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March 28th is Rebecca’s Show

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What a night we have tonight folks! Tonight’s cast is Randy, Marina and Myself with our two auditioners Erin and James.  Also shout out to our newest cast member Stephanie who is in the Audience! During the Warm-up we learned that Randy walks funny in NYC.

Tonight’s FAM is Rebecca!  She works at Met Life helping Great Barrier Reef, amd just saw “I wrestled a Bear Once” in Worcester.  Her and Randy bonded over angry Sugar Gliders.

In the first half we learned that you can weave grass, but only tulips if you know what your doing, that you can always go fishing for compliments, that the bathroom is down the hall and two the left, that both Marina and Randy double their “I”‘s and that we have gadgets and gizmo’s a plenty, whose its and what’s its galore!


Started off the second half with a little cup of emotions, found out the latest British Rock Group only knows how to name their songs, Big Foot was found roaming the audience, learned a lot about old people, not to park on Uncle Larry, and that the new folks may rap better than the old folks!

And Scene!

BYOI – Respect the geek!

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Another wonderful night at Perishable theater and our audience is really starting to grow!  Both Myself and Beth each show our own Respect!

Our FAM tonight is Kellie, she plays the clarinet, writes medieval romance novels, watches Dr. Who and it is her brother who is the ultimate geek.

We start off with a FAM Centerpiece, where Marina gets slayed, and Beth can’t decide if she is a brass or woodwind. Next up is Try That On For Size, where what’s this?  Beth gets eliminated for the first time ever!?!  In catch phrase we learn the grandma ran one hell of a mechanic shop. “Just use the egg, it’s a hybrid.” Alphabet, where three scenes made it all of the way through.  The Everything Emporium where we hit is right on the needle nose.


Yes and… I have a feeling, woohoo!  Sixpack where Jason has a seven minute head start… 10 minutes ago.  The Dating Game, “I can’t go on the rides, but I can reach the top shelf.” and “I felt like I was trapped in a zoid.”   Back in my day, “We had Pluto and everyone was happy!” Freeze tag, “Their going to make a movie about me.”  And finished it up with a Curtain Call, “Palin 2012!”

And Scene!

Doreen, the greatest hairdresser from Johnston

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Hey there and welcome to the blog for the great BYOI show. It’s been a while since I’ve typed this out for you wonderful people reading this. Enjoy!

John started off the show with a bang, running out onto the stage and dishing out his wonderous instructions. Soon joined by the rest of our amazing cast made of of Daniel, Mike, Marina, and our auditioner call-back Stephanie.

Marina warmed us the audience by having them stand up, shout their names, and strike a pose.

Doreen was our FAM for the night, whom of which coordinated a large group of new BYOI fans from all over the place. She loves to bake Italian food, while always dreaming of being an air-line stewardess. Her Aunt Marie, the “Awesome Aunt”, would love to have Tom Brady’s shoes under her couch.

Center Piece – Doreen was the great center of quite a few different scenes. Daniel and Marina have flight attendant. Dan and Mike waffles. Mike and Stephanie have beach. Marina and Stephanie sheers. Stephanie jumps out as a surfer gurl and Doreen is quick to catch on, “Yeah man, I knows how to drive a stick, man.”  have never seen a more scared look on Marina’s face as Doreen turns into a hairdresser with Stephanie critiquing. “My ham is better, it’s pronounced ‘ham-aye’!” nice one Daniel.

What Are You Doing? – Finding a use for cars that is not driving related / making biscotti / new way to eat chicken eggs / painting red roses blue

Movie Critics – Daniel and an audience member are watching the movie, “The Lawn at Dawn” performed by John, Marina, and our FAM Doreen. John takes his shirt off due to the heat, while Marina “Daisy” googles over him, Doreen plays as her daughter “Flower”.

Short Cutz – Daniel and John start this game by playing a game of tennis. “Hey, I forgot my racket.” “Me too, hey so if we just make a bunch of noise, isn’t that a racket?” Buying a coffee turns into sniffing biscotti, into a failed operation game.

