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BYOI – Rooming With Obama

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The men of BYOI performed at the Warwick Museum of Art. Our host, Joe, was joined by Erich, Daniel, John and Paul.

After Joe explained RESPECT, Phil was picked as the FAM. Phil is from New Bedford. No, wait, Dartmouth. He makes pizza for a family restaurant and would do graphic design if he had the chance. Phil grew up in a Portuguese-speaking household, and would like to visit his mother’s village in Portugal. Proving he’s definitely unique, he gave a different answer when asked what he would do with sudden lottery winnings. He would buy the White House.

In FAM Tableau, the cast made pictures of family restaurant, rooming with Obama and NOT New Bedford. We learned that former President Bush ate the rest of the Twinkies. However, former Vice President Cheney poisoned them.

In Alphabet, John and Daniel had an argument about their child…and about their argument. Erich taught everyone an important lesson: You will get fruity breath from a Kool-Aid addiction. Just don’t do it.

Audience member Andrea jumped up for Rope, which may not make an appearance for a very long time. This was followed by Growing and Shrinking Machine.

Joe played a cowering Pavlov in Pavlovian Response. Audience member Kate had to itch uncontrollably when a face was touched, and Erich had to cry if someone said “bagel.” Apparently, Erich is in touch with his inner self, because he said “bagel” more than anyone in a scene about a family pizza restaurant. Joe was going to hand the place to his son, which would require a rename from Anthony’s…to…Anthony’s.

Daniel and Paul started with an established relationship in Yes And…

In Say It Again, John wanted light while Joe remodeled a room. Daniel and audience member Rebecca went to Ikea to buy duckies and kitties. Or did they?

John committed a horrible crime in Good Cop/Bad Cop. Paul and Erich were the cops who ended up getting a confession for changing traffic lights at the circus with Woody Allen.

Back In My Day, rocketships, landfills and appliances were different. How so? Without appliances, wedding gifts were more interesting, and the Maytag repairman was even less busy.

Centerpiece revolved around Joe, with Andrea joining in. Friends were fired, drinks were had and there was a “meatish” product.

The night ended with a fun version of Do Run, about Phil going home and visiting family.

And scene!

BYOI – Penina’s Big Day!

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We had an awesome show yesterday at Brown’s Hillel for Penina’s Bat Mitzvah!  She and all of her friends and family were there to attend.  The family is very traditional, so we did not take her picture for the Sabbath and choose to wait till today to write the blog post out of respect.  So enjoy the photo we took from outside instead.

So Penina wants to be a hunter-gatherer, loves classic rock and hates Bella Swan.  All bonuses for us!  We got to warm up with all of the kids by playing a few games. Walking like egyptians, finding our inner samurai and finding out that martian’s work in fast food and ice cream can be deadly!

Then we were downstairs for a show.  We started off with a FAM game of Highlander, where Joe had to play all four characters who had to decide between Bieber tickets or tickets to the new version of Twilight where they edited out Bella.  Thankfully Joe knew how to threaten himself with a Wii.  Next up a game of catch phrase found out that everything, including the Seder, was kept upstairs and Erich has a very loving daughter.   In What Are You Doing, we herded alpaca, attacked a cheetah and lost the Hunger Games. Finally we finished it off with The Quickest Minute where we saw the Western version of Titanic in less time than the trailer.  Although the boat may have sank a few more times than needed. “It’s sinking!” – “Already?  They should really tie it to the dock better.”

And Scene!

BYOI – Krissy’s Evil Twin

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It all started innocuously enough.  Daniel, Oscar, Evan, Erich, myself, and Krissy had all gathered at 95 Empire Street for our Friday night show.  We selected our FAM, Nick and got to know him a little better.  Nick serves as an engineer aboard a submarine and wears snazzy shoes.  When not out on patrol, he likes ballroom dancing with Stacy and Margo and hanging with his ginger buddy Will.  Nick was very lucky to be our FAM this evening since he was the winner of two tickets to an improv show at the VMA with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood.

Nick’s life served as the inspiration for our first game, the elusive Sing-a-Scene.  Oscar and Daniel provided the music and lyrics as we explored Nick’s love of dance while appreciating Stacy’s moves.  Margo couldn’t be left out however, as she abandoned her wheelchair to get on the floor.  We ended up with Nick swinging his lanyard in the air and dancing like he just didn’t care.

After our FAM game, Krissy warmed up the audience with a butterfly hunt.  Krissy informed us that we all sucked at butterfly hunting (which was our first clue), but we succeeded in eventually snagging one.

