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BYOI – Black Friday 11/26/2010!

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FAM – Chris – CSM at WalMart, friend Rob… known since middle school, went to New York on a whim, kinda plays guitar, goes to CCRI

FAM guidance counselor – Can’t play guitar – “I’m pretty lame… I got no game”, “your face and your clothing don’t speak to the opposite sex” – Knows everything – “it seems to me that you have a severe David Blane complex

Say it again – give me the biggest waitress you got, she smells like chicken, Clarissa explain it all,

Fortunately/Unfortunately – Potatoes gone bananas – unfortunately they were allergic to strawberries

Good Cop/Bad Cop – finishing the milk, world strongest man, in a tree house – just use a jug man, you gotta finish it before you get more, I can bench 350, We had him do “YMCA” and he tore a ligament, you’re a real poplar

Slogans – Food court – where food goes to get sentenced…cause some people are too fat to play basketball, India – we are not Pakistan…it’s time to try a new Delhi, puns – when you’re done being witty

Remake – complementary cheese – the Swiss are really nice, I love that their cheese has holes… it’s easier to pick up, I’ll get you up there and shove you back down, don’t forget your lipitor, this cheese is a sneeze, complementary cheese doesn’t mean it has to taste good REMAKE and you can’t say cheese – so easy to pick up and yet so dangerous, that would be me… I just accused you, fleas… sneeze… knees, REMAKE bungee jumping in an avalanche, touch me, we tied it to his genitals, look out for the avalanche

Beasty Rap – jack – back, sack – cake – bake, snake – core – bore, whore, door, floor, more, store… shore…? – bite – kite, might, night, right – spoon – tune… Car – bar, far, scars, par


YES AND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE – rugby – my pants are wet – he made pee-pee, from the blue streaks to the green streaks

A day around the FAM – making eggs… dad why do you make fun of me, no flippin eggs ain’t manly, and I’m not wearing underwear, I’ve been in this line for 20 min, does it have a smiley face, I created the smiley face, is this a panini press, I got a roomba, there were 2 corks in the bottle… that’s weird

Tableau – bowl of cheerios, eating cheerios, creepy neighbor watching kids eat cheerios…flat tire jacking up car, angry wife, creepy guy with a hook, ex-wife slashing other tires…slip ‘n slide, slip ‘n fall, creepy guy taking pictures

Pavlovian Response – Turkey Bones – anyone leans forward… whip hair, giggles… Alf impression, “like”… hurt gymnast impression – I don’t like the way your looking at mr. whiskers, whip it, whip it, just whip it.

Chainsaw – Talk show host, daycare center, KY jelly – painter b-ball court, lotion, art dealer gymnasium, lube, philosopher, kids park, Oprah, kidnergarden

Short Cuts – That’s my baby boy in there, it has 6 fingers, I locked your clocker with my lock, what kind of locks do they have… dred?, your a beautiful turtle, lets put a thong on him and take a picture

Guidance Counselor – kleptomania – scared of jelly – dating his sister – I feel the need to have possessions… of value…, buy some stuff instead of stealing, did you say screw my wife? – anything I want has got jelly, I wanna have a PB&J but I’m stuck with PB & fluff, lots of things go great with J… like H… and B – it was weird I dated a sister… not my sister… that would be weird, Mr. G I think your having a stroke


BYOI @ Improv Boston – 11/26/10

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Awesome show tonight in Boston ! John, Adam, Oscar, Mike, Marina, and Caesar brought the energy to the stage with the help of some audience members and a great game line-up. Our FAM for the show was Cheryl, who answered some questions to kick off our show with “Guidance Counselor”. A lovely audience member, Lauren, volunteered and sang the ultimate song about math and the back of David’s head…it was beautiful. “Say it Again” was up next which covered the topic of newspapers and larceny. “Fortunately, Unfortunately” showed us a couple riddled with a bad online shopping addiction. “Good Cop, Bad Cop” managed to get a confession out from Oscar who killed his wife with an axe, alongside Pac Man, on a cruise. “Chainsaw” had some twists with it’s ‘OLO’ being a cliff diver, phone booth, and a manual egg beater. Second to last game was “Short Cutz” with twistz and turnz involving mass hugz sent around a company and various other eventz. An all cast “Beastie Rap” ended the night with a bangity bang bang BANG and a loud ANNNNNND SCENE!

