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2nd Annual “The Other 9 to 5 Show!”

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On February 4th we will be having our 2nd Annual “The Other 9 to 5 Show” at the Fabulous The Spot on Thayer. That’s right one final Friday show on Thayer st. And not just in any show, but our 9pm to 5am show!

Entrance to the show begins at 8:30pm and show starts at 9pm on Friday night and the show will continue till 5am! That is 8 full hours of Improv. And Breakfast is included!!! All of this for only $20!

This year’s theme in WORK! Not your regular day on the job, we are going to turn your work environment upside down! Dress like your going to work, dress like your dream job or just dress like you wish you could go to work wearing. The choice is up to you! Prepare to have the most fun you have ever had in your work clothes. With fun new games, jokes about your job and PRIZES!!!

So here are the main details:

•Cost is $20
•Breakfast is included in the price. (See Details Below)
•Doors open at 8:30pm.
•Doors close at 2am for a lock in.
•Dress in your work clothes, your dream job clothes, or just what ever you wish you could go to work wearing.
•A ton of improv games will be played.
•And Prizes!!!

Breakfast will be served between 5 and 5:30am at Louis’s on Brook St. Your ticket price includes your choices of:
1. 2 Eggs, Toast, Hash browns and Coffee.
2. Pancakes & Coffee. <- Some of the best pancakes I have ever had!

Additional items may be purchased at breakfast at your own cost.

Please note from 2am to 5am will be a lock in. Due to Providence city rules, no one may come in or out during that time. Please be aware. Other than a medical emergency, there are no exceptions to this rule.

So come out and join us for a endurance race of improv! This promises to be a show like no other! And this time, we are providing the coffee in the morning!

Come play with us!

Closing out January… family-style!

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BYOI ‘s Family Show at the Warwick Museum of Art for January 30, 2011.

Greetings and salutations… tonight’s cast consists of:  Adam Kennedy, Daniel Lee White, John Ring, Marina Clarke, Oscar Van Pudding, and Randy Bush.

Randy got us warmed up by doing some football-themed exercises based on pizza, purple 17, Bahamas, HIKE!

In a rare twist… our FAM has been “chosen” by the powers that be, and is Karen.  She works with autistic toddlers as a therapist.  One of her favorites is Keva.  One of her favorite co-workers is Jen, whom she climbed up a snow-covered hill with to get to work, only to find out it was cancelled.  Karen’s boss is Lauren, and is very blonde.  Karen had ginger ale and crackers today, as she was feeling a bit ill.  She likes Facebook, and MSN for news and events.  She’s a big fan of LOST.  Her boyfriend Mark works in a funeral home, and her sister Kathy helps adults get their GED.  Karen is a flautist.

First up:  Family Tableau:  Blonde gives us a colorist in a salon, an angry redhead, and a punchline in a blonde joke.    Ginger ale and crackers gives us:  A Thirsty person, a thief, a delivery person, a pushcart, and a fallen box of beverages.   Keva gives us:  Someone making Guava juice, a potted guava plant, an ornament on that plant, a dirty banana, and an Ocean Spray representative.   Mint Chocolate Chip:  Brilliant Keebler Elf, a not-so-bright Keebler elf, a jealous North Pole Elf, Thomas Edison, and a hungry person.

First participation game is Newborn.  Oscar and an audience member are parents (Hulk Hogan and an egg beater) who just had a little baby, named Six Flags!

Up next:  Pillars, where a Stretch Armstrong doll seems to have lost most of his elasticity.  The son decides that his father needs to give him Olivia Newton John,  who happens to be in the pool.   The son wanted to hear her sing her famous song “Waka waka waka.”  The father wanted to tell his son that he is allergic to peanut butter, but the son had already made his lunch for the day, all PB sandwiches, which the father flushed down the toilet, just as he did when his son gave him a Black Hole as a gift.   Olivia needed to use the bathroom, so she had to use a Professor Plum instead.

Space Jump:  A man torturing ants with a magnifying glass, someone looking for a contact lens,  someone charging meatballs for sandwiches/other people’s hands, someone who is trying to escape from a nursing home, and stylist wars!

Finishing off the first half with Beastie Rap!  Jen, hen, men, den, pen, and a missed Ken.  Cher, bear, chair, hair, dare, wear, fair, and a missed nair.  Dog, hog, logs, fog, and a missed bog.  Sam, ham, jam, and a missed lam.  Pillow, J-lo, willow, illow, real-o, brillo, billow, and then nothing!


