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BYOI – Out of this World!

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MarianIt was a packed show on Sunday at the Warwick Museum of Art!  Daniel, John, Erich, and I were in the cast, and after RESPECT we began our interview with Marian, our FAM for the night.

Marian is a recent graduate from Clark University with a passion for Chinese culture, movies, and science fiction.  She is going to China this fall to continue her education, and if she had to choose another country to visit, she would pick Japan.  The audience learned about the Cultural Revolution in China, contemporary literature, and aliens before we jumped into our first game – FAM Centerpiece.

This first game centered (har har har) around the FAM with Krissy, Daniel, and John rotating with each scene.  Apparently Ming vases are only worth $40,000 according to John and Marian was Daniel’s mom even though Daniel raised her growing up.  Krissy and Daniel were at a college Sci-Fi party where Daniel inexplicably kept growing arms and loved sweet potato chips.  Krissy and John were at home with Marian watching the Land Before Time 27 (starring Tootsie 35) and Mrs. Doubtfire 4.

Our next game was Pillars.  Daniel and Erich were on a canoe trip with a massive bird which was hungry for cookies and butterballs (unfortunately, this butterball didn’t taste so good….) But luckily the bird was wearing a mitten, not a glove so it couldn’t poke Erich and Daniel’s eyes out.  The two tried using different foods for paddles before realizing the only way they could get back to shore was to use the lava from a volcano, which might cause the lake to become a trash dump.

Timmy in the Well is always a fun game when I am lucky enough to be the guesser.  Gandhi was in trouble, but due to some misunderstandings peace be with you, Ash Wednesday, twinkle twinkle little star, and captain America were all guesses that led to my revelation of Gandhi 8 minutes later.  What was Gandhi doing you ask?  Well I thought he was driving without a license, dead, in a car, had to pee, or was on a racetrack, but in reality his GPS stopped working.  The final clue was guessed the quickest – he was in a pool!

Foiled again is a great new games with superheroes and super villains.  Some of the matchups this week were octopus man vs. running to nearest exit girl, slow motion girl vs. cannon man, Mary Poppins vs. car man, polka dot panda vs. man who speaks foreign languages when walking backwards, and the best match up of the night – skeleton man vs. super cat, which was really just two misfits who needed to go back to the pet store and biology class.

Highlander was the most exhausting game of the night.  Erich demanded green cards for all 4 scenes, E.T. was scared, and John hid under a couch, but found a quarter!  And in the end, Erich was left to play all four characters, and a lottery card and Chuckie Cheese Card were the only valid cards to come out of this game.

Back from intermission, chainsaw was a complete success! No… it never is…  The occupation of mechanic was turned into jewelry thief, spy, and burglar.  The location of roller skating rink was somehow misinterpreted for ice skating rink (so easy!).  What started as a flag pole ended with John trying to set fireworks off underneath audience member Julie.

Questions followed, where audience member Chris owned an orange field and John didn’t like that as he only knew about apples.  Next the cast was at a cookout, and audience member Andrea didn’t know how to cook burgers and I didn’t know how to cook at all.  Nobody could stump John on until the end of the game where he was putting up a Craigslist ad for a camping trip.

Slogans was up next, with some memorable slogans for aliens (*insert Chewbacca noise here*), English teachers (“They dun learn us well” and “When you fail at being a writer!”), deodorant (“It’s the pits!”), groundhog day (“Seriously it’s the same thing every year… seriously it’s the same thing every year”).

Serious Scene found our cast along with audience members Chris, Andrea, and Marian building sculptures out of deodorant.  It wasn’t very serious.

Our final game of the night was Sing It, where our cast sang about alien conventions, Jarred the Subway guy, Wendy’s, and a man-eating baconator.

And Scene!

BYOI – Kayaking In the Sewer

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BYOI was at 95 Empire for a high energy show which featured our entire RI cast, except for Stephanie, who will be rejoining us from her year abroad very soon. Joe hosted the night, and he was joined by Krissy, Erich, Ryan, John and Paul. Daniel and Evan came as audience members, but they of course had to play some games.

