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BYOI – How is this going to prepare us for Blue Man Group?

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Only took 4 tries to get this picture JUST right!

Hey Look, it’s my first Blog entry!! Too bad it’s because poor Kerri is feeling sick. Did you have the bad fish too? 😉

The show began with Ryan leading the audience through RESPECT and he was quickly joined by Daniel, Joe, Krissy, Paul, and Ryan.

Tonight’s show saw long time audience member Andrea finally be chosen to be the FAM, though Daniel swears she had been the FAM before. (It’s not nice to swear Dan) Andrea is a Supervisor for Seabra Supermarkets whose boss Felix is humorous and bubbly. She really looks up to her cousin Alisa and spends the holidays at Aunt Diane’s (it’s so clean) and two of her troublesome uncles Allen (anti-social) and Mark (shouts obscenities – DANG!). She hates Lindsey Lohan who drives her nuts and ruins everything she touches but she likes Harry Potter, but not “like like”… just one “like” which is, like, really confusing….

Our first game was FAM Party Quirks where Andrea was hosting a party and had to guess her party guests (Ok, we really sent her out of the room so we could talk about her…I mean, those shoes ok, ok, I kid). Joe was Aunt Diane, Krissy was Lindsay Lohan, Ryan was Harry Potter, Daniel was Uncle Felix, and Paul was cousin Alisa. Andrea was able to guess Harry Potter in the shortest time ever when Ryan simply said “Brilliant!”….I think she watches too much Harry Potter!

Krissy then warmed up the crowd by having everyone be the annoying car alarm (and don’t think that I didn’t notice that frequent Audience member Jackie didn’t stand up!!!).

Once the audience was warmed up, we played Questions where Dan hogged up the entire game by never getting bumped out for not asking a question. Scenes included TV Dinners, TV, Tissues and buying a house.

Next we played Movie Critics where Joe and Andrea told us all about the newest Romantic Comedy called Magic Lamp starring Lindsay Lohan and Matthew McConaughey as a postal worker and UPS employee who fall in love despite working for rival shipping companies. We learned that UPS does not accept unpackaged frozen Omaha Steaks and that Lindsay Lohan can easily escape any prison by simply turning sideways and walking thru the bars!

Good Cop/Bad Cop was up next where Good Cop Daniel and Bad Cop Paul interrogated Ryan until he admitted that he and Accomplice John Travolta were guilty of knocking the ice cream out of the hands of children at Walt Disney World.

In Say It Again, Daniel kept everyone on their toes as Joe and Andrea discussed Muppets, cooking with a hammer, and belly aches while cruising on their party boat. Then Krissy and Ryan were wrestlers who sent valentines, realized that Krissy was related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex due to her tiny arms, and finally got maried.

After the break, Joe and Ryan taught us all about doing something very specific together, but talking about something else in Yes And… where they were workers on an assembly line.

Saturday Morning Cartoons was next and Audience member Chris joined the cast. The evil villians Weed Whacker (Joe), Mr. Lumberjack (Daniel), and Mrs. I buy fashion to make poor children cry (Krissy) were out to strip golf courses of their grass. Foiling the evil plan were our heroes, Anti-evil emperor penguin boy (Paul), Elastic face man (Ryan) and Who Farted? Man (Chris). Remember Who Farted? Man’s motto…”Whoever smelt it, dealt it!”

We then moved onto Press Conference where Daniel was Harriet Tubman pitching her new line of underground railroad Laser Printers to reported Joe, Ryan, and Andrea.

Back In My Day saw us complain about TVs, cars, iphones, and Christmas. “Back in my day, we didn’t have cars, we walked” (Paul – well duh), “Back in my day, we didn’t have TVs, we had a bird that pecked his beak into slate.” (Erich)

In Freeze tag, Andrea and WMOA’s Director, Patty’s niece (who’s name I can’t remember – sorry) joined the gang for scenes including armadillos, flip-tending, pulling teeth, knighting ceremonies, pebbles of love, heart attack charades (RED FOXX!), small low tables, surfing lessons, flocks of birds in flight, slow motion bad year book photos, and lice-ridden monkey detectives.

Finally, we wrapped the show up with a Do-Run song where Deb got some sleep, went shopping in some stores, and met a man named Steve who could cook and came with a stove but was left at the mall.

