’s a bold face lie, can you wax this – Jazz – MORE PUDDING I’m alergic to coconuts… that’s a bold face lie… MORE PUDDING… can you wax this… Stacy is my girlfriend… thats a bold face lie… MORE PUDDING

Back in PUDDING’s day – coffee – cause coffee is bad for kids – Knitting – cause men were real men and didn’t wear v-neck shirts – colored snow – good sex – back in Pudding’s day we didn’t have good sex… that was the result.

Short Cuts – Beth starts a scene carrying OVP, then tables turn and Beth ends up carrying Jimmy while OVP hops on Adam’s back. Somehow ending in a ‘chicken fight’. Adam P. and Jimmy start a scene about making dough, and OVP steps out to help mix a bowl, “LESS PUDDING!”

Revolver – chemestry – Aunt Bea – Cape – Cookie Dough – stop killing me with kindness – we should climb on the roof and I’ll push you – I broke up with you last week – MORE PUDDING – I though the teacher would be talking – momentium is created by me pushing you off the roof – Aunt Bea have a seat so I can start writing your uligy – MORE PUDDING – I’ve been wisking this for 36 hours – MORE PUDDING – see it hurt didn’t it – MORE PUDDING – Hi Mom.

Swimingly Backward Boys – Song of being best friends – I knocked it on the floor and punched him in the back of the head – we invented dare dice – we started a band and called it Hit the Deck – we changed our name to Fighting Words and tried to take over the world – Woh woh woh woh woh – I checked my watch and four years went by – Woh woh woh woh woh – sorry ladies we both have girlfriends – Woh woh woh woh woh.

***AND SCENE****

Good Night, Newport!

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Well, we’ve come to the end of the summer. Jack and Donna opened the Firehouse Theater to us on Thursday nights, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

For this, our last show of the summer, we were lucky enough to have a FAM who not only had stories to tell but the cutest name ever. Jeri. What’s that you say? That’s a lovely name, but not the cutest ever? Well, she was sitting next to her husband Tom. That’s right. Tom and Jeri. She once owned a dress shop. He travels a lot for work. Together, they’re Tom…and Jeri.

How cute are they?

We started the night with our questions and then a song about Jeri and her dress shop and its smelly patrons. We moved on to Revolver, Good Cop/Bad Cop and Back in My Day. Anna and Jim from the Bit Players came up to help us on a bunch of games. And Mel brought down the house during Story, Story, Die.

We closed the night with another song about Jeri. This time it was about her husband’s ever-changing name!

All in all, it was a great night. Thank you so much to Jack and Donna, to the Firehouse Theater and to Newport for letting us play all summer.

August of the 25th 2010 style

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082510famHello there and welcome to the blog for the great improv show, BYOI. Tonight was a great night filled with many laughs, and even a few tears. Adam popped out of no-where to start this night off with a bang by giving us the great RESPECT The Spot speech. Our cast tonight included Jimmy, Beth, Jon, Ben, Adam and Oscar.

Ben warmed us all up by having the audience shout out some rando suggestions, like their name, pets name, middle name of our third president, favorite song to wake up to, favorite childhood toy. Then after getting the audience to stand up, he wants to play Hurricane, Hurrican’t, which involved waving your hands in the wair and leaning based on what level this hurricane blew.

Our FAM tonight was Jenn, whom best describes herself as Amazing and Honest. She also doesn’t know any names of the Backstreet Boys. She is a teacher, and the craziest school thing that happened was when she was pregnant, one of her ‘kids’ poked her tummy. On a side note, she is trying to teach her friend to walk sexy in order to try and get her a man. She has two little ones, one 7, and the other only 8 months. Her hubby, and father of her two kids, was a stalker of her at her church. Her 7 year old was Google’ing ‘how to be a good kisser’.