Yes…and  Setting the scene:  a suggestion about losing keys became a scene about 2,000 balloons at a party, where everything usable is kept in the bottom drawer.

What are you doing:  People being pinched by crabs, trapped in a 6-foot jello mold, hit by surprise doors, crocheting Celtics jerseys, and doing a state of the union address backwards.

Revolver:  Scenes inspired by chocolate, homework, lottery, and dog training.  Chocolate melts on the floor, not just your mouth…in fact, it gets everywhere, so a chocolate intervention is needed.  A DJ’s equipment may have been messed up by his partner “Dogg,” and PETA was upset that the DJ was using a live bird as a record needle.  A gift of lottery tickets for someone’s birthday wasn’t all that impressive, as the giver had previously won the lottery himself, and only gives out cheap tickets to his friends.   Someone is upset that their record collection was alphabetized, when they like having them in order of release instead.  The DJ trained his assistant and he ended up endangering the whole bird species that they were using.  The chocoholic offered to take up heroin as a substitute for chocolate.

Sit, Stand, Lie down… a scene about someone stealing the toy from someone else’s cereal box.  We then learn that sharing tears a family apart.

Going out with Greatest Hits….

And that wraps it up for the family show at WMOA.  Thanks to everyone for coming out, and best wishes to our FAM, Karen, to feel better soon!

BYOI Rockin’ B-Days at Perishable

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Tonight we celebrate Randy’s Belated Birthday at BYOI @ Perishable Theatre!  The cast tonight is John, Adam, Mike, Randy, Bryan and myself. John starts us off with RESPECT and Bryan warms us up with a little air guitar!

Our FAM tonight is Alissa a starving comedian who does X-Box promos. She loves her job, once got stuck in Amish country during a snow storm and has some pretty cool parents! “Son of a b*t*h!”

We start off with Family Dinner: “That’s a helicopter you simpleton!” Then some Questions where we break out into French!  Followed by Newborn where Beyonce and Pacman have a baby named Cordon Blue: “I can see he put a ring on it!” Next up is some Fortunately/ Unfortunately where we learn Ipads in the bathtub equal Superpowers! Finishing up the first half with Beastie Rap!

After intermission, were back where we find the toilet in the middle of the room in a lesson we like to call, “Yes… and that’s how it’s done!”  Let’s start off with some Meanwhile: “That looks like it’s already been in the suicidal box.” Then Tableau: “Drink me!” and Pavlovian Responce: “Dance. Dance? Dance! Dance?”  Next up Blank Walks into the Bar: “Walmart walks into a bar and buys it!”  We move onto Say it again: “I want her to live in a shed in the backyard.” “That’s ridiculous, we have a lawnmower!” And we finish it up with Greatest Hits: “Hey Randyyyyy… it’s your birthday!”

And scene!!!

BYOI – Bitter Cold, Warming Laughs!

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It’s Sunday night and we are here once again for another rousing edition of BYOI’s Family Friendly Improv Show!  Tonight’s cast is John, Adam, Oscar, Randy, Marina and Jon! Woot!

John gives us a quick RESPECT and Jon warms us up tonight with some by chopping some wood to keep us warm!

Our FAM tonight is Crystal!!! She really likes being FAM! 🙂  Her ideal day starts with being woke by Ben Afflek… not the duck.  He makes her some french toast and lets her know that Matt is coming over. Ohh lala!  Then off to Dublin for lunch with Justin who is socially awkward.  Then off to a Football match and then home for some arm wrestling?  She finished off with dinner with Glenn Beck.

We start off with a day in a dream where Marina goes on a photo spree. “You took like 8,000 last night.” & “You ate the magic ice cream and I’m the magic genie and your now a cat!”  Next up is New Born where Flag Pole and Alanis Morissette have a baby named Pina Colada.  “Is that your baby, you, you oughta know.”  Then the quickest minute where they have 60 seconds to do “Red Hanzel.” and Jon threw an “anchor” in it.  Now Story, Story Die called “The biggest jar of peanut butter in Oz” – “It was like a donut that was powdered, powdered and ready to go off!”  Guacamole brings us: “We should probably turn our chairs.” and Randy never understood the concept of pant-amine.


