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BYOI – Octopi Pancreai

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We had a birthday at the Warwick Museum of Art show! After John taught everyone the rules of RESPECT, he was joined by Erich, Evan, Krissy and Daniel.

Whose birthday was it? It was our FAM Zach’s 23rd birthday. Zach was it brought to the show against his will by his girlfriend, Sandra. Zach is a Rhode Island transplant by way of Chicago and seems talented; he’s not only a med student, but he’s also been playing piano for 16 years.

In FAM Pillar, Zach gave the cast some fun words for their scene. Daniel was removing a spleen on John’s bed, which made him busy femuring. A toe was needed to bowsaw, and Erich delivered a box of gestating, dusty pancreai. Making up words is fun! Take that, spell check!

John warmed everyone up with a story, while the audience dutifully asked “why” and responded “oh” in all the right places. Such good listeners!

Rope was next, where Evan played piano and Daniel didn’t want to join the team. Erich did a really good job of throwing John off and making him laugh.

In Sit, Stand and Lie Down, Daniel was an overgrown child. His parents, Krissy and John, were waiting with him at the train station. While he played with his toys and ate onion rings off the floor, they planned on leaving him behind so he’d maybe leave for college.

Daniel and audience member Maureen had a baby! In New Born, they played Aaron Burr and General Lee, the proud parents of baby Water Fountain.

Audience members Chris and Andrea helped out with Serious Scene. Evan had fun firing everyone constantly. Someone was going to go on a trip by needed to figure out where exactly you’re supposed to sit on a camel. Later, a cursing mummy used his full curse jar to go back to Egypt with a bunch of toilet paper.

After the break, Evan and John taught a lesson in using the whole stage–or the whole room–in Yes And.

Lines From a Hat…er…Cup, the audience threw in some wacky lines. In the first scene, Evan and Daniel played brothers arguing about a tree house. Daniel really loved trees and Big Foot was hanging out in the tree house. In the second scene, Erich and Krissy were having a very awkward date night, which resulted in them getting pulled over by Daniel because they were hiding John the cow in the backseat.

Speaking of animals, Krissy was a duck and Chris was a monkey in Pavlovian Response. Evan amused the audience with a loud story about getting a dog for his birthday while he was in charge of the cone of noise. John played Pavlov, who was very affectionate his his subjects.

Audience member Bob joined the guys for Slogans, where they made up slogans for mouthwash (Making first dates possible), toilet paper (Because toilet rocks hurt), air freshener (deodorant alternative) and Christmas (normalizing breaking and entering).

In Meanwhile, Andrea jumped up again, and this time she was joined by fellow audience members Maren and Brenna. Erich started off buying shoes to help him walk on water. John was a duck scaring the Krissy and Andrea, while Maren and Brenna went through TSA training. Daniel was the goat who ate everything and had to be xrayed, but luckily he didn’t make it on the plane with nail clippers. At the Bad English Convention, Evan was a certain former President who needed lessons in how to say “nuclear” and later, he wouldn’t leave the Oval Office for his successor.

The final game of the night Sing It, and FAM Zach had all of the power. He was great fun, making the cast sing frequently. The cast was performing surgery on a cadaver in a dorm room. Krissy picked Evan because he was the better looking of the cadavers. Daniel cut off Erich’s hand, which was okay, because Erich was a mummy with poor self esteem, as evidenced by the fat mummy’s lament. John came in to clean the dorm room and declared the security deposits void because of blood on the carpet.

And scene!

BYOI – Saving Boston With Science

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You know what’s awesome on a summer night? Improv. There was a mix of current cast and former cast, with Mike, Jimmy and Adam stopping by to play. On with the recap!

Erich came out to teach everyone about RESPECT, before being joined by Evan, Ryan, Paul and Krissy.

The FAM was Cucumber…I mean, Coburn. He’s a regular audience member and past FAM. Since his last time as FAM, Coburn earned his communications degree. He thought the best comedy of the year was “Battleship” because it was so terrible and cheesy. Coburn told us about selling $2,000 vacuums which were also carpet cleaners and leaf blowers. When the time comes to save the world, Coburn will whip out his trust iPhone.

