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BYOI’s NYE Well Buttered Man!

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And we are back for a second show on this NYE night!  Now with John, Erin, Joe, myself and now adding Erich!  Our FAM was Jeff, an Accountant who just won a motorcycle and loves to dance.

We once again did Highlander where John was an old man who ran a dance class, Erich drove a motorcycle into class and Erin was late.  Myself, I was Javier, the well oiled and calf muscled dance instructor.  For the second show in a row, I won and had two do the entire scene by myself again!!!  I am so tired… but it was a hit!

Next up was a game of pillars, where a horse and a giraffe just couldn’t pass the test and then Erich and I were in the church of Twilight!  After that was because I said so that had so many why’s it made me cry.  Then we moved onto Pavlovian Response where this dance party had a trap bomb door.  Follow That Action brought us back to Javier’s class to work on our calfs and found that Canola Oil can make you tasty.  Finally a game of Do Run wished you all a happy New Year one more time!

Thank you all for coming out and we wish you a Happy New Year!

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BYOI’s NYE Face Lick!

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Happy New Year from Bring Your Own Improv to you and all you know! Tonight was our first of two BYOI performances, this one at the Mathewson Street Church at 4pm with Erin, John, Joe, Corey and myself. Our FAM for this show was Derek. An “energetic” you lad dressed as a Wizard and a Knight at the same time. Derek was clearly not into being a knight, soccer or football. He has no New Years Resolutions and was apathetic towards 2012.

Our first game was Highlander, where John was a kid with no motivation. Corey his Dad wanted him to do something, anything outside. Erin his Mom was in agreed. However, John was not budging. So John’s dog Larry came in to help excite John, but Dad threw him a treat to give him some father son time. Larry came back with the treat, so Dad threw him a squeaky toy. Larry chased his tail for a while and Dad just decided to make John a Wizard dressed as a knight. Erin was knocked out first, then Erin, John licked my face, but that was not enough to save him as I had to do the whole scene in the end by myself.

Next up John brought everyone on a trip to Kohl’s to warm us up… unfortunately there was a line.

Next up, Pillars saw Erin and Joe’s struggle to make a bad sandwich and Corey and I met Michael Jackson in 1986. Because I said so saw lazy husbands, sticky boys and mean people. Pavlovian response brought John, Erin and an audience member to the wrong on Ice Concert. And Follow That Action brought internet lingo and unsatisfied security guards. We finished off with Do Run and sang about Derek and wished everyone a Happy New Year!

See you all for the 9pm show!

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BYOI – Why pants?

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Krissy, Coburn, Erin, and Stephanie joined Schneider Electric at Cucina Twist in Wakefield for an end of the year celebration and team building.

Krissy introduced the group, and then brought up the FAM, Ronda. In her interview the audience learned that she has two sons, Steven and Brandon that love sports, went zip lining (upside-down!) with the company’s CEO, and that lots of coffee is her secret to her bubbly personality.

After the interview, Krissy, Stephanie, and Erin played FAM Day in the Life, where we saw a typical day of Ronda at home and in the office, complete with French accents and overachieving employees.

Next, Krissy warmed up the audience by having them say a boring statement with a smile, reinforcing the lesson that when talking to customers on the phone, smiling while talking will improve the mood of the person on the other end.

Try that on for Size was up next, and the cast was joined by 4 volunteers – Jay, Amanda, Tom, and Chris D. Everyone learned to re-imagine the same everyday tasks in a new light, and how to change your approach without changing what you are doing.

Coburn was late to work in Excuses, Excuses, and volunteer Adam played his demanding boss. It’s always important to work in a team, and Stephanie, Jen, and Brennan helped Coburn out by miming his three reasons for being late: his car broke down, his cat threw up, and he accidently put on his son’s underwear instead of his own. Unfortunately, that last one was based on a true experience…

Audience member Garrett joined Krissy and Coburn for Catch Phrase. Garrett was very inquisitive, asking “Why pants?” as often as possible, while Coburn was obsessed with what other coworkers were wearing, “Did you see what she’s wearing?”. The scene took place in an office, and reiterated the lesson that changing inflection and tone can make things sound different, and to be aware of how you are saying things when you speak.

