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BYOI’s Thursday night at Firehouse 9/30

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093010famAnother great Thursday night in Newport folks! We thought we’d switch it up a bit and have two FAM members, Don and Tania, instead of our usual one. Don is a plumber who enjoys gaming and Star Wars and Tania doubles as a college student and florist. Both of our FAMs participated in the night’s games alongside our cast, which included Daniel, Mike, Caesar, Derek, and Marina.

Quick recap of the night:

: Caesar warmed up the cast and audience with a good old-fashioned game of tennis.

: Chainsaw’s occupation, location, and object morphed from a horse doctor, wave pool, and a bowl of cereal to crazy things such as a painter, lingerie dressing room, and soup.

: Pillars showcased a girlfriend who wanted her boyfriend to teach her how to be an extreme gamer but instead the boyfriend got caught in a lie when his friend came over and found out he had a real girlfriend who happened to be famous.

: There can only be one and that one was Caesar. Highlander was set in a dentist’s waiting room with two patients named Larry. The first Larry was a charming old man who soiled himself by the end and the second Larry was a not-so-charming young man who was looking for a copy of Playboy. Sadly the dentist was the only sane person in the room even though he was high off laughing gas.

: Try that on for size included turning on an old TV, putting hubcaps on a tiny wheel, brushing hair, punching God, and fishing.

: Caesar was late for work in Excuses, Excuses and had to explain to Boss Man Dan that he got stuck in traffic, lost his dog, AND had to deliver a homeless woman’s baby.

: The show was wrapped with a Star Wars themed Sing It. They rocked and show tuned it with light sabers and jazz hands.

September 29th, Blackouts Don’t Scare Us!

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092910famFriends, Romans, improvers, lend me your ears! Caesar here, keeping you up to date on everything BYOI for tonight’s show. We almost had to do the show by candlelight due to a grid failure on Thayer, but improv brought the power back to the streets and I’ll send some through the interwebs to you.

Our impenetrable legion of a cast tonight is Daniel, Beth, Jimmy, Mike, and Randy, and they’re ready to kick some comedy butt on stage.

Jimmy’s rockin’ a fall warm up tonight. Hiking and leaf watching for our lovely audience. Uh oh, got to a mountain, gotta climb, and of course, what do you do from the top of a mountain? Yell things!

Oh my god, here we go, tonights FAM is..::drum roll::.. Matt! Who is the stereotypical struggling actor in Beth’s eyes. He also tends bar and does investigative reporting for a law firm. He snooped on a fellow who supposedly had a back injury which prevented him from working, but was actually running a car wash out of his home. Also, when he was a child he got into a brutal fight over the remote control. Oddly, he seems pretty excited, to talk about his two day long engagement which got broken off eight months ago because of a cheating ex fiance. However, this has motivated him to move to L.A. where he’ll be in 8 days. Seems like a pretty cool dude, way to kick off the show right, Matt!

Our cast is going to start things by showing Matt a day in his life. Matt, played by Jimmy, woke up realizing he was double booked for an acting gig and a murder investigation, and promptly got into a fight with his brother. Unfortunately, the Providence police was hitting on his mom, so Matt had to take a stand. Matt then checked in on a murder scene, but wasn’t thrilled by the stab wounds so he made a few more with his own knife. “Everybody does stab wounds!” Lastly, he caught up with a fellow bartender, who tried to audition for a Cardi’s commercial, but those guys are so selfish, they only ever hire themselves.

Next up is Chainsaw! Daniel gets to lie on the floor the longest in this rendition of the game, starting with the prompts radio dj, glovebox, and snowman. Things seemed to go pretty smoothly at first, but madness ensued quickly as always. By the end of the game Mike thought the prompts were waiter, route 66, and a brick.

Meanwhile…oh wait, thats the next game. This time we’re starting on a mountain, and sadly for Daniel, he’s got a budget donkey. Its pumpernickel or bust at the bread equality convention, but the rye supporters are revolting. At the scene of an accident, the players discuss the opportunity to sue the victim for interrupting your day. And as Mike and Jimmy contemplate marriage, they wonder “How the hell does Jennifer Aniston still have our number?”