Special thanks to Improv Boston for housing our show! We had a blast 🙂 Check them out at

Turkey Lurkey Show

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Friends, Romans, improvisors, lend me your ears! What up, everybody!? Caesar here, blogging it up on a chilly Thanksgiving Eve. Fortunately it’s very warm here at The Spot and our cast is hot hot hot! We’ve got Daniel, Derek, Jon, Randy, Mike, and Adam!

Let’s kick things off as we always do by inviting one of our lovely audience members up to be our FAM. Tonight, that lucky individual is…John! John waits tables, is a standardized patient for medical students, and a regular here at BYOI. To honor our FAM we’re gonna play some Guidance Counselor based on the things he’s told us about himself. Turns out Mike likes to watch people getting busy, Jon got expelled for drugs, and Daniel’s friends are blowing him off, but fortunately coach Randy was able to straighten them all out.

Our first open game of the night is Say It Again! Mike is trying his hand at the Indian casino, but is having some troubles with bladder control. Fortunately, his guardian is there to make sure he doesn’t harass the dealers too much. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to care.

Speaking of fortunately, unfortunately…let’s play Fortunately, Unfortunately. Randy went to the grocery store with two escaped convicts who were totally into checking out what’s in his basket. They played a horrible game of spin the ceiling fan which caused everyone to start vomiting and got punched in the face by the owner of CVS. “Unfortunately, CVS is now a grocery store.”

Continuing in the theme of games with comma’s in the middle of their names…let’s play Good Cop, Bad Cop. Mike, our criminal, ran a red light, at a blinking yellow light, with Seal. “In my country red mean go, I think I go through fire truck other day.” Although it was a painful way to discover all this, Mike kept turning different colors from all the burns Jon gave him during torture and they used this to give him clues.

Next up is Slogans, which gave us the following “gems”:

Live Bait – “Guaranteed to make your young gay son never want to go fishing again.”
Old Gum – “You nasty!”
Malaria – “Come on down to the ‘mall area!'”
Seal Boots – “For when you wanna go out clubbing.”
Marvin the Martian – “Setting examples for terrorists everywhere.”

Next up is Remake! Daniel’s holding interviews to find his son a husband and he decided to ask me a few questions via a confessional. Mike and Derek remade this interview inspired by a Tarentino film with lots of Kung Fu. Finally, Randy and Jon remade it again talking like Australians while skydiving. Things got a little crazy and there was a lot of yelling. “Blackberry pie! You like blackberry pie!?”

Last game of the half is Beastie Rap! We had some tough words for this one like death and jerk, but we did a little rhyming, we dropped some phat beats, an rocked our way through it.

Intermission time!

And we’re back with a wonderful warm up game called Tableau Me! Making toast and losing a wedding ring were the center pieces here. “Oh, giant, thank you for wearing such a short loin cloth!”

Now we’ve got another special treat for our FAM. John’s coming back up on stage so we can create a day in his life right around him. Between hitting an old lady with his friend’s cab, losing his job to that same lady, and having a killer party with some naked clowns, John leads a pretty intense life.

Now we’ve got some Pavlovian Response. “$45,000? That seems reasonable for staples.” Lucky for Daniel, once everyone figured out that his trigger was the word ‘me’ they just kept making him do back bends, and the scene went downhill from there.

Chopping up a couch is much easier with a chainsaw. That statement, while true, was completely irrelevant; however, Chainsaw is the name of our next game. We started with a dentist, on a mountain, with a bag of marshmallows, and although dentist made it all the way down the line, we veered way off track as usual with the others and ended up with a space battle arena and popcorn.

Next up is Shortcutz! We took a fast forward look at the life of Timmy who always eats everything before his friend’s get there. We saw a father’s dat at work with his son who eats his own feces. Lastly we saw an airport security terminal and some big packages. Wow…sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from.

We had so much fun with it earlier, so let’s end off the night with another round of Guidance Counselor. This time Adam is helping some folks out with their problems. John broke some people hands, Randy is pretending to be bulimic, and Daniel got stuck with a shareware version of his game.

Thanks for tuning in plebeians! Have a great Thanksgiving! Caesar – OUT!

