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BYOI – Smashed Snack

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Ashley’s first show as a castmember was tonight, and what better time to join Paul, Corey and Daniel than for our Easter show at the Warwick Museum of Art? Unfortunately, our new friend didn’t have much of a voice, but that didn’t stop her.

After Corey explained RESPECT, Lauren was picked as the Easter FAM! Lauren is in the 6th grade and loves writing and texting. This aspiring writer isn’t much on reading, and came to the show with her mom and 2 friends.

FAM Remake started off with the action movie version of Lauren’s life. It started off with undone homework and a teacher giving a pop quiz. It ended up with the student taken prisoner but fighting back with a pencil. The horror remake featured cat venom and the foreign remake was Mexican!

Ashley got everyone’s blood flowing during warmup, before jumping into Catch Phrase. Paul was concerned about the time and wanted everything now, while audience member Aliesia was fascinated by cat names and wanted everyone go just go away. Poor Corey was stressed out trying to take care of customers in line, but his employees were not helpful at all.

Because I Said So featured the cast with Aliesia and her friend Alana explaining why things work to Daniel. They explained why he couldn’t get another dog, why Corey is mean, why Paul uses big words and why Bratz dolls aren’t popular anymore.

Paul then hosted the Dating Game, helping Daniel find love. He had to pick between Corey as Tarzan, Aliesia as a hammer and Ashley as a sphinx. After a bit, Daniel picked Corey as his match.

Fresh on his new love high, Corey was the over-zealous bell ringer in Say It Again. Paul, Daniel and Aliesia were in a shop, but all plants were brown because of poison dirt. Daniel wanted a coconut in his left year, and Kim Kardashian obscured an asteroid before it hit Paul’s car.

After the break, FAM Lauren jumped in for Questions. The cat may have been sick, chips were spoiled, and Lauren took Daniel’s pizza place away.

Ashley moderated Debate Club, while the cast was joined by audience members Carissa and Aliesia. They started off explaining if orange juice was healthy, and in true Debate Club fashion, went completely off track. They debated if grapefruit was awful or amazing, if Daniel should teach grammar, why dead horses aren’t family friendly, how ponies and horses are cousins, and if Carissa was actually silent. It ended with the decisions that Paul is a geek, Corey is a nerd, and Daniel is Daniel.

Short Cutz started off making macaroni and cheese better. Ashley’s engagement ring fell in soup and may have been ingested, the cast learned about oxygen deprivation, everyone loved pizza, and Carissa became someone’s surprise daughter!

The night ended with the Quickest Minute, with Aliesia as Sleeping Beauty. Corey and Paul were the witches who cursed her and Ashley woke her up by poking her. 60 seconds wasn’t fast enough for this classic story, so the audience had everyone do it again in 30 seconds, 15 seconds, and finally, 5 seconds.

And scene!

BYOI – The Best College Tours

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BYOI took on Bryant University this Thursday, as cast members Coburn and Krissy returned to their alma mater, joined also by Daniel, Drew, Corey, and Evan. Janikies Theatre could barely handle all the crazy shenanigans that took place on stage with the cast and many of the student volunteers.

Our FAM for the night was Luke (center), a Bryant freshman who takes classes like Global Foundations for Business (and at 8 am, no less!) and also works as an event planner for a hospital. Luke then joined Corey, Krissy, Daniel, and Coburn for four separate scenes in our FAM Centerpiece game – we saw Luke quickly climbing the corporate ladder as his coworkers became homeless, a hospital visit staffed by some eclectic doctors, Coburn getting kicked out of his parents’ house after 37 years, and two roommates tormenting their friend with exercise regimes.

In Pillars, our audience members Lauren and Simone jumped up on stage to provide Daniel, Drew, and Corey with wacky lines that helped tell the story of two vacuum repairmen (apparently the problem stemmed from a llama being stuck in the hose). Somehow, they didn’t let living/talking car radio stop them from accomplishing their job.