Next, there can be only one in a rousing game of Highlander. Randy and Beth fight over a computer while Daniel, seemingly Beth’s posse supported her cause. “You just touched her Maaaaaaaaaaaac, whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?” As the players try to pull the extra weight when people get eliminated, things start to get crazy, and Beth is left to play out the scene by herself slowly losing touch with which character she’s playing. Whaaaaaaaaaat, have we learned? PC stands for a whole bunch of different stuff.

We’re ending off the half with the musical game, Sing It! Turns out our audience member has a fake id with a picture of Barbara Streisand. Beth laid down some phat beats about the offerings of the coffee shop. “Sugaaaaaaar, in the drink it makes you get funky.” Turns out Daniel has a thing for prolonging the length of words tonight.


Warming up the second half with a quick lesson about object work, and Beth’s championship game, Try That On For Size! Daniel gave Beth a run for her money, but just couldn’t trump her in the end. However, with a little bit of esoteric gibberish and a hunchback impression, Jimmy knocks her off her throne.

Next up we’ve got a cup full of crazy for a game of Lines From A Hat. Mike, Randy, and our FAM show us what a lovely place Jurassic Park can be when you do the tango for the raptors. All’s not well though, because losing your virginity is a trap, and heaven is filled with snakes. In round two, Jimmy salutes the school’s oldest teacher, Daniel, who’s trying to spawn more 9th graders to continue his tenure.

Famous Last Words brought us such gems as:
Tea Bag – “I’m gonna go join the Republican party.”
Remote – “I thought my life was universal.”
Battery – “They gave me solitary. I’m in a fire alarm for life.”
Shoe – “I’ve got cancer. Uggs.”
Cop – “Dude, I’m banging your wife.”

In Excuses Excuses, Shaniqua, played by Daniel, is late for work and needs to come up for the perfect excuse for his boss, Randy. Randy was late once because his bicycle pump was broken, his cab was late, and he got stuck behind a school bus driven by an elderly Asian woman. It took Shaniqua quite a while to even get the fact that he was stuck behind the bus from Jimmy’s miming, so we just left it at that.

We capped off the night with a reprise of Sing It featuring Jimmy and Randy. Randy needs his lawn to look good, just like his nails that have bat jewels on them. They’re marraige is failing, because Jimmy doesn’t have enough together time with Randy. “Cheesy sandwich!” went right to fart jokes, and they both lived happily ever.

Thanks for reading along! And hope to see ya all soon! Ave Caesar!

BYOI FRIDAY!!!! Sept 24th!!

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092410famYo yo yo, Randy here and I’m your bloggy buddy this evening.  I’ve got my chicken fingers and my lemonade and Beth got everyone CANDY!!!!  It’s gonna be a good night, oh yeah.

Our Cast tonight is John, Marina, Jimmy, Ken, Mike & Derek.  Everyone single last one of them are dead sexy, and I can’t wait to wet my panties tonight!  I do feel kinda bad for everyone that is coming in tonight because there is a lot of writing you have to do at the door to come in.  Oh well.

Jimmy is the warm up man tonight!  He is teaching everyone about english.  It’s cute.

Mike and Ken are pulling out a name….. the name is DAVID!!! David is our FAM tonight and it’s his first time( cute!), and here is a few things we know about David…… He is a house keeper at a nursing home.  David’s boss doesn’t speak english, so if he wants to ask her a question he has to get someone esle to do it.  Outside of work, David likes to watch movie and TV, and the great out doors aren’t as important but he rolls with it.  And his girlfriend likes to think she schools him in Basketball.  He is a James Bond fan, as everyone should be.

The Cast now all comes out to play FAM Say It Again. In this game everyone makes a gift for David, and David gets to pick the gifts he likes and who he doesn’t like.  Ken is the first to be fired because he keeps making things out of David’s girlfriend’s hair.  John Quit!  Marina got fired by Mike for bringing this into the factory.  Derek blew it!  And Jim is the best giftmaker and David gets to yell out “MORE JIMMY!” whenever he wants to see Jimmy in the scene.

The next game is Timmy in the Well! Yo, my dawgs tonight at Marina, Ken, and Jesse.  Mike is Timmy.  Ken helped him get Sigmund Freud right out the gate!  Then he found out that Sigmund drank WAY too much coke!  And THEN  we found out it was all at a Segway retail shop!