For FAM Six Pack, Coburn joined in. Ryan and Paul were in a theme park where Ryan turned into a cannibal. Evan and Erich were in a counseling session, and Krissy and Coburn went to violent Detroit. In case you didn’t know, it was kind of a tribute to Daniel, who is currently in Detroit screening his awesome film (featuring zombies)!

Krissy took us back to the 90s in a game of Ski Free–complete with Abominable Snowman at the end–during the warmup.

Curses, Foiled Again featured heroes and villains like Captain Bellbottom and Mister Blows a Fart With Every Third Word. There were many others, but this blog has to stay clean.

Jimmy and audience member Andrea jumped in to help with Growing and Shrinking Machine. Some highlights? Feeling the essence in art class, the live Battleship championship, and the Queen of the Snow Angels.

The same people helped out in Chainsaw, where a dentist at a debt collection agency with a feather ending up being a dentist with a feather at a box office, building ledge and discotheque, depending on who was playing.

In Party Quirks, Erich threw a party. Ryan was a slinky, Paul had ever changing–but never matching–arm lengths, and Coburn was Hugh Hefner.

Erich and Krissy taught about using the whole stage–and sometimes the audience–in Yes And.

Alphabet was fun with the addition of Mike, Coburn and audience member Chris. Vacuums were sold, a xylophone competition was had, and Ryan killed Captain Obvious.

The audience was a great help for Lines From a Cup. They gave some random lines, and some not so clean lines *coughandreacough*…anyway. Ryan, Paul and Adam mixed potions to save Boston, whole Evan and Coburn sailed while speaking in third person and sold a baby on Ebay.

Jimmy, Mike and Coburn lined up for Blank Walks Into a Bar. Televisions walked into a bar in a very remote area, Roy Rogers walked into a bar but was shot because he was a zombie, and Robert Pattison walked into a bar to just brood.

Half of the audience jumped in for Short Cutz–literally–so Erich decided to relax for most of the game. As usual, things were all over the place. This time, an ostrich with a heart of gold started a bank account, some weird interpretive dance went on, Jimmy was a recurring truck delivery guy and we witnessed the life of Cox McGee.

The night ended with Irish Drinking Song where the cast sang about iPhones.

We’re now in the summer, so don’t forget to come see us! Bring a newbie to a show to get free admission for yourself.

Also, big news: Starting with our next late night show, we have a new time. Shows will be starting at 10pm instead of 11pm. You’ll still have 2 hours of BYOI awesomeness.

And scene!

BYOI – Merman’s Back!

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Welcome to another edition of BYOI’s show recap, coming to you from the New School of Music in Cambridge, MA. This is Ryan with the report, and tonight’s show featured James, Liz, Anthea, and myself. As Socrates once said, “Let’s get crackin’!”

Our FAM for the evening was Jacob, and our interview truly put the FAM in family as other members of Jacob’s family got involved with the interview. Jacob can be described as reliable, modest, and driving. Yes, driving. We don’t know if that means he is driven at his work and many activities, which include a variety of sports, or if it means he drives his son around everywhere. This was left for us to interpret. But before we could do that, James presented a movie to our lovely audience, which featured new Bostonians from Bosnia. Who knew $22 for a sausage was such a deal? After a shameless display of other cultures, I warmed them up by reliving the trip to our show, aka feeling my pain. Listen folks, it was 96 degrees and my car has no AC. And I’m coming from RI. We can all deal with this for just a few moments.

Next came the philosophical question of What Are You Doing? After the less-than-philosophical answers, Anthea and I were joined by an audience member for some Catch Phrases. Things were looking busy at “Cheese, Cheese, and Hey, Is That More Cheese?”. The new shipment of Swiss just came in sans holes, and it was not going to hole itself! Things would have gone smoother if Anthea didn’t keep insisting on some vacation time. Well, the food poisoning didn’t help either.

Liz then channeled Madam Zelda to look into the future. After a trip to New Jersey, it looks like Christmas is coming early this July, and Massachusetts can revel in it’s newest lotto winner! Huzzah! James then brought us into Freeze Tag, which featured a threatening mouse and a new Olympic sport, Uneven Cousins. I smell a gold medal! USA! USA!