The 3rd Annual Other 9-5 Show is next Friday, as in 5 days from now. Come and enjoy the craziness in your pajamas. We’ll have a larger cast than usual, including some of the Boston cast, and you’ll get free breakfast at the end. It’s at the Warwick Museum of Art next Friday into Saturday, and will cost $20. You don’t want to miss it.


BYOI – Over 100 MPH

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It was a fun night at 95 Empire, even if we were a castmember down due to bad fish. Paul, Daniel, Joe, Krissy and Oscar did a great job entertaining the audience.

Paul taught everyone about RESPECT, and then was joined by the rest of the cast.

Chris is one of our regular audience members, and he was finally picked as the FAM. He works at as a business process analyst, which has to do with controlling costs on warrantees. If he had a muscle car, he’d become a stunt driver so he could drive 100-something mph. Since Chris just happens to be the boyfriend of our wonderful castmember Krissy, Daniel and Joe had to grill him. They met at work, and went to dinner and the aquarium for their first date. Chris and Krissy debated what she had for dinner that night. They like to go to the movies and Chris says he’s like Beast from “Beauty and the Beast” but only after the transformation back to a prince, because he’s not hairy. Ever the dutiful boyfriend, he said if he was abducted by aliens, he would miss his girlfriend before his car. He’d also trade his soul for a whole bunch of money.

FAM Pillar was the first game that Chris played, which started off with Daniel and Joe trading their souls. Oscar tried selling glass eyes, while Krissy and Paul discussed their love of pigeons on a plane. Somewhere along the way, screws were needed to get hair out of peanuts, and a speeding ticket was gotten for going 200mph.

Joe then warmed up the audience by getting them ready for a trip. Everyone frantically packed before rushing to the plane.

After being warmed up, it was the perfect time to play Highlander. A family was arguing about why “the rug be in the kitchen” and in a twist, Daniel was the first one eliminated. Anyone who’s seen Highlander recently knows that Daniel usually is the last one standing. This time it was Oscar, and he did great performing alone.

Chris was late for his job at McDonalds in Excuses, Excuses. He faced a very angry boss, played by Krissy, but thankfully was backed up by Daniel, Paul and Joe. After explaining how he had a dentist appointment, was in a funeral procession and was abducted by aliens, he was able to keep his job.

Audience member Coburn joined the cast for Post It, which had some crazy suggestions from the audience. Some weird combinations were: proctologist & Hogwarts, Ronald McDonald & the Death Star, traffic cone & teacup, and fire extinguisher & Temple of Doom.

The cast was led by Joe in Revolver, and was one of my personal favorites of the night. Daniel and Krissy were a tortured contractor and an uber picky homeowner. Throughout the game, the amount of time a front step had been built—and rebuilt—went up to a crazy 7 years. Oscar and Daniel started off speaking in gibberish on a beach, while Oscar was a robot who “runs off of love” and was dancing on Paul’s rug. Finally, Krissy and Paul were trying to get money from a piggy bank without breaking it open.

After the break, Oscar and Paul talked about something else while doing something in Yes And…

The cast and Chris seemed to have fun with Saturday Morning Cartoon. Sour Patch Man, Margaritaville and Flip Flop Girl were going to steal liquor from bars in South Beach while slapping everyone with flip flops. Thankfully, Wet Dog Boy, PTSD Guy and Sweater Vest Man saved the day (and South Beach’s drunks!)

Oscar was Pavlov in Pavlovian Response, and he had to do jumping jacks each time someone said “hi” to him. With help from Daniel and Paul, Joe cried for his mom and Krissy mooed for most of the game.

Coburn and Chris joined in for World’s Worst. If you’ve ever seen Coburn in a line game, he likes to throw out the groaner jokes, and tonight was no exception. He and Oscar were Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston as the worst parents, and later,  daycare providers. Joe and Chris wisely said they didn’t know what the worst girlfriends were, since their girlfriends were in the room. Coburn burned the people of Earth like ants as the worst Greek or Roman God. Paul was the worst parent, being just fine with the kids raiding the liquor cabinet.

Krissy hosted Follow That Action, which took place at a Chinese restaurant. After a long bathroom break making a different kind of pu pu platter, cooks went to work in the kitchen. Joe had to serve Paul and Coburn, with Daniel translating. Oscar wouldn’t high five Joe because of scabies, and then served it to Coburn, who was upset about scabies in his shark soup. Thankfully, Joe had some eczema soup on hand to make it all better. Throughout the game, Russia ended up falling into the ocean. Sad.

