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BYOI – Halloween Eve

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Happy Halloween, everyone! We had a decent crowd tonight for Spooky Sunday. Once again, costumes were worn. Daniel hosted as a kid bundled up for tonight’s chilly trick-or-treating. The layers were off before the end of RESPECT. He was joined by Paul, Joe, Erich and Ed.

The FAM was Rich, who came to improv with his wife, Donna. They have 3 children and a cat named Taz. If Rich were to win the lottery, his frivolous purchase would be a helicopter. Fun!

In Chainsaw, Daniel had to be Bananas in Pajamas in a hut with a pair of socks. Like Friday night’s show, it went crazy from there. Joe was kind of close with an igloo and boots, and the rest of the guys followed. Somehow the location ended up being Earth, and Ed did an awesome Donkey Kong impression.

Joe warmed everyone up with Jedi training again. I have a feeling he spent lots of time practicing this. Everyone let out some impressive Force screams at the end.

In a Halloween themed Grand Theft Auto, the hijackers had to be candy or costumes. Some things that scared our cast ended up being grief ridden goblins, gassy Batmen, tangerine kisses, and Taz the chewy cat. My favorite was the gassy Batmen…they really only had to imitate Christian Bale’s Dark Knight performance.

Paul was joined by audience member Everett in Scary Typewriter. The two of them wrote about “a pair of normal” investigators (Get it? A play on “paranormal”), played by Ed and Daniel) who went to check out a spooky house on the top of a hill at night. They decided they wanted to flip the house, but were thwarted by the owner, Omar from San Francisco (Erich), who said “half” for everything. Omar was only half-loved by his mother. Sad.

Erich was then Madame Zelda, telling Daniel his fortune. Spirits Joe, Ed and Paul were pretty efficient, because Madame Zelda figured everything out quickly. That night, Daniel was going to fall down the stairs, then end up in a candy coma the following day. He was also going to accomplish his life’s dream of climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Ed was the set point in Centerpiece. He was carving fruits, including a watermelon, with Paul; getting stuck pulling a sled while the lazy sled dogs rode with Daniel; and eating gingers and brunettes with Erich.

After the break, Ed and Paul taught about gifting, not punking, in Yes And…

In Angels and Demons, Joe and Erich told a story about Daniel and Paul, who were going to Pennsylvania. They ended up getting lost, so they were given directions by Amish people who could only navigate using the sun. Sadly, it was nighttime. The guys ended up with allergic reactions, and then were starving. They made their way to Hershey Park, where they filled up on candy, which isn’t good for diabetics.

Shopkeeper Ed was helping his guests with their Halloween needs at the Everything Emporium. Erich needed a Big Bird costume with Axe, Paul needed an endless Sugar Daddy, and Joe needed counseling from a homemade lion costume.

The men showed off their talent in Scary Story Die. Joe decided who was narrating the story of hamsters partying with monkeys in the Hamptons. Erich and Daniel died before Ed and Paul finished off the story. Joe made them work to survive by having them tell the story simultaneously.

The penultimate game was Short Cutz. Daniel and Ed lit a Hanukkah candle for Grandma’s 80th birthday. Erich was Taz the cat in a commercial about spaying and neutering pets. Joe and Erich were flying–and crashing–a helicopter. Paul and Daniel were hoping to see Stan Lee on a movie set. Paul was a coffee shop owner who was mediating a fandom battle between his Jedi employee and Trekkie customer. Finally, Erich was Spock in a massage parlor.

FAM Rich was able to ring the bell during the last game, Sing It. Barbie and Ken (Daniel and Ed) were arguing about careers while renting out the dream house. Joe crashed Barbie’s Corvette, and Paul the story building inspector showed up because of the Barbie decal.

And scene!

BYOI – Friday the Halloweenth

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Last night we had another all male cast for BYOI. Daniel was the host, and he was joined by Ed, Erich, Joe and Paul. It was our first Halloween show of the weekend, so the guys all came in costume. Erich’s tooth fairy costume was my favorite, while Ed looked great as a Blues Brother. Paul was a Trekkie, Daniel was a Red Sox drunk player, and Joe was a Jedi with a pretty sweet light saber.

