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BYOI – 99 Problems But a Throne Ain’t One

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FAM072813BYOI entertained at the Warwick Museum of Art tonight with Krissy, Coburn, Drew and Daniel! Our FAM was Jess, who happened to also audition for the show and hopes to be on Broadway in 10 years. Jess goes to an “extremely intense” school and loves all books. Some of our regulars from back in the day know her dad, who still pops in to perform with us every once in awhile.

Daniel and Jess wrote a story in FAM Typewriter, where Greek gods were making the moon. Unfortunately, the wife was upset that the moon wasn’t the color she wanted. The cast took a trip to Belgium but got sick of hunting waffles, so they went to France, but the people were tired. The story ended with a forbidden romance, with Krissy impressed by a potato gun.

Drew then took everyone to the beach to warm them up, before starting off Action Figures. Daniel and Drew controlled Krissy and Coburn in a scene where the King’s daughter couldn’t pay taxes since her dad never gave her an allowance.

Next, was World Without a Letter, without the letters A and C. Too much toothpaste made super sparkly teeth and a trip to the gum store resulted in…seeds? From there, it was off to Coburn’s Everything Emporium. Krissy needed a broom that washes dishes, Daniel needed the Eiffel Tower…in the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Jess needed an octogonal pizza.

In Slogans, the cast and Jess threw out some new catch phrases for Broadway, kings (they’re almost aces!), potato chips, ice cream cake (which is it?) and the moon.

After the break was a game of Highlander to start off strong. The cast was cutting through pages of “Game of Thrones”…but there were maps!! One of them was shot but came back as a friendly zombie cousin and there was no witchcraft. To Drew’s dismay, Daniel took himself out of the running, but luckily he was out soon enough. Coburn ended up performing all alone in the end.

In What Are You Doing, the cast and Jess baked a cake, tried on clown shoes, scuba dived in the backyard, went to GoT on Broadway and impersonated a bald eagle.

Alphabet was next yet, with a twist! BYOI alumni Stephanie and audience member Chris jumped in to help out. What was the twist? They had to get through the entire alphabet in 60 seconds. Coburn and Chris debated best man duties and succeeded in finishing the alphabet! Krissy was always right, there were many cats, and Stephanie almost made it through the alphabet all alone.

The final game of the night was Debate Club, so our FAM Jess joined in. The game started off asking about why Starbursts are hard, but “moist” and “saliva” sound gross like tropical places, which is not a vacation in your mouth. The debate somehow turned into the declaration that vegetables are treated worse than cows, and Krissy won!

We have two VERY IMPORTANT shows NEXT WEEKEND!! BYOI is celebrating its 5th birthday and we want you there to help us celebrate!! Friday’s late night show will be at 10pm at Theatre 82 in Cranston and Sunday’s family show will be at 6pm at the Warwick Museum of Art. Be there, have cake, celebrate with us, and if you’re good, there may be a surprise guest!

And scene!

BYOI – Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!

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20130726_225224Tonight we are in Cranston again at the icy cold Theatre 82.  Oh so much fun!  So our cast tonight is Meredith, Ian, Joe and myself, and tonight it was Elizabeth whose name we drew for the FAM!  Elizabeth is a marketer by day and an actor by trade.  She liked the movie Big Fish and hated Blue Velvet. She likes the rain and her 5 and a half family members.

So we started off tonight with a story about the big fishing trip in the game Typewriter.  This was where Elizabeth(played by Meredith) went to get a boat from Igor, or was it the thin man?  He had the entrails of an elf, but Elizabeth just wanted to find the Big Hula Hooping Fish out in the Wild West Lake… What a trip!… Literally.