Chain Saw – Stewardess, Submarine, Tooth Brush was our occupation, location, and object. Yet somehow down the line they mysteriously turned into Pilot, Pond, Onion. Close, but no cigar. From the audience calling out John, “So you were fishing at the New England Aquarium?” “You can only do it once.” LOL!!!


Marina and Mike come back to show the audience a little lesson about how when asking a question that gives information to help better a scene. And that’s what we like to call, Yes and, that’s how it’s done

Freeze Tag – A big o’le game of tug of war get frozen by Marina to tap out the only player not holding the rope. Marina then cuts the rope and ends this fun game.

Good Cop, Bad Cop – Marina, shame on her, she broke the law. She served a bad dinner, with Batman. Took a bit of torturious questioning from Stephane and an audience member to coach Marina to come clean.

Questions – Stephane and John make a interesting scene about hair making you look fat. Stephane gets dung out to be replaced by Doreen, whom gave John a run for his chest hair. Marina bombs out for not knowing how to ask questions. “Did you just confess to seeing my hat?” “Can you define ‘confess’?”

Serious Scene – Who could out ‘serious face’ each other? Daniel fails, Mike cracked up, Stephane lost it before she could even get one line in there. Who won? Should have been here to witness the most hilarious, yet still trying to be seriously, game ever.

Hoe Down – Marina likes to eat, until he can’t see her feet. Daniel loves food as it is such an upper, but he still wants to know who named it supper.

Thanks for reading this blogy of mine as it’s been a while since I’ve done this. And lets not forget Doreen as well as all her friends she brought, as well as the other great members of our audience tonight.


March madness, served up family style. 3/13/2011

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Howdy folks, this is Mike reporting live (well, live-delayed) from the BYOI family show at the Warwick Museum of Art.  Tonight’s cast consists of Randy Bush, Marina Clarke, and John Ring, with the occasional piece of assistance from yours truly.

John gave us the WMoA respect talk.

Fandy then gave us a warm up by performing an operation.  Scrubbing up, singing to oneself, and then entering the operating room, and doing a minor surgery involving tacos, Wurlitzer organs, and super glue.
Our FAM this evening is Cam(ile)   She starts her day off like most folks, by taking care of business in the water closet.  She then goes for coffee (decaff) and breakfast (half a bagel, with whipped cream cheese.)   She spends her day taking care of her other half, Frank, which she describes as a full time job.  They go to the park in Newport, and watch the folks there fly kites.  Frank prefers a Chinese-style kite with lots of colors.   Dear friend is Lorraine.  She’s active, compassionate, and caring.  Lorraine’s other half is her exact opposite.  Chet.  He’s cheap, and not as caring as his bride.  Camile and Frank like watching Wheel of Fortune.   If she were on the show, she’d like to win a new car.  Her favorite ice cream is chocolate.  She would love to go back to Hawaii.
First up was FAMily dinner:  Marina is Camile, John is Frank, and Randy is Chet, and yours truly was Chet’s wife Lorraine.
First audience-involved game is Say It Again, with a scene about shopping:  a clerk recognized that his own boss was trying to teach him to sell with slightly less effort, because the salesman was way over-powered.   The second salesman then decided to rob his own store, but the high-powered salesman told him that bullets were not on sale.
Next up is Good Cop / Bad Cop:  Marina was drinking in public with Bugs Bunny while headed to church.
Space Jump!  Where our scenes consisted of a guy with a drink at a club,  a school bully, protesters protesting the signs, three guys fishing with one woman not catching anything.  Then street mimes performing on the commuter bus and slowly seducing the non-mimes into their fold, finishing off with living art display for a RISD student’s thesis.
Our lesson today for Yes And… is Lights, Camera…ACTION! Showing how physicality on stage is important to keep the energy up, and that it doesn’t have to be what the scene is about.
Tableau – Chef Boyardee’s latest recipie, a runway kid, people hailing a taxi that won’t stop for them.
Press Conference – Randy is Martha Stewart, who is announcing that she has created a monster.
Back in My Day- Breakfast, Wheel of Fortune
Catch Phrase –  Are you going to eat that? Lose weight quick. / Have you done your taxes yet? and Nice weather.
Beastie Rap – Lynn, thin, Cam, ham, Jim, Swim.
And scene!