The cast showed off some great improv skills by playing Six Pack in the me of  our FAM, Jenn. Beth & Oscar = school / Adam & Ben = church / Jimmy & Jon = walking sexy. Jimmy tells Jon he’s already sexy, but needs to work on his walk, so he does the strangest prance ever. Beth claps in on the line, “It’s like I’m on fire!” and Oscar plays the teacher and says, “If you don’t cut this out you might be.” Beth just rambles like a crazy school girl for a good 30 seconds, so Ben claps in and sums it all up in about 3 seconds, making the audience bust out laughing.

Questions – Jimmy starts out a scene with an audience member and they really shoot it back to each other to make a good run. “Would you believe I’m a troll?” “Aren’t you suppose to be under a bridge?” / Oscar steps out and begins a ‘Nerd-Off’. Ali steps out and tries her might against the great question man, Jimmy in a scene @ Wal-Mart, but is short lived. Beth then steps up for the challenge and they create a hilarious scene involving Golden Snake Cannabis, to finally taken down the great Jimmy. An audience member steps out to play with Beth, “Have you scene my mom?” “What time is it?”.  Ben replaces the audience member and plays a scene involving babies dressed as goats.

Press Conference – Oscar, Beth, and an audience member interview Jimmy, as Barney the dinosaur, whom invented the pogo stick. Great question Oscar, “So, how many people have been inside of you?” Crazy question from Beth, “Have you been sued a lot from this product? I mean a little kid would be like, ‘Oohhh Jesus was on one of these once.’ So have that happened to you yet?

Good, Bad, Ugly – Jon is good advice, Bryan is bad, and Ben is ugly. A member of the audience wants advice on whether or not to eat the other half of a second burrito. Jon’s advice was if you are hungry, yes, eat it. Bryan’s advice, is be as masculine as possible when you eat it. Ben, “As a half eaten burrito on the stage, you can suck my ca-hones!” When dealing with a “Negative Nancy!” Jon cake or half eaten burrito. Bryan, look at other people’s sadness. Ben, Hey, you could be wrapped in tin foil, thrown in the oven, get over it.

  1. Guacamole – Oscar and Beth sing a song, while Adam K. Adam P. and Jimmy mime it out for us. This song is all about monkey. Captain Hook, albino monkeys,  Santa Claus, drunken fights, dirty draws for X-mas presents, and finger traps are about as crazy as this song went. Hellz Yeah!


Yes and, That’s How It’s Done – Jimmy and Adam use the promp “Movie” to create a scene about some crazy stuff that goes down in a crazy movie, chandler falling from a airplane and hit someone. The lesson here was all about projecting your voice so the audience can hear you.

Ben steps out and asks everyone to pull your phone out and access your last text message. August b-days stand up, then July, followed by June. Then had those standing read out loud their messages. All this was to get ready for the next game.

Catch Phrase – An audience member – I’m stolen, I’m happy. / Adam – I’m just shopping around, Thanks! Jimmy plays the glue in this scene and keeps things moving along smooth.

2nd Round – Oscar is a great scene master, but he has to help his scene brothers, Jon – What time will you be home? Zoinks! / An audience member – They can do that? So much sweat!

Back In My Day – We didn’t have… Exit Signs – I had to get ‘Entrance Only’ tattoo’ed on my @$$. / Plungers – We had ropes and pully’s to climb up walls. / Rat Poison – So cigarettes were a little more healthy. / Gum – My teeth just rattled around in my mouth like a rain stick. / Wallet – We just had bags with dollar signs on them. / Trees – We only has twos and fours. / Twilight – We had morning and night. / Church – God just spoke to ya.

Short Cutz – Beth and Jon start a scene having a marriage argument, then involve their kids who work at an anvil factory. Meanwhile, at the anvil factory, Ben is the boss, and turns the line of anvil checkers into a xylophone line. Oscar got attacked by his laundry, so now that he is afraid of clothes, Adam and Jimmy now do his laundry for him. Ben and an audience member create a scene involving beers and multiple fridges while being roommates, Jimmy and Adam keep coming in and stealing beers.