The FAM was Crystal, who drove all the way from Maine! She was dressed as a clown and came with zombie rocker Bob. Crystal is an animation student because she was bored with her business degree. She chases her three daughters for fun, and would like to visit Australia. Why? Well, because of the accents and the chance to see a kangaroo kick someone in the face, of course.

Because she was the FAM, Crystal was able to pick the occupation, location and object for the first game, Chainsaw. Daniel’s occupation was a stop sign (I love Crystal for making this difficult!!), in Walmart, with Sweet Tarts. Joe was the first victim, and he thought Daniel was a sumo wrestler with sushi, and the rest of the cast followed that train of thought. Each guy had a different guess for the location.

Joe made use of the light saber by warming everyone up with Jedi training.

The cast was joined by the Mad Hatter for Grand Theft Auto. Some of the hijackers were dreary chameleons (“I’m tired of being brown, you guys.” -Ed), diving children, devout crackers (“In the name of the salt and the tine.” -Daniel), and alcoholic caterpillars.

Daniel and Crystal wrote a story in Typewriter. It was a dark and stormy night…for Frank and Bubbles (Paul and Erich). They were professional poo flingers who ended up working at Dairy Queen and serving Sarah Palin. Poor Bubbles ended up dying at the end of the story, regretting that he couldn’t fling more poo.

Paul was getting his fortune told by Erich in Madame Zelda. Ed, Joe and Daniel were the spirits. Paul should’ve asked for a refund, because his fortune was pretty bleak. He was going to get struck by lightning, see Rosie O’Donnell naked, and then get attacked by a thousand clowns. Ouch.

Next up in Centerpiece, Daniel did scenes with the Mad Hatter (frogs), Erich (bag of jelly beans), Paul (Fourth of July), and Joe (hating traffic).

After the break, Paul and Joe taught everyone how to give their scene partner something to work with in Yes And…

In Angels and Demons, Paul and Daniel told a story about Joe and Ed. Ghouls were stopped by the Ghostbusters and given community service.

Shopkeeper Joe had customers with strange requests at the Everything Emporium. Erich wanted a Transformers costume that played hockey, Ed wanted a rapping Benjamin Franklin costume, and Paul wanted an electric abacus.

Audience member Bob joined the guys for Worlds Worst. Some topics were the worst educational show, kitchen sink (“There’s no bottom!” -Paul), student, ape (Erich as Bubbles the Poo Flinger), and conqueror (“I, um, was hoping, um, you’d, like, surrender? -Paul).

In Short Cutz, an ancient cat was sold for Vegas money, tickets were bought for Sigfried and Roy (with Erich as a tiger who attacked Joe), and Ed went to the Mad Hatter for therapy. Poor Ed kept seeing visions of the Tooth Fairy and a Jedi frolicking.

And scene!

BYOI – After Dark

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The lights were off but the fun was on in Warwick this Sunday, as Ryan, Paul, Evan, Krissy, and Ed put on a show with the power out at the Warwick Museum of Art.

Our FAM for this show was Andrew, a young man who enjoys sports, Jim Carrey movies, and playing guitar. Andrew is in college, pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, and hopes to travel to Europe.

The first game we played was Six Pack, where Krissy & Evan tried to ‘git some tar on a roof, Ryan and our FAM attended a meeting of the Jim Carrey Appreciation Society, and Paul & Ed talked smack about Andrew’s girlfriend.

After Paul warmed us all up by playing his famous Audience Theramin, we moved on to Grand Theft Auto. Cars were taken over by Dirty Wisconsins, Dark Wing Duck, Dancing Walrusses, and Dumbwaiters.

Andrew joined us again to play a quick game of Typewriter, where we told the story of his life, titled “Two Way Street.” It involved Andrew and his friend Twitchy Steve, who went to a 7-11 and then to London, where they met Big Ben. Unfortunately, Big Ben was infested with mice, and was also a wizard. Fortunately, they all had a birthday party.