Next, we hosted a lively game of Grand Theft Auto where elbows, flying bat people and superheroes all took turns stealing our car.

In Catch Phrase, Evan led a secret mission to a remote desert island.  Unfortunately, audience member Kate had to question all of his orders and Krissy wasn’t willing to go.  She also seemed interested in having everyone lose their shirts (which was our second clue).

Next, we decided to host a party.  Oscar’s guests included a beluga whale, Ozzy Osborne, and a very strange person who seemed to spend most of the time on the floor.  Eventually we figured out that he was a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit.  Nasty.

Our last game before intermission was Alphabet.  I nearly made it through the alphabet after eliminating a few players, but got hung up on the letter X when Evan as my coach told me to get ready to start my training.  We got our last clue when Krissy came on for the letter F and said a word that can’t be repeated for our family-friendly readers.  Needless to say, we could only conclude that we had performing all along with Krissy’s evil twin!

After the intermission, Erich and Evan gave us insight into their family dynamic as two brothers on opposite sides of the law.  Their established relationship was our lesson for Yes And That’s How It’s Done.

After training up the audience we were ready for a game of quick scenes.  Our cast came up with several interesting scenes including some truly horrifying scenes regarding monthly cycles.  Ask your mother.  Or Krissy.  (The horror! The horror!).

In Excuses, Excuses, Oscar was the boss at some kind of popsicle factory that apparently abides by the 5 second rule.  Our audience member was able to successfully guess that she was late because of a protest, a herd of stampeding elephants, and having to take care of her husband who was slowly becoming younger and younger.  Sadly, her helpful co-workers Erich and Evan were fired in her place.

In World’s Worst, we tackled blenders, math teachers, dentists and more.  No one could compete with our former FAM Chris, who got the last one-liner of the night.  Unfortunately, I was too scarred from Alphabet to remember it.

Six Pack required a diagram and a play-by-play commentator.  Daniel and Evan were dealing with their grief over their dead wife/mother/sister(?) while grilling squirrels.  Oscar and Nick were obsessed with koalas.  Krissy and audience member Samson were on an embarrassing first date involving farting.  And koalas.  And obsessed waiter ex-boyfriends.  And hillbillies.  It all seemed to blend together into a single scene with lots of clapping.  And koalas.

Finally, for our last game of the night, we played Sing It run by Oscar on the guitar.  We met a trio of brothers of differing heights, attended a funeral for Chuck E. Cheese, and went on the world’s longest and creepiest elevator ride.  Although Erich, Evan, and I were singing the blues, Daniel was really the one who should have since he was in danger of being molested.  My reputation may never recover.

Thanks to our great audience for coming out tonight and congratulations to our new friend Nick, who will soon be experiencing an improv show almost as good as ours. 😉

And scene!

BYOI – FREE TICKETS – Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood!

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Want tickets to this!!! This Friday, BYOI will be giving away a pair of tickets to Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood performing at the Vets on March 30th! If you want to win these tickets, come to this Friday’s show at 95 Empire at 11pm and put your name in the FAM cup. If your name is drawn, you will win them! Holy cow! Only one name in the cup per person so everyone has a fair shot! Get there early to get your tickets! Come play with us!

BYOI – Rochester Beach

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The Warwick Museum of Art was filled with laughs for the family friendly show, which featured Erich, Paul, Krissy, Joe, Daniel and Erin.

After teaching the audience about RESPECT, Erich introduced the rest of the cast and the games began.

The FAM was Debbie, who happens to be my mom. She loves BYOI. She’s a postal carrier and is currently taking a police class for fun. She likes to have friends over on weekends. She loved laying on the beaches during her last vacation to Hawaii, but has traveled to Rochester, NY in the meantime to visit family. Keeping with the island theme, Debbie would like to go to the Greek Islands, likes the TV show “Lost” and would buy–you guessed it, an island–if she won the lottery.

Joe started off FAM Sing It , where he needed a tetanus shot after surfing the naily waters of Rochester Beach. Paul and Krissy were in a police class where Krissy ended up shooting my cat. Daniel and Joe moved streets, and a winning lottery ticket was sold.

Krissy led the audience through a warmup catching butterflies.

