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BYOI – Nonagon Shaped Object

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Yaaay we’re back at the Warwick Museum of Art! Coburn, Daniel, Erich, Evan and Stephanie were great and kept everyone amused.

Grace was the FAM, and she was shy at first, but then warmed up to Stephanie and Coburn. Grace is in the second grade and loves reading. If she had a dog, she would name it Cutie. When she’s not reading or doing gymnastics, she is with friends. Tonight she came to BYOI with her friends Will, who likes hockey, and Zachary, who likes candy. Those are both good qualities in a friend! Someday, Grace will be teaching the youth of the future.

To honor Grace, the cast played FAMlander. Stephanie was trying to do gymnastics, but she had the wrong kind of horse there–she had the moving, breathing animal kind. All was well, until a snake came in to take the place of the balance beam. For some reason, he wasn’t a fan of being stepped on. After Evan and Coburn were eliminated, we ended up with a tie! Grace was the tiebreaker, and she eliminated Stephanie so Daniel had to perform alone.

Since Daniel had a workout, everyone else then needed to warmup. Evan took the audience ice fishing. Guess what? I don’t think Erich witnessed it, but Jacki participated in warmup for the first time!

The first game of the night was Good Cop, Bad Cop. Erich was interviewed by Daniel and Coburn, after stealing Monopoly money at Starbucks with Captain America.

Next was Say It Again, with the addition of audience members Mike and Will. Grace was the lucky bell ringer for the first round, which had Evan and Mike going through files. We learned that the brownie money was missing and Evan didn’t know what a Rubix Cube was. Grace handed off bell ringing duties for round two, where Coburn and Will were building a really tall snowman. How tall? It was tall enough to need a ladder to reach the head and for Daniel to come out and help fix the hat, which was in a timewarp. Coburn played the worst mime ever, because he was talking the whole time.

Tableau was fun with help from Grace, Will and Zachary. Erich was a dismissive French judge in the gymnastics scene, Stephanie was a missing tooth in the hockey scene, and everyone jumped in on a trip to Aruba.

After seeing still pictures, it was time for moving pictures in Movie Critics! Stephanie and audience member Hillary were the hosts of the Movies & Popcorn show, discussing the great film, “I Remember What You Did Last Summer When I Saw You In the Fall” which was naturally a sci-fi romance featuring a cameo by E.T. Evan and Coburn played a married couple who were having problems because Evan kept leaving by turning invisible. They were joined by Erich the robot butler and grandpa Daniel. Later, Coburn had creatures who attached to him symbiotically, and the story ended up with a breakup. Not all romances have happy endings, kids.

Daniel and Evan taught a lesson in Yes And. This week, they showed how to create an environment when using the location as a prompt.

FAM Grace and audience member Kate were the pillars for…Pillars. They helped move along the story of Stephanie and Erich, who started off a date with dead flowers. Unlike the previous game, this romance was happy! After discussing a tambourine allergy and going potato shopping (because potatos are round like Erich’s heart), Erich won over Stephanie by making her a triangle out of pencils. Aww, how sweet!

Pavlovian Response was very active, with Erich playing Pavlov. He yelled “boo!” anytime someone’s feet left the ground. Luckily for him, Stephanie had to do a cartwheel anytime the word “the” was uttered, while Evan yelled “geronimo!” if someone walked. I think the scene was about dolphins. No one really knows, because we were too busy laughing.

Everyone’s new favorite game, Debate Club, inspired BYOI’s own Joe to leave the audience and play with his castmates. It started with the proper pronunciation of the word “aunt” and went to hair (or lack thereof) and basketball shoes.

Follow That Action was the last full game of the night, so Mike, Will, Grace and Zachary joined in. They played basketball, Evan got a free gerbil and hamster because they followed him out of the store, critters played poker, there was a zombie frog and Cheetos were used to distract bullies. The game ended with the joke that no one got.

As always, the evening ended in song. The cast played Guidance Counselor, with Daniel as the counselor and Coburn on keyboard. Stephanie was a teacher with problem kids, Erich was from Kentucky and Evan needed to learn how to cry. The game ended with a great chorus featuring everyone!

Thanks to everyone for joining us! Don’t forget, we will be off next Sunday, 2/4 for some big football game or something.

And scene!

BYOI – Bob Dylan

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Greetings, salutations, and hiyas. This is Ryan with the BYOI show recap for the Friday, January 25th show at the beautiful 95 Empire Hotel and Casino. The night’s show featured Daniel, Paul, Evan, and myself. In honor of being up in the dance studio for the night, let’s boogie!