Ryan played the role of Madame Zelda, having to guess that our audience member would be 1) Taken in the rapture, 2) Electrocuted, and 3) Win a million dollars, but only if they had exactly one Slushie per day for the rest of their life. Madame Zelda had some difficulty with the first item on our list, guessing that our audience member would be involved in thunder, or lightning, or rain, or angels, or moose in the sky, or praying, or a car accident, or singing, or explosions, or rapping, or killing Tupac, or crashing stocks, or discovering Atlantis.

After the lights came back on, we played Alphabet in a mansion “queerly” full of bathrooms. Krissy & Evan argued about hot dogs at Fenway, and Ed tried to give himself an X-Ray. We ended the first half of the game in “the middle of nowhere,” where Ed asked “Gary, why are we in Iowa?”

Paul and Evan showed us all how “Yes, and” works, while waiting for a bus south of the border, followed by a round of “Angels & Demons.” Ed and Krissy told the tale of two men (played by Ryan and Evan) who went to buy some fireworks, then moved to New York, where they were unemployed, and arrested, and paroled to South Dakota, where they realized that sheep and fireworks do not mix, and attempted to put out the fire with a fire hose full of gasoline.

Pavolvian Response had Ed, Paul, and Evan attending a Three Stooges Convention, where they wanted to see “less Moes, not mo’ Moes,” and it was decided that “even if you’re hitchhiking across the country, you never eat at an Arby’s.”

Everyone participated in Slogans, where we suggested slogans for Soap (“For washing your face! Avoid eyes”), Deodorant (“How to shower, the Irish way”), Staplers (“Why you go to Staples”), Weddings (“Where the bridesmaids aren’t interested”), Art Exhibits (“A great place to see Improv”, “Where you go to think ‘I can do that!'”, “Have a goodentime at the Guggenheim!”), Class Reunions (“Guess who got fat?”, “Where you can see all the bullets you dodged”), Metallica (“Friendly guys, playing angry music”), and Bob Marley (“Poster now available at Spencer Gifts”).

Shortcuts had Ryan, Ed and Evan sniffing markers and visiting the school nurse. Oscar joined us and showed us his first day at the DMV, where he found it more efficient to stamp faces. Ed and Evan stacked babies until the cops showed up (“You kickin’ babies on my watch?”). Krissy was a dangerous girlfriend on the loose. Everyone proposed to each other, and Ryan had two idiot brothers and one in an a cappella group.

Finally, we wrapped things up by singing a round of Do Run about our audience member Dan.

And scene!

BYOI Still on!

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Hey everyone,

Just a heads up. I know there’s no power in the area, but BYOI After Dark is going on at the Warwick Museum of Art. We have emergency lights, so come play with us…in the dark!

BYOI – Birthday Celebrations!

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Hi everyone!

Today BYOI performed in a special birthday show in Cranston, RI for Carolyn’s 8th Birthday. The cast consisted of Daniel, Joe, Ryan and myself.

Daniel opened the show with a brief introduction, and then we jumped right into our FAM interview. Daniel and Ryan interviewed Carolyn, where the audience learned of her love for Barbie and the Three Musketeers and vanilla cake. Carolyn also expressed that she is unsure if being 8 years old will top age 7, she hopes to receive lots of toys, and that if she could go anywhere in the entire world she would choose Connecticut to see her grandparents and look at their lawn from their balcony.

Next up Daniel and Carolyn reviewed the greatest movie ever. The movie was all about Carolyn’s life, complete with talking lions, magic diamonds, allergic reactions to fruit, and tomato filled volcanoes. But don’t worry, the movie still received a five star rating from Carolyn.

Next, I warmed the audience up with animal impersonations.

Remake followed, and began with Ryan and Carolyn at a museum’s dinosaur exhibit. Carolyn discovered the world was actually in the shape of a triangle during prehistoric times, leading to many interviews, a press conference, and a book written by whispering into the ear of a robot (Joe). In the next Film Noir version, Joe and I were joined by an audience member and they were able to see even more exhibits, though they somehow forgot about the robot along the way. In the final “sillier” version, everyone leapt around and ended up impersonating dinosaurs. Roar!!!

