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BYOI – Theoretical Canoeing and Dead Languages

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FAM063013An all male cast was on hand to entertain at the Warwick Museum of Art! Coburn was joined by Daniel, Corey and Evan. The night’s FAM was Kay! She’s going to be entering her senior year of high school and loves to read. Kay hopes to be a linguist someday. She came to BYOI with her friend Tyler, who said she is amazing. Ever the English student, she’d like to meet Jane Austen or William Shakespeare. Based on the interview, the guys played FAM Remake. The scene featured Kay’s first year at Yale studying dead language linguistics. Her roommate pretended to be dead to relate and her teacher tracked them down in their dorm room to make sure they were studying. The Guy Ritchie Irish action remake featured a Scottish impostor and the modern day Shakespearean hipster play remake started off with “To die or not to die.”

After that, Coburn decided everyone needed to work on their accents for the warmup. Kay’s friend Tyler joined Tableau, which featured scenes about Yale, manga and sleep. Evan decided to take the “belt” prompt a different way and turned it into a solo tableau of him in the Bible Belt.

Wrld Withut a Letter was ext, ad a buch of fu as it’s always been. I the 1800’s, Crey did’t want to halt. e of the guys was deemed t be a hrse, a egmaiacal guy despised cake (hw?!) and there was a swrd fight! I case yu did’t figure it ut, this game happeed withut the letters N or O. Spell check hates me right now.

Coburn was the Marriage Counselor trying to help out Corey and Tyler. Corey couldn’t disrespect anyone and Tyler refused to be affectionate. Together, they weren’t able to let the other know how proud they were.

Evan hosted Spelling Bee, where the guys taught us about a cat, the animal that purrs, clouds, which are rainy and full, and the word pugnacious, which is now a dog that snorts.

Growing and Shrinking Machine started off the second half and it was heavy on furniture. We witnessed Ikea instruction writers decide to have fun messing up the English speaking members of the world and trouble putting things together. Coburn and Corey were then the announcers for the vacuuming  competition in Sports Commentator. Evan and Tyler had fun playing dirty. Evan lost points for vacuuming up a small dog and Tyler was allergic to the dust in the air.

In Revolver, the lottery announcers visibly hated each other, there was awkward silence in high school and and a Parisian party turned into a New York party.

The final game of the night was Debate Club, featuring Tyler and Kay! It started off as a debate about what is the best kind of pie. Kay loved cleanliness, while Evan said that was annoying, and Daniel admitted to stalking Coburn’s beautiful fake friends on Facebook. This lead to a debate about who had better imaginary friends, the difference between peers, pierce and Piers Morgan, and a reminder that this was Debate Club, not Spelling Bee. In a surprise twist, Kay won the game when she deemed Evan creepy!

Don’t forget to join us every Friday night at 10 at Theatre 82 in Cranston and every Sunday night for our family friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art at 6pm! Have a wonderful holiday!

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BYOI – What Iced Tea did to his Barbi…

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20130628_230416It’s a rainy Friday night and some awesome people decided to share it with BYOI and tonight’s cast of Erich, Meredith, Ryan and myself! The FAM tonight was Cezary an IT specialist who use to crack Atari codes as a kid and who emigrated from Poland when he was 15 years old.

So the first thing we saw tonight was the original lifetime movie about his boat trip from Poland where Ryan and Erich fought over motorboats and old fashion sails.  But this was a game of Remake, so we saw this film again as a Australian film traveling in go-carts.  And finally, a Kung-Fu movie traveling from Poland to the US on a train.  May I just remark that Erich’s ability to dub himself was a hilarious treat.

Next up Erich warmed us up with a story about lions and elephants and… dogs… oh my?  Then it was time to take our own ride with Trolley Stop where we saw pretentious Newporters, trepidatious tweeters and just a couple of guys in need of a voice box.  Speaking of needs, we have World Without a Letter, where we needed the use of “M” & “O” at the library.  We followed that up with Timmy in the Well and Ryan found out that Iced Tea lost his baby doll at the Kremlin.  That may be debatable, but Debate Club will fix it, where I learned that Michael Phelps swims with his ears and I don’t know how old any of the cast are.

