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BYOI – More agressive T-Ball!

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IMG_7857Tonight was another great night here at BYOI at Theatre 82 in Cranston!  With Evan hosting the show and joined by a cast of Joe, Ian, Meredith and Myself.  Tonight’s FAM was SAM, though I am not sure if he likes green eggs and ham.  He is an engineer, loves the outdoors, hates rain and would need a stapler to save the world.

We started off with Growing & Shrinking machine where Sam went camping, had a staple gun fight, painted a poster of the night sky, and was overrun by sixth graders.  What a day!  Next up was Highlander where we somehow had five in the scene.  Oh well, it’s improv, role with it!  We had a poor little t-ball kid who needed to show assertiveness with assault.  In Meanwhile we found the Johnson & Johnson softball game.  Excuses, Excuses had Evan late to work at Hannafords because he drove into a ditch, then his wife had a baby… then he had a baby.  And we finished off the first half with Try That On for Size and Evan was able to best Joe, even though Joe said, “No, No, No.”

After intermission, we were back with a well played round of Do Run about our FAM.  In Action Figures, Meredith and I were at a carnival game of eventual love after many painful dart attacks. In Movie Critics, we saw the action flick Blue Rat where “Stinky and The Brain” (No relation to the WB pair.) were communists trying to take over the world, but were foiled by… being saved by Marilyn Monroe played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Although the all commando version of Mr. President left many painful mental scars.  Finally in Debate Club, somewhere over the rainbow the Swedes had no beards and IKEA made no sense.

And Scene!

BYOI – The Tea House?!?

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Holiday weekends are for celebrating, cookouts and improv! Daniel was joined by Joe, Coburn and Meredith at the Warwick Museum of Art.

Eddie was the FAM, and he works at a dental office by day and is a nursing student by night. He loves his wife, travelling, and his coworkers. Maybe in that order. Eddie fascinated the cast by explaining that he used to be a catalog writer. They didn’t know a job like that existed!

Eddie was pretty nice to the cast in FAM Sing It! Meredith found cavities in every one of Daniel’s teeth, and the dentist’s spouse had to come in because a work day is too long to be away from the one you love.

After Daniel warmed everyone up at a cookout–in song, because Eddie made use of the bell–the first game, Freeze Tag, started off. Audience members Alesia, Kylie and Jake were on hand to help out. Coburn and Joe spent their honeymoon watching the Surfing Channel, a wall collapsed after being held up for 7 years, the cast made snow manatees and we learned there’s no I in “help.”

Next up, Joe was the Centerpiece for scenes featuring Coburn, Meredith and audience members Lourdes and Jake. Jake gave horrible relationship advice and Meredith had her face smashed in everything! Cake, ice cream, pie…she had it all.

After cleaning up, Meredith sold things in the Everything Emporium. Daniel (with help from Alesia) needed a cell phone that ran fast, Joe wanted a toothbrush made of sushi, and audience member Kat needed a green monocle.

Coburn was king of the one liners in Blank Walks Into a Bar! We learned about the adventures of zedonks (part zebra, part donkey), walruses, super heroes and bouncy houses.

After the break, the cast sang about getting a new pet bat in Do Run! Audience member Rosie and Alesia helped out for Action Figures, where there was no landing gear on a flight to Japan. Thankfully, there was a safe landing, which warranted a trip to the tea house? The tea house!

In Guidance Counselor, Meredith couldn’t tie her shoes, Daniel was afraid of brooms and audience member Lourdes ran out of cookie ingredients. Thankfully, Joe was able to solve everyone’s problems with the help of Coburn on piano.

Try That On For Size brought back audience members Kylie, Jake, Alesia and Emma! Plates were thrown in the dishwasher, a head was smacked into the counter and arcade games were played.

Debate Club was next, which started by asking if spanish should be taught in school. It jumped all over the place, debating if old movies are boring, if Meredith hates history, if zoos are fun and if clowns are the best or terrifying. Coburn won the debate, and that was a good place to end the night.

And scene!

BYOI – It’s In My Pants!

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This is Ryan with another BYOI show recap. This is not just any recap, but a special birthday party recap, featuring Daniel, Drew, John, and myself. Once again we were invited to Goddard Park for Robbie’s birthday. It seems like only a year ago we were doing this. Also, like the last time, it was raining. Robbie, I hate to be “that guy”, but see if you can be born on a different day next year. After seeing how a year has changed our friend, Robbie helped the group out with a game of FAM Pillar, helping bring chaos to some scenes of video games and a competitive game of Tree. You got a rock? You lose!