Post It was next.  Here are some good ones. Sub-teacher and hell”You better know your fuckin’ time tables…” Belly Dancer and Chicken Farm”How do you like my cocks?” Fat Camp and Kool- Aid…. need I say more.  Train Station and Thor’s Hammer “LIKE HELL YOU GET A FREE RIDE!!!”

Now we’re moving on to Highlander!  We’ve got  Jimmy, Ali, Dan, and John all up at a yarn store eating tacos.  John is the first to go.  Arms were cut off…. literally.  Dan is gone.  Now it’s Jimmy and Ali are going at it….. who will be the highlander!  ALI!!!!  I’m scared her business is gonna pop out…. I’m just saying….

Uh Oh!  It’s Sing It time! This is Sing It about High School Besties.  oops.  I farted.  Derek rocked it! Marina Glee’d it!  And now they’re juggling flaming cupcakes. Ali is rapping about shoes.  Ending with a “Can’t Touch this” always works with me. “HEY GUYS! GUESS WHAT I JUST GOT!  A BUNCH OF NUMBERS!”(heavy metal!) “AAAAAAHHHHHH!”

And now, intermisson…..

The lesson tonight is about Blue, thanks Jimmy and Derek! It was all about stuff being in the stuff.  Like, things to move around and such.  That’s how it’s done, kids.

Rope time!  “I need help digging in a mine” “uuuuhhhh”ROPE! “I don’t wanna go to school anymore!  I’m making you a school bus, you’re going!”  “Kids are expensive!  That’s why I stay at sea!”  “He liked it so he put a ring on it!  I hate him!” ROPE!

Short Cutz.  It’s cool.  We know it.  We’re learing that everyone things of drugs when it comes to the 70’s.  Ken is a Flacon master while Mike has performing rodents.  Okay, something really awesome just happen with Mike and Ken but I got so into it I can’t really recall . “Will you sing us a song Mermaid? Is this America???”

Good, Bad, Ugly.  “What would you do with Cheese?”  “Breath, cheesey goodness. Veggies and Stuff” “I wouldn’t eat it. It’s good for your toes.” “Something awesome”.  My computer is giving up.

We’re back now, with Catch Phrase.  “Nobody puts baby in a coner” “When is p.e.?” “What?” “Watch Out for that Polar Bear!” “Don’t Go Backwards!” “What is TB?” “How Do you do that?” “Up Jump the Devil and I shot him down!” “Somebodys gotta do it!” “More Jimmy?”  This pet shop isn’t gonna run itself…. “Somebody’s gotta do it”

One Last Sing It! Insriped by thyme….. “Your magical potions are the best!”  This scene went to boner town really, really quickly.  “I don’t care what it does…. it just taste good!”

This has to be the weakest blog post, ever.  Sorry.  Smooches from Randy.  Hope to see ya soon at the show!!!!!!!

BYOI – Thursday, September 23 at the Firehouse Theater

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For our Thursday night show this week, we headed over to the Firehouse Theater in Newport, RI where we performed in front of a great audience who participated throughout the whole night! The cast consisted of Adam, Mike, Jon, Beth, Jimmy, and Marina and our FAM for the show was Tyler. Tyler enjoys skiing, braiding his mom’s hair, and going out with friends. When he’s not busy with those activities he likes to stay home with his snuggie and watch Glee or get his GTL on with the Jersey Shore.

First up was ‘Timmy in the Well’. Jon learned that Ronald McDonald was talking on his cell phone WHILE driving in a sand castle. Beth was our last one standing for ‘Highlander’, which showed us a shy woman who lost her luggage that had the remains of Fluffy, her Grandfather, inside. ‘Sing it Again’ had dancing bears in the background while Beth, Adam, and an audience member sang about clay legos and pitching tents. Next up was “Short Cutz”, where we learned how to make some extra cash by throwing A/C systems out of windows onto people’s cars and how Igor-like-men are great at cleaning homes. Jimmy was trying to set up a library for ‘Catch Phrase’ but Marina and Jon kept messing it up by asking about ages and how to get to the bridge. It also didn’t help when they’d yell at each other to go home and to go play with their toys. We ended the night with a good old-fashioned girls vs. boys ‘Beastie Rap’. With the help of one of our audience members, Anna, and some sweet rhymes, the girls won the battle and took home the victory.

