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BYOI and the Story of Cheez It!

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This Sundays show featured Daniel, Stephanie, Tyler, Joe, and Ryan. The night’s Featured Audience Member was Karen, a home school teacher. She told us about her wonderful family and some of the other parents she works with, including one who defriended her on facebook.

In the first game the cast acted out what the average dinner with our Featured Audiences Member’s family would be.
Next was the game Quick Scenes, in which one aspect of the previous scene is the topic for the next. Excuses, Excuses was the next game. In this scene Tyler and Ryan acted out the excuses for Stephanie as she tried to explain why she was late to work to Joe. On her way in she apparently first was in traffic because of construction, then read the GPS wrong and finally cows were crossing the road to get to the ice cream shop. In Story, Story, Die, the story was about a pony named Cheez It who needs to mow the lawn but discovered he couldn’t because the lawn is made of cheese whiz. In the next chapter Cheez It goes to school and in the last chapter we learn that Cheez It has a gambling problem.

After the intermission, we played Grand Theft Auto in which the moped was taken over by loud antelopes, kangaroo lemons, and a killer astronaut. Next was the Alphabet game, then Press Conference in which Joe was George Carlin who was giving a conference about tying your shoes. Finally, the last game of the night was a hoedown about girly cars.

Remeber, no show for the 4th of July weekend, we will see you back on July 8th!

And Scene!

BYOI at the PIF 2×2

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So two members of BYOI were chosen for the Providence Improv Fest’s 2×2 show tonight.  I was teamed up with Amie Roe from The Amie and Kristen Show and Ryan performed with Elizabeth Quinn from STEELE QUINN. Amie and I had an awesome scene involving hanging out in my girlfriend’s apartment while I realize her roommate has gotten rid of her to set a trap for me with roses, a bed and football.  Then Ryan learned of his tennis coaches plan to get him to kill the Ref for her.  A ton of fun and many great improvisers.  Can’t wait till next year!


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After two great performances by Improv Jones and Trinity Zoo, it was BYOI’s turn to bring it home!  We started off with our FAM for the night, Jared.  He is a student who hates Joe because he is taller than everyone else and loves Boy Meets World.

We start things off with a game of 128-821, which saw candy of the corporate world, a bunch of bad hunters and the demise of Mr. Feeny.  Next off was a game of Highlander, where John survived to out surf them all.  Then we had a wordy game of Alphabet where the Prince showed his true Lexicon.  Next up was a game of Slogans where books were Kindling, but now they are just on a Kindle.  And we finished the night off with a game of sing it, where bullying in the playground can never be fun.

Make sure to see all of Improvfest!

And Scene!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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Hey there and welcome to the blog for the greatest improv show ever, and even better on Father’s Day, YAY!!!

Daniel come running out onto the stage and does a quick head count of the dads in the house before getting into his awesome RESPECT speech.

The cast tonight included Erin, Joe, Stephanie, and Tyler. And Erin warmed us all up with a great BBQ’ing. Peas, pineapple, and coleslaw was just a few of the added extra side dishes thrown onto the grill.

Tom was our FAM tonight, and he does Math. He’s a teacher and loves when a student actually understands what he’s trying to teach them. He likes board games as well as reading books to spend his spare time. Two cats and a mouse are his household pets. His choice of superpower would be invisibility so he could read in the library and not be disturbed.

“Gosh George” is the main character of the book of Tom. GG, under the request of his wife, started pick-ax’ing through a wall to start building a road. Soon “Gosh Harry” came to lend a hand building this crazy long road. Accent wackiness came out in plenty of force, from Jamaican, to Irish, to Swedish, soon followed by Old English.

What Are You Doing? – Picking my friend’s noses out / trying to pass gas without anyone noticing / instructing my minions on how to square dance / picking flowers.

Center Piece – Star fruit, ping pong tournament, gardening, moon bounce. An audience member is going to be a star cooking show host, if she can keep her fingers attached. Giant game of Atari Pong gets tossed out to play a futuristic version of Monopoly. Gardening for dummies 101. And watch out for that red light district of the dark side of the moon.

Sit, Stand, or Lay Down – Two cats and a mouse was the starting idea for this scene, and words cannot describe the insanity of watching this chaotic display of improving. “On my face while I’m taking a nap” as well as “Running around being chased is not a good work out for our little mousey” were just some of the quotes

Everything Emporium – A neck tie that makes you cry, a robot that makes you want to go bowling, and slippers that whispers sweet nothings into your ear. Erin is the shop keeper with a issue with her constantly changing accent. She is a fairly good guesser and hit the first two items with almost record speed, and nailed the third almost just as quckly. However she’s was a little lost hen trying to get the exact specifications for what the customers wanted.