Liz, Anthea, and our FAM Jacob tried to come up with some new bagel flavors/shapes in Sit, Stand, Lie Down. Who knew there was so much science involved when it came to bagels? Wait…four people. Four people knew how much science was involved. This calls for a baby! James and I, or should I say The Washington Monument and Obama, respectively, are now the proud parents of rotten cabbage. Mazel tov! And with that statement, the conservatives are about to have a field day this November.

The whole gang spoke our Famous Last Words on behalf of things such as baked potatoes and bicycles, and then we went into Short Cutz. It turns out modern-day toilets now come with a barista option, and James is in serious denial when it comes to being a merman. Psoriasis my foot! Or his fin, in this case!

We ended on a musical note with Do Run and sent our audience home happy. Well, we sent them into the heat, but they seemed happy before they stepped outside…


BYOI – And All The Boys Had Girls’ Names

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Father’s Day was a perfect day for an all male cast at the Warwick Museum of Art. After Joe explained RESPECT, he was joined by Erich, Evan and Daniel.

The night’s FAM was Kendra, who is a receptionist at a hair salon and a sociology student. She’d like to use her future degree to become a high school guidance counselor, and told a story about interesting salon customers. She came to BYOI with her friend Jen, and they enjoy Turbo Kick classes together. She’s not a fan of Charlie the klepto but loves her professional golfing brother.

Daniel and Kendra reviewed the film of Kendra’s life in FAM Movie Critics. It was a great film where Kendra’s brother was surprisingly excited about her new business venture giving out free waxes. Later, Kendra met her brother’s friend and prescribed him a bunch of different meds. In the dramatic end, Kendra found out there is no Santa, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy while sitting in jail with Chuck the Klepto. Evan definitely deserves an award for his performance.

Everyone went to the beach with Joe during warmup. All I can say is, Rhode Island has an awful lot of seagulls and lemonade vendors.

Daniel and audience member Michelle were the storytellers in Angels and Demons. Evan and Erich were two dapper gentlemen just before the Great Depression who wanted to meet women but had no shoes. Also? They had BO. Really bad. It was so bad it negated almost every good thing that happened to them.

Erich was Bill Cosby in Good Cop, Bad Cop. Joe and audience member Tammy were great, getting him to admit that he tied his shoelaces out at sea with Alice Cooper.

After the guys had some friendly bickering about the safe stage of improv, it was on to Try That On For Size. Some things they did? Carved the name of his love in a hand, punched a pillow in anger, DJed with no fingers and played tug of war alone. Evan and Joe impressively dominated the game.

In honor of Father’s Day, Erich’s dad jumped in for Revolver. Daniel and Erich were dueling cubicle mates, where Erich took control of the mini fridge and ate Daniel’s yogurt. Erich’s dad wanted a nap, which was a great opportunity for Erich to honk his dad’s nose and play with his clown hair. Joe and Erich’s dad watched a scary Gila monster in the distance before deciding to prank call the babysitter. Finally, Joe helped grandpa Daniel leave his walker behind and participate at the Rockettes gym.

Evan and Joe gave a quick lesson in picking big characters in Yes And.

Next, audience member Andrea joined the guys in Serious Scene. The scene had to do with a Vegas trip and counting cards the wrong way.

In Madame Zelda, Daniel had to figure out Joe’s fortune with the help of spirits Erich and Evan. Urinary incontinence was the most unfortunate thing that would happen, but luckily things would get better for Joe because he was supposed to grow hair and become a model.

Audience member Colby joined the guys for Back In My Day. Some things not around back in the day? Toads, just Mario and Luigi; Evil Knievel, so there was no need for life insurance policies; Columbus Day, because we thought he fell off the edge of the flat Earth; and Easter, so if a bunny laid eggs, we killed it because it was obviously a witch.

In Short Cutz, gophers were wreaking havoc on the golf course and eating holes in a plane, until Daniel put them to sleep with a long winded rant. Then, during graduation at the seminary, there was a question about parentage. Finally, Erich the mini golf professional took us back to when he started at the low end of the totem pole in the golf world by fishing balls out of a gator-filled pond.

