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Oscar Party with Oscar Performances!

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Tonight BYOI celebrated our own Oscar party… where we did not watch them.  The actors for nomination this evening: John, Marina, Bryan and Myself.  And the Oscar goes to? Gwen for her performance as our FAM.

Gwen came all the way from Maine to come see us, Has some good friends, Carolyn, Sam and Blane.  Loves, Glee, Taekwondo and throwing marshmallows at her neighbors.

We start off with Timmy in the Well, where Johnny Cochran was in trouble, (Hey the audience picked it.) “So Roster Marriage needs our help?”  Not as easy as originally thought.  We then hit up some Questions, followed by a new game, Grand Theft… Moped?  A rousing bit of fun.  We then rounded it all out with a Guidance Councilor where Bryan solved all three of our problems.


We start off the second half with with a lesson in establishment and a great scene in a Pizza Place!  Next up were some Quick Scenes and a sexy game of Remake where one auto repair may lead to love!  We moved into some What Are You Doing?, then Short Cutz and finished up with a wonderful Curtain Call!

And Scene!

Friday Feb 25th, 2011

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Hey there folks its Improv time again and tonight we have a great show at the Perishable Theater!

Joining us tonight is… John, Daniel, Jimmy, Beth, Mike, and Marina

FAM – Our FAM tonight is Tasha who is a teacher of English and Theater for 9th graders – Tashafav word is Epistemic – Engaged to Joel whom she describes as funny, scattered, and zany – Joel described Tasha as hyper, smart, and dramatic – is originally from Acushnet MA where the only thing a teen can do is go cow tiping – she is planning a trip to Italy for her wedding – has an older sister named Andrea – likes the cooking show Chopped – if she won the lottery the first thing she would do is pay off student loans

FAM Centerpiece – Teacher – Epistemic – Christmas – Clay Aiken – you can ask her anything… what color are his eyes… blue… F**k, I impregnated you with my eyes, I gave you my kidney so you can drink like the rest of my teachers, cause your gay… and I’m not

Timmy in the well – George Bush (Jr. and Sr.) attacked by cannibals at a baseball game – Why are you using a phone book… it’s called the INTERNET, The son AND the father…. let them die, they got attacked by cannibals… let them die

Meanwhile – I just bought 3 new people on ebay… I just bought a garage to house them, I’ve been here for weeks… he never picks me, ask her why she charged me for a second seat, I got a better idea… I eat you… and you eat him

Grand Theft Auto – Taxidermied rodents – teamsters rioting – totally random thoughts – Teletubby resisters – Tree rodents “can someone open the trunk?)

Typewriter – Italy – What’s more romantic then having you do things for me?, She could play the harp like the trombone, I bring you a chair… NO SIT, roses are red… I’ll take your trash out now, talking bunny only in crappy Disney movie, Shut up… it’s my… oh wait you’re right, This part will be played by Clay Aiken on Broadway

Greatest Hits – Music, Love, and paint by numbers – I’m gonna draw all over your face, pushin a cow… cow… tippin, cause I’m an English teacher and I want you to think highly of me, squeeze that paint onto my tablet


Quick Scenes – new job – unless you are willing to wear this dress I’m going to have to ask you to leave – Microwave – a microwave inside a microwave… the food cooks before you even buy it – Gummy Bears – I’m Sticky – Teenage mutant ninja turtles – she bit me and now my fingers glowing – Silence – YOU’RE READING TOO LOUD – feathers – I call myself a thesssssssssssspian

Remake – college roommates – that’s my goldfish… the MIT guys said they would come by and fix it, how much jelly does belong in your bed – scifi twist – where is my floating bed… it crashed outside, I’m gonna fall 9.8 feet per second, It’s still alive – Sean Connery & James Earl Jones – My goldfish… CNN… dead, Your mother Trabeck

Pavlovian Response – any explicative = hula dance, crossed arms = big hug, anyone touching Jimmy and he yells BINGO EUREKA! – He tells me things only my colon could tell, It’s cause I have boundary issues isn’t it