Friday 3/11/11

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Hey there it’s that time again! Tonight we have Marina, John, Mike,and Randy

FAM – Beth – From Norwich CT where the motto is ‘We’re not really the ghetto’, favorite food is corned beef and cabbage… and strawberry cheesecake, if she could invite anyone to dinner it would be Wolverine cause he is HOT (movie not comic book), has 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Mom is a pack-rat, Dad is a work-aholic, best friend is Jessi, works at Walmart

FAMily Dinner – Why are you in my seat?, why don’t you use the ones that actually have salt and pepper in them, I left an empty one on the stoop… I’ll put some flowers in it, I found my lingerie from our honeymoon, Where is Jessi so I can get out of here, I got this bottle of nail polish remover from the 80’s

Pillars – Poster board – this doesn’t look like a maggot, it’s right next to the dinosaur, I hope you win 3rd place, rah rah sis boom tigerblood

Good Cop / Bad Cop – Forgot his wallet… at a stip club… with Papa Smurf – Of all the places you would need a wallet, I was gonna wash dishes, that may fly in New London but NOT HERE, so you like them a little older, I’m gonna hold my breath till I turn blue

Quick Scenes – The F**cking piece of fish was the size of your foot, I did that once when I was an altar boy, I told my mom to slow down next time, I’m all full of Piss… but I’m missing something


Tableaume – wishbone, I like the dark meat, I wish I had a windshield, Muppets and some confused kids

Dating Game – thinks he’s a pigeon – Joey Tribiani (from Friends), a stapler – which ever one I can poop on, I think I got an edge or two that can get that for you, How you doin, whoa what ya mean I wouldn’t get cast

Back in my day – Alcohol, we drank urine – twins, but I did have sisters once – telephones, we just SHOUTED REALLY LOUD – reality TV, if you wanted to play Survivor you crashed a boat – Fear Factor, we had Summer Camp

Catch Phrase – Supersize that, Can I help you cross the street, Boo ya, who let the dogs out – dinner – supersize that… are you talking about my ass again?, who let the dogs out, I did… OK? I let the dogs out now stop asking

And Scene

BYOI – Good times and Bat times

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Hey folks!  A great show tonight with John, Mike and myself!  John hit us up with some RESPECT, Mike warmed us up at Super Walmart and we got this show started.

Our FAM tonight was Jeff, who loves Italian Food, English (but not in books) and has very unpredictable friends.

We start off with a movie about the life of Jeff.  Luckily for Jeff his mother was always there for him, but it was his friends who made him jump.  Next, we moved to the Everything Emporium where we needed a vacuum that yells at you, a hairbrush that is a microphone and pasta that shoot lightning bolts.  Surprisingly that last one was easiest to guess.  Next up was Say It Again and then Typewriter where war wounds and finger sandwiches are no problem for a 50’s housewife to handle. And finally we finished up with Meanwhile at the helium factory!  This game was fun, but got more interesting when a real live bat decided to fly in and join the show.  Then he hung out on the wall and watched the rest.


Yes and… speak up and face the audience!  It sit stand and lie down, three college roommates realized that the fridge is not as comfortable to sit on when it is empty.  In Fortunately/Unfortunately an old man had the best and worst last year of his life.  Next up we Tried That On For Size and John learned he could throw his arm out.  In Freeze Tag pitch fork training should use less real pitchforks. And we finished up with an Irish Jig about who goes next.

And Scene!