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BYOI – Happy New Year!

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It was a cold night in Providence, and BYOI was warming up the crowd of 300+ at the URI Shepard Building for Bright Night. As part of Bright Night of Improv, BYOI played before Improv Jones and Laughletics. Daniel started off the show by introducing John, Erich, Joe, Stephanie and Erin.

The evening’s FAM was Brandon, who is 13 and has a twin named Patrick. He likes basketball and watches Sportscenter in the morning. When Brandon’s not busy being the evil twin, he’s very intense, according to Patrick, the creative twin. If he has a superpower, he’d have super speed and use it to take money.

Joe hosted FAM Highlander with a Scottish accent. The men joined Stephanie in a scene about the twins, a basketball collage, and tons of glitter and love. Oh yeah, and Red Bull. The three guys were knocked out first, before Stephanie performed the scene alone.

Next, Stephanie introduced BYOI to the latecomers, before John lead everyone in an exciting chorus of “Alright” “Okay” and “Oh yeah!”

Tableau was fun with the addition of 3 audience members. In the video game tableau, Daniel was the two-bit graphic, Erin was a goomba and Joe was the Princess in another castle. The giraffe tableau featured Stephanie as the highest leaf in a tree, and the sombrero tableau featured Erich as nachos and cheese.

Erich was Madame Zelda and had to tell Daniel his fortune. He was helped along by his trusty spirits Joe, Stephanie and an audience member. Luckily, the crystal ball was clear, and it was easy to learn about the future. First, Daniel was going to die falling off a swing set, then come back to life to win the lottery before finally diving out of a plane without a parachute.

In Catch Phrase, Erich had to say “Why did you do that?” and “In your face!” and audience member Dan has to say “How much does this cost?” and “The dog ate my homework.” They started a scene with John very upset about Danny Devito’s performance in “Twins.”

The audience loved Back in My Day, which featured the cast, BYOI alum Mike and 2 audience members. Here are some highlights:
Back in my day, we didn’t have…
Cell phones. We talked to each other instead of texting. -Joe
Cell phones. We had pay phones. -Mike
Sushi, because we hadn’t found Japan yet. -Erich
Stoves. We had sushi. -Daniel

The final game of the night was Sing It, with Erich deciding when everyone had to sing. Time stopped because the NYE ball wouldn’t drop. Twins argued about age. John sang about being a woman. Joe shaved his head, which prompted Daniel to pull out John’s hair. Stephanie was relieved when Erin came back from a 3 year trip to Ireland for potato chips. Those were some of the fun scenes, before the big musical finish about running.

It was great to see new fans and to play with Stephanie before she goes back to London. We’ll see you at the beginning of season five on Sunday, January 8 at the Warwick Museum of Art.

Thank you to the crowd and we were glad to make your evening bright! Happy new year, and scene!

BYOI – The Root of the Casserole!

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Great night at ImprovBoston tonight with one hell of a show!  The night started off with a killer set by Auropuerto.  Then we were up, and with our FAM Adam.  He is a graduate student at Northwestern, makes robots, loves Star Trek and wants the ability to travel very fast!

First up was a game of Centerpiece where Adam was the centerpiece, Nate had a poor robot relationship, Liz liked having balloons rubbed on her and I was 14 minutes away from not enjoying my vacation to Big Ben.  Next up Nate warmed us up by hanging from a ledge and screaming our last words.  Then he got us into a game of Press Conference where I was a snap bracelet here to warn the world of an impending alien invasion.  Famous Last Words, “Well That’s All Folks!” and we finished it off with Sing it and learned how casserole can be naughty!

And Scene!

BYOI – 185 Charred Bunnies

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It was another successful night at ImprovBoston with the Beantown cast of BYOI! Tonight’s FAM member was Vanessa. She’s a stay-at-home mom who wants to live on a Hawaiian beach with a very clean superpower… and she also happens to be married to cast member Nate.

We started the show off with a game of Try This based on Vanessa’s answers. Ken and Nate started things off with a punching/massaging/terrible bus driving action. From there we moved on to shameful self-love, pterodactyl wrangling and unorthodox smoking.

