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Joe’s Ode to “The Other 9 to 5 Show”

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“The show is called the Other 9-5 Show.
He that performs that 8 hours, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when March 1st is nam’d,
And rouse him at the name of BYOI.
He that shall perform this show, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say “To-morrow is March 1st.”
Then will he unlock his phone and open his YouTube app,
And say “These videos I took at the 9-5 Show at the Warwick Museum of Art.”
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he’ll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words- Daniel Lee White, Joe Wilkicki, Nate Lopez, Ryan Hanley and Coburn Childs-Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And March first shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he that plays Party Quirks and Highlander with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition; And all gentleman in Rhode Island now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not there,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That laughed with us at the 9-5 Show.

Oh, and there’s breakfast included afterwards.”
-Joe Wilkicki

BYOI – Alan Thicke’s Mustache

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Who needs the Oscars when you have BYOI? We’re way more fun! Tonight at the Warwick Museum of Art, Coburn, Krissy, Daniel and Joe were joined by auditioners Jana and Ashley. Stephanie, Drew and Ryan were also on hand, as well as BYOI alum Mike. I told you it was way better than the Oscars!

Daniel had to explain the rules of RESPECT before Brigid was picked as the FAM. Brigid is an energetic girl who is homeschooled. She likes a lot of things, like dogs, art, music and funny movies. She’s not a fan of spiders or any bugs, and dances in her free time.

First up, Brigid was the main person in FAM Centerpiece. Krissy and Joe were impressed by the “Child Picasso” who made art inspired by people…minus the people. Daniel was crushing on Ashley and used his teacher as the liaison, and later joined Joe and Brigid’s cheerleading squad for a short time. Later, Krissy was Ashley and Brigid’s bitter elf colleague who made headless teddy bears for the mean people in the world.

After that, Ashley warmed up the crowd and got everyone’s blood flowing.

In Curses! Foiled Again,  Ryan jumped up to play with everyone. We were introduced to new superheroes and villains, like Captain Psoriasis, Pants Sale Guru, Girl With Extremely Long Hair That She Trips Over and Phantom Sneezer.

Next up, Drew and audience member Chris jumped in for Six Pack. Joe was almost eaten by a dancing Jana, Daniel and Chris were trying to get thrown out of the library, and Coburn and Drew were playing with ants. All three pairs yelled, “she said she doesn’t love you anymore!”

Jana and audience member Mary then starred in New Born. Kesha and the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile were the proud parents of baby Dirt Devil!

In Highlander, the ladies were joined by audience member Jasper. They were a set of employees who were starting a band and driving their manager nuts. Ashley and Krissy made it down to the end, but it was Krissy who had to perform the fourth time alone.

After the break, Daniel and Joe heightened the stakes in Yes And.

Ashley was looking for love in the Dating Game! She had to choose between between Daniel, Joe and Brian. The guys played an omelette, Justin Timberlake and a guy with a fear of sweaty socks. In the end, the omelette won!

Thanks to help from the audience, we had a full cup for Lines From a Cup. Coburn and Mike invented antigravity paint in the first round, while Krissy and Brigid were brought back to the Renaissance in their time machine. With the help of Daniel, Coburn and Joe, the girls learned how to play with horses during recess.

Our new game, Spelling Bee, was a hit again this week! Tonight, the cast spelled a variety of words and taught us all their definitions. This included the following… Scientific: no process is better than one that is full of science; Banana: a delicious fruit that smears all over your car; and Terrestrial: ground is black. As always, don’t use us as a reference in school!

Follow That Action brought Ryan, Drew, Chris and Jasper back to the stage. It featured a fourteen year long episode of “Candid Camera,” a cafeteria giving away sandwiches, an after school special on psoriasis, and lots of Alan Thicke.

The night ended with Busta Rap, with Coburn beating out Krissy to become the rap master.

Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags and wear your comfiest pajamas and spend this Friday night with us at the Warwick Museum of Art! Our annual amazing “Other 9-5 Show” will be from 9pm Friday until 5am Saturday. $20 gets you into the great experience, which will be followed by free breakfast! You can buy tickets at the door. Better yet, you can buy them on our website!

