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BYOI – Kersplowie!

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We had another great night of family friendly fun at the Warwick Museum of Art! Host Stephanie was joined by castmates Daniel, Erich, Ryan and Joe. Because it was an audition day, potential future castmates Andrea, Corey, Sam, Drew and Jessica also played a few games. What was the cherry on top? An appearance by Paul, who we’ve missed recently.

The FAM was Mark, who is a student and a lifeguard. He’s a lifelong resident of Warwick, preferring to do what we native Rhode Islanders do, and stay close to home. Mark’s a nice guy, and loves his mom. He has acting experience, and recently he recovered from a broken neck.

The cast took Mark’s answers as inspiration for a game of FAMlander. Joe was the first out, and Ryan ended up doing a scene about Cinderella and spray paint on his own at the end.

Stephanie warmed up the crowd with a story about sports, since the Olympics are going on.

In Say It Again, the cast did two scenes. First, Erich and Corey were talking about emotions and impressing girls at the pool, and the sad fact that Jared from Subway is better than them. Next, Daniel and Sam dissected frogs and set the puppy free.  Ryan had things to sell in Everything Emporium. Daniel needed a fire extinguishing broom, Stephanie needed Nicholas Cage, and Paul needed a blue toned yellowstone.  Tableau was interesting with the addition of Andrea and audience members Mathias and Galen. They did tableaus of gymnastics, a root canal, and Taco Bell.  In Catch Phrase, Erich seemed motivated and audience member Kyle wondered why he was pulled over. They were working with Ryan on the world’s largest marble collection.

Stephanie and Daniel had different genders and age in Yes And. In Lines From a Cup, Stephanie and Andrea were on a boat. Ryan the eagle popped in to try to get a date to the Don Henley concert. Later, Daniel and Drew coaxed the sun into coming up. All was well until Joe rose and burned Daniel during a pep talk.  Jessica was late for work in Excuses, Excuses. Thankfully, her coworkers Erich, Stephanie and Mathias had her back. They helped her figure out that her toaster blew up, there was a breakout at the zoo, and the London Bridge fell down. Stephanie hosted Slogans, which brought up Paul, Andrea and Sam, as well as audience members Sarah and Taylor. Some slogans were: Prince Charming, now with softer hair, Olympics, because Yahtzee is a sport, A Christmas Carol, but Trinity has other stuff, and lifeguards, where you can be a full grown man and sit in a high chair. Those lines were courtesy of Paul, Erich, Ryan and Sam.  Follow That Action was next, with the addition of Sam, Jessica and Galen. Bruce Wayne’s mansion was infested with bats, and Batman became Vice President. Superheroes made appearances, and of course, there were more bats.  In the last game, Joe hosted Busta Rap. The cast, with help from Drew, Mathias, Sarah and Galen, rapped the story of Mark the lifeguard. In a surprise twist, Erich won his first ever song game! Well done, Erich!

Join us next Sunday, August 5 for auditions at 2:30 at the WMOA. Later, come to our usual show, which happens to be our birthday show! BYOI will be celebrating its 4th birthday, and everyone is invited! Dress as your favorite superhero, and if you’re nice, I’ll bring cake.

And scene!

BYOI – Hey, Ladies!

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Friday night at 95 Empire was all about the ladies. It was our First Annual Ladies’ Night show, which meant ALL of our current and past female cast members were there. Krissy was the host, and was joined by Stephanie, Liz and Anthea from Boston, and alumni Erin and Marina. Read on to find out how Beth H and Beth C were included.

So, onto the show. The rule of the night a male could be the FAM, but after that, only ladies were allowed to perform on stage. Chris was the FAM, and he was great as usual. If you’re a BYOI regular, you know Chris already, so I don’t need to introduce him. However, he did mention he’s going to Buffalo soon for a fair and something about moose nuts.