Stephanie came out in an excited romp to play some badminton, soon followed by Erin with equal energy levels. The goal that this was to show was to equal the passion for the scene with your scene partner(s). And this is a little something we like to call, Yes and That’s How It’s Done.

Questions – Erin and our FAM started out the scene but soon Tom gets the ding for fumbling in his words. Daniel jumps out to show them all how it’s done, and confuses Erin until she gets the bell. Stephanie comes up to show her stuff, but gets the ding as well. And the end the scene , Daniel comes out and proclaims a great statement. DING!!!

Pavlovian Response – Biting their finger nails when someone says “I”. Whenever someone smiles food had to be mentioned. And Drastic change in emotion when food is mentioned. Crazy awesome occurred and made it better when the players figured out each other’s response and exploited it.

Slogans – Tsunamis, Catch a wave. Chernobyl, putting the active in radioactive. Cheerios, Alphabet soup for really dumb people.

Remake – Of Harry Potter. Erin and a little audience member had some fun with wands, they discussed many difference spells, including putting a detention spell on Daniel for a week. Just when things really get interesting, the game gets changed into Harry Potter via Espanol.

Guidance Councler – Poor Joe has Acne. Erin is a bully on the sports field. Tyler is in love with his car that he doesn’t have. And even with all these “major problems” Stephanie is amazing at singing advice.

Come check us out at Perishable Theater every 2nd and 4rd Fridays at 11pm, every Sunday @ 6pm at Warwick Museum of Art, as well as Improv-Fest this upcoming Wednesday, 6/22/11, at 7pm. Hope to see you there! Also check our show listing for a complete list of our upcoming shows and maybe you could book us for a private show 😉



BYOI @ Norton Middle School!

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Want a math themed field day to rock?  BYOI was brought into the Norton Middle School and made it happen!  This was BYOI’s largest audience to date, over 700 people were at the show!  The cast this afternoon was Stephanie, Tyler, Erin and Myself.

Our FAM today was Christopher!  He has an average day for a kid.  Mom wakes him up, then runs out of the house,  he goes to school, has social studies, has the same lunch he has everyday, a bagel and strawberries, then off to Science.  When he gets home… he naps!

So we decided to see what Chris’s life was really like.  He got up and Mom vanished, makes himself lunch and off to the bus.  He forgot his homework so he missed the bus and had to power walk to school.  After Social Studies, it is off to lunch where Chris tries something different for lunch and those extra calories makes coach mad.  “I am going to body slam you!”  Then of course home for a nap.

So the games begin.  First up a game of the quickest minute where we see that Twilight has enough plot to fit in ten seconds… it’s just lot of sparkles and spinning.  Next up was Slogans where we learned that Hannah Montana has talent and Rebecca Black never had it.  And watch out cause coach has a scam.  In Excuses, Excuses, Erin was late to school because she did not want to get up, she was counting the grains of sand on the sidewalk and then there was a bunny apocalypse.  Almost had to literally spell that last one out.  And finally a game of guidance counselor, where we learned if you have peppermints, share them, especially with the lonely kid.

A great time had by all and a very pleased crowd.  Thank you to the school for having us, we hope to see you again next year!

And scene!

BYOI – Medical Janitorial Degrees

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This weeks Family Friendly Sunday show was with Daniel, Tyler, Joe, Erin, and Ryan. Our Featured Audience Member of the night was Oliva, a medical assistant from Rochester, NY, a place that apparently has everything. She came with her college roommate whom she described as laidback, funny and most importantly, laid back. Oliva plays softball and said she would morph through things, like Alex Mack, if she could have any superpower.

Things got started off on a high note with a singing game. Some of the songs featured a man being mopped off the floor, the Janitorial Medical Union and a hip hop song about fist bumping. The next game was Try That On For Size.
After that we played Pavlonian response, which took place in a church that worshiped pasta. In this game Tyler’s trigger was anytime someone said “my” and his response was to hiccup. Ryan had to stand on his toes when someone smiled and Joe had to say the word “my” anytime someone went up on their toes.

In the Dating game, our bachelor Tyler had to choose between Daniel as the cookie monster, one of our audience members who had to shout everything she said and Erin as George Washington.

After the intermission we played Post It, a game that revolves around suggestions of locations, things and occupations from the audience. In the next game, Movie Critic, they were reviewing a western film about a monkey. In the first scene, which took place in a bar, the monkey, called Eeyore had his first run in with the sheriff. In the next scene we see that the monkey Eeyore has turned rabbid and is attempting to rob a bank. In the last scene the final duel between the monkey and the sherif takes place in which we finally find out that the monkey could talk the whole time.

