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BYOI – The FRABRIC Of Our Relationship

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The Warwick Museum of Art was the place to be for BYOI’s family friendly show. Evan was the host, and was joined by Paul, Daniel and surprise cast member Joe.

The evening’s FAM was Renee, who is a BYOI regular. She has a twin sister but came to the show alone. Renee went to UMASS Dartmouth first for engineering, then for economics. She was fascinated by space when she was a child, and loved Saturn because of its rings. Ever the smart lady, she is writing her second novel.

Renee was the pillar for FAM Pillar. The guy had a pencil fight in Boston, had neighbors with loud music, fought over the number of people at a party, and didn’t want to be an orangutan at an octopus party.

Next, Paul warmed everyone up by taking them through an evening on Facebook.

Audience member Andrea joined Renee and the men for Try That On For Size. Paul ran out of things to say and Renee had a bad nose job. As usual, Joe lasted the longest.

Daniel gave the prompt “space time continuum” for Sit, Stand and Lie Down. Paul, Evan and Joe were nerds fighting about splitting the rent. The argument ended when they realized the ceiling was leaking and their neighbor may have drowned.

Paul was trying to send pictures to his mother in Catch Phrase. Daniel and Joe weren’t much help with their constant asking about the bathroom and elephants.

Evan was the criminal in Good Cop, Bad Cop. Joe and an overly caffeinated Daniel eventually got him to admit that he took a nap with Garfield the cat in the cupboard under the stairs.

After the break, Paul and Daniel had a silent canoe trip in Yes And…

Andrea joined Paul and Evan in Say It Again, where Daniel had fun making them say everything again. A dog ate a sandwich, then Evan ate a Lego sandwich before we learned that calculus is great for you.

Daniel was interviewed by his castmates in Press Conference. He was there to announce that he, the Keebler elf, had invented a price scanner.

We learned about a comet, a rake, and Titanic 3D, among other things, in Slogans.

In Meanwhile, Evan demanded all green M&Ms and a poodle named Sally or else he wouldn’t help out with an antibullying speech. The guys jumped to the pet store where they picked a poodle to test electrocution, then Sarah MacLachlan’s house. She was writing a new hit song about being in the arms of David Hasselhoff. This of course jumped to the beach so we could witness the subject of the song on the because carrying puppies and kittens with the former Governator. Somewhere along the line, a stalker died and the body was placed on a Twister board to make the chalk outline more fun.

The night ended with Sing It. Renee yelled for Daniel and Paul to sing before a word was uttered. This led to a silent scene (look back at Yes And’s lesson) which included sound effects and stomping, before Evan came in to sing about stealing their stuff…twice! Next, there was a debate about whether or not Joe was trustworthy enough to be sent on a secret mission. The men sang about “the frabric of our relationship” with emphasis on the word that’s not really a word.

If you’re free this Thursday at 7pm, go check out the new regular show at the New School of Music in Cambridge, MA. The Boston cast will be joined by shiny new members.

And scene!

BYOI – Happy Birthday Kerri! Love, Snape

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Tonight’s show was a very special birthday show for Kerri! For those of you who don’t know Kerri, she runs the door for our BYOI shows faithfully every weekend! (Except tonight – thanks Chris!) And if you don’t know her, you should get to know her because she’s awesome.

After the cast and audience trekked up a few flights of stairs, host Daniel began the night by going over RESPECT. He was shortly joined and outnumbered by an entire cast of ladies – Anthea, Erin, and myself. If you want to see more lady comedy, be sure to check out our Ladies Night show this summer when our final female cast member, Stephanie, returns from London!

The show jumped right into our FAM interview and low and behold Kerri’s name was strangely in the cup more than once… looks like the audience wanted to see her on stage! After an intensive interview, we learned that Kerri’s middle name is Danielle, she is called an evil bill collector on a daily basis (along with other insults we won’t get into….), and she is a big fan of Christmas. We also learned she loves Dr. Who and Harry Potter – and is a big enough fan to have the vanity license plate HRYPTR. In an interesting twist, we learned that if Kerri could go any “when” in time, she would choose the 80s because of the music. Daniel reminded her that she could simply have bought an 80s CD instead, but that wouldn’t be as fun, would it?