Now, we had a contest going for the FAM game. If Krissy counted more females than males in the audience, they would play a game where the BYOI male cast would be objectified. The audience had more males, so FAM Wax Museum was played. You may know this game from past special shows. The ladies performed scenes while the male cast was behind them making them move. So, what happened here? A fair worker had lice, we learned that love is the greatest riddle of all, a family played football, and Liz wrote a book called “Ugly From the Front and Back.”

Marina then warmed up the audience with a game of Who’d You Rather—while dancing!

In Try That On For Size, Krissy sporked a novel, Erin wooed Juliet, Anthea did wrist yoga and Liz clapped for herself for attention.

Audience member Claudia joined the cast for a fun game of Alphabet. Krissy accused Erin of having multiple personalities until Erin called mom for help. Anthea taught Krissy that those scaled creatures she loves aren’t frogs, and Krissy decreed purple lizards the worst kind. Finally, Marina was injured while flying a kite in the mountains.

In Six Pack, Erin and Anthea were on a road trip to Buffalo. They were driving on the wrong side of the road in the spirit of the Olympics going on in London, jumped a bridge, and had everyone from the rest stops following them on their epic trip. Unfortunately, they made it to Buffalo and found out it was just grass and sandwiches and therefore sucks. Krissy and Liz decided that 15 was far too young to eat candy and that during the Great Depression, people used paper for sandwiches and liked it! Marina and audience member Andrea hoarded bubbles and Marina hired her scene partner to be her evil minion.

Onto the first of the lady-fied of our games. Like Erin told the audience, “we’re ladies, so we fixed everything.” In Excuse Me Excuse Me, the girls fixed Excuses Excuses. Audience member Alex had to explain to her boss why she needed to bring a group to the bathroom. Luckily, she had Krissy, Liz and Anthea to help her along, by miming everything out. So why wasn’t Alex able to pee by herself? Because her boyfriend broke up with her, she had to flush drugs down the toilet and she had to change her superhero costume. Obviously!

The next improved game was Cross, Twirl and Duck, a better version of Sit, Stand and Lie Down. Liz, Erin and Marina had to always have one crossing her legs, one twirling her hair and one making duckface. The scene was about Marina being the victim of a shark attack. Somehow, her leg was still there though. She has some great health insurance, because they paid for surgery for her to become a mermaid when she wants to. Later, a shark was punched out by the mermaid stoner.

Freeze Tag was played with toilet paper rolls as stand ins for whatever objects were needed in the scenes. Liz named her hamster Not Pop Tarts, or NPT for short. She explained NPT is like NPH, but not. Krissy gave Erin a lesson in how to please the opposite gender before Erin and Anthea worked with magic crystals. Liz made Anthea, I mean her son, Mr. Winkles, jump through hoops repeatedly, and Erin waited waaaaaaay too long to drink a shot.

Erin and Marina were old men in Yes And, where they taught a lesson about not sticking with your gender or age.

In Lines From a Hat, Erin and Andrea went bowling on a horrible first date. Next, they were joined by Krissy for a different scene about a very strange family.

Anthea hosted Highlander, where she explained a lady Highlander is obvious, because women can do it all. Krissy, Stephanie, Liz and Marina were Olympians staying in a house and shaving their leg hair. Sinks were gross because of it, and there was a marriage proposal. Liz was gleefully eliminated first, then Krissy and Marina. Poor Stephanie had to perform alone for the fourth time around, but she did great.

Timmy In the Toilet was the next game, a better version of Timmy In the Well. In this case, Sharon Osbourne fell in the toilet while donating to Mitt Romney in Egypt. Shaggy from Scooby Doo was the evil man who left the toilet seat up.

A new line game was introduced, called Sex With Me. Alumni Beth H and Beth C came up, which made this the most epic game ever. Why? Well, not only was the game hilarious, but it had ALL of our past and present female castmembers. The game was dirty as expected, and we learned why sex with any of the ladies was like synchronized swimming, a landlord, Batman, or bingo, among other things.