The night’s FAM was Jen. She’s been with past FAM Ashley for almost 3 years. She’s a coworker of Krissy’s and enjoys playing guitar. Because Jen is awesome, she likes improv too. Her mortal enemy is not a nice person, and was given a fun alias. Jen and Ashley have a bunch of cats and have named the local strays that they feed. She’d like a huge yacht in Tahiti someday.

In What the FAM, the cast juggled cats, denied their own existence and swam to Tahiti.

Paul then warmed up our lively crowd by taking them through a day of buying and selling Facebook stock.

Our new game, Curses, Foiled Again introduced superheroes and villains like Late Night Jazz DJ, Crimson Jockstrap, Russian Babysitter and Ashley.

A music room was cleaned out in Catch Phrase. Krissy wondered about waffles and Evan needed lots of change.

Erich helped out John and Jen in Marriage Counselor. John had the weird habit of sniffing cats and Jen didn’t like when he ate food stuck in his beard. Together, they were hoarders.

Audience members Coburn and Chris jumped in for Alphabet. This game was awesome because of the 3 pairs that played, 2 pairs finished the entire alphabet. John and Erich were stoned, and Coburn and Krissy thought their dog’s cute face would solve their problems.

After the break, Ryan and Paul gave a quick lesson in Yes And.

The audience game some fun suggestions during the break for Post It, which featured Evan and Coburn with the cast. Quick scene pairings included the following: eggplant + ex employee of 38 Studios, foot locker + Good Ship Lollipop, Heaven’s gate + Stan Lee’s home, and horse whisperer + case of energy drinks. As you can see, things were weird and fun.

Joe hosted the Dating Game, and helped John find love. The potential dates were Ryan as a jeans quality tester, Chris as a nervous guy who kept scratching his chest and Paul as Sigmund Freud.

In Worlds Worst, we learned about lifesavers, musicians and friends. However, Ryan’s “But you get 5 free months of AOL” and John’s “You don’t understand, I’m Curt Schilling” were the best descriptions of the world’s worst software salesperson.

In Say It Again, Paul and Coburn were neighbors who happened to show up at the same museum for a late night robbery. They ended up uncovering Jimmy Hoffa, played by Erich.

Daniel and Evan jumped up so the entire cast played an epic Follow That Action. It started off with a helicopter to escape Los Angeles, then went to a 2 toilet stall, and kayaking in the sewer. Unfortunately for kayakers, there’s a toll to pass down there, and not even the Beatles and their yellow submarine were exempt. The real and fake Gilbert Gottfried popped up randomly throughout the game.

The night ended with Irish Drinking Song. The cast sang about the worst doctor ever.

And scene!

BYOI – Turn it off, Turn it back on again

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Our FAM for Thursday night in Boston was Dave! We learned a few things about Dave, and then went straight into Day in the Life, where his life was loosely reinterpreted as: Dave wakes up to find out his daughter is stuck in the shower again, and he has an urgent call for tech support that can only be solved by the likes of Grover, Dave’s kids, and the infamous IT directive of turn it off, turn it on again. Unfortunately, Dave’s needy caller goes so far as to ruin Dave’s computer game score and cause him to smash not just his phone but his computer too. What did we learn? Small children don’t make the best IT support.

Our first game of the night was the *brand*spanking*new Curses! Foiled Again! Where we met the likes of Flip-flop man (this one is not running for president), Mr Giggles at Inappropriate Times Man, Lightbulb Arms with his many bright ideas, and the Tennis Debutante. All evil plots were surprisingly foiled. It’s like this thing has a setup or something.

Next we went into a game of Questions, and in Boston we’re learning that you have to make up reasons to get Dan or Ian out when they play Questions with each other. How do they do it? I don’t know, do you? We got into arguments over tiny outfits that were not tutus, found characters who were afraid of changing dinner time, and poisonous spiders crept into some scenes here too.

In Madam Zelda, Nate was looking for his future and discovered that he will very soon receive a promotion at work, and shortly thereafter have some surgery go horribly wrong. It was a $3000 visit that only earned Nate one thing: the knowledge that sometime in life, he will be attacked by seafaring gorillas (aka Sea Monkeys) in space. It’s been nice knowing you.

After a short break, our Yes, And That’s How It’s Done took place in the kitchen and focused on doing actions while you’re improvising.