The final game of the night was Curtain Call, with Oscar on guitar. The cast sang about the freaks of Thayer Street, visiting Italy for beer, driving a fast moped, unicorn My Little Ponies, and ended up drunk.

The 3rd Annual Other 9-5 Show is next Friday, as in one week from now. You must come and enjoy the craziness in your pajamas. We’ll have a larger cast than usual, including some of the Boston cast, and you’ll get free breakfast at the end. It’s at the Warwick Museum of Art next Friday into Saturday, and will cost $20. You don’t want to miss it.

And scene!

Without Advice: The Search for Erin – Part 2: The Epic Journey Continues!

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Greetings and salutations,

Once again, I have decided to go into the wild, blue yonder in search of my lost advice-filled companion, Erin. You might be asking yourself why I would try again, considering the very public and very one-sided rivalry that makes up our relationship. In that sense, she is the yang to my yin. I have a lot of pent-up hatred going on here, and I don’t think it is fair to release it on small children. If anything, I need to find her so I can make fun of her.

With that in mind, it is time for the second chapter of:

In the first part of my quest, I traveled to Monaco and scoured it’s beloved landmarks. While my search did not end successfully, I did manage to get myself kicked out. So at the very least, I didn’t half-tush my exit. However, I remain determined to find Erin. So where do I go next? What exotic local will I trek? What adventures and law enforcement await me? It’s time to find out in the second chapter of this thrilling quest!

Sim Sala Bim!

Part 2: Newport Creamery, Garden City, Cranston, RI

Nope. Not in there. I thought I saw Ed, though. But it was a coat rack.

Until next time, faithful readers! Remember, three Awful Awfuls and the fourth is free. I love you.

– Ryan

Without Advice: The Search for Erin – Part 1: Monaco!

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Greetings friends and otherwise,

As many of you know, Erin and I offer the weekly advice column He Said, She Said, where we take questions from you and give our level-best answers. You might have noticed that we did not have the column this past week. And why was that? Well, my lovely partner in crime (and by lovely I mean not lovely) Erin did not send me her advice to be posted. “For shame”, I thought. Then I thought, “I need to use the bathroom.” But after that I thought, “Say, this is very unlike Erin. Even under the toughest of deadlines, she still comes through with the column.” This led me to one final thought:

She’s gone missing. And it is up to me to find her.

Still, I don’t want to be grim about this sort of thing. So in an attempt to remain optimistic about the whole thing, I assumed that she went missing in beautiful Monaco! So onward, faithful readers, so that we might find my trusty comrade!

Sim Sala Bim!

Part 1: Monaco!

Ah, beautiful Monaco! Never have the obscenely rich been so obscene. So why would an everyday chump like myself go here? This search for Erin is bound to be a thrilling adventure, and no one knows more about adventure than 007 himself, James Bond. Monaco has been the location for several Bond films, including Casino Royale, Goldeneye, and Never Say Never Again (which doesn’t even count). Besides, Erin is a woman of class and would only go missing in this glorious principality. That, or she might have just wandered on the plane in a drunken stupor.

My first stop was Fort Antoine. Originally a fortress built in the 18th century, it is now an open air theatre. A perfect place for an improvisor! As I searched around this spectacular monument, I began to feel a bit “Yes, Andish” myself, to the point where I started challenging the locals to rounds of “Back in My Day”. I started with quite the zinger: “Back in my day, we didn’t have Fort Antoine! The only military architecture we had was my grandfather’s crew-cut!” This did not go over well during the retort: “Back in my day, we didn’t have Fort Antoine. No, seriously, it was destroyed in 1944, and then rebuilt in 1953. Thanks for bringing it up!” A small mob later, I decided to move on.

I then realized that if I was going to get any answers, I was going to have to go to a higher authority. So it was off to the Prince’s Palace. I figured that a prince, of all people, would be aware of what is happening in his own kingdom. Knowing that the fate of my dear friend/annoying chick that owes me money was at stake, I marched to the first authority I saw. “I demand to see your prince”, I proclaimed with vigor. The man stood confused, not knowing what to say. “Your prince, damn you! Your prince!” After a few more moments, the man looked to me and said, “Sir, you need to buy a ticket.” How dare he! Money, at a time like this. Naturally, I refused. Even more naturallyer, I was escorted out and deported back to Rhode Island. On my passport is a big stamp that reads “…AND STAY OUT!”