After intermission, we saw some growing and shrinking and growing machine.  One captain, my captain; One drunk man and his inability to use an ATM; One Leonard Nimoy just wanting some piece at home away from his fans; And one Sarah Palin’s poor attempt to teach a civics class at the University of Phoenix. Action Figures brought Sherlock, Watson and Moriarty close together… very close.  Revolver found us volcanos can’t go on forever and some reggae groups might need talent too. And finally a game of Highlander found us throwing away the sassy new hologram Siri phone for the mammoth new Galaxy 7 with Ryan finishing the honors.

What a great show!  We are here every Friday night at 10pm!

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BYOI – Global Cooling

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FAM062313Coburn, Paul, Joe, Daniel and Drew were on hand at the Warwick Museum of Art for another great show! This time the FAM was Mike, who last came to BYOI on his birthday. Mike works at Iggy’s and LOVES the weather. He thankfully knew that we have no blizzards coming anytime soon. Mike’s favorite Iggy’s food is the sausage and peppers. He used to love the color blue and hates slow drivers.

In FAM Pillar, Mike gave words to inspire the cast. We learned that frozen bees taste bad, and cow isn’t all Joe thought it could be. Clouds were made and wood was invented. Yay!

Joe warmed up everyone by taking them on a family road trip before he and Coburn were the announcers in Sports Commentator. With the help of reporter Paul, they introduced us to the Dishwashing Competition and followed Drew and audience member Nick. You’d think dishwashing would be nice and calm right? Wrong! The competition was full of sabotage, pans to the face and soap squirting.

Our new hit game, World Without a Letter, was next,where the guys couldn’t say and words containing the letters L or N. It was a fun scene where the curtains were on fire and pizza was ordered.

Madame Zelda was up next, with Coburn telling Paul his fortune with the help of spirits Drew and audience members Andrew and Cami. They explained Paul would spill coffee in the car, have an allergic reaction to bees and get involved in a Ponzi scheme selling Avon.

Famous Last Words had help from Nick and Coburn’s mom Lee-Ann. We learned about the last words of Brad “We should have one more kid!” Pitt, Hawaii and video games.

After the break, the guys visited the Vatican McDonalds in Growing and Shrinking Machine. The neighbor wanted kids to play video games instead of frizbee, union workers slacked off and no one made it off the island because they spelled “help” backwards in the sand.

Daniel, Coburn and Cami had fun in Sit, Stand and Lie Down. Their little house of sticks was going to combust and it made Coburn sad. Cami had money but spent it on candy instead of repairs so grandma wanted to trade grandchildren.

“The Secret Menu of Clean Underwear” needed a Remake since the original had a pizza that took 4 hours to be delivered, only to have undies on it. In the global warming action film, it was freezing and secret agents needed permits. Finally, the Yugoslavian remake couldn’t mention anything Italian.

The night ended with Six Pack! Daniel and Nick had bad grammar and were failing the 3rd grade, Drew and Paul formed the retro band Sausage and Pepper, and Joe made Coburn realize being a scout is way too stressful.

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BYOI – A Horse without a HO is just a rse.

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What better way to kick off the summer than with BYOI at Theater 82 in Cranston. We had a great show with the cast of Ryan, Meredith, Drew, Daniel and Ian!

Our FAM this week was Paul. He works in marketing for realty, enjoys drinking (Anywhere), enjoys the Star Wars films, and if he could go anywhere on vacation he’d go to Disney World, because, well, why not.

In FAM remake we saw what happened to all the Jedi’s wives after Anikan Skywalker slaughtered the Jedi in the temple. Turns out a few Disney characters had husbands who were Jedi, and actually weren’t that upset about it, except for the fact the Jedi don’t have a great life insurance policy.

Ryan warmed up the crowd with some breathtaking art poses.

In SIt Stand Lie Down Erich joined Ryan and Meredith, and a car broke down next to a very smelly homeless person. It turned out it was her smell that caused the car to break down!

In our new game, Word WIthout a Letter, we were not able to use H, or O, however the scene quickly evolved into a little girl getting a horse… ERRR… a pony… ERRRR… an equestrian animal… And we all saw how cavemen would talk.

In Madam Zelda nothing good happened to Drew, as he had to guess that he would be hit by a car, stoned to death, and then tortured in hell. Boy does his future look bright.

