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BYOI – Truck Driver Princess

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The weekend before Halloween was a great time to be at the Warwick Museum of Art for BYOI! Stephanie, Drew, Evan, Daniel, Coburn and Paul were on hand to make the audience laugh.

Tonight’s show consisted of regulars who had recently been FAM, so we decided to make an exception and crown Paul as the FAM! So, we learned all about our favorite guitar playing cast member. Paul’s a network security analyst, which means he reads things, types and spends time on the phone. He produces a news show called “News Undies” for fun and would love to work on it fulltime, and maybe on location in Seattle someday. Paul’s the only person I know who has not one kayak, but three!

FAMsaw was up first, with Daniel starting as a pilot at a Halloween party with a newspaper. Four of the five following cast members thought of a TSA agent in a nightclub with a map, so at least they were consistently wrong.

Daniel then warmed everyone up by eating some great and not so great Halloween candy.

Evan was the main character for Centerpiece. He was joined by Stephanie, Daniel, Drew and audience member Aliesia, who was dressed as a witch. Aliesia wanted allllll of the candy, and chicken wasn’t going to cut it. Evan was very confused about the dress code at work, a witch wanted livers and Drew ate everything and everyone!

Stephanie was the child for Because I Said So, where she learned why there is so much chocolate, why she’s allergic to peanuts, why she’s not a princess and why she can’t have a pony.

Our FAM Paul needed to find love in the Dating Game. Daniel was water, Coburn was Simon Cowell and Aliesia was the winner, as Doritos.

Evan was stressed out at a pizza shop, trying desperately to get his employees to get ready for an upcoming birthday party. Unfortunately for him, the game was Catch Phrase. Stephanie just wanted a pony and to let everyone know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, while audience member Peter wanted eyeballs and for everyone to sit down.

After the break, Paul and Coburn were themselves, just bigger and louder in Yes And.

Next up was Post It, with the cast and Aliesia. They all did short scenes about a bunch of things, like a $700,000 dog + the Factory of Terror, a haunted cloud + a piano, a kaboose + a banjo and a mountaintop + an underwear factory.

Daniel needed to know his fortune, so he went to see Drew as Madame Zelda. With help from spirits Paul, Coburn and Aliesia, we learned Daniel was going to get bit by a confused spider, go to college and then die by chihuaua.

Famous Last Words was the night’s line game. We learned the last words of Bill Cosby, Hurricane Sandy, zombies and Chester Cheetah. Some highlights were the last words of a water polo player: “I’m so sorry, Seabiscuit!” and a Disney princess: “I do!” or “What’s feminism?”

Once again, Aliesia joined the cast for Short Cutz. They played a game of real life Monopoly, found a dog that was half princess/half truck driver, had great plans for Battleship and traded Tootsie Rolls and Transformer cards for insulin.

The night ended in song with Hoe Down, where the cast sang about kayaking.

And scene!

BYOI – I’m On Break

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Spam, Batman and Princess, oh my! Our Halloween show took place upstairs at 95 Empire, with Evan, Joe, Stephanie, Daniel, Paul and Ian. Ian came all the way from Boston to explain the rules of RESPECT.

The night’s FAM was Stacee. She’s going to be a kitty for Halloween. She’s prepared for Hurricane Sandy and can’t wait to drive around to see the damage. Her hero is her brother and her nemesis is Rod.

In FAMlander, Stacee threw a Halloween party in a lighthouse on a cliff until her stepdad ended it.

Alphabet was up first, and Paul was excited about the Talking Heads. A rabbit engagement took a bad turn, and Joe and Stephanie went hunting for sharks.

Stephanie was the child in Because I Said So. She asked a bunch of questions, ranging from “What are ninjas?” to “Why did my math teacher call me stupid?”

An elephant breeder was at a nuclear power plant in Chainsaw…or not.

Next up was Angels and Demons, with Paul and an audience member telling the story. George the gardener was cleaning the yard, but his leaf blower ran out of gas. Unfortunately he couldn’t buy gas with a credit card and was held up for Skittles. Because he was diabetic, he didn’t need the candy, and after losing his shoes, he finally made it home to his yard.