And scene!

BYOI – Donkeys Smell Like Quiche

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95 Empire was the place to be for BYOI tonight! Drew explained the rules of RESPECT before being joined by Daniel, Paul, Ian and Nate. Stephanie, BYOI alum Mike and auditioners Ashley and Jana were also present for some of the games.

The mighty FAM cup produced Gian’s name. Gian’s studying elementary education at RIC. He loves his mom, the Patriots, “Everybody Loves Raymond” and water. He’s not a fan of Providence traffic or sitting home all day and doing nothing. He recently starred in a stage production of “Shrek” as Donkey.

In FAM What Are You Doing, the cast drank water, didn’t wake up (which led to Nate stealing the contents of Paul’s pockets), made tacos, did Donkey impersonations, hated Raymond and revered mom. Drew had a blast giving Nate hard suggestions.

For warmup, Daniel made up an alternate version of the Harlem Shake—the Italian Shake!

Nate, Drew and Jana started off the night with Sit, Stand and Lie Down, as the most dysfunctional family ever. Cigarettes helped baby Drew stop crying, so Jana demanded a divorce. Nate celebrated his victory in getting Jana to take custody by giving the baby a drink. The game ended with Nate being literally dragged to the hospital.

Obviously, they needed counseling, so what better way to follow that than by playing Marriage Counselor? Ian had the hard job of keeping the peace with Paul and Ashley. Paul was obsessed with pugs, while Ashley kept clinking dishes together. At least they agreed on one thing—they never wanted to touch each other again.

Paul was then the child for Because I Said So. The rest of the cast tried to answer his questions with the help of audience members Mike and Diego. Nate and Daniel had an epic run while they explained rocketships. We also learned how to make orange juice, why goldfish have short lifespans and why high fructose corn syrup smells funny.

Ian, Nate, Drew and audience member Diego were the brave souls in Highlander. The quartet played a scene about Swedish models at a nude beach. One was concerned that body paint made her look fat, another strutted by in slow motion, yet another did calisthenics, and the last sobbed into chocolate because she was going to become a plus sized model. Ian was out first, followed by Diego and Nate, which left Drew to run around doing the scene alone.

After the break, Paul and Nate heightened the stakes in Yes And.

Chainsaw was fun with the addition of Mike and audience members Kate and Mary. An artist was at a zoo with a nose hair trimmer when Drew started, but by the time the game ended, suit salesmen and models were in Jurassic Park with a q-tip.

Helping Hands was next, with Nate helping audience member Ryan and Ian helping Jana. Along with Paul sometimes helping Daniel, they performed a scene about training in a call center. Jana and Ryan were contentious exes who insisted on making life difficult for one another.

Stephanie, Jana and Ashley jumped in to give Spelling Bee some girl power. We learned that a zipper is a device to keep your shirt on your butt, an epiphany is a thing that looks like a donkey, litigate is when a person goes to court in South or North Mexico, and a neighbor is a person who likes to live next door to your dog. At least they were able to spell correctly!

In Short Cutz, Stephanie, Mike, Ashley and Jana once again played. Willard Scott needed to be replaced, Russia had radioactive dentists, people were pushed down a ski slope and a bear rode a unicycle in an operating room during surgery.

The final game was Sing It, with Paul in charge of the bell. Stephanie once again joined in for the stage adaptation of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” They sang a dubstep song about everybody hating Raymond, a ska song about Deborah being a terrible cook and a metal song about not being a frog. Raymond ended up breaking character and became articulate, which made his wife like him again. Later, Stephanie did a Marilyn Manson-esque whine because she wanted a penguin and Nate failed at singing in the style of Beyonce. Which means he did just fine since she sometimes doesn’t actually sing.

Don’t forget to join us for our annual “Other 9 to 5 Show” next Friday at the Warwick Museum of Art! As always, it will be a blast with 8 hours of antics. Tickets are $20 at the door and will include free breakfast. Don’t forget to bring sleeping bags and wear comfy pajamas. We’ll have room up front to lie down, but be there early to claim your spot!

