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Eric Dittelman on “America’s Got Talent” Tonight

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Don’t forget, our friend and castmember for a short time, Eric Dittelman is live on TV tonight. He’ll be reading minds on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” at 8pm. Be sure to tune in, cheer him on and vote for him to go to the next round! Those of you who came to last year’s special Frat Party Friday/Sorority Saturday college show will remember Eric’s amazing halftime mind reading.

BYOI – No Psychology

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Week 3 of audition callbacks took place at the Warwick Museum of Art. This time, Joe, Evan, Daniel and Krissy were joined by Joelle and Lauren. Fellow auditioners Drew and Jessica also performed for a few games. Half of the performers were female, which was pretty exciting.

After Joe explained RESPECT, Ciara was picked as the FAM. She’s the mom of last week’s FAM, Mathias. I love our regulars. Ciara is a massage therapist at the Biltmore, and as much as they tried, the cast couldn’t get her to admit to working with celebrity clients. She recently enjoyed the new Batman film, and taught everyone about a place in Pennsylvania called the Mini Grand Canyon.

The evening started off with FAM Meanwhile, with Daniel as a 7 year old who never went far from home. He held up the line as he freaked out about the number of menu choices at McDonalds, which was bad for Evan. Poor Evan was missing a leg and was in the ambulance waiting for the driver to grab food. Later, we were visited by a snooty pair, before witnessing Batman and Bane’s couple’s massage. Joe made a great Bane, before the cast jumped to the awkward massage for Superman and Lex Luthor.

Lauren then warmed up the audience—and got their hands ready for clapping.

Joe and Drew talked about “Attack of the Peanuts Part 2” during Movie Critics. The film was all over the place and originally directed by Robert Rodriguez. However, director M Night Shyamalan took over after a traveler arrived at a peanut farm. The cast was joined by audience members Alanna and Aliesia, and the group’s solution to a peanut allergy was to give more peanuts. In a surprise twist, a monster appeared, but it was held back by spoons.

The audience witnessed a bunch of superheros and villains in Curses, Foiled Again! Jessica, along with audience members Alanna, Aliesia, Christina and Rez helped the cast out. Some of the characters introdced were Beard of 1000 Colors Man, the Unicorn Twins, Mini Pennsylvanian, Plague of Locusts and Mrs. Kisses A Lot.

Joelle was guided by spirits Daniel, Krissy and audience member Kate in Madame Zelda. In this game, Lauren found out she was going to eat a bagel, get into a car accident with a clown car and finally, marry a clown.

In Quick Scenes, Drew and Jessica jumped in. Hilarity ensued, with a confused President, kids pulling a car and Veruca Salt deciding she didn’t want Oompa Loompas anymore.

After the break, Joe and Krissy did a silent scene in Yes And.

Next up was Pillars, with two rounds being played. Audience members Phil and Mathias were the pillars. In the first scene, Evan and audience member Chris were part of a disaster. A pink family invested in girls and everything was lost. In the second scene, Joe and audience member Peter enlisted a homeless man to build a brick house. Along the way, pigs ate soup that smelled like sensations.

Lauren had to help out Krissy and Jessica in Marriage Counselor. Krissy was petrified of bunnies and Jessica thought she was Lindsay Lohan. Somehow, the two of them lost their house. Missing signs didn’t help them.

In Six Pack, Krissy pressured Joelle in her modeling career. Lauren and Rez were upset to learn that their vacation destination was tiny—the postcard was actual size, and Evan and Drew were at a post office, which happens to be a safe Zumba zone. Who knew?

Evan hosted and participated in Famous Last Words. Here, we all learned the last words of Clint Eastwood (“Did I die last year or the year before?”); a toaster (“I thought I was brave”), and Vegas (“Where’d all the casinos go?”), among other things.

The final game of the night was Sing It! It started off with Joe as a horse because Krissy put a saddle on him. Throughout the game, clothes were made out of horses, which upset vegans, a pony named “hello” was bought, and there was a judgmental mother-in-law.

Join us next week for our final week of audition callbacks.

And scene!

BYOI – Crab Pretzels

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We sent Erich off to fatherhood with laughs at 95 Empire.
Joe, Daniel, Krissy and auditioner Drew joined in after Paul explained the rules of RESPECT.

