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BYOI – Scary Bears Episode 43

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What better way to end a weekend than at the Warwick Museum of Art with BYOI? Seriously, it’s way more fun than getting frustrated by football. This time, Evan was the host, and he was joined by Paul, Drew, Corey and Daniel. Krissy even appeared for a few games.

After Evan explained RESPECT, Galen was picked as the FAM. Galen’s a past FAM and his family come to see us regularly. He’s in school, and likes math but doesn’t like reading. Of course, he’s a good student and always behaves in class. Galen loves sports like football and air hockey, and taught us about something he called “Regular Show” which has a blue bird named Mordecai.

In FAM Say It Again, Galen seemed to revel in being the bell ringer. The game started off with Evan and Drew planning on putting a frog and chicken in their substitute teacher’s desk. Unfortunately, the chicken laid a golden egg and the frog used Drew as its personal toilet. Corey then stopped in pulling an elephant…no…a giraffe…wait…a dragon…scratch that…a great story about how the teacher’s twin brother was on a leash to have him scare the teacher to death. However, the plan was thwarted when the substitute showed up as the twin sister.

Paul then warmed everyone up by conducting a barnyard chorus.

In Highlander, Evan, Drew, Corey and Daniel all competed to be the last one standing. They were in an airport where a pilot’s luggage was setting off detectors. A drug sniffing dog came in but ate the contents.

In Trolley Stop, we witnessed demanding men, nerds who love Pi, Gameboy players, blind men and jugglers.

Next up was fan favorite, Chainsaw. Daniel started off as a pilgrim in an Apple Store with a Lite Brite. By the time Drew came in, it had changed to a preacher or crusader on the moon or in the Bermuda Triangle with a cell phone or butterfly.

Paul was the focal point for 4 scenes in Centerpiece. Corey and Drew were trying to come up with episode 43 for a show about scary bears. Putting hats on them while they were sleeping just wasn’t cutting it. Krissy and Corey sent their child to kid prison for not picking up his toys. Evan and Krissy were trying to play air hockey, and Drew tried selling fake football cards to Evan. The game ended with all 5 in a line singing.

After the break, Daniel and Drew taught about knowing who you are, what your relationship is and how you feel about one another in Yes And.

In Six Pack, Evan and Paul were thieves with ski masks who decided to become movers because then they’d be invited into people’s homes. Krissy and Corey had the worst name ever, and a tattooed Drew scared Daniel as part of a dead spider gang.

The Everything Emporium was open for business, although shopkeeper Corey desperately wanted to close the shop. Daniel needed an Einstein bust made of cream cheese, Paul needed a wine opener that opens a crack in the world and Galen wanted a picture of a cat dressed as a dog.

Near the end of the night, we of course needed a line game. Famous Last Words taught us the following last words of: a can opener…more like a can’t opener; a children’s prison guard…a playdoh shiv?; and the perfect student…you forgot to give us a test.

The final game was Sing It, with Galen once again holding the power of the bell in his hands. Blocks were moved, an awkward proposition for a date happened at work, and it was mean to write a note about someone in front of them.

And scene!

BYOI – Zuckerberg Is My Superhero

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Zebras and alpacas and otters, oh my! If you don’t know what that means, you weren’t at 95 Empire. It was a special night, with Joe, Evan, Paul, Stephanie and Nate. Special appearances were made by Daniel, Krissy and Coburn, as well as BYOI alumni Mike and Jimmy.

Onto the show! The FAM of the night was Lindsey. She works with Americorp at a middle school and loves cranberry juice. I bet something gets mixed in that juice. She’d like the superpower of avoiding a hangover, and was at the show with her friend from Texas, Angelica.