Our FAM for the evening was Dan. Dan has experience as a bartender, and his dad works in waste management. Does that mean Dan has worked in “wasted management”? Huh? Get it? It’s because people get drunk at the bar! Well…anyway…Dan hopes to one day open up a food truck that specializes in “drunk food”. The main dish: a burger sausage. Watch your back, bacon!

Our interview with Dan led to a game of Growing & Shrinking, which started with Paul unable to contemplate the economical weight of an umbrella in a fruity drink, and ended with all of us competing in a game for a throne. A Game of Thrones, as it were. Don’t sue, HBO. Besides, at no point did any of say “Winter is coming.” Oh shoot…

Daniel got us warmed up, and then it was on to Excuses, Excuses. Our volunteer Ray was late for work, so Evan, myself, and another audience member had to help with the excuses. It turns out that first Ray lost his laptop, then got his period, and then was abducted by Godzilla. Crazy, right? Who loses a laptop? From there, it was on to Revolver, where we learned that alligators can also be passive-aggressive, that girl Linda is just plain ignorant, what’s a good home without access to a beach, and stay out of South Providence. We didn’t necessarily learn in that order because, after all, it is Revolver.

Paul lost a few digits in Rope, but managed to get them back for Highlander. While I realize there can be only one, it usually helps if there is at least two for a human wheelbarrow. But one is much more amusing. And painful.

After the break and a lesson in observing your surroundings, we played some Lines from a Cup. Things started getting weird when some hooligans wanted to see Beyonce in concert, however that concert was the inaugural address. We then had to move on to Debate Club, where we debated over if drunk sex was indeed a good thing. The matter is still up for debate.

Short Cutz presented a hilarious but deadly way to donate blood, and we then ended the night with Greatest Hits. We took a look back at The Life of Dan, which included his dreams going up in flames, Bob Dylan’s career going up in flames, and lemur going up in flames. A smell a theme.

Thanks for reading, assuming you didn’t skip down to this last line. Be sure to join us next time at one of our late night shows here at 95 Empire, or catch us on Sunday for our family-friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art.


BYOI – Trees that Taste Like Pizza

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Sunday night we said hello, again, to Drew! As a cast member and our FAM, Drew had the privilege of using himself as inspiration throughout the night.

During the interview, we found out that if Drew could be anything when he grows up, he would choose to be a nighttime security office at a museum, because at night, things come alive! He also wants to take a vacation and travel by boat across the Atlantic.  If he could choose to make one inedible thing edible, he told us that he would make large trees taste like pizza. This is no surprise, because we all know that Drew’s favorite things in life are the adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his favorite of which is Michelangelo. Lastly, Drew let us know that his favorite recreational activity is watching movies. Recently, Drew has watched Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers.

Sunday’s FAM game was Greatest Hits. Joe and Stephanie sang songs about Drew, which included songs about: a trip across the Atlantic where you could watch the sea turtles playing; how being a nighttime security guard isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, because nothing comes alive at night and it’s lonely; and how Drew spends his life watching Dr. Who at 3am.

Our next game gave us a glimpse of Paul’s store filled with anything in Everything Emporium. Paul helped an audience member look for a whisk that kept kids from stealing his Halloween candy. Stephanie was looking for an Italian Eiffel Tower, and Joe was on the lookout for a purple pineapple.

Helping Hands was our next adventure. Stephanie and Paul helped our Drew and Joe as Joe was on the hunt for a very rare stamp in Drew’s post office. We found out that the rare misprint stamps with the wrong country on them could be purchased with a coupon book filled with BYOI coupons!

Growing and Shrinking Machine gave us a whirlwind of scenes. We saw Princess Leia’s message to Obiwan fail to result in her rescue. We then saw Stephanie and her scene husband on a cruise; she just wanted to reenact the scene from Titanic at the head of the boat, but her husband was horribly sea sick and eventually fell overboard. Joe then joined them as they were all trapped inside a building that was coming alive. It turned out that they were in the building’s gallbladder! Drew joined in as they were all then waiting for a train. Stephanie could tell the train was there by listening to the rails, but she couldn’t tell that the train wasn’t moving because it had been cancelled. When Paul came on stage they were transported to a beach where Stephanie, a mermaid, was singing terribly. The rest of the group just wanted the tide to sweep her away.