The FAM was Hillary, who “does everything” at a nonprofit company. She loves her coworkers but isn’t a fan of the weird phone calls they receive. Adventures in the city and cocktails on the porch with friends are fun, and she last visited Baltimore, which Daniel remembers as the land of crabs. Hillary gave the most unique answer for what she’d bring to save the world: her sugar glider, Spinner. My apologies to Hillary for not grabbing a picture!

FAM Pillar was the first game, where the guys had drinks in a glider that was deemed safe because it has no engine. A chihuahua with a weave, who may have been a drag queen, was stuck in a copy machine, and the cast told stories of being trapped in a trash compactor.

Erich warmed up everyone by having a baby!

Audience member Chris joined in for the Quickest Minute, which took place in Baltimore. There was a cranky raven, regurgitation and regrets over not having an oriole.

Audience member Andrea was brave to play Try That On For Size. Godzilla squashed people in Japan, Krissy’s pinky was cut off, inchworms raced, and Erich danced like MC Hammer.

Krissy enjoyed having the power of the bell in Say It Again. This time, audience member Chris L joined in. The first round took place in a kangaroo jacket store. You know what’s great about kangaroo jackets? Twirling in them. They easily ripped, but the Corey Feldman style–denim–was a top seller. In the second round, Erich and Paul were hanging around a Porsche/horseless carriage/car made of doilies.

Erich’s sister Julie jumped in for Chainsaw, where an astronaut was in a sweatshop with a toothbrush. There was hesitation with each toothbrush kill, and along the way the location was forgotten and turned into a bike race, a sauna, a Monty Python skit and the Wild Wild West.

Daniel and Erich showed us that silence is okay in Yes And.

Six Pack was a blast. Erich & Andrea had a horrible vacation with her grandparents to the library. Paul & Krissy were at the arcade and kept getting bothered by a nerd, and Drew was a horrible dancer in Chris’ salsa class. He blamed Joe and Daniel for stealing the coupons for the correct salsa shoes.

Paul had his fortune told by Erich in Madame Zelda. Joe, Daniel and Chris were the spirits who helped Erich figure out that Paul’s power would go out, he’d find his long lost twin and he’d wake up from a coma.

In Blank Walks Into a Bar, Chris and auditioner Coburn joined the line. Here’s what happened when the following walked into a bar: a chameleon got slapped for eyeing 2 ladies at once, Lance Armstrong had his drink taken back, and an astronaut said, “One small step for man, one big beer for me.”

Follow That Action started off with a trip to Baltimore on the Monopoly railroads. The themes of the game were crabs and vendors. Erich was a crab who wanted to be Paul’s pet. Unfortunately, he insulted Paul, who decided to eat Erich out of spite. Coburn then brought his girlfriend Krissy the jellyfish to a game, to the chagrin of his crab friends. Paul kept getting sued every 10 minutes and Drew had to follow the 30 second rule when he dropped his expensive fish sticks. Later, a bird and a crab found love. Near the end of the game, Joe took advantage of the need for a dog license and a park ranger license. Paul one upped him by selling meta licenses, and Erich ended the scene because no one had a skit playing license.

The night ended in song with Do Run, where the cast sang about Hillary and the people she deals with.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show. Good luck to Erich when your little one is born; we can’t wait to get you back in November!

And scene!

BYOI – Messing With Languages

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Week 2 of audition callbacks was fun at the Warwick Museum of Art. Daniel, Ryan, Paul and Stephanie were joined by Sam and Jen. Fellow auditioners Coburn, Drew, Lauren and Jessica came by for support and to play.

First up was Daniel explaining the rules of RESPECT before picking the FAM, our new friend Mathias.

Mathias started coming to BYOI a few weeks ago. He’s going into the 8th grade soon, and loves gym because of the no learning or paying attention part. He loves to mess with his Spanish teacher, which the cast had fun with all night. He’d love to be able to read minds for personal gain, like finding out the answers in Spanish class. I know of a certain former BYOI cast member who may be able to help him with that…

The first game was FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine. French was spoken so poorly that any of my past French teachers would cry. Birds were making weird noises, a shark appeared at surfing lessons, there was a very unsubtle breakup, and Ryan and Stephanie stomped on Munchkins.

Sam then warmed the crowd–I mean, the jungle–up as he presented baby Simba to them.

In Highlander, Ryan, Jen, Sam and Jessica argued over who loved Jim most. Jessica was the one who had to perform the scene all by herself. Two steps forward, opposites attract!

In What Are You Doing, Coburn, Lauren and Drew joined in. Some things that the cast did included ballet moves, getting on the Soul Train, getting a mohawk and cheating on a gym test.