Story, Story, Done followed, with Karin, James, Joe, and Tom jumping in. They told the story of an elephant with syrup and pancakes on his feet, data centers, and mice. It didn’t make sense, but it was very entertaining. Everyone was eliminated and assumed a position of defeat, until Krissy was the last one standing. The key to any good relationship is listening, and in this game everyone had to make sure to listen intently in order to pick up the story where someone left off.

Adam, Ronda, Chris D, and Chris C. were brave enough to jump in for a game of Alphabet!  In this game everyone worked hard to maintain conversations while using sequential letters in the alphabet. By listening and responding they had scenes about softball, fencing, and tape dispensers.  Adam and Ronda were particularly talented at this game and impressed the group with their improv skills!

Check out a video of the game on YouTube here: Alphabet!

In Say it Again, Karin and Brennan joined Erin and Coburn for a scene at the water cooler. They discussed television shows, sports, and a few other great topics, and had to change what they said whenever Stephanie dinged a bell.

The cast concluded by singing Do Run about Ronda.

Thank you so much to Schneider Electric for having us. We had a great time performing for you, bringing everyone up on stage, and learning about “nurturing”!

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BYOI – End of Season 5!

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BYOI’s leader, Daniel, married his lovely bride, Kerri, the night before our season ender, in scenic New Hampshire. They were surrounded by friends and family, including many current and past BYOI cast members. On behalf of BYOI, I’d like to wish Daniel and Kerri a lifetime of love and happiness!

All I can say about our family friendly show is: Hugh Jackman.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and made season 5 memorable! Please come see us again in season 6, starting in January, and don’t forget, we’ll be performing at 4pm and 9pm for Bright Night in Providence on New Year’s Eve.

And scene!

BYOI – Le Cosby

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Hello, folks. Ryan here with the show recap for 12/14/12, along with some assistance from the ever-lovable Paul. It was another night at 95 Empire with Joe, Erich, Evan, Ian, and myself. Onward!

Our FAM for the evening was Deric, and using the powers of deduction we used his answers to interpret that Deric hated Evan’s face. Well, that is, I heard that and wrote it on the board. Well, that is, I wrote it on the board. This is not something I wanted to write as Evan is clearly the eye candy of BYOI. In any case, Deric also helped us with a FAM version of Movie Critics, which featured ninjas, love, and betrayal. It’s sure to be the white-knuckle thrill ride of the year! As Paul would say, you will pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge!

To warm up the crowd, we tried to do the wave. I say try because it’s apparently very tricky getting people to do a really enthusiastic wave unless there is a baseball game in front of them. So it was more like small gust on a puddle. The wave was foiled, which was a perfect segue into Curses, Foiled Again! See how we did that? It’s because we are pros!

We then constructed a Growing & Shrinking Machine, which showed us that an event is only really cool when it has a Facebook invite. So that must be the reason no one goes to my all-night viewing parties of Don Knots movies. It couldn’t be for any other reason. We then moved on to Pavlovian response, where a ticklish Evan was on the receiving end of some very awkward kisses. I’m telling you, he’s the eye candy for a reason. Also, Joe was desperately trying to get people to make him jump. And none of you helped him! For shame! Come back to read the rest of this entry once you’ve thought about what you’ve done!

Welcome back! Helping Hands showed us that cooking shows are not just informative, but entertaining. Well, they are more entertaining when someone else acts as the host’s hands. If only Julia Child did this, then people would know who she is. Lesson learned. Speaking of lessons learned, the audience learned about the building block of all improv, the almighty “Yes, and…”. Marvel at its structure and simplicity!