Revolver – Ben and Ali = Forgivness Day. “How did you know?” “With my castanets.” “OK!” / Ben and Randy = Domesticated Platypus. They fight over what a platypus eats either coco-puffs or duck. / Randy and Oscar = Pretend adopted. “The expiration date on this is really over due, and by the way, you’re adopted.” “These tator tots taste soo much better now that you know you’re adopted.” / Oscar and Beth =  Conductor and Musician. “Wait, Timpani is an instrument? I thought it was just a guy with a lisp.” / Beth and Ali = Lucky. “So you are eating my cereal, and you don’t even like it?”

Guacamole – Cast Only all about Gin and Tonic. Jon and Ben mimed this out. Sonic, not drinking, taking a bath in a sink, Jimmy as a mom, Adam as a drunk dad, New Jerseoily!

8pm tomorrow,  Thursday, is our last show at Fire House Theater.

Look for BYOI @ Improv Boston Sept. 12th @ 7:30, check us out!!!


Friday August 20, 2010

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082010famWelcome to the BYOI blog! Tonight we have Daniel, Adam, John, Beth, Jimmy, and Ken.

F. A. M. – Nelly – Creative, funny, likes to hike, fav holiday is Halloween, fav movie is ‘I Am David’, loves Nutella, wishes her dog Roofis was here, he is big… dumb… and fluffy, like Rainman but Raindog. Hates coworker ‘B’ cause he tries to make everyone look dumb. She tells bankers how to do their jobs for a living.
A Day in FAM Life – thirty minutes to mailman, ooh Nutella, one of those kids got stuck in a tuba, that’s what we are calling me now Roofie?, I have to micromanage something soon or I will have a panic attack, Roofis I already had like nine kids do that to me already, you’re the one who sits there and watches.
Quickest Minute – possesion of purple in the bronze age – are you trying to say that purple is a metal, your red cape has noting on my purple cape, this rod is made of bronze, that’s not even a sword
again? – romance, future, Justin Bieber – I want to take you away, we should climb this mountain… I’ll get the escilator ready, to the escilaor but faster this time.
Party Quirks – Julia Child, catapult, lion tamer – you make a mess… sorry it’s my nature, what the ****’s a wion, what a lovely spread but I don’t see enough butter, you need more French food in your diet, should I get a cat or a poultry, don’t put your head in the oven… it’s electric.
Meanwhile – gimmy the brown stuff on my sausage, your hair plugs look awesome, she could punch me in the face and I’d still love her, I learned up and down not twisty pullies, I forgot to turn it on, my name is Todd and I’m an alcoholic, Mommy look I found a silly band, look mine says conform.
Hoedown – Fun, and yet always quick game. Tonight’s song was sung by the great Daniel, John, Adam and an audience member, whom came with our FAM and is a music teacher by day, but hates kids, and made us all laugh. “I’m just a giggalo!”
Yes and That’s How It’s Done – How dare you question peanuts?
Grand Theft Auto – That was acute, bad 80’s movies, waiters, irritable janitors, sexually active muppits, candles in the wind,  inappropriate jokes.
Eight pack – pringles, beat, Ireland, falafel – I wanna learn things. can you get me a real walker… I’m tired of making these motions, taste that rainbow, it’s the only thing on ya that’s a perfect size for a leprechaun, who’s that lady that keeps coming into my house everyday
Back in my day – music, halloween, cars, nature, banks.
Say it again – beach – I really love your left breast, my underwire is not gonna fit in there,  I don’t fit in the shower and the kids are afraid to go in the pool now.
Mac-n-cheese – there is a coyote problem, I seen it on Discovery, watched a guy eat hot sauce right from a donkey’s mouth, guess who is on your leg… my baby.
Revolver – Pickle, pop tart, pokemon, virgin – I’ve never heard of any of those things, my mom died before I was born, that is my squirrel impression, pickle on a piece of toast, I am sick of people asking me for stuff, it’s hereditary, wait a couple of hours and we’ll sell that, no one leaves with that smell, you left the giant toaster plugged in, so your grandma’s dead too.
Hoedown 2.0 – angry kittens – I keep it nice in there because I never want to upset pussy.