Bring Your Own Snacks

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It’s only 8:17, and we may have already had my favorite moment of the night courtesy of Adam Kennedy: “Who would like to be a dog?”

Show’s startin’, y’all! Let’s get warm.

FAM 2.0Heya Michael Cabral! Thanks for being our FAM for the second time around. And for gifting us with some Lil’ Jon stylings. Ben will forgive you for the PC love and the HALO knocks. Let’s watch as the cast makes you some amazing gifts in the world’s best factory. Jimmy has the winning product!

First half is a blur of dogs telling stories about Steven Seagal who’s passing a kidney stone; oh, and by the way, we just Revolved into Highlander where The Beatles and a scarab are arguing like an old married couple.

Second half lesson! I wish Jimmy and Adam would open a shoe shop. Dudes? Rope is a brutal game. But Short Cutz is all about working together to get on The Amazing Race. Did someone call for advice? We’ve got good, bad, ugly and bearded tonight. And by the way, you should always date the Quaker.

The show is runnin’ like no one’s bidness. Let’s Catch the Phrase and Rap in the Now and send our audience off into the night!

Thanks for watching, reading, playing and laughing.

Friday 9/17/10 and FAM #101 is Teri!!!

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091710famFAM – Teri – stay at home mom, Her son peed on the porch, liked to swim in the mountains, loves the front porch when not at BYOI, first crush was Michael Jackson, Loves Dunkin Donuts coffee, went to school with a bunch of rich white kids that she hated

FAM Pillars – did she just pee off the porch, I’m just gonna pour this down the hole, I cranberried all over the hole, you’re gonna bring up bouncing again, just like the time we masticated all night… my jaw was sore for a week

Party Quirks – The Hulk, UFC Fighter, air freshener – Do I smell vanilla…. ROAR!!!!

Worlds Worst – stay at home Mom – for the eighth time I’m DADDY – archeologist – wait it’s a chicken bone – way to kill someone – don’t come near me I have tweezers

Freeze Tag – 8 – ‘you’re a loser’, know what that says… hookers for me tonight, and this is how Gumby died, no man I think that’s a chicken bone, I swear to god you take my Lincoln Log house down again I’m gonna kill you, grand theft house, they said a farm next to a nuke plant wouldn’t work

Say it again – Bad date – ok sing it out, never been beat by a woman before, when you say it like that I feel like a winner too, cause I think both y’all are ugly.

Revolver – paper cuts – fruit cake – smoking the whole pack – Gym — plums for sale, these taste like tomatoes, that totally explains the chaps, I bet not, would you like the antidote, that book was written in Brittan wasn’t it, lower, and then she leaves me

Sing it – Gum – I chewed some one day and now I have acne and things coming out of my bum – and no one knows their names cause they play football – that was on the back of my truck so it kinda fell out

**** Intermission ****

Yes, and…That’s How It’s Done! – Grocery shopping. Why do you keep buying this crap? Why do you keep eating this crap?

What Are You Doing? – Toddler Loving, Terrible Listener, Taming leprechauns, tilting lemons, through listening, tsunami laughing, DB – double bagging, deliciously basting, debity bop, doggie bastering, dodging bullets, damnit bit**, dropping babies, debting badly, delegating baritones, donkey bombing – STP – stealthily trafficking parrots

Eight Pack – sidekick – light saber – Delaware – brassiere – what is my purpose, my Mom won’t let me go out with anything bigger then a light dagger, but darling I love the gloves from the suit of armor, put the thong on, trying to get you sooooome, you want me to lie to people, yea that’s backwards, that’s cause it’s lined with the skin of an orphan

Questions – Don’t you know he turns into the Incredible Hulk? RAAARRRRRR? Didn’t you hear of the god? Isn’t he the maker of all that happens? What kind of question was that? Wasn’t it a good one? Are you single? Aren’t you my brother? Is he a d**k or what? Am I a d**k? Are these dinosaurs kosher? Are they gonna eat us?