Timmy in the Well was our next game, as Krissy had the help of three dogs to let her know that Johnny Appleseed had just won a Grammy in the Vatican. And Debate Club saw audience member Amy holding her own among the rest of the cast in defending the best ways to give campus tours, as well as the pros and cons of other college extracurricular activities.

For Follow That Action, SPB president Colin joined in on the fun, as we saw gross restaurant cooking tactics, an unwanted girlfriend, French accents, public service announcements, and how Ben & Jerry’s was invented (it has a lot better ring to it than Ben & Bartholomew’s). Say It Again followed, and we saw a hitman decide he didn’t want to kill his own girlfriend (who was also is partner-in-crime’s mother), since he’d found Jesus instead (He’s inside, ahh, get out!!).

Our last game of the night was Busta-Rap, where audience member Pat joined in on the rhyming fun, and Drew was crowned our champion. Turns out you can rhyme lots of words with “Luke” or “beer,” but not much rhymes with “condom.”

Once again, a big thanks to Bryant’s SPB (Student Programming Board) for bringing us to campus.

And Scene!

BYOI – Dragonland Dustbunny Kingdom Scroll

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Happy birthday BYOI Style! Corey, Erich, Paul, Evan and Daniel–and sometimes Drew–were on hand for a lively show. It was a special night, because it the FAM, Jessalyn turned 12!

Jessalyn said being 11 was boring, so she’s hoping this new age will be more eventful. She loves math and computer classes, and might want to be an accountant when she grows up. “Rise of the Guardians” was a great movie, and she confused the cast when she was explaining her favorite video game.

Now that we knew about Jessalyn, Paul had her help review the movie adaptation about her life in FAM Movie Critics. She had to encounter Ralphie and El everyday but couldn’t drive because she was only 11. Later, she tested video games and met her best friend, Brianna.

To get everyone in the mood for the show and the upcoming Easter holiday, Daniel and the audience went through their Easter baskets.

Chainsaw featured the cast, Jessalyn and audience member Ethan. Evan started off as a horseshoe-er (which Paul informed us is called a farrier) at the Leaning Tower of Piza with flannel lined jeans. In true Chainsaw fashion, nothing went as planned, and it turned into a corpse stabber or swordfighter in a rollercoaster or mountain with snow or snowpants.

Next up was Fortunately/Unfortunately, formerly known as Angels & Demons. Daniel and audience member Larry told the story of Paul and audience member Jessi. The pair ended up getting tax refunds–or did they? Coffee was spilled on the computer, so they paid the IRS in coffee. The scene ended with the FBI, IRS, CIA and RI State Troopers chasing them until they were stuck in a blizzard.

What Are You Doing? featured Jessalyn and Ethan. The cast jumped out of planes, made frozen pancakes, swam in a ball pit and calculated taxes using an abacus and cheese.

Erich kept the rotations going for Revolver.  Drew and Evan broke the rules and made a big rig with 5 tires out of Legos, Ethan grew to beat Corey at volleyball, Ethan and Evan cooked Daniel the lobster for dinner, and Corey taught Drew to grow up.

During the break, the audience gave me suggestions for Post It! A school teacher met a museum painter, the dog catcher met the back of a food truck, an iPod Nano went to the dentist and a cat groomer was in the church basement.

Erich channeled his psychic powers for Madame Zelda, where he told Corey his fortune with the help of spirits Paul, Evan, and Erich’s nephews Seb and Ethan. Corey found out he would watch cats and dogs fight while eating pancakes, have electrolysis on his back hair and become the King of Sweden. Or Ikea. Same thing.

Back in My Day, we didn’t have pencils, McRibs, Jack Frost or VCRs! Jessi, Seb and Ethan helped the cast out with some one liners and groaners.

Meanwhile followed that, with a fight over Donkey Kong, a turf war, syrup and tons of product placement!

The final game of the night was Beastie Rap, with Jessi as the only one brave enough to join the guys. As the group slowly shrank, Corey ended up as the rap master!

And scene!

BYOI – Jerry calls your wife…

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Well tonight was a momentous occasion folks!  Not only was it the last show for our dear cast member we love, but it was also the last show for us at 95 Empire!  But worry not, BYOI has a NEW Friday night home!  We will be performing EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT at Theatre 82 in Cranston.  Check out our site for details.

