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BYOI – Most Popular Girl in (Home) School

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The annual holiday Affordable Art Sale was going on at the Warwick Museum of Art is going on this month, but BYOI didn’t let that stop them! Instead we just moved the show downstairs and still had a blast. Tonight, Paul was the host, and he was joined by Krissy, Stephanie, Coburn, Joe and Daniel.

Of course we had to pick a FAM, and the lucky girl was Columbia! She’s Coburn’s sister and is a gymnastics coach. When she was little, her dream was to visit most continents–Antarctica was too cold–and would still like to do humanitarian work in Africa. Other than her brother Coburn, she has 4 other sisters, and they love to play games and scare one another. For the past 2 years, Columbia has been playing acoustic guitar, and one of her favorites is Taylor Swift.

Stephanie started off the Growing and Shrinking Machine with a trip down the Yellow Brick Road. As her castmates jumped in, the scenes featured an injured gymnast, a visit by Taylor Swift, Daniel wanting to trade in his sister, a call to the National Guard and the award being given out for being the Most Self Absorbed.

Gorilla Man Gun was the game played during Coburn’s warmup and it had everyone on their feet.

Drew left the audience to join the cast for Try That On For Size. The cast tried to keep their balance, greeted the Queen, played Whack-a-Mole horribly and used a giant protractor. In a surprise upset, Daniel knocked out Joe, which led to a great celebration.

Typewriter featured the live storytelling of “Scarves” by Krissy and audience member Christine. It started off with Daniel and Joe as sisters who needed to tell each other something…about something. Something ended up being a person in the woods, played by Paul, who was afraid of windsocks. Later a clown went to the sister’s birthday party, where the sisters gave out gifts. Later, they went to the mall to look for mom’s Christmas gift and talked about a boa constrictor. I’m not sure what this had to do with scarves, but it was still fun.

Daniel and audience member Leeann had an issue in Marriage Counselor. Paul helped them work through Daniel’s messy eating, Leeann’s delusions of being Napoleon Bonaparte and their mutual fight over the swingset.

Next up was Six Pack, with help from audience members Chris and Derek. Krissy and Stephanie were having issues choosing which meal to eat, and finally decided on “sueme” which was a Chinese version of a cheeseburger and fries.  They later found out that if they wanted sparkly dessert they had to wear cat ears. Meanwhile, Chris was pulled over by Coburn after getting into an accident because of his obsessive texting. After Coburn tossed the phone, we learned that Chris keeps a backup supply. Finally, Chris somehow convinced the backup officer that Coburn was the actual driver. The final pair was Joe and Derek, who played revisionist baseball. Derek wore Joe’s helmet for the bonus glittery round and eventually came clean about his pig tail.

After the break, Krissy and Daniel taught about how to tell someone what you gave them in Yes And.

Audience member Deacon Dave then jumped in for Quick Scenes. Joe and Coburn had a bad GPS on their way to visit the Arc of the Ants, a mouse fell asleep on a trap, and an epic game of Mouse Trap was ruined when the marble went missing. Later, there was a musical in the key of M-cubed, a table was made of coffee and a cupcake needed to feed 5,000 people.

Timmy In The Well was next, with Daniel getting help from his dogs, played by Joe, Paul and audience member Kevin. In dog-ese, they explained that Taylor Swift was brushing her teeth with vinegar at the movie theater.

Next was Blank Walks Into a (Candy) Bar, where we learned that bacon suddenly made everything awesome when it walked in and Abraham Lincoln was asked if he’d give a penny for his thoughts.

Follow That Action featured the addition of Drew and audience members Chris and Andrew. The hot tub was the obvious place to cook food and a dog befriended a monkey in the jungle. An anteater was pleased that he could eat off of the sanitary ground, and the dog and monkey were trying to outwit a few cannibals. Fortunately, the anteater came to rescue with fire ants and Chris broke up with Taylor Swift but was afraid she’d write a song about him.

The last game of the night was of course a song game, with the cast singing Do Run. Columbia and her experience at the prom.

Don’t forget to join us downstairs next week, at the same time.

And scene!

BYOI – Sunshine Muse

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Black Friday is a day for getting over food comas, shopping, recovering from time with the family and BYOI! A good crowd joined us for our show in the dance studio at 95 Empire. Stephanie taught everyone the rules of RESPECT before being joined by Paul, Erich, Joe and Daniel.