Evan and Joe taught a lesson in being the bigger and louder version of yourself in Yes And.

In Pillars, Daniel and Joe were brothers bonding over whiskey with chest hair in it. Next, poor Evan had a severed leg. Stephanie came to the rescue to stop the bleeding with super hero action figures.

Joe and an audience member questioned the dastardly cast in Interrogation Lineup. We learned that Stephanie and Daniel were jump roping in a hospital with Harriet Tubman.

Blank Walks Into a Bar was next, where we found out what happens when Godzilla, Ru Paul, Mulan and Bigfoot walk in.

Meanwhile jumped to a bunch of places. It started off with Spiderman in the principal’s office for bullying. It jumped to Ikea where shame chairs were being (poorly) designed, then to a Malaysian plantation with Ian the monkey flipping out about his tree being cut down. The shame chair was on a cruise ship, where a wedding took place with uninvited guests in swimsuits. After jumping to the fish unemployment line, the tidepool and late night TV, the game ended with Evan and Daniel asking Stephanie, “why?” in princess therapy.

The cast ended the night in song with Do Run, singing about the wonderful Stacee.

Don’t forget to join us Sunday for our family friendly Halloween show at the Warwick Museum of Art before the hurricane hits!

And scene!

BYOI – Your Tears Aren’t My Problem

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Joe was our host at the Warwick Museum of Art on Sunday night, where he was joined by Paul, Drew, Corey, and Coburn!

Our FAM was Cathy–a science teacher turned art studio owner, and a first time BYOI audience member! Cathy told us all about her friends and her pets. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle because she’s independent, and if she had to leave the Earth she would miss her friends, family, and pets.

FAM dinner saw Cathy’s friends, students, and her favorite dog Oscar at a dinner party that was going poorly until Cathy stormed in like a boss and sorted everyone out.

Coburn had the audience at the zoo being awesome animals to warm up!

Audience member Galen and BYOI’s Krissy filled in the blanks in Pillars. Drew and Joe added a miniature Poodle to the rest of their miniature pets.  Paul was a teenager wanted his dad, Corey, to stop calling him muffin.

Drew was a curious kid in Because I Said So, so the audience found out why we have words, muffins every morning, why his room is pink, and why someone stepped on a spider.

In Good Cop/ Bad Cop Drew eventually confessed brushed his teeth with peanut butter in a tanning salon with Sarah Palin. Paul was the good cop, Galen was the bad cop, and Corey jumped in a couple times as the terrifying cop.

Corey and Joe wrote a story in Typewriter called The Sad Violin, acted out by Paul, Drew, and Coburn. The story started when big awkward wasps broke Jim’s violin, and his search for a new one. There was a poodle hiding violas and cellos in his fur, and a vicious rivalry with Balthazar, who cleaned Jim out of Monopoly money six months ago.

In Yes and… Drew and Coburn expanded the universe beyond a swimming pool.

FAM Cathy, Krissy and Galen joined the cast for Post-It, and we saw some crazy things. Krissy was a big chicken who needed her car fixed, Paul wanted to learn to draw clouds on the sky with a sharpie, Drew replaced his wizard wand with a paintbrush (much to the chagrin of Dumbledore (Galen)),  Joe was a taxi driver who wouldn’t accept Galen’s cookies as payment, and Corey and Cathy got into a Jersey Shore throw down over a Chihuahua.

Madam Zelda (Corey), with the help of spirits Krissy, Paul, and Drew predicted that Joe was going to get a flat tire, stuck in an elevator with Joan Rivers and finally win a stuffed animal lottery.

Next up was Back in my day, and we learned that back in the cast’s day, they didn’t have music, so pirating meant stealing gold from ships like men! (Corey), Freedom, so they had to pay for their dumb (Joe), Bruce Springsteen, so being born in the USA, torn blue jeans, and being from NJ were less prestigious. (Joe), string instruments, so the devil played the tuba (Paul), or poodles, so skirts had T-Rexs on them (Joe).