Highlander – Olive Garden – *bread stick sword fight*, Oh my god you can’t kill momma, I found the bread sticks, foiled by my own plan, I’m a waiter and I don’t do much

Beasty Rap – Dan – ban, can, fan, sand, man, clan, iran, tan, pan, Steve – eve, leave – cheese, squeeze, breeze, ease – Michael – Disease – Match – hatch, batch, catch


BYOI – 100 Times the Dude!

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091510famTONIGHT was ONE BIG SHOW!  Big because tonight we bestowed the honor of the 100th FAM member.  That’s means we’ve hauled 100 random audience members up onstage, mined them for 1000s of facts, and used those facts to inspires 10,000 jokes.  In short (and nothing is short tonight), we would be nowhere without our precious FAM!

So who will the lucky lady be?  Well, it’s actually a dude.  And his name is Keith D.  And that D, I’m almost certain, stands for “Duuude.”  Because this guy is kind of the shit–which is fortunate for us, because Keith has a say in every single one of our games tonight.  And he gets a gift bag.  And he gets free admission to all future home shows.  See what you get when you get to be the FAM centenarian!?

And what a show it was!  We opened with a new take on Party Quirks, where we staged a surprise party for Keith, who had to guess which cast members were playing which of his friends.  Turns out he knows how to call out a big purple dinosaur when he sees one.

Then there was the World’s Worst, featuring the World’s Worst video game (which I misquoted this on Twitter, so here it is rectified):  “Mama, wait.  I’m one more Valium away from having Zsa Zsa slap a cop.”   So good, Randy!

Then onwards through Freeze (with Keith calling “freeze!”), Pillars (with Keith calling out random prompts) and Sing It! (with Keith prompting the songs).  See the theme here!?  And to Keith’s credit, he did a pretty FAMtastic job overall.  Rimshot.

Back from intermission, and we’re asking the eternal question What Are You Doing? Popular options include: knotting doughnuts, knighting devils, and koala dunking.

Then to an Eight Pack inspired by crazy pillows, Lips McGee, “whooooa!” and bad influences.  The result?  “First order of business, Lips McGee.  I’m going to need you to jump over this ring of fire”  “Better be safe on the other side.”  “I put crazy amounts of pillows on the other side.”   “Whaaaat!?”

Oscar Van Pudding cameoed in the next game:  a rousing round of Questions.  Randy was a mean taskmaster.  And he was a pretty good game host too.  Bah ZING!  Oh, and Chuck Norris showed up.  Clearly, you missed out if you weren’t there.

A special version of Highlander is up next, called FAMlander, in which a kerosene flamethrower threatened our players. Movie props, velociraptors, ray guns, oh my! “I’ve got a lot of nerdy references!”

Last but not least: Beastie Rap! AKA: an excuse for a white guys to rap.  Right, Mike D?  I assume he’s nodding.

That’s about it, folks!  Thanks for tagging along.  You can catch more details from the show (and follow us!) on Twitter.

And since I’m feeling generous, here’s the entire show in one minute.  Good night!

BYOI in a Minute

BYOI at the 2010 Boston Improv Festival

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Taylor! Great show last night folks! BYOI performed at the second annual Boston Improv Festival presented by Improv Boston. The cast consisted of John, Adam, Oscar, Ken, and Marina. Our featured audience member (FAM) of the night was a fellow improver named Taylor. Taylor is a member of Yellow Submarine Improv Troupe and besides being awesome she hopes to one day be a Marine, wishes she had the ability to fly, and told us a little something about George Washington.

The first game we played  was ‘FAM Revolver’. Adam gave Oscar eggs, Oscar gave John a bloody nose, John wouldn’t give Marina $5, and Marina made Adam punch a wiffle ball team. Next up was ‘Back in my Day’ where we talked about ex-girlfriends and tutus. The third game we played was ‘Say it Again’. Ken was caught in a love triangle with Marina and an audience member, which involved a special members only jacket and a test tube puppy. Lastly, with the help of some funny audience members we closed the night with ‘Freeze Tag’.

We would like to give a special thanks to our FAM Taylor and everyone from Improv Boston who helped with the festival.