So my fruitful search turned out to be fruitless. Ah well. But I promise you all, faithful readers, I will not give up! I will find Erin and our column will return. If you can hear/read/understand this Erin, fear not! I will be there. Because I’ll be damned if you make me look bad with another late column.

Until next time, keep your eyes peeled and your potatoes moisturized. I love you.

– Ryan

BYOI – Kumquats Before Coconuts

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We had a large crowd tonight at the Warwick Museum of Art, with plenty of new fans. Joe explained RESPECT before being joined by Evan, Krissy, Erich and Ryan. Daniel was around taking some great photos.

The night was started off with Lindsey, the FAM. She’s an art teacher who loves music. How much does she love music? Enough to play a whopping 14 instruments! She likes comic books, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch and would enjoy being invisible.

Evan hosted FAM Pack, with Joe babysitting hellion Ryan, and Krissy and Erich playing tuba.

Ryan warmed the crowd up by bringing them through the Iron Man–I mean, Improv Man–500. Everyone won by making it to the finish line together.

In Quick Scenes, Erich fell down the pole at a fire station, the dentist was visited, and the cast had low expectations.

Joe was the shopkeeper at the Everything Emporium. He helped Krissy find a panda bracelet, while Evan needed a gold plated lightbulb and audience member Ethan needed a Justin Bieber album set at chipmunk speed.

Audience member Ron came up for Alphabet, which started off with an argumeng about kumquats befoere coconuts. A pregnant wallaby was going to birth a kangaroo, whale was on the menu, and Erich convinced Ryan that he needed to replace just about everything in his car.

In Growing and Shrinking Machine, Ryan started off practicing magic before the prom. Dwarves mined for kittens, ancient Twister was played, and island inhabitants weren’t impressed by their new neighbor–or his guacamole.

After the break, Erich and Ryan one-upped each other’s peanut butter sandwiches in Yes And…

In Saturday Morning Cartoon, Hydroman was joined by Elasticband Underwear Man and Captain Knobby Knees. They were going to open up all fire hydrants so people couldn’t park. Anyone who attempted to park would get a wedgie. Luckily, Captain Says Everything Twice Boy, Spaghetti Lass and Glow in the Dark Girl saved the day.

Erich had some friends over for Party Quirks. Joe had a bee stuck in his navel, Evan couldn’t make eye contact, and audience member Seb was obsessed with his own voice.

Seb and Ethan were the first ones eliminated in Story, Story, Die. Ryan ended up surviving to finish a story about a bookworm at Good Burger. Through the crazy story, Keenan Ivory Wayans drove a tank through Africa, a zoo was painted, and someone was blinded. Not by science, but by a peanut.

An Audience member and Daniel joined the cast for Meanwhile. Scanning wars in the Midwest featured coupon tumbleweeds, and Erich and Evan were talking brooms. They ended up in Disneyworld, before ending up in the unemployment line and traffic court.

Finally, audience members Chris and Eddie joined the cast for Beastie Rap. Krissy, Evan and Chris were the West Coast Team playing against Erich, Ryan and Eddie as the snobby Harvard kids.

Please vote for Bring Your Own Improv as Best Comedy Night and the WMOA as Best Museum in the Providence Phoenix Best Of here:

Also, don’t forget to update your calendars to join us for an 8 hour improv marathon. The 3rd Annual Other 9-5 Show is March 2 into March 3. Come get comfortable in pajamas and enjoy free breakfast with us.

And scene!

BYOI – MIT People are Ugly!

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Hey did you miss our last show recap?  It was our 300th!  Making this our 301st and it brought us to a wicked good show in the city of Boston!  The set began with Aeropuerto teaching us where to hid the bodies and why not to mess with the eye patch.  Then MIT’s Road Kill Buffet taught us how to pass a health inspection.  Finally we hit the stage and with the fantastic energy from the first two groups, we finished this off with a cherry on top!

Tonight’s cast was Ryan, Nate and Myself and we were joined by our FAM Stephen. He is a MIT Student who wants to join the Navy and loves his Oreos Double Stuffed.  Ryan and Nate start us off with his father enjoying his Oreos when Stephen comes to deliver the news that he wants to join the Navy in a sub but it is OK, because he is a robot.  Then we watch the same movie again, but as a Noir well narrated by Ryan and then finally as a Highlights video directed by Coppolla.