Famous Last Words – Theater – Macbeth – Italy – Dying… you’re Sicilian – Cow – Beef… it’s what’s for dinner – English Language – My name is George W. Bush and I have a strategery – Chicken – I’m going to Kentucky – Marriage – I Do

Short Cutz – Sister pot head – Have you seen the new book?, I swear to god I will shoot you in the face, Tell mommy why I had to bail you out of jail again?, You took my wedding ring and threw it into a volcano?, we could show our emotions through strongly worded email, you missed the emoticons, it was a typo, She said BRB and it’s never been the same, So you have herpes and I want my stereo back, she doing drugs again, are you covering for them again Harry, who the hell ate all my hash brownies

Greatest Hits – Unemployment – I left my check in the bathroom, your mommy and daddy are a**holes, I used to be a teamster… and now I’m not


Don’t forget that we are holding open auditions at the Warwick Museum of Art on Sunday March 6th & 20th at 3pm *click for more details*


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We are loving the growing audience at the WMOA!  Tonight we start with RESPECTing the museum, then a quick warm up from Jon was a squawking good time.  Next up was out FAM, Tracy who is an educator who works with a good woman named Fran and a not so good guy.  She finds her life is all work and no play, she loves taking long walks and eating pizza and French food.

We start the night off seeing a day in Tracy’s life.  Where she wakes up to work, followed by more work, a quick coffee and French pizza break,  and then a commute full of wishes.

Next up we Say It Again in the Christmas Tree Shop where we are on number 7 discount, We had a quick Dating Game where there was a clear echo from Jon, then Sit, Stand and Lie down where Two old roommates are sure to make your day harder and then a Hoedown where we sang about Mexican Food.


And we are back with a little lesson in Good Character work, some What Are You Doing where everything was so high up, a Press Conference where Angelina Jolie was the president of the National Tomato Growers Association, some Fortunately / Unfortunately with China Owning the World, a game of Catch Phrase where this Bathroom is for the Turkeys and finished it off with an Irish (Root Beer) Drinking Song about Mariska Hargitay!

And Scene!

A Killer ImprovBoston show for BYOI!

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So we are off to Boston tonight for another BYOI show at IB… but I think we forgot some people.  Mike and I start off the show… that’s right just Mike and I.  But don’t worry, Bryan shows up here about 15 minutes in.  We’ve got this!

Our FAM tonight is Katie, an administrative assistant to a head librarian in a locked down library… yeah!  Her boss is great, she loves movies only if they are at Kendall Square and she has a very lovely wife!

We start off with FAM Say it Again, where the quickest way to get someones job is to have them look for the sailboat.  Then we had a case of Good Cop/Bad Cop, where temperate water is a torture device. In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Mayor Menino loves Manatee.  Bryan swings in right about this point for a little Sit, Stand and Lie Down… seriously, why do libraries still use Netscape? Next up is a game of Questions, followed by a game of Chainsaw, where a Scuba Diver in a Grocery Store with a Bag Pipe actually almost made it to the end through 5 people.  Catch Prase had nun’s looking for a hot date and Guidance Councilor gave us two great songs about needing fake ID’s to get girls and getting Fredrick back in the locker.

Thanks to everyone that come out tonight!

And Scene!!!

Auditions for Bring Your Own Improv!

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Ever wanted to be a cast member of an improv show? Now is your chance!

On Sunday March 6th & 20th at 3pm at the Warwick Museum of Art, Bring Your Own Improv is holding open auditions for their short form audience participation improv show. After our recent move to our new venues, some of our cast are not able to perform do to schedule changes. This leaves openings that we want to fill right away. Regular performances are Friday at 11pm at Perishable Theatre in Providence, RI for our late night show and Sunday at 6pm at the Warwick Museum of Art in Warwick, RI for our Family Show. We also perform occasionally at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA as a house team.