Krissy started off a Short Cutz/Sing It hybrid game with moose nuts. Anthea had to wrestle Krissy and her many arms, and a grave was danced on. Anthea sang about how she loved to eat fruit with skin, and Liz proposed marriage to Stephanie. Liz sang a song in sign language, and for the big musical finish, Krissy was a bridezilla. She was upset because her bridesmaids all decided to do crazy things with their hair on the day of the wedding.

The final game of the night was Do Run, where the ladies sang about Chris and invited the audience to sing along.

Thanks so much for coming out and supporting the funny women of BYOI! Don’t forget, auditions to join BYOI are this Sunday, July 29 and next Sunday, August 5. Both are at 2:30pm at the Warwick Museum of Art. Our August schedule has one issue: we will not be performing an adult show on Friday, August 10, because of a prior engagement at 95 Empire. Therefore, our next Friday show will be August 24. See you there!

And scene!

BYOI – Superhero School

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The audience had a super(hero) good time at the Warwick Museum of Art for the family friendly show. Stephanie taught everyone about RESPECT, before being joined onstage by Joe, Evan and Daniel.

Batman—I mean, Galen—was the FAM of the night. He’s going into the 4th grade in September and really likes math. When he grows up, he wants to become a medic, because helping people is cool. Galen’s a pretty nice kid and likes everyone, especially his friends Steven, Amado and Angel.

Galen was the bell ringer for FAM Sing It, where the guys played a video game called Castle Crashers. Unfortunately, the game was turning into real life, with the neighborhood castles being crashed into. The cast sang impromptu songs at Galen’s request about playing the game, not liking castle dwellers and their address.

Next, Stephanie warmed everyone up with a great story about superheroes! Batman was there, and Indiana Jones was there, as well as…Rocky?

Evan was looking for love in the Dating Game. He had the hard job of choosing between Joe as Anderson Cooper, Stephanie as Spongebob and Daniel as a bottle of Mr. Clean.

Evan and Galen told a story in Angels and Devils, while Stephanie and Joe mimed everything out. It was a heartwarming tale about a guy who wanted to run in the Olympics but was clumsy. He first fell off a balance beam, and later a cliff. In a surprise twist, he found all of the gold medals in the garbage.

Rope was as usual, crazy. Evan and Joe held their own and never got roped.

In Revolver, punches were sent through the phone, Stephanie always had a sales pitch, and Forkman met Spoonman.

After the break, Daniel and Evan taught a lesson in worrying about your partner instead of yourself in Yes And.

Batman came up to help out with Alphabet. Joe made it the longest. A nutritious dinner was made, Katie Holmes was saved from Scientology and there was a fight over books.

Stephanie was the shopkeeper at the Everything Emporium. She sold self-assembling Legos to Daniel, a shuffleboard set made out of water to Evan, and hamburgers with attitude to audience member Kate.

The guys let their inner geeks out in Famous Last Words. We all learned the last words of a mathematician (too much pi!), biker, wimpy kid, Thor and sushi. It was interesting!

In Freeze Tag, the case was once again joined by Batman. They fought Bruce Wayne, learned to fly, had a juggling vs. one-legged hula hoop contest and had an unlikely visitor at confession.

The final game was Busta Rap. Galen and his mom Rachel were brave enough to play. They held their own pretty well, but Daniel eventually finished off the story with the help of his posse.

This Friday, please join us for our first Ladies’ Night show. It will take place at 10pm at 95 Empire in Providence. Krissy and Stephanie will be joined by Liz, Anthea, Erin and Marina. You know you’ve wanted to see these ladies perform!

Don’t forget BYOI auditions, as well. Next Sunday, July 29 and August 5 at the Warwick Museum of Art, at 2:30. Think you’re funny know someone who is? Come play with us and see if you have what it takes.
And scene!

BYOI – New Bedford can be a dirty place.