The toilet needed fixing in a game of Catch Phrase. Let me give you some advice; if you are going to fix a toilet, don’t do it with a pile of wrenches and two Bobs, or one Bob and another man with an identity crisis. The end result will be a still-broken toilet. Seeing that it was a party, it was then time for Party Quirks. John hosted the party, which included a Creeper from Minecraft, the family dog, a bagel, and the game Pitfall. After that, it was on to the Trolley Stop, where Robbie and his friends certainly channeled some interesting characters. I want to party with these guys! Wait, I was…

Cleaning your room is hard enough, but cleaning it as a pair of Action Figures is a whole other ballgame. And by that I mean it doesn’t work out very well. Seeing the floor is usually a good first step when cleaning a room. Unless you have a Roomba. Those don’t have eyes. Right? That sounds like a horror movie: “The Roomba Has Eyes”. Speaking of movies, we ended the show with Highlander, where indeed there can be only one…person who can cash in the outrageous birthday check. According to this scene, however, all that matters is who is holding the check. Apparently they get the money. New bank rule. So stay away from that pesky Aunt.

Happy Birthday, Robbie!


BYOI – Curse of the Spitting Pepperoni

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Ryan here with the BYOI recap for May 24th. Joining me for the Cranston show is Daniel, Joe, Coburn, and Ian. Now come back in time with me and look to the wonders of improv!

Our FAM was Michael, who showed he has a sweet side by tending to gumball machines, as well as an even sweeter side by being able to crush you with his black belt skills. Just don’t make the man angry, which apparently can happen. If you see him, you might want to just drop to the group and curl up. Then again, he might hate people on the floor. You’re on your own! We then went into FAM inspired Greatest Hits, featuring Coburn tickling the ivories. We got to hear some well-known hits such as “Breakfast at St. Tiffany’s” and “Everyone Was Kung-Fu Biting”. Be sure to call Time Life and get your CD set today.

After Daniel warmed us up, the group then went into a game of Freeze Tag. For those of you out there who are new to the game, there is a great deal of freezing that happens. After there is freezing, then there is some tagging involved. It’s very important to remember that order. Not to mention even some of the biggest improv institutions in the country neglect to fully acknowledge this. Please, I implore you, remember this. Moving on to Center Piece, BYOI alum John joined us as the Center Piece. John proved that he did not lose a step after being away from the group, and he is still the same French pervert we all remembered. Kudos, John. Next we opened up the Everything Emporium, where you can get your flying nightstands on aisle seven. Not to mention you can get everything else on aisle seven. This is not a very well organized store.

The group discovered something very important during Blank Walks into a Bar; Abraham Lincoln may be long dead, but the jokes about him live. Not only that, they are still received very well. This tells me that there is hope for the penny. That tasteless humor brought us into a game of Do Run, where we mourned the passing of Martin Mull. He will forever be known as the greatest Col. Mustard. Up next was a game of Action Figures, where we learned it is very difficult to make pizza when someone else is moving you. But it certainly can be funny. You’ll remain hungry, but you’ll get your laugh for the day. And what is more important than that? Probably food.

During Guidance Counselor, we met the insane, the self-absorbed, and a time traveler. All in a day’s work at BYOI High. Finally, it was time to finish up the show with some Debate Club. Things got vicious as tensions mounted on both sides of the aisle. But while we may not all agree on everything, we do agree that Coburn is a big baby. Sorry, Coburn.

Be sure to join us at our next show. We are in Cranston every Friday at Theatre 82, and every Sunday at the Warwick Museum of Art.


BYOI – Obnoxious: The Musical

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It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in Warwick, a great time for Improv! In the cast tonight were Ashley, Daniel, Cory and Drew.

Host Corey (and his son Leo) told us about RESPECT.

Ashley and Drew interviewed Featured Audience Member Madeline. We learned she’s 13 (7th grade). She loves math (because it’s complicated) , hates gym (because she doesn’t like running.. She saw the Croods recently. It was “OK”. She hates Wall-E, but the reason is a mystery (to me, at least…I was at the back of the theater). She plays piano and sings (Don’t Stop Believing is a favorite). She acted in “13 the musical”, and wants to be in Paris.