Everyone took part in Debate Club, and debated the finer points of drinking, does everyone else start with a 30 rack and a bottle of jager? No? Some of our cast didn’t agree either. Things got heated when one of our debaters got so mouthy our mediator decided to hand the reigns over and switch roles.

Growing and Shrinking Machine started with a slip and slide, and ended with a very old mother who knew the breast way to wrap up… well her breasts.

Meredith and Drew played Helping Hands, competing on who was the actual doctor in the room, and who could find the right utensil for the job. I don’t think either is going to make a very good doctor.

Drew hosted Revolver and included Daniel, Ian and Ryan who were joined by. we saw a Guru who was savvy in pop culture, a couple of poser jocks.

We ended the night with Follow that Action included some cartoons in court with some crazy call backs.

Make sure to check us out EVERY Friday night at 10 at Theatre 82 in Cranston!

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BYOI – Bored-er Games

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FAM061613Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! We had a few families join us at the Warwick Museum of Art to finish off the day celebrating dad. Paul was joined by Daniel, Evan and recent dad Erich.

Bob was the FAM, and he came to the show with his wife and kids all the way from the Boston area! He works as a business banker and enjoyed the day relaxing and hanging out. To him, the perfect Father’s Day would start with breakfast in bed and then proceed to have his kids wait on him all day. Smart man!

In FAM Pack, the guys made up family drama, with Bob and his wife Katie were addicted to electronics and kids Timmy and Maggie argued over Playdoh in the carpet. Everyone took goldfish and there was a fire in the kitchen.

From there, the dads in the audience relaxed while Daniel warmed up everyone else. It was then onto Highlander, with the addition of audience member Jaden. Erich caught the biggest fish! The media came for pictures and charged to run the story, and the fish was quiet. Erich ended up having to carry in Evan for the penultimate runthrough, before performing all roles alone.

Meanwhile, audience members Jaden and Maggie ate all of the chips! We witnessed the Rosetta Stone people making up languages, hours of paperwork and crazy tastebuds at the popsicle place.

In Interrogation Lineup, Evan and audience member Jake witnessed a horrible crime! The rest of the cast and audience member Katie were the suspects, and Paul eventually confessed to going into his brother’s room at the zoo with Elvis Presley.

Before the break, the guys sang a bit about Bob in Do Run. The break was followed by Growing and Shrinking Machine, starting with getting trapped in a phone tree. Erich then deposited at the bank, one coin at a time. A Casio watch was given at a retirement party and the guys stole from a bank vault.

Serious Scene took place in the dog house, with Paul as the director. Eggs couldn’t be made in the dog house and the bank account was wiped out for bedazzled flip flops.

Next up was Movie Critics, where Evan and Timmy reviewed the new film, “No, That’s My Yard!” It featured the cast along with Jaden and Maggie. We met Sir-Pees-A-Lot the dog and his friends. He liked doing tricks while a servant blew leaves into the neighbor’s yard. Paul declined a bribe from Daniel and just wanted a hole in the ground so he could control the universe.

The last game of the night was Sing It! Erich was the mighty bell ringer making everyone sing, while the cast was joined by audience members Kenzie, Jaden and Jake. We learned the internet is full of people talking online. Jaden beat Evan at games although he didn’t know them. The UPS guy delivered some games and wanted to stay to play them, and more boring games were needed.

Thanks to everyone who came out to spend Father’s Day with us!

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BYOI – Asparagus is a Quirky Vegetable

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20130614_224407A great show this Friday at Theater 82 in Cranston with Daniel, Ian, Coburn, Erich and myself. Our FAM that night was Sarah Marshall, and who could forget a woman like her? Sarah is a CNA who also is an avid reader, recently reading The Hunger Games, and jewelry maker. She and her husband, who is a stay at home dad also take care of a son, which they suspect his favorite subject in school is recess. Sarah and Ian then critiqued a film about staying at home, where the pools had dolphins, and mother’s had to make a hard decision what to feed a lion.

A Serious Scene occurred next, where an engagement ring was lost in the washer, and only one half of the couple had the optical abilities to find it. Next came Pillars, and Coburn had to manage the pillow and mattress fluffers Daniel and Erich; though the catch was these pillows were going to a select clientele: the deceased. Do we really need to fluff those pillows?? Coburn then committed a bona fide crime in a nursing home with Julius Ceasar. We finished the first half with some rhyming fools with Busta Rap, and Coburn hailed as King of Rhyme… TWICE!