Anyway, back to tonight, if we were going to go out tonight, we were going to go out en fuego! With Nate, Ian, Drew, Coburn and I on, we were sure to meet our goal!  John was our lucky FAM tonight.  An engineer who went to school in Lowell, likes cash, hates chemistry and wants to go on vacation to Hawaii, because… “Why Not?”

So we are off and destroying the childhood of a kid, his talking Build-A-Bear, his hula dancing Dad and his disappointed mother.  The coconuts were so poorly placed.  Next I warmed everyone up with some easter candy surprises, then off to the rest of the show.  We saw the Quickest Minute and Dinosaurs who saved the Earth from Alien invaders and Will Smith.  Then Try That On For Size showed that only Drew is less judgmental than Krissy in games.  Timmy in the Well had Madonna, parking in the Zoo… seems like a fine idea.  And we finished up with the character of the night, Jerry… nothing more needs to be said about that.

The second half of the show brought us some quick scenes involving parrots and their plumage.  Interrogation Lineup found that, walking your horse backwards in a swimming pool backwards with the Incas is illegal, but conjugal visits with the line up is fine.  Lines from a cup brought us a good looping back swings and 100% pulp juice.  Blank Walks into a Bar brought untold puns about ducks, snot and porcupines.  And we finished with Sing It, where one young woman sang herself to a new father.

And Scene… For our home for the past year or so.  We had fun 95 Empire, but we are moving on and getting back our weekly Friday show!  No more wondering if BYOI is on this Friday, cause we will always be there for you!

Our first show at Theatre 82 is at 10pm on April 5th!  Come play with us!

BYOI – You’re a Fire Hazard!

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Who needs leprechauns and green drinks when you have BYOI? The Warwick Museum of Art was the place to be for comedy on Saint Patrick’s Day. Drew, Daniel, Paul and Joe were joined by their shiny new castmate, Meredith!

One of the Other 9-5 Show audience members, Susie, was the FAM! Susie is never alone, writes and makes jewelry. She is inspired by war, history, disaster and dead people! She broke the rules of St. Patrick’s Day and ate Italian food, and likes the freaks at parades.

With that interview done, we had to use the answers somehow, so FAM Guidance Counselor was the perfect start. Joe used his expertise to counsel Meredith, Daniel and Drew. Meredith couldn’t get to New York for a parade, Daniel was collecting war jewelry and Drew couldn’t consume alum.

Meredith wanted to keep singing, so she warmed up the audience with the YMCA BYOI!!

Trolley Stop started off the night, with FAM Susie and her daughter Brigid helping out. We met Irish step dancers, pirates and Russian tourists.

Sports Commentator came out of retirement, with Joe and audience member Jasper as the commentators for the Long Distance Tip Toe Walking Competition. This would have been perfect for Ryan, but he sadly wasn’t here tonight. Drew and audience member Nathaniel were the men brave enough to compete, and while Drew stole his competitor’s shoes and used the Michael Jackson technique, he ultimately fell into the alligator pit. Congratulations to Nathaniel!

Next was another game we haven’t played in awhile, Press Conference. Although Paul, Meredith and Brigid tried to stump him, Joe was able to figure out that he was Henry VII and that he had invented a hair dryer that clips nails.

Helping Hands was fun with Susie helping Joe and Daniel helping Jasper. The Christmas tree burned down after they decorated it with candles, two hands were needed to sniff, and I started to believe that Jasper may be a pyromaniac.

After the break, Daniel and Drew taught a lesson in mirroring in Yes And.

Questions started off the second half, with Drew on the bell. Susie, Nathaniel and Jasper helped the cast out. We found out that spaghetti and gun powder came from China, Pringles cans can make sonic booms when opened and Mario Kart stockpile=awkward.

Paul and Brigid were the police for Good Cop/Bad Cop. They got Drew to admit that he ate baloney in the bathroom with Patrick the Starfish. Eww.