Our next game was Chainsaw, where a truckdriver in the swamp with a cellphone turned into Superman in quicksand with a boombox. While there was a very nice shout out to John Cusack circa Say Anything, this round of Chainsaw taught us what happens when you clap too soon.

Yogi Bear stole the game of Pillars, just like he steals people’s picnics. If you’ve ever seen that New Yorker cartoon “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog,” you’ll understand that Yogi Bear is also making Facebook status updates. What a crazy world we live in guys.

Back In My Day found us thinking about dinosaurs, vampires, lobsters, and dollar bills. I’ll tell you, one of those things is not like the other, and without vampires, we wouldn’t know how to count (one baaad joke, two baaad jokes, three, three baaad jokes a-ha-ha-ha).

Finally, in Short Cuts, we visited an Accent Shop, met an ascot aficionado, and learned why there are no women signatories on the Constitution. We ended with a round of Hoedown, but that’s as much as I’m going to tell you about that.

And Scene!

BYOI – Popular With the Ladies

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The Warwick Museum of Art was the place to be tonight! Daniel, Ryan, John, Joe and the night’s host, Paul, had the job of making everyone laugh, and they definitely succeeded.

First off, they had to pick a FAM. Steve, aka Snailton, was the lucky guy. He came to the show with his wife, Lisa, their church family, and Jenn. Steve’s a RIPTA driver, which means dealing with the public is a blessing and a curse. He’s patient and organized and loves Lisa’s Spanish cooking.

John started off FAMsaw, where Ryan chastised Joe–in mime–for his tardiness. The guys all figured out fireman, but were a little lost with the circus and magic eraser.

Next, Ryan warmed up the audience by taking them out for fine dining at a snooty restaurant.

Audience member Colby was a welcome addition to Curses, Foiled Again! Some of the superheroes and villains introduced were Meows Like a Cat With Every Word Man, Man Woman Man, Car Alarm Man and Captain Headbutt.

Catch Phrase was fun as we witnessed the first day on the job at an ice cream parlor. Paul’s feet were tired and he really wanted to go home, while audience member Stacia was sure she could do the job, but only if Daniel stopped talking to her.

Daniel had to interview suspects in Interrogation Lineup. Audience member Tom witnessed Sacajawea swatting a fly in an operating room. Luckily, justice prevailed.

Joe directed Serious Scene and had to fire his cast fairly frequently. The guys were on a camping trip to forget an estranged wife. The salad went bad so they went moose hunting with paintball guns.

After the break, John and Ryan taught a lesson in mirroring in Yes And.

Helping Hands was next. Joe helped Ryan and audience member Tammy helped Stacia. The pairs were on a first date at a dog park. Ryan’s dog was crazy, but Stacia’s was crazier and gave Ryan rabies.

Paul, Daniel and Joe were the helpful dogs in Timmy in the Well. They had to explain to John that the Octomom was stuck in a house of mirrors where all of the mirrors were breaking.

In the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Jenn and FAM Steve joined Joe in giving us all advice. I just need to point out that finding something to bond over with your mother-in-law is good. Hiding from her or putting bleach in her face cream are not good.

John and Joe played an elderly pair making brownies in Lines From a Cup, where we learned brownies aren’t chocolate if they’re not brown. Interesting. Next, Ryan and Paul had to save a stolen bus from the local children’s hospital.

The last game of the night was Guidance Counselor. With Paul on guitar, Ryan was the helpful counselor and helped Joe learn how to slow down in hallways. Next, he talked Daniel through his mom’s great cooking and its subsequent weight gain. Finally, John was just too popular with the ladies, and is was interfering with his committed relationship. He was told to unleash his inner geek and watch “Doctor Who” and the ladies would go away.

Thanks again to our new friends who participated in the games with our cast. Check us out this Thursday at 7pm at the New School of Music in Cambridge, this Friday at 11pm for our adult show at 95 Empire in Providence, and as always, at the beautiful Warwick Museum of Art every Sunday at 6pm.

And scene!

BYOI – Will You Sign This Zac Efron?