“Love Snape” was the audience suggestion for our first game, Highlander. After Daniel entered doing his best physical Snape impression, I felt inspired by the 80s and sang a rendition of the B52’s “Love Shack” as “Love Snape, baby love Snape!” Daniel then became Professor Snape teaching a class about the 80s. Erin and Anthea entered as confused students, and soon weapons, drugs, and bell bottoms found their way into the scene. In a twist of fate Daniel was voted off first, and the three ladies were left to complete the scene, this time with more pelvic thrusting and references to going commando. Anthea and Krissy were voted off next, leaving Erin to complete the scene alone. From this point on the “Snape dance” became a reoccurring action throughout the rest of the night.

I warmed the audience up by having them sing happy birthday to Kerri while doing their best Snape impression.

Next we played Pavlovian Response. Daniel played Pavlov, and had to do a “Snape dance” whenever someone put their hands on their hips. Erin had to bark whenever anyone took a step, and audience member Beth had to do jumping jacks whenever someone stuttered or said umm. The scene took place in a doctor’s office, but none of them could read the name of the doctor they were waiting for. But they did move around a lot!

Tableau found our cast and audience member Kate posing as a birthday (complete with questionable adult presents), hungry babies (including a scary adult gerber baby), Christmas (with Santa getting stuck in the chimney) and the 80s (with Madonna and Kerri confused as to why she chose the 80s after all). It was a good time.

Revolver was after that in the lineup, with Erin, Anthea, myself, and audience member Beth playing. After a bit of a confusing start I wound up as a bill collector who had glued their hands to their head while Anthea convinced me that it would interfere with my job. Other scenes included Beth receiving an interesting present from her mother (it was a vase, I swear!) and the country of London calling the United States for a chat… if only the US could understand her thick accent. The fourth scene was “mundane” and about corn muffins and other delicious things.

Timmy in the Well was our next game, where I had to guess that Mr. Ed was abducted by aliens in a casino. After listing off Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Canada, the rail road, and countless other locations, I finally realized what the term broader meant and came to the conclusion of “casino”. Horses don’t belong in casinos!

After a brief intermission, Daniel and I gave a lesson on how silence is not always a bad thing in a scene involving the “Snape dance”, fun house mirrors, and whomping willows.

Pillars was next, and audience member Mitchell and Kerri volunteered to be pillars. Erin, Anthea, and myself were three sisters having a soufflé themed Thanksgiving dinner. I invited our mom to the event on facebook, but Anthea realized our mom didn’t have facebook since her default photo was just a cartoon character. We discussed curtains, Bark the next door neighbor’s dog, freshly baked aluminum platters, and our dad’s squirrel hunting escapades in Furry, Nebraska. It was an interesting family holiday.

One of Kerri’s favorite games, Chainsaw, started with an occupation: firefighter, location: hell, and object: litter box, but wound up turning into astronauts, the opera, Disney movies, skunks, and puking babies along the way.

Worlds Worst consisted of secret service agents, garbage men, cobblers, and bill collectors (“I’ve come to eat your babies”). Foot fetishes and Mr. Ed also made their way into the lineup.

Meanwhile began in a heated discussion about the height of heels that strippers should be allowed to wear. Other animal related scenes included Sarah McLachlan narrating animal planet (complete with Daniel’s new rendition of “I Will Remember You”) and the life of a violent Indian tiger that could not get a green card and went to jail. Next our cast brought us to family dinner in Furry, Nebraska where squirrels not only can talk, but can also hallucinate after eating the wrong kind of mushrooms. Next the religious association of America vowed to take down Nebraska, Poseidon missed out on striking down earthlings because he missed the invite on facebook, and the little mermaid ended in a very dark twist.

The final game of the night was Do Run, where our cast sang about Dr. Who, traveling in time, and whether David Tennent is hot… or not?… wait what?!

A very happy birthday again to Kerri, thank you so much for all you do for BYOI! And a special thank you to Anthea for the delicious cupcakes!

And Scene!

BYOI – Fondue and Cheese

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It was a rainy, blustery day, but BYOI was still there to entertain at the Warwick Museum of Art. Before I start the recap, I need to welcome back Cam and Frank. They’re regulars, and we missed them for 6 months.

On to the recap. Joe was the host, joined by Daniel, Krissy and Paul. After the usual RESPECT, Chris was picked as the FAM.

Chris is a regular audience member and participant. He’s a RI transplant by way of Jersey. In 10 years, he hopes to own a house by the water and be a director at his workplace. Chris is dating our wonderful Krissy, so Daniel threw an interesting question out: If he had $1 million to spend on a date with Krissy, what would he do? Chris said he’d take her on a trip around the world. Unfortunately, there was a stipulation: once he goes to sleep, the date is over. Sounds like a fast, sleep deprived trip around the world.