In the game Famous Last Words. The last words of a gladiator would be: “Nice kitty”. Softball would be “Alright, we’re going to switch to overhand” and Little Red Ridinghood’s would be “Okay Wolf, fool me once…”

The next game was Shortcuts which featured a flashback to Ryan being mopped off the floor and Erin writing a children’s book.

The final game of the night was Greatest Hits with our FAM. The album was all about her roommate who would have been a “marine biographer, oceanographer” if she wasn’t so laidback. The next song was about how hectic a seven year olds life could be. Third hit was a rap sound about her tall, basketball playing boyfriend. Finally, the last song on the compilation album was by a three boy and one girl band singing about volleyball.

And Scene!

BYOI – Welcome to the Moon!

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Greetings traveler and welcome to the show recap for June 10th!  Our FAM this evening was Alycia, who had no idea what she was getting into.  Alycia works in a mentoring program with kids.  She’s driven across the country several times, narrowly avoiding hitting buffalo and black bears with her car in Yellowstone National Park.  Her Dad is good at everything he tries.  She has a good friend Allie that she doesn’t get to see a lot.  She doesn’t really dislike many people except for Dave, who isn’t very nice.  After a nice chat with Alycia, we escort her to a Party where everyone is displaying strange Quirks.  Actually, they aren’t so strange; they are all the people in her life!  Except for that weird guy who is howling at the moon!

Having put together a smashing party, we decide to try our hand at living art with tableau.  We learn what Super Mario likes on his pizza (1-Up mushrooms!), that Daniel has really good abs while playing human Tetris, and that NASA missed discovering life on Mars not only because the Martians hid behind us but also because we were supposed to be going to the Moon in the first place.

There’s no hiding our behavior in Pavlovian Response.  Stephanie, a brave audience member, and I are trying to get a nice lasagna on the table, but I keep rubbing my belly and patting my head in anticipation, while Stephanie cries every time someone touches their face.  Good thing our audience member is keeping us sane by quacking like a duck whenever someone puts their hands in their pockets!

Now that we’ve gotten over our various tics, we can play a refreshing game of Six Pack.  We learn how comfortable radioactive custom-printed snuggies can be and Mike climbs some talking mountains.

Having scaled the peaks we are able to play a rousing game of Highlander in the bingo hall.  Our caller has no idea how to spell bingo but the prizes are all handmade, so that’s nice.  Although the point of the game is to select our favorite performer to act out the entire scene, tonight the actual point seems to be to try and kill our winner Stephanie as she tries to act out two completely independent conversations!

Since Stephanie clearly needed a rest, it was time to bring on our special guest, performance artist Darik Santos.  His piece involved a very short, loud nap that really needs to be experienced rather than described.  That reminds me: time to schedule that sleep apnea appointment.

Now that we’ve had a quick break, it’s time to brush up on our improv techniques with a quick lesson in That’s How It’s Done.  Mike and I are playing a spirited game of Wii when Erin enters with a plate of delicious cookies.  She then proceeds to school me in Wii Boxing and leaves me to my shame while she goes off to cook dinner.  In the process, we learn a valuable lesson on how a third person can enter and build on a scene and then make an appropriate departure.

This comes in handy with a game of Short Cutz where, among other things, we really need to get rid of our questionable anesthesiologist before he gets the machine over 140!  I think Stephanie should look for a new surgeon.

Next we play a light-hearted game of Pillars where Daniel and one of our audience members star in our own horror movie playing a creepy couple in woods who are going to keep all of Erin’s stuff.  Good thing she has a shiny button as a bribe!  I think this is exactly what Leonard Stern had in mind when he created Mad Libs.

The Moon makes another appearance tonight when it, and others, Walk into a Bar.  We also continue our campaign to kill Stephanie by impugning drunken Shakespeare at every turn!

Clearly, this has gotten serious, so it is time for  a Serious Scene.  Our cast  and audience members bravely take on the job of spear carriers in a haunted castle where the ghosts are out to get us.  We also learn that nepotism also exists in the afterlife as family members get the best haunting jobs on the first and second floors.

After all the hilarity, there’s nothing to do but take our Curtain Call, where I try to kill all our cast members by singing an octave too high.  Who knew improv could be so dangerous?

Thanks again to our special guest Darik Santos, Perishable Theater, and to our terrific audience who climbed all the stairs and braved the heat to be with us!

And scene!

BYOI – Take That Megaman

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Welcome to our Family Friendly Show with tonight’s cast of Daniel, Ryan, Stephanie, Tyler, Erin and Joe. In this Sunday’s show Stephanie got things started with a name rhyming game.