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BYOI was back in action on May 19th for a special show at the Warwick Museum of Art (WMOA).  The Kentish Artillery Armory building, which is home toWMOA, was turning 100 years old and the museum invited us to help celebrate!  We kicked things in off in grand style by meeting our FAM, Maeve.  Maeve was participating in Family Day and had just finished getting her face painted as a tiger.  She enjoys Art and Math in school and was selected to the cheerleading team!  We also found out that she was a big fan of Zac Efron.  I wonder if that is going to come up….

Now that we learned a little about Maeve, we decided to show her a day in her life.  Mostly this involved harassing Zac Efron for his autograph and offering to paint his picture.  Maeve’s best friends tried to convince her to join them for cheerleading practice, but when they saw Zac, that plan was swiftly abandoned!

After a quick introduction to BYOI, Ryan warmed the audience up by taking them on a journey from birth to 100 years old; sort of like Benjamin Button, but in the right order.  Then we played a little bit of Tableau which included scenes in an art studio!  One of our audience members showed  a penchant for playing plants and we met a persistent pigeon! Pleasing!

Next we moved on to the Growing and Shrinking machine, which featured more brave audience members whom Ryan and Erich included in our scenes.  I’m pretty sure Zac Efron showed up again in this one.  He really likes having his portrait taken!

Ian then got a chance to play a waiter in a game of Catch Phrase.  Our audience member taught us a new way to play by just using both players catchphrases.  I think we may need to keep that one. In any case, it was the best time I’ve spent in a French restaurant.

Timmy in the Well found Erich, myself, and an audience member desperately trying to tell Ryan that Lil Wayne was tying his shoes in a supermarket.  Ryan figured out Bruce Wayne suspiciously fast (fighting crime at night again, Ryan?) but we had some trouble with the little part.  Apparently Ryan’s dogs need to learn that not all shoe problems are emergencies.

Having successfully handled Lil Wayne’s problems, we decided to move on and Follow that Action!  In the course of this game, we learned that the magical unicorn option for cell phones costs extra, High School Musical 12 is going to happen any day now, and Zac Efron could be anybody!  But his sister is actually Lil Wayne.

Exhausted and confused, we finished up with a rousing chorus of Do Run that featured a guy named Bob.  And possibly Zac Efron.

Thanks to the Warwick Museum of Art for inviting us to perform on a beautiful day in May.  Happy 100th to the Armory and many happy returns!

And scene!

BYOI – Hook Shot!

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BYOI Boston is back again, and the audience continues to ever so slowly grow!  Tonight we have Liz running RESPECT with a cast of Ian, Nate & James and myself running the door.  Tonight’s FAM is Natalie!  She is an actress and producer, use to live in Queens while temping for Goldman Sachs.  She loves sit-coms, hates the NBA and cannot stand egos.

We start off in a game of FAMlander where Natalie, played by Liz, is at an audition for Romeo & Juliet.  Veronica (Ian) is trying to out do her and James is only “acting” like the director.  When Nate, the real director, come in, he runs an audition of many different styles.  After more rounds and voting, it is Liz forced to do the whole scene… with only one break for air.

Now James is up warming us up with some political animal imitations.  Then off to the first game of Say it Again, where Nate, Ian and our FAM member Natalie are out for drinks with new accents by the second.  Angels & Demons finds us jumping over homeless.  In Helping Hands we learn that NBA players secretly hate their job like normal people do, but they do it so effortlessly.  And finally, Good Cop, Bad Cop brings audience member Bob on the stage to discover that dancing on the roof top with Winston Churchill is a crime!


Now back with Act II where the lesson of the night finds a pair of pirates.  Our new game of the month, “Curses, Foiled Again!” brought such vicious villains and super heroes as no bones man & egg beater man to the stage.  Press Conference found that Donald Trump is now playing soccer.  Story, Story, Die found Simmons and Summers on a quest for clean hair in Queens.  Freeze Tag gave us chills as one bride was very eager to finish the vows.  And Greatest Hits brought an album about movies to a fine finish.

And Scene!

BYOI – Grrrr-Oreos!

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The Mother’s Day show was free to moms at the Warwick Museum of Art. Daniel started off the show with RESPECT before being joined by fellow castmates Krissy, Joe and Erich.