In Freeze, our cast travelled to Antarctica, got bitten by an Irish anger hound, tattooed their brother’s face on their arms, entered a biceps competition, saved a train motorman, were backup singers for Galen, hopscotched the application trail, and also, Joe was Mitt Romney.

The night finished off with Greatest Hits! Paul and Cathy plugged songs about boring movies which included Corey’s  heartbreaking ballad “Why can I shape this clay but not a man” and Coburns blues solo “The bagel with no cream cheese”.  Drew friend-zoned someone with pop song “I like you, but just like you”, and Joe ended the night as Sean Connery with rock ballad “Spread the mustard over there”.


BYOI – Dungeons, Dragons & Disney Diseases

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So tonight’s show contained ping pong balls, pint glasses, solo cups, undergarments and puppets… yup, your typical college party!  Tonight’s oversized powerhouse cast contained Joe, Stephanie, Evan, Coburn, Drew, Nate, Krissy and myself.  On door tonight was Tom covering for a vacationing Kerri.  We came prepared for a party and concurred college once again, this time with no diploma… just hangovers.

Tonight’s FAM was Ricky.  He works at a local toy company, plays D&D, has terrible vacations to Disney and once almost got kidnapped if it was not for the Chicken Pox.

We started off tonight with Guidance Councilor where Stephanie was pregnant, Joe was in love with his teacher and Nate and Krissy were in a troubled relationship because she did not understand his Dungeons & Dragons game.

Nate warmed us up with a collection of College call outs and after that, we were off with a game of Cliff Notes, where we saw the short, Noir version of the Great Gatsby with Jet Skis.  Next up was Sing It where Evan got stuck with most of the singing about Whale pizza.  8 pack brought us eight crazy scenes all boiling down to the same line.  Then a little competition what are you doing where Joe was unseated from his title but many competed.

Now we had a 10 O’clock News break from News Undies where we learned about all the news that should be news. Plus… PUPPETS!!!

The next game was centerpiece where Nate had four scenes including a no fun Mom and a kid Evan was happy to get rid of.  We then did Freshman Rush and built an array of different objects together.  After that Stephanie, Drew, Nathan and Myself remade in the Quickest Minute the play Othello… like completely… no resemblance what-so-ever.  Then finally clothes started flying off (no really – Many naked BYOIers,) and into the shredder to protect the company… except Drew who took things very specifically.

Now that we had a moment to put our clothes (again, no really.) we came back with Drunk Alphabet where the cast did exceptionally well… so we obviously were not drinking enough.   Nate killed it in a rap battle of Busta Rap and finished up the half with a game of A**hole Freeze.  52 Scenes of Craziness that even included the bartender.

Now for this intermission we saw Steps Off Broadway perform a preview of Rocky Horror Show that they will be putting on in December.

We hit a game of Catch Phrase where our maps were all wrong and finished up with some Short Cutz to bring it all home.

It was a fun show, so hopefully yo did not miss it.  Next up, Halloween!

And Scene!

BYOI – Frat Party Friday/Sorority Saturday Show Reminder!

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Just a reminder that our college show is coming up fast! It is this coming Friday from 9pm to 2am! Only $20 and it comes with free pizza! Fun new games, prizes and card games! Don’t miss the greatest party of the year!

BYOI – Spirit the Dog

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We learned all about Spirit the dog at the Warwick Museum of Art at our family friendly show. Paul was once again the host, and he was joined this time by Anthea, Corey, Stephanie, Joe and Daniel.

Ciara was the FAM, for the second time! She comes to BYOI with her son, Mathias, regularly. Ciara’s a massage therapist, and taught us about something called laughter yoga, which sounds interesting. She’s not a fan of dumb drivers when it snows and would like it if it were summer all year. On top of hopefully missing her son if she went to space, she said she’ll miss her dog because he’s obedient.

In FAM Typewriter, Daniel and Ciara wrote a story. It featured a mom doing yoga who was super concerned about her dog. Her son acted like a dog for attention, and eventually there was a reunion before drama ensued.

