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Come’on Irene! – SHOW CANCELLED

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Due to the size, intensity and strength of the storm, even if it gets downgraded to a tropical storm, it is a lot of rain and flooding expected.  We want our audience and cast to stay safe and Sunday evening will be the strongest point of the storm.

Due to that, we are cancelling the show this Sunday. ūüôĀ

Please stay home, stay safe and just think about the funny. ūüôā

We will see you all next week!!!

BYOI – Well Endowed…With Talent

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Perishable Theatre was full last night for the Providence show. The castmembers were Erich, Ed, Evan, Krissy, Joe and Daniel.

Daniel started the night off with a warmup. The audience members had difficulty saying their names on the count of three, but were great when they had to name their favorite drinks.

The evening’s FAM was Chrissy, who is a research assistant. She’s bad at skiing and her favorite film is “Dumb and Dumber.”

The first game was Chainsaw. The cast thought their occupations were a candy inventor, gum pickerupper, and pet psychiatrist. Locations were a morgue, Ministry of Magic, and a kill room from “Saw.” Objects were a stove, griddle, and spatula. Daniel had 2 out of 3 when he picked pet psychiatrist and spatula, but he didn’t guess that the location was a janitor’s closet.

Next up was Sports Commentator, featuring the 9th Annual Sex Tricathalon! Let me tell you, it was a crazy competition between Mister Dick (Joe) and Mister Johnson (audience member Mauricio). The first event was Presentation, where the men had to begin “general softcore courting,” followed by Foreplay, and finally, the Swordfight…with real swords. Mister Johnson’s strategy was simply “big.”

Alphabet was next, with scenes about kickball, camping in the freezing cold and moose tracks.

Evan threw a party during Party Quirks. His guests were Erich as Hurricane Irene, Daniel as a garden gnome, and Ed, who couldn’t say any workes with the letter “E” in them. One of the best lines of the game came from Erich, who mentioned that if Ed were to say his character’s name, he’d be called “Irn.”

Freezetag had the cast skiing uphill, performing CPR on a mouse, and catching butterflies. Evan caught Daniel eating children and told him, “Just because you’re so damn big, it doesn’t mean you can eat kids.”

After the break, the cast delivered a baby, gave smallpox to natives and commited genocide in What Are You Doing.

Serious Scene had multiple firings because people kept snickering on a ferris wheel. Joe said, “I can’t wait to spit off the top.”

Joe played a killer nerd in Dating Game. His prospective dates were Krissy as the Geico gecko, Ed as Mount Rushmore and an audience member who had an irrational fear of the color white. Ed did a great job playing all of the presidents, and was¬†at first thought to have¬†multiple personalities.¬†When Krissy said she liked¬†to save people money, Joe was impressed that she was “like a Jewish reptile.” In the end,¬†Ed was picked as Date#27, because he would survive.

Slogans was the next game, with the following fun slogans: “DMV: Where Everyone’s a Bitch” (Erich), “DMV: Go Fuck Yourself” (Evan), “Chastity: Because You Have Star Wars Bedsheets” (Evan), “Spiders: They’re a Hell of a Lot Better Than Crabs” (Daniel), and “Awkward Silences: Making Dates Possible” (Erich).

The final game of the night was Sing It! Erich and Krissy sang about iPhones, Steve Jobs stole parts from a dead body to cure his cancer, men’s body parts were measured, and there was fun with a tazer gun.

Don’t forget, be safe tomorrow’s family friendly show is canceled due to Hurricane-possibly-a-tropical-storm-when-she-reaches-us Irene. Be safe, everyone!

And scene!

BYOI – I am Tiger, Hear Me Get Beat Up By Stephen

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BYOI pulled an Irene and hit Newport by storm! For our latest show at the Firehouse Theatre, we had the teaStephen, the Tiger wreckin' machine!m of Erin, Evan, Paul and Ryan performing for a particularly lively crowd, including some very talented volunteer players.

Our FAM for August 25th, 2011 was Stephen. We learned quite a few interesting facts about Stephen, such as:

  • Stephen will wear a tuxedo just about anywhere except for the Firehouse. If he did, he would sort of blend in and be a floating head. This is assuming he doesn’t wear one of those full-body tuxedos, where we would only see part of a floating white shirt.
  • Stephen did not particularly like Napoleon Dynamite. He didn’t find the style of humor very humorous. This made some of the players nervous, because now the scene about Pedro being cloned was out.
  • Remember that tuxedo? Well, if Stephen had a million dollars, that would be the first thing he would buy. Then a car. Then a trachea for a tiger victim. Which brings us to one of our most interesting facts…
  • If you are a tiger, sleep with one eye open. Stephen is confident that you are not as tough as you seem and is willing to take you down in a fight. You’ve been warned.

Stephen joined us for FAM Quirks, which proved that while tigers were kittens, butterflies were like Mothra. Erin stunk the place up as a flower girl, while Paul’s goal was to get you out of lingerie…and to sporting goods that is. What? He runs the elevator.

Erin presented some interesting scenes in Tableau. We learned that fun in a pool is not all it is cracked up to be, and that Pennsylvania can be a wonderful place to visit. Come for the Liberty Bell, stay for the burning mimes.