Daniel and audience member Galen were the cops in Good Cop Bad Cop. Jen readily confessed to stealing a number 2 pencil from the cheese factory with Robert Pattinson.

In Questions, audience member Chris jumped in with Lauren and Coburn. We found out that blonde are bad to date as a friend interfered in his friend’s dating life, a doctor was fired, mom read a popular dirty book and homework was lost in the front desk.

After the break, Ryan and Stephanie taught about watching what you’re doing on the safe stage of improv in Yes And.

Ryan and Lauren were mermaid hunting in Lines From a Cup, before Daniel and Galen found out fish sticks were a trap.

Sam was the title character in Madame Zelda, where he told Daniel his fortune. Luckily spirits Paul, Stephanie and audience member Tiana were able to help him figure out Daniel was going to lose his keys, go to the carnival in his underwear and finally collect all of the Pokemon.

Paul hosted Back In My Day, where the cast was joined by Drew, Coburn and audience member Kelly. Some highlights of what they didn’t have were: toothbrushes, because they were British (from Daniel); engines, because they had feet (from Coburn); computers, so Minesweeper was only played once (from Ryan) and so cats had to be watched in real life (from Sam); and gym, so Mathias didn’t pass anything (from Ryan).

In Short Cutz, we found out skateboarding lessons and the Grand Canyon don’t mix, Chuck E Cheese employees were plotting, Galen the Superhero was compared to to Tiana the Gem doll, Ryan brought Daniel to Directors Anonymous and Stephanie’s personal space was invaded by everyone.

Finally, the cast sang Do Run about Mathias and his friend Dillon.

What’d you think of our auditioners Sam and Jen? Next week we’ll have another 2 callbacks at our Sunday show, and our Friday show at 95 Empire makes its return.

And scene!

BYOI – Unproductive Legos

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This afternoon we helped a summer camp in Woonsocket, RI send their campers and parents off right with our show.  It was Ian, Ryan and myself with auditioners Coburn and Jessica taking the stage.  Our FAM this afternoon is Dylan.  He has always wanted to be an Astronaut and visit the Moon, he love going to South Carolina to visit Myrtle Beach and his favorite game to play is Minecraft.

We start things off with Revolver, where Ryan and I build useless squares with our round bodies, Coburn and Jessica forgot the flag for the moon and we may have to wait 8 hours to get the pills from the dog.  In Pillars Jessica and I find that we need our own monkey’s at Fenway so we don’t have to buy their monkeys.  Highlander ended with Ryan on a legal fit, Alphabet got us a quid itch match for men and Timmy in the well found Ben Franklin’s paper blew away at Taco Bell.  Freeze tag showed Ian that he did not have a career as a chiropractor and we finished up with Do Run where camp  was a great place to play with your lamp.

And Scene!

BYOI – The Square Root of France

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It was week 1 of callbacks at the Warwick Museum of Art. Tonight, Paul, Daniel, Joe and Stephanie were joined by Coburn and Corey. Fellow auditioners Joelle, Jen, Sam and Drew came to support them and played a few games.

After Paul went through RESPECT, Sophie’s name was pulled from the FAM cup. Sophie is on summer break right now and will be entering the 5th grade. She loves creative writing and would like to be a singer or an actress. She’s currently a dancer in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Joe and Sophie sat down to host Greatest Hits, with Coburn on keyboard. Daniel sang about the Yellow Brick Road, Corey sang about beautiful sunflowers, and Paul sang about Bob Marley on the beach. The cast ended with a dramatic Andrew Lloyd Weber-inspired song about dogs.

Coburn warmed everyone up as they swam to the finish line.

Daniel started off Growing and Shrinking Machine. The cast was joined by Drew and Sam. Hands were on a car, Joe justified his bad Twister playing by saying he was colorblind, and a dad wanted his son to be just like him: lazy.

Next up was Try That On For Size. Joelle, Jen and audience member Zack tried to take on Joe, and one succeeded! Along the way, they christened a boat, smashed chips, stretched taffy, did math and painted a mural.

Corey was very upset with Coburn in Excuses Excuses. Daniel, Paul and audience member Rachel helped out while Coburn explained how the dog ate his alarm clock, his waterbed sprung a leak and a volcano erupted at a concert.

Audience members Evan and Akayla were brave enough to join the cast and Sam in Serious Scene. Daniel was very happy firing everyone like crazy in “Death of the Budget Deficit Salesman.” Very serious, indeed.