What Are You Doing was next, and several of Carolyn’s friends took the stage with the cast. I wound up digging a lot of holes, and a lot of birthday candles were blown out.

Carolyn’s father Tom hosted a party in Party Quirks with some interesting company. Miley Cyrus was on the initial guest list, but was replaced by Albert Einstein (Daniel), a person impersonating a kangaroo (Joe), and everyone’s favorite 6 (or 8?) sided shape, the hexagon (Ryan).

Carolyn’s favorite game, Freeze Tag, was the second to last game of the night, and had some interesting scenes about dog whisperers in scientific laboratories, lying on the ground after running a marathon, and volcanoes (again).

Do Run was the last game of the night, where the cast sang a song about Carolyn’s birthday.

Happy birthday again to Carolyn! It was great to celebrate your party with you! 🙂

And Scene!

BYOI – Gooooooal!

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Hello fellow BYOI fans! If you weren’t at the Sunday show, you missed out. Erich was the evening’s fabulous host, and he was joined by his equally fabulous castmates Anthea, Daniel, Ed, Joe and Oscar.

While Oscar and Joe interviewed our FAM, Meghan, we learned that she’s homeschooled, likes history and Elvis, and volunteers with her family. Like a true Rhode Islander, Meghan mentioned that her best friend just moved…all the way to Coventry. When she’s not volunteering, she enjoys cheering on her brother at his hockey games.

Daniel and Meghan were Movie Critics in the film about Meghan’s life. The cast played out a few scenes, including a treasure hunt, being made the new Caesar, and Kim Kardashian’s death by opera.

Anthea warmed everyone up by having the audience yell out their names and favorite colors.

In What Are You Doing, the cast drank from the ocean, played parcheesi with Romans, and found a personal girlfriend.

Joe hosted Quickest Minute, with Erich, Ed and Oscar performing a biopic about Abraham Lincoln. They named lincoln logs and celebrated the war being over…the twist is that they named the logs after Steve, not Lincoln.

Ed hosted a party in Party Quirks. Daniel was a pencil, Anthea was Simon Cowell, and Joe was Mr. Popper’s penguins. My favorite line from Ed was, “Penguins don’t sing. It’s a widely known fact that they sing just as well as Paula Abdul.” Ouch.

Serious Scene started off in a ski shop and ended with Joe bringing a very nervous Anthea up the ski lift. Because improv is awesome, Ed played the ski lift.

After a quick break, Daniel and Ed were kneading dough and Yes And…

The entire cast played Six Pack. Daniel had Africa imprinted on his head by Oscar, Anthea was fawning over Joe as Elvis, and Erich and Ed started off with food poisoning. It went crazy from there, and I believe each pair said, “I just ate half of Malaysia!”

Daniel was eliminated on the first line in Questions, bit then recovered to finish up with Joe.

Audience member Tom was the witness to a horrible crime in Interrogation Line Up. Daniel was the officer helping Tom interview suspects. The guys all pointed to FAM Meghan as the culprit, but finally Ed confessed to painting a dog in a church with Molly Ringwald.

Anthea hosted Famous Last Words with the cast and Tom, and everyone learned the last words of 8 tracks, Frank Sinatra, goalies and liver. Someone may have made a Steve Jobs joke, but I’m not naming names.

In Short Cutz, the cast was looking for the doors to leave a marriage and meeting the future in-laws.

Finally, the night ended with a fun rendition of Do Run.

Don’t forget to see us again next Sunday, same time and same place.

And scene!

BYOI – Never Say Never…Wait, Never Mind, He’s Dead…

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Hey folks. Ryan here, reporting on what was another fun night at Improv Boston for our 10/14 show. Our cast featured Ed, Paul, Anthea, and myself.