Patt was the FAM, and she’s a writer and journalist. She also said she’s a professional muse, so she is great at inspiring people and challenging them to do new things. Her friends nicknamed her Sunshine, and she’d love to be able to teleport.

Because Patt is a muse, the cast wanted to sing in FAM Greatest Hits. Featured songs were “I Can’t Tell You What To Do,” “The Brother I Don’t Know” and the bluesy “Under the Argentine Moon.”

For warmup, Joe brought everyone through a Black Friday adventure as EMTs.

Since everyone was warmed up, it was time to play Trolley Stop! Audience member Lady Estelle jumped in to play. Some of the characters waiting for transportation were old people, sexy people, giggly nerds and elephants who may have been Snuffy from “Sesame Street.”

In Quickest Minute, the cast decided to do a mashup of “A Clockwork Orange” and the Christmas themed “Love Actually” (author’s note: BEST. MOVIE. EVER.) It turned into declarations of love, followed by violent death.

Next up, Erich tapped into his psychic powers as Madame Zelda. With the help of spirits Daniel, Joe and Patt, Erich was able to tell Paul his fortune. First Paul was going to have his checking account go overdrawn, then he’d become pregnant and follow his lifelong dream of becoming a high school janitor.

Sit, Stand, Lie Down featured audience member Aaron joining Joe and Stephanie. The trio was trying to fix their teleportation device, which was hard for the one-armed Stephanie. One of the men was also missing something, but we won’t talk about that here.

After the break, Daniel and Erich taught the audience about telling someone what you gave them in Yes And.

Stephanie had a blast dinging people out for everything she could think of in Questions. It started with the guys waiting in line for 30 hours for a Wii U. Joe wanted his peanuts roasted on a defibrillator, while Daniel was an unhappy princess.

In Press Conference, Joe, Daniel and Erich interviewed Paul. He, Ronald McDonald, opened up a new Jurassic Park.

Back In My Day was next, with the guys throwing out lines and Stephanie looking pretty. We learned that poetry was boring without muses, no one had any “soles” without shoes, and because it’s New England, there was no sunshine.

Aaron once again joined the cast to play, and this time they played Short Cutz. Daniel was trying to position himself in a chair, although babies are made with ice cream and a blender. Meanwhile, the registry was a torturous place for those waiting in line trying to figure out what color their forms needed to be. Erich needed a license to ride his motorized wheelchair and Stephanie wanted more supplements in her drink. Later, Stephanie because Suzie Sue, who was expelled from school because of her love of hopscotching.

The night ended in song with Curtain Call, with the cast singing about a variety of subjects, like Italy and trampolines.

And scene!

BYOI – The Other Brother

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The Warwick Museum of Art was the wonderful venue for our family friendly show. Tonight’s cast consisted of our host, Corey, along with Ryan, Evan, Coburn, Drew, and Erich! Welcome back, Erich! We missed you!

Seth was our FAM, and he just happens to be Corey’s brother! He’s an experience coordinator at the Providence Children’s Museum, which sounds like a ton of fun. He was a theater major, and went to Branson, Missouri to visit for a reason other than the abundant country music. While explaining his family, Seth explained that he has two brothers named Corey: BYOI’s Corey and a stepbrother of the same name.

With their newly gleaned information, the cast setup FAM Day In the Life. It started off with Corey and Seth’s mom playing country music to make him clean his room. Unfortunately for Seth, the two Coreys showed up and spoke their secret Corey language. The day ended with the museum calling to report that because the doors were left open, all of the kids escape, so Seth decided to move to Branson, MO.

In honor of Thanksgiving, Drew warmed everyone up as they all ate–or rejected–food from a cornucopia.

The first game of the night was Tableau, with the addition of audience member Andrea. They made a scene for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, featuring Ryan as the deflating Spiderman float, Corey as the surly talkshow host up at 4am, and Erich as Santa at the end. The Christmas scene featured Coburn as the kid who got clothes, while Corey was the Jewish kid looking in through the window. Finally, the Mall on Black Friday scene featured Andrea as the winner of a toaster, Erich as the trampled security guard and Evan as the first customer in line–trampled right next to Erich.