Our Featured Audience Member this week was Brian, a cashier at Stop and Shop. He’s also in a band called The Foundry, despite only playing keyboard for less than a year. He has a Megaman tattoo on his arm, and would shoot lasers out of his eyes if he had any super power.

For the FAM game we had a group practicing their Blue Man Group act, a boy who has turned into digital dust, but miraculously comes back to life and a beta max in a burger that “enhances the flavor!” Next we learned that Erin thinks Rope is a hard game. In Sit, Stand and Lie down three people were waiting at a bus stop, a man who claimed the bus stop as his home, a woman who was suffering from a panic attack and a frightened little girl. Next was Catch Phrase with Erin, Tyler and an audience member. “Well gaga goo goo” “Is the chicken done yet?” “Do you want me to fix your hair?” and “Frank, close the door” were the key phrases. In this game our audience member and Tyler were embarking on a trip over a waterfall and Erin acted as their guide. In Chainsaw the words at the start of the game were axe repairman, grocery store, and vase. At the end of the game, the occupation became chef, the location stayed the same, but the object had transformed into a birthday cake.

After the intermission, we played Meanwhile. In this game, there was a group of people who were being beaten up by a little girl and would attend a meeting of Limp Legs Anonymous. The next game was Pavlovian Response, with our Featured Audience Member, Brian. In this game, Erin had to say “Hi Ho Sailer” every time someone waved their arms, Stephanie would become cold everytime someone made a loud noise and our FAM, Brian, had to stomp everytime someone said Umm. In the game Back in My Day, the first suggestion was robots.  In a time with no robots, dinosours had to be our appliances, John Conner was an ordnary guy and Optimus Prime would change from a car to a kitten. The next suggestion was cats, where Andrew Loyd Webber was poor, and the internet was really empty. Finally, it was boys against girls in the last game of the night, Beastie Rap.

BYOI @ The Firehouse Theater – The Three C’s

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Hi all!  Joe here with a recap of tonight’s show at the Firehouse Theater. Our show was brought to you by the letters A, C, and the number three!  Our FAM for the evening was Kim, who has way more energy than us.  She works three jobs and still has time for her spontaneous, funny, crazy husband Greg who is in the Coast Guard.  Unfortunately he couldn’t be here, but she brought her girlfriend Maddie who brings all those those qualities (except the crazy).  If Kim could have any superpower, she would like to read minds so she could scare people.

As it turns out, our friends At the Bar are big fans of Kim and spent the night talking about her.  We learned that Kim and Greg just spontaneously decided to get married without knowing each other.  Before Kim got married, she had 37 jobs but had to cut back to 34.  She still found time to cure cancer using the scar from her golden brown onion ring wedding band.  Kim is also such a talented real estate agent that she sold an Eskimo an igloo in Miami and then resold the igloo to him as a swimming pool when it melted.  Trust me, it makes more sense if you’ve been drinking Narragansett all night.

After leaving the bar we spent the night in the drunk tank with Good Cop, Bad Cop.  Tyler and an audience member grilled Stephanie about committing Grand Theft Auto in Neverland.  Those Goodfellas Dan and Joe, along with our cousin Vinny, helped to identify that Pesci accomplice who helped her out.  Too bad he wasn’t Danny DeVito, we could have handled him!

Inspired by our brush with fame, we attempted to stage a remake of the classic mystery/drama, Christine Grey.  With cats. In Lithuania.  Good thing we bought Rosetta Stone so we could translate from Lithuanian to English!

In Say it Again (in English) we learned that Tyler’s pants can hold fake rice, pails of water, maps, and a wholesale store.  Unfortunately, the rent is too high for a family three, but might be okay for four.

With the rent due, we tried to earn a little cash by coming up with some Slogans.  We came up with some winning slogans for beer, fire extinguishers, ketchup, and the letter A.  We also learned that Dan can be inspired to new heights with a swift kick in the pants… 3 Times!

Since we were afraid of our audience member Kristin’s feet, we showed her whatever she wanted in Short Cuts.  Our FAM gave us the three c’s: cars, coffee pots, and computers.  The Jolly Green Giant breaks strikes and learns not to belittle others in their houses,  Stephanie wants to see music pirates on the high seas,  and we all celebrate Dan’s new baby with some Narraganset light.

Clearly, we all have issues, so we are off to see the Guidance Councilor.  Our councilor, Tyler, has seen too much Glee, so he has us all sing about our problems.  I learn how to get people to accept my pregnancy, Dan is going to sue all the fat kids on his bus, and Stephanie rocks out her frustrations with bad teachers (except for English teachers, we love you!).

Thanks to the Bit Players and the Firehouse Theater for inviting us down to play and to our terrific audience for coming out to see us!

And Scene!