Nate started off the games with FAM Revolver. To Joe’s chagrin, Stephanie had to watch “Armageddon” over and over because she didn’t want to miss a thing. This led to them going on a disastrous date with Ben Affeck and Matt Damon that ended with gunshots and a trip to the hospital…to watch more “Armageddon.” Stephanie and Evan then played competing siblings. She wanted to be tall and he bet she couldn’t have a sudden growth spurt. He ended up with her pony in exchange for her getting their parents’ approval. Evan and Paul may have had something to do with a stabbing, but one framed the other. Finally, Paul and Joe were at the casino. Paul ended up gambling at the Scrabble tournament…not with money, but with the other contents of his wallet: a Magic the Gathering card, a TGI Fridays reward card, and other contents. Evan ended up jumping in to play and they traded wallet contents.

Stephanie started to warm up the audience with a story of a trip to the zoo, but FAM Lindsay and her friend Angelica had a surprise.

In Growing and Shrinking Machine, Mike and audience member Al jumped in. It started off with balloon animals. Then poor Joe’s pay was docked if tiny knots weren’t tiny enough. A senile Mike ran his schoolbus into a schoolyard, so Evan claimed the bus as his fort. Nate told his moms that he was quitting his 8 years at Princeton to join the circus and they couldn’t have been prouder. Later, skyscrapers were being planned, but everyone wanted to have their own flags at the top. Finally, a football huddle had a team–and the opposing team’s quarterback–discussing game strategy and who would get to hang out with the cheerleaders. Eventually, the quarterbacks decided to keep the cheerleaders, so the other players decided they were refs and a ref boxing match took place. Basically, the game had a bunch of things going on and they were all great.

In Trolley Stop, the cast introduced cops with faulty whistles and strikingly handsome men, among other characters.

Timmy In the Well was next, with Nate getting help from dogs Stephanie, Evan and Jimmy. They excitedly barked their way through explaining that Mark Zuckerberg had Athlete’s Foot in the 100 Acre Wood.

Alphabet was fun with the addition of Krissy, Coburn and audience member Chris. Nate and Joe lasted the longest, with each knocking out a pair of competitors. An argument over the merits of Superman vs. Zuckerberg ensued and turned into a discussion on how to cook kangaroo steaks. Later, Paul was super excited about a fight which included roundhouse kicks and Jesus was Krissy’s homeboy, but he wanted to skip church for once. The game ended with a broken vase being blamed on imaginary zoo animals running through the house, until each person performing jumped in as different animals.

After the break, Joe and Paul taught a lesson in Yes And. This time they explained how you should know who you’re talking to, what your relationship is and how you feel about them.

Paul, Joe and Lindsay started off Sit, Stand and Lie Down with a debate about fictional heroes, but Lindsey didn’t know the references. Evan jumped in to turn the game into Sit, Stand, Lie Down and Kneel, and we learned that he had a superpower: turning girls gay.

In a fun twist, Evan was then looking for love in the Dating Game. He had a hard choice to make, with Joe as Charlie Chaplin, Coburn as a carpet cleaner and Nate the compulsive corrector.

Worlds Worst brought the addition of Daniel, Coburn, Mike and Jimmy to the line. We learned about the worst volcano (it spews glitter), volunteer (demands to be paid) and Armageddon (everyone survived), among other things.

Then it was off to Freeze Tag, with help from Krissy, Daniel and Jimmy. What happened? Lots of stuff:  A karate duel took place. A proctologist had the unfortunate practice of starting in front of patients. A brother creepily watched his sister do yoga. The “Gangnam Style” dance was attempted. It was a fun game!

The night ended with Irish Drinking Song, where the cast sang about…buffalo candy?

Do you know what time of the year it is? It’s fall, which means the 3rd Annual Frat Party Friday/Sorority Saturday Show is coming up! This year it’s on October 19 at 95 Empire and will run from 9pm-2am. As usual, 18+ to get in but 21+ to drink. The cash bar will be open and free pizza will be included in the admission price. Come enjoy your college years or pretend you’re back in college!

And scene!

BYOI – Grandma Got Run Over By a Buick

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Michelangelo and Christmas songs were just two of the subjects joked about at BYOI’s show at the Warwick Museum of Art. Joe, Daniel, Evan, Corey, Jessica and Drew were there to entertain everyone.

The FAM was Ryan, who is a senior in high school. He also happens to be Jessica’s best friend. He’d like to go to college for music education and loves to hang out and talk about music.