After Ken’s introduction, Nate warmed up the crowd with a call to Christmas’ past. This led us into a game of Pavlovian Response. In it, Paul was the great Pavlov, while Ken and audience member Jeremy were the “dogs”. Whenever anybody was complimented, Pavlov performed a jumping jack, stress on ONE jumping jack. If anybody showed the slightest amount of enthusiasm, Jeremy began to stutter uncontrollably. And finally, if anybody said a word that began with the letter “T” Ken howled like a wolf. Thus the stage was set for a glimpse into how a Jewish family celebrates Christmas.

The next game was a lively round of 185. Nearly every member of the audience got up to help us play this one. We saw 185 vinegar’s walk into a bar (it was a vin-vin situation for them to leave), 185 Santa’s refused service at a bar (bartender didn’t want known trespassers hanging out in his business) and 185 superheroes unable to order a drink (they shouldn’t be drinking since they were supposed to be protecting the entire planet).

We ended the night with a game of Meanwhile. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the dark and surreal in this game. We performed a C-Section on a rabbit, burned people at the stake, visited an upstate New York farm of horror, played with matches and argued about the tightness of suspenders. Many questions were raised during this game while none were answered.

Thus ended the Holiday show in Boston!

And Scene!!

BYOI 2012 Family Show – Season Tickets!!!

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Want to save a bundle in 2012? You can purchase BYOI 2012 Season Tickets that get you into every Sunday Family Friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art in 2012 ! The price is a steal at just $150 per pass. Each pass will get your name on our season ticket holder list at the door so you can just walk right in. After you order, we will get your shirt size from you at a show you attend and then order you a shirt for a future show. Need a last minute Christmas present? These tickets are the perfect gift!

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BYOI – Happy Holidays!

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Twas the Sunday before Christmas
BYOI played games for their fans
At the chilly season 4 closer
Which featured Dave as the FAM

The cast was all male with Daniel as host
Along with Evan, Paul, Ed and Ryan
Sadly, Erich wasn’t there
Although Ed’s car was dying

Okay, now that was the extent of my creativity, so let’s get down to business. Last night was the last RI show of the season, and BYOI went out with a bang.

After explaining RESPECT, Dave was chosen as the last FAM of the year. He came to BYOI with his girlfriend Kate, who fixes computers. He’s a Patriots fan, and was described by Kate as “worldly” and by myself as a “Rock Band god.” He told everyone about his family and how he’d rather have a Christmas party with friends. You see, he has his mom and Aunt Sherry, who are cool. Unfortunately he has Aunt Mindy and her awful husband Luigi, who is an unemployed narcissist.

Daniel played the buzzer for FAM Holiday Dinner, which turned into a surprise Christmas party. Evan played Dave, Ryan played Kate, Paul played me, and Ed was Uncle Luigi. What happened, was everyone got together to celebrate the holidays, and Kate brought a barrel of Andes mints because they’re super yummy. When sitting down to dinner, they had to express gratitude to the Patriots. Uncle Luigi boasted that he could throw better than Tom Brady–a whole 30 yards–and I brought a cat to the dinner table. An argument was started when Dave found out Kate’s Snuggie was actually a Slanket, but everything ended up okay in the end.

Ryan then warmed everyone up while they negated everything he said.

Audience member Jarrod played Catch Phrase, and he had to say, “Do you like llamas?” and “Those lights are bright.” Daniel’s lines were, “Are you sure it was me?” and “You smell bad.” Both guys had appropiate lines because the power was out and Daniel was acting like someone from Attleboro. Ryan was extremely upset.

Next up was one of the best Remakes ever. Ryan and Paul did a short film, which was quite strange. Ryan was cracking a whip at Paul, which was only fun for the one with the whip. They decided to play a board game to relax Paul. The problem? If the dice was an even or odd number, Ryan would crack the whip. However, zero was different. Dice don’t have zeroes normally, but this one was special. Paul was sent to the lightning round where he had to name all of the state capitals…while dodging the whip. In the scifi remake, Evan and audience member Garrett were shooting aliens with a stun gun. They decided to bore the aliens by playing Risk, Sorry and Trouble. In the lightning round, Garrett had to name all two intergalactic empires. Finally, Ed and Paul redid the film in the Renaissance Period, where Paul was shading Ed with a parasol. That was a problem for Ed because he was chilly. You see, there was no heat outside, and science hadn’t been invented yet. Ed talked to the Sun, and Paul yelled at him, “It’s almost 30 miles away! It can’t hear you!” Ed ate game pieces because therapy wasn’t invited yet either, and orphans were used as currency. Trust me, this game was hilarious.