The next scene was very serious, as it was a Serious Scene. Nothing but pure drama from a group of serious actors. That same group went on to buy some High Boots, giant quinoa, and a Hello Kitty machete at the Everything Emporium. Now that’s range!

Story, Story, Die brought us a lovely tale of a lovely mailman named Joe who would recycle children in Pawtucket, the child-recycling capital of the world, and ended with mailing things to Bill Cosby in France. Zip, zop, le zuda zow! Follow that Action certainly had action to provide. Strippers! Techno! Costco! And…is that? IT IS! THE LAST TWINKIE! But if you are reading this, it’s probably gone by now. Curses, foiled again! See that? We call that a callback in the business.

We wrapped things up with a festive round of Do Run. The next time you see us at 95 Empire, it will be 2013. And it will probably be a lot more like Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. See you with your spikes and chaps, folks!


BYOI – Super Sidekick Dog

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Daniel performed his last BYOI show before his wedding at the Warwick Museum of Art! He was joined by Joe, Stephanie, Krissy, Erich and Evan.

The FAM was Ray, who is a friend of Daniel’s! He was even an extra in Daniel’s film last year. Ray works in the Bose call center, and wants people to know that they do not sell iPods. He loves kitties!! He has 2 cats named Elwood and Sam, and likes trippy, psychological films. He came to the show with his friend Mike, who he described as obnoxious and sympathetic.

To honor Ray, the cast played FAM Meanwhile. Daniel started off as an apathetic cat, which made Krissy sad. They jumped to the pound, where Stephanie was given a shot of Vitamin X, which turned her into Erich’s sidekick dog who would run around and chastise him for doing dumb things. At a parade, Erich gave his dog to Krissy, where Joe and Daniel turned into walking automatons. After a trip to Apple, where Joe explained the quantum singularity speakers that Bose sells, we witnessed a very awkward encounter at the Hunger Games arena.

To get in the Christmas spirit, Erich led the audience in a car key stomping chorus.

For the first game, Daniel was the inquisitive child in Because I Said So. BYOI alum Mike was volunteered along with audience member Chris. We learned the answers to pressing questions, like why the sky is blue, why people love each other and if cookies are gluten free.

Catch Phrase was fun for Daniel and audience member Mike H, who were driving Joe crazy. Joe was so stressed about a science project, because deer aviation just wasn’t a good topic. He needed to find Santa for research, and finally decided that he would’ve been better off as a mall Santa instead of becoming a physicist. Daniel was concerned with burns and if things looked right, while Mike wanted to know how reindeer could fly and kept pointing out the yellow brick road.

Up next, Krissy had friends over for Party Quirks! Erich was Napoleon Bonaparte, Joe was obsessed with baby unicorns, and Daniel couldn’t stand the smell of anyone’s breath.

Stephanie was the main castmember for Centerpiece. Joe and Mike were late for a meeting, which made an unsafe work environment, while Daniel and Drew joined Stephanie as cowboys with fake horses. Joe and Drew were stooges who had a mini bar stocked with Diet Coke, and Daniel and Mike were at a junkyard where Mike cleaned everything, including grooming the dust bunnies.

After the break, Stephanie and Evan mirrored each other in Yes And.

Say It Again was the first game of the second half. It started with Krissy and Mike H, who loved popcorn. They couldn’t decide on what flavor they loved more, and Daniel made an appearance as their disapproving dad, Orville Redenbacher. Stephanie and Erich then played a round, where Erich was a bullied nerd. He spent so much time stuffed in his locker that he ended up building an amusement park in there with legos and old socks. Sadly, when he showed Stephanie, she squished the roller coaster.

After that, Erich needed help in the Dating Game. Joe was a set of knives, Evan had a hilarious irrational fear or Nickelback, and Chris was the equator. We learned from Evan that when you play Nickelback backwards, you hear the devil. Even worse, when you play them forward, you hear Nickelback!