Corey hosted FAM Day In The Life, which depicted a typical day for Featured Audience Member Madeline (played by Ahshley). This included being rushed to school by an irritated mother, a remarkably wierd math test, and a neurotic student who studied for every wrong test. Jason Robert Brown appeared from nowhere to invite Madeline to appear in “Obnoxious: The Musical” which featured Corey’s son as a magic turtle.

Ashley warmed the crowd up by giving us a complete lesson in New England Weather.

In Fourtunately/Unforunately, Daniel presented Corey, Ashley, Drew and audience member Alesia telling the story of Fluffy and his advernture in SCUBA diving. Fluffy didn’t know how to swim, so he engaged a painting instructor to teach him to swim… after being ripped off by the painting instructor Fluffy and his dad ended up on a magic beach with angry crabs, and mean clams. It turned out the clams had a global domination plan in mind, which was thwarted by a mama clam who wrote a SCUBA manual. Sadly, Fluffy didn’t know how to read.

Catch Phrase featured Daniel, Corey, and audience member Madeline. The suggestion was cavemen. Madeline was disappointed that no one listened to her, and was desperate to find out what the sqare root of pi is. Corey wanted to know when they were going to get there, and demanded it be given to him now. All the while Daniel was trying to get his troupe of cavemen to move on the 3rd sun of the 5th day. Whatever that means.

Ashley hosted Dating Game, with contestant Drew and bachelor/ettes Corey (plus Leo) (The Eiffel Tower), Daniel (Belle), and Alesia (Pencil). Isn’t The Dating Game always like that? Drew ended up picking the pencil, because you never know when you might have to take a multiple-choice test that will be graded by a computer.

Corey (and Leo) hosted Because I Said So. It was an all-cast event with 4 audience members. Unicorns, kermit the frog’s mean boss, annoying teachers, water evaporating from the sun, crying gods, boring flowers, and coughing were explored.

THEN, there was Intermission.

The whole cast started off the second half of the show with a rousing rendition of Do-Run centered on Pizza… that tastes like it… should.

Corey (and Leo) hosted Action Figures, wherein Ashley and Drew (and their movers Alesia and Mallory) gave us a scene involving Swedish Fish, BAD Swedish Fish… and a mind meld.

In Centerpiece, Corey featured in 4 scenes, with Daniel, Drew, and audience members Alesia and Madeline and Alexander The epic scenes included… brushing teeth, A musical, Martha’s Vineyard, and being underground. Of course the tooth brushing involved an attack dog, the musical was about taking the trash out (as they always are), Martha (Stewart)’s Vinyard dealt with workers’ rights, and that mean old Martha Stewart, and, somehow, the canary in the coal mine had a gigantic big brother.

The whole cast rounded out the show with a rousing rendition of Curtain Call, based on the audience suggestions “Growing up”, candy, dogs, zebras, and, naturally, Liver lasagna (pizza).

Aaaaand SCENE!

BYOI – Daniel’s Birthday Suprise!

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Tonight’s cast was Drew, Ashley, Joe, Daniel (the birthday kid), and myself; the FAM was Ky. Ky is not just your ordinary kayaking, rum and coke drinking, always-late-to-work-as-a-result-of-hitting-the-snooze-button-three-times kind of gal, she is also an aspiring global activist. Yay, Ky!  So why not see that in a scene… and we did see a Day in the Life of Ky.

The games started off with a round of Fortunately/Unfortunately, where unfortunately you will be late to work and berated for it by your boss, but fortunately, everywhere you go will lead to an inevitable dance party. Then in Catch Phrase audience member Krissy, and I convinced Joe to go to a French restaurant; parce que en bleu, c’est ca. During the dating game, Drew had to see if he could match up with Amanda Bynes at 10 years old, Beef Jerky, or a Fry Cook who Fries Everything (and as it turns out, full of innuendoes).

After intermission and a good ol’ fashioned Do Run (Run Run), it was time for Daniel’s surprise, Lines From A Cookie! We gathered up as many quotes and Daniel inspired lines to help wrap up the show. Next was Daniel’s favorite new game Action Figures; eating more cookies from the previous game was the objective. Taste buds were satisfied. Wrapping up the show we had a Curtain Call. As it turns out, Ashely hates rhyming, Daniel likes hour long showers, and I like puppies!

Yay, Daniel and Happy Birthday!

And Scene!