Some Growing and Shrinking happened after the break; indecisiveness, choking, arrow launching, and hunger happened…. Oh! A piece of candy! Next, Follow That Action was played, because overly, and improperly medicated grandfathers are hilarious, as well as asparagus fed dogs who REALLY need to be let outside. Did we play a game of Questions next? Didn’t Ian do really well with that? Yes. Yes, he did. Then came an impromptu game of Chainsaw, with a silver smith in Pluto’s dog house with pencil shavings. Not a black smith, on Planet of the Apes, with bubbles. Wrapping it up with Do Run helped us cap off the night, singing a little ditty about an invisible side kick, and remembering the affects of eating asparagus (eat your veggies, kids).

And scene!

BYOI – Softball via Wikipedia…

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20130612_104155_resizedTime for ROUND 2 of our blog post from Norton Middle School!  We love this place!  Our second FAM for the day is Shaeleen.  She is a middle schooler who loves science, softball and stuff!  So we began with a game of softball, Highlander style!  And it was left with just Drew having to play the whole game by himself… including throwing balls at himself.

So then we began with Pillars, where nothing was safe from the serious teacher… I mean she tore our monkey into pieces.  Next we learned that Meredith had eaten ice cream in the library with Dr. Phil.  We followed that up with Trolly stop that had a professional wrestler, a velociraptor and a very destructive little math nerd.  Next in Action Figures, our coach got me to hit the wrong “ball” out of the park.  It is important to note that teachers were controlling our movements, we were just victims.  So after that, we busted a rap and then had a good old spelling bee at the end because we had some extra time.  Glad I now know what a parabola is! Yay Math!

Thanks so much to the school and all it’s students and teachers for having us again this year!

And scene!

BYOI – Shark Training!

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20130612_092901_resizedBYOI has returned to Norton Middle School for our third year straight!  These folks love us!  We had two shows today, so let’s get started with, ROUND 1.  Our FAM is Travis, a seventh grader who loves life sciences, hates math and wants to go to the Great Barrier Reef.  So we start off with a game of Highlander where Travis is going scuba training in a kiddy pool, but watch out for the Great White Shark!!!  Travis makes it all the way to round 3, but alas I have to do the scene all by myself… do any of these kids know CPR???

Next up is Pillars when Drew is an angry Dad who does not want his daughter to dress up as a pumpkin, but as a princess Chuck Noris!  Then Good Cop, Bad Cop found Meredith baking pizzas on a safari with Selena Gomez.  We then moved to a trolley stop that saw intense gym teachers, scared students and the angriest French little girl I have ever met.  Finally we finished off with Action Figures where Evan and I were controlled by the teachers to go for the long pass in football.  Lot’s of pretzel like positions!

Thanks again to all of the many kids we had come play!  Check out the next blog entry for ROUND 2!

And Scene… To Be Continued….

BYOI – President Nermal

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FAM060913Sunday night at the Warwick Museum of Art was a fun place to be with BYOI! This evening Evan was joined by Corey and Daniel. Since our audience consisted of regulars, the guys changed up a few games, and everyone had a blast. The night’s FAM was Josh, who is a BYOI regular. He’s a manager at D’Angelo and likes exploration. When Josh was a kid, he wanted to be a patrolman and the guys had fun discussing favorite–and least favorite–presidents with him.

In FAM Remake, an officer stopped John Wilkes Booth when he tried to bring a fake weapon into the theater. The guys then remade that film as a scifi, and finally, as a film noir where Garfield the cat wanted to go after that pesky President Nermal, but there were no italian restaurants in the South. Poor Garfield!

Corey warmed everyone up with a round of Simon Says before the first of three new games was introduced! Forward and Reverse had Daniel in control of the direction of the game. Evan and Corey were siblings who were arguing about their room, and Daniel could make them backtrack and then go forward again when he wanted. Maybe you’ll catch this game again the future at a show!