Mike loves line games, so he jumped up to play Slogans with the cast. We heard new slogans for Warwick, iPods (not with Bose!), accountants (we make “cents”), Disney princesses and zombies, who wanted to be in Daniel’s movie.

From there, we moved onto Short Cutz, which started with Evan’s need for independence. Barney turned into a people-eating dinosaur, while Boris stole Rocky and Bullwinkle’s popcorn. We witnessed the phone tree at Bose, and then birds flew around the house.

The final game was Hoe Down, where the cast sang about wanting a pony for Christmas.

Don’t forget to join us for our final 2 shows of the regular season! They’ll be Friday, 12/14 at 10pm at 95 Empire in Providence for our late night adult show, and then Sunday, 12/16 at 6pm back at the Warwick Museum of Art for our family friendly show. After that, check us out during TWO Bright Night performances! Check out our schedule to see when season 6 starts in January, where our admission price will change to $6.

And scene!

BYOI – Women in Spandex

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It was a cold and windy night…no wait, it wasn’t. It was an unseasonably nice evening to start off the final month of the year at the Warwick Museum of Art. Erich hosted an energetic show with the help of Paul, Evan, Daniel and Corey.

The night’s FAM was Craig, who was a bunch of fun. He works in the field of social work, so he gets bonus points from me for being awesome. He came to the show with Lorraine, who he said is the most gorgeous woman in Warwick. He takes spin classes for fun and once visited a Mayan temple while on vacation.

With new inspiration, the cast of course wanted to sing! They played FAM Guidance Counselor, in honor of Craig, with Daniel as the suffering counselor. Corey needed help dealing with his erratic behavior, Evan was afraid of the end of the Mayan calendar, and Erich felt small.

Daniel then tested the audience’s listening skills with a modified version of Simon Says.

For the first full game, Craig jumped up to play What Are You Doing. They flew a helicopter, defeated the elderly at shuffleboard and tested life rafts.

Next was Angels and Devils, where the 84 degree spin class cured hypothermia. A guy passed out in the class, but it was somehow in a hospital, and his friend had just won 500 million pesos to pay for the healthcare. The story ended with him catching dysentery from Taco Bell, and was called “The Story of the Giggling Woman” although not a single woman was in the story.

Corey and audience member Maren were the proud parents in New Born. Corey was Helen of Troy to Maren’s Roger Williams, and they had the adorable baby The Bat Cave.

Alphabet was next, with Evan as the bell ringer. Corey learned his intestines shouldn’t be hanging out, but his doctor was too busy for surgery. Later, it was revealed that Machu Pichu was made for advertising. Who knew?

After the break, Daniel and Corey taught a lesson in knowing about other characters to gift accordingly in Yes And.

Erich was then in charge of Revolver. Paul blackmailed Corey to get his Twinkies, while Evan named his beer belly. Santa demanded his elves wear stupid new uniforms until they revolted and gave him a bad costume, and Daniel poisoned Corey and filed for divorce.

Next was Chainsaw, with the addition of Maren. The cast needed to figure out that a lawyer was at the zoo with a Nerf bat. In the middle, a few forgot about the location, and the nerf bat turned into a balloon animal and blow up bat.

Craig again jumped in to play, and this time it was Famous Last Words. We learned that the mission really was not possible for Tom Cruise, Marie Antoinette wanted just a little off the top, and the Eiffel Tower had rust.

Then it was onto Freeze Tag, with the cast and Maren. The church ended up getting an automated bell ringer, so Quasimodo was bored. Daniel ended up literally glued to the floor, and Maren wanted to setup Twister on the staircase. Someone called Superman’s bluff to see if he really is faster than a speeding bullet, and the Sesame Street characters argued.

Like the night began, it also ended in song. Paul and Craig hosted Greatest Hits, and while Paul played guitar, the cast sang disco, blues and upbeat songs about women in spandex.

And scene!