In Angels and Devils, Erich and audience member Kate played the storytellers, while Daniel and Erin mimed everything. In the story, our FAM went to the Greek Islands but didn’t have any money. Luckily, since she’d won this trip, she didn’t need money. However, she had to bring Alex Trebek along, Bird poop resulted in eye surgery on the beach and water fowl was neglected. The island bar had trivia, so Alex Trebek could showcase his trivia skills to win a trip to Rochester.

Paul had strange requests from his customers in Everything Emporium. Krissy needed a singing toilet brush, Daniel needed a hot dog sharpener and Erin needed a levitating swimsuit.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly taught everyone some important lessons. Daniel, audience member Chris and Erin gave the good, bad an ugly advice, respectively. For example, when your boss won’t leave you alone, you could do better at your job, hound your boss’ boss, or duct tape your boss in the basement. To prevent silence, you could yell, fart or stare down silent people.

Daniel paired up with Erich for Six Pack. The other pairings were Krissy and audience member Andrea, as well as Joe and Chris. The ladies were horrible plumbers who became teachers, while Joe and Chris were enjoying being unemployed until considering working part of the year as teachers. Daniel and Erich had the interesting problem of uncomfortable pantyhose and were trying to find solutions.

Krissy and Daniel taught a quick lesson in creating big characters in Yes And.

Joe almost played a perfect game of Questions with the cast and audience members Leah, Andrea and Chris. Erich justifiably dinged Joe out after he reminded Andrea that she wanted to lose weight, because that should never be said to a woman.

In New Born, baby Ireland was welcomed to the world. The proud parents were Joe as Benjamin Franklin and Erich as Tyra Banks.

Short Cutz started off with Krissy being too short for Dunkin Donuts. Daniel was a strict amusement park worker. He only let loud people on, but no one else because they were too short, tall, diabetic, rich or sneaky to ride. Erich spent a decent amount of time in this game sulking in the corner. Paul was a superintendent trying to convince Krissy to be a nicer cheerleading coach. She was the worst therapist ever, responding with a terse, “grow up” to every problem. Joe wasn’t spared when she knocked down his castle. Later, Erich was sent on a date and stood up to Krissy, which she seemed to like.

The night ended with Irish Song. The FAM couldn’t think of a topic, so the cast decided to sing about her daughter, yours truly.

And scene!

BYOI – S.E.E.E.D.’s of Development

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Joe here with a recap of our very special Friday night show.  We were honored to be asked to perform for the Social Enterprise Ecosystem and Economic Development’s (SEEED) meeting here in Providence.

After a great introduction from our hostess Kim, we were introduced to our FAM, Melanie.  Melanie is a student of life and social entrepreneur who has her day divided up into very precise fractional segments.  For our first game, Paul and Krissy acted out a day in Melanie’s life.  Krissy, as Melanie, lamented to her friend that she needed to learn how to live life and decided to do by following the examples of passers-by, played by yours truly.  Deciding that wasn’t fulfilling enough, Paul and “Melanie” decided what they needed to do was start up a socially conscious enterprise.  Apparently this involved stealing my recycled-paper towel water filter technology to clean up the Providence riverfront.  Unfortunately, we found out that there was no water in the river to clean.  Oh well, guess we can play frisbee for a sixth of a day!

After a quick warm-up from Krissy where we all got in touch with our inner animals, we played a game of  Try that on for Size.  Paul and I went head-to-head, mano-a-mano, for the prize of dis-associative action champion.  Sadly, I lost my belt due to Paul’s timely employment of celebrities doing unlikely things.

Speaking of unlikely things, Disney designed to re-make the Lion King again, but I guess the 3-D version blew the budget, so they had to do it Quickest Minute style.  Paul and Krissy were uncanny as lions and zebras in turn and we found out that the plot of the Lion King actually compresses to 10 seconds pretty well!  I can hear the studio calling now… or perhaps their law firm!

In Catch Phrase, the three of were the newest Harlem Globetrotters, having just passed the auditions.  Paul invented a new euphemism for sinking a free throws, “Going to the bathroom”, while Krissy wanted an orange (basketball) and wondered why it took me so long to get her one.  But all the balls are red, white, and blue!

In Good Cop/Bad Cop.  We learned that Paul and Queen Elizabeth have a penchant for filching other people’s poultry and enjoying it in a coffee bar in Amsterdam.  Or was it Copenhagen?

Finally, we got our FAM to sit in a special chair high above us to make us Sing It, Short Cutz style!  We started off tip-toeing through radioactive tulips, but fortunately we had our haz-mat suits.  After divesting ourselves of those, Krissy convinced Paul, through the power of rap, that the solution to his problems was robbing a bank.  After filling out the proper forms for me, I counted out the contents of my drawer for Paul as we sang a FAM-commanded finale!