Next up I introduce us and get us all warmed up with our left over Valentine’s Day gifts.  Then I am out of the room, only to reenter into a game of Timmy in the Well where I learn that Beyonce got breast implants in an asbestos plant.  Thank god for the “three vests.”  Ryan dominated not only myself but two audience members in Try That on for Size while even frog hopping over leprechauns. And finally in Sit, Stand & Lie Down we learned that MIT students are not as attractive as everyone else unless they let their powers combine like Voltron.

And Scene!

BYOI – The Other 9 to 5 Show is Coming Again!

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It’s the 3rd Annual – “The Other 9 to 5 Show” and it is coming up soon!

On March 2nd the doors will open at 8:00pm and the show will start at 9:00pm.  Then for the next 8 hours we will enjoy games, prizes, fun and even free breakfast with a show that ends at 5am!

Here are the details:

What: BYOI’s “The Other 9 to 5 Show”

When: Doors @ 8pm – Show @ 9pm – Lock in @ 1am – Ends @ 5am

Where: The Warwick Museum of Art, 3259 Post Road in Warwick, RI 02886

Price: $20 per person.

Theme:  This year’s theme is a slumber party.  Come dressed in your PJs, bring a sleeping bag or blanket and get comfortable.  There will be room to set up blankets and sleeping bags up front, but room will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Special Guest: Storytime with the Wholesome Twins


  • This is an 18+ event.  Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at the event.
  • You are allowed to bring you own food, snacks and beverages.
  • NO alcohol will be allowed.
  • After 1am we will lock the doors.  You must be inside by then and plan to stay till 5am.  We ask that you only leave if it is an emergency.  This is to help comply with Warwick town rules.
  • Parking is available in the back lot.

So come out and have a blast with us all night long for an endurance race of improv!  This event has been a hit every year and we are excited to see what this year will bring!  Come play with us!

BYOI is Nominated for a Best of Providence 2012!

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Bring Your Own Improv has been nominated as the Best Comedy Night in Providence for 2012 in the Providence Phoenix and we need you our fans help to win!

Please click on the link below and vote us as the Best Comedy Night and then vote for other great favorites!  (Be sure to vote the Warwick Museum of Art as the Best Museum too!)  Then pass this link along to all of your friends and get them to vote as well!  We need all of your votes by Friday so please do it as soon as possible!

Don’t forget to follow all the way through the voting process otherwise your vote won’t count.

Thank you to all of you and here is hoping for a win!

BYOI – Cat Prince In Paris!

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Love was in the air at the Warwick Museum of Art for BYOI’s Family Friendly Show. Joe, Daniel, Paul, Erich and Erin entertained the audience, after Joe explained RESPECT.

The evening’s FAM was Kate! She repairs computers and would like to do live band photography. Her love of photography started when she was a child taking pictures of the inside of her mom’s closet. She met her boyfriend Dave online, where she also met some freaks like a crazy cat guy who thought he was a prince. Kate’s not a fan of attention and would hurt Dave if he made a big production at her workplace for Valentine’s Day, but would love to go to Vegas.

In FAM at the Movies, Paul and Kate reviewed the romance movie of her life. Erin played Kate and Daniel was the Cat Prince. They were on a date at the top of the Stratosphere which was getting a lighthouse installed. Cat Prince gave Kate a cat toy on one knee, and then he fell–or was pushed by Kate. Next, she moved from OKCupid to eHarmony. She was overwhelmed by the nerds and then was found by her royal feline loving paramour. Finally, Kate started taking pictures in the closet to improve her photography skills, when Cat Prince popped out of a shoebox. I think in the sequel, it will start off with a restraining order.

In Saturday Morning Cartoon, Ghost Cupid Man, Human Skyscraper and Banana Bandito had a horrible plan. They wanted to infiltrate OKCupid to make bad matches and then have the couples slip on bananas to fall into one another’s arms. Thankfully, Cat Prince, Blown Away Man and Coin Return Girl.

Daniel then warmed everyone up with reaction sounds to yummy, good and bad Valentine’s gifts.

Audience member Rebecca joined in for Questions. A son with a mommy complex was sued by his mom, an italian soda was mixed, and Daniel ended the game with the longest question ever uttered.

Joe was looking for a date with the help of Erich, the host of the Dating Game. He had to pick between a kitten (Daniel), Venice (Erin) and AC Slater from “Saved By the Bell” (audience member Andrea).

In Catch Phrase, Paul was having a horrible day at work. His employees Erin and Rebecca kept asking how work was and how to help, bit they weren’t very helpful. The ladies were concerned about root beer and volunteering to stay late, which wasn’t helping during breakfast.