Evan was the director who kept changing his mind in Remake. The first film was about an experience supervisor carding kids while they were in line for the slide. Apparently you needed a slide pass to get through. Eventually the supervisor’s supervisors showed up and argued. The second time around, they redid it as a romantic comedy, which featured a stammering Hugh Grant-esque meeting at the slide after 15 years. Unfortunately, Ryan popped in to demand the lovebirds show their love at first sight pass. During the final remake, Evan decided on a “Die Hard” mix. Ryan Gruber wouldn’t let Coburn McClane on the slide, which led to yelling and a very fun–cleaned up–quote from the original film.

After that, a crime was committed! Interrogation Lineup featured Deputy Erich and audience member Deputy Galen as they questioned a bunch of shady characters. Eventually, Corey took the rap for Ryan when he admitted to killing the pardoned Presidential turkey in Hawaii with Ronald McDonald.

Because acting is fun, we had another director! This time it was Coburn’s turn in Serious Scene. The cast and Andrea had a fun–I mean, serious–time at Best Buy. It featured lifelike HDTVs, pocket lint layaway, and employee who was stoked to witness a robbery at the store.

After the break, Evan and Drew taught a lesson in Yes And. This time they taught everyone how to do something very specific together while talking about something else.

With the help of the audience during the break, we were able to have a fun round of Post It. Galen once again jumped in to help out. The game featured strange pairings, such as an accountant & a dreidel, a karate sensei & an astronaut, Minnesota & a turkey plucker, and nun chucks & tweezers.

Pavlovian Response took place in a children’s museum and featured a ton of screaming. Evan played Pavlov, who had to say “stop” each time someone moved their hands. Corey had to scream like the “Home Alone” kid if someone said “I” or “eye”, and Ryan had to freak out if someone made eye contact with him. A good time was had by all!

The line game of the night was World’s Worst, with the help of FAM Seth and audience members Galen and Christina. We learned about the worst vacation spot, excuse for getting pulled over (thought the cop could be outrun, or a condition that causes lead in the foot), Elvis impersonator, and casting choice for Jim Carrey (as a dead guy).

Next up was Meanwhile, which was all about the 40 days–or 40 years–that it took Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. It started with Moses being given the wrong directions by God, and then went from there. We visited Bible school, Drew’s failed 2 appearances on game shows, Noah’s steam powered Ark, and the school for bad girls, among other places. One of the Ark’s issues was that Moses was on board and was slowing the trek down by continually parting the sea in front of it.

Finally, the night ended in song, with Do Run. The cast sang a wonderful song about Seth–not the Coreys!

Don’t forget to join us on Black Friday at 10pm for our adult show. It’ll still be 2 hours of fun at 95 Empire in Providence. Then, next Sunday, we’ll start the holiday season off with our family friendly show. The Warwick Museum of Art will be hosting their annual holiday sale, so we will be performing downstairs. Just go in the side door and come play with us!

And scene!

BYOI – Grecian Football

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We had a spirited crowd with a bunch of audience participation at the Warwick Museum of Art for our family friendly show! Drew started off explaining the rules of RESPECT, before being joined onstage by Joe, Ryan, Paul, Krissy and Stephanie.

The night’s FAM was Amelia! She’s in the second grade and loves everything and everyone, especially gym. She plays on a competitive soccer team and is now reading chapter books. She loves Shirley Temple’s film, “Heidi” and would love to be a kindergarten teacher and visit tropical Hawaii someday.

First up, Amelia was the center for FAM Centerpiece. Ryan and Drew were upset with her being so giggly and unruly at the movie theater, while Drew and Paul were in awe of her as the girl who as everything. Joe needed advice on how to impress Paul with soccer tricks, while Paul and Ryan taught us that Spock likes gym and wants to live long and party.

Warmup was fun with Stephanie telling a story about her time at the sports complex.

The first full game of the night was Say It Again. Stephanie had fun with the bell making people change what they wanted. Drew got permission from audience member Brianna to go outside and play in the snow make cookies build a fort make a lemonade stand do something. Unfortunately, he left his snowpants in Krissy’s room, so they decided to rip them in half and share them. Later, Ryan and audience member Will found a mint condition 1984 Cabbage Patch Kid to go with his Battlestar Galactica toothpick town collection. Ryan stepped on the toothpicks and hurt his foot, while Will made art deco pasta towers.