Ashley was the FAM, and she’s a veterinary technician. She loves dogs, especially labs, but has two cats at home named Norman and Cocoa. After explaining the fun story of how Norman was named, we got down to business with Ashley. She came to the show with her girlfriend, the beautiful, funny & charming Jen, and Jen’s mom Cheryl. Ashley told us about her coworker Ricky, by describing him as flamboyant, talkative and well dressed. Because of the holiday, we asked about mom. Ashley’s mom is intelligent, family oriented and a tough cookie.
Why was everything you just read important? Because we were all going to dinner! In FAM Mother’s Day Dinner, Ashley was able to cast the roles of herself, her mom, Jen and Ricky. The kids took mom out for mother’s day to an expensive French restaurant. Mom was buying, but happy to spend time with everyone. Ricky wasn’t impressed with the server’s uniform. Apparently it needed more sparkles and happy penguins. Poor mom wanted Italian food. Let’s home she ended up finding some.

Joe warmed up the audience by helping them make Mother’s Day cards out of construction paper.

Audience member Chris jumped up to play Alphabet. Krissy was upset that her dog barked until he suddenly started speaking, before Erich and Chris were were cavemen…or were they just men stuck in a cave?

Erich and Krissy hosted the Ikea Putting Together Furniture Contest in Sports Commentator. Joe and Daniel were trying to figure out the directions, even in Braille, using the “bendy thing” as a tool. Joe had years of experience while Daniel had never seen Ikea furniture, so this may not have been a fair fight. After much confusion, there was sabotage in the workshop when Daniel glued Joe’s foot to cardboard, before Joe knocked him out. In the end, the guys ended up with an office chair and a tv stand, which would’ve been great, except they should’ve put together lamps.

In Revolver, the four pairs had the following gets: fabulous, cocoa, kissing cousins and the beach. As always, things were all over the place in a hilarious way. Erich took a bath in hot chocolate and marshmallows that filled Chris’ truck. Joe and Erich were bored at a wedding and spiked…everything. Daniel and Joe were cruising the sea when the island moved (yay “Lost” reference!), and Daniel was helping Chris compete against the Gerber baby on billboards.

Daniel was the title character in Pavlovian Response. He was very itchy and couldn’t handle one word answers. Krissy suddenly became an Irish step dancer when someone coughed, and Erich growled when arms were raised. The three were going grocery shopping but not for beets! Krissy was going to return a dented can but then wanted to return Erich instead, until he offered to be the sister she always wanted.

Krissy and Erich had a marshmallow bath in Yes And…why? Because callbacks are great, like this reference to tonight’s Revolver.

Many villainous plots were stopped by superheroes in Foiled Again! Some of the characters were Lego Mini Man, Melted Plastic Man, T-Rex Arms Man and Playdoh Girl. My personal favorite was Jazz Hands Man.

Jen was late to work in Excuses Excuses. She ended up being late because she overslept, ran out of toothpaste and then had an ingrown toenail. Ouch.

Chris and Jen helped the cast out for Slogans. Some highlights? Freedom: Not just for Tibetans, Rugby: For girls who don’t like boys, and Veterinarians: Because cats and dogs can’t talk back.

In Freeze Tag, old ladies had a regular gym date, Michelangelo painted the devil and Terrell Owens under a desk, and Erich and Joe kept stealing a gold coin memorial for a cat because they were in a real life version of Mario Kart.

The evening ended with Do Run, with a song about Mel Gibson.

Thanks again to all the moms for everything you do!

And scene!

BYOI – Cold Medicine and a Beer Chaser

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BYOI was back in action tonight for a crazy show at 95 Empire Street.  First up we met our FAM for the evening, Rachel.  Rachel works in tech support for a local business.  She has lived in several states, her favorite being Ohio.   Her favorite movie is Little Nicky; her favorite part is everything.  Apparently, she also enjoys large cups of beer and needed some cold medicine to be able to be with us tonight.

After our interview, Rachel helped Daniel out with a game of FAM Typewriter.  We joined Rachel and a friend at the movies eating popcorn and drinking beer from extremely large cups, but decided that what we really needed to do was go to CVS to find cold medicine.  There we met Homeless Steve who was eventually convinced to trade more medicine in exchange for a lease on a house, but only if it had a new kitchen.  We also learned that Homeless Steve enjoyed sleeping on toilet paper in the back of the store.   Fortunately, Steve was able to bunk in Rachel’s shower, which was already being sublet by another tenant.   Believe it or not, it only gets stranger from here.