The lesson after the half was starting in the middle instead of at the beginning.

The next game was Quick Scenes, which turned out to be VERY quick. We learned that t-shirts at China’s Disneyland are quite expensive, and that there exists a secret squad that finds the people who don’t believe in Disney to change their minds.

Joe and Drew had a baby. At least they did in New Born, where Joe had to guess that he was, in fact, BYOI’s own Daniel Lee White. Going with the three named theme, Drew was actually Daniel Day Lewis. The two of them then got to cozy up to their new baby, Fireside Chat.

The cast then educated us on the definition of madness in Debate Club. The debate truly was mad, and started with Frankenstein’s monster and ended up telling us that Wikipedia is wrong.

Meanwhile, our cast played Meanwhile. We followed the cast as they snuck around museums touching the art, which only led to them hurting their backs. That was ok, because Joe went to medical school where they learned to cut people up, though they were still alive. Inside, they found plastic, gum, and popcorn kernels, because everyone knows they never get digested. What we didn’t know was that the pancreas is actually a train station, which is right next to Platform 9 and 3/4.

Our final game of the night was Do Run. In honor of our FAM Drew, the cast sang to us about the Ninja Turtles. We heard sweet sweet melodies about their cool van, how Shredder is a pain in the butt, and how Leonardo is actually the best. Sorry about the disagreement Drew.


BYOI – Wasting Away In Margaritaville…

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The sixth season is now fully running after the late night show at 95 Empire in Providence! Daniel started off with the rules of RESPECT before Evan, Joe, Coburn, Erich and Anthea jumped in to join him.

The FAM was Joelle, who comes to BYOI semi-regularly. She’s an inside sales rep, which means she sells to IT nerds, according to her. Although she’s always late for work, she was recently promoted (woohoo!) and loves terabytes. She loves margaritas from Chili’s more than terabytes. So much so that it taught her an important lesson in why you shouldn’t drink too much the night before attending a wedding. I’m sure Coburn can explain.

With the newfound information, the cast played a FAM Day In the Life, in honor of Joelle. It consisted of a nap, another nap, yet another nap, and you’ll never guess what else: a nap! Along the way there was a 4 year old biting people at work, a promotion and the company letting people go to pay for more food from Chili’s.

Evan warmed everyone up while finding out their New Year’s resolutions.

After knowing how to change their lives, Evan hosted the Dating Game to help Daniel get a date. Audience member Jenna was a great as a roll of toilet paper, Anthea was the year 2012 and Joe was Anne Frank. Joe was the lucky winner!

Curses, Foiled Again introduced us to new superheroes and villains. Look for comic books…or not…featuring Margarita Girl, the Crockpot, Heart That Dots I’s, and the Grammar Nazi.

Catch Phrase featured Evan working at Old Navy with Erich and Daniel. Erich was amped up after an awesome ride and Daniel had great manners.

Next up was Centerpiece, with Anthea in charge and Daniel as the centerpiece. Joe and Erich made a robot but instead of it being a pretty girl, it was a cranky old man. Coburn left his child with Evan for far too long while traveling, ghost peppers were super hot, and a variety of characters were rooming in hell.

Starting in the middle was the lesson during Yes And.

Next up was Questions, where dart pencils were used to write in Braille, Coburn had an accident, and we learned all about diabetes and why a gummy bear diet would be bad.

Anthea was due to spend time in the spotlight in Marriage Counselor. She helped Evan with his obsession with homework and audience member James, who was upset about losing his gun. The pair unfortunately hated the portrait they had commissioned of themselves. Like a good therapist, Anthea was able to give advice to fix everything.

Remember last week when I said our new game, Debate Club, was a hit? Well, it was a hit. That wasn’t deja vu. It was fun again. Daniel was the moderator for the guys and Anthea. They argued their points about if drinking before a wedding is necessary or not. It eventually turned into Irish priests, how George doesn’t deserve Frank, the Jersey shore getting washed away and Winter Storm Gandolf. Evan eventually had the last word. Seriously, come see this game. We’ll be playing it for every show in January.

The last big game of the night was Freeze Tag, which started with a lesson about the Fiscal Cliff. There were many words that start with the letter “A” and someone had the idea that pills might make “The Matrix” easy to understand.

The night ended in song with Curtain Call. The theme was bad decisions, like eating bunnies and painting your house cyan.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on the cold, rainy night!

And scene!