Once the mime was put out, Paul and Evan got down to business with Pillars. Although business wasn’t too good this time around. In fact, stocks were gorilla. So gorilla that we needed the fire extinguisher to make sure that what happened to Hulas wouldn’t happen to us. Better sell those stocks, people.

Evan then brought us out to the movies. He and a fellow critic reviewed Tigers in the Wild West, a thriller featuring Will Smith, and eventually BYOI itself!

Once the 4th wall was reconstructed, we played a little Pavlovian Response. I would remember more of it, but I had, like, this thing where I would, like, hit my head every time, like…I think you get it.

Erin loaded up the Revolver, which featured other planets, a new spin on Avatar, a giant pancake, and sky diving. And then there were three other scenes! Just kidding, those were the four.

We brought the show to a close with a little Beastie Rap. It was elimination style, but people were pretty much forgiven each round and brought back in. We are a team, after all.

Stay tuned for future shows in Newport, and be sure to check us out Sundays in Warwick, and Fridays in both Providence and Boston. Show schedules are available at the official BYOI website.


BYOI – G0000000gle is downsizing….

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Well, look at this! Sunday August 21st at the usual WMOA. I AM RUNNING THE DOOR AND DOING THE BLOG! So get ready.

Not one but TWO of our regulars filled their frequent BYOI-er cards (I’m sure they have more technical name but I dont know it.) and earned themselves free T-Shirts. No doubt they will be looking extra spiff in the very near future.

New cast member Krissy came to play with us and became our FAM. Side note- yesterday was her BIRTHDAY! She was interrogated by Ryan and Stephanie. Dan Joe Ed and Erich filled out the rest of the cast. We showed her what her fabulous Harry Potter themed birthday party was like with a 14% probability of factuality. Especially the part when Donald Trump showed up and was forced to represent House Slytherin for the honor of being allowed to stay. Later McDonald French Fries and Emma Watson had a baby named Luke Skywalker. Then things got weird.

Amazing line highlights:
-“You want your milk and cookies now?” “No. I need the cushion of solitude, get out of my fort, mom!” – Daniel & Ryan
-“Thats the order of things. You build them, you fire them and then you kill them. You’re fired. Guess what’s next.” – Daniel

Also- I have never before experienced Chainsaw from the audience perspective. It was amazing to watch the guessing devolve from “An airline attendant at the circus with a lightbulb” into “a drug dealer at a defective bowling alley with a rubber band.” Let me tell you, the $5 admission is more than worth it just for that alone.

Tonight’s games included:
FAM a day in the life
Try That on for Size
Six Pack
Irish Gig

And Scene!

BYOI- Shhh, it’s a secrete!

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Tonight we were up at Improv Boston and the cast was Daniel, Erin, Ed, Paul, and I-aye-aye!

Our FAM was Nate who is a technical teacher with a very understanding wife who lets him to go improv shows on the weekends! He aspired to be an actor, and fills his spare time with mountain biking and bowling.

FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine saw me playing with barrel of monkeys, some old ladies (me and Daniel) making soup, alpha males Erin and Daniel, doctors trying to convince Paul not to start mountain biking, and Ed as a frustrated semi-conductor! Next up, Erin, Daniel, and Ed were dogs trying to get Paul to guess that Popeye had been bitten by an eel in space. We got very serious about politics next, and an anti-doll government party was almost formed!

Daniel and an audience member gave alternating good and bad scenarios as Erin and another audience member acted them out in Angels and Demons–fortunately they became cool in 3…2…1… A lot of things walked into a bar…like a bowling ball, a pizza, and a pancreas. I was stuck in a whirlwind of a centerpiece, with Erin, Ed, and two audience members not knowing their lefts from their rights! Among the scenes were a retiring astronaut, a baby-stealing husband, a big-bang expert, and a macho Rushanian…man…Finally, to wrap things up, I wow’d the audience with my crazy awesome guitar skills as we played curtain call!

….And Scene!

Welcome Newest Cast Members!

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So after another long audition process, we are happy to say we have wonderful new people to add to our cast!  Welcome to Krissy Aucoin, Erich Gottschalk, Evan Hancock, Ed Higgins & Paul Tourville!

We hope to see you at our show soon so you can come and play with them!

BYOI – The Front One in Woonsocket!

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So this afternoon we are in Woonsocket at the Connecting for Children and Families’ summer camp! ¬†The cast: Stephanie, Joe, Ed, Paul and myself. ¬†Our FAM this afternoon is Kyle. ¬†He is going to be an eight grader, wants to be a football player, own a Ducati¬†dealership and likes his girlfriend Julia.

We start off with the movie of Kyle’s life when his sister wants him out of his room and Grandma is ready to make something fresh. ¬†Then he has a wonderfully awkward moment in Science class and we finish up with great news! ¬†Kyle has been hired to the football team.
Paul: “What¬†Position?”
Stephanie: “The Front One!”

