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BYOI – Blue Chirico

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In Sunday’s Memorial Day weekend show with Daniel, Tyler and Stephanie, Tyler started things off with the Barnyard Beat box, featuring a cow-chicken hybrid, owl and pig.

Our Featured Audience Member was Tommy, an actor, who would charm the pants off anyone if he had any superpower. We learned that he also works in mental health, writes horror films in his spare time and enjoys pie.

The FAM game was Movie Reviewers, in which a film was made about Tommy’s life called “Horror Shampoo”. Starring Stephanie as a church organist who thought Tommy was so great at singing that he should instead be an actor in slasher films. In the last scene Tommy is directing Nancy in the “last slasher film to end all slasher films.”

Next was Timmy in the Well. In this episode Tom Hanks lost his basketball in Central Falls. Daniel and Tyler acted out iconic scenes from Forrest Gump, Big and Apollo 13 as dogs as Stephanie had to guess what was going on. Say It Again featured hunting for witches in Salem, Pikachu, Humphrey Bogart and cats. Angels and Demons included our FAM of the night as the negative side. Where unfortunately Stephanie was attempting to steal from a Walgreens but what caught by an employee but fortunately, he suffered from narcalepsy and fell asleep on the job. Fortunately at the end of the game they fell in love.

After the break we played Lines from a Hat with the lines “jumping jackflash”, “It’s showtime” Next was the Party Quirks game where Daniel was hosting the best Bruins party ever with pretty, pretty princess plates. His two guests were Stephanie, who had false teeth that just kept falling out and Tyler as a talkative potted plant. Good advice and bad advice was given for paying bills, how to finish a project, and fixing pensions, where the bad advice was to just move to Mexico and drink the water. Short cuts included a pant-less prince charming, auditioning for cats, a new father who wanted to name his baby after Pokemon, a game of capture the flag and the two drunk tenors. In the final game of the night Daniel and Tyler sang the song called “Blue Chirico” about a cat and a rat running a marathon, while Stephanie and FAM Tommy acted out the tale.

And Scene!

BYOI – Zero in the House!

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The Friday show in Providence was great! Tonight we had Daniel, Mike, Stephanie and Erin. Stephanie started us off with the Spatula in the Toaster dance to warm everyone up.

The evening’s FAM was Tara. In Day in the Life, we learned she’s a ticket sales rep who really enjoys her DV-R and Facebook. In her free time, she watches more DV-R, gets yelled at by her parents to do laundry & get a job, and is always looking for the next party. If her DV-R were to break, she’d love to go to NYC to makeout with and bang Andy Samberg.

Next up was Press Conference where Erin played Bugs Bunny announcing his newly invented time machine.

Quick Scenes featured Dr Who, pizza, recess, drinking arsenic, sharks, poorly driving Asians and the T.

Grand Theft Auto with audience members had us in fear of alabaster gorillas, levitating tacos and lazy truckers, among other scary things.

Typewriter rewrote Red Riding Hood, starring Daniel as Annabelle. Red Riding Hood was bringing mayo, lotion and a leashed rat named Francine through the woods to Grandpa Charlie. After an adventure in the woods with a mysterious lumberjack that turned into a terrifying talking werewolf, she chained Francine to the wolf’s leg. Unfortunately the wolf ended up eating Francine and showing up at Grandpa Charlie’s. Annabelle had to use lotion to get lazy Grandpa Charlie out of the chair. The moral of the story was to wear more pants and know the difference between Miracle Whip and mayo.

After intermission, we had Yes and That’s How It’s Done, followed by Alphabet. In Alphabet, we experienced prison, a halfway house, and a country club pool. Stephanie and Mike made it through the entire alphabet, ending with “Zero in the House!”

New parents Andy Dick and the Taj Mahal were played by Mike and audience member Ahmed in New Born. They named their new baby Biscuits and Gravy.

Mike then led us through Story, Story, Die, where the cast performed Goldilocks 2. This four chapter story featured death by anvil, face planting, drowning in honey, magic wand, and asphyxiation. The moral of the story? Of course, it was to never go to the mall, space, or magical forest without teddy bears to help you out.

Serious Scene was hilarious. Hogwarts was closing due to lack of funding. Professor Snape had ideas to sell a dismembered Harry Potter and candy that tastes like ass. Harry Potter then told the possible coke-snorting Dumbledore that he would just go to NYC and send his Broadway money to the school.

The night ended with Sing It. At the snozzberry slot machine, Daniel, Stephanie and Erin sang about headaches, chocolate and cocktails. Next at the blackjack table, Daniel and Erin sang about selling Erin’s annoying sister to Mike.

And Scene!

BYOI @ IB – Not Your Average David!