New Cast Members at BYOI!!!

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Check it out!  BYOI just added some new cast members!!!  Welcome to Michael Amaral, Randy Bush and Marina Clarke!  They made it through the audition process and we welcome them with open arms.  Come see them starting in September!

A congrats as well to our two new sub-alternates, Adam Parr and Derek Chisholm!

Grateful and Very Much Alive

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Naden, is that you?
Hi all. Welcome to another addition of, “How Can We Make You Laugh?” Tonight we’re joined by Adam Kennedy, Jimmy Sorel, Dan Wood, and me, Beth Hicks. If you haven’t been to a show in Newport, you have one more chance to see BYOI on Thursday nights. That’s right, just one. And you won’t want to miss it.

Ben, an investor, helped us with our first game by FAM-ing it up. The man may not think he has interesting stories, but as a former guitarist in a band with a name like The Clap, I can only imagine the tales he could tell. Sitting next to him were people he knew, because they came with him. Ben is a cool dad. Cool enough to bring his son and daughter to a night of hilarity!

After a song, we jumped right in with Two Line Vocab and some help from our birthday lady, Mel. Mel volunteered for several games and was awesome and funny in all of them.

We rapped. We lined up. We laughed. We played until we could play no more. It was the penultimate performance for BYOI at The Firehouse, and it was a good time.

BYOI – Show at the Roger Williams Park Zoo!!!

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081910famHey folks, today we did a private show at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence for a large group of honor roll kids, and man were they fantastic!

Our FAM was Jasmine and she let us know that both her and her Mom have a big mouth!  She likes gossiping with her friends, watching TV and hates her math teacher.

We got to see a day in her life, did a lot of shaving in What Are You Doing?, Learned that it is not acceptable to be late because your Mom overslept, you missed the buss, but it is cool that you got abducted by space aliens.  Also got to learn that TVs in helmets is bad for quarterbacks, kids can be very violent and that there are great songs about Mexican Veggies and French Onion Soup.

Thanks for booking us guys!  If you want to book us for your event visit our booking page on our website.

And Scene!!!

BYOI – The Auditioners Got Game(s)!

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081810famTonight’s cast: Daniel, Jon, Beth, Adam, Jimmy, and an auditioner, Randy. We were joined by some of our other auditioners: Brian, Adam, Ali, Mike and Derek.

Our featured audience member was Kelly. She is a novelist from East Providence entering URI this fall. She told us about her friends, one who is loud and another who wants to be veterinarian, her brother John (a regular at BYOI and friend of the cast), her mom, Maggie who likes to judge people, and her lying dad. In the scene, an imaginary snake died, much fighting ensued between Jon, playing Kelly and Beth, playing Kelly’s brother John, and lots of ridiculous lies from Randy AKA Dad.

The next game was 60:30:10 and Jon, Jimmy, Adam, Adam, and Randy performed a very animated and physical scene in which….it seems as though Jon died? In the next scene, with Jon, Beth, and Brian, there was a lot of screaming and stabbing and eating of stomachs?

Next up was Party Quirks. Daniel was a calculator, Ali was a Jehova’s Witness, and Jimmy was a pantry. Randy did an excellent job guessing and it was quite the strange gathering.

Meanwhile: The cast played Meanwhile and I let more people in through the door so I have no idea what happened in the game. But I did hear lots of laughs…  🙂

Hoe Down: about scorpions and Captain Hook.

After the break:

Grand Theft Auto: Passengers in a car got attacked crazy Priuses, giant praying mantises, Darth Vader impersonaters, overpaid crossing guards, car insurance salesmen from the ’50s, and modern day dinosaurs.

8-Pack involved scenes about spraying Axe to get lucky on the street, Super Power Lottery, Halloween resolutions, weapons, couple arguments, and tapping that. A great line from Mike: “Sounds like a drink, doesn’t it? Flaming Rickhaw?” – Mike.