Evan was the owner of the Everything Emporium. I felt bad for him, because he had some crazy requests from customers. Audience member Cole wanted a shrinking Snuggie, Ed wanted a hammer that turned things to gold, and Daniel needed a llama that looked like Chuck Norris. Fortunately, all items were in stock.

Ryan followed that bit of insanity with an arrow to the head in Growing and Shrinking Machine. This game featured tandem surfing in mom’s basement, rowing to Valley Forge, a motley group of backup singers, and a fight between parents at a kids’ game. Ed was the coach yelling at Paul because “Your kid must do one of the following: catch, throw, swing or wear pants.”

Audience members Cole and Justin tried to warm up with the cast in Freeze Tag. Scenes took place at Geek Squad (which isn’t as impressive as Lameoid Squad, according to Daniel), the delivery room, a disturbing Christmas photo shoot, and with the Ghostbusters being called. Ryan also taught Paul how much fun it is to yell, “OUUUUTTTTT!” instead of “Safe!” in baseball, before getting stuck in many crazy positions at the freeze. The golden hammer from Everything Emporium even made an appearance.

After the break for the extended show, Paul and Ryan were on the Starship Enterprise teaching about who, what and where in Yes And…

Daniel started off Quickest Minute, retelling Rudolph, because he doesn’t like the best Christmas movie ever. Ryan played Santa and Ed played Blitzen, and they were mean to Paul as Rudolph, in an Oscar-worthy performance. Santa called Rudolph “Freaknose”…poor Rudolph. The guys called the 30 second version with an added love scene, “The best 30 seconds of my life,” before fighting off robots in the crazed 10 second version.

Ed hosted a party in Holiday Party Quirks. He hosted Garrett, who thought he was related to everyone, and also the only human at the party. You see, Paul also showed up as a church and Ryan was Guitar Hero.

Paul started off Slogans for Gifts, and Jarrod and Justin joined the cast in line. Here are some of the highlights: Powertools: For making angry relatives more dangerous (Evan); Slippers: Telling everyone you’re too cheap to buy a carpet (Daniel); Apple products: There’s be a better one of me tomorrow (Jarrod); Canned Ham: Making pigs claustrophobic (Evan); and Obsolete Computers: Because grandpa can’t tell the difference (Ed) and I give this gift a C++ (Ryan).

Cole once again joined the cast in Meanwhile. This started off with Ryan psyching up Cole for Christmas, before Daniel showed up as Santa. Of course, pictures were taken with Santa and uploaded to Hipstergram…in sepia. I have a feeling the captions were in Comic Sans. Later, the guys jumped to random places, like Apple, where Steve Jobs is (featuring a purgatory app in heaven), Miley Cyrus’ house, the legal system, and an episode of “Law and Order” so Evan could be the gavel sound.

The final game of the season (awwwwww) was Do Run, which was described by Paul as “the teeball of song games.” The cast sang about Dave, his girlfriend Kate and her Snuggie, going to a party with clothed guests and therapy.

If you start having BYOI withdrawals, go here: and buy tickets to see the cast–featuring Stephanie on hiatus from taking over London–on New Years Eve. They’ll be performing at 9pm at the URI Building on Washington St at 9pm to a crowd of 300. It will be family friendly, and you don’t want to miss Stephanie, before she flies back across the ocean.

Thank you to all of you who read this all year, and for coming out to support BYOI. Special thanks to the cast for working so hard to make us laugh. Season 5 starts back up at the Warwick Museum of Art on Sunday, January 8.

Happy holidays…and scene!

BYOI – Improv (For Rent)

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Ryan here, reporting on a private gig that took place tonight at Camille’s in Providence. Wonder at the spectacle of myself, Ed, Evan, Erich, and Oscar as we perform live improv comedy…DURING DINNER!