So after that, Joe go us warmed up with some fishing for dragons and then we were off with the first game of Helping Hands.  Ian and an audience member learned a lot about family and their overbearing mother.  Next up found us a game of World Without a Letter, where “G” & “A” were gone so we were selling dry rain that was ggg…superb.  That was a lot of work, so time for a party!  Ian had many guests over such as Snookie and the Great Wall of China, but had some trouble with his last guest who was deathly afraid of anything slow.  Lastly, we finished up with Irish Drinking Song, and learned that our Elfish Armor would help us score.

After a brief intermission, we were back with a game of Highlander, where a smartly scene about Orion’s Belt and what star not to say three times.  Catch Phrase found the task of making Valentines a poor and serious event… especially when you leave your Valentine outside while you make it.  Alphabet got to be a battle royal as Ian was not taking any slides from anyone.  Joe and I finished of a 26 line scene to end the game.  And we finished the night off with Busta Rap where Joe was king and that was all there “iz”.

Thanks for everyone who came out tonight, the show was a blast.  Do not miss next week where BYOI will be celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary.  Next Friday at 10pm at Theatre 82 in Cranston.  See you there!

And Scene!

BYOI – King Pete Island

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FAM072113Did you know the Warwick Museum of Art not only hosts BYOI but they have a new art exhibit? If you didn’t, you need to stop by for a show! Tonight we had Paul, Drew, Daniel and Evan on hand.

The FAM was Peter, who is the dad of last week’s FAM, Aliesia. He likes spending time with his family at the beach…while they go play and he has quiet time. Peter was a man of mystery when it came to explaining how he grew up, but has a plan for retirement which includes an island with moderate temperature, lots of food with no weight gain, no speed limit and the ability to always sleep comfortably. I think all of the BYOI cast will be trying to join him on that magical island.

Peter was able to control the bell for FAM Sing It, and he really likes our cast’s voices! He rang the bell to get them to sing, and they obliged…so he even rang it while they were singing. The guys were on King Pete Island with no calorie food. For some reason, police were chasing people speeding, which led to Paul ask who was paying the taxes to support the police? The guys sang for almost the entire game, including a melody of yawns.

For warmup, Paul told a story—with sound effects from the audience—about a trip to the moon. The show was then opened up for audience participation, with Aliesia and BYOI auditioner Alessandra playing Trolley Stop. We met talking dogs, fairies, victims of mosquitoes, uncomfortable pants wearers and an…air ballerina? It worked, trust me.

Auditioner Joe then jumped in with Aliesia for World Without a Letter. No one had a puppet, but they did have a stuffed dog for the low price of $2000…with no Rs or Is.

Daniel committed the horrendous crime of turning on the AC in Antarctica with Curious George in Good Cop/Bad Cop! Quick Scenes was next, with Joe, Alessandra & Aliesia. Some of the short scenes featured honking at a bumper sticker, handing over a Chuck E Cheese employee id instead of a license and a missing app to make a phone call.

After the break, the guys started Highlander, with Daniel taking himself out after the first round. The guys refused to eat green eggs or tomatoes in prison on St. Patrick’s Day and one of the was allergic to everything. To the delight of Paul and Evan, Drew ultimately had to perform the scene the fourth time alone. There may have been a girl cheering reaaaaaaalllllly loudly from the audience for Drew.

Try That On For Size featured a troll getting patted on the head, horizontal disco, a tall cow getting milked and a rough chin.

Six Pack was next, with the help of audience members Alana and Aliesia. Daniel and Paul had to sweat out their angry feelings and found a polar bear in the freezer, Evan and Aliesia had a crazy adventure with a koala bear and Drew and Alana realized everything is blue in the winter and polar bear/ice cube art is great.

Our auditioners Alessandra and Joe were brave to get up on stage to Busta Rap! They sang about FAM Peter making cake, winning an award and chilling out at the beach. Evan ended up winning the epic rap battle.

And scene!

BYOI – “I’m going to the Eiffel Tower!”

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timmyFAMHi everyone!  Krissy here with tonight’s blog post about our show Friday at Theatre 82.  Onto the recap!