BYOI – Double Show Friday

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Friends, Romans, improvisors, lend me your ears! Caesar here, fresh from our first Improv Boston show and ready to blog it up down at The Spot. The seats are filling up and we’ve got a killer cast to pummel them into comedic submission including: Daniel, Mike, John, Beth, Randy, and Jimmy!

The anticipation is high, the beats are pumping from below, and our FAM tonight is Crystal! To honor our FAM we’re going to play some six pack inspired by her life. Our three groups are going to pull from these great selections from the board: “great uncle is a sadist”, “Australia”, and “mom is the po’ po'”.

Our first game of the night is Tableau Me! Dan ended up in prison because the kids in gym didn’t like him, John is cracking down on cleaning, and Jimmy’s funding his wife’s business idea.

Now we’ve got a great memory game: Space Jump! We’ve got a ton of referee’s trying to out play the others. The civil war is over, but everyone wants to keep the bad stuff like, racism. Also, Beth seems to be shooting people left and right.

Next up is Press Conference! John’s guessing and has been endowed as Jeff Goldblum, who’s holding a conference to announce that he’s invented the zipper. It seems all of our panel’s movie references seem to be slipping right by him. Finally, after some rather blatant clues, and several entrances, John figures out who he is. Fortunately, his invention, “the automatic fly opener/closer”…or rather, the zipper, was a little easier to decipher.

Hey, you know what’s awesome? Stories! Let’s play Story, Story, Die. This story is about a wonderful dentist named Johnny who got struck by a meteor. Everyone’s playing extremely well, and rocking some sexy, meteor-induced powers. Femme Fatale and Johnny had a baby named Dirk, and it was also sexy. “And so dentistry was never the same because meteors were less painful and dongs were bigger.” -Daniel

Now let’s watch a story on film. That’s right, next up is Movie Critics. Beth and an audience member are going to tell us a little more about ‘No Flying in the House’, about a bunch of guys trying to get with a female Peter Pan. Oddly, it features Justin Bieber as a weightlifter and Dwayne Johnson as Captain Hook. “I think he just killed himself by jumping a shark!”.

Last game of the half is Guidance Counselor. Some wonderful problems, sung by our cast and some way less than mediocre guitar playing by yours truly. Thankfully, one of our regulars, Brian, will be taking the burden off the ears of our audience in the second half.


And we’re back with some Lines From a Hat! In a hair salon, the workers are learning to train their manakins. Beth thinks she can talk to them, and Jimmy is the expert, all be him a little crazy, trainer. “I can’t believe you did that to the cat!”

J, K, L, M, N-ext up is Alphabet. John, the Janitor is trying to date elementary school children. Beth is a philosopher who speaks to the gods. “Virgil the poet once said, ‘Mortality is a dish best served warm.'”. Also, Daniel banned the word please because people kept using it.

Line ’em up. Time for a line game. Blank Walks Into A Bar gave us these…”gems”.
Po’ Po’: “Sorry, we don’t take stuttering teletubbies here.”
Snake: “Holy crap, I’ve got legs!”
Australia: Down under, outback, Fosters
Painter: Orders Sisteen drinks.

Next up is Shortcutz. Beth skinned her cats for fashion prowess, but sadly fur is out. However, apparently KMart, Target, and Walmart are all in. “Hold on to that toboggan!”

As we love to do, we’re rapping up the night with a reprise from the first half. John’s going to play our Guidance Counselor this time, and what a counselor he is. He hit on Randy and hit a nice long note to cure Jimmy. Beth sadly can’t read, but John offers his help, by teaching her through Playboy articles. “Seamen just want to be loved.”

Thanks as always for tuning in folks! Come see us Wednesday at 9, Friday at 11, and we’ll be back at Improv Boston next Friday at 7 as well. Caesar – OUT!

11/19/10 – BYOI at IB!

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The traffic was hell but the crowd was heaven!  A great first show at ImprovBoston.

Our FAM tonight was Alison, a soroity girl who works for Joe and loves her professor.

A quick day in her life reveals that she is hated at work, loves her quite morning and is not good at her assignments.  Then a game of Everything Emporium finds brooms that shoot glitter, umbrellas that serve Jello shots and lava canaries.  Some good, bad and ugly advice revels how to deal with mother in laws.  A game of catch phrase let’s us know “Don’t eat the paste” instead, put “Mor-on”.  We wrapped up a good game of short cuts and finished with Guidence Councelor to let us know which teacher knocked up Kevin and won Disney!
And scene!