Krissy and Chris hosted FAM Movie Critics, reviewing the tragic comedy about Chris being in RI. Chris suddenly woke up after a 10 year slumber, to the warm weather of AZ, an old girlfriend and his old job still waiting for him. For the record, old Krissy (played by Joe), didn’t look that old. Things changed during his sleep, like touchscreens and thumb drives made of T-Rex thumbs at work. In a surprise twist, the film ended with a battle between a T-Rex and dolphins. I know, it was out of left field. That’s the beauty of improv!

Daniel was inspired by the last scene and warmed everyone up with dinosaur imitations.

Paul was the shopkeeper of the Everything Emporium. Thankfully, he had a toaster that freezes food, a rake that walks away and an air freshening carburator.

One of the audience members jumped up to join the cast for Rope. They fought back llamas, left cheetos on the couch and caught bricks.

Krissy may or may not have been Queen Elizabeth in Questions. It was a bad time to get fired and it’s always a bad time to get poison ivy in the eye. Paul may have given Joe incorrectly battered onion rings. That’s the beauty of this game; there’s never a concrete answer.

Daniel was the angel and audience member Renee was the devil in Angels and Demons. Paul and audience member Liz mimed the story of railroad workers, a proposal to a commonlaw wife who had a conjoined twin, and a meteor.

After the break, Joe and Krissy were best friends in an awful situation in Yes And…

Daniel and Renee ran over a squirrel while driving to New Jersey in Lines From a Hat. This was followed by Paul and Liz discussing Christmas music in July while Daniel, Joe and Krissy hummed carols on the side. Best line from the hat/cup? “My best friend is that dumpster.”

Audience member Andrea was a lamp at Daniel’s party in Party Quirks. She was joined by Paul as Paul Bunyan and Krissy, who mimed being stuck in a box anytime someone touched their face.

The cast and Chris threw out some fabulous lines in Famous Last Words. Some topics were a spatula, an alarm clock and Winnie the Pooh.

Krissy, Joe and Renee were in a cockpit during Sit Stand and Lie Down. Renee was the scariest pilot ever, having taken a one day piloting course online. Eventually, she caught Krissy’s narcolepsy and the plane went down.

Short Cutz was a blast. Furby was eaten by a robot dog, and Joe was fired as a meteorologist for getting a birthday wrong. You see, it’s okay to get the weather wrong, but you can’t say a 60 year old is 100. Elves were retired or on vacation and were forced to work. Joe and Krissy danced on a volcano, to the chagrin of Paul and Andrea. Fondue for 400 was being made one pot at a time, and a first date to Best Buy led to a 3 for 1 special on 120 inch televisions.

Finally, Irish Song ended the night…twice! Round 1 was a fun song about Dubai, and round 2 was about the 4th of July.

Check out the schedule and try to check out some new Boston shows.

And scene!

BYOI – Doing it to save lives!

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BYOI was at the fundraiser for The Young Zoe Cancer Foundation at the La-Z-Boy Furniture store in Warwick–an event to help raise funds to save young children from Malignant Rhabdoid Tumors and to raise spirits after the recent passing of Baby Zoe to this terrible illness.  BYOI was up for the challenge of cheering up these hard workers and gracious supporters!  Tonight had Ryan, Nate, Erich and myself bringing everything we had to the show.  It was a hit!

We started off with our FAM Courtney.  Courtney was actually a veteran regular from back in our Spot on Thayer days.  She is a Math teacher, who hates that her kids are always truant and always wishes she could go into space.  We started off with Highlander where a trip in space resulted in all the Tang being drank, an only orbit flight and ended in the wrong way to get some air.  Once again the warm-up curse, Ryan won and then had to warm us up.  So he decided to go La-Z-Boy shopping and found us a chair that was just right.

Then we played Pillars and found out that if your neighbor adopts monkey children, that you might want to watch out when they start performing paintball witchcraft.  In What Are You Doing we learned that teens cannot drive and that you can never have too much underwear.  In everything Emporium we found an un-honest abe, a talking Mt. Rushmore and remote with the number 10 on it.  Catch phrase found Ryan stuck between very messy roommates he just moved in with and finally we sang a song about a dog with an identity crisis in Do Run.  A great show for a great cause.  Thank you to the foundation for letting us be a part of it.