The evening ended with Hoedown, where the guys sang about Kendra’s job as a receptionist.

Stay tuned for an important announcement about our scheduling in the next few days. Check out the show schedule on the site, and by the time our next show comes around, it will be summer! That means if you bring a friend to a show who has never been to see us, YOU will get free admission to that show.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads!

And scene!

BYOI & Sky Punch @ Providence Improv Fest!

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Tonight BYOI performed at the Providence Improv Festival with Sky Punch!  A killer double feature show!  We were up first and our FAM Keith is unemployed at the moment, but has lots of friends.  He drinks a “ton” of coffee and has a good friend in Chicago that loves small animals.

In our Highlander we saw a collection of small animals get smashed by a hyperactive group’s janitor while a pipe guitar brought them back to life.  Then Curses, Foiled Again brought us an away of super heroes such as a Woman on Thursday Penguin Man and always leaving the fire exit man. Next, Timmy in the Well found Ben Franklin getting married at a Gas Station.  In Six Pack We had a dog groomer giving dating advice to the dog he was walking and we finished up with a song about Keith in Do Run fashion!

For the second half, Sky Punch showed us that you can have to much Slurpee Syrup, watch out for the man who gives you root beer and it is better to be poor because the roof of your house gets in the way of you seeing the sky.

Thanks to the awesome Sky Punch and PIF for having us!

And Scene!

BYOI – Norton Middle School – Part 2

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Now on to show number two at Norton Middle School’s Learnapoloza!  Our second FAM of the day was Shaeleen.  She loves Mr. Murphy’s Math class and can’t wait for overnight camp this summer.

We start off with Remake where first a day at the beach gives us a Math off in the sand.  Then the tragic version brings epic sorrow and laughs, followed by the silent movie version.  After that we had another “Rock You” warm up.  Pillars gave us window washers with very clear… statements.  Timmy in the well found David Beckham choked on a pineapple at the Oreo factor.  In Highlander we saw Ryan have to do Madagascar by himself.  Had another round of Back in My Day with the teachers. “Back in my day we didn’t have teachers… and kids had no class.” Ooooooo!  Did a round of Freeze Tag where the models stood on the human rug.  And finished with a Do Run singing about camp.

We love performing at NMS’s Learnapoloza!  Looking forward to next year!

And Scene!

BYOI – Norton Middle School – Part 1

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So we are back for a second year at Norton Middle School for the Learnapaloza!  This year we got to split the school into two groups and got to perform two shows to two audiences of 350 each!  So this deserves two blog entries!

So here we are with Joe, Ryan, Erich and myself and our first FAM came as a pair. (How fitting with our theme of twos.)  Their names were Kiely & Alexis and they had SO MUCH to share with us…  um…  I think they want to be wedding planners? “I don’t know?

We start off with a game of Remake where Kiely & Alexis are SO full of energy… that they cannot hold it in… yay…  One of them gets married… it was OK…  Next up the Horror version of that where one friend is killed, but the murderer husband to be gets it… yay…  Finally in a Sci Fi approach Spock marries the Away team and we shoot people with more… excitement.

Next up Ryan warms up the crowd with some “We will rock you!”  Then onto Pillars where the frog gets lose in Science class but always use a golf club to dispose of the evidence.  In Timmy in the Well, Abraham Lincoln was in trouble with vampires at Taco Bell. Highlander saw a version of Elf that one audience member had to do all by himself… and he nailed it!  Back in My Day had some teachers playing with us and Do Run took us home as we sung about becoming a wedding planner.

And Scene… 1.

BYOI – Looks Like a Mini Cooper

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A great time was had by the audience at the Warwick Museum of Art. Tonight was an all-male cast, featuring Daniel, Paul, Joe and Evan.

The show’s FAM was Cooper, who is 7 years old and going into the second grade. Cooper’s a smart kid, because his favorite subject is math and he likes researching stuff. When he’s not studying, he likes to play tag and build forts with his best friend, Reese.