Corey started off as the director for FAM Remake. The cast performed the short film, “The Christmas Music Teacher” where a teacher really didn’t feel like actually teaching. It was remade as an episode of “Seinfeld” with Newman annoyed about hearing Christmas cards while delivering mail. It was then remade again as a horror movie with the “Seinfeld” cast.

During warmup, Evan guided the audience through a game of Red Light, Green Light. The cast failed at it.

In Catch Phrase, Corey was a frazzled librarian getting ready for an impending field trip. Jessica really needed the bathroom and wasn’t amused by nose pickers, while audience member Tanya was concerned about identification and denials.

The cast and audience member Mathias introduced everyone to a range of characters in Trolley Stop. We met movie directors, piano players, Oscar and Emmy statues, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sad stay at home dads.

Next, Daniel held a Press Conference. He explained to reporters Joe, Evan and FAM Ryan that he, Lindsay Lohan, was now teaching Sunday School…on a Saturday.

Six Pack had three pairs working on scenes. Daniel and Joe worked on art in the windows, which eventually shattered. Ryan gave Jessica arsenic for her birthday, and Evan and Drew were brothers setting up boundaries in the house after their father died.

After the break, Daniel and Jessica gave a quick lesson in how to imagine, create and remember your environment in Yes And.

Joe was the picky director for Serious Scene. The cast was joined by Ryan and audience member Andrea for a scene at a funeral parlor. The grieving family member only had allergies and business was slow, so the coffins were offered at a discount.

Then it was onto Chainsaw. Andrea joined in to play. Evan started off as a McDonalds cashier at Harvard with hairclippers. Of course, everything went crazy. The hairclippers ended up turning into origami at the end.

Back In My Day was next, with the addition of audience members Mathias and Carolyn. We learned all about the lack of nurses, sidekicks, Benjamin Franklin and Christmas music. Here are some highlights: we didn’t have sidekicks and Robin was just a bird (from Corey), we didn’t have sidekicks so we had punchlines with no setups (from Carolyn), we didn’t have Benjamin Franklin so we just had 2 $50s (from Mathias) and we didn’t have Christmas music so we knew by looking at the calendar that it was October (from Joe).

In Follow That Action, we learned that clothes shrink after 4 hours in the dryer. For some reason, fake fruit boosts teen girls’ self esteem, and if you lose your mom at the store and the security guard is off duty, just use the Mom App to find her!

The night ended with Hoedown, with the cast singing about algebra.

And scene!

BYOI – Handmade Philosophers

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BYOI put on a great show while surrounded by Joomchi art at the Warwick Museum of Art. Joe was the host and after explaining RESPECT, he was joined by Stephanie, Paul, Daniel, Coburn and Jessica.

Our FAM was Adam, who is a marketing student. He hopes to open a recording studio someday. He loves music and would like to visit Italy. Adam wasn’t sure about how to describe his mom, so Coburn did it for him; all nice things, of course.

Adam was the helper in FAM Pillar. The cast went surfing in Europe to find the meaning of life, Stephanie hated philosophy and Plato was made out of Playdoh.

Coburn warmed up the audience by having them do a lively wave.

In Angels and Demons, Joe and audience member Mark were the respective storytellers. Jessica and Drew mimed out the story, with occasional help from Paul. The scene took place at the International Pancake Festival. Unfortunately, poisonous ants were in the syrup, but a dedicated EMT brought antidotes. The pair ended up fighting but then combined forces to make a golden pancake, which earned them a spot in heaven.

While waiting at the Trolley Stop, the cast encountered a fire walker, a door to door religious guy, a pessimist and someone claiming the trolley stop for France.

Pavlovian Response was next, with Daniel as Pavlov. He had the fun job of yelling, “My eyes are up here!” when someone looked down. The dog was the star at a family recording studio, where Drew cleaned his glasses if a hand was raised. He had the easy triggered response, because poor Stephanie had to pay attention for the word “and” so she could do a deep squat.