The performance was for realtor company The Martone Group, and our FAM for the show was Karl. If you decide to sell houses for him, just bear in mind that he loves the smell of fear in the morning, caused by his pre-work intimidations. But things should smooth over by the time lunch hits. Martinis for everyone! We explored some of these moments and a few others with a bit of FAM Meanwhile.

Thanks to some of our volunteers, this editions game of What Are You Doing came full circle: we started and ended with the action “ignoring my husband”. Yikes. But the full circle thing gives it a very zen feeling, don’t you think? My chakra has never been more pleased.

I found that I will have no future as a realtor, seeing that I was late to work my first day of the job. But I swear, I had some good reasons. Mainly drunk ones. But good drunk ones.

Evan dealt with Ed and another volunteer for Catch Phrase as the group tried to work out some business with Best Buy. Our volunteer turned out to be a real go-getter, so much so that she stole Ed’s one statement: “I plead the fifth.” Yeah, there were a lot of avoidance issues in this game. Why? I’d rather not say for legal reasons. Very complicated stuff, people.

After coming up with some Slogans for things like soap and lawyers, we all brought the show to a musical close in honor of his baldness Karl. We all hope The Martone Group had a great time this evening, and if I’m ever looking for a house, I’ll let you know.


BYOI – Looking for the Right Angle

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We had a lot of fun tonight in Boston with our FAM Rachel, a high school math teacher. Her favorite shape is the right triangle and she wears a necklace with an abacus on it. She came to the show tonight with her boyfriend, friend, and “that other guy.”

Paul and Rachel started us off with a game of Typewriter, where Liz played Rachel as a math teacher whose most studious student had a major crush on her. Anthea was the math hating history teacher, whose only knowledge of math was that 14<18.

Nate warmed us up with a one line game of World’s Worst, then Paul played marriage counselor to Liz and an audience member. Liz was a compulsive lawnmower and eggplant chef whose husband had a strange emotional reaction to eggplants. It turns out he was terrified, but maybe that’s because “Vegetables don’t belong where she puts them.”

We finished off with a game of helping hands, where a small town mayor and his wife ended up decorating the Kwanza Pole and wishing their relationship was as good as Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee’s.

And Scene!

BYOI – Nailed It!

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It was a chilly night in the basement of the Warwick Museum of Art, but thankfully BYOI warmed it up. Joe was the host, and he was joined by Erich, Ed, Evan and Krissy. Daniel even surprised us by showing up for a little bit.

After going through RESPECT, the FAM was picked. Jarrod works as a pizza delivery driver and a bank teller. He went to CCRI with the goal of not being a bum. His favorite movie is “Inception” and if he could be an animal, he’d be a hawk. Why? Well, because hawks can fly and they don’t have many predators. He had this thought out. I have a smart cousin!

Ed started off FAM Pillar, with Jarrod giving random words when needed. Joe and Krissy discussed buildings falling, and Erich wore Evan, the talking dog.

Next, Joe got everyone’s blood flowing during the warmup. He took everyone shopping for a tv at the landfill.

Gnomes were in a freezer during Pavlovian Response. Erich played Pavlov, and he had to poke Krissy or Evan in the belly if they made a statement. Krissy figured this out fairly early, and made sure she asked a ton of questions. She had to act like she was at a pow wow anytime she heard the word “why.” This worked out perfect because Evan had to yell “no” if someone touched their head or face.

Ed started off What Are You Doing. The cast did everything from waxing the cat to setting up traffic cones to lecturing leprechauns, with some insulting of intelligence thrown in for good measure.

Evan hosted the Dating Game, trying to find someone for Ed. Ed had a tough decision to make as he got to know Joe, who went through the cycle of drunkenness, Krissy the stapler, and Daniel as Nelson Mandela. In the end, Joe was the lucky guy.

Did you know you can go to a bank and withdraw pizza? In Quick Scenes, you can! The cast also picked pepperoni, Facebook stalked former classmates before a reunion, and brutally denied friend requests.

After the break, Evan and Joe played a dog and an owner who switched roles in Yes And…

In Catch Phrase, Evan bossed around elves making Etch-a-Sketches. Erich kept saying “what did you get me” and “he’s not real” while Ed repeatedly said “why won’t you get off my desk” and “this is delicious.”