Thanks again to the S.E.E.E.D. conference, our hostess Kim, and our FAM Melanie for fantastic evening and good food!

And scene!

BYOI – The Machinist

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The family friendly at the Warwick Museum of Art featured a trip to Oz, British Taco Bells, and of course, a FAM.

First, let’s talk about the cast. Daniel was the host, and he was joined by Joe, Evan, Erich and Erin.

The FAM was Edwin, who came from the far away land of Massachusetts. He’s a machine operator, and came to improv with his crazy driving sister, Natalie. Speaking of crazy driving…when Edwin was little, he wanted to be a police officer so he could run red lights. Edwin likes music, but wishes he could sing, and watches “Jersey Shore.”

Edwin seemed to have fun in FAM Say It Again, because once he got started, he had the cast change their lines over and over again. Daniel went to a Taco Bell in England, where Evan offered him burgers and fries…no, Minnesota tacos…no, chicken cacciatore. Joe and Erin went for a walk and somehow met the Cowardly Lion, keyed Dorothy’s car, and gave cookies to the Wicked Witch. Erin’s grandmothers gave her a glass dress, and Erich looked for a warehouse full of seals.

Evan warmed up the audience before introducing the next game.

Audience member Andrea jumped up for What Are You Doing. What were they doing? Acing a spanish exam, petting a llama, kung fu fighting and riding an ostrich.

Serious Scene was fun, with triangles and sucking air out to feel like the Moon.

Erin directed Story, Story, Die, and gleefully killed off everyone. The guys told a story of a guy who wanted to be a cop but couldn’t pass the test. He made up his own speed limits, and then went to Germany and failed there as well. Evan advised everyone that coconuts must be respected over all nuts. Daniel almost survived to finish off the story where the cop test was passed in Vatican City, but we killed him anyway.

Evan helped Daniel in the dating game. Daniel had the hard time of picking between a metronome (Erin), a canoli (Joe) and Mitt Romney (audience member Kate).

Evan and Erin gave a lesson about gifting in Yes And…

Joe and Andrea wrote the epic tale, “The Machinist,” in Typewriter. Rival workers competed in a machine-off to become Machinist of the Year. A machine that makes machines that makes socks was invented, and a secret identity was revealed. Everyone found out they were rich…as in named Rich.

Post It showcased the cast’s ability to think on their feet. They had to find ways to make the following mesh: zookeeper & Oz, excalibur & Air Force One, Foxconn & dentist, and Vatican City & Cat Prince.

Erin was the therapist in Marriage Counselor. She helped Erich stop cutting people in line and Andrea with her popcorn obsession, as well as Erich’s love of his in-laws.

Joe, Evan and Andrea were Pauly D, The Situation and Snooki in Sit Stand and Lie Down. Snooki was getting thrown out of the house because she kept stealing pickles.

Finally, the cast sang about crazy drivers in Hoe Down.

And scene!

BYOI – Fix It! It Broken!

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Hello all! This is Ryan with another show recap. Last night we had another great show at 95 Empire, featuring Evan, Erin, Daniel, Joe, John, and myself. The crowd came ready for comedy and comedy is what they got, as well as some other things they probably didn’t expect.

Our FAM of the evening was Dillon, an employee at Trinity Rep who hopes to one day be a writer. Dillon should be a chum and write me up an employee contract. The interview went swimingly, although Erin was hesitant to ask many questions, claiming it is because Dillon has been her best friend for the past five point five years. I think there are secrets being hidden. Dark, dead body in the trunk kind of secrets. We used the info that we got to play Revolver, which included divorce, pancakes, bad spies, stereotypical Russians, and tight underpants. Funny, I think I saw that show at Trinity…

After Joe warmed the audience up, we played Try That On For Size. This game just goes to show you that you can take one very awkward and suggestive motion and make it even more awkward and suggestive. In other words, it is fun for the whole family! Our actions ranged from an absurd amount of writing to the “so intense!” Enough fun to slap your grandma!

In Pillars, Joe and I started out in a Tongue Twister Tournament, but then we quickly moved on the quarry forts (not to be confused with pwarries) and the Navy, complete with citrus goodness.

The gang  then came up with slogans for groups such as the Amish, the Jewish community, toothpaste, proving nothing is too small to be offended. Before intermission, Erin hosted Chainsaw where we were firefighters in a tree-house with something that everyone really wanted to be a table saw.