After a quick warmup from Erich, where we all made animal noises (what sound does a giraffe make?)  we played a game of Quick Scenes which included astrophysics, boobs, and other things.   From there we moved on to Follow that Action which went from yarmulkes to what goes on to pants pockets with a set of rosary beads up to heaven where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are prepping for a party.  Turns out Jesus just orders bread and wine from the local package store, whose delivery men are beset by the foibles of numerous biblical figures.

Now that we’ve secured our place in the hereafter, the only logical thing to do was celebrate with a game of party quirks.  Erich had his hands full trying to guess that Evan needed babies, Ryan was made of noodles, and I needed curtain hangers.   We ended the first half with remake, where we put together a brand new Hollywood film, 22 Jump Street, about the cops who lived next door to the ones at number 21.  As if that wasn’t scary enough, we remade it as a horror movie and an anti-drug film.

After the intermission, we learned a quick lesson in calling back references in previous scenes with Yes and That’s How It’s Done.  Then we moved on to our brand new game, Foiled Again!  Our cavalcade of costumed heroes vied with a variety of villainous fiends.  Krissy joined us as we met the French Connection, Carpet-Matches-the-Drapes Man, and the Toe Tapper.   I think this game might be a keeper!

No time to dwell on that now; we’ve got to go shopping at the Everything Emporium.   Evan had to help us find a bracelet made of snakes, a drunken elephant, and a belt that can scratch any itch.  Quite a shopping list!  I hope Medusa will be pleased with my selection!

Many things then walked into a bar, including Little Nicky, Ohio, Sean Connery, and the Bible.  Many puns were made and groans expressed!  But we bravely moved on to a game of Six Pack, where I tried to repair my Robot Soccer rival Daniel,  Evan and Ryan encountered problems with their ceiling fan in Zambia, and Erich and Paul tried to fly their Sopwith Camel  out of mine.  Hopefully they checked the bathroom before embarking!

After all that wackiness, we finished up strong with a game of Curtain Call.  We sung about animals, astrophysics, the ever-popular silence, and vomiting which ultimately led us back to drinking beer from big cups!

Thanks to our great audience for coming out tonight!  Looking forward to our Mother’s Day show to finish out the weekend!

And scene!

BYOI – Voulez-vous Une Baguette?

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BYOI had our second Boston show on Thursday and we rocked the house (there was so much singing, so much). Maureen was our FAM for the evening and we kicked things off with Sing It, loosely based on her life story. And by loosely I mean we started a new computer dating site inspired by Maureen’s chance encounter with Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Harvard which caused a minor whirlwind in her office, lost a variety of limbs to an evil cat lady, and met a super-oversharing mom.

Brooks warmed us up with a stretching and shouting routine, and then we went straight into a game of questions, en francais, where we discovered that Liz and Anthea have some language skills and Nate’s teenage daughter is getting into trouble, somewhere over on the other side of the world, which could only be discovered through the interwebs, that series of tubes. Did someone say floppy disk?

Nate hosted a game of New Born, where mama Daniel was the Great Wall of China and proud papa Brooks was an array of Sacha Baron-Cohen characters, who were cooing over their dear baby Herbie the Love Bug. Things get crazy in the People’s Republic of… Cambridge. To end the first half of our show, we played Movie Critics, inspired by the events of teenage Frasier. Frasier at the prom? Just about as over-analyzed as you would imagine. And you know who showed up? Fabio. Yes.

Our second half started with a round of Yes And… focused on the call back. Where we called back some crazy cat lady non-animal lovers. Then we played our NEW GAME, Foiled Again. We’re still getting the hang of this one, but our supervillanous Worldman and Mr. Potatohead did some serious foiling.

I hosted Dating Game, where Nate got to choose from three lovely bachelorettes, a negative charge, a spaceship, and Dr. Ruth. While the negative charge certainly wouldn’t make a good date, Daniel’s physical attraction to the other ions in the room was hilarious. Nate ultimately chose the spaceship, and they blasted off into the sunset. Famous Last words found out how paper towels and the Enlightenment would be their untimely ends, and our final scenes were in Sit, Stand, Lie Down with a despondent fat bride refusing to walk down the aisle.