Back in My Day excellent one-liners: “We didn’t have coffee grounds, we just dipped a Colombian in hot water,” “We didn’t have roomates. You had to call Steve “your friend Steve”,” “We didn’t have 18th birthdays, we were all at odds,” “We didn’t have Rocko’s Modern Life, all the Australians were still convicts,” “We didn’t have sleep, and that’s why we didn’t have 18th birthdays,” “We didn’t have sleep…made wet dreams really weird,” “We didn’t have tricycles, we had bicycles, cuz if you had a tricycle you were a p#$$%!”.

Say It Again: a great scene with Jimmy and Adam P. entailed the following great lines: “I threw a little bacon grease in there because when it dries up it hurts like a mother” and  “Fortunately I have this horse that I made out of shirts”. The scene with Jon, Adam, and Oscar involved…who knows but Adam K. had a great line alteration: “Blueberry, you’re allergic. DING Boisonberry, you’re a poisoned”.

Shortcut: a scene about Brazilians at a barber shop, couples therapy interrupted by inopportune haircuts, Sweeney Todd, stabbing disobedient boys, Bobo the monkey, chocolate gold coins, peeping toms, failing tests, and Jordan Dupre.

The last game was another Hoe Down and the song was about wedgies.

Great show, everyone and thanks to our very supportive audience members!


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081310famWelcome to another installment of the BYOI blog on a very creepy Friday the thirteenth! Tonight we have Daniel, Adam, Beth, and Oscar. Tonight we also have Mike and Ali auditioning.

F. A. M. – Mike C – Gamer, his best day was going to a bowling tournament which he did not win but did bowl a 277 and for those who don’t know a perfect game is 300, bowls with Josh who loves to drink, works at Wendy’s, always yelled at by his general and district managers, Favorite movie is Princess Bride and fav character is the Dread Pirate Roberts

Day in the Life – WHAT ARE YOU SITTING FOR, I think today… you’re out of the guild, I can’t watch, it shouldn’t have been there lady, We do everything together… except for showering, As you wish, I’m just getting Sshhtarted.

Story Story Die – Gingerbread Kittens – Oscar is the first to die by ‘very tiny piranhas’, Mike is the next to die by ‘having a piano drop on him’, Daniel dies by ‘Beheading’, Ali dies by ‘limbo stick to the chest’, Beth dies being ‘strangled by Martha Stewart’, Adam was killed by ‘ceiling fan’

Freeze Tag – Science – If you see too many moths then there is too much acid in it, I wanted to see if the Han Solo thing worked, Beth gives Daniel a tracheotomy, just get this out of my neckoooooohhhhhh, OWWW who does that?, No Adam West… you will never be Batman again… get off the building, Don’t get me started on Glinda, I can speak 3 languages… none of them are real… I made them up, Pablo… vroom vroom.

Pillars – Republicans – He’s not even a proper Kennedy… doesn’t even have his name on the ‘Wendy’s’, ‘sexy’ That’s right he’s bringing it back, This reminds me of ‘the time I had sex with my own brain’

Greatest Hits – body building – Beth sings a song about getting dumped by a body builder who ‘found him another’, Daniel sings about ‘mac and cheese’ in a heavy metal style, ‘Mamma sing me a good one’ is about being dropped by her mamma as a baby, “come on people you gotta clap…. in rhythm”


What are you Doing? – F.S. – Fleeing Submarines / Freaking Silently / Fun Squatting / Feeling Snazzy / Flashing Sasquatches / Freebee Stealing / M.G. – Marrying Goldfish / Mindlessly Godding / Mashing Guinness / Mocking Grandma / D.R.P. – Drastically Reorganizing Popouses / Dangling Rabit Pandas / Drooling Rotten Pineapples / Dry Railing Porcupines.