Paul and Joe started off FAM Meanwhile by playing tag inside a Target…except Joe wouldn’t move. Later, they made a fort with Evan in the bedding section and unsuccessfully attempted to hide from their boss. Daniel was a monkey in the elevator on the way to the hairstyling department, before Joe and Evan were let out to play laser tag with price guns. Daniel was in awe of Barbie’s real diamond jewelry. Unfortunately, Joe took a diamond from a bracelet to make his price gun stronger, and Paul subsequently lost an eye. Evan was the eye doctor who gave Paul glass eyes and then kinda turned him into a human Viewfinder.

Joe warmed everyone by building a fort, before directing the Quickest Minute. Tonight, the cast and Reese performed Snow White in 60 seconds, before remaking it as a 30 second horror. They ended with a 10 second cartoon.

Audience member Garrett was late for work in Excuses Excuses. His coworkers Daniel, Joe and Reese were nice to help him explain he was late because he misplaced his false teeth, babies were crossing the road and cows escaped from their corral.

Tonight’s Tableau had the addition of audience members Jess and Jeannette. They made scenes that featured a computer, chimpanzee, second grade and research. For research, Evan was the guy wasting time on Facebook, Paul was the lonely librarian and Joe was the unused dictionary.

Reese was the brave audience member to play Alphabet. Evan was being drawn but birds kept pooping on him and no one could eat near the Mona Lisa. Next, grandma Daniel scared Reese away. The game ended with no girls being allowed in a fort.

Daniel and Joe talked about laundry while fighting aliens in Yes And.

Serious Scene was interesting with 3 cast members playing. Kudos to them for making it work! One of the guys broke his arm at the playground and needed to replace it with different things like golf clubs and a rake.

Joe was a very bad guy in Good Cop Bad Cop. Daniel and Garrett quickly got him to confess to eating all the cupcakes at a Weight Watchers meeting with the Pope.

Slogans was next, with the following slogans: Roger Williams, in case you need a name for something in Rhode Island; George Clooney, the man on Anthony Edwards’ dartboard; Pizza, for when you don’t know what to do with your hut; Chimpanzees, because you need more fingerpainting on your walls and Second Grade, where girls have cooties but it’s okay to eat paste. Well done, gentlemen!

In Freeze Tag, Cooper and Reese got involved. Some of the weird things that happened? An arm was stuck in a car window, Mr. Ed kept complaining, ants had weapons to take over the human race, squirrels were persuaded into their last wishes and a marching band didn’t march.

The last name of the night was Irish Song. Cooper is such a good friend, he had the guys sing all about Reese.

Don’t forget to check us out this Thursday at 7pm at 95 Empire in Providence! We’ll be performing during the second night of Providence Improv Fest. More information at

Also, start making plans with your friends this summer, because starting June 20, you have plans with us. You get into a show for free if you bring a friend to a show who’s never been before.

And scene!

BYOI – Thank You For Bringing the Anvil

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95 Empire was home to BYOI tonight, where our host, Paul, was joined by Erich, Joe, Krissy and Daniel.

After explaining RESPECT, Krissy’s friend Rob was picked as the FAM. Rob’s “one of those electric guys” and works in tech support. That makes him smart. He once had a call from someone looking for help on how to backup their karaoke machine. Rob likes epic parties but couldn’t talk about them. Hmmm. He says he’s witty like Iron Man, and his friends seemed to agree, as they described him as awesome, amazing and eye candy. We’ll just forget when they called him demonic. He’d like superspeed to travel, and has no pets but likes cats and dogs.

Why do you need to know that? Because FAM Guidance Counselor was the first game played. With Paul on guitar, Krissy gave advice. Joe was sullen because he was always stuck as a backup singer in karaoke, Erich couldn’t have any pets because of his inappropriate past and Daniel had too many short dates because he was superspeedy…and possibly on speed.

Erich then warmed up the audience, or at least attempted to, before he said they weren’t good at it.

Audience members John and Chris joined the cast of “The Avengers” in Quickest Minute. In the 60, 30, and 10 second versions, we had Hulk smash, arrows, hugs and a botched attempt at shawarma. They finished early on the 10 second version, so Erich had them perform a bonus 3 second version as well.