BYOI – Major League Basketball

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our fans who are moms! We still had a show at the Warwick Museum of Art for dedicated fans. Erich, Drew, Joe, Paul and Daniel were on hand to entertain.

Frank, of the infamous Cam and Frank, was the FAM! His wife was the FAM last week…how’s that for dedication? Frank is a former military gentleman, who served in the Marine Corp as a helicopter crewman, which he loved. Frank said his favorite part of his winter in Florida was when he’d play on the computer while his wife was shopping. We love these two!

For FAM Revolver, we were taken to the land of new kitchen gadgets, like the Excalibur knife. From there, we jumped to Joe failing textiles, a mess on the carpet and a tutu being worn to prom. Drew didn’t see anything, he swears.

Next up was Follow That Action, which started in the nosebleed seats at a basketball game so families could make eye contact with the super tall players. Paul was parched and needed a $19 bottle of water before falling down the stairs. Joe didn’t want to be there, and Erich put the whole thing on Youtube.

Daniel was the bell ringer for Alphabet, where Erich impressed his kickboxing instructor by lifting a whole 10 lbs. We visited the Math Institute, couldn’t get no satisfaction and found cars that only go 1 mile per gallon–but they have x-ray vision, so it’s a fair tradeoff.

Chainsaw started with Paul as a physicist in an outerspace lab with a bicycle pump. He turned into Dr. Frankenstein and a physics teacher in a rat maze or quarantine lab. Back In My Day followed this, where we found out when there was no spinach, Popeye regularly lost. Old people stayed put without Florida, Daniel cried without the Fourth of July and kinds went places with friends…outside!…with no computers.

After the break, the guys broke into song with Do Run. They sang about Frank driving a tank to get food. Our new game, Action Figures, made its first Sunday appearance. Daniel controlled Drew’s actions, while Paul controlled Erich’s actions in this fun game. Erich was saluting wrong but was offered money to do it right. After some tension, the guys made up and decided to dance. Yay!

In Catch Phrase, Paul was unhappy about noisy people at night and was concerned about how much everyone had to drink. Drew couldn’t remember past evens and really wanted to go out. Poor Joe was stuck in the middle and had his hands full.

The final game of the night was Busta Rap, with Paul hosting. The guys had to make up rhymes for shopping, lost, and (St.) Maarten. Daniel gets a ton of credit for not only winning the game, but rapping multiple verses that rhymed with “colonoscopy!”

Thanks to our audience and thanks to all the moms! Happy Mother’s Day!

And scene!

BYOI – No Eminent Domain!

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Friday is here and that means BYOI was hard at work at Theatre 82!  Tonight’s cast was Evan, Ian, Joe and Myself and our FAM tonight was a first for the record books.  Jacki is our long time superfan and friend of the cast, but is not much for going onstage at all. But tonight, she was brave and showed us what she has got when she was selected as our FAM from the cup!  Jacki works in retail, judges professional figure skating and her favorite family member is her dog Alabama.

In another crazy twist, Jacki decided to play Centerpiece with us.  We saw how she handles lawyers, sermons and accountants.  A hilarious collection of scenes and a FAM we never saw coming.

As we move on from that (with our minds blown) we were warmed up by a collection of unusual shots.  Then to Follow That Action where one MIT janitor solved one of the most difficult theorems and got a bright shiny new bucket for it.  In Alphabet we saw family punch and the newest moves for invisible pick up sticks.  Chainsaw brought us a Fisherman in a place (I forgot!) with a sewing machine that became a lawn care specialist in an elevator with a swath of fabric.  Back in My Day found us without museums… because we called it real life.

After intermission, we started up the second half with a game of Do Run, all about a man’s trip to jail.  Then it was on to our new game of the month, Action Figures!  This new game is a hit already, so make sure you come check it out.  This saw Ian and I in a very compromising proposal.  We followed that up with catch phrase which found Evan in court with a very disgruntled couple.  And finally, a strong round of Busta Rap where Joe seriously gave me a run for my money where I had to pull out a trump card just to win.

A great show and a good sized audience for the night.  Hope you come check us out next week!

And scene!

BYOI – Too Many Tolls (aka The Return of Cam & Frank)

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It was a beautiful day to leave Florida and come back to BYOI for two of our regulars! The Warwick Museum of Art was home to a new exhibit, which you should definitely check out. Tonight, Drew was joined by Ryan, Joe and Corey for a fun night.