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Who rocked Boston with our final show at IB in May?  We did!  And we did it with help from our friend David (Da-veed).  He is a recent graduate from Tufts University, currently looking for work, but he is happily with his girlfriend Anna.  He would love to work at the UN and wants a super power to build roofs for third world countries.

So off we went to a bar where we learned that they had been talking about David all day.  “Did you know David built all the roofs in a third world country and because of that, they are now a second world country?”  Off we went to the Everything Emporium to find an Unfashionable Wedding Dress, Sushi that cleans houses and… something that sings Tina Turner… I forgot, just leave a comment and tell me what it was.  In movie critics we saw the greatest action movie ever made where Sean Connery played himself.  In Sit, Stand and Lie Down the tax collectors are coming.  We hit up the World’s Worst motivational speaker… “Maybe, Maybe, Maybe!”  Then a little Freeze Tag and finished it up with a ten second thriller about David!

So we are back at IB in August, make sure to check us out then!

And Scene..

BYOI – The Hollow Dandelion

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So another Sunday show and another good time.  Tonight we have Ryan, Joe, Tyler and myself. Tyler gets us going with a little barnyard animal beat box and we are on our way.

Our FAM tonight is Carolyn, age 7.  She is home schooled and loves to learn science and dissect flowers.  She loves Barbi movies, making forts and playing Mom with her parents.

So we had a game of Centerpiece, “This swash buckling outfit is nice, but I am really looking for my summer outfit.”  Then we moved on to What are you doing? “I am playing my daughter’s, father’s, Uncles, Brother’s, Sister’s, Cousin’s, Aunt Gertrude.  Next up is a game of questions where we were trading Mere cats.  And then finished up the first half with Freeze Tag with the most awkward bus stop ever.


The second have started with storming the castle and killing the princess in The Quickest Minute.  Next up was our Marriage Counselor, “I don’t know what dentist you go to!”  In slogan’s we learned to buy Barbi because, “a dream house cannot be foreclosed on.  After Say It Again, I am now disturbed that “The wicked witch of the west is outsourcing babies to China.”  And why not finish with an Irish Ditty about Home Schooling!

…And Scene!

BYOI – Another IB Attack!

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Well BYOI was at ImprovBoston again, and we had a good old time!  Our FAM tonight was Brock and he brought his good friend Chris!  Brock is a full time writer whose work you may have seen on Comedy Central.  The one super power he wish he could have was the ability to squish things.  Best smores ever!

We started off with a wonderful song about Brock and we off and away.  Next up was a game of Highlander won by Stephanie who had to be offered so many things by so many bathroom attendants.  In the dating game I had a tough choice between a jet pack and Steve the lighting guy, but I went for the money with Lil’ Wayne.  In Center piece we learned that pancakes kill bullies.  Blank walks into a Bar, but accountants were exempt.  We found our biggest stalker fan in Short Cuts and the rocked out three awesome hits in Guidance Counselor. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

…And Scene!

BYOI – Alf is going down!!!

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Hey guys! Tonight’s cast was Daniel, Erin, Mike, and myself, and we started off the night with a crazy trip on a roller coaster!

Our FAM tonight is Ed!  We learned that he frequently has to look at disgusting diseased feet (that his former coworker Mike loves), he loves historical dramas, and that he is also a stand-up comedian.  His short, quiet, tattooed roommate Haley is also his best friend, but she has a cat that he does not like very much.  If he had a superpower he would want super speed so he could sleep more! Finally, we learned that Ed’s arch nemesis (and also repressed childhood nickname) was Alf!

We started off by doing some crazy FAM-centered movements such as looking at diseased feet, cleaning up cat messes, and being super-fast. Then we moved on to some short scenes where Erin & I  faced off in a hopscotch challenge and Daniel and Erin were throwing each other’s precious belongings, families, and cats out the window. I had a party to which a girl who didn’t know anything, a balloon, and Prince William were all invited! Next up we watched as Daniel and Mike announced a thrillingly violent “Laundry-Doing” match between Erin and myself.  We then wrapped up the first half with a game of revolver. Erin and our FAM Ed couldn’t hear the airplanes coming, Erin and Mike were fashionistas loving stripes and hiding buckles, Mike and I got off the grid in Montana, and myself and Ed decided that sandwiches are definitely better than kids.


We came back to Erin and I being experts about nnnnnngs. Next up, Erin finally confessed to chasing her husband around the roller rink with Pat Sajak. We made it all the way through the alphabet and then learned the famous last words of some pretty great things. (Abraham Lincoln: “No, this is a balcony, not a BOOTH!”). One of our audience members got the bell in “Say it Again” where Mike was a podiatrist, Erin was a janitor in charge of the computer software, and there was something dreadfully wrong with my foot that ate through the floor and killed Ed and Daniel. Finally, we capped off the night with a Hoedown about Super Speed!