Joe, Coburn and Evan had fun in Sit, Stand and Lie Down. They were service clowns debating what their next form of transportation should be. Evan’s Pinto and Joe’s Prius weren’t cutting it anymore.

After the break, Paul and Coburn taught everyone how to quickly establish a scene in Yes And.

Next up was Say It Again, with Jessica as the mighty bell ringer. In round one, Evan couldn’t compete in a race after getting bit by a tarantula in “World of Warcraft” and Stephanie was trying her best. In round two, Daniel was the recipient of an email scam and convinced Paul to mail 8 cents and a stamp to an Arabian knight.

Jessica had to guess what happened in Timmy In the Well. Daniel, Coburn and audience member Ashby barked their way through to let her know that Tinkerbell made toast in an elevator.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly had Joe, Evan and audience member Katie giving out advice. We all learned how to start a fire–get kindling; how to get rid of spam–invite Monty Python over for dinner or replace it with Twinkies; and laptop ownership–blow on it like a Nintendo cartridge or chase your brother with it like it’s Pac Man. The rest of the cast hilariously acted out the advice.

Short Cutz had the cast joined by audience members Andrea and Ashby. It started with elves organizing a union. Unfortunately for them, Santa just encouraged them to go strike in the -20 degree weather. Later, a pair went fishing and caught Paul, Evan was a horrible therapist charging his patients to get advice from them, and a bazooka was added to “West Side Story.” There was a new Broadway musical reality show that left everyone confused, and a song named “There Are Things I’d Rather Be Doing” was written.

The final game of the night was Guidance Counselor. Paul was the lucky counselor, with Coburn on keyboard. Joe came in as an opera singer who didn’t understand spanish, Jessica was sick from Burger King food and Stephanie and Daniel were upset with their sleepy dog.

And scene!

BYOI – Solitary Confinement For Two

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Holy spirited show, Batman! That was what I kept thinking during the show at 95 Empire. It was our first night with the new bar and a super fun bartender. Krissy gave the usual lesson in RESPECT before being joined on stage by Anthea, Stephanie, Paul, Joe and Daniel. They were helped out here and there by new castmembers Coburn, Corey and Drew. Fun audience members Chris, Jill, Josh, Connor and Cam were very happy to join in to play games as well.

Starting off the show, Ashley was picked as the FAM. She came to BYOI with her girlfriend, Jenn, and their friend, Chris. She loves movies and rugby, and sang the praises of her best friend. Everyone wish Ashley luck in her new job as a nurse!

The first game was FAM Six Pack, which was a blast. Ariel the mermaid was unhappy with Mitt Romney because left Flounder on the top of his car. Paul had a problem getting drunk before school, and everyone ended on the same line.

Daniel warmed up the lively audience with a story where they had to drink when “A” words were uttered.

A crazy story was written in by Daniel and Jill in Typewriter. Princesses were kidnapped by flying monkey pigs employed by the Korean King of Oz. During their travels, they met a pair of mermaids who were hiding in a weapons cache. Joe the nerdy flying monkey pig found love in the end. He showed his affection for Stephanie the mermaid by biting her, of course.

A bunch of characters showed up waiting at the Trolley Stop. A select few were spies, Justin Beiber fans and film noir narrators.

In Party Quirks, Daniel channeled the Ninth Doctor and graciously hosted in the TARDIS. He was visited by Paul as a pizza, Joe and Marilyn Monroe and Coburn campaigning as Pro Leaf Peeping.

Next up, Stephanie was the picky director in Serious Scene. She fired everyone multiple times during a scene about a scandal in the police station.

After the break, a lesson in how to tell who, what and where in 3 lines was given during Yes And.

Revolver featured two audience members. Anthea was heartbroken over pickle rations, Daniel was force fed, stinky feet had bunions and Moses returned to his native New England accent. Who needs the letter R?

Timmy In the Well took a bit, but it was so fun. Krissy had the hard job of translating dog-speak to learn that Martin Luther had relations with mom at a keg party.

World’s Worst was its usual mix of great lines and groaners. We learned about the worst cow, rugby player and Catholic school. The game ended with Paul as the worst physical therapist, yelling at someone to get out of their wheelchair.