During the break, everyone enjoyed some of Erin’s apology cake. Yum, red velvet cake! This was followed by Daniel and Erin doing a short scene about Cat Prince refusing to go to bed in Yes And…

In Lines From a Love Movie, Daniel and Andrea were cellmates at Alcatraz. Paul bought Erin a lighthouse but had no boat to bring her to it, and then made her spaghetti. This was a problem because of her gluten allergy, but luckily, Erich showed up in a boat to sweep Erin off her feet.

Erich and Andrea were the new parents in New Born, playing a pair of nail clippers and the Great Wall of China. They named their baby Uvula, which is the dangly thing in your throat. Erich made the newborn’s name even more unique by adding 4 M’s and a silent Q.

Paul hosted Slogans, while Kate, Rebecca and Andrea joined the cast on stage. Some highlights: Motor oil: Don’t let your love slip away (Erich); Cruise ships: For when the relationship’s going down (Daniel); and Taco Bell: …And this date is over (Erin).

Sit Stand and Lie Down featured Paul, Erich and Andrea. They were taking pictures of rubber bands and Paul fed Erich ammonia and clay.

The evening ended with Kate in charge of the bell during Sing It! The guys were Italian plumbers trying to catch the Princess, who just couldn’t stick to one castle.

And scene!

BYOI – I Love You Truly

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imageThe first Valentine’s Day show of the weekend was at 95 Empire, and every audience member was from Massachusetts. Rhode Islanders are wimpy and were afraid of potential snow in the forecast. Thank you to all of you who drove to see us. We were joined by ventriloquist Kevin Driscoll and Jerry.

Anyway, on to the show. Evan came by as an auidence member but ended up playing as cast. He was joined by Daniel, John, Joe and Erich. *coughwherewereyouEdandErincough*

First up, Erich went through RESPECT, before picking the FAM, Kelly, aka “Hooker.” You see, Kelly calls everyone by that name, so she gets called it back in return. Her archnemesis of the night was her coworker Natalie, who decided how to put her name in the FAM cup. Kelly works at Old Navy and likes tutus. She’d love to visit Australia because of the accents and kangaroos. She bought Natalie Spanish candy hearts, and sadly, will be working on Valentine’s Day. Ever the logical one, if she had to go on a spy mission, she’d pack clean underwear and a phone charger.

Joe and Kelly were then critics for FAM at the Movies. This wonderful romance featured male prostitutes at Old Navy, French pink and lime green tutus, and ended with a song.

Next, John warmed everyone up with statements about love.

A new game was next, called Saturday Morning Cartoon. You’ll see it at any of our February shows. Super Villains Evil Vegemite Man and I Yell At Everything Man wanted to undress the Statue of Liberty. They were thwarted by super heroes Mr I’m a Girl and Mr Turns Around Everytime He Says Something.

Kelly and Natalie were the madlibbers for Pillars, which featured Erich and Joe with candy and edible undies.

Daniel needed a date, so he went on the Dating Game. Evan helped Daniel choose between John (a spatula), Erich (Kim Kardashian) and Joe (an old man). I hope everything works out between Daniel and Joe.

Audience members Kerri and Meredith participated for Angels and Devils. Angel Erich and Devil Meredith explained the story of Evan and Kerri. They met on, but she was actually 12. There was babysitting pay for the date, an Amber Alert, and a Disney movie with strange costumes.

During intermission, Kevin and Jerry entertained the audience. They talked about social networking sites merging as one super networking site called YouTwitFace. Next, Jerry serenaded everyone.

Yes And and Helping Hands were fun after the break.

In New Born, Evan and Meredith were Bugs Bunny and a can of green beans celebrating the birth of Tylenol.

World’s Worst had some crazy things, like the worst pregnancy test (It’s multiple choice or Were you fat before?), worst Harry Potter character (Snape’s brother, Grape and Edward the sparkling wizard), and underwear (chastity belts or commando).

In Short Cutz, a gorilla squished everything, a school’s faculty had mutiple jobs because of budget cuts, and John and Evan were part of the worst cheerleading school ever.

Finally, in Do Run, the guys sang about a Valentine’s date. It started with candy hearts, then moved onto a nice car and being up all night.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out, and a special thanks to Kevin and Jerry. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our Third Annual Other 9 to 5 Show, from 9pm March 2 to 5am March 3. It’ll take place at the Warwick Museum of Art and will be $20, and includes free breakfast.

And scene!