Joe was the director in Serious Scene, and had to fire the entire cast multiple times. The scene took place in the Chinese embassy with a plan to take over Missouri, the land of lead based toys. They discovered that takeout food is worse than mom makes, because it’s made by dad. Next, Krissy said they should take over Kansas, because it looks like a square pan. The scene ended after Erich brought a Japanese dojo and Evan requested a visa to replace his expired mastercard.

Erich and Krissy played the hands for Evan and Joe in Helping Hands. Joe put peanut butter on ham and cheese at a homeless shelter, and Evan had an allergic reaction. He was saved by mutliples shots with an Epipen. Next, the guys made feathery chicken noodle soup with whole chickens and children. Children are made from love, and the soup needed to be made with love. See? It’s not that morbid when you think of it that way.

In Famous Last Words, Ed said the last words of Bank of America were, “There’s only 99% of them.” For Hollywood, Erich said, “Rocky 3? What do you think?” while the FAM’s brother Justin said, “Thank you, M Night Shyamalan.” The last words of nail polish were, “Drink me!” from Ed and “Now for men,” from Krissy. Joe the pizza delivery guy was last heard from when he said, “Nice hockey mask.” Finally, Erich threw out the last words of Leonardo DiCaprio: “I don’t even look Italian!”

The night ended with a fun game of Sing It, with forts being built at CCRI. Krissy and Joe thought their fort was better than the one built by Evan and Ed. Some of the great songs were: Joe’s death metal, “We’re raiding the biology wing,” Ed’s showtune, “Did someone say beer?” Evan and Krissy’s heartwarming duet, “This fort is made of honesty and justice,” and Ed and Evan’s final song, “Foodstamps for tuition.”

Join us next Sunday, December 18th for the last regular show of the season, again in the basement of the Warwick Museum of Art. You don’t want to miss it!

And scene!

BYOI – Crotch Van Licker

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Hey, BYOI fans! Last night was the last Providence show of the 4th season, and it was a great one. Paul was the host, and he was joined by Daniel, Joe, John, Krissy, Ed, Erich and Evan. Oscar came with BYOI alumni Mike, Marina and Randy.

To start off the night, the FAM was picked. Zack is a friend of Randy’s, and when he came in he told me he doesn’t like improv because he’s cynical. Apparently the FAM cup gods were trying to change his mind, because his name was the one picked. Anyway, Zack is an architecture student at RISD. He likes TV and movies, and watches lots of Hulu. On 8/25/08, he suddenly decided that architecture=awesome. If he could have a superpower, it would be invisibility, although he wouldn’t use it for anything in particular. Last night, he hated Randy.

Erich introduced the first game, FAMlander. It’s like Highlander, just more fun. The entire cast played a scene about architecture. A building was being constructed, and looked abnormally tall because it was drawn from perspective. It had multiple floors to give handicapped people a challenge and because the middle floor never counts. The Italian, no, American, no, Japanese workers only worked 2 out of 14 hours, and many ethnic groups were equally insulted. It came down to John and Daniel at the end of the game. Daniel was suffering from vertigo, so after torturing him throughout most of the game, we showed him mercy and John had to perform alone.

Next up, Evan warmed up the audience with an assortment of yeses and nos.

This was followed by the most epic Chainsaw ever. The entire cast played and were joined by Marina and audience member Tim. John started the game off with a stripper in a grocery store with a pencil. After it went through everyone, plus audience member Ky who was suddenly thrown in, Erich took a wild guess and was able to get the grocery store right. Wrong occupations were a hearing tester, submarine captain and photographer; locations were train tracks and a pizza place; and most of the players guessed a can of soda or pencil sharpener as the object.

Evan and audience member Jon were mimes for Angels and Devils. Randy and Erich told a story about antiquing immigrants and homeless people eating discarded baby platypuses. It was weird.

Krissy had to guess what happened in Timmy in the Well. Lassies Paul, John and Ed had a frustrating time explaining that Dick Van Dyke got a hug in Hiroshima, and it was hilarious.

Joe introduced Growing and Shrinking Machine. Daniel started hula hooping before the rest of the cast jumped in. A guy was going to jump off a building to have a Sprite, Ed found out who licked his van, and an altar boy kneeled and mooned a congregation made up of children.