Corey then warmed up the crowd with a game called Tiger Martian Salesman.

Audience members Mathias and Aliesia were the helpers in Pillars. Joe and Paul taught us that pigs like rain, while Daniel and Stephanie had to conjugate verbs for homework in order to graduate on time.

In Because I Said So, Corey had a blast as the petulant child. The cast was joined in line by Ciara, Mathias, Aliesia and Tim. We learned a bureaucrat is someone who sits in a bureau because the waiter spit in the cereal bowl, mom works because a child is a lot to handle and genes didn’t work, and politics are partisan because the Wiggles are fun to play with and they like pirates. Obviously!

Next up was Excuses, Excuses, with Mathias one day late for work making doughnut holes. Fortunately Stephanie, Anthea and audience member Galen were on hand to help him explain to Daniel that his dog ate the newspaper, there was bad traffic and a plane was on the car.

Paul and Aliesia were house hunting for the Quickest Minute version of Hotel Transylvania. Joe sadly couldn’t sell the property because Corey the zombie popped up. The shorter versions were all festive and musical!

In Yes And, Corey and Anthea taught everyone it’s okay to be in the background in a scene.

The first game after the break was Helping Hands, with Daniel and Galen being helped out by Mathias and Corey. Galen was silent the entire time, and quite a few things ended up in Daniel’s eye. The scene featured live lobsters and a sick baby.

Police officer Paul needed witness Galen’s help in Interrogation Lineup. The cast played a line of suspects, and Corey ended up being the culprit who ate a bad hamburger in church with General Custard.

Three brave audience members decided to become advice columnists in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Aliesia, Mathias and Tim had to answer Daniel’s questions, while the rest of the cast acted out the scenes. We learned how to play piano: get a teacher, mash on it until it sounds good or hit it with your face repeatedly; what to do if a tire blows out: have a spare tire to change, just keep driving on the rim or hit another car and steal their tire; and how to build a dock on the bay: use wood and superglue, listen to Otis Redding and wait for a dock to appear or tie dogs together.

Follow That Action featured the cast and Galen’s parents. It started with a stuck boat and the YMCA, before jumping to therapy in the engine room, Stephanie and Corey running off together before the boat capsized, singing and dancing on Freedonia, and then Jesus appeared! He was walking his dog, and like FAM Ciara, favored his dog over his son, because his son received a B in theology. Mischievous spirits gave the dog away before an angel saved him from chocolate and brought him home.

The final game was a song, of course! Do Run was about the story of Cici and her dog Spirit.

Don’t forget! This Friday, October 19, if you are 18+ and have $20, you need to be at 95 Empire in Providence. From 9pm-2am you will be entertained by BYOI for our Frat Party Friday/Sorority Saturday Show. Admission gets you 5 hours of laughs, free pizza and possible prizes and special performances!

And scene!

BYOI – Estrada In the Bathtub

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We had a great show on the second floor of 95 Empire, with Paul, Daniel, Joe, Drew, Stephanie and Evan. Lucky for us, BYOI alumni Mike and John stopped in to play as well.

After Paul explained the rules of RESPECT, Ray was picked as the FAM. Ray is a longtime fan of BYOI, and he was just accepted into the cast of an improv show in Cambridge. Ray does stand up comedy and writes poetry, but most of all, he loves being a dad.

FAM Tableau was all about Ray. It featured a poetry reading and a visit to a car dealership, before the crowd had to get warmed up.

In Remake, the Chiquita banana girl popped up, and pineapples were grenades. Naturally, that was the perfect time to transition into the Wild Wild West and guns.

Because I Said So was fun with Joe as the child torturing the poor souls who tried to explain how things work. He didn’t like most answers and threw the parents out whenever he could.

Everything Emporium had Stephanie running a shop that didn’t allow gay rainbow-colored camels. She had to sell a magic floor lamp, an animal hating Roger Williams and a rainbow-colored sand dune.

Lines From a Cup featured a fashion designer and Clifford the Big Red Dog, as well as crazy lines from the audience.