And scene!

BYOI – Flaming Flamingo

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If you were at the Warwick Museum of Art, you may have witnessed new BYOI talent in the making! Corey, Coburn, Evan, Paul and Daniel were joined occasionally by auditioners Jana, Mary, Meredith and Ashley.

After Corey explained RESPECT, Meredith was picked from the FAM cup. Meredith, AKA Merbear, Merry and sometimes Jeff, works in the bakery for Hannaford on top of auditioning for BYOI. She’d like to visit Italy someday with her sister. Meredith likes to read and watch movies and passed the “Star Wars” test the guys threw at her.

In Try That FAM, poor Coburn was knocked out for not being Corey on his first try. Everyone eventually made it a few times around, as they proposed bashfully, Teebowed, and pretended to be Betty White going up to accept an Oscar.

Because it was cold outside, Paul was on warmup duty. After warming everyone up, he decided to get his fortune told by Madame Zelda. Corey was helped out by spirits Coburn, Evan and Jana. He explained to Paul that he would read the newspaper upside down, fire someone for riding a unicycle and ride in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

Our very serious cast was joined by Meredith, Ashley and audience member Charlie in Serious Scene. Daniel was the picky director in a scene about a maid who was bad at vacuuming and was expected to nanny her client’s children.

Growing and Shrinking Machine started off with Coburn putting a vase on a windowsill.  Along the way, Mary and audience member Nilsa jumped in to form new scenes. Nilsa had to choose her new dad and wasn’t impressed by her choices, and the Papal vote took place.

What Are You Doing featured a long line of players. They waxed floors, hugged a grizzly bear, swam in Jell-O and filed their taxes.

After the break, Paul and Corey explained why it’s important to tell your scene partner who they are in Yes And.

Evan was kept busy in Centerpiece, along with Paul, Daniel, Krissy and audience member Carissa. Yay surprise appearance by Krissy!  Daniel was super sorry for everything in couples therapy, Paul ruptured his ACL, Carissa hogged all the quarters and Krissy and Daniel fought over gold diggers.

Next up was Timmy In the Well with Coburn as Timmy. His trusty sidekicks Evan, Paul, Jana and Mary helped him figure out Bob Barker was being eaten by a unicorn at Hogwarts. I hope Coburn made it in time!

Mary and Ashley jumped in to help for Spelling Bee, where we learned a tree is a plant that grows tall. They failed at spelling “pacifier” but explained that it’s a little mouth piece that quiets…everybody. “That” is not this, and “industrialization” is a process that makes societies grow industries. Parents, don’t use our shows to teach your kids vocabulary!

Meanwhile was the last scene game of the night, and started off in Corey’s house where everything was voluminous. It jumped to an action film set where everyone had to step away from the couch before Chris lost Tyler Perry as his client. Luckily, Paul’s dog Spritzy was looking for a new agent, and he made it to “America’s Got Talent” auditions to enjoy free Cheetos. The game then jumped to an uninteresting side story, a dog’s wedding, internet school with the Confession Bear and the TLC development office. It ended with pitches for shows that weren’t about learning, like “Dog Wife Swap.”

The night ended in song…an Irish Song! Corey, Coburn, Evan and Paul sang everybody a song about Hoot the Owl’s life.

Join us Friday at 95 Empire and next Sunday at the WMOA to see who made it to the next round of auditions!

And scene!

BYOI – No Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

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It was a blast tonight as we were performing for a special event at a Providence Elementary School tonight for kids and parents!  Tonight’s cast included Drew, Corey and Myself and a special appearance by the man himself, Mike Amaral!

Tonight’s FAM was Esmerlin, a student at the school who loves ice cream, Spider Man and doing nothing during snow storms.  We started off with a game of Typewriter, where Corey and our FAM told the story of the three Esmerlin’s journey to Baskin Robbins.  It ended with a witch who was stuck as a frog.  Next we played pillars and learned that chickens are very useful.  Then in What Are You Doing, we had mowing lawns, dancing and going crazy!  Finally in Timmy in the Well, now with Four Dogs, we found out the Justin Beeber was being eaten on the Empire States building… and for some reason we thought we should save him?