Daniel opened with Respect, shortly joined by Coburn, Ryan and myself.  We met our FAM, Timmy, who works in Boston at a Hostel.  For $50 and a valid state ID you can spend a night there!  Timmy recently traveled to NY, and would love the chance to go to Chile.

FAM Sing It started off the night, and the cast sang about cats who liked Coburn best.  Growing & Shrinking Machine was our next game, and we saw scenes including Ryan the master artist, Spanish bullfights taking place in France, and an interesting art class.

timmyFAM2Then Coburn and I traveled to Chile in Action Figures, where I portrayed a mother trying to teach her young child Spanish… in a club.  Pollo!  Si!  No?  Something like that.

Mister Miyagi and Jason Statham had a baby in New Born.  Their lovely new baby was named Gross Domestic Product, which is a lot harder to guess than you’d think…

Next the audience heard the Famous Last Words of the iphone (lots of wiggling), Europeans (“adios!”), sofas (“that’s my kidney stop looking for change”), and music and culture (“ladies and gentlemen, Justin Beiber!”).

After intermission we encountered talking cats and dogs in Highlander, none of which went home with a pet seeking owner.  Actually, and tackled the music industry in Alphabet.

Six Pack’s three scenes involved dreams, employment in the 1940s, and buying a type writer for $50.

Spelling Bee was our final game of the night, and further proved that our cast isn’t the greatest spellers.  And scene!

BYOI – Mr. Davidson

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FAM071413We were visited by some of our old friends and made some new friends at the BYOI show at the Warwick Museum of Art! Paul was joined by Krissy, Corey and Erich and they were energetic and fun.

Aliesia was the FAM, for I believe the third time, since she’s super dedicated and loves BYOI. She’s going into the 5th grade and likes reading horror/mystery books. Her and her dad, Peter, described one another as annoying…aahh, families! We know they really love each other. Aliesia has a cat named Bella and likes pop music.

In FAM Say It Again, Aliesia lived up to her dad’s description, at least according to the cast, who were at her mercy since she had the bell. Erich was an annoying candy cane, Aliesia’s nemesis showed up and Peter wouldn’t buy her a car. Next, Corey got everyone warmed up with a song and dance.

To prove everyone was warmed up, audience member Sam jumped in for Quickest Minute! We learned that 1+3=chair, kids didn’t like their horrible math teacher and after a pep talk, the teacher turned 10 feet tall. It started as a 60 second one, then gradually made it down to 5 seconds. Faster!!

World Without a Letter was next, where no one could use the letters J or G. That made it hard for the cast since they were backstage with Justin Beiber, who refused to perform and was being rude. He wanted big, not mini shrimp on the barbecque. Eventually, he did sign a fan’s hand and thought she had a speech impediment since she kept calling him “Ustin.”

Good Cop/Bad Cop featured Paul and audience member Nathaniel as a talkative and a silent cop. They had to get Corey to admit that he had left the toilet seat up in Antarctica with Luigi.

Next up was Because I Said So, where Corey gleefully played the inquisitive child. Since the game is so fun, audience members Aliesia, Alana, Patti, Jasper, Nathaniel, Brigid and Henry jumped in. We learned a whole bunch of things with all of those parents, like mommy being mean because the dog ate her pancakes, the game was fun since Corey designed it since his life is improv and pancakes are yummy since they’re similar to waffles.

Lines From a Cup featured Aliesia, Patti and Jasper again. Aliesia wanted the talking vermin dead and mom wanted to buy a Wii. Paul’s liver was off balance because a unicorn stabbed him, Batman had a game night and Erich’s dad was wise. In the end, the lawn was painted in rainbow colors! I can’t believe Krissy let a fluffy unicorn hurt Paul!

That craziness was followed by Trolley Stop, with the help of audience members Suzie, Michael and Brigid. Some characters whispered, were clumsy and were bored teens. My favorite was the superhero bird.