The second half begins with deflated basketballs and bleachers and that’s the environment we like to call, Yes and that’s how it’s done!  Next up is GTA: “OMG in Horse Gibberish” – “Captain’s log, star-date 62.35 we are flying in a 62 Buick.” – “In monkey gibberish, I am tired of being animals.”  Now it’s Timmy in the Well where Dr Pepper got hit by a train at a new beach where all I can say is PETA does not like whips! “OMG at the morgue!”  Next up is Short Cutz, “No one’s calling my line!” And finally we finish the night with a game called, Sing It! ♩”Cause I get my taxes done for free!”♫

And Scene!

New Terrorist Alerts by John Cleese

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I got this via email today and I decided I needed to share this:

New Terrorist Alerts by John Cleese:
The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats and have therefore raised their security level from “Miffed” to “Peeved.” Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to “Irritated” or even “A Bit Cross.” The English have not been “A Bit Cross” since the blitz in 1940 when tea supplies nearly ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from “Tiresome” to “A Bloody Nuisance.” The last time the British issued a “Bloody Nuisance” warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada.

The Scots have raised their threat level from “Pissed Off” to “Let’s get the Bastards.” They don’t have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.

The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from “Run” to “Hide.” The only two higher levels in France are “Collaborate” and “Surrender.” The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France’s white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country’s military capability.

Italy has increased the alert level from “Shout loudly and excitedly” to “Elaborate Military Posturing.” Two more levels remain: “Ineffective Combat Operations” and “Change Sides.”

The Germans have increased their alert state from “Disdainful Arrogance” to “Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs.” They also have two higher levels: “Invade a Neighbor” and “Lose.”

Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual; the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels .

The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.

BYOI’s 200th Blog Post!

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Dan the Man here Blogging for the 200th post of the BYOI blog!  Our cast tonight is Adam, Marina, Randy, Jimmy, Jon and Mike.  After a nice RESPECT from Adam, Mike warms us up with the human experience.

Our FAM tonight is Justine!!!  She is a student and waitress.  She is studying MRI and came tonight to see Adam. 🙂 She is here with her BFF(Marren)who she does everything with.  Her Dad is a crazy 25(45) year old with young friends who he plays softball with.  And Dad is in a band called Left Overs!  At work the biggest creep is Jeff who won’t stop asking her out and at school Matt is always bringing her flowers.  But she only likes the Little Mermaid. Justine was a cheerleader and Jimmy knew it.

We start off the night with of FAM Do, Run, Run!  “If he was 40 and Heff!” Then off to Quick Scenes, “That is my cat his name is GET THE F$%& DOWN HERE!”  Now our new game of the month, New Born where Jaws & Ke$ha had a baby named Old Faithful. “Your going to need a bigger diaper!”  Time for some Questions: “What baby?!?” and some Fortunately / Unfortunately: “Too bad he ODed!” Next up is a GAME called Serious Scene: “Oh thanks, the acid might burn on the way down.” And wrapped up the first half with Guidance Counselor: ♫”Kick my parents a$$$$$$!”♫ and after an amazing song about quinoa we are into Intermission!!!

Yes and we are back… with mirroring 1 time, 2 time 3 times! Next up it’s a day in the FAM’s life: “Aww you turned away at the wrong time!” then a game of Tableau: “I’m so happy!” followed by Say It Again: “You might win an argument… because my wife is not up here.” then World’s Worst: “Is the MRI machine suppose to T-Bag me?” moving on to Short Cutz: “Wait I found you!” (Like a good neighbor, Jesus is here!)  and finish this off with Curtain Call: ♫”One hell of a deal!”♫

And Scene!

Bad Adam Comin’ At Ya, Bloggy Style

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Sunday, January 16th 2011

Warwick Museum of Art

Tonights Cast: John Ring, Jon Audette, Marina Clarke, Randy Bush, and Michael Amaral.

Adam Michael Kennedy is taking people’s money, punching hands, and stamping cards.