After the break, there was a quick lesson that took place on a pirate ship in Yes And.

In Centerpiece, Stephanie was adamant that she was going to write in fine point in Drew’s Sharpie class. Evan was a child chained to the radiator until he fought back and chained them. A beer bracelet party took a strange turn and relationships changed the next day, and a copy machine was taken out “Office Space” style.

Good Cop, Bad Cop featured Joe as a cranky cop and Mike as the nicest cop ever. They needed Daniel to admit he had done yoga in the bathtub with Erik Estrada.

Story, Story Die had Evan picking out storytellers as they tried to not die. They told a new story of Romeo and Juliet and Paul ended up as the lone survivor.

In Short Cutz, the cast followed the life events of a traumatized child. Why? Because beach zoning laws made him knock down his sand castle. Boo government!

The night ended with Curtain Call, with Paul on guitar and help from Mike and John. We won’t mention all the Bieber and Disney songs…

Join us next Friday for our 3rd Annual Frat Party Friday/Sorority Saturday College Show! It’ll cost $20 and include 5 hours of BYOI fun and free pizza. The cash bar will be open and you have to be an adult to get into this show. Be there at 95 Empire from 9pm-2am and have relive your college days with us!

And scene!

BYOI – Because You Take After Me

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The Warwick Museum of Art was home to new art and tons of laughs. Erich made a special appearance from daddyhood to host and was joined by Daniel, Joe, Paul and Drew.

The FAM was Aliesia, who is a BYOI regular and the daughter of a recent FAM. She’s in the 4th grade but doesn’t like it because of math. While super bubbly, Aliesia loves scary movies and books. She plays outside and on Facebook. She’d love to have the ability to shoot fireballs–for good, of course.

Aliesia had a blast in FAM Sing It, where she made the cast sing just about everything–even while they were already singing! They performed an orphan horror movie musical where a child couldn’t get adopted because her room was messy.

Since the cast was ready to go, Drew warmed up the audience with a clapping competition.

“Bubble Blitz: The Movie” was reviewed by Drew and audience member Jason in Movie Critics. It was a documentary hosted by Mike Myers about scientists thinking of making a game because bubbles are under represented. The cameramen wanted to direct better shots, while the bubbles wanted structure and were joined by Teamsters for support. The sound guy accidentally popped a bubble and eventually became a millionaire.

The new game Because I Said So was next, with the help of brave audience members Mathias and Aliesia. Daniel was a child asking “why” to a number of statements. We learned cotton candy comes from ducks, the world is round because God drank too much iced tea and the walls were painted white because of magnets.

Paul needed help meeting someone so he went on the Dating Game. Here he had to pick from Drew as the Old Man on the Mountain, Daniel as Socrates and audience member Kaya as a toothbrush.

Helping Hands came back after a hiatus, with Erich and Daniel being helped by Jason and Mathias. A sassy mom was upset about friends sleeping in the dog house until they paid rent. They were fed turkey but sadly the cranberry sauce was squished.

In Yes And, we were taught to make things more interesting by using all of the stage.

Alphabet was after the break and lesson. Geriatric fighting, a TSA agent who didn’t feel good enough and a lesson in American geography at a record store were some of the things that happened. Daniel and Joe proved they know their letters, because they made it through the whole alphabet on TWO occasions!

Next, Aliesia was three days late for work in Excuses Excuses. With the help of coworkers Erich, Drew and Kaya, she explained to Daniel that she had a tea party, her bike was stolen and her dog ate a pop tart.

In Slogans, the cast, Mathias, Jason and Kaya came up with groaners for jewelry, Minnesota, skyscrapers, flies and Resident Evil/evil residence.

Meanwhile started off with someone sneezing in cheese at a cheese factory. It jumped to protein boogers in school, a chaperoned date in a restaurant and nurse man guys at a hospital.

The final game of the night was Busta Rap. Stephanie and Mathias were gutsy enough to jump into the battle. They all rapped about pop, math and blitz, before Joe ended up winning rapping about Poe.