In Rope, brave audience members Samson, Delia and FAM Amelia decided to play with the cast. They played soccer, went to a nose hair pulling convention and ate marshmallows.

Krissy had been a bad girl. She committed a crime and needed to be interviewed by Paul and audience member Bill in Good Cop/Bad Cop. It turns out, Krissy made pizza in a gym with Nicola Tesla.

We had a lesson on knocking out the fourth wall and the rules of improv in Movie Critics. Here, Paul and Delia talked about the new film, “La Cucaracha: Dawn of the Roach,” which of course is a love story. The rest of the cast filled in the scenes with the help of audience member Zola. The film started off with Steve the roach (played by Ryan) out in the daylight. He met gorgeous Gloria (played by Stephanie) and impressed her with his inflatable lasagna. Later, Steve stayed with Gloria and her roommate, after his house flooded. He brought along his book club friends, who decided to earn their keep by catching mice. Near the end, roaches Joe and Krissy were in the greenhouse and met Drew the cat. Drew was hungry since he couldn’t eat quiche and wanted to eat Joe instead. Fortunately, Joe and Krissy started hissing and acting like cats and it scared Drew away.

In Yes And, Joe and Stephanie taught a lesson in how to know each other in every scene.

After the break was Pillars. In round one, audience members Chris and Matt gave words while Joe and Will moved Dumbo into the It’s A Small World ride. In round two, Stephanie and Brianna camped out at Dunkin Donuts the night before free donut day, but ran into issues.

Ryan hosted a keen party in Party Quirks. He of course had fun guests, including Joe, who was afraid of Gremlins, Paul, who wanted to leave and go to Alaska, and Delia, who was a detective.

Matt, Chris and Zola gave advice in the Good, Bad and Ugly. We learned that you should look if you lose your favorite toy, or you can make your brother find it. Alternatively, you can also yell at your parents for possibly throwing it away. We also learned other things, like what to do at recess, what to do if you have a big test and how to act at the library. All good topics!

The night ended with Busta Rap, with Stephanie beating everyone as the master of rhymes!

And scene!

BYOI – Mormon Dino Baconator

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Everyone had a blast at our late night show at 95 Empire! Coburn explained RESPECT for the first time, before being joined by Krissy, Anthea, Paul, Joe and Daniel.

The evening’s FAM was a ton of fun. Chrissy works 2 jobs: at a diner and selling people fancy jewelry. She loves to relax watching TV, skyping with her boyfriend AJ in Texas, and watching “Jurassic Park” an unnatural amount of times. Chrissy shocked everyone by explaining that she had NEVER HAD BACON. She hates the smell. I don’t know about you, but that makes me very sad.

In What the FAM, which is the FAM version of What Are You Doing, the cast sold bracelets to toddlers, ate frozen yogurt and hated bacon.

After the warmup, Quick Scenes featured body odor, Veteran’s Day, snow and bacon.

Grand Theft Auto made its long awaited return. Carjackers included congressional polar bears, really annoying bosses, and children playing with building blocks.

Audience member Dan was the brave soul who was late for work in Excuses, Excuses. With the help of his coworkers, including BYOI’s Drew, he explained that he was in a car accident, watched critters and was eaten by something that came from underground.

Next up was Highlander, with Krissy, Daniel, Anthea and BYOI alum Mike. They performed “Oklahoma” and excluded Texans, and a school board had a threat of a lawsuit. Anthea, Mike and Krissy were eliminated, so as usual, Daniel had to perform alone.

After the break, Krissy and Anthea were twin sisters on the moon in Yes And. Their lesson was about knowing each other in every scene.

Next up was Lines From a Cup, with tons of fun lines from our audience. In the first round, Joe and Drew marooned Adam Levine on five islands. They wanted to play a game of thermonuclear war, and with the help of Daniel, jumped on Johnson & Wales flavored ice cream. For round two, Coburn and audience member Josh learned that alpacas bite when they like you. Krissy, Paul and Daniel jumped in as the affectionate alpacas.

In Newborn, Paul and Daniel had a baby! The happy parents Dalai Lama and Mount Rushmore were the proud parents of baby Chainsaw.