…And Scene!

BYOI – Friday the Thirteenth, Part 2

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Hi all, I’m Kerri, the new door chick.  I hope to see you regularly at the Perishable shows!  Tonight’s cast for Part 2 of the Epic Improv Evening ended up being Daniel, Mike, Tyler, Stephanie and Erin.

After Daniel told us about RESPECT, we warmed up the audience with a barnyard chorus.  Then we moved on to our FAM, Evan.  Evan’s a fan of sleeping until lunch on Saturdays. The cast brought us through Day in the Life, where we had a magic fight and Nerf Ball injuries.  At the end of the show, Evan left so swiftly, that we never got his picture, next time Evan, next time!

Next up was New Born, with mom Erin and dad Joe. Erin and Joe were Gandhi and Tom Selleck, respectively, and they were gushing over their new baby, the Kraken. No wonder poor Erin had a 96 hour labor!

Quick Scenes showed us that Timmy doesn’t want Lassie to save him from the well.

Try That On For Size highlights were a dead Tinkerbell and picking Woody Harrelson’s stash.

Remake brought us three new versions of “Caddyshack”…a comedy, spanish telenueva and lasertag. The spanish telenueva made us cry in memory of Paco, while the lasertag version had a showdown between Groudhog Zero Tyler and Joe & Erin.

On to Intermission, and we came back with Yes and That’s How It’s Done, which included the made-up word “Insadulation”.  I double checked…the word doesn’t exist.

Next up was Good Cop/Bad Cop. Daniel and FAM Evan were interrogating Stephanie after a heinous crime.  She…wait for it…flossed at the table at the White House!  Oh, the horror!  Not only that, but she dragged the Terminator down with her.  Evan seemed to take great pleasure out of having Stephanie recount her confession in reverse order, causing an increasingly desperate Daniel to have to wait longer to pee.

Sit, Stand, Lie Down was played by Mike, Stephanie and Erin.  They’d been up for 40 hours because of a horror film and were freaked about a monster in the house.

Blank Walks Into a Bar portrayed the following: Harry Potter, a cat, an HIV researcher, Steve Carrell and a badminton player.

Meanwhile with the addition of FAM Evan and Joe went to: the river, a casino, the security room with the worst casino security ever, a car, driver’s ed, the funeral of the driver’s ed teacher, a car factory, a Japanese factory, sensitivity training, and a rollercoaster. “Why were we standing?!”

We ended the night with Guidance Counselor. Daniel played Mr. C, who had to help Too Cool Mike, Smelly Feet Erin and Bad Nicknamed Stephanie.  All three students ended up happy, especially Mike, who slept with Mr. C’s wife.

And Scene!

Friday the Thirteenth, part 1 at ImprovBoston! 5/13/2011

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Howdy, Mike here checking in from the first of a string of House Party shows at ImprovBoston.

Tonight’s cast consists of Daniel, Stephanie, Tyler, and yours truly.

Our FAM this evening was Kellyn, who was at the theater as part of a birthday date with her boyfriend, Nate.  Kellyn works in a non-profit group that teaches inner-city school children how to plant and maintain their own gardens.   She has always wanted the ability to fly, would love to visit Tibet, and according to Nate, would also love to get married and have children.

After the interview, we all sang Kellyn a special song created on the spot in honor of her birthday.

Yours truly got us started on a round of Chainsaw, in which our tech for the night, Steve, also played along!  Everyone was trying to convey someone driving an MBTA bus in Antarctica and killing someone with a cutting board.

Next up was a round of Alphabet where nobody forgot the letter Q, but a lot of folks started their sentences with U by accident (Uhhhhh…..)

Next came Angels and Demons, where we found out how truly twisted Mike can be.

Back in My Day brought out just the right amount of Nostalgia

Both Kellyn and Nate helped us out with several scenes as we played Meanwhile, where we went inside the pages of a book to see what life is like for the characters within, as well as the manufacturing plant where such magical books are made.

We finished off with a round of Greatest hits where Kellyn once more helped out by naming every song!

As a final parting gift to Kellyn, we sang another birthday song to her.


BYOI Sunday! – Happy Mother’s Day!

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Hey all!  Joe on the blog to bring you the wacky hijinks from our Mother’s Day show featuring Daniel, Ryan, Tyler, and Stephanie. We are surrounded by china so we are making our jokes delicately.

Our FAM today is Francisco. He’s trying to do things for Mother’s Day.  He goes to school in Lincoln where his favorite subject is gym. Alex is his best friend.  They like to play sports, especially football and bowling.  Francisco also likes WWE but he has to give it up.  When his family hang out they like to watch TV and play games. Mom named his dog Rocky.  He also apparently attends a school of really fast superheroes!