NOvemba 17, 2010 – BYOI

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Howdy folks! Marina here blogging our way through tonight’s show with Ben tweeting by my side. Tonight’s line-up includes; Beth, Jon, Daniel, Adam, Jimmy, and Mike. Awesome!

FAM Crystal – Has 12 siblings, works at Qdoba and wants to go to culinary school!

Let the games BEGIN!

FAM 6 pack: (Our suggestions are: plethora, clumsiness, lack of bathrooms) Here’s your scattered recap! uh oh Beth has a third eye…the homeless have blankets now…”sneaky sneaky” Adam follows the bread crumbs. UH OH Beth’s third eye is like the scanner at the airport that scans junk. Relocation to Taco Bell? Jon is bustin’ out his killer dance moves which made everyone dance until Mike had a heart attack.

(time to) Tableaux Me: Pretty picture #1) lone pin in the gutter, young man getting paid 15cents to hold up pin,bumper, ball, jerk that threw the ball at the guy who was holding the pin. 2) screening people at TSA, bomb up bum, terrible chemicals, body odor.  Our last picture 3) Burrito, dude that threw it up, woman who mops it up, excited new customer, making burritos for $8 an hour.

Space Jump: 1. Jon jump ropes 2. Dan and Jon strip 3. Mike, Dan, Jon mascot it up. 4. enter Beth, helps Grandpa Jon out. 5. Jimmy comes in for story time 6. Adam and Jimmy try to get everyone out of stuck elevator 7. Ray sells burritos 8. Mel searches for gold…REVERSE REVERSE exit everyone but Jon…”This isn’t even my hair!”

Press Conference: Mike is trying to figure out that he’s Ben Stein announcing that he’s touring with Lady GaGa…nice work!

Story, STORY, die: Jon’s phone is possessed?! Practical Pygmies…Find them in your shoe. useful in garage and yard. clean oil spots. shortest maid you’ve ever had. getting. (mmmmbye Ray and Mike) Pygmies formed a union. (Jon died) Everyone revoted for awards. they love relationships and fighting. hokey pokey in Vogue. (Later  Jason). they need more lava and fire. BETH WINS!

Movie Critics: The Broccoli that Rocked Classically. annnnnd BEGIN. Broc Lee doesn’t care about jell-o and is distraught the Bill Crosby concert was fake. (critics heart strings were pulled…excited for next scene in outer space while speaking backwards and dancing) enter, rockin’ aliens. Colly Flower finds Broc Lee so they can get married. (critics fell alseep from boredom) space cats, ENTER, pregnancy scares? nope. it’s the real thing. pickle cravings for everyone!

Guidance Counselor: (on a side note I really like squirrels) Dan sings about stalking squirrels, a little paranoid? nope, guidance counselor Beth reassures him that they are in fact really following him and his fears are real. Randy has a Sociology rash that needs a fixin’. Guidance Counselor Lady is fiesty and wants to know more but she doesn’t really care about his problem. Timmy, aka Adam, recently had a boat load of teeth pulled yesterday…rapraprapraprapRAPrapraprapHITYOUWITHABATrapraprap…AND SCENE

First half is done and done…break time!


Lines from a cup: I stepped out for a couple minutes and came back to Jon and Jason rapping something fierce from one of the audience’s favorite lines. Tingeling Tinsel Balls?  Just trust your feelings…second group up to bring some lines to life! BAM. Ray and Mike are talking about beating up armadillos, wam bam feel it over there throat punch! enter Jimmy as Robodillo with his love actin’ so crazy right meow.

Alphabet:  so many hands! Choking Clowns, P: Poco Queer Reasonable Seriously Time Unreasonable Very Well Xilophone You Zoinks Anybody Bozo Cool Don’t Everybody Forget Goshdarnit He’s Ignorant Joking Kinda (then I got lost)…S’mores, C: Can Don’t Every…F: Frankly Go How I Just uKnow…Jellybean Factory, R: Right Same Taste Uhhhhhhg Vomit Where Xenon You Zero Alright Bob’s Can Don’t Each Frankly Hithithityouwithabat! Those were all the first words used in each scene, so if you read all that and thought you were going crazy it’s fine! You’re totally normal…maybe?