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Well tonight BYOI had one of our dirtiest shows ever… but the crowd asked for it and loved it.  It was Erin, Anthea and Myself at a live comedy show at Dublin’s Bar and Grille in New Bedford, MA.  The performance was put on as part of an event by Hail Digital Entertainment and we performed with Robot Dance Party from Improv Boston and heard DJ Black Out spin after the show.

Our FAM for the night was Brian.  He prints words on Golf Balls for a living, we will say he “loves” his wife and his favorite Disney Princess is Selena Gomez…???  For what ever his answers I think he had been enjoying his “juice” for a good part of the evening.

So our first scene had Brian’s good buddy playing golf in the house while his wife talked about how she was concerned with the gifts he was getting from Brian.  But don’t worry because Brian was in the closet off to the side letting us know how we were doing.

We moved on from there where a game of Sit, Stand and Lie Down found a husband who would only do things if they were asked by someone who was lying down.  His wife did not approve.  In Good Cop, Bad Cop we found a seven year old who robbed a bank in Atlantis with Al Capone… although someone with too much to drink yelled the last name out when he decided he had it figured out.  Finally in Pillars we found that Grandma and her grand child both had interesting places to hide their toys.

A crazy set for a crazy audience, but thanks for having us out there.

And scene!

Auditions for Bring Your Own Improv!

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Bring Your Own Improv is looking to add 2 or 3 more cast members to our show. We have had a lot of outside gigs lately and some of our cast members will be busy later this year with new babies and houses and stuff. So we want a few extra members to help lighten the load.

Auditions will be Sunday July 29th & August 5th 2012 at 2:30pm at The Warwick Museum of Art in Warwick, RI.

Please be on time, dress comfortably, bring water and come to have fun. We will go till about 4:30pm. Anyone attending an audition will be able to see the show that night for free. We encourage you to come to our shows and show us what you may have in front of an audience as well.

BYOI is a fun short form show that welcome audience participation. As a performer, you must be open minded and willing to work with audience members who are sometimes the best and some of the not so best. Failure is OK and you have to be OK with the fact. We have a no drama cast who loves to work together and we will be looking for people that not only perform well, but that are easy to get along with.

Some of our outside shows do pay, but not enough to quit your day job.

Guitar playing a plus, but not a requirement.

Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Thank you.

BYOI – Long Distance Trucker Guy

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The Warwick Museum of Art was once again home to BYOI for a Sunday show. Ryan hosted and was joined by castmates Joe, Erich and Stephanie. Yes, this show heralded the long awaited return of Stephanie!

The FAM was Ray J, who was at the show with his girlfriend, Renee. He is a truck driver and enjoys traveling the country. Ray enjoys saltwater fishing during his downtime, and his nemesis was cryptically named, “The Ex.”

Ray was the holder of the bell in FAM Say It Again. The game followed Erich and Ryan, who were brothers fishing. Erich had the unfortunate habits of wearing a clown outfit and screaming profanities at cars on the way to the water. Joe stopped by and wasn’t welcome, before Ryan caught Stephanie, the ugliest mermaid, who put a spell on Erich.

Erich warmed up the audience with a patriotic story about Timmy the aspiring future Olympian.

The cast and audience member Andrea played Chainsaw, and were fairly accurate the whole time. A mailman was in an ice fishing shack with a bottle of booze.

Next, Ryan and Renee wrote the classic story, “Hopefully Better Than Your Life,” in Typewriter. It featured Renee and her daughter Britney and their experience with a grizzly bear/talking parrot. Erich played the parrot, so of course it was a giant parrot. Britney ended up going to Dr. Tucker who was channeling Jimmy Buffet, for help with the parasites the parrot gave her. Later, Martha Stewart, attorney, helped Renee’s court case against the parrot, until Judge Judy stepped in. What a crazy story!

In Curses, Foiled Again, the Earwax Avenger took on Narcolepto the Narcoleptic Monkey, and the Arch Soled Foot took on Person Who Hates Children, among others.