For our first game of FAM Short Cutz we visit superhero high school where Stephanie is the only non-powered student and Mentoc the RA is cheating by using a jet pack.  Daniel and Tyler  invent a new sport, Football Wrestling! Unfortunately, our new sport is keeping us from attending a party. Then we take a quick trip to the bowling alley where we need a refresher on the rules.  Stephanie wants more pizza and extra arms. We’ve also learned that you can only have one friend.

Next we take a trip to the Marriage Counselor where Daniel is slowly turning into a cookbook and Stephanie is very afraid of milk.  They also don’t want to touch each other.  “If I understand correctly, your wife is not willing to hatch”.  “My life is easily mixed as needed.”  “You broke three arms last week” “I want to talk about this extra arm” “I recommend 2 cc’s of Gordon Ramsay” “I suggest a milk substitute, like soda” “45 minutes and he only told us what we already know!’

Next we explore the world of art with Tableau.  The game where $800 falls from the sky and encourages people to kick expensive artwork.

After avoiding damaging any art, we are off to play Questions at a baseball field, and then into the desert (dessert?).  Then we travel to the White House where the president seems a little confused.  Finally we hide in a bathroom.  “Do you think they will find us in here?” “No”.

After escaping from the bathroom we head off to the movies!  Tonight we review “The Purple Dolphin”, a movie about a family who is separated by the titular dolphin, played by Ryan.  “Hey Flipper, you are going to look great on my wall!”.  “The squid has eight reasons for you to be afraid!” “Of all my prisoners, this one looks like she can keep a secret.” The Purple Dolphin is a secret Flipper fan with all the episodes on the DVR. At last the dolphin is defeated by sensory overload and the family make their escape.

For “Yes and …” we learned that questions are okay in improv as long as they provide information for our scene partners.  Also, Ligers gotta growl!

After our zoology and improv lesson we visit the grocery store to play Lines from a Hat.  Stephanie and Kevin lament the fact that they aren’t getting promoted to cashier while Dan the manager is busy laying fresh concrete in the aisles.  Also, desert horseback riding is not a resume builder.

Neither is arriving late to work, which I discover while trying to make Excuses, Excuses to my boss Stephanie while Ryan and our audience members try to keep me out of trouble.  Although I felt sure that I was late because my hair was on fire, it turns out I just slept late and got stuck in traffic.  Personally, I blame the scented candles.

With a firing avoided,we get to work in the advertising biz with a game of Slogans.  In the process we get some catchy advertising for: mothers from Ashley, math from Ryan and Daniel, and find out that the fish store is a great place to get tanked.

Having sold ourselves out we move on to Short Cutz.  The Real Boy manufacturing company takes its job so seriously that their managers make house calls to recall their toys, but apparently need Real Boy Manager Recall Specialists to handle their managers. The afterlife is now outsourcing above and below.  Tyler the cosmic pizza boy delivers in 30 light-years or less. Finally, our FAM Francisco shows us how parking enforcement works at superhero high school while Ashley the Ice Queen freezes Daniel’s legs off. Good thing he can grow them back in 30 years!

Finally, Tyler introduces us to his latest Greatest Hits compilation album “Songs about Cameras”.  Ryan gets the blues, Daniel gets in touch with his inner Simon (or Garfunkel), Stephanie and Daniel show Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow how it’s done with their pop duet, and the whole cast stick it to the man with a punk rock number. We also find out that Francisco got his hosting gig because we left the door open.

Thanks to our wonderful audience for joining us tonight and thanks to our mothers for putting up with our craziness all these years.  Love you Mom!

And scene!

BYOI Sunday! – High Stump!

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Happy May Day and welcome to tonights new audience and newest cast.  Tonight we had Stephanie, Ryan, Erin, Joe and Myself.  Once RESPECT was out of the way, we covered a list of good and bad gender gifts.

Then we got to meet tonight’s FAM.  His name is Russell, and he goes to Cranston West High School.  He enjoys comic books, theater (not the la-la kind) and has a secret thing he does in his free time.

We start off with some FAM Short Cutz, where Stephanie is sent to play in traffic by a hero, Two stuck up theater kids buy a pizza and Ryan finds his way to the secret comic book lair.  Next up was Rope where all of the tables were set up nicely.  Then Helping Hands, where we traded for a Jeep, Buick, Lesaber… K-car. After, some Interrogation Line Up, where Erin got caught eating cup cakes, at the beach with Yoda.  Then we finished of the first half with Highlander… Where Fast Five, became “High Stump!”


We returned with Post It, where we went to the “Supermarket, Supermarket.”  In the Everything Emporium, we somehow got Erin to guess an Ox Yoke the Yodels.  Back In My Day found us some old time jokes, we had a very Serious Scene, where everyone but Ryan was getting fired, and finished with a good old fashion Hoedown.

And Scene!