It was then on to World’s Worst. The worst janitor cleans the floor and his teeth with the same brush and the worst orangutan thought he was Rafiki and christened Simba.

Short Cutz followed that, with the addition of Nathaniel and Brigid. There was a parade checklist, salad dressing in a shotgun, disability pay for an allergy and footie pajamas to keep feet warm.

Irish Song appropriately ended the night, with the cast stumbling through two rounds of a song…like anyone on St. Patrick’s Day would!

Make sure you watch out for our BIG news midweek! I promise, you won’t want to miss it.

And scene!

BYOI – The Leo Show!

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Hi everyone, Krissy here with tonight’s recap!  Coburn, Corey, Daniel, Drew, Ryan and I were the cast tonight at the Warwick Museum of Art, with Chris manning the door.  And what a great show we had!

Tonight’s FAM was Leo, who is three years old.  He wants to be a fire breathing dragon when he grows up… or a fire fighter.  But let’s be serious, dragons rule.  Leo enjoys the show dinosaur train, likes macaroni and cheese, getting hugs from his mom, and listening to stories told by his dad.  Speaking of his dad – Leo’s dad is BYOI’s own Corey, and after coming up on stage a few times, it is apparent that even at a young age Leo has inherited some of Corey’s improv genes! 🙂

For FAM centerpiece, Corey was our centerpiece!  Daniel was a fire breathing dragon named Glorthax and Coburn was a fire fighter who was ready for battle.  Even though he lost an arm, he never stopped fighting!  Referee Corey set plenty of rules to keep the two in line.  Daniel and Ryan were on board a dinosaur train, and gave Corey a very hard time for losing his ticket to Boston.  Ryan and I were the lucky recipients of chef Corey’s great macaroni and cheese recipe… until we realized it was from a box.  In the fourth scene, Coburn and I listened to stories about hippopotamuses from our father, Corey.

Trolley Stop was up next, where we saw westerners, dragons, dogs, high end people, and the French waiting for the train.  FAM Leo joined the cast on stage, and did a perfect impression of a fire breathing dragon dog!

Sports Announcer was narrated by Drew and Ryan, with myself and audience member Chris miming a very competitive laundry competition.  The competition became complicated when Chris cut the power to my washing machine, but I retaliated by throwing ink in his laundry.  Field reporter Coburn interviewed the athletes and I was deemed the winner.

The cast and Leo lined up for World’s Worst, where we heard about the world’s worst elephants, museums (like the museum of belly button lint and the museum of potential energy… maybe), shoes (crocs!), and worst game show host.

The night ended with Ho Down, where the cast sang about macaroni and cheese – Ryan brought up the famous Cheesasaurus Rex, and Leo helped Corey wrap up the final verse!

And Scene!

BYOI – Lev’s Underground Weather Report

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We love helping out special occasions and Lev’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai was a blast!  We started out with a workshop with the kids and then a great show to cap of the evening.  Lev wants to be a meteorologist, loves the Paris underground system, mindcraft and would not watch Casablanca.

We began with a FAM centerpiece where we dug wholes to get home, prepared for the 5:00pm news and sat in deep thought.  Next, Trolly Stop was a huge hit, especially given the FAM, where we saw leprechauns, the French and Geeks that did not sound like real geeks.  Pillars brought two dinosaurs on a diet of toenails and other frightening suggestions.  A quick Spelling Bee taught us words like intersectionality… which we spelled awesome!  And finished with Highlander where Dr. Pepper and Dr. Shoals made an awful new soda that killed it’s first victim.  Lev made it down to the final two, and all though I think he got more applause then me, he ran off, forcing me to finish it by myself.

A wonderful evening and a great celebration of Lev!  Hope to see him and many of his friends again!

And Scene!

BYOI – Big Boy

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It’s time for the BYOI show recap for Friday, March 8th, 2013. Once again the show was presented at 95 Empire in beautiful, “I-just-escaped-the-snow-by-my-grandmother’s-wig” Providence, RI. The night’s cast included Daniel, Drew, Krissy, Erich, Evan, and me (hey now!) Ryan. On with the show-that-was!