In Four Pack, Ryan made Stephanie choose only one lucky frisbee, while Erich and Joe caught the ice cream truck and had interesting treats.

After the break, Erich and Stephanie taught a lesson in Yes And about talking objects.

In Quick Scenes, the cast was joined by Andrea. Some of the things dealt with? A fear of lint, Bert and Ernie’s breakup, a literal interpretation of Dave Matthews and physics.

Joe was looking for love in the Dating Game. He had the hard job of deciding between Ryan (a caveman), Stephanie (the big bang) and Renee (a bottle of bleach).

Follow That Action featured Ryan as a child–I mean adult–who swore he was 28 years old. The game followed Ryan’s journey after leaving his parents’ house, which included time with sewer rats, a tantrum in the airport, a clingy night in jail, and a plot to get his old bedroom back.

Daniel jumped in–and won–Busta Rap, where a guy was thrown out by the ex, moved to London, was homeless with a Morse-speaking horse, and finally ended up at a ranch.

July 27 is Ladies Night! Mark your calendars! 10pm until sometime at 95 Empire!

And scene!

BYOI – The Keyholder

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BYOI debuted at its new 10pm timeslot at 95 Empire St. Daniel, Joe, Erich, Evan and Ryan entertained the crowd, which consisted of new and old improv friends.

The FAM was Nidel, who is a chocolatier. Not a creepy one like the Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka, thankfully. He came to the show with friends, and they seemed like a fun bunch. Nidel hosts a gaming group, where they play board games like profanity-laced Monopoly.

First up, Erich hosted FAM Revolver, where the guys did all sorts of varied things, like pitching the idea of Iron Man in Candy Land.

Evan took everyone through a creepy tour of the basement for the warmup.

The cast’s friend Ray was joined by another audience member to help out in What Are You Doing. What did everyone do? They licked a llama, ate the samples only, embarrassed a niece at a wedding and touched Walmart greeters.

Next, Daniel directed this summer’s “The Hobbit” in Quickest Minute. The cast did a great job in a minute, before redoing it as a 30 second erotica, and finally, a 10 second marathon.

In Sit, Stand and Lie Down, Ryan, Daniel and Ray were coworkers at Dunder Mifflin. Nepotism was alive and well, until the third forced adoption of the week took place.

Timmy In the Well was so fast that we played 2 rounds with Joe as Timmy. Erich, Evan and Daniel were the trusty dogs, explaining in record time that Cinderella lost her clothes on a subway train. Later, Mitt Romney went to rehab in a forest. I’m not sure if Joe was just that brilliant to finish super quick or if the dogs were just that great.

After the break, Daniel and Evan taught the audience that it’s okay for objects to talk in Yes And.

In Questions, Ray once gain joined in and was joined by 3 other audience members. There was some questionable guacamole, and unqualified sherpa, dog cannibalism and dead friends who channeled Patrick Swayze’s ghost and admired his rear end.

In everybody’s favorite game, Chainsaw, two audience members, including Maren, joined in. An alligator wrestler was in the Oval Office with a cattle prod, but somehow they thought it was a doctor or human skinner with a chainsaw. The location was the hardest part, with guesses of a hospital, drug testing clinic, gentleman’s club and public access pledge drive.

In Blank Walks Into a Bar, the following happened: Jerry Seinfeld yelled “Newman!”, Mother’s Day was followed by DCYF, and Batman rejected all drink choices (Na…na…na na na na na na).

Joe started off Follow That Action where the Gay Police joined forces with the Gayer Police to catch some bears. Frizbee golf took out an endangered bird, chocolate dripped and Smokey the Bear set houses on fire like a true American.

Stephanie–yes, as in our castmember now home from her year abroad–and Ray were the brave souls to play Busta Rap with the cast. A guy had trouble at the mall and went home to his three mansion shack because he couldn’t visit his aunt. An evening was spent trapped at the mall, the cops were scared and Mr. Pants saved the day. The final two battling were Evan and Ryan, with Ryan finishing off the story.