I haven’t done the Blog since November 25th of 2010, for the record. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, let’s do this thang…

  • Randy warmed everybody up. We all feel like angels now.
  • Our FAM of the evening is Cheryl! The lovely wife of our director John Ring. It’s adorable.
  • FAM Movie Critics kicks off this crazy evening like it’s hot to a movie based on Cheryl’s childhood, titled “Denise’s Birthday”. Randy and Sheryl are the critics, the cast plays members of heryl’s life. Great success.
  • Helping Hands –  is all kinds of crazy. Jon Audette tells his mother, an audience member, that she can’t cook. Boom.
  • New Born – Curious George is played by a young boy audience member, Jon Audette is married to a little boy basically. Weird. They give birth to baby “Hamburger”. Boop.
  • Alphabet – A bunch of little kids taught the cast what the Alphabet is all about. Bam.
  • Guidance Counselor – John Ring is the Guidance Counselor, Marina, Randy, and Adam have issues. Marina is a clumsy liar.  Adam is a male cheerleader whose outfit keeps getting smaller every time he washes it, and Randy is addicted to show tunes. Epic. Shabang.

Intermission came and went.

  • Tableau – It happened, it hit hard, everyone has a smiley face. Bop.
  • Sports Commentator – The Tooth Brushing Competition. Randy dies, audience member wins! Kaboom.
  • Short Cuts –  Dogs walking their masters. People getting stuck in phone booths filled with gelatin. Shebamp
  • Curtain Call – Macaroni.

SCENE! It was bangin’ clangin’.

BYOI’s First Show at Perishable Theatre

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BYOI has made it to the big time and now you can find us at Perishable Theatre on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Fridays of every month!  Tonight’s cast for our first show is John, Daniel, Beth, Randy, Jimmy and Ben!

Our FAM tonight is Kail who went apartment hunting today… for the heck of it!  for fun he might have pushed a friend down the stairs and he holds his parking space with buckets.

We start off with a day in Kail’s life where in one apartment the roaches are Jimmy sized and at work, Ben feels better if he puts his head in the rice steamer.  In New Born, the Grand Canyon and Shaina Twain had a baby named Pixie Stick.  “With a face like that, you could take a donkey all the way down it.” Followed up by some Alphabet: “Give it to the horse… he can take it!”  Then a quick game of Space Jump: “I think you have me confused with a different Pope.” A game of Highlander: “The beautiful fat man brought his own ice cream boy!” And finished up the first half with a good old Irish Drinking Song: “Instead I got Captain Crunch!”


And we are back with a Yes and about being physical.  In Try That On For Size, Delivering Babies and hosting game shows have a lot in common.  Then a fun game of Movie Critiques where a flamingo, a panda and a Kuala hunt for Beth’s Shoe Laces.  “No one suspects the Manmingo!”  Next up Short Cutz where Fight Club has too many rules!  Back in My Day helps us to realize that the Egg came first, Lines from a Hat gets the cops called and Curtain Call gives us a really great idea!

Come see us on January 28th!

And Scene!!!

BYOI Sunday 1/9/11

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Good Evening to all of you and welcome to another installment of the Bring Your Own Improv blog!  Tonight we have a fabulous cast of Marina, Randy, Adam, Oscar, Jon and Myself! Weeeee!

Our FAM tonight is Wendy from Lincoln.   She came with her daughter Jennifer and her fiancée Kevin.  She is a paralegal who works with a wonderfully eccentric woman named Mary and a mean sneaky boss who gives her a lot of extra work.  In her free time Wendy loves to cook Supper.

We start off the night serving Monopoly Muffins for FAM Dinner then off to the Gym for Catch Phrase.  Luckily this gym comes with a kitchen!  In a game of New Born, Dora and a rolling pin have a baby name Kiwi. “What are the three New Zealand Birds?”

In Questions we had dueling Pizzas and buck shots with no shells. “Who let the dogs out?” Next up in Quick Scenes, Peter Pan can’t fly, Tag body spray will kill you and if you see someone bleeding… drink it?  Finally we give Do, Run, Run a shot with lots of rhyming fun!

After a short intermission were back with some object work for our lesson of the night.  We had kissing mimes and hot lip balm to Try on for Size.  “Did you just throw that at me?” In Say It Again, who knew that Jeeves liked Tea and that there were piranha in the closet.  In space jump it was the floors vs the standies… guess who won!  In Fortunately / Unfortunately, Susie won the lotto, got kicked out of college and killed her brothers with an epi-pen.  We finished off with some Beatie Rap… and that is a Scene!

Thank you and hope to all of you and more next Sunday night at 6pm!