Story, Story, Die featured the cast, Drew, Chris and one more audience member. They all collaborated on “The Mitt Romney Story: A Romantic Sci-Fi.” It featured cheese loving aliens, goo, John McCain stealing arms, Galdalf and a bunch of BS. Some deaths were: getting stranded on the planet Kolab, kissed by Paul Ryan, bacon and light saber accident. Krissy eventually called the end of the game when Daniel and Paul finished the story together.

Mike once again jumped up for Freeze Tag. Krissy failed while cooking a marshmallow on a lamp because the bulb was energy efficient. She then learned about the new app, Hang Dog With Friends. Joe needed more ways to smite people, so Mike gave him suggestions. There was confusion during a pizza order, Darth Vader wanted to feel closer to his son, and two completely different interpretations of “seeing the Lord after finding a tablet in the desert.”

The final game was Sing It! Daniel chose when the cast would break into song. Joe sang the “Jurassic Park” blues, Barney’s “I love you” song had a folk twist, and Coburn had a pop song about a dinosaur going bananas. Right before for big musical finish, Paul had a fun 80’s rock ditty about a carnivorous bipedal dinosaur who was going to eat Joe’s face.
And scene!

BYOI – Polynesian Darts

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The weekend after the hurricane was the perfect time for people to get back out and enjoy BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art. Tonight, Joe hosted and was joined by Evan, Daniel, Stephanie and Drew.

We had a very special FAM cup, because our regulars Cam and Frank ended up filling their card! When they come back from their winter down south, they’ll have a spiffy BYOI shirt waiting. In honor of Cam and Frank, their daughter in law Linda was the FAM. Linda’s a speech therapist who loves boating. She likes helping people, as long as she doesn’t have to deal with mean children. She came to the show with her husband Tim and her in-laws, and of course, only had wonderful things to say about them.

In FAM Try That On For Size, the cast opened a pickle jar, worked a turntable, threw coins and went off to see the wizard. Stephanie made sure she did not tie the knot.

For warmup, Evan took the audience fishing and they caught crazy things like dinosaurs and elephants.

Evan then started off Questions, where Joe used a tiara as an armlet, Daniel explained food allergies and there was a visit to Scarboro Beach.

We were visited by superheroes and villains in Curses, Foiled Again! Audience member Dennis was brave enough to jump in. Some of the characters we met were Dresses Like Me To Confuse Me In Front Of The Mirror Boy, Constantly Reenacting Episodes of “Lost” Man and Person Who Says F’s Instead Of M’s.

Stephanie was the shopkeeper at the Everything Emporium. Daniel needed a potato peeler on steroids, Joe needed boots that would take him to space and audience member Galen wanted time traveling shampoo.

Next up was Growing and Shrinking. It started off with Joe picking bagels alone, until Evan jumped in to discuss makeup application and an unfortunate llama accident. Stephanie hosted marching band practice, before Daniel jumped in to solve the mystery of a peanut butter allergy. Drew finally jumped in for Grandma’s last birthday, before the scenes went in reverse.

Stephanie and Daniel taught a lesson about playing big characters in Yes And.

After the break, Daniel and Joe were given limbs by audience members Kimberly and Xavier in Helping Hands. They discussed becoming doctors and prepped Evan for surgery.

Next up was Marriage Counselor, with Stephanie giving advice. Drew never flushed the toilet and audience member Bob had anger issues. Together, they had too much money to spend and it was causing friction.

In Slogans, we learned about curling, Leif Erikson Day, Slinky, Halloween and G.I. Joe. Some highlights were G.I. Joe: We’ll never tell you what the other half of the battle is! (courtesy of Joe) and Slinky: hours of entertainment on the mall escalator (courtesy of Evan).

Following that was…Follow That Action! The cast was joined by audience member Wade. They started off with a boat stuck in Disneyland’s It’s a Small World ride. Drew was hit by a dart on Valentine’s Day and the antidote was made in Uzbekistan. Evan’s parents were concerned about who he was talking to online, which led to a guide to the internet and tweets floating around. The game ended with Roger Rabbit hitting Daniel.

The final game of the night was Irish Song. Linda asked us to sing about the awesome Cam and Frank.

And scene!