BYOI is auditioning for Women and Guitarists.

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BYOI is currently looking for women to audition to give us a better balance in our cast.  We are also looking for guitarists who can improv to help add more music to our show.  Auditioners should be open, fun, willing to work with kids, come with no drama, be over 18 and MUST be able to pass a criminal background check.

Auditions are February 10th & 17th at 2:30pm in the lower level of the Warwick Museum of Art (3259 Post Rd. Warwick, RI).  Please dress to move, bring water, a positive attitude and energy.  Please be prompt as we would like to start ontime. The audition will last for two hours and you are then strongly encouraged to attend the show that night at 6:00pm which you will be given one free ticket for at the audition.  Any questions, please contact us through our website at

BYOI – Easy Going Guy

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BYOI kicked off the start of season 6 at the Warwick Museum of Art! Tonight featured Daniel, Joe, Ryan, Coburn and Corey, with some special help from Paul.

The first FAM of season 6 was Alex, who was at the show with his wife, Carmen, and daughter, Lily. He works for Family Services of RI, and likes walking around Blackstone Blvd and reading in his free time. Alex was practical when asked what he’d pack to save the world (his toothbrush) and is amused by people who dress up their tiny dogs.

Alex was a good sport in FAM Centerpiece. When Daniel and Joe were New Yorkers checking out the contents of his fanny pack, he gave them a dollar. Ryan was a sickly dog dressed as Indiana Jones, presented by Corey. Later, Joe and Ryan joined Alex in an emotional household, where we learned that a man’s hand cream is his sanctuary. To round out the corners, Corey was horrified when Daniel fed him foot tarragon, courtesy of Alex and his shoes.

After that, we needed to ring in the New Year together, as Ryan warmed everyone up.

Chainsaw was up, with Daniel starting as a pilot in the Siberian desert with a bracelet. In true Chainsaw fashion, the guys ended up way out in left field at the end. In this case, a tractor salesman or racer ended up in London, the Island from “Lost” or the Great Wall of China with a Lego.

Coburn had a blast in Because I Said So! He found out that waffles are round because of the surface tension of syrup and black holes would eat them, he couldn’t swim because his dad fought 5 snakes to one-up Steve Irwin after being cheated on a math test, and he doesn’t have money because he was taken to puppet shows instead of the bank.

After that, we of course needed to learn about good and evil in Angels and Demons. Daniel and Ryan told the story while Coburn and Joe went vacuum shopping at Ikea. I know Ikea doesn’t sell appliances, but who cares? It’s more fun this way! In the store, everything fell apart and their hands ended up covered in splinters. Joe became a superhero who could climb walls who fought the leather clad supervillain, Weak Flesh. The story ended with toll booth workers at the Great Wall of China getting blinded by splinters. Ouch.

Next up, Joe hosted Alphabet. Corey wanted to take a picture of a tugboat, but Ryan kept jumping in to steal the shot. Meanwhile, Daniel learned he needed to be nicer and learned about corn awareness. The game ended with Ryan, Corey and Coburn making it through the entire alphabet during a scene at the beach in January. They were trying to get warm by being zen, and then ended up doing jumping josephs instead of jumping jacks.

After the break, Joe and Ryan learned about accepting what’s going on during Yes And.

Thanks to suggestions from the audience during the break, Post It was next. Some pairings were: a trapeze artist with the Special Forces, a juicer and a bench, Key West and the Moon, and a comb and a Kool Aid container.

Following that, Daniel needed his fortune told by Ryan…or Madame Zelda. With the help of spirits Coburn, Corey and Paul, it was revealed that Daniel would go dancing, find peace of mind and travel around the world in 80 days.

To celebrate the new season, the guys premiered a new game, Debate Club. With the help of moderator Daniel, the audience learned what’s challenging about math. Along the way, the guys brought up red shoes, man’s best friend, the geography of throwing a stick and Math Blasters. Congratulations to Coburn for winning!

The theme of Follow That Action was rice! Coburn thought he lost rice at a grain warehouse, until the workers received a ransom call. The hostage takers ate some of the rice, and then made rice pudding with some more, which lowered their bounty. The game also featured 30 million bracelets in 10 minutes and prank calls.

The night ended with Beastie Rap. Daniel, Corey and Paul were knocked out fairly quickly, but Ryan and Joe duked it out—twice! After a sudden death round, Joe conceded and Ryan ended up as the rap master.

And scene!