Our FAM for the evening was Diego, a man who appreciates a good bass, but not the dishes. Do you know how hard it is to jam that line with dish-pan hands? Diego also has quite the interest in robots. In the past he has been able to make them hit wiffle balls, as well as other actions in a hope to replace real children. Will robots take over the world? It’s fine by Diego, just as long as he and Mr. Big Boy get their omelets. With this vital information, we were able to construct a FAM-powered Growing & Shrinking Machine. While no wiffle balls were hit, there was plenty of weight loss and dress rehearsals to go around.

I warmed up the crowd with some sly duck talk right before we moved on to some Tableau. There were visions for the visually-impaired as well as an adults-only Slurpee machine. Next up, we created a thrilling action-less action movie in Remake. You see this here? It’s a Styrofoam burger with the works. Now you have to ask yourself: did I get six toppings or seven? Do you feel lucky? Well do you, Big Boy?!

Next, it was off to the carnival with Pavlovian Response. Come see the amazing Bobbing Water-Bird Man! Swoon as he swoons! And can you even begin to comprehend the death-defying Spinning Audience Member? Gasp as he uses way too much product! We then moved on to Centerpiece. Daniel was our centerpiece for this edition, and the audience got to watch him grow from a young lad that throws whatever he can grab into the ocean, to a dashing young man with a complex date schedule. *Sniff!* They grow up so fast!

Callbacks might be king, but Post-It’s are forever complicated to use in an improv show. Nevertheless, BYOI played a great game of Post-It, where the lawyers are sexy and smooth. Check out that habeas corpus…

Drew was late for work, but luckily was able to come up with some Excuses, Excuses. He wasn’t so convincing when he claimed he missed the bus, nor did it work when he stated that he delivered his own twins. But getting caught behind the marching band will get you every time! In The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, we all learned that a fly in the soup is bad, but a grandma in the soup can be so much worse! Forget it! I don’t even want the free meal!

Meanwhile, during Meanwhile, there was a deceptive Heaven and some intense Tic Tac Toe. But thankfully things settled down in time for a good ol’ game of Do Run.

That’s all for this edition, but be sure to check out are next show, where YOU can be a star!


BYOI – Johnny Johnwinkles

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A refreshed cast and audience came out to play at the Warwick Museum of Art tonight. Erich was joined by Daniel, Drew, Krissy, Paul and auditioner Meredith.

After everyone learned about the rules of RESPECT, the mighty FAM cup was presented. Al was the FAM, and he was a pretty cool guy. He and his wife, Ellen, live in Florida and work on the Dumbo ride in Disney World. Al was a school principal when he visited Disney, and decided he needed to work there, even if the adults don’t follow directions. He loves his wife for putting up with him, and is a big fan of going to the movies and to improv shows in Florida and walking around the mall. Krissy and Drew greatly upset Stephanie, because Al would have been the perfect person to her most important question: “Who’s your favorite Disney princess?” Sadly, they’ve been disowned by her for missing the opportunity.

In FAM Day in the Life, Dumbo showed up late for work and faked sick until his magical recovery at the mention of the vet. Excited parents brought random kids to Disney, and Ellen ran away with Ted the bear.

Next, everyone did the Hokey Pokey with Meredith to warm up!

In Rope, everyone pretty much coasted through. With the exception of a few challenges from the audience, this was the easiest Rope we’ve ever witnessed!

Audience members Doreen and Chris joined in for Alphabet, where Drew was the “unfavorite” child. Gorillas were in jail, Paul annoyed Chris and money was buried in the basement, which ruined dreams. Daniel and Chris impressively made it through the entire alphabet!

Erich had some friends over in Party Quirks. Krissy had to blink at the mention of “wine,” Meredith answered “What the heck?” to everything she was asked, and fellow auditioner Ashley was a wheelbarrow. Thanks to Drew and Paul for stepping in to help Erich out!