And Scene!

BYOI – It Took Six Shells

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What a great show we had at the Warwick Museum of Art! Welcome to everyone who is new to BYOI. Joe hosted the night and was joined by Daniel, Krissy and Erich.

The FAM was Doris, aka Tigger. She works in sales and used to want to be a biological researcher. She told an interesting story about where her nickname came from and was part of a group of ladies who came to the show. Doris has a cat named Ashes who is huge and likes to sit by her head in the morning. Sounds like my cat. She’s not a fan of ice cream, but likes fruit instead. Because she’s a nice person, she would like the superpower of being super sensitive to people’s feelings. If she won the lottery, she’d buy a yacht and the crew to run it. Of course, it would be named Tigger.

FAM Meanwhile was the first game of the night. It started off with a social group wanting more members except for one unwelcome guest, before Daniel and Joe fought over Krissy at a 50’s sock hop. A surprise party involving a leg scared Erich so much that he was in therapy years later, and he lamented his time in janitorial school.

Daniel warmed up the lively audience with giggles, maniacal laughter and tears.

Audience members Rebecca and Renee joined in for What Are You Doing. Here’s some of the things they did: Daniel split chromosomes, Joe waxed the dogs, Rebecca watched snails race and Erich flew a blimp.

Krissy was the helpful host for Joe in the Dating Game. This lucky bachelor had three people to choose from. He had Erich the slinky, Daniel as Charlie Sheen and audience member Liz as a girl who had to cross her legs the other way everytime a question was asked.

Helping Hands was…touchy…with audience members Chris and Mary Beth helping out Krissy and Joe. They were steering a boat and took a hard turn. Luckily, the seawater made Krissy’s hair more manageable. Joe served a Little Mermaid, which he said was a Shirley Temple with salt. Not sure how that would taste…

The Quickest Minute was manic, as usual. Erich, Krissy and Joe did a 60 second “Lion King” before doing a 30 second western version. This was followed by a 10 second western version performed in a half pipe!

After a quick break to recharge, Daniel and Krissy gave a quick lesson in Yes And…this lesson was about how to mirror action during a conversation without talking about it.

Daniel, Krissy and Erich were sailing on the SS Lobster in Pillars. The pillars were audience members Brian and Renee, and they helped with a scene about a trip to Italy and an elevator that was the color of manicotti.

Ghenghis Khan and a doorbell—I mean, Erich and Liz—welcomed their new child, Fruitcake, in New Born.

The cast had a blast during Back In My Day, joined by audience members Kate, Liz and Renee. Read on for what they didn’t have back in their day: Water, so instant oatmeal took a lot longer (Joe); Vegas, and Elvis wasn’t an impersonator (Liz); Vegas, so what happened didn’t stay there and Ethel told everyone (Daniel); and Ice Cream, which still isn’t at FAM Doris’ house (Krissy).

Audience members Andrea, Liz and Renee played Short Cuts with the cast. As usual, tons of unrelated, yet hilarious, things happened. Krissy left her horse at D’Angelos because he kept eating her sheets. Andrea was Martha Stewart and she was kidnapped and forced to name crayon colors. Erich was a celebrity kidnapper. Everyone ended up proud owners of the newest trendy pet, the alligator. Ashes the cat woke Erich up on his head, demanding food and attention. A reality show about an old married couple and a series of crazy roommates was filmed. A trio sat and watched ships sink, and Daniel and Erich were lazy cupids throwing darts at a wall.

The night ended in song, with the cast singing Hoedown about  the life of a camp worker named Matt.

And scene!

BYOI – One Of Those Sea World Freaks

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We were back at 95 Empire on none other than Friday the 13th. Daniel, Joe and Erich joined the show’s host, Ryan.

Ross was the FAM, and he works as a living statue, usually as a gargoyle. He likes playing video games, and is going to college to become a high school teacher. If Ross won the lottery, he’d buy a gold bed. But wouldn’t that be hard, you say? Apparently not, he said, because gold is a soft metal and eventually an imprint would wear into it.

In FAM Growing and Shrinking, Ryan was a bored gargoyle. Minds were read, Erich got hurt jumping on a golden bed, and Joe orbited Erich and Daniel.

Daniel warmed up the audience by taking them through a horror movie.