Don’t miss Ladies’ Night in two weeks, on July 27. Krissy and Stephanie from our RI cast will be joined by Boston’s Anthea and Liz. To sweeten the night, BYOI alumni Erin and Marina will be here. Men will only be allowed to watch, and maybe throw out suggestions. Only female audience members will be able to play with the cast. The safe stage of improv will be a safe stage for ladies, but not necessarily for men and anyone else they decide to joke about. The show will start at 10, and rumor has it that because it’s a special show that it will run for over 2 hours.

And scene!

BYOI – Thrones of Chicago

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It was another warm summer day, but perfect for improv in the dark at the Warwick Museum of Art. Why in the dark? Because lights are warm, of course, and sunlight is great. Anyway, on with the recap. Daniel was the host for the night, and he was working with Erich, Ryan and Evan.

Corey was the FAM, and he was a lot of fun. He writes commercials for the Travel Channel and would like to go to Bermuda someday for the cheap drinks. His boss is annoying because nothing is ever good enough. Luckily, Corey’s wife Jill is satisfied, because she still finds him funny. He likes “Game of Thrones” and was a fan of raccoon Mario in Super Mario Bros 3 as a kid. Obviously, this is a man of good taste.

Ryan started off directing FAM Remake with the great film, “Thrones of Chicago” where a mobster was doing mob things. Raccoon Mario brought in some gold but it wasn’t good enough for the evil Princess Jeff. The first remake was the Disney/Pixar version, which featured a sinister but not evil villain, and a dead parent. Why does Disney hate parents, anyway? The second remake took place on a relaxing dock on Bermuda.

Daniel then warmed up the audience by taking them through a day on the beach.

BYOI alum Mike jumped in for Try That On For Size. Evan, Erich and Mike tried, and all made great efforts, but they just couldn’t trip up Ryan. Along the way, the guys sent smoke signals, hailed Oprah, did slow motion jumping jacks, light sabered the ground and took a look at the Reading Rainbow.

ESPN 76 hosts Ryan and audience member took us through Sports Commentator. Erich and Daniel were competing in the exciting sport of getting ready for work. Erich started off strong and energetic, while Daniel slept in and put his clothes on wrong. Sadly, Erich was pulled over on the way in, which gave his opponent a chance to sneak in and sleep at work to win the competiton.

In Press Conference, Daniel, Erich and Corey interviewed Ryan. He was Alec Baldwin selling his new proton packs.

Erich was the mighty bell ringer for Alphabet. It was Bring Your Kid to Work Day at Evan’s workplace, where the kid was actually a kid brother. Next, Daniel and Ryan made it through the entire alphabet as a pair of janitors who became a comedy duo specializing in fart jokes.

Daniel and Ryan had elevating emotions in Yes And.

After the break, audience members Andrea and Russell joined the guys in Quick Scenes. Pairs waited for iPhones, ate keyboard popcorn, fixed the Jetsons and tried online dating.

Evan had to really work on his dog translation skills in Timmy In the Well. Ryan, Daniel and Russell had the unfortunate job of explaining that Jennifer Hudson gained 50 lbs at the circus.

Back In My Day, they didn’t have Betty White, the 4th of July or toothbrushes (because we were British), commercials (and didn’t know when to pee), or forks (so we didn’t have “Twilight”). That last one was courtesy of Mike.

In Short Cutz, Erich and Evan played on their phones during an improv show, Daniel pollinated plants in a bee costume, and a time traveler met himself–times 3! The Ninth Doctor or Bill & Ted made an appearance, depending on who you ask. Finally, Ryan did a hilarious Eddie Murphy impression for the “Dreamgirls” sequel, before failing at being a quiet librarian and then being attacked by the Ghostbusters.

The final game of the night was Busta Rap, about a guy named Jeff who judges salad and dumped his girlfriend.