Wed, Jan 5 2011 a space odyssey

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Captain’s log, star date 1.5.11. Our crew of the faithful BYOI space ship are as follows: Admiral Daniel Lee White, First Science Officer Adam Kennedy, Communications Officer Lieutenant Randy Bush, Security Officer Private Marina Clarke, Chief Engineer Lieutenant Second Class Mike Amaral and Commander of Trash Talk Private Jimmy Sorel.

Adam comes out to a smattering of applause and give R.E.S.P.E.C.T to our audience.

Daniel warms up the audience by revisiting all the New Year’s resolutions that no one is going to follow. He also gets the audience to hug each other and them selves.

FAM member invasion! It’s Daniel he loves his step dad because he busts his chops, he’s here with Kelly and Lance. He just met Lance Kelly is a writer. He has a sister who he annoys her too much. Has a buddy named Rui. Who sound like a popular “cool kid” who had no problem with scoring with the Romulan ladies.

Next Daniel has to guess a scene played out by our actors who are throwing him a surprise party as all of his best friends. Let’s just say Daniel picked up Daniel and someone almost became brain injured. But then Daniel started guessing who everyone was after that (I know I think better upside down in zero gravity.)

Quick Scene! Some rapid fire scenes about public bathrooms, a chanda-leer,  Batman, dirt, hillbillies, knitting a scarf, scuba diving, a cat jumping on you, caged politicians, goldfish,  and diarreah.

Eight Pack! Suggestions! Swifter, Bermuda Triangle and Mars. A trip to Mars yet they would rather go to a trip to Hershey, A boat with two steering wheels, all scenes were very funny and you should be here watching this.

Blank Walks into a Bar!  Line Gameoramma! Cue-tips walks into a bar and… so does a unicycle,  as well as George Clooney,  also Paris,  and socks. All the punch lines were funny and if you want them please send money to me at PO Box 3352, Kilborne Trout, Uranus.

Newborn! New game! Guessing game, two celebrities have a baby and name it something crazy and the celebrities have to guess who they are as well as what the name of the baby is. Billy Blanks and Dr. Teeth have a baby and name it Italian Wedding. Daniel and a audience member have some trouble  figuring it out ( Daniel hasn’t seen the Muppet’s Show in forever.)  It happens though and a lot quicker than I would imagine.

Serious Scene! No laughing allowed! The scene’s inspiration is sledding. Two boys want to go sledding yet they have an over protective father who has no health coverage due to his unemployment .  Lets see how many times someone leaves….  I counted eleven unwanted laughs.

Guidance Councilor! With guest star Spogga! No joke! He is playing the guitar! 1st problem crazy roommate,  gum in the hair, and has to build a trench.  All I can say is GOD DAMN! Spogga is killing it! Everyone else is singing and the hilarity is so hilarious my stomach hurts so much from laughing!

Now that the transporters are working we are going to take a break and energize ourselves to the planet Bathroom.

Looks like everyone made it back from planet Bathroom. Some even brought back souvineers of toilet paper stuck to shoes.

Lesson time! Object work! Jimmy, Randy and Mike bring some depth to the stage! Yes! Thats how it’s done!

Day in your life with FAM member Daniel.  The cast montages it up starting with eggs and ending with Daniel having a romance with Lance in Ikea.

Tableau me! Claim and add on to scene. ( the volunteers are really volunteering tonight!)  trophies, burritos and scared of salad all get blown.

Catchphrase! “That’s it your done!” “No Way!” “Why are your arms so skinny?” “What is it?” are the lines that two members of the scene can say and Daniel rocks it out at a fun house with his mom. It’s played again and the lines are. “Can I have this seat?” “I like my peanut butter creamy.”, “Are you a goose?” , “Holy shit,  Land!” They are all on a plan and Mike is a wickedly funny southern flight attendant.

Story Story Die! It was about a town with a geisha that had catapults made of pixie sticks and many many people died except for an angry mongoose.

Shortcuts! More wacky and wonderful fun with a call back to pixie stick catapults! (thanks Mike!)  Garden hose craziness! Three little pigs fight back with bricks! Janet the waitress is tripping on rainbows!

Curtain Call Singing line game! More Spogga! More wicked funny little songs! And we learn that Marina can’t do a handstand though she can so do jazz hands!

And second star to the right Mr. Kennedy warp 5 and I realize I should have been making references about a large black rectangle and a computer with an attitude oh well!