Our Featured Audience Member for this show was none other than Simon, a man of few words and little motivation to go get a job. However, if the job was at the library, then he might consider it. Also, if you see one movie on DVD in the next 37 months, make sure it is X-Men: First Class. Simon says gave it tremendous praise by stating that “it was pretty good all over”. I’m not sure if he meant that it was awesome when the credits rolled, or that we have a new Citizen Kane.

We then went into a quick game of FAMsaw, where Paul’s medical expertise taught us that gynecologists always use cold water. That way, everything is consistent with the cold tools, cold hearts, etc. And when it comes to the difference between books and magazines, it is all about the subtle things.

Paul warmed up the audience, and we were soon on to a game of Catch Phrase, featuring the the phrase “Don’t touch me there” and the question “Are those real?”. You would think the scene could only go one way with options like those, but Ed was able to show us…yeah, it really could only go one way from there…

I was then put under the hot lamp in a game of Good Cop, Bad Cop. Our audience member was very considerate of our short amount of time by giving me a great clue that I killed Justin Bieber. Although it did take me a while to figure out it was with breast implants. How can something so fun be so cruel to America’s Angel?

We closed the night out with a little Freeze Tag, where it appeared things were getting hot and heavy, but really the girl from the audience just wanted to take our wallets. A good time was had by all, followed by even more good times with Active Ingredients.


BYOI – Satan or Sam

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Hello everyone! Last night’s family friendly show was hosted by Paul. He was joined by Daniel, Ed, Erich and Evan.

The FAM was Rose, who is from China. She came to the US two months ago, and would love to visit Boston and New York. She likes to make noodles and eggs and is a fan of “Raising Hope.”

First up was Growing and Shrinking, which the entire cast.  A few highlights were Paul as a New Yorker getting sent away by Bostonians, losing things on the highway, and a cat saying, “Me…ow.” This was a play on two things: “Ni hao,” which is how you say “hello” in Chinese, and as Evan put it, a Christopher Walken cat.

Ed warmed everyone up and had them act like dinosaurs.

The guys played Tableau, which “is French for…something,” according to Ed. China, unemployment and eggs were the topics. In the egg tableau, Daniel was an angry farmer, Evan was dumping eggs, Erich was a weasel eating the eggs, and Paul was the absence of eggs.

The bromance “Bread and Butter” was redone twice in Remake, because Daniel just wasn’t satisfied with it. It was about two Amish guys making bread and butter, and then going bowling. The ball ended up stuck on Erich’s hand, and he lost a finger when Paul pulled it off. Don’t worry, it was reattached with adhesive, aka “peanut butter for the finger.” Evan and Ed then showed us their version, where everything was made from scratch to save money for bowling. Even better? The finger was grown back. Finally, Paul and Ed played as a couple in the romantic remake.

Erich was the shrink in Marriage Counselor, helping Evan and Daniel. Evan had a gross habit of collecting earwax, while Daniel was very obsessed with Oprah. The two of them were having issues with going to the bathroom together.

This was followed by Short Cutz, with battery shopping, a rap trio, tiger hunting, pygmys, and a dough fight.

Daniel and Ed taught everyone to be an expert in Yes and That’s How It’s Done.

Two audience members were the ad libbers in Pillars. Audience member Connor joined the cast in a scene about a pizza in a hockey locker room. Did you know you can catch the flu or chewing gum from a pizza that smells like feet? Neither did I. Good to know.

Audience member Eliza was late for work in Excuses, Excuses. She was late to work because she lost her car keys, her coffeemaker didn’t work, and she broke a chicken. Her boss, Ed, was understanding about the first two reasons. Erich, Paul and audience member Megan played the mimes helping Eliza out.

Back In My Day, Evan didn’t have China, so there were jobs; Erich didn’t have Boston, so New York ruled the world; audience member Rachel didn’t have babies, so wild monkeys were domesticated (and Paul woke up refreshed); and Evan didn’t have roses, so boyfriends had more money.

Paul hosted Revolver so the rest of the men could play. The four topics were Yucatan, mortician, video games and camping.