Up next was Chainsaw, with the cast, Jasper, Nathaniel and Henry. In typical Chainsaw fashion, things were lost in translation. This time, it ended up so far lost in translation that Corey and Erich offered their cars & houses if anyone got everything correct. Thankfully, our cast members will still have somewhere to live and something to drive around in, since no one figured out that an astronaut was at Dunkin Donuts with a spatula. Some guesses for the occupation were baseball player, circus performer and lumberjack, while the location guesses were Antarctica and science lab. The location was correctly guessed by one person as a spatula, but the rest thought it was a camera, an ostrich or a chicken.

In Spelling Bee, we again had a bunch of audience participation to end the night. Audience members Aliesia, Jasper, Brigid, Patti and Eddie all joined in and they were pretty decent spellers! For definitions, that was a different story. A car was a vehicle under…a car, a pencil was a thing that is useful for students or tax accountants, and salmonella (spelled S-A-Monella) is a bad fish that can swim under water. Ooookay!

Want to play with us as part of our cast? We’re holding our annual auditions to round out the cast for our regular an private shows. Be at the Warwick Museum of Art for the next two Sundays. You must be 18 or over.

We’re also going to be celebrating our birthday soon! The August 2 and 4 shows will be very special and will even feature special guests…and cake!

And scene!

BYOI – The Show Gotham Deserves

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SeanThis is Ryan with the BYOI show recap for our 7/12 show in Cranston. The night’s class included Meredith, Ian, Paul, and myself. Onward and upward!

The night at Theatre 82 began with a great jam session right outside of the performance space. Once showtime hit, everyone was ready for some improv, including our FAM Sean. Sean’s a pretty laid back guy. A little piano here, a stop by Miller’s Crossing there. Give him a Rusty Nail and he’s set for the night. Although, he isn’t opposed to taking on the power of Say It Again. The cast explored the popular vacation spot of Orlando, where the beautiful never get sick because the ugly people do that for them. Enter at your own, superficial risk! Moving on to Freeze Tag, we came across some erotic dentistry as well as some interesting plumbing techniques. Fortunately they were not in the same scene.

World Without a Letter proved that trying to get down and boogie is extremely tough when you can’t use the letters A or L. Explaining the Time Warp alone is near impossible. Up next was Marriage Counselor, where Ian and one of our audience members had some tough goings. She was a neat freak, the computer was broken, and Ian was having trouble with his own hardware. It all worked out though, no thanks to a seemingly giant dog that may or may not exist. Before taking a break, we serenaded the crowd with a rendition of Do Run.

Coming back in the second half was Highlander. In probably one of the most bizarre scenes in the history of the game, two grave diggers were put on the spot as a rival grave digger, disguised as a grave inspector, tried to cause some grief. But where there is grief, there is also Batman, who served some gravel-voiced justice without the assistance of testicles. Did I mention it may have been the most bizarre scenes in the history of the game?

Audience member Bret was then part of our game of Typewriter. His biography, “Bret and His Dumbass Friends”, followed Bret on his journey to Wrestlemania, where Andre the Giant and The Iron Sheik joined our hero in a RAV3 for a Lilith Fair road trip. We also learned why The Iron Sheik kept changing nationalities, and why Andre is never allowed in a port-a-potty. Ever. We wrapped up the night with some Short Cutz. There were some unqualified nurses, more Batman, villains with STDs, and more RAV3 madness! Truly, the gas flowed like wine into the pool.

Be sure to check us out next time. We will be back at Theatre 82 next Friday. You can also be sure to join us at the Warwick Museum of Art every Sunday for our family-friendly goodness.


BYOI – Are you taking my train?

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imageTonight was the first night of the Providence Improv Festival and BYOI was performing with some fantastic local talent.  In our block we shared the stage with Friday Night Live and Smart Roger.  Friday Night Live offered a musical and dance improv show that brought us amazing songs about replaceable grandpas and doggies in boxes.  Smart Roger finished the night with all sorts of framed objects.  And BYOI was right in the middle with a high energy hit of a show!