From there, it was on to Movie Critics, hosted by Drew and Chris. Audience member Brian joined the rest of the cast in the classic film, “Little Kid Who Couldn’t.” Daniel was too short to get into any amusement park rides, so he asked Jumbo the elephant to stomp on everything to make it smaller. While the “You must be this tall” signs were then closer to the ground, Space Mountain ended up turning into a race track when it was flattened. Jumbo was arrested, Chris Hansen and the “60 Minutes” crew showed up for different exposes, and dreams really didn’t come true.

After the break, Krissy and Erich taught a lesson in setting the scene in Yes And.

Everything Emporium started off the second half, with shopkeeper Meredith helping out her customers. She helped Drew find a light-up spork, Paul found his weather forecasting Porsche, and Doreen found the rarest thing of all–a no frills cell phone that only makes calls!

Audience members Kate and Phil were the helpers for round one of Pillars. Meredith and Ashley were making a strenuous trip to the store on foot. After a drink of shoehorn and a giant magnet to clam down Ashley’s heartbeat, the ladies made their way to the Everything Emporium (yay, a callback!) to buy some pears. Erich pulled them over for walking 4mph in a 3mph mall, and threatened to wrench them. For round two, audience members Doreen and Ben helped out while Daniel and Ashley performed. This pair had to be better at disciplining kids, and sang a song of raining for not having a hall pass.

Next was Story, Story, Die. The cast and Chris came up with the tale, “The Wife That Puts Up With You” on a whim. We learned that wives are great and helpful, especially if they’re part of the Super Wive Club (not wife), which teaches them how to cook, nag, and feed the dog. A trip to the store was needed to find a bowling vaccuum cleaner, and the wife threw propane at her husband. The silent sister moved to Phoenix and Erich won free rides at Disney. After all this, Paul Erich was the last one standing to finish up the story.

It was getting toward the end of the show, so we played a game of Freeze Tag. Meredith wanted to go walking at the mall, but Drew vetoed it for hiking because the food court smelled. Erich was a horrible interior designer and we witnessed the backbreaker machine!

The night ended in song with Do Run, where the cast sang all about Al!

Thanks to our wonderful audience for coming out to see us!

And scene!

BYOI – Wok ‘N Bowl (Other 9-5 Show)

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Have you caught up on your sleep yet? The 4th Annual Other 9-5 Show took place at the Warwick Museum of Art this year! The brave cast members who played during our marathon show were Daniel, Joe, Ryan, Coburn and Nate. Stephanie, Drew, Krissy and auditioners Jana and Meredith also popped in to help out for some of the show.

Speaking of Jana, she was the FAM! As the special show’s FAM, she went home with a super soft BYOI Snuggie. When she’s not auditioning for BYOI, Jana is a student at RIC. Her worst day would involve Dunkin’ Donuts running out of chocolate butternut munchkins, not finding parking at school, and missing her best friend, Mary. She wants to visit China some day to find the best Chinese food…or does she?

Coburn started warming up the audience before the insanity began with Trolley Stop. Late night jazz djs, spies, old men and valley girls met during their travels.

C is for caffeine, which was something we all needed throughout the night, which led to Alphabet. Stephanie, Jana and audience member Brigid brought a female presence to the game. It was really hard to choose from a 2 item menu, cashiers got fired and Hansel & Gretel needed a permit to build a candy house.

Daniel hosted a sleepover for Party Quirks, with his friends Ryan, Joe and audience member Jasper. Ryan was Hugh Jackman, Joe had a third thumb and Jasper sneezed anytime he heard the word “banana.”

In Growing and Shrinking Machine, Coburn just HAD TO push the button, a kindergarten teacher stole money, pulling involved screaming loud and the participants of the Last Supper were hungry.

After the first break, Helping Hands featured Nate and Ryan being helped by Stephanie and Jasper. There was an angry dance, judging and the Rubix cube was split.

Then it was onto Good Cop/Bad Cop, where Joe committed a heinous crime. Daniel and Brigid were able to get him to admit that he had thrown his cell phone in the toilet in a laundromat in Antarctica with the help of Lance Armstrong.