Paul and Stephanie taught everyone to move around in Yes And…

After the break, the cast played two rounds of Pillars. The first featured Corey and Drew in a sleep study with the help of pillars Daniel and Sam. The second made us witness an awkward proposal at dinner with Coburn and audience member Jill. The rest of the cast joined in and helped pillars Stephanie and Rachel make the scene crazy.

In Good Cop, Bad Cop, Joe and audience member Galen had to get a confession out of Corey. He committed the horrible crime of singing a song in a dark alley with Isaac Newton.

Story Story Die was great. The cast was joined by Drew, Joelle, Rachel and Zack. Rachel almost made it to the end during the telling of Finda’s attempt to release a number one single.

Freeze Tag brought the addition of Joelle and audience members Akayla and Kyle. As usual, things were all over the place. There was a lesson about the safe stage of improv, thoughts were put in a jar, dogs kept getting run over by lawnmowers and there was a car ride.

Finally, Paul jumped on guitar so his castmates could sing Curtain Call. They sang about headbands, skittles, basketball and Daniel’s favorite: waffles.

Join us next week for round 2 of callbacks, featuring Sam and Jen. What’d you think of Corey and Coburn?

And scene!

BYOI – Happy Birthday!!

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BYOI celebrated our 4th birthday with a superhero themed show. Daniel was the host and was joined by Joe, Erich, Paul and Krissy. Auditioners Coburn, Andrea, Lauren, Drew, Jessica and Joelle also participated.

The FAM was Brianna, who had a birthday as well! Happy birthday Brianna! She’s going into the 6th grade and loves art but isn’t a fan of gym. She loves animals, including her pets. Brianna has lots of fun people in her life, likes everything and has fun doing art. In a surprise twist, she said she’d like to have invisibility as a superpower…for evil!

Erich starred in FAM Day in the Life as Brianna. Art teacher Krissy was kidnapped but eventually escaped a macaroni fortress.

Paul warmed up the crowd as they all fought with bad guys.

Joe, Krissy and Daniel were joined by Coburn in Highlander. The game started off with a fall through a bank floor, and superhero hijinks ensued. Krissy was voted off first, and Daniel ended up performing the scene alone.

In Party Quirks, Joe had a party. He hosted Daniel as Katie Holmes, Paul as someone petrified of bunnies, and Joelle as the Salem Witch Trials.

Following along with our superhero theme meant Curses, Foiled Again! had to be played. Drew, Lauren, Andrea and Jessica joined in, and we met the following superheros and villains: High Score on Smartphone Girl, Mr. Talks Too Much, Incredible Monkey Man and Entire Yellow Brick Road.

Erich was working on a film in Catch Phrase, with the help of Krissy and Coburn. Buzz Lightyear and the Joker were quoted quite a bit.

During the break, everyone ate cake while Daniel gave out presents and the cast sang to Brianna, and then it was on to Yes And, where Erich was a coat hanger talking to Daniel. Why? Because crazy is okay.

Joe hosted Lines From a Cup, where all lines were superhero (or villain) themed. Daniel and Joelle switched genders in the Batcave, which smelled like fish and cheese. Luckily, Erich popped in as Alfred the butler. Next, Paul and Andrea called for help because their sun blocking out machine was making strange sounds. Krissy the repair tech came in to save the day.

In Interrogation Lineup, Daniel helped Lauren work through the lineup after witnessing a terrible crime. They had a large cast of characters to work through, but they finally figured out who ate a Big Mac in Antarctica with General Lee.

Paul hosted Famous Last Words (Of a Superhero), and the cast was joined by audience member Mathias and most of the auditioners. Here are some famous last words of: Aquaman: Shark!; The Tick: You have lyme disease; Wonderwoman: Tell me I look fat in these pants; Mighty Mouse: Oh no! Catwoman!; and the Joker: I knew I should’ve been more serious.

The cast was joined by Lauren, Drew and Mathias for Freeze Tag. Tons of things happened here, like Barbie having a bad center of gravity and Erich trying to ski jump in the Summer Olympics with no snow. Later, Mathias learned how a rotary phone and tv with rabbit ears work, a mom became addicted to video games, Cinderella had Athlete’s Foot, and a fruit potion was brewed.

The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where the cast sang about a variety of things, like going bald, Stephanie ice skating, Aladdin and his magic carpet, and unicorns.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our birthday with us, and happy birthday to Brianna!

And scene!