Our summertime regular, Cam, was the FAM! She comes to see us regularly with her husband, Frank, when they weather’s nice up here. While in the sunny panhandle state, she spends her time enjoying the sun, traveling and enjoying the fact that there’s no snow. Sadly, it’s not all perfect down there, because she hates the drivers who run red lights. They also have a ton of tolls and the roads are too busy. Cam and Frank have 7 kids between the two of them, so it gave the cast fodder for the FAM game!

In FAM Typewriter, Corey sat in the audience with Cam so they could write the heartwarming story, “Loving Kids a Little Bit” which starred Ryan and Joe as Cam and Frank. The story followed our loving parents as they only received half of a birthday gift from one of their kids, who was played by Drew. After asking for a family photo, they were elated to receive one–until they found out it was a photo of someone else’s family! In the end, all was well, and they kissed.

After that, Corey needed to warmup the audience, so they had fun making sound effects! Ryan followed this by making more noise…with the bell…for Alphbet! A crazy driver was given a ticket written in crayon, firemen played Parcheesi instead of going to a fire…or did they…and Ryan dinged his castmates out all over the place.

In the always fun Debate Club, we found out why it’s so hard to learn a new language. It ended up veering into a discussion about Ryan’s hygiene, our 9-5 show and how Joe gets loopy when he’s tired. Corey was too disturbed to know any of it.

Drew then took center stage as Madame Zelda, where he was able to tell Ryan that he’d buy a book, go bankrupt and win the lottery! This was followed by Remake, where we witnessed a performance of “The Tasteless Bench.” In it, Corey decided to give back to the community by using his savings, heart and soul to build a cast iron bench. The detective version had toilets stolen from middle schools, the scifi version had tobacco spitting in zero gravity–which got messy–on a space station, and the romance introduced Kate, who caused the guys to fight. Not to be outdone, we ended with the M. Night Shyamalan version. Corey wasn’t actually in space; he was a criminal with giraffe powers..and was dead the whole time.

Speaking of Kate, Corey took the second half to try to convince the audience to jump up and play. He succeeded with audience member Kate in Because I Said So!  Corey and Joe asked about why worms exist, why dogs bury bones, what princesses do and why roads have tolls.

Because participation is fun, Kate helped out for Centerpiece as well! This time, she was the one in control, making the guys rotate around Corey. A college professor was attempting to room with students and mini-golfing took place in a shrunken Holland…on Greenland?

Joe needed advice in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, so of course he went to Corey, Ryan and Drew for help! They explained what to do about rising gas prices, how to get out of bed and how to regulate the price of snake meat. Drew was a fan of the pyrotechnic solution, Ryan suggested blanket cocoons and and Corey apparently had lessons from his time in prison.

Follow That Action was up next, where Ryan was over the moon about playing at Woodstock. The first aid tent had too much first aid creme because everyone was being nice, so they started handing out free internet. Unfortunately, no one knew what to do, since the internet didn’t exist yet, so we learned to stay far away from Alta Vista! The Gates household received a C++ and the world was introduce to all of the world’s pictures of cats! The game ended when a paradox was created when someone read something on Netscape before it existed.

After that craziness, it was good to end the night with Irish Song. The guys sang about a pirate eating Irish potatoes, and then proceeded to callback bits of the show.

And scene!

BYOI – The Stephen King Show – Now in Braille!

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Joe, Coburn, Meredith, Evan, and I were the cast for our first May show at Theatre 82!  We started the night with a game of Movie Critics, where Joe and Evan commented on a movie involving Liberace dance battles and mad cow disease (or is it rabies?).

Next up we waited for the Trolley, and saw some interesting characters including drill sergeants, the elderly, penguins, and hyper teenagers.

In Good Cop, Bad Cop I had to guess that I didn’t clean the bathroom in Kennedy Plaza.  My accomplice?  Bruno Mars.

Next up was Alphabet.  Chris joined the cast for some interesting scenes about the twilight zone and cooking.  A few of us were even able to make it all the way through the alphabet.  Hurrah!

Serious Scene was far from serious as our cast told the story of a pregnant woman trapped in dry cleaners.  There was a lot of firing.

In Story, Story, Die audience member Paul joined the cast, and the hilarious tale of Stephen King was told.  Somehow Evan and Meredith wound up discussing a televised version of his stories, told entirely in Braille.  Dot dot dot…

Next up was Meanwhile, followed by a Hoedown about dentists.  Delightful.

And Scene!