The last game of the night was Beastie Rap. Ed, Evan and Connor battled Paul, Daniel and Rachel. Raps were about the circus, a cat, a map and the color blue.

And scene!

BYOI – The Angry Librarian!

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Here we are in Boston again folks with myself, Ken, Ed, Paul and one of our newest cast members Liz!  We start things off with our FAM, Joanna, a librarian who is particularly lazy, would like to have a lot of money to be lazy and spends a good amount of time in the Medford adult book stores.

We start off with a game of Highlander where only angry librarians were allowed and where Ed was the only one left in the now sad library.  Next up Liz warmed us up with a little dewy decimal chant.  Then we moved onto Angels and Demons where Paul and an audience member found out that a pick ax once to the face makes a zombie, but twice just won’t work!  Then in Excuses, Excuses Ken was late to work at the bowling alley because he got a flat tire and his dragon broke his wing.  We finished off with a center piece where Kiwi’s are edible, LSD was used to bring back the dead and all Trojan horses are now sealed with cement.

After us Shenanigans hit the stage with their fast paced funny set!

And Scene!

BYOI – Heroes On a Pasta Shell

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Hello fellow improv fans! Tonight’s family friendly show had a smaller cast than usual, but it was still a ton of fun. Evan, Ed and Erich joined host Paul.

Marbeth was FAM of the night. She and her husband Sean have been married for a long time, and they work with the homeless. Marbeth grew up singing, has 4 children, and is a Yankees fan, since she’s originally from upstate New York.

The guys started off playing Day in the Life, with Erich as Marbeth. In the scene, Erich and Evan were working in a soup kitchen, and then started making wine to surprise the homeless people. They also participated in the census, and sang Olivia Newton-John songs.

Ed warmed everyone up by having them make barnyard sounds and poses, with their eyes closed.

After warmup, Ed hosted Rope. Audience member Megan joined Erich, Paul and Evan. They smashed bricks, kicked gorillas, ran for Congress, and imagined the Tigers winning the World Series. They were successful at some of these things.

The rollerskating rink mystery “Round and Round and Who’s Behind Me?!” was reviewed by Evan and Ed. Erich played Sarah, a girl who was on a date with Paul. Unfortunately, he had to work, so Sarah skated alone, while looking super cute in pink skates. After crashing into someone and going for surgery, it was discovered that Sarah was actually a Muppet. The film ended with Sarah back at the rink going on a tazing spree. It was quite a thriller.

In Serious Scene, Ed wwas fired halfway through for not making anyone laugh, in a short about an ocean factory and penguins in bowls.

Paul went to get his fortune told by Madame Zelda. Erich used his super shiny crystal ball to communicate with the spirits played by Evan, Ed and an audience member. Paul was quickly told that he would lose a finger, followed by a leg the following week. After switching to a shinier crystal ball, the spirits were able to communicate properly to let Paul know he’d crash his sled into a wall.

After a short break, Erich and Ed were going to karate class in Yes and That’s How It’s Done.

The guys were joined by one of the FAM’s daughters for Quick Scenes. Some scenes included Erich singing while brushing his teeth, a ferris wheel falling over, Ed playing “Chopsticks” alone, and a cat in a tuba.

Ed was the shopkeeper in Everything Emporium. He sold Evan a purple pizza making unicorn and audience member Caitlyn a spaghetti shooting firehose. Unfortunately for Paul, Ed was able to guess that Paul needed a pink record player that also makes ice cream, but he didn’t have any in stock.

The FAM’s husband Sean joined the guys, Megan and Caitlyn in Story, Story, Die. A fencing instructor had to put animals behind a fence because they stabbing people. Sean was the first to die, while Evan almost won before losing to Megan.

Meanwhile…back at the gym, electronics store, and space, crazy antics led up to a Sarah Maclachlan commercial, that ended at the house of the person whose day she ruined by showing deformed puppies.

The guys finished out the night with Sing It. Marbeth seemed to have a blast with the bell, because she made them to a ton of singing.

And scene!