Next up is Grand Theft Auto, with some many hands we had eight great volunteers. ¬†Watch out for the terrified lemurs! ¬†In the Quickest Minute we saw the movie “Despicable¬†Me” by four people who only ever saw the trailer. ¬†In Story, Story, Die the chicken became King Kong, went to the store and then was eaten. ¬†Next up, Chainsaw, where a¬†race car¬†driver, in the middle of the ocean with a bat became a¬†helicopter¬†pilot in heaven with a tennis racket. ¬†In Excuses, Excuses two students were late because they could not get up, got into an accident and then their dog caught fire! ¬†And then we finished up with a game of Curtain Call!

And scene!

Improv For Alzheimer’s: ‘A Sense Of Accomplishment’

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Heard this cool article on NPR this morning. ¬†Doing Improv is good for you! ¬†Now you have heard it from the experts, so come on out and play with us! ¬†It’s good for you!

BYOI – Birth Certificates

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Welcome to the show after our 200th FAM! Tonight’s cast members were Ryan, Daniel, Erin, Joe, Ed and Mary.

Joe was the host of tonight’s family friendly show. Ryan warmed everyone up with a freakout chorus.

Tonight’s FAM was Muriel, who would like to be a travel agent. She likes TV shows about real crime, and has been to Austria. In FAM Typewriter, Joe wrote the story of Muriel’s life. After landing in Austria, Muriel met a mysterious stranger named Jim–but wait!–he was actually “Dateline” host Chris Hansen.

Ryan then started off Tableau, with a scene in Hawaii of a shark and a wave coming up on a surfer. Ed was the wave’s birth certificate. Then Daniel was the bad apple that fell off the family tree in the ancestry scene. Finally, there was a scene about the World Series of Ping Pong.

In Marriage Counselor, Ed was attempting to counsel estranged couple Ryan and BYOI alum Mike, who both drink too much. Ryan was addicted to ping pong, and Mike was unable to sit still. Daniel has a great line about Mike: “He was a model in my class and my drawing came out blurry!”

The film “The Last Pigeon” starring Erin and Joe was redone as a bad martial arts film and a space opera in Remake.

The cast was alphabetically challenged in Alphabet. Ryan played a man late for work–this time–because he forgot to leave on time, but last time was because a dog was stuck in his car. Other scenes were about cats, the Caribbean and a new job.

After the break, Ryan and Daniel taught everyone about how to have what you need when you need it, in Yes and That’s How It’s Done.

Next up, Quick Scenes had the cast travelling to Mexico, in Hell, at the dentist, and enjoying the silence…until Mike came in humming.

Mary had to figure out what her Lassies needed in Timmy in the Well. The Mayor was in trouble for stealing a horse on Facebook. Joe and Ryan “liked” it!

In Back in My Day, some classic lines were, “We didn’t have skiing, and Cher had a partner.” (Daniel), “We didn’t have good cooks, and then Gandhi invented salt.” (Ed), and “We didn’t have coffee. ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!” (Daniel)

Sit, Stand, Lie Down took place at a wedding reception. The guys were hurting after eating too much cake.

Finally, the night ended with Hoedown. Erin, Mary, Ed and Ryan sang about trampolines!

And scene!

BYOI – The 200th Featured Audience Member!!!

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Our second show on this Friday night and we are ready to party!  It is our friday adult show and it is time to let it all out!  Tonight we have Stephanie, Joe and Myself as well as our auditioners Krissy and Paul!  And would you believe it?  We have our 200th FAM!!  Alex was the lucky girl!  She is a data entry processor for an energy management company, but watch out, there are rats in the building.  She loves doing Zumba, has a degree in graphic communications, use to run and loves making poetry.  She also got a free hat, 200 smarties and free entrance to all of our Providence and Warwick shows for the rest of the year! (Including special shows!!!)

We start off with a little Sing It where in order to let Alex win, we have to give ourselves¬†handicaps. ¬†“Brain function going… ehh…”

Paul: “Are you as confused as I am?”
Krissy: “Yes, I think I’m a bird!”
And that’s what we call Rope!

In¬†interrogation¬†line up: Joe got all of the criminals lined up to find out who spray painted dogs with Obama in a butcher shop. ¬†“We want to hear your beef… cleave through it!” & “Apparently you ain’t never been in a kitchen. It ain’t that violent.”

Movie Critics brought us a film about the sun. “It did seem like a glorified Coppertone Ad.” & “You know, I’d really like to get in your grill… like the awesome grill on the front of this car.”

Six pack brought us cheeseburgers, giggling and ice skating. Paul: “Handsome is not an insult, my Pet.”

Post it gave us elephant taming, acorn’s in basements, indecisive accountants & construction worker on Iron Chef.

Then we had Press Conference where Benedict Arnold invented the IPad followed by Worlds Worst segways, ghosts, rats, athletes and wizards.

A game of Short Cutz gave us these fabulous lines:
“Excuse Me. Yall from the Olympics?” – Alex
“We’ll continue our coverage of ‘Tiger Baby Keep Away’ here on ESPN.” – Ed
“Yeah, I have really quick sperm.” – Joe
“But I’m a cheerleader and a lawyer!” -Chrissy

And finished the whole thing off with some phat Beastie Raps where the boys won it cause they all new the word “Sump”.

And Scene!

Looking forward to FAM number 300!