In Meanwhile, the cast and brave audience members jumped around to many locations and jumped around following people. It started off with the giving of a friendship ring, which unfortunately wasn’t reciprocated. It jumped to a hyper kid in chemistry class. A child snuck behind a bar looking for friends, and a private investigator was being followed by another private investigator.

The final game of the night was Greatest Hits. Anthea and FAM Ashley hosted the late night infomercial, with Paul providing the melodies. Joe, Daniel, Stephanie and Krissy sang the blues, pop and rock before having the end with a rock rap ballad. They sang about troubles in middle school, like getting an F, puberty and having a part stolen in drama club. Luckily, the principal is a pal and our lovely bartender closed out the song by reminding everyone about how great it is to dot all “I”s with hearts.

And scene!

BYOI – Dream 100

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BYOI had a great show at the Warwick Museum of Art. Krissy was the host, joined by Daniel, Paul, Stephanie, Evan and new castmember Drew.

After RESPECT, Peter was picked as the FAM. Peter comes to BYOI with his kids and works in marketing. He likes going to shows and because he has daughters, he easily knew who his favorite Disney princess is. Though he doesn’t get to do it often, Peter likes traveling, especially to fun places like Hampton Beach.

In FAM Movie Critics, Daniel and Peter watched the film of Peter’s life. He worked with Superman in marketing, but unfortunately some dolls were made of kryptonite. Later, Stephanie was a bad assistant when it came to selling the Dream 100. Finally, Superman ate too much ice cream and couldn’t fly.

Drew warmed the audience up by taking them to their first day of school. They encountered bees, dogs, cats and traffic.

In Quickest Minute, Krissy and Stephanie were joined by audience member Lauren. The girls were freaking out because Ryan Gosling signed a notebook, which led to them discussing the best parts of his film, “The Notebook.” At the end of each scene, the Goz made an appearance in the forms of Evan or Drew.

Our newest game, Trolley Stop, was next, with audience member Alicia joining in to play. Characters that were mimicked were a nervous kid, a ribbon dancer and a seductress, to name a few.

New Born was next, maybe because our castmember Erich’s wife delivered a baby girl a few days ago. Paul played the Bermuda Triangle, while audience member Mathias was Cher. Together, they had a beautiful baby named S.

Say It Again started off with Daniel and audience member Peter gardening. There was a monkey, and a 3 or 1 legged dog—I mean, possible appetizer—came through. Next, Drew was in therapy with audience member Chris, who just wanted to go for ice cream in his Porsche.

In Yes And, Paul and Drew built a relationship by gifting.

New castmember Coburn jumped in for Quick Scenes. The muffler fell off the Batmobile, a 3 legged rabbit was unlucky, Canadians were allergic to beaverskin hats, a beauty pageant awarded $1, and the town of Sleeping, CT was decreed boring.

Evan led a very spirited crew at Chuck E Cheese in Pavlovian Response. He had to yell at the ground whenever food was mentioned. Krissy needed donuts and audience member Carissa jumped around if people were polite.

Drew played the director for Story, Story Die, which had the addition of Coburn, Chris and Mathias. Together with the cast, they told the story of Goldilocks and the bears. Of course, it wasn’t the story we all know, because football players built a house for the Chicago Bears, Drew Carey loved the bears—or not, and they all ended up in the Hunger Games. Chris was the lone surviving storyteller, and he ended the story with Goldilocks appearing on “The Price is Right.”

Freeze Tag brought the addition of 3 ladies from the audience, and started off with a squirrel in a tree. Krissy was stuck on a rock wall in gym class for 3 days, mannequins were awkward, a parachute was not built for two, and someone went into an ice cream coma.

The night ended with Do Run, singing about the Dream 100.

And scene!

BYOI adds New Cast Members!

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After a more than a month long process we whittled down the many people who came out to audition for us to just four fantastic people who are now a part of our cast!

We are pleased to welcome Coburn, Corey, Drew and Jessica to the BYOI family! Come see them perform with us and see why we think they needed to be a part of our team!