Cool Weather, Hot Show!

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091010famHi BYOI fans. How’s things? Are you enjoying the cooler weather? Do you miss summer? I don’t. Cause cold weather is better for sleeping. So there.

Oh my goodness! We’re starting!!

Marina, Jimmy, Randy, John, Mike, and Daniel are working it on stage. Ooooh, and Mike is warming things up. We’re in high school carrying a crazy big bag and running for the bus. Oh no! We’re late. Only a few minutes in, and I’ve used my quota of exclamation points.

Time for the FAM, yo. And it is…Teresa. She is wearing a lovely lime green shirt. Fashion matters, people. As does the fact that she’s from Attleboro. She was born in Brockton. I don’t know where that is. Forgive me. I’m from Pennsylvania.

Driving school? She works in a driving school? Hotness. I’d like to recommend about half of Rhode Island for remedial classes. Obligatory old driver joke! (Damn you, seductive exclamations.) Teresa likes cooking out and drinking in…atmosphere and vodka. Oh great, I’ve just used up my ellipses quota, too. (Insert Star Wars reference here. She played with her brothers’ toys. Also, what is with all the SW references recently? It’s intense.)

Hello, FAM game. Are you feeling saucy tonight? (FanTAStic. I just used up my question mark quota. I’ve got periods and semi-colons left and maybe the odd m-dash.)

Marina is our FAM in four scenes with four different cast members. It’s Revolver but with a stah! Drunk dad. Check.? Nasty grill. Check? Emo rock boy singing songs about quiet, drunk boys? Check, check.

I don’t know if I enjoy anything at improv so much as watching someone clap out of sheer desperation when playing Chainsaw. Randy’s looking for love. In all the improv places. He found it with Don King. Slogans works it out with a Monopoly reference. Board games. Always funny and entertaining. Except Yahtzee. The dude who came in the “I only like New York as a friend.” is rapping. NOW.



Marina and Jimmy are bringing us back with some Yes And-ing. Lesson of the night: feel free to be inspired by the suggestion even if it’s not literal.

Could everyone wait right here while the weather gets dissed? Meanwhile, back on the stage. Is there anything the credit card companies won’t do? Don’t give my personal information to hobos. Come on! The phone wars are heating up, and Marina and Daniel are getting some help. From some hands. And Lady Gaga.

Sometimes a woman has a dream of dancing. Dancing for money. And smack. And sandwiches. Hold the peanut butter. Oh Highlander, if there can only be one, than I choose you.

It’s that time everyone. The end of the night. Rap Now/Sing it draws us to a conclusion in the form of rapping, popping, Billy Joel-ing, and finally show tuning us into the dreamworld!

Night, folks. Remember. If you can’t be with the one you love, squish the love you’re with.

BYOI’s Wednesday Blog September 8th

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090810famWell hello and welcome to what promises to be another exciting night! This is Johnny Accident doing the bloggity blog blog. I shall be reporting the show for the evening, next to me is the extremely witty Randy taking people’s money. I will be typing this up on what is possibly the smallest keyboard. Lets just say this keyboard makes me want to go on a diet.

So lets start the show!
Our improvers tonight are Marina, Mike, Ben, Jimmy, Daniel and Adam!

First off we have Adam coming in and doing RESPECT! RESPECT is of course an acronym and if you really want to know what it means then you should be here.

Now we have Ben coming out and warming up the audience asking every one to shout random stuff, then Randy comes over and puts his leg over his head, then twins come out and make a lovely sideshow.

Now we have our new FAM member Scott the cabbie! He has has own business! Doesn’t like working for other people. His worst boss is Peter who loved to scream at him. Scott kidnapped Peter until he stopped screaming. His favorite fair is Sully and his 2 girls. He can give great tips on cleaning out a cab. If he wasn’t a cabbie he would be an artist. Like using charcoal. His favorite item is his “G” necklace. He like to wear it to start conversations. Scott just got divorced and is happy now. His ex Mary is effing nuts. His favorite childhood memory is getting expelled from middle school for throwing his books out a window. If he could have a special power he would want mind control so he could make people agree with him.