Our FAM tonight was Mackenzie, who is a FNL farm-team member, loves Gym class, hates a know it all in school and loves stay-cations.  So we began with a game of Highlander where one families stay-cation becomes a fight for the best food.  In a shocking turn of events, Ryan is knocked out first by the crowd!  This is followed by Evan and then John, leaving our FAM to do the entire scene by herself… and she nailed it!

So we move on to a game of Trolley Stop where we met the Lolly-Pop guild, dribbling cats and long winded French men who want each other’s trains.  Six pack brought us bad dates, bad bread and lost Frenchmen.  Action Figures brought out two awkward scientists attempt to solve the equation, but ultimately were placed in contortion like positions. And finally we finished this action packed show off with Do Run all about our FAM!

A great show and a great start to PIF.  Want more improv, they are going for two weekends in a row!

And Scene!

Auditions for BYOI

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ContactBring Your Own Improv is an established improv show that is about to celebrate it’s 5 year anniversary!  We are a short for improv show (similar to Whose Line Is It Anyways) that takes it a step above the rest and welcomes audience members up on stage to perform with us. The group has performed over 500 shows all across New England.  We have been growing in size and are in need of new talent.

Some of our current cast members who have been around for some time are off to grad school, moving to NYC and even having a baby.  Because they will not be available for shows, we are looking for new cast members to take their spots and to increase the size of our cast.  With two regular shows a week and six spots per show, we have a lot of spots to fill.

We are currently looking for six to eight cast members to join the cast of this show.  Performers should be ready to be silly when needed, have an open mind, be supportive to their scene partners, be able and willing to work with kids, are friendly and easy to get along with and do not bring drama or big egos with them.  A basic understanding of improv and comedy is needed.  If you are able to play guitar, that is a bonus, but not a requirement. Performers must be over 18 years old and can pass a RI state background check to be eligible to audition.

Auditions will be held on July 21st and July 28th at 2:30pm at the Warwick Museum of Art, 3259 Post Rd. in Warwick, RI.  Please dress comfortably, be ready to move and bring water for yourselves.  Auditions start promptly at 2:30pm, so do not be late.  In fact being early will start you off right with us.  You may attend either audition, but are encouraged to attend both.  Auditions will last till about 4:30pm and you are encouraged to stay for the show at 6pm.  Attending the audition will grant you free admission to the show that night.

Please contact us at to let us know you are attending.  No head shots or resumes are needed.

BYOI – Who’s Bea Arthur?

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FAM 070713The Warwick Museum of Art was the place to be Sunday night! Daniel, Coburn, Ryan and Krissy were on stage to entertain. It was a very special night, because we found our 400th FAM!! Mike was the lucky guy, and he won a spiffy BYOI messenger bag and will get into the rest of our shows for free for the rest of the year! See? Being FAM is worth it.

Anyway, onto Mike. He came to the show with his wife, Karen, and daughter, Patricia. Look at the FAM picture…aren’t they adorable? Like most of our FAMs, Mike is a native Rhode Islander. He works for Cox in the sales department and loves hanging out with his wife and daughter.

In FAM Revolver, Krissy was smuggling veggies to Coburn since the cost of college was so high, Daniel had his nose moved to other parts of his body and we learned about what Mary and her little lamb have to do with physics.

Daniel brought everyone to the beach to warm up before audience members Chris and Patricia joined in for Tableau. Patricia was the rabbit in Ryan’s hat, Krissy was a bucket of sprinkles and Coburn was a Mickey Mouse hat.

World Without a Letter kicked off minus the letter D, before kicking out the letter K and then deleting both letters from everyone’s vocabulary. Bagels were irrational, school was meant to learn about eggs and everyone needed to know: Is the factory farm fresh?