Joe and John then gave the crowd specifically what they wanted in our quick improv lesson to the audience, and then John hosted the quickest minute, which covered a very early draft of the Iliad. Very early. I mean stupid early. At least there was Greek stuff, but that’s about as close to the actual Iliad as we got. It was about as Greek as that new Dannon yogurt.

Daniel hosted Say It Again, where fast food is made with weak, slow-moving people. These people could be either very brave, or they could easily give up their children. We also learned that you can indeed be fired from a church. There was some confusion about this before, but rest assured, no job is safe anywhere.

Daniel played Madam Zelda and looked into Joe’s future. Some things were clear, such as finding a dollar. Other things, such as finding a tiger in your bathroom, not so much. Dan should have gotten the dollar at the beginning of the session.

Short Cutz had a lot going on this show. We had the inner-workings of the human mind, Mosquito Island, that Russian guy came back, Jeff Goldblum, and Noah’s Ark. And that was just one scene! Sorry, I’m being ridiculous. It was at least two scenes.

We ended the night with Hoedown and our ode to the carrier pigeon. Never was a message so clear and so confusing at the same time.

Do you see what you missed now, people? Do you now regret some of your plans from last night. Don’t make the same mistake twice! Check out our full schedule on our website, and we hope to see you at our next show.


BYOI – The Fortress of the EPA

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Tonight’s ImprovBoston show was a great time! We were joined by Rebels Without Applauze and First ImpACT… they killed it. Our FAM member was Will. He is an analyst with the EPA, who is not accepting bribes at this point. He’s afraid of tripping to his death and is excited about hitching a ride on the LOST bandwagon.

Our first game was Remake. We took Will’s life and turned it into celluloid. Anthea and Liz started off the movie with the spaghetti western rendition of a hard day slaving over Excel. Daniel was the fair damsel in distress. Lives were lost. Choices were made that can never be taken back… needless to say, we had to remake it. Our first choice was turning it into a documentary. Daniel provided the shaky camera work and the requisite Michael Moore cameo, while Liz interviewed Anthea on the intricacies of data entry, analysis and sordid love affairs. It was topped off with an incredible animation illustrating the dangers of global warming. Since nobody wants to end on global warming, we remade it one more time… as Japanimation. Once again, Liz and Anthea were forced to face the harsh realities of the evils of analysis. They were forced to enlist the help of their large eyed American friend, Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was able to save the day and end the scene is the cutest leg kick. Move over Princess Mononoke, we have a new masterpiece.

Daniel warmed up the crowd in a seemingly cute manner that turned horrible. We were chipmunks searching for our nuts. When we found them, they had morphed into our favorite American cuisine. We ate the cuisine and promptly died of heart failure. Told you it was a horrible ending.

Next we played a game of Typewriter. Daniel and his son wrote a story based on basketball and pornography. Nate was the lucky star of the story. It started off innocently enough in the female product aisle of the local dollar store. He was soon accosted by one gorgeous woman (that’s debatable) and one horrible woman (that’s not debatable). Just as things were about to turn to the adult side, the scene shifted to a basketball game. Nate very quickly traded in his horrible women for the solid 7 selling popcorn. Smash-cut to their Amish wedding where they were pronounced man and wife. Finally they were allowed to stare longingly at each other!

The night finished up with a game of Sit, Stand, Lie Down. Daniel, Nate and a FAM member found themselves in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman, Unknownman and Aquaman found themselves in a crisis of identity. Everything from their underwear location, to the floors made of ice were questioned. In the end, it was determined that Aquaman always belongs on the floor.

And Scene!!!

BYOI Boston Auditions – March 15th & 29th!

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Love what BYOI does or just want to join a fantastic short form improv show full of fun people?  Here is your chance!  Bring Your Own Improv is holding open casting calls on March 15th & 29th @ 7:00pm at the New School of Music at 25 Lowell St. in Cambridge, MA.  If you love short form improv and you are a fun and easy to get along with person, then come on out on one or both Thursday nights!

Our shows will be every Thursday at 7pm starting in May in Cambridge and we will be a family friendly show.  You should come to the audition prepared to move and have some fun.  Call backs will be on Thursday April 12th.  You must be able to pass a background check in order to be in the show as we do work with children.

So if you want to join this growing family of improvisors make sure you come out to one or both of the audition days.  For more information about our show, you can visit our website at or email us at

Come play with us!