Now they play a FAM version of revolver using Scott’s life as he told us. It is really funny and I would rather watch it then blog about it. Let me just tell you it involved half dogs and mind reading exes.

Uhg…Randy Farted.

Next game! Chainsaw! Occupation: x-ray technician Non Geographical location: Monopoly board Object: lava lamp. Adam starts it off and Dan is clapping his hands…we will have to see if anything makes sense at the end of this. Dan tries to relay it to Jimmy, oh boy.. Now Jimmy to Ben and wow this is some excellent mime and gibberish my favorite line so far is Ben’s “Hee-awwwwwwww” Now Ben is miming and gibberishing to one of the twins and sounds like the Swedish chef. Very funny stuff. I am at a complete loss at what is going on, but it is extremely funny! The twin seems to has either forgotten how to clap or she has no idea what the heck Ben is doing. She finally claps though she was clueless as I am as well. Now twin is relaying to Marina. The confusion and fun continues until Marina gives a weak unsure clap that makes people giggle like school girls. Now everyone is dead! Lets see what they thought. Occupation: Chef Location: Library Object: Banjo. Wow. So far it seems like no one got any of them, but it was really funny.
OMG Randy just farted again.  It smells like fish tacos.

Next game! Dating Game! Adam is looking for a date and has to figure out the quirks. We have Mike who has 3 syllable terratts syndrome, the OTHER twin is up and she is a blender, and Ben is Garfield. Yes. It was funny. Adam picks Garfield.

Next game: Slogans! We have a line of people coming up with slogans for stuff. Portrait Artists slogan: Make Bob Ross your bitch! Slogan for cabs; Now with 50% more cab smell! Milk Duds; When your milk is to active! Windows; now we know what made those submarines sink!

Next Game! Rap Now! We have Scott our FAM as a rapping volunteer. Inspiration for the scene is chem lab catching on fire. Adam admits he can’t stand and pee and that he gets made fun of for sitting in the urinal. Adam is also trying to figure out how he was made, apparently he was from a bunny store. Adam then has to rap about abortion and he makes it funny. Yes. Abortion. Funny. We class this place up!

Now it’s half time! People are going to the bathroom and going out for a smoke and talking with complete strangers in hopes that they will make a brand new friend! Such fun! Oops, Now I farted…. maybe sharted even. Love is in the air.

Back from break and Adam and Jimmy and Jimmy give us a lesson involving floor cleaner. Use that suggestion and keep on moving. Something we call “Yes and thats how its done!”

Next game! Wait Right Here! It involves a chair and people listening. We had some funny stuff but I was to busy laughing and not listening. Oops!

Next Game! Meanwhile! We go from some fisherman in Newport to the dentist to the silly talking factory to the Dark Ages to God’s Bat Cave to Halloween to the neighborhood block party to the development that has more than a house the to China or Haiti or someplace that’s all messed up, now they are at heretic planet (and oh man!) meanwhile they are now in Alaska and now they are at the random weapon battle (and it just keeps getting wackier!) meanwhile at normal stuff, meanwhile heaven in somebodies mouth. And scene!

Next game! Helping hands! Hopscotch on a windy day inspires this scene and Ben and Dan end up with some passable yet funny English accents and they fly kites! They have no string and use intestines. It all comes down to the metric system. Ha!

Next game! Highlander! They played out a funny scene in a basement with some smelly old beers they are now in a an attic and 4 men enter one leaves at a time! Randy gets to be the highlander and does wicked awesome!

Last Game! Rap Now! Inspiration, shoe size! Ben and Jimmy and Adam and Ben raps about Alzheimer’s, then Adam has to country a song then Jimmy has to opera it so I think this game is really called Sing it and I’m having difficulties typing and keeping up because its so wacky and weird and funny. And suddenly 3 part harmony that had a “walk like a man” sound to it. what fun!

Holy crap! Thats it the show is over! people laughed they cried they got some digits and they smelled some fish taco farts! You could have done that all too if you were here! Why weren’t you here? Well just come to the next show! BYOI just keeps on getting funnier every time you see it!

This is Johnny Accident signing out! Come see and be in the next show! You’ll have a blast!

Oh man Randy! Check yourself! I think you wrecked yourself!