Debate Club helped answer the popular question: Why is Laffy Taffy named Laffy Taffy? The answer involved twin daughters, metric broom closets in 1976, Coburn’s age, Joe’s hatred of hoodies and undefinable fashion everywhere.

Next up was Follow That Action, with Drew, Krissy and audience member Mike. Joe and Ryan were the perfect couple eating organic popcorn, we learned what a schilling is, we rode the bus to Providence Place and a form needed to be filled out to use a cell phone on the bus.

Krissy and audience members Michael and Brigid jumped in for Sing It, with FAM Jana on the bell. A pop quiz meltdown led to the hard choice: right or left soda! Nate asked if someone needed to be said to him–in song, of course. Two classmates fell in love, until Ryan swooped in. Later, neighbors were feuding about property lines and a sinkhole. Krissy rapped about the sinkhole being on someone else’s property, Nate couldn’t go back 9 steps and Brigid declared all of the land hers and wanted everyone off her property.

After that, we needed a second break, before jumping into Excuses, Excuses (To Not Go To Bed). Nate was the child, explaining to Daniel that he couldn’t go to sleep because “Seinfeld” was on. Not only that, but he had to do his taxes like a responsible person. Finally, he couldn’t go to bed because there was a crib monster.

Daniel, Joe and Jasper were zoo animals who wanted to see New York in the Quickest Bedtime Story. They performed 60, 30 and 10 second normal versions of their story, before performing bonus 10 second stories as foreign horror and Shakespearean style, and a 5 second romance.

In Six Pack, a cranky bunny wanted an elevator in a magician’s hat, a roller derby was taking over professional wrestling and we learned about Jabooty, Wisconsin.

Late Night Facebook was next, which is a special game only played during our annual overnight show. The cast acted out scenes based on Facebook statuses on our newsfeeds. Krissy’s friend wanted that stupid bunny suit off, Ryan quit because he felt old, Coburn didn’t celebrate Halloween–or Jewish Halloween, and the Pope celebrated his first day of retirement. How? By lounging on the couch with pizza and a “Teen Mom” marathon. Obviously.

The last game before the third break was Greatest Hits. Joe and Jana hosted National Geographic’s infomercial about zebra songs with help from singers Daniel, Ryan, Nate and Michael. Featured tracks were the BNL-esque “The Zebra Walked Through the Water,” David Bowie’s epic masterpiece “The Zebra Who Thought He Was a Unicorn,” and the doowop classic “Chocolate Dipped Zebra.”

It’s not a proper sleepover without a Ouija board, so Coburn and Ryan played Madame MASH. Spirits Daniel, Nate and audience member Susie revealed Coburn’s future: he was going to marry a pineapple, work as a barhop at Sonic and drive a Gremlin.

Apples to Apples featured Chevy Chase, the X-Men, termites and a 3-legged race before moving onto the next game, Ultimate Controller. This game is a variation of Wax Museum, and the cast played two rounds. The first one involved drinking and the second was about faxing to China–why couldn’t they just use the internet?

Poor Nate had a horrible time in the Best Video Game Pitch Ever. His coworkers Joe and Jasper were trying to help him pitch a video game about Matt Lauer and his special ability to turn into a tiger while fighting King Koopa. Fortunately for Ryan and his coworkers Coburn and Chris, his pitch about Qbert and his flying toothbrush against Napoleon was easier to guess.

The last game before everyone was locked in was Construction Call Out, which is an audience favorite with special shows. This was proven when the cast was joined by Krissy, Chris, Susie, Michael, Mike, Jasper and Brigid on stage. Some of the fun things they had to become were hula hoops, a man in a hoodie, squirrels, cute little girls and BYOI’s Coburn. In the three rounds played, Coburn, Nate and Ryan ended up as the victors.

Here’s when things started getting crazy. The doors were locked and some of the audience went home to sleep. Sit, Stand, Narcolepsy started off with Ryan, Nate and Jasper. They mentioned something about post existential nonlinear teaching and a student became a teacher. Daniel, Joe and Brigid followed that by throwing cookie batter out the window and opting for popcorn.