Someone was late for work in Excuses, Excuses. Audience member Alex was grilled by her boss, Krissy. Thankfully, Joe, Erich and audience member Jenn helped her out. She was stuck in a traffic jam of tanks, jello came out of her shower and then she was attacked by zombies. Thankfully Krissy helped her out sometimes as well, even if she doesn’t like Bill Cosby and said jello is alive.

Tableau started off normal and turned twisted with each round. Audience member Andrea, Chris and Jenn helped the cast make tableaus of hockey, laundry, a political scandal and a bad Chinese restaurant.

Chris jumped in to play Alphabet. People were fired, Google stocks went up and down, Xavier & Zeus the drag queens appeared, Erich caked…cake…on his face, and 3 people had to pick up a piece of paper. Apparently it was a very dense piece of paper, as Paul asked, “Can’t you smell the density in here?”

Daniel and Erich were arguing about who would get the top bunk while leaping from a building in Yes And. The audience learned that it’s about the relationship, not what’s being done.

A son and father came out in Serious Scene. Andrea was the oblivious mother who liked washing a cat until it ran away.

Erich was the cop helping witness Andrea in Interrogation Lineup. After questioning the criminals, Joe admitted to tying up his garbage in space with Michael Jordan.

John joined in for World’s Worst, where one-liners about the worst superhero, tech support and soap were thrown out. One that stood out was Daniel’s interpretation of the worst party: a guilt party, hosted by mom.

Joe gleefully dinged people in Say It Again. Krissy and John were at an intense basketball training camp, while Erich and Chris were monks on a retreat. They forgot the host and wine for mass, so they replaced them with potato chips (“Mmmm, tastes like Christ!” -Erich) and freshly squeezed cat urine. Eww.

Poor Erich was the ugly kid in Follow That Action. Along with Jenn and John, the cast followed the actions of Erich on a kite, a cyclist and a pterodactyl, among others.

The last game of the night was Greatest Hits, with Paul and Rob as the critics. Rob gave 4 great song titles, including the ensemble song, “Is That My Fuzzball” which had a chorus of meows.

Please come support us on Thursday at 7pm at 95 Empire at Providence Improv Fest! More info at

And scene!

BYOI – Mustang Nation!

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After a long and hilarious car ride to Maine (with a quick a heart stopping break at Sonic Burger)…  John, Erin, Evan, Ken and Myself arrived at the Massabesic High School’s overnight graduation party hosted by the parents of the students.  The event which was held at the Freeport YMCA and was designed to keep the kids in a safe, dry partying environment for the evening.  BYOI was glad to be the entertainment for the evening!

Our FAM for the night was Ruby.  Not what you might call a model student, but obviously beloved by the students and faculty.  Ruby enjoys sleeping… not in the class mind you, but in the hallway.  She enjoys English class the most where she pretended to read a book called: “I think it’s Macbeth”.  Ruby also enjoys eating and loves the microwaved egg, the microwaved bacon and microwaved cheese that comes in the burrito they serve.

We started off by revisiting Ruby’s High School days where she spends a majority of her time in the hall.  She has a great breakfast of microwaved goodies, but they are out of Burritos, so she is on a new quest to find something to wrap it in.  After almost going to English class, she is eventually able to wrap it in her diploma, which is tasty!

Next, Ken get’s us warmed up reminding everyone that public school is over!  Then we move on to Try That on for Size, where one young lady has the ability to send odd responses that seem to knock every one of the cast members off their post.  We were befuddled.  We continue with a game of Alphabet where John was on a roll and many students have forgotten the basic alphabet.  Timmy in the Well brought us Roald Dahl burt cookies in the swimming pool.  Next up one young lady helped out our Centerpiece where scenes included new Tanning and prom dress designs and the abuse in the old folks home.  In Catch Phrase John found himself in the middle of a very messy break up.  Then Chainsaw brought mayhem and dead bodies involving, bunnies, puppys, Vikings, the Devil and a full out gun fight.  Back in My Day taught the youth about our past, and about how old Grandpa John has gotten and on of the students found his Dad.  In Highlander it was Ken responsible for playing all of the main elements of Avatar.  And we finished with Do Run, because what high school student doesn’t want to hear a 1950’s song about Mohawks!

And….  a quick trip to the 24 LL Bean store… Scene!