We capped things off with Do Run (I told you, lots of singing this week) singing a romantic tune that you had to hear to believe. We’ll be back this Thursday with another Cambridge show and hopefully more singing!

And Scene!

BYOI – The HI Club

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What a super weekend for BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art! You may have gone to a certain movie featuring superheroes, but you could have gotten your superhero fix with us too. Krissy was the super host, and she was joined by Daniel, Erich, Evan and Paul. Joe stopped by and played some games as well.

Krissy knew her stuff and went through the fastest RESPECT ever, and then it was onto the FAM. Renee is Erich’s beautiful wife. She’s a social worker and specializes in childrens’ protection. She said teenage girls are the hardest to work with, which the cast had fun with. Renee and Erich are coincidentally expecting a little girl in the fall. Renee lived in France for high school and would like to travel to Australia alone if she were to win the lottery—after Erich took his half of the winnings, of course. She went to see that superhero movie over the weekend, not for Iron Man, but for Robert Downey Jr and his character Tony Stark. When she was growing up in Iowa, she wanted to be an advertising executive until she found out it would require manure.

In FAM Say It Again, Renee had the bell to make our cast change their lines. Paul’s date dumped him and he had to ask Evan to go see the inside out sequel of The Truth About Cats and Dogs, which would put the audience inside the actors. Much better than 3D, right? Next, Daniel suddenly became Robert Downey Jr, which made Krissy want to date him. Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t interested because of the smell of pizza in her nose. The guys then taught Krissy how to eat in ways other than the usual way, before they all went to a 4H…no, 6H…no, 7H protest with one glittery sign and 6 nonglittery ones.

Krissy warmed up the audience with a fun activity: imitating all of the Avengers.

Joe and audience members Chris and Andrea joined the cast for Chainsaw. The game started with a grave digger at a Dunkin Donuts with a lawn mower. In typical Chainsaw fashion, things turned out way different.

In Alphabet, Krissy was having a baby boy and naming him Rita instead of George, and venom-cats were under the house. Xanadu was played in Zimbabwe, and Evan reeeeally liked Robert Downey Jr.

Paul played Marriage Counselor to troubled couple Erich and Joe. Erich couldn’t stop passing notes, and Joe had to keep soap in his pockets. Together, they couldn’t stop telling the other to shut up. Paul tried to help them with their communication issues, but Erich walked out.

Evan and Erich taught a lesson in “yes and” in…Yes And…what an appropriate lesson!

Krissy introduced our new game, Foiled Again. Basically, two lines form on stage. A superhero has to name a supervillain, and vice versa, before telling the crowd what dastardly deed would happen and how to stop it. If you’ve been to a show recently, you might think of Saturday Morning Cartoon; they’re similar, but this one was better. Flashback Girl fought Garbage Man, Laserchin Man and Mr. Blinding Left Calf fought, and Crimson Belly Button was foiled by Flamingo Legs.

In Back In My Day, the cast talked about how they didn’t have maternity clothes (only loin cloths), margarine (so Fabio didn’t have a career revival) and gum.

Short Cutz started off with Erich and Paul gossiping about Daniel and Evan at the prom. Next, there was a 3 legged race with one pair featuring a one legged man. Why? Because Krissy was a shark in a ball pit at Chuck E Cheese and eat one of Evan’s legs. After that, Barbie was thrown overboard on a Lego pirate ship. Finally, lawn decorations were having a discussion about love and habitual robbery.

Paul was the lucky one to be eliminated first in Highlander. Eventually, Evan had to do a scene alone about the cast turning French. He waved a white flag and surrendered.

The last game of the night was Curtain Call. With Paul on the guitar, the guys and Krissy sang about great social workers, Renee and Erich having a baby and going nuts, and Erich’s lack of cooking skills.

Don’t forget to check out our new weekly family friendly shows at the New School of Music in Cambridge, MA every Thursday at 7pm. Go check out our shiny new Boston cast! After that, bring your mom down to BYOI next Sunday for our Mother’s Day show. Moms will get free admission!

And scene!