Centerpiece: (spelling: Adam, Vegas: Ben, Smoking: Jimmy, Bills: Randy) go ‘head, give it a pull’ *pull* cherry! cherry! bar. teaching kids swears and sexting Grandpas. secret ingredient, human being rub, awesome bbq tricks. cherry!cherry! gun.

(Blank) walks into a bar..:  School. Facebook. California. Dentist. Marriage. J Aniston. < “Where have you been?!”

Short Cutz: snorting tings. truck died…break stuff. no one ordered the police.TOUCH DOWN. Facebook. touching of bums. knives?

Wrapping the show up with an all cast version of Guidance Counselor: “Hit chu wit a bat” x4593048590 Annnnnnd Scene!

Well that was our show in a (cracked) nutshell! Make sure to come by and catch everything in live action, next week we’ll be showing in 3D! (no glasses needed)

**** Sorry to anyone who read this blog previous to my update, it had been prematurely posted and needed some corrections****

BYOI does Annual Photo Shoot!

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Had a great night tonight taking photos with our newest cast members.  It was a ton of fun as usual.  We got some great new head shots and did some cool new group photos.  I will say sitting and kneeling on cobblestone, not that much fun.  We finished up the evening with drinks and food at Luxe Burger Bar.  Their burgers are killer and the adult milkshakes are the best!

Keep checking back to see the new pictures!

When Kartabar’s a-knockin’, we bring the rockin’

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Friends, Romans, improvisors…lend me your ears! Caesar here, blogging the pants off tonight’s soon to be spectacular show. We’ve got a great crowd tonight, and as always, a fantastic cast including Daniel, Adam, Mike, Marina, Derek, and John, so let’s kick this shindig in the shins and get things rolling!

Our good friend, Jason is our FAM tonight, and also supporting breast cancer awareness by peddling delicious cookies to our lovely audience. To honor him this evening, we’re gonna play a FAM inspired round of Sing It. Adam filled us in about a massacre he went on with a butter knife and John was kind enough to explain his rather mundane mind reading abilities.

Our first official game of the night is Timmy in the Well. John will be guessing and Mike and Daniel will be helping him along with a little doggy charades. After some much belabored guessing on the problem, John finally devised that President Obama lost his hula hoop on the Titanic.

Next up is Pillars! Derek and Adam look back on a recent fight in which Derek got hit with a helicopter and it carved some famous art into his leg.

And now, the Famous Last Words of various things:
Gerbil – “Hey, you’re not Richard Gere.”
Hulk Hogan – “I really am dating my daughter.”
The 80’s – “We’re baaaaack!”
A Boy Scout – “I won’t tell”

Well, a lot of things just died in that game, but now more things must, because there can be only one! It’s Highlander! I jumped in on this one as an 80 year old stamp collecting grandma who has some rather rude relatives. For some reason we ended up with a few more elements in each scene than the last, but it turns out Derek was the only one and finished out the scene as all four characters.

Next we show off some serious acting in a game of Serious Scene. We join a family over a warm microwave as the popcorn pops. Turns out mom found all her kids at the circus and loves hot buttered popcorn and a whole crap ton of red wine.

To cap off the first half, we’re gonna drop some phat beats and solve some problems in Guidance Counselor. Randy’s a little confused because he seems to be getting monthly cramps. Daniel was able to ease his concerns by overriding the awkward melody and letting him know about his sympathy pains. John came in with some issues with narcolepsy, but he kept falling asleep during the advice, so Daniel sent him out with some caffeine. Lastly, Adam’s hand me down clothes seem to be way too tight, but Dan knows just what he needs…a tarp from the lost and found bin to use as a toga!


Second half! What what!? Starting things off with Tableau Me. Strange ice cream vendors, Bear Grillz, deflated balls, and the Statue of Liberty painted some nice pretty pictures for us.

Next up is Helping Hands. Derek and Mike get some help from our audience in the form of two pairs of arms as they head to a nude paradise beach. “Why does the water have to be so crystal clear!?”

Now we’ve got The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. We find out how to tell your partner that you want an open relationship, how to tell twins apart, and how to afford the dollar menu.

Next up: Freeze Tag! A monkey came down from the tree to kill a giant bee, and what’s this? A disgruntled janitor just carried off a baby. A lot of people keep getting severely wounded or killed for various reasons, and now we have several people with no pants and some really awkward scenes…wow…way to go guys. “Apparently there’s a man growing out of your head.”