Next up, Corey modified Lines From a Cup by turning it into Lines From the Floor! Corey couldn’t take a selfie, kitties needed hugs and the family business needed a sparly man to row boats. Why? Because regular people give money to those who look good. In Good Cop/Bad Cop, Corey ran over a cat on a bike path with William Shakespeare. Not cool, Corey!

The second new game, World Without a Letter, made its debut next. In this game, the guys could not say any words that included certain letters. First, Corey wouldn’t let them say any words that included the letter M, which was tough since they were making sandwiches and couldn’t say “make”…then they couldn’t say anything with the letter A, so they couldn’t say “sandwich.” Since Daniel and Evan caught on quick with the letter A, Corey changed it up by forbidding them from using either M or A! It was a blast, and I’m sure the game will be played again.

After the break, the guys debuted the last new game of the night. In Ventriloquism, they were in control of their actions–however, they were not in control of their words. Daniel spoke for Corey, Corey spoke for Evan and Evan spoke for Daniel. Corey channeled his inner villain by stealing Daniel’s apple and throwing up in his grandma’s urn. If you want to see videos of World Without a Letter or Ventriloquism, check out the BYOI page on Facebook.

This was followed by another modified game, the Growing and Shrinking (and Growing and Shrinking and Growing and Shrinking) Machine! Instead of adding to the game and then subtracting, the guys went back and forth, while switching out for each other in each scene. I think I can speak for our audience when I say it was a great modification. They laughed and seemed to really enjoy it. In this game, we experience an extraordinary Swedish Fish, a genius idea to put money in full mayonnaise jars (so it won’t jingle), a time machine and Daniel channeling Corey’s real life son, Leo, playing a penguin manipulating his parents.

In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Evan and Corey told the story of Daniel, who was the millionth customer when he went to buy spaghetti. He had to pay for his food at a restaurant with kumquat juice and had a spoiled fish delicacy. He ended up in jail with a chef who turned into Hannibal and became a judge on “Scranton’s Got Talent.”

Meanwhile brought us Evan upset that Daniel wanted to lighten the mood at a wake…for a cat. Daniel had fun taking the puurrrrfect opportunity to throw out a bunch of puns. Later, Evan wanted to be a farmer and loved the Farmer’s Almanac.  Sadly, the Almanac stopped getting published after Corey failed to hire Daniel and Evan as the father/son comedy duo to work for them.

The night ended with Pavlovian Response, which is always a fun time. Daniel thought it was simply outrageous that someone would turn away from him, and he had fun triggering his castmates. Poor Corey had to duck anytime he heard a work that starts with the letter O (hmmm…like “outrageous”), while Evan kept saying he didn’t have anything when hands were at his castmate’s sides. Together, the guys scared away ducks.

Thanks to our regulars who came out to the show. Next time, join them so you don’t miss anything!

And scene!


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20130607_010531_resizedBYOI is in Maine!  We are here again at the Massabesic High School graduation lock in to help these kids rock out the final moments of high school.  The cast tonight was Evan, Drew, Coburn, John and Myself and our FAM tonight was John, who wants to own a zoo, visit Hawaii and play with orangutans.  We begin by putting John at the center in Centerpiece.  We saw his new T-Rex farm, his new suit and his new career as a dentist, right out of high school.

Next I warmed everyone up with a climb on the rock wall with harrowing results. Then we began with Pillars where the sacrifice was not to willing to jump into the volcano.  After that came Highlander where a baffled bank robbery took a simple combination and some very intense focusing.  Our audience member Matt took me out to have to do the whole scene by himself.  Spelling Bee made us second guess if we should have graduated high school ourselves.  Catch Phrase taught us where babies come from and how to stop it with dodgeball. And finally Construction Callout finished the first half with a whole bunch or running around and calamity. It was hilarious!

After a brief intermission, we started the second half with Try That on for Size and found many different types of dancing.  Next Action Figures gave us apple picking to apple crushing (in more than one way).  Then Evan had to find love with Drew who was Amanda Bynes as a kid, John our FAM who was afraid of money and John our cast member who was Washington, D.C.  On to Debate Club where we learned the importance of getting a job… and thievery is a job.  Follow that Action showed us what happened to our laid off music teacher and we finished up with Curtain Call and sang out the night.

Thanks to our many, many volunteers for the night, it made for a great show!  We were happy to keep you entertained, and most importantly safe on graduation night!

And Scene!