Marriage Counselor – one is the others agent, the other is afraid of clothes, together they are constantly trying to light each other on fire – yea but they wouldn’t let me do a nude scene, HA HA HA HE WISHES, is this denim crawling up my back and trying to choke me, polyester is trying to kill me, Fashion is terrifying

Worlds Worst – Board Game – this die only has one side… it’s a mobius strip, Bowler – I scored a 277… those bumpers are awesome, Princess Bride – As you… Whatever, Psych – What I think your telling me is that you want to bang your mother, Fast Food – I have to go to the bathroom BEFORE I eat it, push up bra – Well there up but I can’t see sh**

Revolver – Pantene Pro-V, Money, The love of a woman, Pony – Daddy loved me plenty, I wash my hands when I have to then I go back to massaging you, This is a flexy donkey, You’re a very hairy man… makes you fluffy, I find good things… so far strike one, I hired people to chase you… there’s your pac-man game

Greatest Hits – A song about cooking for midgets in a hip hop style – appitite for pine scented candles, going to Wendy’s, playing Dominion, then my mini-me is gonna wait on you cause he’s your size, Midget serial killer?, you know what they want… Happy Meals, I don’t go and bowl with them… I drink instead

****AND SCENE****

BYOI – Too Many Dutch Ovens

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081110famTonight’s cast included: John Ring (yay!), Ben, Jon Audette, Oscar, and 2 of our auditioners: Marina and Brian.

Tonight’s FAM: Chris. He works in the Entertainment Dept. of Canobie Lake Park, plays video games after work, and told us about some of his friends/coworkers: Stacy-his crazy boss, Tyler-gay, Tim-intimidating, Brian-manwhore, Ken-douchebag. Great lines from the FAM scene: “Hey, Dad, my fun time meter is going down” and “What do ya think a backup dancer dresses like?!”.

Story, Story, Die: the first participant to die, an audience member, was trampled by a children’s chorus, the second killed by custard, our third pushed to death, John Ring drank molten lava, Brian shot himself, Ben dies in a sexy pose, Oscar dies of regret, and Jon Audette was left to finish the story, with a trip to the sun, where we all would die. A great image to let you imagine their story: “a sexy vampire in outerspace wearing a g-string”.

Freeze Tag keepers: “I don’t have fallopian tubes on me right now…but I will” -Jon Audette; and “It’s just a pretend box. What now, bitch?!” – John Ring.

Brian played guitar for a funk album. John Ring sang a song called “Smelly funk”. Marina sang as Cher. Randy sang an operatic funk about epileptic seizures and the whole crew, including Jon Audette, sang a song about phone calls and operators. Brian concluded with: “Chicken brings home the funk” and a funky chicken dance, of course.

After the break, we played What Are You Doing? Oscar wished he was naked in a river full of canaries, an audience member had to act out a rhinoceros birth, Ben fed Sun Chips to a polar bear, an audience member “milked it for all it was worth,” Brian danced down Sunset Blvd., Jon debated which side of the gay marriage issue to be on, and Oscar stole candy from a giant baby with his reoccurring Bugs Bunny voice “Hewoh baby”.

Marriage Counselor: Ben’s face would melt every time audience member Liz said “honey,” Liz was Winnie the Pooh, and their issue was that they dutch oven each other.

In World’s Worst: we saw Heroine Harry “make sure you use a clean one,” back-pay collecting manwhores, “Mario Does His Taxes” videogame, dutch oven breakfast, cereal-less cereal boxes, Joan Crawford as the worst person to share a margarita with, and some world’s worst superheroes: Asshole Man,  Queef Man, Cock Blocker, Tax Man, Jazz Hands Girl, Taint Man, and lots of dutch oven jokes.

Revolver: Marina painted our FAM Chris’s head blue and then peach with permanent paint, Dan and Chris cut class to drink Guinness and sleep, Marina and auditioner Mike had a domestic dispute over bills, and Mike and Dan danced.

Our last game: Multiple songs about creepers and bananas. Quotables: “Touching was fun back in the ’60s cause it was all about love then”-Brian, and “my family died and you’re worried about a f*cking banana” – Oscar.

Thanks for another fun show and great job to our auditioners, Marina and Brian.