BYOI does short form improv that welcomes the audience on stage to come play with us. We are looking for performers that are not only funny, but are willing to support audience members of all skill levels on stage, while creating a fun experience for all. We are not only looking at your performance ability, but your ability to help, to introduce clearly and to be welcoming and friendly

BYOI is a performance show that does offer some stipends for outside show as well as occasional cuts of the door on large attendance nights.

Auditioners should dress comfortably, bring water, be prepared to move and plan on being there for two hours. Attendance at the auditions gets you into all Sunday shows for free for the month of March. This is a chance to see how you do on stage. Please email us at to let us know we should expect you.

To learn more about us come and attend one of our shows or visit our website:

Come Play with Us!

2-16-2011 You say goodbye, and I say hello. Final show at The Spot on Thayer!

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Greetings, tonight is a night of many changes.  This is our final show at The Spot on Thayer, a venue that has served us well for the past three years, but progress (and the landlord) requires change, so off we go.  For such an occasion, tonight’s cast consists of:  Daniel Lee White, John Ring, Jon Audette, Jimmy Sorel, Adam Michael Kennedy, Marina Clarke, Randy Bush, and Adam “Caesar” Parr, with a supporting cast of Beth Hicks, Oscar Van Pudding, Bryan Kimmelman, yours truly (Mike Amaral) and Henry Ben Clarendon.

John Ring got us started with the last R.E.S.P.E.C.T. speech at The Spot.  Touch the artwork all you want, kids, we’re out of here!

Randy got us all warmed up and ready to go by taking us through a moving day exercise.  Many a knick-knack was packed away in boxes, and many a heavy item was loaded onto a truck.

Our FAM tonight was Dan Wood (our very own Oscar Van Pudding’s secret identity.)  He’s from Leicester, Massachusetts, but was born and raised in Worcester.   He just started a new job as a polishing technician at a high-end lens manufacturer who deals with a lot of government contracts.  He says that his new boss is a tool, and that his training associate, Mike, is cool.  Mike has a birthmark that looks like someone took a big poop on his face.  Dan had few friends growing up, and spent his private time making up his own rap songs.    Three important folks in his life are: Amanda, Adam, and his father, Jake.

Our first exercise was FAMily movie critics.  Here, Dan sat in as one of the critics, while the cast acted out the movie version of his life (or there abouts.)  The movie focused on Dan’s deep-seated love of all things MTV, especially Carson Daly.

Next we move on to What are you Doing, where naked jump-roping turned into not talking to anyone, which evolved to lighting hair on fire, then becoming creating terrible places to eat, then new ways to pogo stick, and finally climbing down a ladder to Hell.

Next up was Say It Again, in which a microderm abrasion therapy session went awry, and a man carries actual Soap Operas around with him day to day.

Party Quirks, gave us Rick Moranis, someone who personifies the song “Don’t Stop Believing,” and a track and field hurdle.

Alphabet, where a scene about a jacuzzi became one about a new car, and then tape and a velociraptor!

Adam then introduced “Infinity Pack” (actually, 12-pack, with six different two-person teams!)  Our scenes included: You’re fired, pudding, gold, fight music, Botswana, and a father/daughter outting.

We finished off the first half with Hoedown!  Our lyrics all had to do with killing a white whale.

After intermission we came back with a lesson in Timing and identifying the beats of a scene, to better know when to edit.

Up next was Freeze Tag:  Stealing stop signs / coaching little league / Doctor Frankenstein / a losing game of “guess which hand” / deoderant that just isn’t working / “How YOU doin'” / finished by dueling Gallaghers.

Chainsaw brought us an Oreo Assembler in a wine cellar with a shoe horn.

Revolver evolved into a mish-mash of entrances and exits, including the return of the velociraptor from Alphabet, various musical interludes, an occasional solo/monologue, and a visit from the sentient, dancing vending machine and the reprise of BILLY TO THE FRONT!  BILLY TO THE FRONT!

Worlds worst topics included the worst pool salesman, the worst insult, and the worst form of transportation

Next was a quick round of Short Cutz where someone who owned a boat told someone else to “suck their dock.”

The combined cast finished off the night with a round of Curtain Call, where the audiences suggestions were turned into a lovely series of quick songs.