The exciting competitive music class, Bach Off, happened during Sports Commentator. Daniel and Ross were explaining what was going on with Ryan and audience member Julian. Hans Gruber was leading the Boston Pops vs. Julian and her 6th grade chorus. My music teacher friend will be ashamed that I can’t remember the name of the wand thing, but Ryan’s farted and meowed, while Julian’s was bendy and flexible. As usual, the players sabotaged one another and both ended up injured.

Erich started off What Are You Doing, and I can’t post most of what the cast did because this is a family friendly blog. Some of the tamer things they did? Buttered toast with the cat and defied the laws of physics. If you want to know what happens at an 18+ show, then you’ll just have to come and see for yourself.

Joe started off Chainsaw, as a volcanologist in a shark tank with a cheese wheel. After the guys and Ross played, it turned into a cannibalistic biologist under the sea with an apple.

Yours truly was able to be the director for Serious Scene. I fired the cast and Julian so much that I don’t remember much except that it started with photography and ended with wheelbarrows.

After the break, Daniel and Joe argued while grocery shopping in Yes And.

Lines From a Hat was informative—really! Someone threw random facts into the cup. Erich and Daniel were on a road trip past the North Pole and were pulled over by the Elf Police after running a stop sign. Erich ended up being taken away in handcuffs and the elves somehow kept walking through the car.

Joe and Daniel needed help in Marriage Counselor. Thankfully, Erich was on the ball and figured out Joe was obsessed with bricks, Daniel hated Joe’s singing and they were both afraid of dogs.

Ross jumped up for World’s Worst. Ross helped the guys out and threw out zingers about the worst actor, example of safety and vacation, among other things.

The final game of the night was Short Cutz. Benjamin Franklin was caught brown handed, picketers wanted to save something that rhymes with “clock tower” and Igor and Smeagol went on a date.

And scene!

BYOI – Peep Jousting

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After Easter dinner, a great show took place at the Warwick Museum of Art. Evan was the host and he was joined by Daniel, Joe, Paul and Erin.

The FAM was Jarrod, who ended up winning a super huge chocolate bunny! Jarrod’s a regular audience member who works as a bank teller and pizza delivery guy. He likes when people say “Happy Easter” but is annoyed when another phrase mentioning a zombie is uttered. Jarrod likes jelly beans but hates Peeps, so Erin taught everyone about Peep jousting. Conversations are fun during Easter dinner according to the FAM, and if he had a baby chick or baby bunny of either gender, he would name it Fluffy.

Paul and Jarrod hosted FAM Greatest Easter Hits. Classic songs were, “Who Is That Guy,” “My Car Broke Down and I Can’t Get To the Bank” and “One Good Family Member.” The last one was a beautiful ballad to a stuffed bunny.

Joe warmed up the crowd having them color ostrich eggs for South African Christmas/North American Easter.

Starbursts were the topic of a short film in Remake. Paul jumbled all of the colors together instead of separating them, which upset Daniel and Erin. Joe didn’t like it, and redirected it with nuclear Peeps which had to be separated into different Google+ Circles. On try three, small cosmetic soaps were jumbled together, which upset Evan and his sensitive superhero skin.

Try That On For Size had the cast delivering pizzas, doing P90X, and giving up eating disorders, among other wacky things.

Daniel, Erin and Evan had to help Joe out in Timmy in the Well. George Washington was transported to the Moon, and that required an urgent response.

Audience member Andrea joined in for Follow That Action. Daniel told his son, Evan, that bunnies don’t play baseball while Joe hid BBQ sauce in a cow. Some lazy cops played darts to see who would protect a bank, but they all missed. Finally, we learned that bunnies use Twitchbook instead of Facebook.

After the break, Daniel and Joe had to know things about one another in Yes And.

In Helping Hands, Andrea, Evan and Daniel had some help from their friends Erin, Joe and Paul. The rule book was empty, a beach party date was setup, and Daniel and Andrea fought over Evan.

Erin had psychic powers in Madame Zelda. With the help of spirits Daniel, Evan and Paul, she was able to tell Joe he’d get arrested for throwing yellow snow, get sent to Mars and would get promoted.

Audience member Justin joined the line for Slogans. Some of the slogans were: Dave & Busters: Drunken skeeball! (Erin), Pocahontas: NOT Sacajawea (Paul) and Pizza Hut: Jabba’s less successful cousin (Joe).

The night ended not in song, but with Short Cutz. Joe lost his dog, a komodo dragon ate a goat, V8 juice was fused with gasoline to power a Mustang, the guys went swimming in syrup, and Easter eggs were hidden in very bad places.