Come on out and play with us and them!


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BYOI has had it’s first BABY!!! Congratulations to our cast member Erich and his wife and frequent audience member Renee!  It is a healthy 6lbs 4oz baby girl named Caelyn.  Mom is doing great… Dad is still there too, but seriously, what does that dad have to do? Just kidding! We are so happy for both of them!  Erich will be on hiatus until November so he can be a good husband and daddy.  No other newborns will be able to flirt with his little girl till she is at least 40.  Daddy will make sure of it! 🙂

When he returns, make sure to come around and wish him well, or feel free to leave comments here!

BYOI – Sluuuurrrrrrrp!

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The final round of audition callbacks took place at the Warwick Museum of Art. Stephanie, Joe, Paul and Daniel were joined by auditioners Drew and Jessica. Erich, Evan and auditioner Corey also stopped in to play a few games.

The FAM was Dennis, who is a writer. If that doesn’t work, he’d like to be an actor. This led to many jokes by the cast about being a starving artist. Dennis gets to travel for his job, so he can write about great things like white water rafting and ziplining in Georgia. On the flip side, it also leads to getting attacked by mosquitoes in Mississippi.

Stephanie had to give advice–in song–in FAM Guidance Counselor, while Jessica played guitar. Drew had family problems and was told to throw his sister out the window, Paul was sad about a bad family road trip, and Daniel was Drew’s sister who didn’t appreciate getting thrown out the window.

Drew then warmed everyone up by taking them to a football game.

Remake brought us the classic film noir masterpiece, “Curse of the Soggy Sneakers” starring Paul and Daniel. Next, Joe and Jessica remade it as a spaghetti western, before Stephanie and Daniel remade it again as a Disney cartoon.

A new game called Trolley Stop was introduced, and this game may be a hit. It has to do with matching the actions of someone while waiting for a trolley. Paul freaked out about the Mars lander, Stephanie was a nagging mother and Joe was Forrest Gump.

Drew had a stressful first day as the Marrriage Counselor. He had to help Stephanie, who was an obsessive slurper, and Corey, who was allergic to passion fruit. The couple was very heated because they were too broke to buy a submarine.

The last game before the break was Revolver. Drew and Jessica were joined by Erich and audience member Ray. Drew was freaked out about his upcoming test…in kindergarten, while he and Erich were dead and unsure about what to do. Jessica ran away because her big brother told her to, and Ray was upset about going rafting.

Joe and Stephanie watched each other’s actions for clues in Yes And.

In Questions, audience members Paul and Mathias were brave enough to join in. Kids were lost, a bad mother-in-law made an appearance, and there was panic over heartburn.

Jessica had guests over for Party Quirks. She hosted Joe, whose pants were too tight; Daniel, who was getting frisbees to the face; and Erich, who tangoed because of pineapples.

In the line game Slogans, the cast was joined by Evan and audience members, Mathias, Carolyn and Zephyr. We learned about the slogans for gravedigging (“Free watch!”), embalmers (“Are you feeling drained?”), and other things, such as Fenway Park, writers, airport, and the Olympics.

Corey, as well as audience members Andrea and Kimberly, played Follow That Action with the cast. It started with an allergy to peanuts, passion fruit and trout, and jumped from there. While someone was fishing, the fish compared their catch and release injuries. Stephanie and Joe couldn’t go out because of her slurping. Finally, Corey was working on his third day as a therapist, second day as a divorce lawyer and first day as a masseuse, with aspirations of becoming a physical therapist the next day.

The final game was Curtain Call, which featured short songs about cats, Shakespeare, slurping, string theory and Erich’s pregnant wife.

Thanks to all of our auditioners and everyone who came out to support them. Watch for an announcement soon where we’ll introduce our new castmates.

And scene!

BYOI’s Summer of 1000 Free Tickets!!!

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So today Evan and I were out in Providence and gave out the last of the 1000 free tickets we were giving away this summer!!!  We gave out all of those as well as thousands of coupons to the show, gifts and prizes!  Summer ends near the end of this month.  Make sure you come down and see what else we have in store!