That’s all for tonight… and that’s all for The Spot on Thayer.  Will the new tenants (Kartabar VIP club go-ers and overflow folks) be as nice to it as we were?  Will they cherish the space for its true potential and spirit… doubtful, but we still wish them well.


It was a Cold Night, but Warm at the WMOA!

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Hey there!  We were having fun tonight and for Valentine’s Day no less.  Do to availability, we were a little low on cast but not on laughs.  So much was going on I am not sure I even remember all of it!  Our FAM was Diana, she use to be an MRI Tech, but it is a cut throat business.  She just got back from Italy and says the people there are so nice!

We started off with some quick scenes, Sit, Stand and Lie Down, Marriage Counselor where George Washington and A man who pees his pants are both Swindlers, Try That on for Size, and finished it off with some Back in My Day.


In the second half, Highlander, Say It Again, Good Cop, Bad Cop where Jaywalking is a crime when done with Elton John on an Airplane, some Catch Phrase, and Chainsaw where a Fisherman in Death Valley with a Remote Controlled Car became a Bartender in a swimming pool with an airplane.

Crazy night, but thanks so much to our friends who came up and played with us.

And Scene!

BYOI at Perishable – Goofy Night with Fun Results!

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And for our second show of the night… we are at Perishable Theatre in Providence.  John gets us going with RESPECT and Mike give us a good workout at the gym.  Then we sing a fun song about our FAM “Evil” Sarah.  Then we had some Quick Scenes, Good Cop/ Bad Cop, Highlander and a game of Hoedown that we all forgot how to introduce and how to play.


For the second half, we learned that bad news can be good, Had a very serious scene about the Ark, Tried some thing on for size, A very quick Dating game, knocked out some good slogans, Saw the quickest minute and finished up with one last song about Sarah!  If you want to know more… well you should have been there, it was crazy.

And Scene!

BYOI is in Boston Tonight!

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Hey yall, wheeze in the Big City tonight with another episode of BYOI@IB! Tonight’s cast is Adam, Marina, Randy, Oscar, Mike and Myself.  We start off with a wonderful song about our FAM Matt. Next up were some Quick Scenes where the NFL players wanted to play for both sides.  Then Pillars where Fluffy was dead!  Next up was a game of question where it was always Thursday.  Followed up by some Guacamole where Randy couldn’t read and this made his sister angry and armed.  New Born saw the Washington Monument and Lindsey Lohan have a baby named Hot Dog!  We were never sure what we might find in the trunk of Six Pack, but the TMNT showed up in Short Cutz… enough said!  So why not one more song about Matt. La da didy da!  See you next week Boston!

And Scene!

BYOI – Three more to go…

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It’s a big house tonight and Adam is starting us off with a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  So Jimmy warms us up with a practice run at doing our taxes!  Our FAM tonight is Mark, he is a teacher who lives with his wife who is just about to pop!  (She is at home.)  And so we sing about Mark!

So next up we play Quick Scenes: “Hey Boss, how many of us does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Then a little Fortunately/ Unfortunately: “The street is where it’s happening!” Next is Everything Emporium with invisible Legos, a lacy bra and a Moped that is a Transformer.  “Look Hun, I fed a baby!” Then we have “Catch Phrase”: “I don’t know if that is gross or not?” Followed by Serious Scene: “Mike, Caesar, Randy, Bryan your fired!” And finish off with a dueling Guidance Counselor: “Just turn the knob and open the damn door!”


We start the second half with a lesson about heightening and exploring. Then A Day in Mark’s life: “Why didn’t you just ask for Bran?” Then Lines From A Cup: “I’d sooner kiss a Wookie.” Next up is The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: “I don’t… but if I did… then I wouldn’t.” And then Chainsaw, where a archeologist, inside a turtle shell with a baton became a pirate, in Sputnik with a juggling ball with a path through Jurassic Park. Then Short Cutz “Taking the skin off!”. And finishing up where we started: ♫”And jump back to the future, he still plays with GI-Joe”♫

And Scene!