Like any good musical number, our musical game needs a reprise. Here comes round two of Guidance Counselor to close out the night featuring Adam as our wise old high school mentor. Marina’s boyfriend wears his pants too low and she doesn’t like seeing his crack, so Adam prescribes some skin colored spackle to fill in the crevasse. Mike likes to tear off his shirt and pick up ladies of ill repute, but Adam’s just just the thing, a shirt he can’t rip. Daniel’s got a problem with mating llamas so he’s gonna grab a shotgun and blow ’em away. Lastly, John thinks he’s really hilarious, but he’s not, so he better look out for some machetes punching through glass to kill him.

Thanks for reading! Next time, come to the show! Hope to see ya soon! Caesar…OUT!

Randnesday with BYOI

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I present to you some highlights of the night:

FAM – Patrick

Works at Whole Foods: Fixing computers, also a bit of Facebook, Spacesters, and Reddit. Hails from Birmingham Alabammy. Fears heights. Birmingham > LA.

1st Half

“I don’t see race, I only see organic and not.” ~Ben

“Thou shalt die.” ~Audience Mike

“Look I found half an atom” ~Mike

“I’m a sassy tarp.” ~Randy

“I like this room because it smells like BenGay and desperation.” ~Beth

“When I had to spell SCOLIOSIS, I just spelled SMACKAHOSIS, and I won the spelling bee anyways because that’s how the system works” ~Adam K.

2nd Half

“How did you get fingers on your hooves?” ~Ben and Audience Bryan

“You are gonna just sit in the corner.” ~Marina

“I am protesting that there have not been any protests this week.” ~Mike

“You have to dress like Reptar.” ~Oscar

“Then it got awkward” ~Marina

Missed ya, see ya soon.

Friday 11/5/2010

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Hey there Improv fans! Today’s a great day for comedy! Speaking of today… We have Daniel, Beth, Jimmy, Mike, Caesar, and Randy

FAM – Mel – Says people are strange in Iowa, Used to LOVE to sleep in, Brother was the ‘punchiest’ and Mel was the ‘scratchiest’, Fell in love with Sean Astin after seeing him in the Goonies as a kid, Thought Sean would make a great husband

A day in FAM’s life – I think I’m bleeding in my ear now, this is the mid-west… it’s a whole new set of rules, Oh well no one called it, Your mommy is a wuss, there’s a bathroom in the fifth row, that’s ok it legal in Iowa, Goonies never say die.

Tableau – Shooting hoops, blocking the shot, keeping stats… I’m shoveling the drive way, slipping on ice, pushing her on the ice, making yellow snow

Space Jump – folk music – You just cut my arm, you’re not supposed to do that in public, I don’t know how grandma’s surprise party was supposed to go, I’m still alive, we only need one flag and you got 3 or 4, I requested a million man march and there are only 7 of you

Dating Game – Liberace, Back of a Volkswagen and a Coinstar – You look studious… I usually get flamboyant… are you Liberace?, What kind of food do we get… German, You forget you’re stealing money?, My mother was an ATM and dad was a Dr. Pepper machine, Black One

Quickest Minute – yea but what if I do this, I don’t like your beard, fight amongst your selves, I got your ticket.

Typewriter – Spanish History – do you know your beloved was giving me googlie eyes while making me my milky goodness, my heart belongs to San Carlo, What is this attitude all aboot.

Guidance Counselor – Girl problems, fear of clowns, body odor – I got those cartoon lines coming off my head… cause I smell like I’m dead,


Six Pack – That’s not a narwoll I just glued a horn on a gerbil, it makes me cry when I sleep at night, it’s running out the sharpener

World’s Worst – vacation – welcome to down town Beirut – breakfast cereal mascot -I’m Tony the Meth addict – way to travel – LSD – traveling salesmen – can I interest you in a house – way to get energized – Great Scott… 88 miles per hour

Short Cuts – Now you have only got 3 months to live, that snail has alluded us for 4 minutes, is that why it says dream weaver on your back, You took my horse B****, what am I going to do with a half a tree, I’ll split the difference

Guidance Counselor – Randy had an ear infection – Jimmy was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle without a shell – Daniel cheated on a pregnancy test and Caesar was actually a girl.