Thanks to the Greater Providence YMCA for putting the whole event together and thanks to all of our volunteers and our FAM.  We hope to see you al again soon!

And Scene!

BYOI – Liquid Sunlight

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Weekend blizzards make people stir crazy. Thankfully, BYOI came to the rescue at the Warwick Museum of Art. Ryan started off the show explaining RESPECT, before being joined by Krissy, Evan and Daniel.

The night’s FAM was Audrey, an 8th grader, who loves math and doesn’t really love science. She did nothing during the storm, like most of the New England population. Audrey talked about her friends Lily and Gabby, as well as her brother, Alex, who is indescribable.

During FAM Revolver, Ryan bored Krissy to death in class. Evan and Ryan kept stomping on each other’s feet, while Krissy helped Evan get ready for the inauguration…as a vampire.

Krissy then led the audience in warmup, having them shovel snow and build snowmen from their seats.

Ryan was never eliminated in Try That On For Size. Castmembers stirred a giant pot of sauce, played “Jeopardy” aggressively, auditioned to be the next Lamb Chop, and stabbed fruit.

Timmy In the Well made its return with everyone’s favorite Timmy: Krissy! She was helped out by her dogs Daniel and Evan, who barked that Beyonce was locked up in a meat locker.

Serious Scene featured BYOI alum Mike and audience member Chris joining the cast. The scene was–of course–very serious, about lumberjacks who were married. The wife just happened to commit fraud when she forged her husband’s signature on the release forms for TLC’s new show about axes. What an exciting show that would be!

Next up, audience member (and FAM Audrey’s mom) Joanne joined Evan and Ryan for Catch Phrase. She wanted everyone to go away, yet was very happy to give money. This worked out perfectly for Evan, who needed people to give pasta to. During the day at the DMV, the two ended up fighting over their boss, Ryan, and Joanne fell into a food coma before Pasta the Dog showed up.

After the break, Krissy and Ryan taught a quick lesson in mirroring in Yes And.

Madame Zelda was speedy, with Ryan as the fortune teller. Spirits Daniel, Krissy and Mike helped him explain to Evan that he’d lose his shoes, get stuck between two buildings and visit space.

Much to the delight of his daughters, audience member Kimball played Say It Again with Daniel. The pair went fishing in Evan’s koi pond fish tank hole in the ground. As they ate lint covered sandwiches from Kimball’s pocket, they discussed their plans to build a hotel skyrise peanut butter factory for people who were allergic and needed to buy an antidote. For round two, Evan played his scene partner Chris’ stenographer. Chris happened to be a priest, so Krissy showed up to confess that she had broken her mom’s favorite painting got a splinter put a rabid dog in grandma’s room went to the mall to find out it was closed.

Our new game, Spelling Bee, was next. Audience member Elizabeth was the brave soul to join the cast for the first time ever playing it. They had to spell different kinds of words, like bag, shot, despicable and nervous system. Evan thankfully remembered the space for “nervous system!”

Mike once again jumped up to play, this time for Freeze Tag. There was a price check for adult diapers, Mike proposed marriage to Evan with a small ring which was still attached to a finger, and Ryan was shocked while in a strait jacket. Later, Sherlock Holmes was somehow killed, Mike’s beard was how nature intended, Krissy became allergic to oranges and Daniel made a fire on the floor to keep warm during the blizzard’s power outage.

The cast ended the night with Do Run, where they sang about indescribable Alex.

Do you know what you missed before this show? Auditions! You have one more shot, this coming Sunday. On February 17th fom 2:30-4:30, be at the lower level of the Warwick Museum of Art to try to become one of the castmembers. We’re specifically looking for women and guitarists. You must be 18, fun, drama free, willing to work with kids and able to pass a criminal background check. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring a drink or snack. If you audition, you’ll get a free ticket to the February 17th show, which we’d love for you to stay for. Don’t miss your last shot at auditions!

And scene!