Sign up for our email list if you haven’t yet, and check your email on Wednesday! There’s a coupon to get up to 10 people into this Friday’s 10pm show for $10 total. Check the email for details.

And scene!

BYOI – Muchos Credit Cardos

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July was welcomed at the Warwick Museum of Art with Bring Your Own Improv. Erich hosted the show and was joined by Daniel, Evan, Ryan and John. We could get used to surprise appearances by John!

After Erich explained RESPECT, the FAM was picked. Steph is a nurse and mom of two sons, Max and Mason. She was inspired to join the nursing field when she was a kid. She told us about a great, helpful coworker, as well as a not-so-helpful coworker who I won’t name. Steph recently enjoyed “The Hunger Games” book but not the film adaptation. For her perfect day, she’d like to kayak in the Grand Canyon with her adventurous husband, Mark, and their sons.

Steph had a surprise party in FAM Party Quirks! It was definitely a surprise to her. The guys played characters from her life, including her husband, sons, un-nurselike coworker and Katniss Everdeen. Poor Erich had to play Katniss with no prior knowledge of the character. Thankfully, his castmates gave him a 10 second crash course and he did a great job.

For warmup, John told everyone a story about his weekend at his sister-in-law’s wedding.

Audience members Maureen and Mason joined in for Tableau, where pictures were made for the Hunger Games, Air Force and Pokemon Center.

John and Mason hosted Movie Critics, for the classic bad film, “Ear Piercing at Harry Potter World”. The guys were joined by audience member Tyler for this film featuring Matthew McConaughey as Harry Potter and Megan Fox as Hermione Granger. The scenes showcased showed the arrival at Hogwarts, Voldemort piercing Harry’s ear with a branch, and a surprise twist where an owl was revealed to be Will Smith in an owl costume. Definitely skip this one.

Ryan had an itchy nose as the titular character in Pavlovian Response. He led Evan and Mason on a kayaking trip…in a parking lot…50 miles from the river. Mason was very chicken-like and Evan did some impressive pushups off the kayak.

Six Pack was a blast with John and Daniel at a comic book store plagiarizing Spiderman. Erich and audience member Emily had a life sized Mr. Potato Head costume, while Ryan and audience member Matt were being shot by hot potatoes from the oven.

After the break, Erich and John taught a lesson with the help of their classmates about having what you need close at hand in Yes And.

Audience member Jodi was joined by another young lady in Pillars. Daniel and John were planning their wedding. Not inside a salad or a dinosaur, but inside a raw–or possibly cooked–bunny. Evan was miffed about not being picked as best man, so he stole the ugliest bunny he could find. Somehow this bunny could be opened by a rainbow–to make it a happy occasion–and had bred with an elephant to make baby elephants, not hybrids. Genetics are weird.

Ryan, John and Mason had great interviewing skills in Press Conference, where Barbra Streisand was talking about her hard working new dishsoap.

Mason and his brother Max played Revolver with the cast. All sorts of stuff happened. Grandma wanted her ice rink cleaned so people could see their reflections as they slipped, John Watson taught Sherlock Holmes about how to investigate crime scenes with a Woody doll, Evan was mad at recess and threw acorns in retaliation, and golf balls were hit at Epcot.

The final game of the night was Busta Rap, which is a new game that basically combines Beastie Rap and Story Story Die. Erich, Evan, John, Ryan and audience member Matt were the brave souls to try it. They rapped the story of a deaf NBA ref who turned to a life of crime. She lost her soul because stealing is bad. Somehow she went to a spa for tar treatment, was attacked by a tiger czar and bought a talk pup.

Join us next Sunday and bring a friend, and don’t forget our new Friday adult show’s time slot. For the first 10pm show, which is on Friday the 13th, bring a friend and the two of you will cost $10 combined. Well, that’s the normal price, you say? It is. But for the 7/13 show, a pair or a group of up to 10 will cost $10. Total. You just have to come in together. See you then!

And scene!