Oscar played guitar with his fellow commentator Paul in Greatest Hits. Joe, Daniel, Krissy and John were the singers during this infomercial for an 18 1/2 disc boxed set. John’s song was about driving to his girlfriend during a snowstorm. He sang, “Ohhhh baby, I wanna touch your wrist and lick the back of your knee.” Now, that’s romantic! Joe was a drunken blues singer for the song, “My Chicken Boney Girl.” Dan and Krissy sang a pop tune in gibberish, before quartet sang a Nickleback-esque song about rock n roll being gone and forgetting the words.

After the break, Ed and John gave a lesson in knowing your status until it changes in Yes And…

Tableau turned crazier than usual. In the future, Daniel drove the Delorean 8mph, but it was fast enough for Evan to be the flames coming off the tires. For the tableau about music, Paul was a cd holding up a couch, which was played by Daniel. While John sat on the couch, Evan played the misunderstood lyrics in the corner. For the recession tableau, Joe was jumping off a building in Detroit while the stock market crashed.

Next up, Evan had his fortune told by John in Madame Zelda. The spirits in the ball were Krissy, Joe and Erich. John had some trouble and needed a bigger crystal ball and a cookie break to get his inner eye to work. Evan eventually found out he’d lose his watch, get caught in a photocopier and was going to blow up his oven by putting an unwrapped turkey in it. Erich played an awesome turkey.

Ed hosted World’s Worst, with the addition of Randy, Mike and audience member Andrea. The cast was so excited that they started playing before Ed could explain the game and ask for volunteers. John reminded everyone that we’d just seen the world’s worst psychic. For the worst architect, Erich said, “More Legos,” and Daniel realized that “52 cards was not enough for a second floor.” Randy’s worst future self would get it on with ladies.

Short Cutz was kind of crazy, but in a good way. Randy was swimming in an empty pool, then bungee jumping upside down, and finally giving birth–all in the same position. Daniel took his place as a wishbone pleading to not get pulled apart. There was a six person massage going on in an office. Ed was a chair that had dirty things happening in it. Oscar played Santa to Krissy, Randy, Evan, Joe and Paul. Erich showed off his biscuit making talents. Daniel’s wife of four days cheated on him with chickens. Finally, a wedding was supposed to take place. The groom was reluctant, the bride was excited about marrying up, and Ed was in the front pew texting. He ended the game with, “OMG you guys, I’m totally the mayor of this church!”

The last game of the night was Do Run, which had two rounds. The first round was about our FAM, Zack. Daniel wasn’t satisfied with ending our final Friday show, so round two was about a guy named “Next” and it was much better.

Don’t forget, we only have two family friendly Sunday shows left for the season, with the last show on December 18. This will be followed by a great show at Bright Night in Providence on New Year’s Eve to a crowd of 300. You don’t want to miss it, because Stephanie will be here.

And scene!

BYOI – Honeybadgers and Sandwiches

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Tonight’s Boston show was a wonderfully fun show. Our FAM member was Izarys, a graduate student studying chemistry at MIT from Puerto Rico. She has a love of dogs and an older brother who loves Xena.

We got things going with a game of Sing It. The opera told the story of a poor man with a dying dog named Hercules visiting the worst veterinarian in the world. Liz graced us with 3 songs gleefully depicting the death of a beloved family pet, while Nate provided doo wop backup and a song of his own.

After Liz warmed up the crowd, Anthea channeled her inner Madame Zelda to see the future for a troubled individual, with the help of a ghost of course. Madame Zelda predicted the destruction of poor Nate’s house by a tornado, the eating of his last jelly doughnut (NOT a sandwich), and his impending affair with Herman Cain. Again, we must reiterate there were no sandwiches associated with any future events.

Next came a game of World’s Worst with members of the FAM. We saw horribly aggressive romantic comedies, crack addicted cab drivers, race car driving honey badgers who care a lot, and a flamboyant Batman.

We ended the show with a game of Freeze Tag. Liz practiced her terrible terrible stretching, FAM member Seamus proved that men can indeed become pregnant and Anthea found a less than supportive husband in a time of need. Thankfully, there were no more honeybadgers or sandwiches.

And Scene!