Don’t forget to join us for our Friday the 13th show this Friday at 95 Empire.

And scene!

BYOI – Yo, My Id Needs Pills

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April Fools Day was the perfect date for BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art. Paul hosted the show and was joined by no one after RESPECT. When the cast was done punking Paul, Joe, Daniel, Erich, Krissy and Evan came out to play.

The FAM was Chrissy, who was pretty interesting. She’s been to our shows before, with her boyfriend AJ. Sadly, he couldn’t join her tonight because he was home in Texas. Chrissy works for a day care center, aka a living petri dish. She said the kids are cute when they smile, but they do like to throw things at her. She likes edamame and dinosaurs. No wait, she LOVES dinosaurs. How much? Enough to watch “Jurassic Park” every night before bed. She’s even gone through a TV. She thinks brontosauruses are cute and likes that they have a leafy green diet.

In FAM April Fools Day in the Life, Joe played our FAM. Erich was her pet brontosaurus. Chrissy was trying to feed her pet salad so he wouldn’t eat the closet door or neighborhood gardens. This had mixed results. Her parents tried sending the dino to the museum, but then decided he might be better off at Chuck E Cheese to he could eat children. Later, at Chuck E Cheese, the dino showed his working papers and was scared by Paul. Paul was told he had to be more sensitive to Dino-Americans, even if Erich was the only living dino on the planet. Chrissy had to get a law degree overnight to defend her pet’s right to be here, and when her law degree was questioned, everyone had a shock. Erich the brontosaurus pulled out a monocle and defended her, with a British accent, of course. Erich ended up eating all of the court documents, so the cases were dismissed.

Next, Erich warmed up the audience with bad knock-knock jokes.

Audience member Andrea jumped up for Centerpiece. Krissy was the center of each scene, and things were strange. Paul presented a box of floppy disks to Joe and Krissy, who promptly ate them. Later, Andrea was in trouble with her parents for going for a useless degree, and was told to photoshop her resume. Finally, Krissy and Daniel were concerned parents who made a dating profile for their lonely daughter so she wouldn’t have to watch movies alone. They found her the perfect movie partner: Evan, who was blind.

In Tableau, the cast did made pictures of Thanksgiving in Mexico, which featured a sombrero centerpiece and the runs after the meal, as well as the Titanic and a bad garage.

Erich had an important announcement in Press Conference. He told Krissy, Paul and audience member Rebecca that he, Julius Caesar, had invented the Bluray player.

Highlander was manic as usual. Third graders were in jail for copying homework. One was stressed about the upcoming SATs…in 10 years’ time, while another tried to eat the next cell’s “cake”. In a twist, Daniel didn’t have to perform alone; Evan did.

Evan and Erich taught an important April Fools lesson in Yes And, about gifting your scene partner instead of punking them.

Audience members Chris and Andrea joined in for Serious Scene. A child was causing problems because they dressed as Batman every single day. Eventually they started to smell and the bat wings were hitting other children. Some adults decided the child should change to a monkey costume, and director Evan eventually fired everyone but Krissy in one shot.

Krissy helped witness Chris in Interrogation Lineup. A cast of characters was lined up and eventually Joe admitted to stealing toilet paper in a parking lot with the Michelin Man.

The Bahamas, daycare workers and Krissy were topics of Famous Last Words, with audience member Brian helping the cast. Evan reminded everyone of the night Krissy couldn’t guess Dick Van Dyke.

Follow That Action was great, with Chris and Andrea helping out. The scene started in a bowling alley, then went to a kitchen, a shoe counter, and at one point ended up in Joe’s intestinal tract. What happened here? Lots of stuff. A drunken real estate closing took place, waitstaff argued about who was the best, cat fried in kerosene was passed off as mozzarella sticks, and Evan had a great recurring character. He was the star of the game with a homeless guy who stole Chris’ shoes and literally ran out of the museum with them on. He later snuck back in to steal food, a bed, and towels, among other things.

The show ended with Paul on guitar for Greatest Hits. He and Erich were the late night television hosts trying to sell 17,000 cd set. Krissy sang a love song about a traveling gnome and lava, Evan sang a reggae song about how to spend the day, and Daniel and Joe sang the bluesy “Hawaii is For Haters.” All 4 ended with the showtune “Pumice This” which was kind of similar to the Lion King storyline. 

Don’t forget to join us next Sunday, at the same time and place after your Easter dinner.

And scene!