It was only fitting for Michael and Susie to join in for Because I Said So, as they tried to appease a curious Ryan. Daniel and Joe seemed to be the best parents–or at least, the best liars–as they explained that the pattern of a rainbow comes from self absorbed graphic designers, computers hoarding gold, and Italians who can’t build anything straight. We also learned about the meaning of life (be fat and sassy), why George isn’t home (Mario Kart skills) and why bananas are yellow (Louie Anderson).

Michael and his three kids jumped in the line for Story, Story, Go to Sleep. The story featured chihuahuas, chupacabra drinks, Justin Bieber’s tourbus, a new “Golden Girls” movie with Kirstie Alley and Russel Brand, and the confusing exploits of Willie Nelson and Bea Arthur. Oh yeah, and Penelope Cruz. And Bea Arthur #3 and #7. And Bea Arthur #47.  Also, Iranian King-child Cameron Diaz. What? After 1am, things don’t have to make sense.

Audience member Kate pulled Do Run from one of the Grab Bags, so Joe started off the song about Ralph, who went south to go to the store.

Pavlovian Pillow Fight was next, with lots of pillows to the face and stomach! A Spanish uncle came to visit to give away riches, many Johnsons were in the room, and someone won a mail order bride from Turkmenistan, but she was sadly already married.

A break was needed after everyone was pummeled with pillows before starting off the next hour. Ryan and Brigid bickered while collaborating for Dream Typewriter, where the Dark Knight wouldn’t let anyone pass and nails were painted a pretty hot pink color.

It was then Susie’s turn to pull from the Grab Bag, and she won a bumper sticker and a round of Questions! The guys prepped for a spelling test and there were secret secrets.

From there, Joe and Jasper were the storytellers for Good Dream/Bad Dream. Aladdin was planning on beating Jafar, but both had sidekicks. They wanted to go to Wally World and everything turned to hate.

In the next Grab Bag, audience member Dave pulled out Famous Last Words. Kate and Brigid jumped on stage to help out. We learned that Beethoven was wigging out, blenders curse at the Slap Chop and the spork’s nemesis is the spife.

The longest game of the night was the 27 minute long Dream Centerpiece Countdown. It featured Nate as the centerpiece, while Joe, Coburn, Ryan and a very brave Jasper helped out in his scenes. This game featured bonding through gardening, bug bigotry, Ryan as the ultimate lumberjack, a dance, Nate marrying a 67 year old, gorgeous back shingles, boot camp for sandwich artists, California Cauliflower, and a Korean tour bus of bingo players. It was insane.

After another break, we started the home stretch with Timmy In the Well. Ryan guessed that Johnny Depp was pulled over by Ronald McDonald in the driveway.

In Horror Movie Genre Jump, the guys and Jasper were the werewolves of Death Mountain. It was remade as a silent film, a romance, an afterschool special, a “Sesame Street” episode, a sci-fi, a kids bop video, an anime, a buddy cop film and finally, a Disney musical. This final hour was called the “Oh God Why Are We Still Here” block for a reason.

In the Good, Bad and Ugly, myself, Kate and Brigid gave the good, bad and ugly advice. Our advice ranged from use an alarm clock to Coburn is a terrible husband to spout random poetry. 4am advice is the best!

Susie decided she wanted someone new, and went on the Dating Game. She had to pick between Daniel, who was afraid of the letter “A,” Coburn the alligator, and Ryan as Stephen Tyler. Ryan and Susie made a connection and we all wish them the best.

The night had a frantic end with Highlander. Daniel was smart enough to host so he wouldn’t get stuck performing alone, and he threw Joe, Ryan, Coburn and Nate to the wolves. The scene featured rim shots on the drums, even when the drums and sticks were thrown off stage and everything was duct taped down. Joe and Coburn were the first to go, and the night ended in a first–a Highlander tie! Nate and Ryan worked perfectly together and split the final scene in half.

After 8 hours, we all went downstairs to eat some yummy breakfast. Then everyone went home and slept for a week.

The end.

I mean, AND SCENE!