Next up, Daniel and Chris had a baby in New Born! They played Batman and Plymouth Rock, and were the proud parents of Entenmann’s Donuts. It would’ve been Bea Arthur and Plymouth Rock, but to Ryan’s chagrin, certain young castmembers didn’t know who she is…

After that, we needed a song or three! Krissy hosted Greatest Hits, where we learned about Hanson’s comeback album, “Windex Water.” Daniel sang a ballad about water not being enough, Ryan sang the upbeat toaster jam and they finished with a duet about how bald eagles can fly.

After the break, the cast started off with a strong game of Highlander. A magician had an uncooperative talking rabbit and model and all of social media was name dropped. Daniel pulled himself out after the first round and Ryan eventually did the whole scene the fourth time alone.

Ryan then took time to relax as he was the moderator for Debate Club. The rest of the cast debated how tricycles work. Babies were better, Coburn knew Krissy, tricycles have 4 wheels and Krissy will be the best parent. Eventually, Krissy won! Yaaaay Krissy!

Say It Again had Ryan and Daniel working for Pizza Pi (yes, the 3.14….pi) and sent dead animals to competitors so they’d close down. Following that, the cast showered FAM Mike with train sets for Father’s Day!

The night ended with an epic rap battle in Busta Rap. The cast and Chris competed to be the ultimate rap master while they told the story of Mike. In a surprise upset, Coburn knocked out Ryan to win!

Want to be part of our cast and be written about on our blog? Come to auditions! Info is on the blog and on our Facebook. Want to instead just watch us and laugh? Come to our shows every Friday and Sunday. We’ll also be performing as part of Providence Improv Fest’s 10th year! This Thursday night, we’ll be back at our old home, 95 Empire in Providence at 9pm. For more information or for tickets, check out

And scene!

BYOI – Picking Up Chicks in Upstate NY!

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20130705_230250It’s Friday night and FAM #399 has hit the stage!  That’s right #400 FAM is at our next show!  But for tonight we enjoy our new good friend Josh who is our FAM for the night.  Josh works at Shaw’s, studied behavioral economics and is looking forward to a trip to upstate New York to meet some chicks!  So tonight’s cast of Meredith, Ian and Myself are going to show him what a great trip he is going to have.  So we begin with a game of FAM Pillar where Josh and his friend are going to upstate New York to visit the new square dancing club, the Red Square.  But before they enter they are going to need a couple of medium Italian Sausages, but thank god their is a store for that… over the hill, down the road, pass the bear and around the tree.

Meredith warmed us all up will all different emotions and then it was on to our first game of Sit, Stand & Lie Down.  Audience member Christine joined us and we learned that Six Flags is a great place to meet 10 year olds if you are 10, but after that, they leave.  Next we had our hardest World Without A Letter yet as we could not use “T” or “E”, and Ian let us know that those letters are the two most common in the English language.  So at CVS, our old woman needed her drugs and her… gums.  After that, Meredith committed a crime because she breathed at Buckingham Palace with William Shakespeare.  Luckily Ian was able to pass the “buck” to me.  We finished off the first half where three of our audience members were on stage for Because I Said So and we learned that Mommy did not have a car because of Daddy’s patriarcal society.


And were back, A quick Highlander where Josh joined us, and we saw the silly walk society punish people for not having a $5 bill to trade for a $1 bill.  In the end it was Ian who was forced to complete all of the walks.  Fortunately/Unfortunately saw Yolonda could not find an epi-pen to save her… well Ian’s life.  We got to see a movie about selling poppies in the projects which became a noir about stupid people and finally a chick flick set on a fishing boat for all men.  Finally was Pavlovian Response where we learned that Meredith cannot do Cart Wheels and every wants to see me do the truffle shuffle during a meeting of Video Game bosses.

Make sure to come check us out Sunday for our 400th FAM!  Put your name in the cup if you want to win big!

And Scene!